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Porn Connections: Performer
Date Joined: February 2011
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22 years old. October 6,1990 is the correct birthdate lol.
Born in Hollywood, raised in Long Beach.
Half Peruvian and half Caucasian(scottish/irish)
Started porn at 19.... February 2010. was the first company to discover me :) Fucking machines was my first solo scene...Public Disgrace was my first B/G/Anal scene ;)...yea i skipped the regular b/g scene haha

I got in originally by applying to sites I knew of.
got in the industry because I WANTED to fuck the HOTT guys in the biz!!

Recent Forum Posts

  • 11/19/2013 2:37:35 PM
  • Jynx Maze
    ChuckTheFreak wrote:How about you learn to talk in a civilized manner first, so you could better get your point acrossed without sounding obnoxious and ruining threads. Fan boy or not, you always have a choice. Fan boy or not, how about you display an ability to hold a conversation without passing judgements and forcing your views/opinions down others' throats?Jynx does post in this thread, and if you really wanted to see her do the things you have a thing for, then I highly doubt being a judgmental asshole would help your cause. Now go and take your CLOSETED HOMO ASS, which cares more about the color of the dick...then the girl and what she does with her holes and skills. As far as us straight folks are concerned, a stunt dick could eve...
  • 11/19/2013 2:33:43 PM
  • Jynx Maze
    Lord Lucifer wrote:Foobachi wrote:Pete Zaface wrote:or shoot her from the right side only LOL. I hear yah. Super hot bod, cute as a button face, nasty as all hell - but that is an ill-advised GIANT tattoo.LOVE her tattoo! I think it is one of the most iconic tats in porn. Jessica Bangkok Gracias! :) I feel a lot of girls regret their tattoos. I DO NOT. I still love it. 😘
  • 11/19/2013 2:31:31 PM
  • Jynx Maze
    PornFan24x7 wrote:^^^ Awesome news Jynx Love to see more scenes with you, more anal, more DP, more Gangbang there will be a handful of new anal scenes coming out in the next month or two...depending on how quickly they want to release the scenes :)
  • 11/19/2013 2:30:10 PM
  • Jynx Maze
    Mackochist wrote:I really hope this appearance for William H in 'Latinas On Fire' marks the start of a return for Jynx back to the big leagues of top companies and directors. The girl has a mind, a body, and attitude ideal for gonzo and the quality of her scene when shooting for the likes of Evil Angel and Jules have been consistently of an outstanding quality. For a while she seemed to have dropped off their radar for whatever reason but one would hope that since she has been cast by William H for this new movie, that many more with others of his quality and reputation will follow. Let's watch this space I guess...Thank u so much babe :) And yes I shot a scene for Mike Adriano for evil angel couple weeks ago. About to shoot another one f...
  • 10/12/2013 9:21:53 PM
  • Jynx Maze
    Just shot an anal scene for William H. With James Deen few days ago on Tuesday. :D it was a lot of fun and yes shooting more this month.....keep your eyes opened :) Love ya!
  • 5/18/2013 12:26:08 PM
  • Jynx Maze
    Last night. Performing at Cheerleaders in Pittsburgh
  • 5/18/2013 12:11:30 PM
  • Jynx Maze
    vrakenbaq wrote:JynxMaze wrote:editorbb wrote:just wonder if she has done a gang bang shoot..would love too see her in Sasha Grey style gang bang 5 I did one for kink in February :)Hi Jynx!About that gang bang for kink, did you feel comfortable doing double anal? Would you do it again?It has been a minute since I did a double anal scene. But I did enjoy it😉 and yes I would not mind doing it again
  • 5/18/2013 12:09:16 PM
  • Jynx Maze
    ladnur wrote:Great to have you back here, Jynx! It was about time I stopped and checked in ;)
  • 5/18/2013 12:08:20 PM
  • Jynx Maze
    4theheart wrote:I loved your gangbang for kink jynx! It's rare to have a star with your looks whom can perform the range of scenes that you can, and perform them WELL. I hope some of the awards shows will recognize this.I'm happy to hear you enjoyed watching it :) and yes maybe possibly awards in the future. Who knows lol.
  • 5/18/2013 12:06:26 PM
  • Jynx Maze
    bissy wrote:^ a performer of her calibre doesn't need this shit !!!It's ok babe. Ignore them. They don't have anything better to do. I honestly don't care what the rude idiots think. I keep moving forward :) I'm a happy person in my personal life and grateful to have positive ppl around me. I have awesome fans that show me love, and that's what matters to me
  • 5/18/2013 12:01:26 PM
  • Jynx Maze
    Danger Josh wrote:^ I don't know what is the big deal about doing IR. If girl dose it ok, if se dosen't then in still ok it. I don't care if Jynx dosen't do it, i will still love her anyway.Thank u josh!!!
  • 5/18/2013 12:00:31 PM
  • Jynx Maze
    PrimeRandall wrote:The fact that people resort to trolling shows how hot she is.. hope to see her in some Elegant Angel flicks soon.Thank u babe 😘
  • 5/18/2013 11:58:22 AM
  • Jynx Maze
    thank u! Buttwoman or slutwoman would be an honor to do. I'm glad u like watching my booty ;) Public sex is the best! I have the most fun doing those kind of scenes. Mackochist wrote:^ I have always maintained that Jynx very much deserves the Buttwoman title at some point in her porn career. She's an anal expert and has been for years and also, in my personal opinion, rather underrated when talking about professional and hard working performers. Anal just comes naturally to the woman and she utterly loves it, often over vaginal. She's also a total slut when she wants to be, doing anything from DP's, threesomes, gaping, enemas (Anal Buffet 7 with Jada Stevens ftw), throat fucking, public sex, fisting and all with genuine enjoyment in every...
  • 5/18/2013 11:32:33 AM
  • Jynx Maze
    Asmodeus wrote:Jynxie makes a great hot chola needing to get punished for being a very bad girl!It sure was a lot of fun shooting that scene
  • 5/18/2013 11:23:21 AM
  • Jynx Maze
    MisterRage wrote:Has Jynx ever done a scene where she has hair on her vagina?No sir
  • 5/18/2013 11:22:02 AM
  • Jynx Maze
    His Dudeness wrote:Hahaha 😄😎
  • 5/18/2013 11:21:12 AM
  • Jynx Maze
    editorbb wrote:just wonder if she has done a gang bang shoot..would love too see her in Sasha Grey style gang bang 5 I did one for kink in February :)
  • 5/18/2013 11:19:58 AM
  • Jynx Maze
    Walter wrote:Hey Jynx, love your stuff, keep it up! thank u!😘
  • 11/4/2012 4:42:16 PM
  • Jynx Maze
    4theheart wrote:Hi jynx thanks for stopping by ! :) If I could ask you, do you know when you may be shooting some more porn movies?Next month honey bunz
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