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John Stagliano-Buttmans turns 60 !
Gotta acknowledge the Counts birthday today , the guy simply changed porn at the turn of the 90's with the Buttman movies and Evil/Elegant Angel , truly one of the greatest ever.
J Stagliano, Evil Angel Charged 7 Obscenity Counts
XBiz storyAVN storyFrom Grand Jury Charges Two Companies and Owner John Stagliano With Obscenity Violations WASHINGTON, April 8, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A producer ofallegedly obscene movies and two companies owned by him have been chargedby a federal grand jury in Washington, D.C., with operating an obscenitydistri ...
In support of Evil Angel -- Title Recommendations
In an effort to help Evil Angel I'm starting this thread so we can recommend titles of theirs that especially good and others, who may not have seen them yet, might want to pick up.Mine are:The FashionistasFashionistas: SafadoFashionistas: BerlinThe Ass CollectorVault of WhoresTales From the CrackThe Adventures of ButtmanDance FireThe Dog WalkerMer ...
John Stagliano to Debate in LA Times
Happy birthday John Stagliano!
Happy birthday to you, i hope you are having a wonderful day with Tricia! I wish you all the best, and see you both at
John "Buttman" Stagliano
Tricia,After such a epic release, Fashionistas Safado Berlin what is next for Buttman?I have been a fan since Adventures of Buttman. I am curious what is next in 2008? Thanks.
Stagliano Features
Are there any plans to release John Stagliano's earlier features (mystic pieces, bare essence, rock n' roll heaven) on dvd?
Where would porn be today without John Stagliano?
What do you think porn would be like now if John Stagliano had not come onto the scene. Would there be as much gonzo as there is today? Would there be as much focus on butts as there is today? I think the process would have been slower, but gonzo and butt titles would eventually have broken through, as porn performers and directors who actually lik ...