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Don Fernando

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Porn Connections: Performer, Director, Cameraman, Photographer
Date Joined: July 2004
Location: Viva Productions - Los Angeles USA
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  • 10/17/2014 10:02:53 PM
  • How many Hollywood rejects end up in porn?
    pornologist wrote:curious1 wrote:So many people come to Hollywood to try and make it as actors and models.I wonder how many actors and models just give up and just do porn instead.I'll bet it's a very small percent, here is a list of some:Don FernandoHarry ReemsHershel SavageJack BakerJennifer WellesJerry ButlerJon DoughLisa DeLeeuwMike Horner?Rocco SiffrediScotty SchwartzSteven St. CroixTee Reel - Behind the cameraTony Tedeschicurious1 wrote:I know for sure porn actor Mark Davis came to Hollywood with dreams of being an actor.I believe Mark Davis started out as a stripper.Pornologist -I updated the list :)
  • 10/17/2014 8:38:20 PM
  • Tiffany Fox, 19yo brunette-natural 32D
    Arrived drunk, drugged (suspected as meth) and overweight on a set in Budapest, so the rumor goes. Good that she does not represent the typical American porn starlet that would be hired to work in Europe. BTW - This is an un-confirmed and un-substantiated rumor from 2 sources.Don Fernando by - Don Fernando on 10/17/2014 8:40:24 PM
  • 6/3/2013 4:10:06 AM
  • How many Hollywood rejects end up in porn?
    CummingLinguist wrote:Philip Toubus (aka Paul Thomas) played St. Peter in the movie version of Jesus Christ Superstar. He also had some starring roles on Broadway.He once played piano and sang in a golden age porn movie. The chorus was "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride." I sat in the theater, enjoyed the song immensely and didn't mind that there wasn't so much as an onscreen boob for three minutes.PT was not a Hollywood reject as he was accepted and had a starring role in a film musical in "Jesus Christ- Superstar". If one put it as "PT was not a Hollywood success" - now that would hold true IMO.Don
  • 6/3/2013 4:03:44 AM
  • How many Hollywood rejects end up in porn?
    curious1 wrote:So many people come to Hollywood to try and make it as actors and models.The % of actors and models that can make it big or "make ends meet" solely by acting or modeling is relatively small.I wonder how many actors and models just give up and just do porn instead.I know for sure porn actor Mark Davis came to Hollywood with dreams of being an actor.I was a Hollywood reject. Wiped off the dirt, dived into porn and never looked back!Don
  • 6/3/2013 3:52:14 AM
  • best asian in porn
    DP AsaAkira wrote:Im totally nuts about Sydnee Taylor, what a cute asian spinner.It seems that she is retired ...she did not last long :([mod edit: cropped quote. quoting one pic is more than enough, thanks.]Edited by - killbillvol69 on 6/3/2013 7:30:25 AM
  • 6/3/2013 3:49:11 AM
  • best asian in porn
    adultsurfer wrote:One of the best asian queens is back to the biz: Lucy Thai!!!"Back on twitter Did you guys miss me?"; "Im back twitter world talk that talk 2 me"All directors, producers, and companies in general, please book this stunning DP queen when she'll be available!Thanks!That alleged "Lucy Thai" Twitter account was a fake and was reported as a fake and has been suspended. That alleged email with Lucy Thai's name is also a fake.Lucy has not returned to the biz but as a director, I wish she did...she must look great at 28 years old.Don
  • 10/30/2012 10:08:20 PM
  • AVN Article About U.S. Syphilis Rumors
    torris wrote:Still am foggy on how this syphilis infection tore through Europe. Did that start with Marcus in the states, fucking a Euro starlet who then went back home or is that European outbreak a concurrent circumstance? "Homegrown"?Torris -From what I have heard, the first part of your hypothesis is correct. But there is more to it than that but I cannot elaborate due to privacy constraints and...hell; it's complicated, as well.Don Fernando
  • 10/30/2012 9:17:56 PM
  • AVN Article About U.S. Syphilis Rumors
    twocentsworth wrote:"Points taken Urthoughts,...Does anyone really believe that none of the other nine cases are somehow related to him, and that this is all just a big coincidence? Really?"Two of the nine Syphilis cases from USA were both males that were entering the porn industry as actors.Don Fernando
  • 10/30/2012 8:58:04 PM
  • AVN Article About U.S. Syphilis Rumors
    Gambo192 wrote:From what I heard, a eastern-european actress was on holiday in Thailand with her boyfriend, and they fucked a lot with local people without any precautions.... that's what I've been told....Gambo -You were told a bullshit story, I believe. First off, prostitution is illegal; absolutely prohibited in Thailand. But like the Prohibition Era (when alcohol consumption was illegal in the USA) people found a way to break the law and sometimes blatently to drink alcohol in public and underground pubs...much the same as the blatent display of bargirls (most of them prostitutes) in 2 areas of Bangkok and the 3 major tourist recreation areas of Thailand.I have spent a lot of time in Thailand and will tell you that the prostitutes there...
  • 8/27/2012 1:59:32 AM
  • AVN Article About U.S. Syphilis Rumors
    xclusive hungarian models wrote:I totally agree with those, are accepting the ideea than escort girls to be keeped away from participating in hard shootings.They can make more money escorting, so why do they need to participate? Only to can have a pornstar image which is better paid as escort???Why those adult models does'nt accept to escort must accept to be threated as prostitutes in they're private life, because of the general image of today's adult industry?The best pornstars were all the time, those they liked more to fuck than to earn money, not those they like the money, but they can only fuck if they get paid for it....I am trieing to convince since almost 3 years everybody here in Hungary to not mix the escort with the adult busine...
  • 8/26/2012 11:12:22 PM
  • AVN Article About U.S. Syphilis Rumors
    InFamous wrote:So it's 90 days mean 3 months of no scenes. DamnI still direct/shoot (porn and mainstream events) so it's not like I have not been working but summer is always slow and this situation just made for an extended summer holiday...except for the PSEs ;Don Fernando
  • 8/26/2012 9:45:22 PM
  • AVN Article About U.S. Syphilis Rumors
    Kezza wrote:Thanks Don for the info.Fingers crossed you don't have it.Kezza -Am past the maximum 90 day incubation period, have had no symptoms of either Primary Syphilis nor Secondary Syphilis and; as stated, have had 2 non-reactive (negative) RPR tests so am 100% sure that am not affected; except for the loss of income which really sucks. I am on a Top Ramen diet LOLDon Fernando by - Don Fernando on 8/26/2012 9:45:47 PM
  • 8/26/2012 7:40:53 PM
  • AVN Article About U.S. Syphilis Rumors
    Laurie Cameron Fan wrote:Siffredi also said that he believed that some other Russian performers were using faked tests since May , it won't be necessary in the USA since syphilis tests aren't required although TTS apparently does it routinely.TTS (Talent Testing Services) has only been routinely running the complimentary every-30-days syphilis test; as an addition to the mandatory industry 3-test panel, since July 12 of this year. CET/AIM (Cutting Edge Testing aka previously as AIM) has never run a monthly mandatory syphilis screening.In Europe though even if they were using forged tests since May as stated by Siffredi the outbreak came out in late July early August , too much time , they test monthly it is hard to believe that those Russi...
  • 8/25/2012 4:39:13 AM
  • AVN Article About U.S. Syphilis Rumors
    ChuckTheFreak wrote:Then, she was in the USA working in the last two weeks of July... Aletta Ocean was never in the USA from May through July; she was only available to work in Europe for those 3 months and is still there in the Budapest area.ChuckTheFreak wrote:...supposedly that's when Marcus tested positive too. On August 22, XBiz published an interview conducted with Mr. Marcus. In the interview Mr. Marcus stated that he went to see his personal physician on July 11 because he "felt ill" and said physician ordered a syphilis test for him. That test came back positive for syphilis on July 12.Don Fernando by - Don Fernando on 8/25/2012 4:43:06 AM
  • 8/22/2012 5:24:21 PM
  • AVN Article About U.S. Syphilis Rumors
    It is official...Mr. Marcus can be heard apologizing to Mike South for what he did. I personally recognize Mr. Marcus' voice so it is legit.He sounds quite remorseful and knows that he ruined his career and that of many of his peers. The VM recording is here: http://Mike South's BlogDon Fernando
  • 8/22/2012 2:27:31 AM
  • AVN Article About U.S. Syphilis Rumors
    Laurie Cameron Fan wrote:Don Fernando wrote:You have the timeline completely wrong and from what can be obvious to anyone reading it, backwards, Laurie Cameron Fan. I stand corrected but I was reporting the timeline of the Budapest Outbreak and considering that everyone infected in there was tested negative one month before as you pointed out syphilis tests are a mandatory requirement in to shoot in EuropeI just add for the stars who want to shoot condoms only , unless you are willing to do blow jobs with condoms too, the use of condoms won't help with syphilis.Laurie Cameron Fan -There are 2 factors that IMO really will reduce the numbers of individual infections of syphilis in Budapest:1) Thankfully, after the middle of June and until the...
  • 8/22/2012 2:16:50 AM
  • AVN Article About U.S. Syphilis Rumors
    Laurie Cameron Fan wrote:jrv wrote:If the incubation period has an uncertainty of three+ weeks then a nine-day difference cannot determine ordering.True but in Europe they have a required monthly test, in July nobody was infected at the beginning of August they were 18 , chances are the infection begun no more than a month before , it is true that the incubation period goes from 3 weeks to three months but it is highly unlikely the everybody had the same incubation period , and even if this was the case then the infected must be much more than 18.Last I heard it was 21 in Budapest and that was 1 week ago.Don't even want to think to the worst case scenario (90 days incubation)This worst case scenario would really be the worst case scenario!D...
  • 8/22/2012 1:22:06 AM
  • Eduardo Severin trying to get out of paying taxes
    Bill wrote:From Wikipedia- "France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom have consented to co-operate with the U.S. on FATCA implementation."Not Nonsense.It is nonsense. It doesn't stop anyone from opening a bank account. It requires foreign banks to report account activity of accounts held by American citizens. Banks in countries where wealthy Americans currently hide their assets as having a shit fit over this. The fact that France, Germany, Italy Spain and the US are cooperating with the US doesn't mean that Americans can't open accounts in those countries. It means that those countries will co-operate with enforcing the law that the banks provide the required information in order to prevent US tax fraud.Many year...
  • 8/21/2012 7:19:53 PM
  • AVN Article About U.S. Syphilis Rumors
    Laurie Cameron Fan wrote:@ GamboOmar, Sandy , Rocco, European productions stopped in August 8 , the American Outbreak actually begun a week later August 16 ,the stop was on August 21 but may be extent for some time , in Budapest they blamed some Russian performers who went in there to shoot in July at first , they thought about faked stats , but then it was discovered that it started in the USA.In short the story is that a performer went to LA to work in late June at the same time that girl was fucking Mr Marcus (some say Aletta Ocean but she says she got it in Budapest in mid July) she then came back to Budapest and a month later there were 18 infected 14 girls 4 males , whoever the girl was she took the disease from him and carried it t...
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