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Porn Connections: Performer, Director, Cunnilingist, Escort
Date Joined: June 2007
Location: Woodland Hills, CA
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Hello, I am Jack Lawrence and I am an Adult Film Performer... I have been in over 500 movies and have recieved 4 AVN Nominations as well as won the 2007 Adultcon "Best Oral Sex Scene" Award. I have a pretty interesting background, as my past careers reflect... I served in the U.S. Army, was a Police Officer, a Professional Cyclist a Contract Rescue Diver, Flooring Contractor and Escort before venturing into Porn.

I just started posting on this site and I am enjoying reading the posts and responding to them...

-Jack Lawrence

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  • 6/27/2007 1:15 PM
  • Jack Off Climaxes Anticlimatic
    Thanks for the props... both of you... I just enjoy sharing my experiences with you.... there's a lot of mystery to this profession... a lot of misconstruded facts... I just call is as I see it, and enjoy letting people see a little deeper into this world... believe me, the last 4 years of my life have been very interesting to say the least...P.S. There's a FILMOGRAPHY page on my website that shows my 500+ credits...-Jack
  • 6/26/2007 5:50:59 PM
  • Modern Anal Porn
    My ex-wife of 2 years, Porn Star ANNIE CRUZ loves Anal.. on and off camera... it's a matter of society having less taboo's as well as people experimenting.... believe me, once a woman has had an Anal Orgasm, a Vaginal one just isnt as good... Annie always deflected me into her ass when we were having sex.. it's 90% mental... once they know it wont hurt IF they have been properly trained, they open up very easily.I was taking Anal Virginities since around 1983.... nothing has changed with the women.. I have more skills now, but it's all a matter of them knowing it's not 'Dirty', too Taboo anymore and it's absolutly pleasurable IF they have the right mind set.. if they think it's gonna hurt... the outter sphincter muscle will contract, an...
  • 6/25/2007 12:17:24 PM
  • Jack Off Climaxes Anticlimatic
    I have to agree..... in over 500 movies, I think I only had to Jerk to pop a few times... usually because the girl was too sore... or on her period and the make-up sponge wasnt holding back the flow... I think it's natural to 'Fuck to Pop' and a complete insult for a guy to have to 'Jerk to Pop' Can you imagine what the woman must be thinking about her pussy if these guys dont fuck to pop... I really get into the eye contact with who I am working with just as I ramp up to pop... you can see the excitement in the woman's eyes then... it's hot...Just before the pop, I usually have the woman, 'Set Up the Pop' which means we fuck, I say I'm gonna cum and she dives to the floor, moves this way or that way.. wherever the director wants us, with t...
  • 6/22/2007 2:37:25 PM
  • Who'd want to be a male porn star?
    "the vast majority of performers use condoms with non-performers." Unless you are privy to the private practices of performers in their off-screen lives, how do you know this for sure?How do we know for sure? Well, it's based on the honor system... we have to trust eachother with eachother's lives... (which is scary when you're dealing with people who are not even drug tested!)One good thing is that our medical records are Public Record... and those who take chances off camera are exposing themselves to public scrutiny, if they come back with a 'Bad Test'. -Jack
  • 6/21/2007 10:53:51 AM
  • Who'd want to be a male porn star?
    LegLover1000 I have no idea why Lexington Steel said that... don't get me wrong.. there ARE STD's in porn.. somewhere between Zero and 10 sometimes 20 cases a month.. but thats out of about 1,200 performers... average is less than 10... some performers seem to have a 'Dirty Test' more often than others... the people who have 'Dirty Tests' are sometimes the same people every month... reckless escorting, cheating boyfriend, who knows why... but since the vast majority of performers use condoms with non-performers... it's the ones who dont who have problems....There was one female performer who just left the business who used to try to fake her tests, (I have seen proof!) She was known for fucking strangers without a test and without a condom ...
  • 6/20/2007 1:00:17 PM
  • Who'd want to be a male porn star?
    realtip writes:-Risk of disease from frequent unprotected sexActually we are all tested ever 30 days or less... we have a less than 1% STD infection rate, vs. the general public of 14% count in how sexually active someone is, and that 14% can grow... I actually feel safer having unprotected sex with a woman on set (or off is they visit me) than a civilian with a condom... half the STD's out there dont have symptoms... most women only get checked once a year IF they have healthcare, and the doctors wont test for STD's if the woman isnt forthright about how sexually active she is... (ever wonder if the woman is attracted to the doctor and wants to pretend shes's an Angel to date him?) Check out to see more about how we tes...
  • 6/19/2007 11:52:08 AM
  • Who'd want to be a male porn star?
    P.S. For the record, Sascha was one of the best male performers to work with... because he's really into getting the woman off, and he's a very strong performer... and a cool guy... tells jokes, has fun, no stress...Evan Stone and I did 2 BG scenes next to eachother and I got the same vibe from him... he's probably the coolest guy in the business, actually... whenever I run into him, he's always keeping people entertained.. professional and respectful of everyone on set... a working Legend... Christian and I never worked together, but I know him and he's a great guy as well... probably one of the smartest guys in the business... and a strong performer too...-Jack
  • 6/19/2007 11:44:25 AM
  • Who'd want to be a male porn star?
    Christian is right... most of th top performers who 'Do Everything' work every day, twice a day, sometimes three times a day... and thats why they are bigger names... because you see them everywhere AND they are ABLE to perform in more difficult scenes.I have done only 510 scenes in the last 4 years.. hardly a record, but I have enjoyed most of them.I am sure Christian can attest that doing scenes with other male performers can be a lot more work... especially of one performer is having a bad day... Wood or Pop issues.... I dont wanna wait on another guy... and since I am not 'into' BBG, I dont want to be the one another performer is waiting on.... it also has to do with comfort levels... there were some cool guys in the past who were no pr...
  • 6/19/2007 11:18:07 AM
  • Which Male Stars Are The Best At Eating Pussy?
    Hey, Tristan! Glad to see you on this thread.... and thanks for the second hand props... I think I need to get you on your back... and show you first hand!P.S. My ribs still hurt (serious, they do) from laying on the edge of that ceramic tile step while going down on Cindy Crawford for your Oral Sex Instructional movie of yours... but it's all worth it... -Jack Lawrence
  • 6/17/2007 10:02:43 PM
  • Who'd want to be a male porn star?
    I couldnt be happier... my only regret is waiting so long to get into Porn... (Actually my Escort client, Keisha talked me into getting into porn.. I was quite happy as an Escort for years before porn)Spoonbender... the only guys who do BBG scenes, Gang Bangs, ect are those who dont mind it or cant get regular BG work.... or not enough BG work... I paid my dues when I first started... for about a year or so.. got thru that, and now that I am established, I only do BG and BGG, BGGG, ect... -Jack
  • 6/16/2007 10:42:43 AM
  • Melissa Lauren news
    Congrats, Melissa... I was just watching a scene I did with her a few days ago... and although the sex was really hot and her body looked AMAZING, I was just shocked at how beautiful her face is... mainstream model looks.... and commented to myself that it was a shame she stopped performing... the next day, I saw that Press Release in AVN.She is truly beautiful.... I hope to work with her again sometime..-Jack
  • 6/16/2007 10:35:33 AM
  • porn actresses with the most intersting butthole
    Nikki Benz has the smallest, cutest, most beautiful Virgin Butthole... and quite nice smelling, although she didnt let me lick it... I swear she must poop spagetti... IF she poops at all!-Jack
  • 6/15/2007 10:13:58 AM
  • Why Are Porn Stars Averse to Kissing These Days?
    I just thought of something... I 'try' to kiss in about half of my scenes... with the women that I think are going to be into it... and I am about 90% sucessful...I do have to admit that the other half of the scenes I dont even try.... since I get a vibe that IF they kiss back, they might not be into it, and therefore actually put me on their 'NO List'.I sometimes ask them before a scene... but honestly as important as it is for me in a scene, just asking and hearing them say no KILLS it for me... sinmce I do not use Viagra... sometimes it's better for me to skip the kissing as something I 'forgot' to do... than ask or get a head turn and kill the moment completly... which although they look hot, feel hot, ect... could result in wood is...
  • 6/15/2007 12:44:02 AM
  • Why Are Porn Stars Averse to Kissing These Days?
    I have found that most of the scenes I have been in where there was a lot of kissing... I ended up dating the woman... so it IS a bonding experience... I'm a really nice guy, so many women really 'dig me' but just as many arn't into me AT ALL.....I have been in about 40 Vivid Movies... they tend to book 'Women' rather than 'Girls' even if they shoot women in the 18 to 21 range, they have been interviewed, and they are on set because they have a little more to offer than a hot body.... I give Vivid a lot of respect because they actually try pretty hard to get people who would like eachother off camera.... and that usually leads to kissing... so you see some passion in the scene... as well as 'Where did Jack and ____ go? We're ready for their...
  • 6/14/2007 11:13:43 PM
  • Tallest Pornstar
    Kackihara2005... ESSY MOORE is 6'2" Believe me, I used to date her for awhile... although I saw on some website she was listed as 6'0"... -Jack
  • 6/13/2007 10:12:04 PM
  • Tallest Pornstar
    I was just on set with Lynn Le May today, actually and I told her about this thread... she points out that she's 5' 10" tall...(She also happens to have some of the nicest feeling huge breasts I have ever felt... combo saline AND Silicone or something like that... I know whe had 2 implants per breas... am I getting off track here?)She directed me for a LOT of movies the last 9 months.. I am in all of her movies, actually, from Le Mazing Productions-Jack
  • 6/13/2007 10:07:19 PM
  • Which Male Stars Are The Best At Eating Pussy?
    Lordish... actually Ginger Lynn had a competition for GingerPix way back when I first started.. it's pretty hard to judge even though the 8 ladies scored the 8 men right after they each for 2 minutes with them... like musical chairs... the ladies were blind folded... Lee Stone won, because I followed him... he was so aggressive, they either orgasmed, or were too de-sensatised for me to do well with them...If you wanna see it, it's listed on the FILMOGRAPHY page of my website it was scene number 11 I think... some 500 scenes ago!Again, Circus Stunt Porn... like most of it... it has very little to do with sensuality... which is what really gets women off..-Jack
  • 6/13/2007 12:26:08 PM
  • Tallest Pornstar
    I used to date a British Performer named [name removed] who was 6'2" tall... you should have seen her in these 8 inch heels.... when I was bare-foot and 5'10 tall... She was shaping up to be one of the best Gonzo girls out there, she did everything.. and loved the sex... sadly when the HIV crisis happened in 2004, she threw in the towel and hoped on a plane to England and as far as I know never came back... I think she was hosting Playboy TV in England after that...It was funny, whenever we went out on a date, people would give us funny looks.. and she would walk right up to them in a strong British accent and say "He makes up for it and then some with his Wanker!" She said that to a 65 year old couple at Denny's once who wer...
  • 6/13/2007 9:41:26 AM
  • do male performers get bored?
    Pagota, I agree with you about the 21 year old thing... my spin is that most of the under 21 porn stars are not women yet.. their bodies may be there, they may be sexually open , but emotionally they just havent found themselves yet... for a woman (and this is a man's opinion) I think the three biggest years of emotional developement are from 18 to 21... prime years for porn.. but those years should be set aside for dating, a relationship or two... and looking inward...Sadly I work with these women 130 times a year... and most of them are in Sexual Competition... if they only knew what lust was! Personally I usually only date women in their 30's and 40's.... I'll forgive a wrinkle or a pound for a woman who knows who she is...P.S. My statem...
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