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Boxcover for Beyond Perfect
Beyond Perfect 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Chad Thomas, Marcus Iron, Danny Lopez, Brad Benton, Brad Patton, Marc Sterling, Jason Kingsley, Pete Ross, Jason Crew, Timmy Thomas, Andy Briggs, Justin Gemini, Adam North, Joe Cage
Studio: Buck Shot

Directed by: Jerry Douglas
Release date: 1/7/2006
Beyond Perfect reviews:
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Synopsis This is a DVD with a decent plot that doesnt get in the way of some hot sex. Larry (Brad Patton) and Ron (Jason Kingsley) have found their perfect 3-year relationship is getting stale, so they visit a couples counselor, well played by veteran director and former professional actor Joe Gage, in a non-sexual role. First they relate how they met in a sex club, then their separate adventures. Then they meet their new neighbors, who introduce them to the joys of versatility. In the final scene, Larry and Ron realize they can save their relationship by giving up their cherries to each other. Scene 1 Larry returns home to find Ron fucking someone else in their bedroom. So its off to see counselor Gage, who asks them how they met. They proceed to give different versions of how it was love at first sight for both of them, when their eyes met across a crowded sex club.
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Boxcover for Buckleroos 1
Buckleroos 1 
(3.0 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Dean Phoenix, Jake Andrews, Marcus Iron, Zak Spears, Brad Benton, Owen Hawk, Arpad Miklos, Todd Maxwell, Josh Hardman, Chris Wide, Mike Dasher, Ricky Martinez, Edu Boxer, Sam Shadon, Diego De LaHoya
Studio: Buck Shot

Directed by: Jerry Douglas, John Rutherford
Release date: 11/4/2004
Buckleroos 1 reviews:
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So this is the raved-about vid of the moment, but it's really boring. How do you make Marcus Iron boring? I would have thought it couldn't be done, but this one does. The sex is uninspired and it's buried under mountains of plot that the models are woefully unable to deliver. The whole thing is a disaster! Usually hot Owen Hawk comes off queeny. Marcus looks stoned. Dean Phoenix looks bedraggled. Maybe having Arpad Miklos perform by jerking off to himself in a mirror spares having to hear him butcher the dialogue, but it's way dumb. Rental only on this one, guys.
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A couple of years ago the folks at Colt decided to get back into the movie business once again and have released a few titles so far. Now it's Buckshot Productions' turn, and they're back and better than ever! The Plot The plot of this movie is that Kick (played by Dean Phoenix) and Jed (Marcus Iron) own the Beefland Ranch. A long time ago they had sex with each other and it was the best fuck either of them ever had. But realizing that sex is never as good the second time, the pair decided to go into business together and just be roommates. But there's something special about the Beefland Ranch - Zakk Spears (in a non-sexual role) magically appears and disappears as a sort of cupid in a cowboy hat, making sure everyone is able to hook up and have hot sex. There's actually quite a bit of plot in this movie, and we don't see anyone having sex until we're almost 10 minutes into it. But I have to say, that the plot isn't a distraction. On the contrary, it's actually quite entertaining. And the acting here is darn good - especially Dean Phoenix.
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Boxcover for Top Secret (Men of Odyssey)
Top Secret (Men of Odyssey) 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Steve O'Donnell, Sam Crockett, Zach Richards, Clay Stone, Nick Young, Corey Summers, Jack Ryan, Daniel Cross, Greg Vaughan
Studio: Men of Odyssey

Directed by: Jerry Douglas
Release date: 12/4/2002
Top Secret (Men of Odyssey) reviews:
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Jerry Douglas has been directing porn for over thirty yearscorrection: Jerry Douglas has been directing films for over thirty years. You would think he would be burned out by now, or at the very least, jaded; but his films are still as fresh and exciting as ever. In commenting on Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese said, Everyone one of his films was an event. The same can be said in the porn world about Douglas. TOP SECRET is indeed another event. The filmon the surfaceis a spoof of the Bond films, but it is also a coming-out story and primarily a love story. Corey Summers in a real tour de force performance plays both master spy McGuffin and Goodwin, a military man look-alike who is forced into impersonating the arch-villain. There are a few slight problems to this impersonation however. McGuffin has a distinctive tattoo, is cut, and is gay. Goodwin has no tattoo, is uncut, and is straight. The tattoo is no problem; circumcision is possible (ouch!); but when it comes to the gay aspect, Houston we have a problem.
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