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Porn Connections: Performer, Director, writer
Date Joined: August 2007
Location: porn valley, CA
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  • 5/6/2010 2:22:56 AM
  • Sophie Dee Raises Money for Wounded Pooch
    i do walk Dahlia...when i read about what Sophie was doing, i was so touched. i wanted to donate, so i did, but i'm a really hands-on person (haha, yes, literally!) so i had to go and see her. the first thing i did was get down on the floor by her cage on her level. it made me cry, and i'm not much of a crier. i just felt compelled to get her out, and though i can't take her home with me, i do spring her out of there from time to should walk her, tricia. she's awesome, with such an amazing disposition. it was maybe a little scary at first- she pulls really hard for the first 15-20 minutes, but then she gets a good stride going, and last time, we even sat in the grass together awhile. i knew i was in when she rolled over on her back...
  • 4/10/2010 8:58:47 PM
  • Pornstars in new Gaga music video?
    Being in that video was amazing!! We weren't allowed to say anything before it aired, just in case they cut us out, as mainstream has been known to do before. ; )i loved being on set all day, we spent SO much time so close to Lady Gaga it was unreal.I was doing a store signing and was planning on going home that nigh to watch the premeire of the video on TV, but of course it leaked on the internet & people started texting, tweeting, and calling me about it. They did cut out the entire naked prison shower montage, though, so I expect that MAYBE that footage will be used for the uncensored version or maybe as a DVD/CD downloadable extra? oooh, i hope so.xoxo,j
  • 4/10/2010 8:54:04 PM
  • jessica drake and marie luv together!!!
    Marie was amazing. look for our scene to be in a movie called "Private Lessons" directed by Marcus London... we were lucky enough to be able to do it in a bed. ; ) my favorite part of the scene was being in a 69 with her with a dildo in my ass. that and she's an AMAZING kisser who eats great box! I'm looking forward to doing that again.xoxo,j
  • 4/10/2010 8:50:04 PM
  • stars and directors you miss on ADT
    hey, guys... nice to know i'm not forgotten. ; )i'm just super busy, even busier than last year at this time, which is a good thing!new movies:The Alibi Wicked Games(both out now)and HookedTattletale3 Days in June (these 3 out soon)i'm doing sex seminars here locally in LA at The Pleasure Chest,writing for LA After Dark (a subsidiary of LA Weekly,and on Monday I begin hosting "In Bed" with jessica drake, a weekly radio show on Playboy Radio, Sirius & XM 99, 7pst.i'll do my best between all that and my incessant Twittering to get back here more often to you guys, i promise. thanks for always making me feel,jd
  • 12/30/2009 8:37:05 PM
  • jessica drake
    mariahxxx wrote:hmmmm, I don't remember! :) I'm sure Jessica doesn't either! lolIts true babe, you've blossomed to say the least. Congrats to you!xoxoMariahthat tool? nah, i have NO idea."if i can't say anything nice, i'll just say it under my breath!"; b
  • 12/30/2009 8:33:50 PM
  • Hottest girl/girl scenes
    oldguy wrote:While there are many girls that are hot for other girls in the business doesn't the fact that they are under contract preclude them from having sex with whoever they would desire? That is really a shame and it would be nice if there would be a week or two during the year where contracts could be suspended and all porn stars would be able to get it on with anyone they like, female and male alike.In addition don't pornsters frequently get together just to have at whoever they want? I sure hope so and I can just imagine and dream about the awesome couplings. I'd sure like to hear about some of these encounters but that is the performers' business (and pleasure) not ours. But they could at least give us viewers a hint of who the...
  • 12/30/2009 8:31:48 PM
  • Hottest girl/girl scenes
    oldguy wrote:Jessica, what a hot response. After I finish this I'm going to access some of your scenes for sure, what a great way to start my morning. It is so nice to hear from a true porn "star" that likes to get off with both the guys and gals, now we need an new orgy from you with some of your favorites in it.As a favor to me how about getting together with Shayla LaVeaux and ravaging each other like I am positive only the two of you could do better than anyone in the history of girl/girl stuff. PLEASE!!did you see the orgy in 2040??it was CRAZY.
  • 12/30/2009 8:30:44 PM
  • Hottest girl/girl scenes
    fu_q wrote:Janine / Julia Ann -- ice dildo scene -- "Hidden Obsessions". This one created quite the buzz around the end of my high school / early college years.Edited by - fu_q on 12/30/2009 12:35:21 PMthat, coupled by seeing them perform together at a strip club when i was "very young" (lol) was one of the biggest contributing factors to my career choice. ; )
  • 12/30/2009 5:47:33 AM
  • Orgasm Trademarks
    a few years ago, it was brought to my attention that when i'm really cumming hard i start going, "yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah", and honestly, i hadn't noticed it before. shortly after that, i did a signing at a bookstore and a couple came to meet me. the GUY in the couple did a perfect imitation of me getting off, complete with my yeahyeahyeahs. it was hysterical. but i guess it's my thing.that, and when i've gotten off a few times or i'm having anal sex, my IQ drops for a short time. directors know that my dialogue is best BEFORE sex. i get cock drunk, lol...xoxo,jd
  • 12/30/2009 5:41:15 AM
  • Looking for vampire porno
    try Accidental Hooker starring Kaylani Lei- directed for Wicked by Brad's really good, with a surprise ending. though the topic is vampires, so i may have just spoiled it. ; )
  • 12/30/2009 5:11:06 AM
  • Hottest girl/girl scenes
    Slaughtersun wrote:I often wished Jessica Drake would have chosen another path than becoming a Wicked contract girl. Unfortunately for me, that's the way it is but she's still one of my favorite mainstream girls who is responsible for some really good G/G scenes. The latest I've seen of her is a scene with Ryder Skye in Revenge Inc., and given it's Wicked and all, it's a rather nice G/G scene. There's some nice kissing in the beginning and no toys at all, and...Mrs Drake never gets naked, that's kinda sexy when Ryder goes down on her when she's still got her dress on. The only real downside here is, no breast play at all.ouch! i'm not too sure where you're going with this one, but i think that by being with wicked, i've only gotten more exp...
  • 12/30/2009 5:02:30 AM
  • jessica drake
    mariahxxx wrote:its amazing that jessica has gotten more beautiful over time in this business when 99.9% of the girls get worn out and haggard or drugged out and gone. She has taken being a Porn Star to a whole new level without surgery (other than boobs! :) ) and maintaining a level of class known only by few girls in this business.Congrats to you beautiful! You deserve the success!xoxoMariahPS...I'm only going to the awards but I'll see you there!*blushing*wow, thanks! wanna be my publicist?, sincerely, thank you. ; ) i just love my job & i'm a lucky girl.xoxo
  • 12/26/2009 3:36:16 PM
  • jessica drake
    mariahxxx wrote:Hello there Jessica! :)It was nice seeing you at Night Moves and I'm sorry we didn't get much of a chance to talk.I hope that you have a great holiday and in 2010 I'd like for us to at least talk and hang out one time. That day on set with you and Brad was great and it reminded me of how special you are and just how truly beautiful you are as well. :)xoxoMariah Milano*Removed pictures. Sorry, but you cannot show cock or pussy here.Edited by - redish on 12/25/2009 4:23:13 PMawwww, one of the first photoshoots i EVER did! check out my hair, lol...good to see you to, baby, thanks for the sweet words. you're awesome! come find me in vegas.
  • 12/26/2009 3:32:22 PM
  • jessica drake
    JennaRulez2006 wrote:jessica wrote:i have two things to say here.1. bring them ALL. i sign pretty quickly, and as long as you don't pull up to the Wicked booth with a dump truck full of them, i'm sure no one will mind if i sign multiples. i'll make sure you get a calendar, too. they are BREATHTAKING!!2. i will sign them all on the condition that you update your collection!! there's only 1 wicked movie in that whole group & that's where my good stuff is. i'm more than happy to provide you with recommendations, if i need to. xoxoOk Jessica you got me. I have mostly your pre-Wicked days I admit, I got fallen last year and you signed it for me, I got it at the Wicked Booth, I got yourself, Brad, Jenna Haze, Alektra and Jada Fire to all sign...
  • 12/24/2009 5:11:18 AM
  • jessica drake
    wishing all of you guys a very merry christmas & a happy new year!xoxo,jd
  • 12/24/2009 4:34:02 AM
  • jessica drake
    HansGeist wrote:Hey jd - any chance for a House of Wicked 2? It's great seeing all the Wicked Girls together in one film. I'd love to see you bring in some of the past girls for a Wicked Girls reunion-type deal.well, i'm not too sure... we could certainly do a HOW #2. i love that movie.but as far as past Wicked girls, i'm not really sure how many are still around/in the business. i will suggest a sequel!kisses,j
  • 12/24/2009 4:31:55 AM
  • jessica drake
    JennaRulez2006 wrote:jessica wrote:jada's awesome. i also had the pleasure of directing her in What Girls Like. it's in the works to do a three way with jada & marie luv. ; )All I can say Jessica is that this WILL be one of the best 3 way IR Girl scene ever for sure. Jada and Marie are my favourite Ebony Girls and Jessica you are my Fav Blonde this will be wild for sure. All 3 of you have such energy in your scenes, let alone are just sexy as hell.Can't wait.Oh and maybe you can help me here, I want to bring 3 or 4 dvd covers for you to sign, seen as I am going two days I may end up meeting you twice, two covers are for sure as i just got the movies, so what 2 other covers out of these should I bring: Smoker ...
  • 12/24/2009 4:28:16 AM
  • jessica drake
    mgavin wrote:Hey Jessica,Are u thinking of doing more DP scenes???I'm Skeletor OverLord Of Evil!! a matter of fact, i am thinking of getting DPd right now. dirty mind!
  • 12/22/2009 11:27:44 PM
  • jessica drake
    venacapaca wrote:As far as I know, your only interacial scenes was in Fallen's orgy with Jada Fire. How was the experience? Any IR scenes coming up?jada's awesome. i also had the pleasure of directing her in What Girls Like. it's in the works to do a three way with jada & marie luv. ; )
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