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Boxcover for Euro College Buddies
Euro College Buddies 
(3.0 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Michael Nyilas, Leonard Bee, Gregor Bendek, Fulop Daniel, Peter Demeter, Frank Einstein, George Fekete, Leslie Lorant, Motti May, Paul Nick
Studio: Oh Man

Directed by: Oliver Magyar
Release date: 9/1/2001
Euro College Buddies reviews:
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Title: EURO COLLEGE BUDDIES Studio: OH MAN! Studios Director: Oliver Magyar Starring: Michael Nyilas, George Fekete, Peter Demeter, Leslie Lorant, Frank Einstein, Motti May, Gregor Bendix, Paul Nick, Leonard Bee, Fulop Daniel. With a downright silly framing device, EURO COLLEGE BUDDIES opens with an over-miked narrator telling us about a bunch of school boys who must complete a test before they can leave the school room to do something fun. He orates in English with a slight foreign lilt in his inflections. The narration is supported, as is the rest of the film, with a jazz-inflected score that more often than not, makes the film come alive with the sound of Muzak. Purporting to have a plot, EURO COLLEGE BUDDIES is actually a series of nearly un-related scenes concerning the sexual exploits of a group of University students. The framing device is laughable; these hot young men - each and every one uncut, must finish a written exam before being dismissed from class, where they can then get onto their sex-filled lives.
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Director: Oliver Magyar Cast: Michael Nyilas, George Fekete, Peter Demeter, Leslie Lorant, Frank Einstein, Motti May, Gregor Benedek, Paul Nick, Leonard Bee, Fulop Daniel Story: Seems like every studio is heading over to Europe these days. I sure cant blame themEurope is home to some of the most gorgeous men Ive even seen in porn. The story here reminds me a lot of Hungarian College Jocks. Hunky euro men go to class, take a test, then go get laid. Scene One The first one to finish his essay test goes home, where a very twinkie little friend is waiting. This guy is a true stunner.
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Boxcover for Hungarian College Jocks
Hungarian College Jocks 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Victor Izay, Krisztian Balek, Csaba Csengi, Tibor Eszes, Oliver Hasas, Lajus Huzatos, Tamas Izmos, Sandor Kerek, Peter Kukacka, Zoltan Mely, Zsolt Pinc, Robert Razo, Geza Szivacs, Tihamer Torkos
Studio: Pacific Sun

Directed by: Oliver Magyar
Release date: 11/10/2000
Hungarian College Jocks reviews:
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Looks like someone noticed that since Bel Ami hasnt entered the DVD market yet, there havent been many DVDs featuring young Eastern European stud puppies. Pacific Sun is here to rectify the situation with their new release Hungarian College Jocks. If youve seen any of the Bel Ami tapes, it sure looks like an easy formula to follow. Take a bunch of young Europeans and throw them together in plush settings to create great porn. Sounds easy, right? Not so fast Things start out with our narrator talking about his friend who likes to masturbate in public. The kid walks around a local park looking for a semi-private place to relieve some tension. Hes got a decent body slightly built and very smooth. Unfortunately, he just lies there and jacks off. Its rather dull. This probably wasnt the best way to start out a video. Next up, the narrator and his buddy decide to pick up a hitchhiker for a little fun. The hitchhiker gets blown all the way back to the dormitory, where things heat up in the parking lot.
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