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East Coast Video Show
Atlantic City October 9-11, 2001
Official East Coast Video Show Website: Home Entertainment (also has information on other adult video trade shows)

While business must take place somewhere at the East Coast Video Show (ECVS), I spent my time at the show having fun. It's really great to meet people face-to-face that I've only known through email. The exhibit hall was small. The lines for star autographs were short. And the parties were relaxing. People could actually have conversations on the show floor and in the Sands bar (which, thanks to Jeff of, I now know is the meeting grounds.)

I arrived at the show late on Tuesday, day 1, and got to meet Wendy Divine, who was being incredibly sweet to every fan in her line. Wendy is going to go down in history as the star with parallel names - the sign in front of her read Maya Devine. The ever-charming Ron Jeremy signed a couple spots down from Wendy. Of course I had to get Ron to autograph a few posters for Christmas gifts. Is there any better gift?

That night I learned that I'm a strange sexual deviant because I don't do girls. I owe Jim Gunn for this profound realization, as well as a newcommer named Jolee (I think.) Jolee (I could be way off on her name) propped her very drunk butt in between Jim and I on a couch at the party. She decided that both Jim and I were dying to see her butt, so she dropped her pants. After she flashed her tits to the crowd a couple guys asked, "how much?" Jolee, offended by people thinking she was a hooker, focused her attention 100% on Jim. We all know Jim for filming chearleading teeny boppers with dildos, but in person he looks like an innocent "nice guy". When Jolee put her hand on my knee, it was time to head to the next party. I left Jim explaining to her that I'm a strange creature who doesn't do girls.

Thankfully I ran into the Metro gang (Danny, Mike, Inari Vachs and Syren) who were also heading back to the Sands. On the way we threw our money away on some stupid game that we still don't know how to play. I can only describe it as a cross between craps, roulette, and bingo. We headed up to the DVD Empire party which was winding down. The drinking crowd was fast becoming a smoking crowd. And for some reason we were hanging out in the bathroom - I have to say it was a mighty nice bathroom. Some mainstream movie folks were mixing in with the people of porn, as we all sat on the side of the bathtub passing around a smooth glass pipe well into the night...

Oh I almost forgot an amusing moment from the first party. As some of you probably know Kid Vegas regularly "talks shit" about Jim Gunn and ended his speech at last year's AVN Awards with "Fuck You, Jim Gunn!" Well, apparantly Kid Vegas hasn't even met Jim. So Jim walks up to Kid Vegas at the party and introduced himself. Kid Vegas slapped him on the back and kept saying, "Isn't it funny? I don't even know you." Jim just stared at him with the 'what the fuck' look shaking his head. No, Kid, it's not funny, but I guess you'll fit in at your new home with Extreme Associates.

Day 2: a mad day of picture taking at the show.
Anna Malle is still drunk. Someone scrawled "She'll get fired if she flashes again" on her sign. Peter North has full conversations with all his fans. His line stretches down the aisle. I find out the very cool McKayla Matthews is from my home town.
Unlike the big show in Vegas, fans really got a chance to get up close and personal with the stars...
As I was tiring of walking around snapping pics I ran into Jeff of and famed dataman Peter Van Arle. It was nice to sit, chat and grab a soda. I headed off to a seminar and then to the very nice, very relaxing Private North America hospitality suite. I finally got to meet the wonderful Mara Epstein, previously of iCandy, currently of Private, in person. They had a masseuse (no, not that kind) in the room. What a perfect way to end day 2.

After dinner we headed over to the Showboat for the rame get together, which was fast becoming a full-fledge party. The Showboat looks like a Vegas chapel explosion. Luc Wylder and Alexandra Silk were excellent hosts. It was good to hang out with Jeff some more and meet a couple rame posters. As things started to get crowded I hitched a ride with Jim Gunn back to the Sands bar. Once again I wound down the evening with Inari Vachs, the Empire guys, and Mike of Metro. On my way out Inari and I started talking pit bulls. When she told me that she has two pits my respect for her grew two-fold. Those who have pits know what it's like to have the best dogs in the world ;)
Thanks to the folks at DVD Empire, Stunning Curves, Private, Metro, RAME, IAFD... (sorry if I forgot anyone - my memory ain't what it used to be.) See you in Vegas!


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