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David Stanley anyone?
I just watched another David Stanley movie - "Before I Wake". It was so good. Such a great story concept. And the ending made me cry. I could feel myself melting. My chest got tight and my nose tingled and the fat hot tears fell. Why doesn't this guy make mainstream features? Damn it! His movies are clever and observant and funny a ...
David Stanley RISES from the dead
Hi! Never posted on here before. Hopefully people will be kind to me. I certainly will try my best to be kind in return.So, brief update. I left the law firm of Orenstein, Armstrong and Daniels a few months back and have been in a strange nesting period ever since. Some of the people over there feel that I "got what I deserved" by being r ...
David Stanley recommendations
I watched Polarity recently and was really impressed by the intelligence and obvious sincerity behind it. I can’t actually remember the last time I was so enthralled by a contemporary feature (admittedly I don’t watch many) and will have to seek out more of Stanley’s work. Really, a director that manages to address dysfunctional r ...
Director David Stanley Leaves Wicked
From Xbiz.comCANOGA PARK, Calif. Veteran director David Stanley, who has been under contract to Wicked Pictures since spring 2005, has left the company "by mutual agreement," according to Stanley."There are things I've wanted to do more than I can do during a recession," Stanley told XBIZ. "There's been this outpouring of c ...