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This chat with Thomas Zupko was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on May 28, 2003. Many thanks to Thomas Zupko and the gang at Elegant Angel for joining us!

This chat was unmoderated. Many stars and directors came to show their support for Zupko and join in the fun.

Chat Highlights

When asked how his work will be different at Elegant Angel and how it's been working with them:
Zupko - So far Elegant has been great to me and has been letting me do my usual shit, So, I'm not really toned down, I'm just in a different place... The thing is that porn always evolves. And that is what I'm trying to do at Elegant. Elegant is expanding by leaps and bounds in the quality and diversity of their product, which I think is cool.

Many questions about what's next:
Zupko - My next project will be The Opera, a real opera but, of course, in the Zupko style! With a lot of greedy whores getting pounded in the ass.

<bono-ONE> Any girls you'd like to shoot but haven't yet?
Zupko - The two girls I'd really like to shoot, bono-One, are Tera Patrick and Jenna Jameson, Slut pomposity is one of my pet peeves

Some general thoughts on porn:
Zupko - Who fucking knows? But the most creative thing you can do is to always find a more interesting way to have a girl get fucked in the ass and suck her own shit off the dick like it is her pipeline to salvation. That is it and nothing more. Couples bullshit, and condomes is the equivalent of being in a heavyweight fight with 22 ounce gloves. Fuck that shit!

Zupko - To me porn is natural primodial aggression and anyone who doesn't thinks otherwise should fucking rent Bambi

Michael Raven joins in and says hi...
Zupko - Michael Raven, in many ways if it wasn't for you there would be no Zupko!!
<Michael_Raven> :-) (trying to determine whether that is a compliment or not)
<Michael_Raven> nonetheless I remain one of your biggest fans...

Recommendations for Zupko movies:
Zupko - The three movies I would most recommend are Days of Whore, Shades of Hades, Ass Clowns 3, and of course Flesh Circus

On Flesh Circus:
Zupko - I have to say that Flesh Circus in many ways is a departure. The sex smokes and the Valentino Oilivia del Rio scene is unlike anything I've ever shot or have even seen before. I tip my hat to the two of them.

Because I couldn't resist highlighting this:
Zupko - Honestly the most monumental achievement I've acheived so far is doing this chat, which is funny because the way it's going the only thing I need to do is kick back and read all this!

The big Elegant Angel announcement:
Zupko - We are about to announce the signing, of one of the most highly awarded and renouned directors in the business, which I think will blow everyonne away.
We tossed out tons of guesses. Michael Raven was the only one who guessed correctly... Ren Savant

<Pornmaster_Mike> question - michael raven - are you married to julia ann?
<Michael_Raven> I will be as of June 21

Zupko - Micheal, if you love me, can I fuck your wife in the ass?

<dolorosaX> Tom, are you more like Khan or Michael Raven as a filmmaker?
Zupko - Khan Tusion
<khan_tusion> wow what a compliment
Zupko - I am more like Fellini meets Max Hardcore meets Axel Braun, with a dash of the Slain Wayne chaotic editing style, (oh and Micheal Raven too)

The Whole Chat
unedited, unadulterated, and unorganized...

<Chris> hi Zupko
<brad> hi Zupko
<brad> hi slain wayne
<Chris> well Hi Slain Wayne
<Chris> Hi Tricia
Zupko -  HELL- O everyone
<brad> hi TriciaDevereaux
<TriciaDevereaux> hi guys
<su2sexi> hi tricia
<Chris> how are you tonight Tricia?
Zupko -  Hello Tricia D. from Slain Wayne (Zupkio is downing a Bid Light and will be on at seven)
Zupko -  Bud Lite...oops
<constance_le> peep
<TriciaDevereaux> hey SW!
<Chris> hi Constance
<constance_le> hi
<TriciaDevereaux> fine thanks Chris
Zupko -  Before Zupko goes on any requests?
<Chris> yw Tricia
<Chris> how are you tonight Constance?
<Steph> hey Zupko! you're early :)
<constance_le> i'm alright. thanks for asking
<constance_le> the fur is flying in porn valley
<Steph> hi everyone
Zupko -  ZUPKO IS NOT ON YET...This is Slain Wayne preparing him, his computer is not working properly so he will be using mine
<Chris> fur is flying?
<DrewBlackADT> fur is flying?
<Chris> please enlighten
<constance_le> it's just been a crazy week for everyone it seems
<Chris> LOL Drew
<Steph> ok, hey slain - nice job on the behind the scenes of flesh circus (just watched it)
Zupko -  Thanks? SW
<constance_le> but it's always crazy for me.
<constance_le> crazy with the heat
<Chris> why is that Constance?
<constance_le> because i wear too many hats
<Chris> LOL
<Steph> ? didn't you do the behind the scenes? did i misread the credits?
Zupko -  I have a site at www.subvisionf films...would you all like to see pictures posted while Zupko talks? we also have a female new starlet with us. Her name is ECHO
<Chris> so are you ready to direct yet Constance?
<constance_le> ?
<Chris> Hi Echo
<Chris> I thought someone was asking you to direct,
<Steph> chris, mainly people are asking constance to perform :)
<constance_le> i do direct
<Chris> are things going well at work Constance
<constance_le> sure they are
<mrdvd> hi
<Chris> well sorry about that Constance, I'm not always in tune
<constance_le> it's ok
<constance_le> neither am i
<mrdvd> anybody remember me or miss me?
<TriciaDevereaux> look at drew flashing his power around
<Steph> where's the flying fur?
<Chris> LOL Tricia
<Steph> TriciaDevereaux it's in his pants at the moment
<TriciaDevereaux> hopefully you'll remedy that later tonight! ;)
<Flance> hey, wheres zupko?
<Chris> so whats your latest film Constance?
<Chris> hi Porky
<su2sexi> hi Porky!!
<Porky> Greetings, fellow Yankees fans
<Porky> Mariano just gave up four runs in the ninth, dammit!!!
<Porky> Hey su
<test_dude> 123
<TriciaDevereaux> we hear you lound and clear
<test_dude> tank you
<TriciaDevereaux> hey abc
<aybesea> hiya tricia
<TriciaDevereaux> thanks porky.
<Chris> awww, Porky, I'm not all that bad
<TriciaDevereaux> as interesting as I'm sure this is going to be, I need to head out of the office for home
<TriciaDevereaux> maybe I'll catch the end of it at home if traffic isn't too bad
Zupko -  Oops
<constance_le> chris, if you don't mind, i'm going to stop talking about my business for the rest of the night, but i'd be glad to direct you to some info if you like
<aybesea> hiya bono!
<TriciaDevereaux> then again, this will end up being transcribed, and it's a beautiful night out at the beach
<constance_le> i'm going to head out and get some work done
<bono-ONE> hey abc, seen any good anal films lately :)
Zupko -  Testing one two
<aybesea> yeah... and i've seen uya20 too!
<bono-ONE> hey constance, tricia!!
<aybesea> ;)
<constance_le> hi
<Wolf> Thomas Zupko
<bono-ONE> Thank Bryan again for the great job on Truly Nice Ass 3, hope to do a review soon for it.
<Chris> thats cool, constance
Zupko -  Okay are we ready?
<bono-ONE> Great to see Malorie get her bum stuffed!!
<constance_le> cool thanks bono
<aybesea> let's do it
<Steph> I'm ready!
<bono-ONE> np!!
<constance_le> yes it was
<Chris> hey Wolf, how are you tonight?
<Steph> Welcome, Zupko - great to have you here
<constance_le> bbl
<bono-ONE> hello Mr. Zupko
<TriciaDevereaux> well, I hope you all have a really fun chat! I look forward to reading it.
<bono-ONE> ok !
<Chris> bye Constance
<aybesea> hiya Zupko
<Chris> bye Tricia
<TriciaDevereaux> bye Tom! (and Slain Wayne)
<DrewBlackADT> we can get started but I'm sure there will be plenty of stragglers
<Wolf> bye Tricia!!!!
Zupko -  HELLO ALL!
<Porky> Hey Bono,
<Chris> hello Zupko
<greengrocer> Hi Zupko!!
<bono-ONE> Hello, long time fan first time chatter, roflmao!!!
<Porky> Hey abc
<aybesea> hiya porkmeister
<Flance> Mr. Zupko, will you be directing any gay films in the future?
<bono-ONE> it's porky, yanks are winning ic
<Chris> welcome Spunk
<Porky> Bono, it's tied in the ninth. Mariano gave up four runs
<bono-ONE> oops wtg mariano!!!
<bono-ONE> did I type that out loud,lol
Zupko -  This is Zupko for real! My computer was really fucked up, so as I always seem to do, I asked Slain Wayne for assistance!!!
<Chris> are you going to be filming Vignettes for Elegant Zupko?
<Flance> Personally I am not gay, but I do enjoy watching gay porn films
<su2sexi> hey zb
<brad> heh
<zero_-boy> hi s
<aybesea> hey su2, just saw ya there
<zero_-boy> 20ppl and no chatting lol
<su2sexi> hi there ayb :)
<Chris> Please do tell what you will be filming Zupko
<brad> i liked veronica caine's scene in "the attic"
<bono-ONE> So how was making this film for Elegant Angel? Hard, easy?
<Chris> I liked your Interview Wolf
<Porky> Yanks win in the bottom of the ninth on a walk!
<Wolf> which one, Chris?
<zero_-boy> omg
<Chris> Mason
<DrewBlackADT> Tom - I saw a pic of you and a couple of girls pointing guns at your head. Who were the girls and who's guns were they playing with?
<Wolf> ah yes....Mason
Zupko -  So far Elegant has been great to me and has been letting me do my usual shit, So, I'm not really toned down, I'm just in a different place
<bono-ONE> So what's next?
<Chris> Thats good Zupko
<bono-ONE> Any girls you'd like to shoot but haven't yet?
<Wolf> Tom.....are we going to see Ass Clowns 4?
<Flance> Mr. Zupko, do you find David Aaron Clark sexually attractive, I do, even though I am not gay
<Chris> are you on webtv Bono?
<bono-ONE> yep
Zupko -  My next project will be The Opera, a real opera but, of course, in the Zupko style! With a lot of greedy whores getting pounded in the ass
<Chris> how do you get in here Bono?
<bono-ONE> Opera Woman ala Adam Sandler,lol
<xfred> will they be singing while taking it in the ass?
<Flance> Mr. Zupko, although I am still not gay, I would like to take you out for a drink, are you free later?
<DrewBlackADT> Bud Light or Miller Lite?
Zupko -  The girls in the pictures are Pappilon and Jade. yes they're real guns--and actually were fucking loaded at the time!!!
<zero_-boy> hey lindi
<Chris> I tried to get on with my webtv but ran into probs
<Wolf> LINDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Chris> hi Lindi
<lindi> hi everybody
<bono-ONE> well go to the chat page on the ADT site, look for the room # it lists for MIRC chat and the room name
<Chris> how old are you Zupko?
<brad> hi lindi :)
<bono-ONE> brb
<Chris> I got that far but I don't have an IRC
<Dirty_Bob> yo all
<Chris> hi bob
<JRWolfe> yo DB
<Dirty_Bob> Zupko you perv you!
<Chris> how are you tonight Lindi?
<Dirty_Bob> JR
<lindi> fine chris
Zupko -  The two girls I'd really like to shoot, bono-One, are Tera Patrick and Jenna Jameson, Slut pomposity is one of my pet peeves
<lindi> hi whee
<whee> hi :)
Zupko -  Hey Dirty Bob
<aybesea> hiya linderoo
<aybesea> hiya db
<Dirty_Bob> oops
Zupko -  I'm not gay
<brad> heh
<JRWolfe> Zupko there a girl you regret shooting??
<greengrocer> zupko, any other porn pet peeves?
Zupko -  But MM from APS aka FLANCE definitly is...
<Wolf> lol
Zupko -  Green grocer
<brad> who is MM from APS?
<brad> american postal service?
Zupko -  My other pet peev is bad fucking porn! Which seems to be the majority of this fucking business.
<zero_-boy> yeah!!!
<greengrocer> true true
<Dirty_Bob> I thought your pet peeve was bald headed reviewers...heh heh
Zupko -  Wolf...Nice to hear from you.
<Wolf> good to be heard
<Wolf> how you doing tonight, Tom?
<astroknight> evening all
<zero_-boy> hey astro
<astroknight> thanks for joining us tonight Zupko
<JRWolfe> i thought zupkos pet peeve was girls who don't do anal
Zupko -  About Ass clowns #4...I will probably be doing something like it, but it won't be the ASS CLOWN series.
<spanks> whats the haps....anyone interesting in here :)?
<xfred> what's so special about ass to mouth?
<Wolf> Zupko....such a pity....
Zupko -  hanks Astro night
<Wolf> I thoroughly enjoyed the Ass Clowns Trilogy, Tom....thanks again
<JRWolfe> on the porn opera...will there be singing...or is just going to be set in an opera house
<astroknight> Zupko - are there going to be any major differences from your movies at extreme with your movies at elegant angel?
<zero_-boy> ass clown was great
<spanks> ahhh elegant angel....used to love that stuff
<Wolf> I wonder if the Sullivan gang will come here tonight......hmmmm
<Dirty_Bob> hey Zup - tell 'em at Elegant that the DJ Yella vid really sucked! There was more down time than sex.
Zupko -  The thing is that porn always evolves. And that is what I'm trying to do at Elegant. Elegant is expanding by leaps and bounds in the quality and diversity of their product, which I think is cool.
<zero_-boy> hey saki
<JRWolfe> how can fucking...evolve?
<aybesea> hiya Saki
<spanks> tech evolves
<aybesea> wb bono
<Saki> hi
<astroknight> is there any particular way or direction you see your movies evolving?
<astroknight> evening Saki
<zero_-boy> w/b bono
<greengrocer> filming fucking can evolve
<spanks> exactly
<BlackSnake> Hi Tom
<astroknight> JRWolfe - i don't think one can just lump Zupko's movies in with "fucking" :)
<spanks> elegant used to be all about going to some poor European country and hiring a bunch of first timers LOL
<astroknight> WHOA!!!!!!!!! :)
<spanks> so they have to have evolved somewhat
<JRWolfe> zupko is and has been an original..ever since the arrow days
<whoa> heh
<JRWolfe> moi sometime
<Dirty_Bob> will do
Zupko -  Who fucking knows? But the most creative thing you can do is to always find a more interesting way to have a girl get fucked in the ass and suck her own shit off the dick like it is her pipeline to salvation. That is it and nothing more. Couples bullshit, and condomes is the equivalent of being in a heavyweight fight with 22 ounce gloves. Fuck that shit!
<bono-ONE> thanks abc
<spanks> Now you are talking Zupko :)
<spanks> I am in Michigan LOL
<Dirty_Bob> he is on a roll - watch out, folks...
<DrewBlackADT> I'm curious about which of society's taboos Zupko plans to mingle with anal sex in the future?
<zero_-boy> lol
<astroknight> Zupko - no need to sugarcoat it for us. ;D
Zupko -  To me porn is natural primodial aggression and anyone who doesn't thinks otherwise should fucking rent Bambi
<brad> i've seen ass to mouth, but i've never seen anyone suck any shit off a dick
<spanks> Ann Arbor
<aybesea> hiya jeff!
<Jeff_from_RAME> Heya bee-zhuh! :-)
<astroknight> evening Jeff_from_RAME
<Dirty_Bob> I still remember the phone call years ago when Zupco called me looking for girls to wear Catholic girl uniforms and nun garbs...heh heh
<Jeff_from_RAME> Evenin' astroknight
Zupko -  I am now a born again Christian
<lindi> where's the best place for me to rent Bambi?
<Dirty_Bob> uh huh
<Porky> LOL
<aybesea> db - now that sounds like a plan
<spanks> What do you want to know from the viewing public Zupko? Born again directing porn what a life LOL
<Jeff_from_RAME> Hey there Dirty_Bob!
<astroknight> lindi - i don't think bambi's on dvd yet :)
<su2sexi> lindi, I have a copy, I'll send it to ya
<Dirty_Bob> Dirty Jeff!
<aybesea> hiya MR
<Jeff_from_RAME> Long time no see!
<astroknight> evening Michael_Raven!
<Michael_Raven> eveing to all...
Zupko -  Just kidding about the born again stuff, spanks!!!
<spanks> I know
<Michael_Raven> Hey Tom...
<bono-ONE> brb
<lindi> hi Michael_Raven
<spanks> I was responding to joke with joke
<greengrocer> damn i was hoping for christian porn
<aybesea> oh... so now you're DEAD again?
<aybesea> hiya kimi
<spanks> there is christian porn LOL
<zero_-boy> kimi!
<aybesea> wb bono
<brad> hi Kimi :)
<su2sexi> hi kimi
<Kimi_Lixx> hiya
<lindi> hi kimi
<Jeff_from_RAME> hey there Kimi_Lixx
<Dirty_Bob> Kimi!
<Porky> Hiya Kimi
<xfred> zupko, more on the opera please - will there be actual singing?
<astroknight> spanks - we try not to talk about altar boys here ;)
<bono-ONE> It's my special flowew, heya KImi!!!
Zupko -  Michael Raven, in many ways if it wasn't for you there would be no Zupko!!
<bono-ONE> flower,lol
<spanks> that certainly makes sense
<greengrocer> raven begat zupko
<lindi> thanks
<Michael_Raven> :-) (trying to determine whether that is a compliment or not)
<Dirty_Bob> Hey Zup - you ever hear from Doug Morningstar any more?
<astroknight> okay, now i REALLY gotta see some Zupko!!!!!!!!!!
<Michael_Raven> nonetheless I remain one of your biggest fans...
Zupko -  In The Opera, I am using a real opera singer, We're laying the tracks as we speak..
<xfred> will the opera singer get fucked?
<astroknight> Zupko - which two or three of your movies would you recommend to people wanting to check you out for the first time?
<Dirty_Bob> You are laying the opera singer...? heh heh
<Porky> The opera ain't over till the fat lady's reamed
<spanks> now if you could only get her to sing out of the asshole
<zero_-boy> haaa
<bono-ONE> Didn't you use Lea De Mae in one of your films?
<Michael_Raven> Hey want her to sing out of her me...We can create the effect...:-)
<bono-ONE> Opera Woman!!!
<greengrocer> singing assholes would be original
<zero_-boy> real that may just work
Zupko -  The three movies I would most recommend are Days of Whore, Shades of Hades, Ass Clowns 3, and of course Flesh Circus
<astroknight> well, it ain't over til the fat lady sings out her asshole :D
<greengrocer> zupko, you did find jesus and he came to chat!
<lindi> Jesus! we've been waiting for your return
<zero_-boy> haaaaaa
<astroknight> lake of fire and brimstone, here i come!!!!!! :)
Zupko -  Michael, as long as you don;t refer me to Michale Ninn!
<Michael_Raven> Come to me for that effect....
<aybesea> cool, new math... 1... 2... 3... errrrr... 3 again ;)
<su2sexi> brb
<zero_-boy> bruce almighty
<Michael_Raven> Ninn never called you back?
<spanks> well he does have a video toaster....and he knows how to use it lol
<aybesea> hehehe
<bono-ONE> Rog!!
<astroknight> wb RogTPipe
<aybesea> hiya rog
<RogTPipe> Hola
<Dirty_Bob> Dirty Rog! Grasshopper!
<zero_-boy> hey rog
<spanks> ass almighty....the story of a woman given gods power to sing out of an asshole
Zupko -  Michael, no I guess to him I am Salierii to his Mozart!
<spanks> Salierii was much more interesting
<MANSON> Whats up Zupko?
Zupko -  Thanks, man!
<MANSON> Flesh Circus rocks, I just got my DVD copy
Zupko -  Hey, Manson! I think I kno you!
<Michael_Raven> anytime
<xfred> anyone else see flesh circus?
<MANSON> Yeah its me Stuart, Zupko whats shakin?
<aybesea> wb su2
<zero_-boy> w/b su
<RogTPipe> I saw it
<su2sexi> thanks :)
<bono-ONE> wb su2sexi
<su2sexi> need an ice pack
<spanks> to sit on?
<RogTPipe> Helo bob
<zero_-boy> wha happened now
<aybesea> getting too frisky again? ;)
<MANSON> Jake Malone shaves his balls!
<su2sexi> nope, for my son
<aybesea> ahhh...
<zero_-boy> wooooah
<xfred> on film?
Zupko -  I have to say that Flesh Circus in many ways is a departure. The sex smokes and the Valentino Oilivia del Rio scene is unlike anything I've ever shot or have even seen before. I tip my hat to the two of them
<MANSON> Zupko that scene is going to win best sex scene, I'm telling ya!
<xfred> olivia is hot
<bono-ONE> Olivia Del Rio is smokin I will say that!!
Zupko -  I liked it
<astroknight> do you have a favorite scene that you've shot?
<MANSON> That Brazillian fire!
<Wolf> too many wolves.....
<brad> hi TheRogSays
Zupko -  I should say here becasue, to be completely honest, I am a little overwhelmed by this, that I thank all of you for joining in. I'll try and stay on for a couple hours and the more Bud Lights I consume, the more fun it will become for all of us
<bono-ONE> lol
<Steph> i'll drink to that!
<Aaron> LOL
<MANSON> Zupko you need some SAKI my friend :>)
Zupko -  Then I'll really start talking the shit'
<astroknight> hahahahahaha!
<brad> right on
<astroknight> okay on 3
<astroknight> 1
<astroknight> 2
<aybesea> hehe
<astroknight> 3
<astroknight> POUND A BREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<xfred> who flaked on the flesh circus set? (or should i ask after another beer)
<Dirty_Bob> I wish I could remember when I had MY first beer (heh heh)
<astroknight> welcome AxelBraun
<lindi> hi Axel
<astroknight> evening DivxGuy
<AxelBraun> thanx
Zupko -  Astro, my favorite scene I have to say is the Valentino in Flesh Circus and Kristi Myst in Days of Whore
<bono-ONE> hey Axel
<bono-ONE> Hey divxguy
<Porky> Hey Divx
<lindi> hi Divx
<DivxGuy> hi all
<AxelBraun> where's ZUP???
<lindi> good to see you Divx
<AxelBraun> oh, there you are
<DivxGuy> Kimi...Kimi_Lixx!
<DivxGuy> hi lindi
<brad> hi SueRilla :)
<DivxGuy> Porky
<su2sexi> hey SueRilla
<DivxGuy> mrdvd
<Jake_Malone> Hey Thomas, William H. pointed out the Spahn ranch, ( where the Manson gang used to hang out) to me today on our way to lunch. It's just a couple of miles from E.A. offices. Would it be too sick to shoot a scene for your next video there?
Zupko -  Axel, I'm here! This is great--But fucking crazy!
<SueRilla> holy shit Axel is here too
<spanks> now that is a good title....not Edward Penishands but right to the point....days of whore
<aybesea> hiya AxelBraun
<Porky> Punkin Puss is in the room!
<lindi> SueRilla -- didn't see you come in -- nice to see you punkin puss
<SueRilla> Rog is here too!
<aybesea> hiya SueRilla
<AxelBraun>'s kinda crazy in here
<remotewolf> Hadn't seen you post on your Yahoo group in a while, Kimi. Hope you're doing well.
<AxelBraun> I'm not used to chat rooms
<mask> hello
<Stuart-ElegantAngel> Whats up!
<Michael_Raven> hello Sue
Zupko -  And, as anyone who knows my stuff can attest, I don't bullshit and Axel is one of the coolest motherfuckers I have ever met in my entire life.
<SueRilla> Stuart: higher quality boxcovers please
<Steph> chat is chaos - all part of the fun
<Stuart-ElegantAngel> Man, everyones in here huh
<aybesea> hey stuart, just saw you there... how goes?
<bono-ONE> lol
<Kimi_Lixx> sorry, remotewolf - i'll try to get in a diary entry this week
<Stuart-ElegantAngel> How is everyone..whats up stranger, Michael Raven?
<AxelBraun> gee, Zup, you make me blush
<spanks> Tom way
<SueRilla> Stuart and Axel: please...oh fuck, Tom has walked in
<brad> Tom Byron!
<bono-ONE> Lord byron!!!
<aybesea> byron! welcome dude
<Michael_Raven> hey Stuart
<Dirty_Bob> Dirty Tom!
<SueRilla> oh god this is fuckin historic
<astroknight> holy schnikies!
<su2sexi> Sue is in heaven now
<Stuart-ElegantAngel> Hey bud :>)
<Tom_Byron> whatup!
<lindi> Hi Tom
Zupko -  What Elegant has in store for the upcoming months I think will blow everyone's fucking mind. Trust me, we are doing things that have blown me fucking away
<Porky> Hey Tom!
<bono-ONE> I am!! gettin there,lol
<astroknight> evening tom. thanks for stopping in!
<DivxGuy> Tom_Byron?
<spanks> no kidding........was it like 15 years ago I saw a flick with Tom Byron in it for the first time wow
<AxelBraun> Zup, are you saying that I blow you?
<SueRilla> Stuart and Axel: please look to New Sensations and Evil Angel for the kind of high-gloss boxes that will help your product move
<bono-ONE> Yeah I remember the day I first saw Tom with Ginger Lynn, Oh those were the days!!!!
<spanks> no kidding
<Tom_Byron> ZUPKO RULES! Missed ya bud!
<astroknight> axel - that's what the pictures mike lyons and speelie showed as seemed to say ;)
<spanks> the old days
<Stuart-ElegantAngel> Thanks Sue yet you must say that the bos for Flesh Circus is killer!
<bono-ONE> Hey Steph, hope you got both my emails this evening,lol
<Michael_Raven> Hey Tom
<bono-ONE> thanks,lol
<Michael_Raven> how are ya?
Zupko -  Tommy, rthanks so much! That means a lot to me
<bono-ONE> brb
<AxelBraun> you'll see the new box covers, but remember, the stuff we did 2 months ago will come out 2 months from now
<DivxGuy> Tom_Byron! You put in a great performance in "Dickman and Throbbin"
<Tom_Byron> Yo Mike,real good!
<Tom_Byron> Holy popshot,Dickman!
<Michael_Raven> good luck on your new venture
<Tom_Byron> thanks
Zupko -  Man, this is some crazy shit.
<astroknight> Zupko - who have been your biggest influences behind the camera?
<greengrocer> zup, you're telling me!
<spanks> well lets be honest all Tom Byron performances are famous for one thing......crazy cumshots LOL
<AxelBraun> where's Meg Ryan???
<SueRilla> gotcha Axel and Stuart
<spanks> people make compillations - they are all over the net LOL
<SueRilla> I love Tom's two-pronged pops!
<Tom_Byron> I wanna see Flesh Circus
<xfred> i wanna be in a flesh circus
<Tom_Byron> old sucks...
<Stuart-ElegantAngel> Life is a flesh circus...
Zupko -  Astro, my biggest influences have been Dostoyevsky, Niciolas Roeg, and Abel Ferrar in mainstream anyway
<lindi> hi mad max
<aybesea> tom - i saw your post about sodomizing traci lords... is there anyone you haven't fucked? ;-)
<astroknight> evening vinh
<SueRilla> Abel Ferrar? really, Zup?
<vinh> evening
<spanks> I missed the Dostoyevsky anal stuff
<aybesea> hiya vinh
<Stuart-ElegantAngel> Zupko I"m telling you bro, Alejandro Jodorowsky films will change your life!
<vinh> slime and punshiment?
Zupko -  Me too!
<remotewolf> No problemo, Kimi. Just gald you're doing a well. At least you look well on the KimiCam. :-)
<Kimi_Lixx> thanks :)
<aybesea> wb bono
<Emahevul> Pyo
<Emahevul> oops
<bono-ONE> thanks keep getting emails!!!
<Emahevul> yo even
<Tom_Byron> Havn't fucked anyone in a while abby..
<lindi> hi vinh and Ema
<greengrocer> philosophy is all about ass fucking
<mad_max> hi tom
<vinh> tom byron?!
<bono-ONE> Tommie!!! Thanks again for the great Cheyenne Silver scene in Whack Attack 7!!!
<Emahevul> howdy lindi
<mad_max> i love your stuff and it's great to see you with elegant
<Stuart-ElegantAngel> Axel, welcome gentleman ha ha ha :>)
<aybesea> yeah... you are my hero ;)
<spanks> "philosophy is all about assfucking?" hmmmm interesting theory...actual you should read some Zizek he talks about it specifically interestingly enough
<SueRilla> Open Question: Do you think that the loosening of MPAA standards would bring about the end of the porno industry as we know it?
<Jeff_from_RAME> SueRilla: never in a million years
<Stuart-ElegantAngel> I've doing good, I'm happy to hear your shooting at Wicked now. How are your dogs?
<vinh> I'd like to see a porn by Disney
Zupko -  Max, thanks, hopefully the shit will just get better and better, Truth be told, everyone is a wannabe and everyone in this business tries to fuck people over, And many of you out there know what I mean
<aybesea> i just watched some hentai anime tonight... kinda like a cheezoid disney porno
<Emahevul> Sue, no, simply because most theatres wouldn't dare risk alienating their "mom and pop" attendees
<Tom_Byron> Cheyenne rules
<SueRilla> vinh: Eyes Wide Shut was distributed by Disney
<spanks> well it was a business started by the mob basically
<mrdvd> anybody miss me
<Stuart-ElegantAngel> Damn, those are some cool pup! Good to see you in here.
<vinh> got a point there, sue
<vinh> Mmmmn... Leelee
<bono-ONE> Yeah you really got a good scene out of her!!!
<spanks> Disney artists frequently hide shit all over their cells
<Stuart-ElegantAngel> Michael did you hear Jeff is over with Arie now?
<SueRilla> Ema: and the arthouse circuit?
<Stuart-ElegantAngel> him & I keep in touch, he's a good guy
<astroknight> mrdvd - no, but thanks for checking :D
<AxelBraun> so, who has seen Flesh circus here?
<aybesea> not yet
<lindi> not yet
<vinh> I've never even seen a zupko movie yet
<su2sexi> nope
<Steph> parts - just got it this afternoon
<astroknight> i haven't seen a single zupko movie yet
<Emahevul> Sue, possibly the arthouse circuit
<Porky> Me neither
<Michael_Raven> Havn't seen it, but I had a dream similar to the boxcover last night
<vinh> the only Extreme movies I watched were Tom Byron's
<bono-ONE> evil!!
<aybesea> rippie!!!!!!!
<astroknight> evening rip
<AxelBraun> When he came to see me I had never seen his work...
<Evil_Rip> hello
<Emahevul> if the porn industry could market a "cool" property only though
<Michael_Raven> canl;t seem to get Olivia Del Rio off my mind
<Evil_Rip> how is everyone
<AxelBraun> though I knew he had work with Rob and Tom
<astroknight> doing great, thanks rip :)
<Stuart-ElegantAngel> Wait till you see his next release which is the next Sugar Walls, much better
<Steph> axel - and what was the first zupko movie you watched?
<AxelBraun> so he left a few tapes
<Emahevul> the adult industry will never go back to the 70's/80's again though
<aybesea> good rip, you?
<Tom_Byron> Days of Whore is still my fave. Just watched it again the other night
<bono-ONE> Yeah Michael I have watched a few of her scenes in the last few days, hot woman no doubt about it!!
<Evil_Rip> hi lindi
<AxelBraun> and the first one i popped in was SARAJEVO
<Evil_Rip> i'm alright
<Evil_Rip> so whats up everyone?
<brad> i'd buy days of whore if it came out on dvd
<Kimi_Lixx> what was the one with the abortion in it? i can't remember the title
<AxelBraun> I was impressed with his cinematic style
<spanks> what is the difference between a great movie product and just another porn flick Zup et al
<bono-ONE> XRent just put out a whole bunch of Extreme titles the other day
<Evil_Rip> zupko what do you think is your most monumental achcivement thus far?
<AxelBraun> the new car?
<AxelBraun> ;)
<SueRilla> Basically, I'm asking if Spielberg decided to film a cumshot, wouldn't that be an atmosphere in which there would be no need for the porno industry as we know it? In a world where a director could spend a million dollars on a BJ scene and distribute it wide theatrically, would that world need the porn video industry as it currently exists? After the revolution, who would be left standing besides the performers, acting as body doubles and sex stunt
<AxelBraun> Porn needs to be shot by people who LOVE porn
<Steph> SueRilla do you really think hollywood can make porn?
<Tom_Byron> Hey Zup- finally learned Final Cut- it ROCKS! Ihighly recommend it
<spanks> The problem is that the christians and republicans would protest a movie like that into the damn ground...there used to be first run porn - remember Debby does Dallas, Behind the green door - Deep Throat
<aybesea> i'd love to see the hollywood budgets
Zupko -  Honestly the most monumental achievement I've acheived so far is doing this chat, which is funny because the way it's going the only thing I need to do is kick back and read all this!
<Porky> Yeah, remember when porn was filmed, not videotaped?
<AxelBraun> yeah...I have a few 8mm...
<aybesea> yeah pork, so you're an old fart too ;)
<Steph> wow, a chat on adt is zupko's most monumental achievement!
<su2sexi> hi DD
<astroknight> evening dd
<aybesea> woohoo! dd!
<spanks> Zupko...what do you think is/are the critical elements in making something "not just another" porn scene
<astroknight> YAY ADVDT!
<DenverDon> thanks ayb
<Porky> No, Abc, just a fan of the classics
<aybesea> anytime don
<SueRilla> Steph: i think that one day, Hollywood directors will be free to shoot sex scenes as graphically as they want. On that day, will we need Zupko and Braun and Raven and Ninn and Blake?
<lindi> hi DD
<brad> they won't shoot wall to wall sex though
<su2sexi> hi noodles
<Tom_Byron> Had to change film a lot though . During sex scenes was a major buzz killer,Porky
<brad> hi noodlegirl
<spanks> No chance Sue, this is the era of saluting the flag but not what it stands for....killing all criminals.....etc
<noodlegirl> wow somany people online
<Kimi_Lixx> nope, ya won't - and ya won't see performers like me, either - or 95% of the rest of them
<Jeff> Is Michael Raven in this room?
<spanks> no way the GOP rolls over on real sex in movies
<Michael_Raven> yes...I'm here
<noodlegirl> ehehehe
<noodlegirl> u won't see me in any video period
<Jeff> This is a voice from your past.
<Porky> Tom, I thought film made everything "look" better
Zupko -  Spanks, the thing to me is removing all the peripheral bullshit of the business and just getting down to its roots, which is having whores get fucked in the ass. And doing it in the most creative way possible,.
<mad_max> tom, the think i like about you is
<mad_max> you are different bro
<Jeff> Hello, Michael. How are things at Wicked.?
<Tom_Byron> Sue I said that 20 some odd years ago
<mad_max> i see some other names here of prominent people
<Jeff> Stuart just called and said you were talking about me. Is Stuart here?
Zupko -  I try and keep it that way and do my thing my way
<spanks> well Zup, while I certainly approve of that notion there are plenty of bad assfucking scenes
<mad_max> and they are so formula
<Steph> SueRilla hollywood would have a learning curve - hollywood knows formulas
<Jeff> Busy people are happy people.
Zupko -  It's mazing how everyone tries to fuck you over though
<mad_max> you at extreme anyway created good porn
<astroknight> then again, maybe all we need is one hollywood porno
<lindi> hi Flash
<AxelBraun> Hey Zup, what do you say to people who think that Elegant TAMED you?
<astroknight> from that they can make how many sequels and hollywood porn is born! :D
<Jeff> Things are great. I'm over at Anarchy and AVN will run an announcement about my new postiion. Everything else is great.
<Flash> hello
<Stuart-ElegantAngel> I'm back, I got knocked off my computer..
<Jeff> Yep.
<Tom_Byron> Video has more of a "you are there" quality, tho
<spanks> Look, hollywood is about capturing the "trends" of the is about Brittanny selling sex but not fucking....dressing like a schoolgirl but not getting naked....even t and a movies now dont have t and a
<Jeff> Going to Erotica LA?
<mad_max> tom tell slayne i said hi
<Stuart-ElegantAngel> Whats up Lord Zupko? :>)
<Tom_Byron> I'm goin'!
<Jeff> Stuart,
<Stuart-ElegantAngel> Jeff, you got in faster then me
<Jeff> Yeah, whoa you're getting married? What's the deal with everyone getting married. Weez got married. You.
<SueRilla> spanks: the christians and republicans have lost that battle. Since the inception of DVD, the more explicit stuff has been leaking into Director's Cuts and deleted scenes. We're not there yet, but we're going there. I'm not saying that the financial power of PG-13 will diminish. I'm just saying that the auteurs of Hollywood have always wanted to push the edge and DVD allows them that. One day explicitness will start leaking into theatrical release
<Jeff> well, I wish you well.
<Jeff> Yeah, in Vegas, natch.
<Jeff> The big family thing is in August.
<mr_whiskers> well ... there's Brown Bunny BJs
<spanks> you are just wrong.....80s movies were on the whole much dirtier than 90s....70s even its all cut out
<mr_whiskers> Not mainstream H'wood tho
<SueRilla> brad: you're right about wall-to-wall
<Jeff> Stu, are you still there?
<spanks> no offense
<Stuart-ElegantAngel> I'm here
<Jeff> What's up for this weekend?
<Stuart-ElegantAngel> Call me and we should head down to Mexico!
<AxelBraun> I thought it was ZUPKO's chat...
<xfred> zup, you said twice that people are trying to fuck you, who and why?
<SueRilla> spanks: I'm not talking about right now. I'm looking forward to that day
<Jeff> I have some possibilities for the weekend if Mexico is a maybe.
<Stuart-ElegantAngel> Call me on that, lets keep it on Zuko in here though
<Jeff> If this is about Zupko, maybe I'll call you later or tomorrow.
Zupko -  Axel, this is great!
Zupko -  I'm just sitting here enjoying all this!
<greengrocer> who's jeff?
<AxelBraun> as long as Stuart goes to Mexico...
<brad> hi BisexulBritni
<Stuart-ElegantAngel> Jeffs a writer for Adams Films World
<Jeff_from_RAME> heya BisexulBritni
<BisexulBritni> Im here, we can start now
<BisexulBritni> lol
<spanks> cool, maybe you are right...I just think things are heading the opposite will swing back some time
<Kimi_Lixx> hi Britni
<astroknight> evening BisexulBritni
<SueRilla> Tom: I knew I was right! If you said it 20 years ago, then I must be onto something
<BisexulBritni> hi back all of you
<noodlegirl> hi bb
<aybesea> hiya bb
<Porky> Jesus, everybody's in here tonight except my uncle Oscar
<BisexulBritni> ZUPKO SUCKS ASSS
<BisexulBritni> lol
<noodlegirl> ehehe
<BisexulBritni> how are you Zuppie?
<Kimi_Lixx> yes, but does he tongue?
<bono-ONE> I think Joe Torre might pop in soon,lol
<greengrocer> porky, jesus left 20 minutes ago
<spanks> For just a general porn fan this room is many industry types LOL
Zupko -  Britni, thanks for the kind words!!!
<su2sexi> are you sure he's not here..... soooo many ppl maybe you missed him
<aybesea> lol lindi
<BisexulBritni> congrats on your deal Thomas
<Dirty_Bob> hey, it could be worse - Ed Powers could be here (heh heh)
<UncleOscar> hi Porky
<spanks> well they just finished playing the Red Sox maybe he has a comp close by
<Stuart-ElegantAngel> Anyways ZUPKO I just wanted to drop you my support. I'm glad to be working with a mind like yours. See ya tommorrow. Cheers
<Tom_Byron> man you guys type fast
<BisexulBritni> are we having fun yet?
<Porky> Oscar! How come you never call???
<astroknight> heck yeah!!!!!
<bono-ONE> I had fun earlier today,lol
<BisexulBritni> hey, the icon is here too?
<BisexulBritni> way cool
<BisexulBritni> hi tom
<Stuart-ElegantAngel> Good Night M. Raven/Axel, and others...
<BisexulBritni> welcome to my world
<Michael_Raven> g'night
<AxelBraun> go to sleep, Stuart!!!
<spanks> Now that the Hedgehog had a movie any documentaries on Byron coming soon?
<AxelBraun> ;)
<RogTPipe> Hey Zupko
<Tom_Byron> In the flesh,baby !!!(Hulk Hogan-Rocky 3)
<RogTPipe> Maybe someone already asked this, but what is your next project?
<bono-ONE> I can see it now Behind the Porn starring Tom Byron,lol
<TSK> hey bitches, fags and weasels
<BisexulBritni> was surprised to see that you Tom Byrom left extreme
<BisexulBritni> happy though
<spanker> Tom would be prime for an E! expose
<TSK> Zupko, where are you
<Tom_Byron> B-Y-R-O-N!!
<noodlegirl> oh everyone typing so fast
<AxelBraun> Zup, you are a such fast talker...yet an incredibly slow typer!!!
<noodlegirl> eeeeeeheheh
<Cindi> Hi Brit, Thomas
<spanks> Well obviously he had many successful periods but what was Tom's bad period...sorry to misstype Byron :)
<spanker> Extreme was a big dead fish was it not?
<BisexulBritni> extreme killed itself focusing on wrestling
<noodlegirl> eeeeeeeeks
<BisexulBritni> and letting the porn suffer
Zupko -  I'm here, but all these self=indugent promos are just too godd to pass up!
<spanker> crossover dreams:RAGE culture!
<Tom_Byron> Britni typed "BYROM"
<BisexulBritni> was a mistype
<BisexulBritni> typing too fast
<BisexulBritni> sorry
<spanks> figured it could have been me LOL
<Tom_Byron> no sweat
<BisexulBritni> I go at like 125 words a min
<BisexulBritni> so I screw up at times
<astroknight> TSK, please behave
<Cindi> Thomas can't wait to see your new movies (cindi loftus here)
<BisexulBritni> could not turn down being here for this chat
<BisexulBritni> raced home so i could be here
<BisexulBritni> all my fav people
<BisexulBritni> especially ZUP
Zupko -  Cindi, hello!
<AxelBraun> TSK, you have a great vocabulary...
<Tom_Byron> Luv you too TSK
<BisexulBritni> hi rog and drew
<BisexulBritni> long time no see
<Porky> Britni, if you ever get tired of doing porn, we could use someone in my office who can type that fast
<BisexulBritni> lol
<Cindi> Hello Thomas, Brit- hey!
<Tom_Byron> yo
<spanks> well she would be more entertaining but I type that fast....of course I dont need a job
<BisexulBritni> is shayla really here?
<astroknight> BisexulBritni - could you please start misspelling a few things and swearing, you're starting to give porn starlets a bad rep ;)
<BisexulBritni> lolo
<BisexulBritni> sori
<BisexulBritni> lol
<Tom_Byron> I spel gud.
<SueRilla> britni will never tire of doing porn...she never tires
<aybesea> hehehe
<spanker> hey doesnt tommy deserve an upgrade to + status?
<Cindi> I am going to do a big story on you Thomas, I just didnt' tell you about it yet! lol
<BisexulBritni> I LIVE FOR PORN
<Tom_Byron> fuker
<BisexulBritni> I get paid to fuck
<spanks> well, that is true, it has taken decades for porn starlets to outlive that naughty girl rap
<astroknight> LOL Tom_Byron!
<Flash> Thomas Zupko, so what do your planned future projects have in store for you?
<Tom_Byron> LOL back at ya
<BisexulBritni> I make like 400 an orgasm
<BisexulBritni> porn rocks
<Cindi> Brit, you also fuck for free you little Marquis girl you
<BisexulBritni> you know ir
<Emahevul> yeah, Britni, you need to start being "stupid", just to maintain the status quo, you understand
<BisexulBritni> it
<Steph> we can't + everyone - this is zupko's chat
<BisexulBritni> desade rules
<spanks> 400 an orgasm is good......especially if you can get that much for everyone you decide to have
<RogTPipe> Zupko, come on...what is your next project going to be...tell us
<Saki> my bad, sorry about that
<BisexulBritni> I try to be dumb, just does not work
<AxelBraun> OPERA
<bono-ONE> it's an opera,lol
<Tom_Byron> Pipe is the shiznit
<Flash> Can we get any details on Opera yet?
<Cindi> Thomas- boxers or briefs? Coke or Pepsi? Come on give us all teh shit!
<Tom_Byron> lil urban lingo there
<AxelBraun> Coke, for sure...
<brad> fo' sho'
<Cindi> lol axel
<Tom_Byron> Dr Pepper
<spanks> the shit to a man who makes movies filled with anal...nice
<BisexulBritni> did ass alein ever get realsed zup?
<AxelBraun> I believe Zupko has passed away
<Steph> zupko is about to be born again... again
<astroknight> i think Zupko's on another bud light run :)
<AxelBraun> what do you mean...LIGHT???
<BisexulBritni> his laugh cracks me up
<xfred> let's get back to the opera
<astroknight> in the meantime, for the other directors here (and zup if you're reading this while reaching for another beer), if you could lure tom byron back in front of the camera, what would you put him through????
<aybesea> so zupko, please tell us about the opera project
<Michael_Raven> or whom would we put him through......
<Tom_Byron> Bud Light is the shizzle for fizzle, dizzle
<Jake_Malone> Thomas, Who will be in the Opera?
<BisexulBritni> was ass alien ever released?
<AxelBraun> just him
<Tom_Byron> HELL!!!!!!!
<spanker> Argento made a good "Opera."
<Cindi> I'm auditioning for it! I can sing! lol
Zupko -  First thing I would do Tommy is to make sure his check cleared!!!
<AxelBraun> Argento's masterpiece remains Deep Red
<Jeff_from_RAME> Hey there DAC
<dolorosaX> Argento rocks.
<spanker> The Hatchet Murders
<Cindi> Thomas can I be in your new movie?
<bono-ONE> Fig a row fig a row,lol
<AxelBraun> wow...Zup is back with a Vengeance
<dolorosaX> Betta late than never...sorry, Tom
<spanker> I'm smitten w;/Suspiria
<Tom_Byron> 12 hour sex scenes are WAY beyond me!! 20 minutes tops!
<Cindi> DAC is that you?
<dolorosaX> Yes
<AxelBraun> The Hatchet Murders is the chopped's missing 22 min.
<dolorosaX> Hi Cindi
<spanker> Who;s got the best DVD of it?
<spanks> 12 hours....yikes
<dolorosaX> Axel ... you are familiar with Argento, of course
<Porky> How're the knees holding up Tom?
<dolorosaX> Bava, too I imagine
<bono-ONE> I have Asia Argento's flick Scarlet Diva, kinda weird,lol
<Flash> Now that Thomas is back, are you willing to talk about Opera?
<Cindi> Hi! am interviewing you too soon whether you know it or not!
Zupko -  Cindi, I'm avoiding you--I'm sorry!
<AxelBraun> I was good friend with his daughter
<spanker> She rocks
<dolorosaX> Tom, you're afraid of Cindi
<SueRilla> Raven/Zupko/Braun: who would win a fight, Ninn or Blake? (please disregard Ninn's size)
<Cindi> used to it Thomas! Makes me feel right at home!
<Tom_Byron> I'm lost whose check?
<dolorosaX> Ninn would have his assistants fight Blake
<Emahevul> Tom, if you had to select one movie, whether it be as performer or producer, as your "crowning achievement", which would it be?
<Michael_Raven> exactly
<dolorosaX> thanks, Wow, gang's all here
<AxelBraun> Blake would have his wife suck him to death
<spanks> and even us annoying porn fans to round it all out
<dolorosaX> ha
<AxelBraun> y'know Aria?
<dolorosaX> Yes
<bono-ONE> Aria is hot!!
<Emahevul> yeah, she is!
<dolorosaX> oh... thought you meant the movie
<dolorosaX> lol
<BisexulBritni> thanks denver don
<BisexulBritni> not sure how that happened
<Tom_Byron> Perfomer- Sizzle or Indigo Delta
<AxelBraun> Aria Giovanni, Blake's wife
<BisexulBritni> was all alien ever released?
<spanker> Damn
<SueRilla> Axel: are you saying you've got Aria?
<dolorosaX> Is that really Mr. Byron?
<astroknight> Zupko - which of your movies have you whacked to the most?
<spanker> Wish I was a rich soft softcore director
<SueRilla> Aria is Blake's wife?
<AxelBraun> no, I had Asia
<Tom_Byron> Kinkt Business
<AxelBraun> yep
<bono-ONE> I didn't know she was married to him, perhaps that explains the no guy policy,lol
<Tom_Byron> Kinky
Zupko -  Yes, the Opera will star Papillon and a new girl I just discoverd who will be doing her first and only anal scene and in my opinion is an 11
<DrewBlackADT> is Jade in that one too?
<Tom_Byron> Yes dave
<spanks> why dont I discover girls like that LOL
<dolorosaX> how's the old turtle sac hanging, Tommy? :)
<Steph> Zupko, where'd did you find her?
<Tom_Byron> low
<spanker> I think everyone's had Asia
<SueRilla> about May December romances...more like March-December-of-the-following-year
<dolorosaX> Be kind to little Charles
<AxelBraun> exactly
<spanker> Except me ;(
<dolorosaX> he's a good fellow
Zupko -  No, although Jade might be
<Tom_Byron> gotta shave em
<dolorosaX> ha
<bono-ONE> brb
<AxelBraun> the only good part is I had her first...a loooooong time ago
<dolorosaX> Zupko, are you going to defile Papillon in OPERA beyond all redemption?
<RogTPipe> Zupko, when you get a medicore review, do you feel it's good practice to threaten the lives of a critic's family in public?
<vinh> bbl
<SueRilla> Axel: who would win in a cockfight: Nacho or Ribas?
<dolorosaX> my once screen dream
<AxelBraun> Zup, did you bang papillon?
<Cindi> lol Rog
<dolorosaX> yet?
<AxelBraun> Nacho
<spanker> Sweet ... Ax
<BisexulBritni> attacking people works for me
<AxelBraun> obviously
<BisexulBritni> lol
<astroknight> Zupko - due to your unconventional style do you find more performers trying to work with you or avoid you?
<dolorosaX> Nacho would lose in final round to Vanity
Zupko -  I plan to get the penultimate performance out of her. Trust me it will go beyond anything porn has gone before
<dolorosaX> they line up to work for Tom Z
<AxelBraun> the first time I met nacho he did two push ups on his cock
<AxelBraun> scary
<Cindi> I'm still waiting for my screen test!
<dolorosaX> I hear Preparation H stock going up as you type, Tom
<Porky> lol
<dolorosaX> Tom, give it up for CIndi
<dolorosaX> Let her have some of that genius juice
Zupko -  There is no doubt in my mind that the Opera will surpass Flesh Circus which has alreay received the highest ratings across the board.
<SueRilla> axel: cock pushups, eh?
<spanks> I will give you a screen test but I dont think you would like the movies distribution schedule
<AxelBraun> oh yeah
<Cindi> Thanks for the encoragement DAC
<spanker> Engorgement?
<dolorosaX> he's an iceberg, but you can melt him
Zupko -  Cindi, I will put you in my next movie.
<Cindi> YAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<greengrocer> zup, do you jack off to your own movies?
<SueRilla> good question grocer!
<dolorosaX> Michael, when do I get ANGEL X screener?
<aybesea> hah! now there's a question!
<Michael_Raven> how about tomm?
<spanks> green is very interested in Zups self-pleasure schedule LOL
<dolorosaX> cool
<RogTPipe> Zupko is avoiding my hard hitting questions
<Michael_Raven> call me DAC
<dolorosaX> okay
<dolorosaX> hey, directors don't masturbate to their own stuff!
Zupko -  Astro, Yeah I never had a problem with girls working for me as long as their checks clear.
<Kimi_Lixx> he didn't answer my not-so-hard hitting question, either - but i can live with it
<AxelBraun> really?
<dolorosaX> Except when nobody's around
<AxelBraun> go tell P.T.
<greengrocer> doesn't everyone want to know what movies get zupko off?
<SueRilla> dolor: Mason does
<dolorosaX> hmmm. does she, now.
<spanks> why would you need a girls check to I missing who pays whom?
<dolorosaX> What do you say to that, Axel?
<AxelBraun> to Mason?
Zupko -  Sorry guys I've been distracted and overwhelemed ,but lets rock and roll and I will be answering like a cheetah on meth
<AxelBraun> I said to her all I had to say a long time ago
<aybesea> hiya gs!
<su2sexi> hi GS
<Slamdog> hey All
<Cindi> I'm going to have a beer or ten. It was great talking to you guys! love you most!
Zupko -  What was the hard ditting question Kimi
<SueRilla> zupko: do you Jack while editing?
<astroknight> evening gs
<spelunker> GS:::: Lord of Loins!
Zupko -  No
<Jeff_from_RAME> The goal then, of a porn director, is not to make stuff that he would want to wank to? Or is it that if it you didn't remember all the shit that happened during production, you could enjoy it?
<spanks> I would think jerking while editing would be bad for the editing equiptment
<Kimi_Lixx> my question wasn't hard, i just asked the title of that video with the "abortion" scene in it, because i couldn't remember what it was called
<SueRilla> zupko: do you jack to your own filums?
<dolorosaX> yeah, he does. On the back of Slain Wayne's neck.
<AxelBraun> hahahaha
<SueRilla> dolor: that's awesome! you got footage?
Zupko -  I want to jack off in the process of shooting but after seeing over and over with Slain you see a different perspective.
<brad> Kimi: shades of hades?
<BisexulBritni> 303-520-4412 my number Thomas. Will be in LA in 10 days.
<spanks> spelunker was a better name than spank many spelunkers can they be
<BisexulBritni> if you want to have lunch
<dolorosaX> that's it
<Kimi_Lixx> don't ask me, brad, i don't know - that's why i asked him!
<AxelBraun> wow...what's that number again?
<SueRilla> holy shit did Britni just give us all her cell?
<AxelBraun> ;)
Zupko -  Let's rock guys I'm on my eighth beer, I got distracted,
<BisexulBritni> yep
<BisexulBritni> 303-520-44412
<BisexulBritni> 4412
<Cindi> 303.505.4412
<BisexulBritni> never feared a fan, meber will
<spanks> damn
<Cindi> Brit- we all have your number
Zupko - too.
<BisexulBritni> its why I do this work
<dolorosaX> Joey used to tell me he could jack all day to his raw footage, but once it was edited and out in the world, it was gone from him.
<SueRilla> Britni rawks
<greengrocer> zupko, what porn movies get you off?
<spanks> I cant beleive people are giving out cell numbers in a public chat LOL
<BisexulBritni> fans can call me anytime they like
<Flash> Thomas, what is your favorite films out of the ones you have made so far?
<BisexulBritni> I dont hide from them, they made me
<Slamdog> I don't meet your reqiurements Britni, is 7.5 ok?
<spanks> well that is one nice way to be
<BisexulBritni> yes
<spanks> very impressive Brit
Zupko -  I already answerd that
<astroknight> Zupko - what's the biggest problem with porn today?
<Kimi_Lixx> yep! that's the one brad - Thanks
<AxelBraun> the lack of talented directors
<spanks> I am not in any industry and certainly not famous and I would never give mine out....that is gutsy
Zupko -  The biggest problem with porn today is when people try to fuck talent over and they think that pornography is about making money, not something you can jack off too.
<SueRilla> asel: why is there a lack of talent?
<brad> no problem, Kimi :)
<Slamdog> are you still flying girls in Britni?
<BisexulBritni> yes
<spanks> A fans perspective on number one problem in porn: The industry only cares about the movie being hot on the box cover
<BisexulBritni> often
<BisexulBritni> once a week
<AxelBraun> too many people think they can just get a camera and shoot
<spiro_agnew> Spanks: 89 % of the people in here are porn insiders anyway
<BisexulBritni> fly them into denver, shoot them, send em home
<BisexulBritni> its fun
<Michael_Raven> hey Zup...remember the old days.....editing Anal Ball and a six pack.
<Slamdog> what about both Zupko?
<Kimi_Lixx> i think i might have already had Britni's number...
<spanks> I can tell.....but do you just hand out the number even within the industry?
<SueRilla> Axel: truth be told tho...can't they still make money that way? cheap porn sells quick
<BisexulBritni> zupko, do you fear you will be indicted along with Rob Black?
<Emahevul> spanks, Britni is NOT your typical performer/person, if you aren't familiar with any of her stuff, check out her yahoo group, then check out her site
<spritzer> It's like a cocktail party
<spanks> Kool and the gang....I was just saying it was gutsy
<Kimi_Lixx> hi Slamdog, and thanks :)
Zupko -  Micheal, what amazing is that I see, once again, here the problem with porn, is that total jack offs, trying to shill their shit of the sweat of someone elses back.
<RogTPipe> There are 4 Rog Award winners in this room....
<AxelBraun> Zup, what are your favorite movies (not including yours)?
<Slamdog> YW Kimi
<dolorosaX> I think there is a class of new director rising across the boards ... from cable to raincoater level. A lot of carpetbaggers and hacks that come and go, but natural selection will out, I think
Zupko -  Anal Ball, kicked ass in your bay...
<BisexulBritni> I won a rog award
<BisexulBritni> that was fun
Zupko -  and was one of the reasons why I made pornography for a living.
<Slamdog> well I think people should be paid all the way around, what do you think Zupko and Britni?
<noodlegirl> hey gay hardly see u here
<Michael_Raven> I loved Anal Ball.....Surewood in the chicken suit...
<Kimi_Lixx> no soda, spritzer, i'm sipping tea this evening, but thang you, too
<SueRilla> dolor: I don't think natural selection will out...there's 200 new releases a week...looks like EVERYBODY'S surviving
<GaySatyr> I'm not often onliine this time of night
Zupko -  Micheal, if you love Anal Ball you'll be blown away by Flesh Circus
<BisexulBritni> not sure about your question slam dog
<spanks> I mean, I am certain I am annoying in my own fan way commenting when you all are talking amongst yourselves.....sorry if that is the case.....its cool to read anyway LOL
<Kimi_Lixx> i have a Rog award, too :) right here in my office
<Slamdog> the stills get sold over and over but the star gets on cash out of it
<Michael_Raven> would love to see it....Hey Axel..think I couold come score a copy?
<bono-ONE> !!!
<BisexulBritni> nah, only way to do it
<BisexulBritni> residuals are too hard to track
<AxelBraun> sure, Michael
<Slamdog> and the movies get comped but the stars never get anything out of it
<dolorosaX> Could this all be the dawn of the age of porn aquarius?
<BisexulBritni> its the nature of the animal
<astroknight> Zupko - if you could kick any three people in the industry out on their ass, who'd be sitting on the curb?
<Michael_Raven> thanks....I shoot for cable, but still jack to the fucked up shit....:-)
<BisexulBritni> we satrs do make 1500 simply to get laid
<dolorosaX> ha ha ha ha
<Michael_Raven> I love it
<BisexulBritni> not complaining
<BisexulBritni> its not rough work
<aybesea> good question astro
<Slamdog> yes britni, but you are worth much more than that
<Steph> maybe if pornographers didn't exaggerate the amount of money that could be made, every tom dick and harry wouldn't try to make a porn movie
<dolorosaX> yeah, Tom! three people!
<BisexulBritni> I only did porn to advance my website
<BisexulBritni> I employ more then I am employed
<Emahevul> hehe, actually Britni, seems like some of your work is "rough work"
<BisexulBritni> I traded most of my pay checks in porn
Zupko -  There are a lot of people, they know who thay are, who should be kicked outta the business and should have their asses kicked.
<Slamdog> thats good Britni, how is your website doing?
<BisexulBritni> for the rights to use the stuff on my site
<spanks> well, its all about labor vs. management.....Porn and dancers are probably the least unionized biz left in the USA
<dolorosaX> Very statesmanlike answer, tommy.
<DenverDon> sounds good
<lindi> hi Sietel
<Sietel> Woah. I aint ever seen this many people online.
<Porky> Hey DD and Sietel
<Sietel> G'day to everyone, especially fair lindi
<noodlegirl> hey sietel
<Michael_Raven> Hey Zup...which do you like best....Days of Whore, Abyss or Flesh Circus?
<Sietel> I see you didn't like ROCCO AND KELLY'S PERVERSIONS IN PARIS Lindi.
Zupko -  at Elegant, we are trying to give the porn fan what they want, in the process of doing it make sure that everyone gets great A product, top notch sex scenes, without the peripheral bullshit
<AxelBraun> Zupko is becoming diplomatic...
<Michael_Raven> Or is it possible to single any of them out?
<RogTPipe> Good night everyone
<dolorosaX> tug that leash, Axel
<AxelBraun> g'night
<Michael_Raven> g'night Rog
<Slamdog> so how do you like the swinging lifestyle Britny?
<dolorosaX> bye Rog
<Porky> Bye Rog
<Flash> Night Rog
<BisexulBritni> I think elegant angel is the company I am banned from working with
<Emahevul> g'nite Rog
<BisexulBritni> lo
<Cindi> bi rog
<AxelBraun> banned???
<astroknight> night Rog!
<Emahevul> Britni, why is that?
<AxelBraun> by whom?
<spanks> How do you get banned Brit? wow
<BisexulBritni> tricia deveraux
<AxelBraun> tricia is at Evil
<bono-ONE> that is evil angel,lol
<BisexulBritni> I think your right
<Emahevul> Tricia is with Evil Angel
<BisexulBritni> sorry
Zupko -  We are about to announce the signing, of one of the most highly awarded and renowned directors in the business, which I think will blow everyone away.
<aybesea> hehehe
<BisexulBritni> gotcha
<BisexulBritni> lol
<spanks> when you get banned by a porn company you have to have done something wild
<Cindi> what did you do to Tricia?
<guygood> how wild?
<AxelBraun> trust me, you can come to Elegant any time...
<Sietel> Michelle Wild?
<Steph> Zupko, give us a hint
<astroknight> cool!
<bono-ONE> Michelle, yummy!!!
<aybesea> zupko... who? don't leave us hanging
<Emahevul> yeah, a hint please
<BisexulBritni> hint hint
<BisexulBritni> hint
<Emahevul> yeah, WE won't tell ;-)
<Cindi> Thomas are you on good or bad terms with Rob Black?
<noodlegirl> as long as u show up for at for jewel nobody will know u were bad lol
<AxelBraun> sure...
<astroknight> c'mon, you can't just dangle that in front of us...
Zupko -  His movies has won, dozen of AVN awards, Xrco awards...
<Steph> oh fuck the hint, just tell us
Zupko -  I can't yet...but wait until Friday
<aybesea> he's being a cocktease here ;)
<Michael_Raven> process of elimination....there aren't that many......hmm.
<Saki> Paul Thomas!
<AxelBraun> he is the director who had the MOSt nominated porn movie ever
<Saki> ;)
<bono-ONE> lol
<Cindi> Brad Armstrong?
<Sietel> Here's a question: has Mr Zupko's movies ever been distributed in Australia?
Zupko -  Micheal Raven, your going to have some serious competition.
<bono-ONE> we won't tell, promise!!
<astroknight> Stagliano is going to Elegant! ;D
<DenverDon> ok Sup, we'll wait
<BisexulBritni> cant be me, AVN banned mr from winning anything
<BisexulBritni> lol
<Emahevul> lol
<BisexulBritni> mr
<AxelBraun> I'm sure they've been pirated...I mean, released down under
<Michael_Raven> the most nominated porn movie is currently The Fashionistas, byJohn Stagliano
<spanks> The most nominated film ever...wasnt that Dirk Digglers first movie in Boogie Nights LOL
<Cindi> renamed Banned Britni
<Flash> Britni you seem to have been banned all over.
<dolorosaX> John Leslie
<dolorosaX> ?
<guygood> Kimi, how is the weather in OH today?
<astroknight> anytime anybody can give Michael_Raven some serious competition is a good day for porn fans!!!!!!
<SueRilla> raven is right, and JS sure as hell ain't going to Elegant
<BisexulBritni> working for extreme banned me from AVN
Zupko -  Sietel..The movie I made, when Ron Jeremy fucked a Kangaroo, has still been banned in Austrailia
<dolorosaX> Kid Vegas?
<Sietel> Ron Jeremy fucked a kangaroo?
<Michael_Raven> haha
<bono-ONE> poor kangaroo,lol
<Tom_Byron> lol
<SueRilla> hahahahahaha dolor
<Michael_Raven> that funny as shit
<Steph> ron jeremy fucking a kangaroo should be an xmas card
<Sietel> What the hell'd he do that for?
<Flash> lol
<SueRilla> kid vegas, oh god I'm hurting
<dolorosaX> lunch
<aybesea> that would be funny
<DenverDon> zup, you serious, it was banned in Australia?
<astroknight> Zupko - how did you get hooked up with elegant angel? you seem like an odd choice after mason and elegant parted ways.
<Sietel> Still, if I was a kangaroo, and I had a choice between being road kill and being molested by Ron Jeremy, I know which I'd prefer
<Michael_Raven> maybe Greg Dark is making a comeback
<aybesea> road kill?
<dolorosaX> hmmmm
<SueRilla> Greg Dark? what? what?
<SueRilla> what? I need my Hippolyte injection!
Zupko -  When Axel Braun saw my movies, he was totally blown away, especially since his father is the ledgenday Lasse Braun
<Sietel> Denver, fucking everything's banned in Australia. I mean, WILD CIRCLE from Private got banned. ASS WORSHIP, for cryin' out loud, got rejected and had to be edited.
<Michael_Raven> still wondering who the "mystery director" will be
<dolorosaX> Zup-cakes is a natural choice. He's no flash in the pan. He's spent years learning to get it right.
<SueRilla> Axel, that is not true, is it?
Zupko -  He expected them to be different from my reputation
<bono-ONE> ok is the guy/gal over or under 30
<Michael_Raven> No....
<Tom_Byron> I got it! James DiGiorgio!!!
<dolorosaX> Lasse Braun coincidentally of ravaging vikings fame ....
<DenverDon> LOL sietel
<Sietel> Imean, what the heck in ASS WORSHIP is so damn controversial?
<dolorosaX> I loved that loop when I was a kid
<Steph> does the mystery director do comedy?
<Sietel> The worse thing is, they don't TELL you what it is that gets something banned.
<SueRilla> sietel: worship of the ass, maybe?
<dolorosaX> does the mystery director do heroin?
Zupko -  He makes look like an amateur filmmaker, although he wouldn't put Brian Surewood on a cross and getting his dick sucked by a fallen angel.
<Michael_Raven> wow
<SueRilla> does the mystery director have herpes...wait...better question...does the mystery director NOT have herpes?
<spanks> now that is some forward questioning....."does he do heroin" LOL
<bono-ONE> wb axel
<Pornmaster_Mike> question - michael raven - are you married to julia ann?
Zupko -  No
<astroknight> Zupko - do you have the rights to anal ball so it can be released on dvd or does that rest with evil angel? can we ever expect to see it on dvd?
<bono-ONE> hey holden
<Sietel> Yes I do Lindi
<dolorosaX> does the mystery director ....
<dolorosaX> have a federal record?
<Tom_Byron> Heroes save heroines and then do them
<astroknight> i think the "director doing heroin" is already signed to a company...
<Michael_Raven> I will be as of June 21
<dolorosaX> indeed
Zupko -  Micheal, if you love me, can I fuck your wife in the ass?
<dolorosaX> Mr. Byron
<SueRilla> wouldn't it be funny if the mystery director were you, Michael?
<Tom_Byron> yo
<dolorosaX> You mean, the director who did "Heroin"
<Michael_Raven> that would be funny
<Pornmaster_Mike> crazy - lucky lucky lucky man mr. raven :) kudos to you!
<spanks> was the mystery director one of those tried at Neuremburg
<Michael_Raven> hey Zup are you drunk? :-)
<astroknight> so another month until it's paradise lost???? ;)
<Michael_Raven> funny...
Zupko -  Micheal, I will give you my first on camera sexual performance as long as you personally shoot it.
Zupko -  Drunk..yes'
<AxelBraun> Christ...
<AxelBraun> ;)
Zupko -  sdslssddsh
<Saki> a relatiun, perhaps? ;)
<Michael_Raven> OK...I'll take it...
<Tom_Byron> Zupko drunk? NAAAAAAHHH!!!
<Saki> er relation
<Cindi> WOW, Michael, copy and paste that statement
<AxelBraun> hahahahaha
<Michael_Raven> do you do anal?
<DrewBlackADT> zupko - any more pics of you in your tighty whities floating around. wanker wang posted some good ones
<dolorosaX> I HAVE your first on-camera sexual performance, Tom. Sorry I never told you.
Zupko -  It will be traumatic, beauty and the beast,
<Michael_Raven> wow...this is great shit
<Tom_Byron> what?
<AxelBraun> Zup is on a diet
<dolorosaX> No, Tom Zupko, not Tom Byron.
<Tom_Byron> Anything goes?
<SueRilla> zup is down to 1 bag of pork rinds a day
<Tom_Byron> my bad
Zupko -  Axel, I'm trying to be, but I digress with this chat.
<Cindi> beer and coke only?
<Tom_Byron> cocaine?
<greengrocer> zup, what do you think of psychedlic drugs?
Zupko -  My only vice is Bud lite
<dolorosaX> he just needs some Cindi to round it off
<Tom_Byron> GROOOOVY!!!
<lindi> Sietel - pm?
<dolorosaX> Tom is a secret Republican
Zupko -  Cindi, I'm down
<AxelBraun> Zup, did you bang papillon?
<brad> does ed powers have the most avn nominations?
<AxelBraun> no
<dolorosaX> ay yi yi
Zupko -  I don't kiss and tell
<Cindi> Thomas- I'm down with you anytime love
<dolorosaX> Kiss?
<AxelBraun> I'm talking about the most nom for 1 movie
<bono-ONE> my only vice is Michelle Wild, Rita Faltoyano, Gauge, Brooke Ballentyne, Taylor Rain, Jessica Darlin, etc. etc etc.!!!!
<spanks> what an odd choice....bud light
<dolorosaX> Don't you mean spurt and confess?
<SueRilla> Axel: isn't that Stagliano?
Zupko -  to get back on track...the goal here/...
<dolorosaX> Tastes great, less filling
<AxelBraun> no
<Tom_Byron> Jesssssss
<Sietel> I found out about Taylor Rain this week. Hot girl, irritating as shit voice.
Zupko -  I just dropped a beer...shit!
<AxelBraun> Good lord, Zup...
<Tom_Byron> lick it up
<Cindi> oh no, you only have 23 left!
<dolorosaX> Just as long as it's not Jim Holliday, Axel
<Porky> That's not beer, Zupko. It's Bud Lite
<su2sexi> need a towel
<brad> heh
<Emahevul> the first porn movie I ever saw in it's entirety feature the inimitable Mr. Byron
<astroknight> Zupko - which directors do you think give you the most competition?
<SueRilla> Axel: it's not Ninn, is it?
<Cindi> hand thomas a tissue
<dolorosaX> you can sign him to a contract but you can't dress him up and take him out online
<AxelBraun> nope
<SueRilla> Axel: and you said it wasn't Paul Thomas?
Zupko -  I promise you this personally, that if my good friend and boss Axel Braun sign Jim Holliday, I will retire to a monastary
<Cindi> you are funny DAC
<AxelBraun> no
<SueRilla> Axel: Jonathan Morgan?
<Steph> SueRilla that was my guess
<SueRilla> oh sorry
<AxelBraun> nope
<Saki> lol
<Emahevul> Bud Lee?
<dolorosaX> lol
<AxelBraun> I can't say would be a sin
<Saki> nominations from which organization?
<SueRilla> you bitch
<AxelBraun> AVN
Zupko -  If it was Jonathan Morgan, I would publicly execute myself...
<SueRilla> it is Raven
<bono-ONE> hey jim
<SueRilla> Sin City!
<Michael_Raven> I can sassure you it is not Raven
<Jim_Gunn> Hi Bono
<Tom_Byron> Quasarman
<dolorosaX> ha
<DenverDon> zup has already said he can't say until Friday
<AxelBraun> gee, Michael...these guys really want you to come at Elegant
Zupko -  If it was Brad, I want a piece of his former wife.
<aybesea> hiya Jim_Gunn
<Jim_Gunn> Hi abc
<Emahevul> hey Jim
<Michael_Raven> but Axel....I have to differ with you on one point...
<Cindi> hey jim
<Jim_Gunn> and everyone else
<AxelBraun> what/
<Slamdog> Hi Jimm
<greengrocer> zup, you should put ed powers on a cross and leave him there
<Michael_Raven> Most NOMS for single movie "Fashionistas"
<AxelBraun> nope
<Michael_Raven> second most noms went to Paradise Lost
<dolorosaX> Quick, somebody call Kernes
Zupko -  Micheal, you figured it out, we are signing John Stagliano
<Michael_Raven> Fashionistas had 22 or 23....Paradise Lost had 19
<dolorosaX> He'll know
<Michael_Raven> both were records
<Saki> that assumes we're talking about AVN noms
<AxelBraun> there's another one
<dolorosaX> I think he means congregate record
<astroknight> see, stagliano's going to elegant!
<AxelBraun> hahahaha
<Steph> video + dvd noms
<AxelBraun> and patrick Collins is going to Extreme
<bisexualbritni> lol
<Michael_Raven> Ah
<Cindi> lol
Zupko -  further more I will guarantee you that my next show will take pornongrahy to another level.
<bono-ONE> So Tom how goes the series name game!!!
<Michael_Raven> the plot thickens
<dolorosaX> yeah yeah have another beer, buddy boy
<remotewolf> Kimi, have any idea how long a drive it is from Cleveland to Columbus?
<Tom_Byron> Hey guys, it's been fun, but it's dinner time. Zup, best of luck to you,my friend!
<astroknight> i thought patrick was going to vca now that hustler bought them!
<bisexualbritni> be back in a few mins, need to switch puters
<AxelBraun> see ya Tom!
<Tom_Byron> peace out
<aybesea> nite tom
<AxelBraun> good luck
<Flash> Night TOm
<dolorosaX> bye Tom
<su2sexi> bye tom
<bono-ONE> see ya Tom
<astroknight> later tom, thanks for stopping in
<Cindi> bye tom
<Porky> See ya Tom
Zupko -  thanks, guys!!!!!!!!
<astroknight> Zupko - what should most people know before trying to get into the jiz biz?
<xfred> that you're going to get fucked
<AxelBraun> they were saying good night to Byron
<dolorosaX> good one
<Cindi> hey Khan
<GaySatyr> what should most people know? that it is hard work
<Evil_Rip> can't stop till you get enough
<DenverDon> zup, what is the main quality/attribute you look for in a performer?
<SueRilla> give us more hints, even tho it's michael raven
<brad> hi khan_tusion
<Michael_Raven> Uh Sue...I promise you it isn't.......
<khan_tusion> cindi, u r fast
<AxelBraun> believe me...I can't afford raven
<spanks> so am I like the only idiot in here who is not "in the biz"
<dolorosaX> Do I detect the Great Satan
<dolorosaX> yes, want to audition?
<dolorosaX> Khan has a site....
<astroknight> sue - i think steve orenstein would be hunting michael down with a dull axe if he signed with elegant right now
<khan_tusion> the best site i might add
<Michael_Raven> exactly
<greengrocer> i'm not in the biz
Zupko -  I'll stay for another 30 minutes if Steph and axel want me too
<Cindi> Khna- thaks i have heard that b4!\
<dolorosaX> cindi wants you too
<GaySatyr> please - stay!
<Porky> I was in the biz but I retired
<Steph> of course we do
<SueRilla> "it would be a sin"...that's a big hint...
<Flash> Do stay.
<AxelBraun> the fans have spoken, Zupko
<Jeff_from_RAME> night all. this was interesting. :-)
<dolorosaX> You're too drunk too drive, anyway
<khan_tusion> hey DAC call me
<Steph> but i think we should get a hint about the new director every ten minutes ;)
<SueRilla> yes
<dolorosaX> call you what?
<GaySatyr> I was a publicity stills phot on the gay side of the biz many years ago
<su2sexi> not in the biz either
<spanks> so that makes three.....this is cool but totally bizzare...its like watching telemundo and not speaking spanish
<astroknight> Zupko - if you could redo any movie you've made knowing what you do know, which movie would you remake?
<GaySatyr> photographer
<khan_tusion> Call me a benafactor
Zupko -  Okay, cool. Step one...
<astroknight> Porky - jizzmopper doesn't count as "in the business" ;)
<dolorosaX> ha ha ha touche
Zupko -  Kan Fucking Tusion
<SueRilla> GS: what was your secret for getting just the right amount of water on the briefs?
<khan_tusion> u gotta admit u miss me
<Loxly> Hi Ho Y'alllll
<Porky> Why not, Astro? Even the guy who cleans up after the elephants is still in the circus
<spanks> LOL
<dolorosaX> I feel your presence daily, somehow
<astroknight> howdy Loxly
<spanks> now that was funny Porky
<dolorosaX> a growing miasma
<Cindi> DAC- who do i want now? Are you getting me dates? or interviews? lol
<Porky> Thank you spanks
<dolorosaX> I'm setting you up with my friend Khan
<GaySatyr> LOL - baby oil in a spray bottle
Zupko -  tell me if you want me to stay!! I'm getting no love
<greengrocer> stay please! i have more questions!
<spanks> no prob, so many people go at an insult by denying it....that was the money
<dolorosaX> Start cybering Tom, Cindi
<Cindi> I want to be choked until I die. I love you thomas
<aybesea> please stay, zupko
<dolorosaX> ha ha hah ha
<Michael_Raven> Tension in here or is it just the humidity?
<Michael_Raven> hmm
<bisexualbritni> I love you Zupko
<Sietel> Mr Zupko, what's the name of this fucking=the-kangaroo Jeremy flick?
<khan_tusion> did someone say choke
<dolorosaX> No, it
<AxelBraun> Tom, I just want you to know that I am incredibly proud of you. You are doing a fantastic job, and you proved yourself beyond my expectations. Thank you for being part of our family.
<Flash> Don't leave Zupko
<bisexualbritni> surprised we never fucked
<DenverDon> stay zup, we've got several questions listed above
<dolorosaX> No, it's great, Michael!
<xfred> do we have to give you anal love?
<dolorosaX> This is the director's roundtable that should be in AVN!
<aybesea> wb noodle
<su2sexi> wb noodles
<noodlegirl> i want a bud too
<Loxly> I just stopped by to wave to KIMI....
<khan_tusion> not me, im an outcast
<noodlegirl> i wil take the budlite
<su2sexi> ask where?? :)
<dolorosaX> Tom, are you more like Khan or Michael Raven as a filmmaker?
<noodlegirl> god know i need a drink
Zupko -  Khan Tusion
<Steph> dolorosaX happens all the time here :)
<Michael_Raven> something you must must aek pride in I assume...
<Michael_Raven> take
<khan_tusion> wow what a compliment
<bisexualbritni> I think Zupko is ignoring me
<bisexualbritni> lol
<noodlegirl> lol
<dolorosaX> Khan, is Britni all too compliant forf your tastes?
<AxelBraun> Zup, name the 3 best porn movies you've seen recently
<astroknight> and what are you're all time favorite 3 porn movies?
<bisexualbritni> I love to be choked and raped
<khan_tusion> u know, i must have shame
<spanks> How can anyone ignore a girl who likes the world enough to trust it with her cell LOL
<dolorosaX> Directors like to feel like they're doing the pursuing, Britni
<bisexualbritni> got hundreds of responses
<Sietel> No seriously, Zupko, the Kangaroo fucking thing
Zupko -  I am more like Fellini meets Max Hardcore meets Axel Braun, with a dash of the Slain Wayne chaotic editing style, (oh and Micheal Raven too)
<DenverDon> further to AxelBraun, did you like them because of the director, or just the presentation?
<Sietel> Fuck me kangaroo down sport
<dolorosaX> That's quite a salad, Tom.
<Sietel> fuck me kangaroo down
<remotewolf> Oops. Thanks, Drew. Been surfing back and forth between chat.
<dolorosaX> Have Britni toss it!
<spanks> Fellini meets MaxX Hardcore.....Now that is some funny shit....I mean Max is to subtle what Felini was to obtuse
<Porky> Sing it, Sietel!
<Kimi_Lixx> darn it, Loxly didn't stay long enough for me to wave back
<Sietel> Ron's porking its mons, sport
<Sietel> Fuck me kangaroo down...altogether now
<SueRilla> can one "love" to be raped? isn't the essence of rape sex without consent?
<bisexualbritni> I get off so well I get choked out during anal sex. Then, come to, still be fucked. WOW, what a rush
<Porky> Is the Kimicam coming on?
<spanks> I hope Zup appreciated that one....
Zupko -  We are about to embark on XXX epiphany
Zupko -  at Elegant
<Sietel> Hey GaySatyr, how you doin'?
<Kimi_Lixx> the cam has been on since i started chatting
<aybesea> fill us in zup
Zupko -  Appreciate what one again?
<GaySatyr> fine, thanks
<bisexualbritni> Im your gir;
<bisexualbritni> lol
<bisexualbritni> girl
<Porky> Damn it! Am I always the last to know?
<spanks> check the fellini to hardcore above
<Sietel> Mr Zupko, tyhe kangaroo-fucking. Name thereof. Gracias.
<SueRilla> sietel there is no kangaroo movie...give it up
<Sietel> Gay, can I pm you a question?
<GaySatyr> sure
<bisexualbritni> be back in a min
<spanks> ZUP try satyricon with Max era cherry poppers....discuss
<greengrocer> more on that epiphany?
<astroknight> is "opera" going to be a lone movie, or are you going to turn it into a series following it up with something like "country", "polka", and "new age"?
<brad> satyricon was boring
<spanks> ok Roma
<GaySatyr> Sietel - sure, you may ask me anything you like
<Steph> jazz would be a nice followup to opera
<DenverDon> then the hip hip sould be a grand finale
<su2sexi> wb Porky!!
<Cindi> Thomas- I would never compare you to Max. You are an artist. Max is a (fill in the blank)
<Porky> Thanks, su
<xfred> max is a putz
<noodlegirl> porkyyyyyyyyyyy
<dolorosaX> I think Max is devoted to his vision. As are we all.
<Cindi> thank you xfred
<su2sexi> i'm working on 'the beer' thing
<Porky> Smile Kimi!
<spanks> That is why I was shocked he said that Cindi.....I mean Max is dark and not subtle....certainly not an artist...he is a sadist I think
<Sietel> Sue Rilla - I refuse to believe you. The thing about marsupials is, when you are fucking them, their pouch is very handy because you can place the tube of lube in there rather than on the red dust.
<Cindi> Max is devoted to beating up little girls and being a prick
<Kimi_Lixx> :)
<spanks> Cindi....that was my point
<dolorosaX> He has turned it into a fine art, some say
<Michael_Raven> one might not "appreciate" Max's vision, but he does seem true to his self.......
<noodlegirl> aloha me going to eat eat eat
<dolorosaX> indeed
<spanks> well, it is only about him...I think
<astroknight> very well put Michael_Raven
<DenverDon> zupko, what is the main criteria you have for choosing performers?
<Porky> noodle, pick me up a corned beef on rye with mustard
<Cindi> You guys are all sounding like max is a visionary, come on!
<dolorosaX> max is pure
<AxelBraun> Alright guys, it's 9PM and I better hit the sack...
<Cindi> Zupko is a visionary!
<spanks> I am with Cindi with this one....Max cares about Max and likes hurting people and not in a good way as near as I can tell
<DenverDon> nite AxelBraun
<dolorosaX> you Europeans
<dolorosaX> early to bed early to rise
<xfred> max is a comic book villain
<su2sexi> nite Axel
<aybesea> nite AxelBraun
<Cindi> And if you like watching Max, cool
<dolorosaX> ciao, Axel
<AxelBraun> g'nite everybody...I get up at 5 every day...
<Porky> Bye Axel
<astroknight> night AxelBraun, thanks for stopping in!
<Flash> Night Axel
<Cindi> 9pm bed time axel? who are you sleeping with tonight?
<Steph> night AxelBraun
<AxelBraun> my beautiful fiance...
<Michael_Raven> visionary simply means one has a vision. doesn't mean it is widely accepted or shared.
<Michael_Raven> in fact....most visions usually aren't
<dolorosaX> hear hear
<Cindi> G'night, sweet dreams
<GaySatyr> G'nite, Axel
<AxelBraun> thanx everybody!
<spanks> Michael, I honestly respect porn but come on respect isnt the question.....
<Michael_Raven> g'night Axel
<lindi> well, on that note, I am ready to log off as well
<SueRilla> James Avalon!\
<aybesea> peyote does wonders for vision ;)
<lindi> nite everybody
<SueRilla> Nic Cramer!
<brad> goodnight lindi :)
<DenverDon> nite lindi
<su2sexi> nite
<xfred> max may have a schtick, but that doesn't make it a vision
<astroknight> night lindi
<Bob> nite lindi
<Michael_Raven> not sure what you mean spanks
<Flash> night lindi
<aybesea> nite linderoo
<Michael_Raven> respect?
<Porky> night pot pie
<spanks> Killing people is a vision that serial killers have but its not widely shared
<spanks> your logic is too simplistic
<Cindi> I think of some one who is a visionary that is original and artistic and out there. I don't care if I
<Michael_Raven> logic is always simple
<greengrocer> zup, you still with us?
<Michael_Raven> by it's very nature
<aybesea> hiya gunth
<Cindi> agree with what they do. Hitler was a visionary
<dolorosaX> shtick or devotion to single idea are unfriendly and friendly ways of describing same thing.
<gunth> hello
<dolorosaX> he was
<spanks> no, logic follows simply...that does not make all simpletons logical
<dolorosaX> and so is zupl
<Emahevul> off to bed folks, y'all have a good night
<dolorosaX> wake up, zup
<aybesea> nite ema
<DenverDon> nite Emahevul
<Michael_Raven> i agree
<su2sexi> nite ema
<Bob> nite ema
<Cindi> Thomas- WAKE UP! someone hit him in the head with a beer
<Michael_Raven> but you made the "simpleton" comment, not me.
<Emahevul> nite DD, abc, su, bob
<su2sexi> nite Porky....
<Michael_Raven> i never made such an assertion
<dolorosaX> TOM!
<aybesea> nite porker
<Kimi_Lixx> g'night Porky - thanks for tuning in to the cam :)
<bono-ONE> he is stuck in whisper mode I'm afraid
<dolorosaX> Oh my GOD, he's not BREATHING
<Steph> Zupko you spill another beer?
<Bob> nite Porky
<astroknight> night to all of you leaving!
<bono-ONE> or private messaging if you please
<spanks> no you said logic is simple...and implied the reverse that because it is simple it must be logical
<Michael_Raven> no ..not at all.
<Cindi> I've really enjoyed talking to all of you!
<Cindi> Going to go drink now
<DenverDon> nite Porky
<aybesea> nite Cindi
<Steph> Cindi we're here every wednesday - join us again
<spanks> adieu
<dolorosaX> And dream of the comatose Zupko? Bye, CIndi!
<DenverDon> nite cindi
<dolorosaX> :)
<Cindi> night michael, DAC, Spanks, Zup
<Cindi> everyone
<remotewolf> Looks like you got a great tan going, Kimi. Seems like the sun hasn't shone around my humble abode. in weeks. Dang, rain. :-(
<Michael_Raven> g'night
<spanks> night
<Bob> nite Cindi
<Cindi> Thank you for inviting me all!
<Cindi> Anyone want to get in touch
<dolorosaX> this is just like the Waltons
<Michael_Raven> haha
<Cindi> goodnight John boy!
<Sietel> me is tried
<Jim_Gunn> Night Cindi
<Cindi> night jimm
<bono-ONE> I told Zupko to leave the chat room and then come back ,lol
<Cindi> jim
<SueRilla> from AVN:
<aybesea> ok gang, it's late in the east... so... adios, amigos!
<SueRilla> Director John Stagliano is a very happy man. His Evil Angel feature film Fashionistas received 22 AVN Award nominations, including Best Film and Best Director, setting an AVN record for most nominations garnered by an individual title.
<su2sexi> nite ayb!!
<bono-ONE> see ya abc
<Cindi> bi-bi
<DenverDon> nite aybesea
<astroknight> later ayb
<spanks> anyway, point is that Max does not seem to care about the people he uses...I think you can "use" people but care about them...Max seems to be a sadist.....he does what he does because he can and it pays....not to make art or uplify or create
<Bob> nite ayb
<spanks> uplift*
<spanks> oh ok
<SueRilla> yeah, uplift
<spanks> if that is true I will leave it be
<SueRilla> Max shoots what gets him off
<Sietel> I gotta dash muchachos. Das Vidanya
<spanks> well sure, so did Hitler
<astroknight> mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
<DenverDon> cya sietel
<Fred_Mason> God David A Clarke is the fucking worst
<spanks> if the conversation is "does he has vision" then you are right...who does not....was that really the point?
<xfred> Zupko?
<Fred_Mason> zupko kicks ass cause he shoots crazy shit i like
<remotewolf> says thanks. :-)
<greengrocer> zupko didn't even kiss me goodnnight
<bono-ONE> he is still here folks,lol
<DenverDon> He hasn't left yet
<bono-ONE> zupko I mean
<astroknight> Zupko - have you shot anything that's pushed things beyond even where you planned to go?
<bono-ONE> he's stuck in the private messaging mode,lol
<sars> does anybody have any info on jeana fine?
<spanks> well if all you were saying was that sorry to disagree....sounded more like you were saying he had art at the center of his project
<guygood> Thanks Suerilla!
<Michael_Raven> Absolutely not.
<Fred_Mason> gee good question, after valentino in a bear outfit, what next..?
<brad> werner herzog used people too, that doesn't mean he wasn't an artist with a vision
<spanks> Kool and the gang, sorry to is so imperfect
<Steph> how do you get stuck in pm mode?
<su2sexi> lots of honey :)
<DenverDon> don't know steph
<sars> denver don?
<spanks> as I suggested Brad, I think there is a distinction between use for profits sake or sadisms sake and use that is artistically meaninful
<Fred_Mason> all of these people here and nothing to say
<bono-ONE> I have no idea but Zupko has been yaping at me for like five minutes
<DenverDon> hi sars
<SueRilla> RED EZRA!
<Fred_Mason> i'm out peeps
<spanks> I will admit it is my own distinction
<GaySatyr> partially by not knowing all about how this chat window works
<sars> you moderate on the board right?
<Fred_Mason> shouts to zupko
<bono-ONE> he thought I was Michael,lol
<Steph> bono what's he saying?
<astroknight> cut and paste time bono
<Michael_Raven>'re not giving up are you???;-)
<SueRilla> mike: no
<DenverDon> yes sars
<bono-ONE> I can't all the stuff he said is now gone,lol
<Steph> bono, did he tell you the mystery director? :)
<SueRilla> mike: do you know who it is?
<bono-ONE> I won't tell,lol
<Michael_Raven> hmm
<astroknight> dammit kimi, don't cover 'em up!!! :D
<spanks> where else can one find a conversation that starts with Felini and ends with Max Hardcore "artist"?
<DenverDon> alright B1, you're walking the line
<bono-ONE> he said something about a movie he is shootting with someone at Elegant and that it will be very good!!
<Slamdog> so whats up Jim?
<bono-ONE> But no he didn't let slip the director's name
<SueRilla> bono: hint us
<DenverDon> sue, zupko almost hinted us to death :)
<SueRilla> it better not be Veronica Hart
<SueRilla> don: how?
<Michael_Raven> OK...what were the hints?
<DenverDon> sue, they are way up in the scroll
<SueRilla> the hints from Axel were wrong...Fashionistas has the most AVN noms
<DenverDon> he gave four or fived
<sars> interacial porn rules
<Steph> he's coming back - just a sec
<bono-ONE> he's gone,lol
<sars> interacial porn rules
<bono-ONE> I told him to leave and then come back
<Jim_Gunn> taking a little break from editing trailers slam
<astroknight> that's better kimi!!!!!! :D
<DenverDon> and I think axel threw one in too
<sars> my mom was a victim of bangbus this week
<sars> what should i do?
<SueRilla> ELEGANT ANGEL IS FOLDING AND BECOMING A PART OF's all the circle of life
<Kimi_Lixx> there, i'm naked :)
<DenverDon> victim? - I didnt' think it was real
<sars> lol
<bono-ONE> ok!!! Kimi!!!
<su2sexi> well, its late........ goodnight all :)
<brad> Kimi is hot!
<SueRilla> bye sexi
<DenverDon> nite su2sexi
<astroknight> it's good but it cut off your head this time :(
<remotewolf> :-)
<spanks> lets all thank Kimi for that...although where she is naked I have no idea LOL
<astroknight> later su2sexi
<su2sexi> bye Sue, maybe next time ;)
<sars> bangbus is scripted?
<Kimi_Lixx> i'm naked at home in my office :)
<Kimi_Lixx> in Cleveland, Ohio
<guygood> Nakedness.....all natural! whoopee!
<sars> what about backroom facials?
<bono-ONE> orifice you say!!!
<spanks> Not too far from me Kimi.....
<bono-ONE> wb Zupko
<Michael_Raven> anyone say Nic Cramer?
<astroknight> welcome back Zupko!
<DenverDon> wb zupko
Zupko -  sorry folks
<guygood> Are you fan of maps Kimi?
<spanks> Have you had as much rain as we have been having?
<Flash> Welcome back Zupko
<astroknight> passolini might be a possibility with hustler buying vca
<bono-ONE> I won't say what you told me Zupko,lol
<Michael_Raven> REN SAVANT?
<Kimi_Lixx> nah, they're just for my daughter's geography lessons
Zupko -  Okay for the past half hour I was in a private mode talking to one dude all this time...LOL
<dolorosaX> lol
<DenverDon> lol
<SueRilla> now Raven's just toying with us
<dolorosaX> sounds gay, tom
<bono-ONE> yep it was me,lol
Zupko -  But I didn't know because it showed up in the monitor
<dolorosaX> but I support you in your lifestyle decision
<DenverDon> zupko, what is the main criteria you have for choosing performers
<guygood> Ah....she has to memorize all the states and things...
<Michael_Raven> Hey..I am guessing right along with you.
<GaySatyr> & you didn't include me --- "sounds gay, Tom"
<dolorosaX> she has to TAKE IT IN THE ASSSSSSS!!!!!!!!
<spanks> lol
<Bob> Hey Zupko, who's the new director for EA?
<Kimi_Lixx> well, the US is on this wall (pointing) and the world is on that wall (pointing over there)
<spanks> Kimi.....have you been to the new pun intended
<guygood> Speaking for the west coast, thanks for always staying up late for us Kimi!!
Zupko -  Hello all!
<DenverDon> bob - Evil Angel, Elegant Angel, Extremed Associates? There's too many EA's
<guygood> hey zupko!
<bono-ONE> Yep I concur! Thanks Kimi!!!
<GaySatyr> welcome back, Zupko
<dolorosaX> Tom, I was just talking to Asian whore who just got into town, and guess what
<astroknight> thanks again for sticking around so late with us tom!
<greengrocer> zup, welcome back
Zupko -  I'm Back I'll be here until 10:00 pm becuase of the screw up...LOL
<Kimi_Lixx> nope, i haven't been to the new stadium, the new ballpark or the new sporting arena of any sort
<Bob> I'm just someone else's question-droid, DD, don't ask me.
<Steph> so what were you telling bono about working with another director?
<Bob> I have limited capabilities in droid-mode
<bono-ONE> lol
<astroknight> that's really cool of you. a lot of others would have just bailed. :)
Zupko -  Are u ready
<spanks> Sorry, just wondering......sports fan (obviously)
<SueRilla> BUCK ADAMS!
<guygood> ears
<greengrocer> we're ready
<Bob> Come back Shane, come back!!!
<bono-ONE> rodney moore, the king of cream!!
<Michael_Raven> and the answer is.,.........................???
Zupko -  Our new director will be a cross between Axel Braun, Micheal Raven and Zupko at his most bizarre
<SueRilla> actually, rodney with elegant might be cool
<guygood> um.....caps lock key
<sars> I CANT
<guygood> ooooo-----kay
<Michael_Raven> fuck man! you are killing me.....spill it :-)
<SueRilla> WALTER DARK!!!!!!!
<sars> LOL
<Flash> Greg Dark?
<Bob> hi sars, how're you doing tonight?
Zupko -  It will be everything I learned combined with the genius of this new director.
<spanks> I know its the Mitchell brothers come back
<sars> im alright
<SueRilla> why on earth would Greg come back to porn when he's makin' that mainstream loot?
<Bob> sars, good to hear
<bono-ONE> Has this person directed before? Sorry if this has been asked already.
<sars> lol
<Steph> and you'll be working with the new director on a project? any details on the project?
<Bob> don't feel ignored, okay?
Zupko -  Sars, I love you, man!!!
<GaySatyr> actually, a number of mainstream guys make porn in the gay arena under pseudonyms
<Bob> Now sars is getting some love!!!!!!!!!
<remotewolf> Greetings and salutations, sars. :-)
<SueRilla> I was gonna edit "Opera", but I got high
<SueRilla> I was gonna chat on ADT, but I got high
<bono-ONE> well folks I have to turn in, keep on chatting!!
<astroknight> later bono-ONE
<guygood> nite bono-one!
<Michael_Raven> g'night bono
<DenverDon> nite B1
<Kimi_Lixx> g'night bono
<SueRilla> I invited Axel Braun to help me, and I know why
<spanks> isnt it "but then I got high" lol
Zupko -  Here's a hint. Why do lepers always get arrested for speeding tickets?
<spanks> la da da da da da
<SueRilla> Because I got high, because I got high, because I got high
<Bob> nite bono-ONE
<greengrocer> what kind of hint is that
<Flash> that's a hint?
<jojo> KIMIIII!!!!
<astroknight> cuz they're footloose?
Zupko -  Because they always leave their foot on the gas!!!
<spanks> is that jojo of Kci and Jojo? LOL
<astroknight> OMG!!!! Kevin Bacon is going to direct for Elegant Angel!!!!!!!!
<Bob> yarghhh!!!!!!!!!!
<remotewolf> X2 or Matrix Reloaded? Haven't seen either one, yet.
<DenverDon> cuz they're always falling to pieces
<dolorosaX> X2.
<Bob> X-2, for sure -- superior thematic content
<Saki> both
<spanks> Matrix was pretty good - action was innovative and the Architect scene was quite interesting
<dolorosaX> Checkin' out, fellas
<dolorosaX> Bon Voyage, Tom
<DenverDon> nite dolorosaX
<Michael_Raven> g'night DAC
<dolorosaX> Congrats
<spanks> X-2 was not as interesting I did not think
<Bob> nite dolo
Zupko -  Michael, I promise I'll tell you
<dolorosaX> Bye Michael, talk to you tomorrow
<Kimi_Lixx> hey, i worked hard on that shot
<Bob> spanks --guess it depends what you're looking for in a movie
<greengrocer> what will you be working on with the new director?
<remotewolf> Kimi! :-)
<Flash> and it came out well Kimi
<astroknight> thanks kimi!!!!
<brad> Kimi: i appreciated it :)
<jojo> whats new kimi?
<remotewolf> You've got excellent timing, Kimi. :-)
<guygood> Kimi, in the words of the King(Elvis), thank you.. Thank you very much!
<spanks> well, I thought the action stuff in Matrix was better and I grew up on X-Men and was dissapointed......but I thought the critical commentary on christianity in Matrix put it over the top....what do you mean?
<Kimi_Lixx> not much jojo, how about you?
<Steph> Zupko, what else did we miss?
<jojo> i'm gettin a new boss...where you been? didn't see ya last week
<Kimi_Lixx> i was here, i think....
<Kimi_Lixx> maybe late
<SueRilla> does Sin City have any other directors besides Raven
<SueRilla> ?
<astroknight> raven is with wicked now
<jojo> ah, any new movies in production kimi?
<spanks> Rage = Good....audioslave...not so much
<remotewolf> Thanks for the reviews, folks. Haven't been to the movies in awhile and the girlfriend wants to go this weekend.
<astroknight> (and kicking ass from the little i've seen of him there!!!!!!!!!)
Zupko -  Although in many ways its incest!!!
<Kimi_Lixx> nope, everything i did earlier this year is out - so i'm dead in the water, so to speak
<xfred> sweet and pretty?
<greengrocer> zup, now you're just confusing us
<Jim_Gunn> RATM was awesome, Audioslave is so so
<jojo> hmm, what were some of the movies you did earlier this year?
<guygood> That;s a great Betty Page pose Kimi!
<guygood> Please wink for us Kimi in that pose!
<Kimi_Lixx> i honestly don't know most of the titles
<remotewolf> Hehe.
<SueRilla> Breathless, a porn remake of the 1983 Richard Gere vehicle of the same name, received a total of twelve nominations, more than any other video.
<sars> anybody hear the new metalica song?
<SueRilla> BAM BABY!
<spanks> Best Rage pick.....Pistol Grip Pump
Zupko -  That's the hook. For this flick we'll be building custom sets with a budget of over 100,00,000 dollars! I will humble myself and be a PA just to bring this vision to life!!!
<jojo> i know you were telling me about an orgy type one you did, but my local store didn't get it :(
<sars> new metalica=utter crap
<Flash> It sounds like quite a film
<astroknight> Zupko - who's your favorite bands?
<spanks> most post Master of Puppets metallica = close to crap
<jojo> i think it was called all for one? does that sound familiar?
<xfred> Zupko, any stars lined up for the flick?
<brad> i saw godard's breathless
<Kimi_Lixx> Free 4 All
<jojo> hehe ya thats it
<astroknight> damn, that should be a kici ass movie!!!!!!!!!
Zupko -  Rage, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Queens of the New Stone Age. I always shoot to music, much to the dismay of my editor
<guygood> huh? Free 4 All?
<jojo> i gotta right that down this time, see if i can convince em to get it
<Kimi_Lixx> the orgy video i was in
<guygood> Oh, that's a title. My bad.
<sars> scott weiland is in a new band with the dudes from gnr
<spanks> wow, you have similar tastes to me Zup
<xfred> probably more fun for the performers to shoot to music
<gunth> same here
<Jim_Gunn> I like Zup's taste in music also
Zupko -  Imagine porn that isn't your usual stereotypical bullshit, where the aggression is manifested in the rhythm....
<astroknight> mmmmmmmmmm. very nice again kimi!
<ICEFLOE5948> o_O
<Michael_Raven> :-)
<spanks> Zup you should listen to an old Ministry album called "Land of Rape and Honey" and trust me you will have a movie for sure if that is your deal....check it out
<guygood> *sigh* lookin' good Kimi!
<jojo> so whats next in kimi's life? have you gone back to being a secretary?
<Kimi_Lixx> hard to get comfy AND get a good angle on this camera... lol
<jojo> how can everyone see you kimi?
<Kimi_Lixx> right now i'm just hanging around Cleveland whoring... it's a nice life
<sars> who the hell is zup?
<guygood> goto
<DenverDon> sars, zupko, the subject of the chat tonight!
<sars> ok thanks
<jojo> lol no you are not, if you are i'm coming to cleveland!
<guygood> it would be a better life or me if you were on the left coast!
<Michael_Raven> good night all..It's been a blast! take care Zup and keep fucking rocking......!!!
<gunth> wow! Very nice Kimi
<guygood> :)
<Flash> Night Michael
<Steph> night, Michael_Raven, thanks for coming
<guygood> nite michael
<remotewolf> Everyone's moving to Cleveland. LOL!
<DenverDon> nite Michael_Raven
<spanks> Adios Michael nice chatting about things :)
<Kimi_Lixx> g'night MR Raven
<jojo> wow kimi cool
<astroknight> night Michael_Raven, thanks for stopping in!!!!
<SueRilla> gnite Micheal...good luck at Elegant!
<SueRilla> =)
<SueRilla> =)
<SueRilla> jk!
<jojo> nice boobies!
<SueRilla> what's in the glass, kimi?
<Steph> Zupko, hope you've had a good time tonight even though it's been a bit crazy (it always is :)
<gunth> I miss my DSL
<Kimi_Lixx> Bengal Spice tea
<Jim_Gunn> Neat Kimi
<Jim_Gunn> I just logged in
Zupko -  All right, guys--check out FLESH CIRCUS! It is perhaps my best flick to date and includes some of the most jackoffable footage I have ever lensed. I'm at the point where I'm about to call it a night.
<jojo> ya you're a bengal alright, and a bobcat, and a tiger!
<guygood> gunth, ugh You mean you're using a can and string to connect to the net1 I feel for you!
<gunth> yea
<DenverDon> zupko, thanks for joining us
<spanks> me check that album out you will make a movie with it
<Steph> Zupko, thank you!
<gunth> for the next few months
<guygood> Kimi, so you like tea. What about chai?
<Kimi_Lixx> i'm dial-up, too
<blacksnake> did I miss it?
<Kimi_Lixx> chai is good :)
<greengrocer> zup, great chatting with you!
<SueRilla> zup: shave the beard and sell it on Ebay
<remotewolf> Thank the computer gods for DSL.
<Flash> Zupko, thanks for joining tonight
<guygood> I love chai, especially when it's cold over ice!
<blacksnake> Is Zupko still here?
<gunth> dial-up with a web cam? does it lag at all
<guygood> Once you go DSL or cable modem, you don't go back!
<ICEFLOE5948> dang, Members: 942 ! :)
<Kimi_Lixx> i have it set to capture one image every 60 seconds, so there is no lag
<SueRilla> yum! naked porno mom!
<remotewolf> Ain't it the truth.
<Kimi_Lixx> but you only see one picture every 60 seconds
<Kimi_Lixx> :) yep
<Kimi_Lixx> naked porno mom!
<xfred> Zupko can't wait to see flesh circus, thank you
<SueRilla> guygood: that's the name of Jules Jordan's new series
<astroknight> thanks again for stopping in Zupko!
<guygood> suerilla, hahahahaha
<astroknight> please check out the forums and stop back!!!!!!!!!
<blacksnake> looks like I missed all the fun
<spanks> Kimi would certainly qualify as a MILF ;)
<Steph> yeah, what astro said - Zupko join in the forum
<Jim_Gunn> Kimi it's nice we get to see you for free, but you should be doing this on iFreinds or your own site and making money on it
<Kimi_Lixx> thanks :)
<guygood> Kimi, would you do a scene for the MILF site?
<astroknight> tom - we'd (or at least I would) love to have you as a guest pollster!!!!!!!
<Kimi_Lixx> i'm not dedicated enough for that Jim - besides, then i'd have to DO something, wouldn't i?
<jojo> ooops i lost you kimi
<Kimi_Lixx> yeah, i'd do a MILF scene, i have nothing to hide
<blacksnake> Jim Gunn still on?
<Jim_Gunn> Too bad, it sems liek an easy gig of you like ot be naked he he
<jojo> kimi you should do a scene for COHF
<sars_ulrich> kimi would you ever do a scene on blacks on blondes?
<astroknight> jim, shut up and let kimi concentrate on being in front of the camera for free, dangit!!!!!!!! ;)
<guygood> Really? Should we put you in contact with the MILF guy?
<Jim_Gunn> Alright
<sars_ulrich> for**
<guygood> COHF?
<xfred> later Zupko and everyone
<Kimi_Lixx> i o what COHF is
<Kimi_Lixx> and i'm not blonde - but interracial doesn't bother me
<sars_ulrich> lol riight
<guygood> blondes aren't everything....
<SueRilla> they're the only thing
Zupko -  You guys have been great! You are what makes me who I am. I promise you you will not be disappointed with all of the upcoming Elegant projects, including Patrick's Succulence, Heavy Handfuls , Gonzomnai and The Visitor. I was impressed by the quality and jackoffability of all these shows, THNAK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME. And, always remember, if it wasn't for you there would be no Zupko!!! You guys rock!!!
<blacksnake> Anymore directors on??
<spanks> why should interracial bother anyone? This is not the 1800s
<sars_ulrich> the dudes on blacks on blondes are like animals
<jojo> cohf is cum on her face, one of the best new up and coming websites imho
<Flash> Thank you again Zupko, I look forward to seeing Flesh Circus
<guygood> thanks zupko!
<SueRilla> thanks Zupko!
<DenverDon> thanks again Zupko
<Kimi_Lixx> thank you Mr Zupko
<jojo> its kinda like american bukake for the internet kimi
<gunth> Thank you Zupkp
<GaySatyr> g'nite Zupko
<astroknight> once again, thanks Zupko! keep free!!!!!!
<spanks> adios Zupko......check the album if you know what is good for you
<sars_ulrich> theres a stigma that comes with doing a interacial scene in porn
<Steph> thanks zupko - give our best to everyone at elegant
<sars_ulrich> clubs wont hire you
<remotewolf> Thanks, Zupko.
<SueRilla> zupko: beary guys rule!
<Kimi_Lixx> i don't dance
<jojo> kimi...your as pretty as i always imagined you would be....
<sars_ulrich> and big companys like vivid and wicked wont hire you
<spanks> why is that though...I mean come is skin color...melanin...that is it
<sars_ulrich> dont shoot the messanger
<spanks> Not shooting...asking
<gunth> they don't mind asians and latinas
<SueRilla> sars: you are talking out your ass
<sars_ulrich> no
<Kimi_Lixx> wicked and vivid have already hired me
<jojo> you should do like 30 seconds instead
<sars_ulrich> it commonm knowledge in porn
<SueRilla> sorry, sars. no.
<spanks> well I am not in porn...hence the question
<sars_ulrich> the first thing they tell you is dont do interacial scenes
Zupko -  GOOD NIGHT NOW! I LOVE YOU, MAN!!!!!!!!!! E-mail me at and I will personally fill you in on everything that's going on! Steph, I probably won't do this again (and many of you out there might be relieved!) but you GUYS ARE THE SHIT. GOOD NIGHT AGAIN! AND THANK YOU SO MUCH! FLESH CIRCUS!!!!

And thank you again, Zupko!

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