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  • 1/30/2013 3:56 AM
  • Amber Lynn- Godess
    humstein wrote:Hi Everyone its Amber Lynn! Just wanted to stop by and invite you to view my new scene with Manuel Ferrara on Brazzers -Centerfold Me Over-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Amber Lynn (along with Vanessa del Rio) were the first true porn stars.Before them there were a lot of woman who made porn, but Amber and Vanessa were special.They had a number of ingredients, but to sum it up, on screen they were sluts and were proud of it! (and I mean that in a complementary manner). To explain, by this I mean that they weren't just in it for the money or the fame (although they've recieved plenty of that) but they loved to have sex on film, and were thorough-going exhibitionists.Additionally, ...
  • 8/25/2012 7:37 PM
  • Amber Lynn- Godess
    Hello Everyone;Its me THE REAL AMBER LYNN - I can be reached at iamamberlynnxxx@gmail.comTHIS page was brought to me by a fan so i thought id post myself.I am currently in the process of writing my book an auto biography about my life and times in the adult industry that will dispel alot of the untruths out there , and i am rebuilding my website and coming back to shoot all new scenes comencing Sept 2012 which I am extremely excited about.In the meantime follow me on for schedule updatesIn the meantime - I reall want to say thank you to the fans for the positive comments and not placing any value on the couple of bitter ones I like anyone i can be an ASSHOLE for sure when someone is trying to screw me, and not i...
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