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  • 10/11/2006 10:47 PM
  • Just saw Fashionistas 2
    As a director in porn, on a limited budget, I am trying to get as much value for my money. so writing the script to this movie was like putting together a puzzle, the first element being: this probably will be Rocco's last movie for me, 2. Nacho wants to be in the movie, 3, I'm very intriqued by the extremes that come from melisssa Lauren, and 4, the exotic beauty of Katsumi. And twenty other things that are assets (Belladonna!) in creating a great sensual movie. All used put to work through a story. I really like what was said about the value of not knowing if a tease scene is going to lead to a fullsex scene or not. I've been doing this for years. It's so hard writing a porn script when everyone knows a scene will end in sex. It's how ...
  • 10/11/2006 4:18 PM
  • Just saw Fashionistas 2
    Wow, I've never particpated in something like this forum, I must say that I am flattered that so many poeple have taken an interest in my movie. I want to comment on the Director of Photography thing. (by the way Don Crane worked on Fashionistas and Face Dance, not Wild goose Chase, WGC was jane Waters) In any movie you have constraints imposed by time and budget. there are a lot of shots in F2 that I think turned out really well, these are shots we could take a lot of time on or which i just got lucky shooting. Other shots look prety bad,(but which were still acceptable to me and I had to use to tell my story) but I must say there are alot of "shots" here. I jsut watched the beginning of Michael Nin's Sacred Sin and he gets alot ...
  • 11/30/2003 6:24 AM
  • Axel Braun new Private director
    barrybrn wrote: SyberScott wrote: Last one out is a rotten egg I think Alex is the rotten nah, Zupko went back. Axel- Congratulations! You deserve it. Now that you'll be making some decent money again, I won't feel so guilty about you taking me out to lunch next week! Love ya, Tricia
  • 11/29/2003 6:09 PM
  • Happy Birthday, Buttman !
    Thanks for noticing my birthday. I hope to see some of you in Vegas. P.S. it's no fun getting old, but these next few years I hope to make my best at producing quality stuff. JS
  • 2/2/2003 6:40 PM
  • Porn Clothes
    1. very important. This is how we encounter women in everyday life and we are constantly trying to discern what a woman looks like under her clothes. Also woman are always trying to make themselves look better through their clothes. It's a sexy game we play everyday. 2. Good clothes accent the best features of a woman and they can make a woman's flaws invisible. This is extremely important in porn because it is a fantasy experience that is being built through the use of many different elements, including clothes. A good tight pair of pants can make a woman's ass look incredible by accenting the crack or the roundness of her cheeks, while they may be diminishing some flaws she has like bad skin. And then of course the ...
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