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Porn Connections: Fan, Reviewer, pervert
Date Joined: February 2004
Location: El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles de Porciuncula, CA
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  • 10/26/2015 11:57 PM
  • Game - True or False
    True...I guess. I don't remember anything since joining this board.The next poster hated that today was Monday
  • 10/23/2015 3:09 PM
  • BAMvisions: New Co w/Mick,Anikka & Maestro Claudio
    Wow, considering that you guys are taking to one of the few studios that actively engages its audience, you sure do so with a total lack of regard for common courtesy or politeness. Remember, these are PEOPLE you're speaking to and about.
  • 10/6/2015 2:02 AM
  • Kira Noir - Spiegler's newest Ebony cutie
    It looks like Spiegs has signed himself another new cutie! Her name is Kira Noir and she has a beautiful smile, fantastic derriere and glorious gams! Looking forward to seeing more of her in action!Her page on Spiegler's site " Corruptio optimi pessima est"
  • 9/30/2015 8:41 PM
  • Abella Danger fka Bella Danger, beautiful new star
    bono-ONE wrote:^ Easy there big fella! Glad to see you're warming to Abella. Great to see her this past weekend and hang out at our PCH spot The Reel Inn!Aww shoot, man - now EVERYONE is going to eat there, LOL!"The first rule if The Reel Inn Club is..."Edited by - bono-ONE on 9/30/2015 8:47:07 PM
  • 9/30/2015 8:16 PM
  • BAMvisions: New Co w/Mick,Anikka & Maestro Claudio
    The recently shot seen with Mick and Ashley Fires is pure unadulterated HEAT! I cannot stress enough how palpable the passion was there and I have no doubt that Maestro captured it well.I don't usually suggest whom to shoot (I leave that to the pros and enjoy being surprised!) But there are two girls I'd love to see get the BAM treatment.Chanell Heart may not yet be ready, but PUHLEEZE consider her as soon as she's reached that level. and finally, Abella Danger, whose glorious tush would be awesome to see. She'd work well with Anikka as well!" Corruptio optimi pessima est"Edited by - JAGnLA on 9/30/2015 8:16:12 PM
  • 9/30/2015 7:56 PM
  • Abella Danger fka Bella Danger, beautiful new star
    Shylock wrote:LOL! I am actually limiting Abella to working no more than 5 days a week. But she constantly complains that she isn't working enough! SHYLOCK "Patron of the Tarts""Spieglergirls don't get fucked on camera. They DO the fucking!"PLEASE DO NOT LIMIT HER, LOL!Prior to this week, I'd only seen her in her "Oil Overload" and "Wet Asses 5" scenes and a few trailers. I'm about to check out her All Access now and will be bringing myself up to date REAL quickly. Those abs, that slightly mischievous grin, that glorious bum...can't wait to know Abella more initimately, LOL!Edited by - JAGnLA on 9/30/2015 7:57:07 PM
  • 9/30/2015 7:49 PM
  • New teen sensation - Melissa Moore
    Shylock wrote:Melissa Moore "Nakey in the desert" SHYLOCK "Patron of the Tarts""Spieglergirls don't get fucked on camera. They DO the fucking!"YASSSS! Thats glorious!
  • 9/28/2015 1:17 AM
  • New teen sensation - Melissa Moore
    While I can see some similarities between Melissa Moore and Riley Reid, I'm not sure that I would dub them as "sisters"However, Melissa is awfully hot! A natural looking beauty with a fantastic smile and superb figure. I had the luck of joining Spiegler, Bono and her for dinner along with Abella Danger, and Jenna Sativa. I was almost too distracted to eat! Abella is celebrating a year w/ Spiegler and these recent additions are all terrific adds to an always impressive cast of Spiegler Girls.I have been obsessed with Abella's outstanding ass for so long. I just today realized how stupendous her stomach is. Serious abs on this chick. While saying Grace over my food, I also thanked the Good Lord for Abella in a crop-top and yoga pant...
  • 9/25/2015 2:39 AM
  • Win VIP Tickets to a FSC Pornstar Fashion Show
    I have almost too many pics to post. Although I tried to refrain from making them ALL selfies, I succumbed to temptation with a few of my faves, LOL! I did create a Flickr album (you can search under JAGnLA) but I can't link to them here.For time sake, I haven't edited much.
  • 9/22/2015 12:47 AM
  • Vicki Chase
    Captain Jack wrote:New interview is up with Vicki!Wonderful interview, Captain!Coincidentally, I was just looking back through some old photos and found that (besides the recently posted ones on the BAM shoot) Vicki has posed with me like FIVE times. I had no idea it was that many. I think I sweat just being near her." Corruptio optimi pessima est"
  • 9/15/2015 11:02 PM
  • Vicki Chase
    God damn! This woman just exudes sexiness! The way she walks, the way she talks - just a mere glance from her can make me hard. I can never see enough of her scenes, she consistently brings the heat and passion. There are precious few pure performers like Vicki and fewer still that possess her looks AND performance. What blows my mind is how incredibly cool and sweet she is in person as well. If I were ten years younger... okay, maybe TWENTY years younger...
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