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Porn Connections: Director, Webmaster, Cameraman, Editor, Photographer
Date Joined: July 2012
Location: Phoenix
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  • 8/31/2015 6:43 PM
  • FTV Girls in porn list
    Another cute girl I shot recently -- super athletic first timer, cheerleader, naturally so cute, and so many firsts for her. The perfect FTV girl. No... she will not be doing hardcore.
  • 8/26/2015 8:34 AM
  • FTV Girls in porn list
    Shot spring this year, this busty girl is appearing soon:Edited by - rob ftv on 8/26/2015 8:34:36 AM
  • 8/18/2015 11:17 AM
  • FTV Girls in porn list
    Definitely wasn't rich when I first started FTV. In fact, was a starving dentist haha. Nowadays medical school rapes you with student loans, and unless you have a rich family supporting your debt, you're paycheck to paycheck.'ve never been secret about my sites' income -- I remember when FTV peaked at 33,000 active members back in 2008, and I posted it on -- most people thought I was bulshitting (since FTV is basically a softcore site). Right now FTV is down to about a third of that, hovering around 12k-13k active members. In my fatalistic view, it will continue to drop 10% each year.Superpopular hardcore sites like X-Art or the RealityKings programs I expect to be at l...
  • 8/12/2015 5:32 PM
  • FTV Girls in porn list
    To Andys: I've dated dozens of girls in the industry, from the 'old days' of Alison Angel (who I dated for a year), to more recently girls like Kennedy Leigh and Nina North. Maybe I have a bunch of videos of us having sex -- but they aren't content for the site right now haha.To Rash: After the fight with Holly/Goldie, they wouldn't do a gg with each other, and I lost the chance to shoot Holly in a more 'hardcore' solo. The problem with real life friends/lovers types of shoots that I do mostly for GG, is that their relationships can be rather finicky. Their breakup was over a sugar daddy type. Though the Zishy photographer shot a girl for me once, it has to be a very special/unique situation for him to do it, and Holly isn't going to ...
  • 8/7/2015 4:51 PM
  • FTV Girls in porn list
    To Rashnidz, the goldie friend had a big fight with her the day after the shoot at the time, so my plan on shooting her alone and maybe a gg with goldie never happened. Bad luck on my part. The second picture is of Ellie though.
  • 8/7/2015 4:49 PM
  • FTV Girls in porn list
    The members' choice selections have been updated. Last weekend I shot this girl, and for you hardcore fans, yes, she will be doing hardcore for other sites, as far as I know.She's of Polish descent but pretty much raised here since the age of 9.
  • 7/31/2015 3:54 PM
  • FTV Girls in porn list
    I think you look up 'shoe heel stuffing' on the search engine in the members' area.Another cute girl who ended up being pretty kinky: Very natural, girl next door look --
  • 7/31/2015 3:51 PM
  • Nina North
    She did a gg shoot with her real life best friend: She has a Persian look to her, but she's part South American and European. I'm Persian though hehe
  • 7/25/2015 5:26 PM
  • FTV Girls in porn list
    The only downside of course being that I shoot 4-6 months in advance, so what you see on the site today happened half a year before -- and many of them are not 'new' on the net anymore. But you can see how 'fresh' and untainted they are on video when they are true first timers.Another new girl I shot two weeks ago, should appear on other porn sites eventually:One of the most enthusiastic and energetic first timers I've shot in a while. And ended up doing some real extreme
  • 7/20/2015 9:07 AM
  • FTV Girls in porn list
    Speaking of 'Stacey', there's a total first timer I shot just yesterday 'Stacy' that will be appearing in hardcore eventually. I know she was going to Vegas this week to shoot for porn pros. Total newbie with big naturals, though she has a lot of tattoos on her back/shoulders.
  • 7/20/2015 8:40 AM
  • FTV Girls in porn list
    Yes, that is the same Stacey. She just is 2 years older, and lost some weight. I think she looks better than ever.
  • 7/15/2015 6:36 PM
  • FTV Girls in porn list
    Then she brought her real life best friend for a girl
  • 7/15/2015 6:34 PM
  • FTV Girls in porn list
    Another new girl I shot about a month ago, total first timer, to me, one of the cutest girls I've shot this year. No tattoos, supercute, lots of fun, adventure, masturbation, orgasm, kinky stuff...I liked her so much I shot her yes, she will be doing hardcore stuff.
  • 7/13/2015 5:42 PM
  • FTV Girls in porn list
    Another cutie I shot about 2 months ago who ends up fisting herself.... really deep:She's now in an exclusive contract with x-art.
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