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Porn Connections: Performer, Director, Fan, Cameraman, Editor, Photographer, trick, whore
Date Joined: January 2005
Location: Porn the way God intended it!
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  • 3/30/2011 2:12:08 PM
  • Danny Wylde interviews Ashley Blue
    Oh and who's this Sarah Shevon? Extreme is a quality I really admire in a young girl. I gotta meet her! Can you ask her to email me Mr Naz? Thanx 4 watching! I really have to get out more.....
  • 3/30/2011 2:04:40 PM
  • Danny Wylde interviews Ashley Blue
    davenaz wrote:Jake Malone makes great movies. I love how perverted he is.Yes indeed, it would be great if Ashley did some videos with him, from what I heard she just wants to shoot with who she really wants to,Edited by - BlackSix on 3/18/2011 4:44:46 AMWow , Dave Naz loves me? Oh, he just loves my sickness....but thats all i got, so cool. We will be fast friends...if I ever meet you. Thank you man I'm a fan of your photo books but Im ashamed to admit I havent seen your video stuff. ( note to self; You REALLY gotta catch up on your porn viewing! You are WAY behind! Get your tongue out of that asian Dominatrix' asshole and get back in the REAL world!) I will rectify that forthwith and without delay! And I am also a huge fan of Ashley/Oria...
  • 10/28/2010 7:09:23 PM
  • WTF
    DonJuan wrote:hey everyone, saw the makin of a meanbitches scene live with tara lynn foxx!! she was so cool i asked her if she liked spitting and she said ye and also spat on the slave who was jake malone!!! i also asked if there could be more foot smelling b4 the worship, and she did just that!!! the only thing is that they did it before the foot fetish scene so its nt gnna be included in the final edit :( but nevertheless it was quite an experience, the guys workin there r all cool, brooke haven....the camera dude ;)long live glennand long live Tara Lynn Foxx and her ASS! What a heavenly place to spend an afternoon. With ones face wedged between Taras ass cheeks! Priceless!
  • 10/28/2010 7:04:05 PM
  • Best 10 scenes ever!
    Painless wrote:My list:Tianna, Raquel Darrian, & Derrick Lane (“Intimate Journey”)Ahh Raquel Darrian. When is SHE gonna make a MILF comeback? AND Tianna! I bet they both still look great.
  • 10/15/2010 4:34:20 AM
  • What are the things you dislike about porn?
    Lesbian scenes being really lame and boring I'd like to see more stuff like Jake Malone's "bitchcraft" series. I have the same hesitation about most g/g stuff as you do but keep in mind there are two distinctly different audiences/sensibilities that g/g , (or as u call it, "lesbian") stuff is shot to appeal to, the heterosexual male market, and the authentic lesbian market. These two audiences like different stuff.Having said that, I love edgier g/g stuff which is why i shoot BITCHCRAFT and why the movie I'm shooting now is "TEENS CORRUPTED" ...
  • 9/28/2010 12:05:22 PM
  • Jake Malone Appreciation Thread
    kristinarose wrote:Mr. Master Jake Malone has me booked very soon. I can't wait. I know what movie I'm booked for and all the different ways I know I'm going to be violated in keep running through my mind and I can't help but both fear and anticipate what waits me. Get ready boys, if you think my last scene in Jake Malone's flick "Bitchcraft 6" was hardcore, Than You've seen nothing NET. Nothing!I'm ready for you Jake. This little bunny thinks she's really ready for you. Bring it bitch ;PP.S. I'd love to be in a future Bitchcraft. The Kristina's Revenge Scene! I already have some thoughts.It was actually Mr James Dean who "bringed it" to Miss Rose in what was one of the most fun/hottest scenes I've shot in a while (ever...
  • 9/28/2010 11:25:46 AM
  • Jake Malone Appreciation Thread
    nibelungo wrote:Evil Angel will release We suck 2 next december!We suck part 1 was pretty good. Edited by - nibelungo on 11/18/2009 1:42:54 PMWow, I'm really not one to do a lot of "yea me" type cheering but I thought We Suck was the best blow job movie i ever saw! And yeah it happened to be me there with the camera but really, if there are other blow job movies with more and better crazy girl on girl stuff before and during the blow job and the girls in hotter outfits and girls who had better chemistry between them, please tell me what it is cuz i really want to own it. This movie was ignored by avn as is the series but I think the girls go crazy in all the episodes and there are some scenes unlike any bj scenes Ive ever seen.
  • 9/28/2010 11:05:54 AM
  • Jake Malone Appreciation Thread
    alexl467 wrote:While I'm certainly not complaining I am just wondering is it just me or does it seem as if Jake Malone has sort of lessen his intensely hardcore and aggressively Dom/sub movie style in his recent releases? If any of you agree with my observation do you think this change in style is simply a creative choose, pressure from the higher-ups at EA to be less hardcore, or fear of getting hit with an obscenity case from the government?alexl467To answer your question alex there was naturally some tension concerning content in the months leading up to the trial, and In defering to the gravitas of the charges and possible sentencing, which was barbaric, I choose to try to lean more towards "I Wanna B A Porn Star" type stuff t...
  • 9/28/2010 10:24:32 AM
  • Jake Malone Appreciation Thread
    Fernandez wrote:dboy2612 wrote:I watch I wanna Be a PornStar 3.....straight up garbage!!Jake, what the fuck were you and your editor thinking. One scene was all black and white and ruined the effect. I couldn't take it anymore watching that scene. I was most looking forward to the Lynn Love scene, but Jake fucked it up big time with the shitty editing. The "tease", sex build up and the sex was all horribly edited and chopped up. I dont know who to blame, you or Cal444 or whatever the fuck his name his.Jake has fallen off big time thanks to this release.He is trying to appeal to feminists.Wow Im sorry u didn't like this movie guys, I've pretty much come to accept that nobody likes everything I do. Hey, some people dont like an...
  • 9/28/2010 10:07:26 AM
  • Jake Malone Appreciation Thread
    bluv18 wrote:Jake, What do you have in store for us in the coming months. Pretty sure it will be good.Its nice of you to ask, unfortunately, Im not sure. There is Fetish FuckDolls #5 which will come out in Oct. I hope and A "Best Of Bitchcraft" compilation which will hopefully be released in Jan 2011. Due to the uncertainty of my financial situation month to month, it's not possible to predict when I'll be able to turn a movie in so I can't say when there will be a release.I really appreciate your support. All of you guys. I haven't been on adt much for the last year, there was no reason for that I just sort of drifted into other hobbies I guess. But in these last few difficult months I have checked in without posting a few times ...
  • 9/28/2010 9:52:19 AM
  • Jake Malone Appreciation Thread
    pusciferleg wrote:Hey Jake(if you read this),I'm just making a small insignificant post for the most part. I just wanted to say I enjoy your movies and I'm fan of your work. You have the edgy movies that push wonderful women like Annette, Kristina, Sasha, amongst all the other beautiful women, to their limits. As a viewer they appear to have a great time and enjoy shooting. You seam to have brought some BDSM to main stream porn, and it works wonderfully.I mentioned this to Brandon Iron at these forums, I love when you guys work together. I hope you guys continue to work with each other. You are both creative and have a taste for women that is second to none. You both also have the hard edge in your movies that makes it very exciting to watc...
  • 12/16/2009 12:25:08 PM
  • Andy San Dimas
    So I'm hearin good rumors about this chick for a while. And the word on the street is that she likes to play rough! A girl this beautiful that likes to play hard is a rarity so call her and she charms me completely and i ask her if she could have any girl domme her, who would she pick , she says Bobbi Starr ! Now i love her, cause I had just been thinking about shooting Bobbi again for Fuck Slaves #5, so i get those two and Toni Ribas and she was better than her hype. A really beautiful girl who really likes extreme sex. It don't get nobetter than that combination! They all went crazy on each other and Bobbi and her had such great chemistry that I immediately want them together in Bitchcraft. SStay tuned for that! It should be memor...
  • 10/14/2009 12:46:40 PM
  • Sasha Knox is back!
    Sasha Knox wrote:Jake Malone just recently made contact with me, which I am STOKED about. No words about shooting at this point but I will be sure to let you know. He was always my favorite director to work with. So passionate and interested in his scenes.[/quoteHey Sasha, I wrote an email in answer to yours to me on myspace, but I didn't hit "send" !!??I wrote it late one night when feeling cruel and demanding, Ha Ha, and in rereading it now I'm glad I didn't send it! It MIGHT have been a little know...explicit...and...well..the truth is my dear that having cruelly broken my heart when you left all those years ago, I have built my "revenge" scenario into an elaborate series of debaucheries could be a th...
  • 10/14/2009 9:49 AM
  • Gracie Glam Official Thread
    the mind-bogglingly beautiful Gracie is the cover girl of " I Wanna B A Porn Star #2"And not just beautiful, she genuinely loves to fuck, (and she gets this dreamy look on her face when she's getting her asshole licked ) , AND she beat up several girls in high school! A very interesting case studyTrailer at evilangel.comShe is also coming up in "Relax He's My STEPDAD" from Dion's "Combat Zone" , directed by Juan Cuba.I wish I could post the photo of her sitting on her stepdads face while casually chatting to her girlfriend on her bejeweled phone! She's bragging about how she is blackmailing her stepdad into paying for her trip to Europe, the little bitch!She is really genuine and unaffected too, not snooty...
  • 5/16/2009 3:29:25 PM
  • Bitchcraft 6
    kristinarose wrote:Yay! Jake, you rule! I love your avatar picture. We had soooooo much fun that day! The scene and the BTS is the proof! I just shot for Mike John yesterday and we were all speaking about you and how cool you are ;) I hope I get to see you soon. Next time you need a girl to get violated in kinky Jake Malone style keep me in mind. It's been far too long ;PHey Kristina, Did u c this?luvinIt912 "I didn't like this one as much as I did previous ones. There was not enough girl-girl ass eating."Maybe you and Sammie could come ova' my house and you could just lick Sammie's asshole for a couple of hours straight and i'll shoot it as a bonus scene for the next Bitchcraft, ---"Kristina's Delectable Dining Experience&qu...
  • 5/10/2009 5:59:19 AM
  • Bitchcraft 6
    kristinarose wrote: I love shooting for Jake Malone.. We always have so much fun. ..... goofing off and eating each others boogies!Ur boogies make my dick hard!My avatar pic is from that day!Edited by - jake malone on 5/10/2009 6:01:09 AM
  • 5/10/2009 5:24:09 AM
  • Jake Malone Appreciation Thread
    themadride wrote:Jake. I just heard an interview with Bobbi Star where she said Anne Cruz was being deep throated with Bobbi below her. Cruz started vomiting in her mouth. She said this was cut from the scene, but was really hot. I haven't seen it yet. Is there anywhere/any way to view that part of the scene? Thanks.Since Bobbi mentioned in an interview that some of it was cut out, fans from all over the world are requesting special screenings of the puking! Not really, but people have asked this before. I don't know if G/G puking is potentially a new niche, ( "piogm", or "viogm") or it's just that something that we can't have is what we want. It's the kind of regurgitation, some saliva, some whatever substance,...
  • 4/29/2009 3:53:01 AM
  • Jake Malone Appreciation Thread
    iWorship wrote:Jake, you should do an all ass worship movie starring YOU!! I know how much you like to eat ass, I can see it in your eyes, so please, please, shoot a "bitchcraft type" flick, with all those hot chicks u know where really sexy, slutty clothes and just forcing you to worship there asses in all kinds of different scenarios. It would be hot yo.This is an idea I could really take a bite out of, yo! yuk, yukYou don't think it would be a little self-indulgent? All me......eating and smothering under girls asses. Just that? The whole movie? OMFG! I'm getting dizzy just imagining it!It happens there is an opening at Jake Malone Productions for a Production Manager. If you can come up with a steady stream of ideas for movi...
  • 4/5/2009 5:58:50 PM
  • Jake Malone Appreciation Thread
    nibelungo wrote:I Want To Be A Porn Star is now on Evil Angel coming soon list.Click here for the details.I wait impatiently for the trailer and the cast list.Any news about Point of View x Two? (formerly Nice Fucking View, the best POV series in the world!)"POINT OF VIEW TIMES TWO" comes out in May!
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