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Boxcover for Wet Shorts
Wet Shorts 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: J.W. King, R.J. Reynolds, Derrick Stanton, Greg Dale, Shawn Victors, Rod Canyon, Eric Clements, Bob Marsh, Bill Stanford, Ron Zale
Studio: Catalina

Directed by: Lancer Brooks
Release date: 3/3/2008
Wet Shorts reviews:
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Six pre-condom scenes with many starring superstar J. W. King. These shorts were directed by Tom Di Simone (aka Lancer Brooks), a pioneer in gay porn who later moved into non-porn films. The unbounded wit of this nostalgic trip back in time makes them ideal for viewing with a group. They are fun as well as nostalgic and can still put a pistol in your pocket.
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Boxcover for Heavy Equipment
Heavy Equipment 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Jack Wrangler, Kurt Williams, Al Parker, Roger, Steve Tracy, Chris Adams, Jennifer Cashoty, Christopher Christy, Tim Christy, Adam Neumar, David Warfield
Studio: P.M. Productions

Directed by: Lancer Brooks
Release date: 9/6/2000
Heavy Equipment reviews:
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Ah, the 70s. The pre-Golden age of porn. Back when mustaches were mandatory and the films were grainier than my ass crack after a trip to the beach. Caballero digs WAY back into the vaults and re-releases Heavy Equipment on DVD. Was it worth the effort? Uh, hmm, err it depends. First things first, the picture quality is awful. I mean really, really bad. The video is very grainy, and the lighting is extremely dark in a few places. It isnt mentioned anywhere on the DVD, but I could swear that this was filmed in 3D. There are many places where you can see the standard red-blue double image required for 3D. This seems to happen most frequently when projectiles are coming straight at the screen. Penises, hands, dumbells, things like that. I dont have 3D glasses, though, so I cant confirm anything. If this wasnt done intentionally, then the picture quality is even worse that I thought. Our story (thats right, there is a story here!) starts out with our hero, the geeky Chester, working at an adult bookstore.
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