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Chayse Evans


Date Joined: January 2009
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  • 8/12/2009 10:07 PM
  • Jay Sin Appreciation Society
    OOOHh Hay Jay... its our new content, hot shit, for sure.... watch it drip.. and Kristina, Lookin super cute in her girl next door with the lemons, get it girl...
  • 7/31/2009 3:41 AM
  • Chayse Evans
    Well sometimes I think people worry about the wrong people, like they should worry about themselves 1st, my family is very petite and 120 is the wieght at wich i am healthy, in my opinion there are too many overweight girls in this business that should go to the gym, ur body is ur business, i had let myself go and now i feel wonderful, look at my shoulders all u want, i have great clavicals, always have, i eat all natural food with no preservatives and no red meat, and in case u didnt hear, a certain someone put me in the hospital for a bit, therefore i lost more weight, but since u r worried i am here to ease your mind, I am healthy, i feel great, and i take excellent care of my body, thank you!
  • 7/15/2009 11:50 PM
  • Girls who should do DP
    Yeah, i am so ready for more dp action, deffiantely, however they most likey wont be my most vocal scenes, as in u probably wont be able to make out what im saying, i cant even understand myself during those scenes, so now i just hold on and scream from the pleasure....mmmmmmm fill me up!
  • 7/15/2009 11:44 PM
  • g/g mouth to mouth spitting
    I know some people arent in to it, but mouth to mouth spitting is so nasty its a automatic turn on for me during a scene especially if they let me do it over, love it, love it, love it
  • 6/15/2009 12:35 AM
  • Girls who should do DP
    I have done a DP with Mick Blue, Marco Banderas, Steve Holmes and Erik Everhard, Kristina and I love working together, it always seems like the 3rd times the charm usually, the curse, I would DP her with another chick, shes a good little nasty sloppy pet
  • 6/14/2009 5:41 PM
  • Girls who should do DP
    I have done a couple dps now and I love them, that was a short unexpected, but i loved it and had to do it again, and again, and again.... I love group sex it would be cool to have like, Danny Mountain, Keiren Lee, Keni Styles... the british invasion, my new fantasy.... mmmmmmmmmmm every hole!!!! yeah buddy!!!
  • 4/10/2009 3:31 AM
  • Female Military Personnel in Porn?
    And yes, big big trouble!!! LOL trust me I know, I suffered the consequences of a drunken night out with my Marines after a short public display on nudity, on a stripper stage in San Fran when I was stationed in Monetery, However, never have been never said I was, and never will be, a good girl....
  • 4/10/2009 3:27 AM
  • Female Military Personnel in Porn?
    Wait a minute, I have sisters in porn, did i read right????? Hit me with this again..... Former female Marines who r currently doing scenes...what r their names, and for fucks sake why havent we met, fucked, grappled, and or taken advantage of some poor unsuspecting soul???
  • 4/10/2009 3:21 AM
  • Jay Sin Appreciation Society
    I watched mine and Kristinas scene, like, rewind, play, rewind, play....... arent we dirty little sluts, ty so much for my copy Tricia..... and as always, Evil Angel rocks!
  • 4/10/2009 3:17 AM
  • g/g mouth to mouth spitting
    Thank you for the compliment Smut Robot, that makes me feel all warm and gushy on the inside, muah!
  • 3/31/2009 12:25 PM
  • g/g mouth to mouth spitting
    Talk about a lot of spit, pretty sloppy was my first anal scene, John and Karen were kind enough to give me a copy when I hosted their latest party, I threw it in as soon as I got home, I have to say, doesn't Bobby Star simply just rock! Her scene caught my attention of course because I like it when a female can be dominant, she worked that girl over for sure, loved it. As for my scene, I couldn't have been happier with the way it turned out, I think by we all know I'm a nasty bi@#$! As soon as mick cums in with the cock we ordered its an all out high energy ass fucking, drooling atm, wirlwind of absolute dirty sloppy sex, sex, sex..... lol I was cumming so hard during that scene all I could say was oh my god! Jesus christ! Ha ha I was pray...
  • 3/11/2009 12:13 AM
  • Chayse Evans
    Hello all! Suprise.. do you see why I am Chayse now... Illusiveness is another Marine Corps skill I know... one of the many, Keni.. My friend glad to see you here, now I want to see u here, right here, now....seriously hurry up ;) And whats up with them takin my tattoos away from me, I am just not myself without them, too dull, how about we keep the spice level up. Um hell yes Jenna Haze, Do I need to show you where my mouth is, or you wanna find it yourself??? Oh my and the gang bangs... yes please, How about I love them, how about I need to do more, to feed my sexual appetite. Oh yes It doesnt even really need to be said.... I am a FORMER United States Marine.. KILL
  • 1/19/2009 7:05 PM
  • Chayse Evans
    Oh, and I like all dick, it doesnt matter what color it is..... as long as its hard for me
  • 1/19/2009 7:02 PM
  • Chayse Evans
    Ok everyone, I finally took the hint and registered on this site, look forward to chattin with ya! Muah!Ms. Evans
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