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Porn Connections: Fan, Reviewer, pervert
Date Joined: February 2004
Location: El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles de Porciuncula, CA
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  • 8/29/2015 1:53 AM
  • Big Booty Model Chanell Heart
    Have I mentioned how smitten I am with Chanell?I did? Oh, okay. .." Corruptio optimi pessima est"
  • 8/13/2015 3:35 PM
  • Big Booty Model Chanell Heart
    Once again, Mason comes through in the clutch! These shots look awesome and I can't wait to view this. I love when I see my fave performers really start to gain attention - and having them work with top notch Director talent is just wonderful...this is going to scorch the screen.
  • 8/12/2015 3:01 PM
  • Are black females turning away from Black porn?
    research1 wrote:JAG you are a well known face on twitter. Why don't you ask Jade for us? Is working in porn her main thing or just one of multiple sources of revenue she's working at? I can't ask myself because I don't use twitter or instagram.I can certainly try, but its my guess that she may not want to answer that publicly. I don't know Jade but let's see what she says
  • 8/12/2015 2:44 AM
  • Are black females turning away from Black porn?
    killbillvol69 wrote:^ Yeah but to be fair, many girls' twitter feeds are taken up by all sorts of things other than their porn shoots, and really all that indicates is that she isn't shooting much. It doesn't mean that she wouldn't like to shoot more. Maybe she wishes she could have shoots every single day. But she doesn't. So she hustles in other ways. Even if she says "shooting scenes is not my priority" it might be because when shooting was her priority she wasn't getting enough work, so now she's had to look in other directions.My point is that you can't really know based on on any given girl's twitter whether they don't shoot much because they don't want to or because they don't (or didn't) get booked a lot.What he said
  • 8/10/2015 9:06 PM
  • Veronica Rodriguez - New Latina
    I adore this little Latina! Such a great face/figure! She also has wonderful updates on her Twitter and Snapcat!" Corruptio optimi pessima est"
  • 8/9/2015 1:34 AM
  • Big Booty Model Chanell Heart
    JAGnLA wrote:I met a lovely young lady at the Mall Saturday who reminds me A LOT of Chanel...stunningly beautiful(more on this topin to come...hopefully!)I've been seeing this lovely young lady for a couple months now and it occurred to me that I may just be dating her because she is so much younger (and hotter) than I. I am not okay with this thought. It also ocuured to me that I may only be dating her because so many people have remarked how much she resembles Chanell Heart. I am QUITE okay with this thought! (before anyone asks, she is quite aware of this comment and finds it humorous...I should marry her)
  • 8/9/2015 1:18 AM
  • Big Booty Model Chanell Heart
    bridge6296 wrote:She is fine. I'd like to see her in a scene with Ana Foxxx.You, sir, have exquisite taste! That would be a definite must-see - they are both stunning and great performers!
  • 8/8/2015 2:07 PM
  • Big Booty Model Chanell Heart
    God damn this girl is scorching!I think we worry too much - she is early in her career. She's gaining momentum and soon directors will pair her better. The things I would do to this beauty. ..
  • 8/4/2015 7:37 PM
  • Big Booty Model Chanell Heart
    Still loving this girl's looks AND the work she's putting out there. Definitely JAG wifey material"if you gaze too long into the gape, the gape will gaze back into you"
  • 8/4/2015 6:31 PM
  • Official forum : Jenna Sativa Flawless Beauty
    Aya wrote:^Spiegler doesn't deal with G/G stars, so I have to guess he has plans to make her start doing B/G down the road. And if she doesn't play ball, then he can drop her.Spiegler is too sage a businessman to ever say "never." The moment I spied Jenna, I knew Dana and Asa were right and Spiegs was smart to scoop up this one. I've never been a big fan of g/g only performers but I'm all in on Jenna!"if you gaze too long into the gape, the gape will gaze back into you"
  • 8/4/2015 6:29 PM
  • Official forum : Jenna Sativa Flawless Beauty
    I was HIGHLY fortunate enough to meet Jenna Sativa on a BAM Visions shoot last weekend. I was immediately smitten and found myself muttering "God Dayum!" every time she moved. This is a woman who is beyond lovely, has all the right curves in a pint-sized petite frame, performs like a pro already and has an absolutely sweet and intriguing personality. If this is what Miami has to offer, I may need to spend more time in South Beach!JAG is in full-crush modeI have never wanted to be a popsicle so much in my life...Edited by - JAGnLA on 8/4/2015 6:43:31 PM
  • 8/4/2015 6:10 PM
  • Vicki Chase
    Along with Bono, I recently visited BAM Visions while both Mick and Anikka were shooting. My shots came out dark since I was trying to stay out of the photog's way but I had to share this because Vicki's bush makes me blush (amonst other bodily reactions!)
  • 8/4/2015 5:54 PM
  • Bam Visions Set visit Aug 2015
    I was going to add my own shots, but most are the same as Bono'sI will, however, add a few.Since Bono is too modest to post himself (something I've NEVER been accused of)And I found this one clever: Jenna and I attempting a selfie and realizing that Anikka's bodacious booty was photobombing us. What else to do but lick it?SPeaking of licking: while I was busy concentrating on taking shots of Jenna during the "pretty girls," Anikka decided to perform what we are now referring to as an "Albrite Special Popsicle BJ"...IR variation, LOL!
  • 6/15/2015 2:02 AM
  • Big Booty Model Chanell Heart
    I met a lovely young lady at the Mall Saturday who reminds me A LOT of Chanel...stunningly beautiful(more on this topin to come...hopefully!)"if you gaze too long into the gape, the gape will gaze back into you"
  • 6/12/2015 2:10 AM
  • Big Booty Model Chanell Heart
    Chanel has been doing some quality work to go along with that gorgeous face and figure! I'd love to see what she's going to do and will definitely donate"I like to watch"
  • 6/5/2015 5:57 AM
  • Asianmodelpalooza
    killbillvol69 wrote:Yeah thanks for the pics Jag! Mia Rider is a big fave of mine so of course I'm jealous you got to take a pic with her!Also thanks for the pics you posted in the BAM thread. Now I'm really excited about that new studio.Mia is soooo damn hot in glasses.
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