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The VCA Women Behind the Camera Chat with Veronica Hart, Chanze and Mischa Allen was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on January 24th, 2001.
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Mischa Allen, VCA Publicist, enters the chat room a little early to a series of zealous hellos

* SeXy-Julie grabs Mischa & gives a huge, wet, sloppy, passionate, loving, breath taking * * * KISS * * * on the cheek!

Mischa:  I LOVE the greetings I'm getting!

Mischa:  :-) HI!!!!

Steph:  Mischa - how ya feeling?

Mischa:  much better thanks!

HoustonDon:  been sick?

SeXy-Julie:  thanks for comming into chat tonight

Mischa:  Yeah, damn cold!!!

Mischa:  I wouldn't have missed it Julie!

SeXy-Julie:  :-)

Mischa:  I think it's a delayed reaction from CES

Steph:  yeah Vegas was a big germ pit

HoustonDon:  heheheheheheheh

Mischa:  LOL!!!

Chris_Cramps:  Everyone is sick from the CES

Mischa:  in the head!

In steps Veronica Hart, actress, director, producer...

astroknight:  Welcome Veronica

* SeXy-Julie grabs vhart and kisses her kangaroo style (jumping up and down) and makes her want the boomarang style kiss(the one that keeps coming back!) gotta luv those aussies!!!

Mischa:  Hi ya honey!

Chris_Cramps:  Kisses to Veronica

Jim82060:  good evening Veronica

Veronica Hart:  Hope I'm doing this right! I've never done a chat room before!

HoustonDon:  you're doing great

Suddenly Mischa disappears

Veronica Hart:  How did we loose Mischa?

Chanze, VCA Production Manager, appears, but technical difficulties render her mute

Steph:  Chanze - welcome!

astroknight:  welcome to ADT chanze

HoustonDon:  Chanze! yay!

Veronica Hart:  Do any of you have your clothes on? I hope not!

DivxLurking:  vhart: me - I'm at work

HoustonDon:  just a sec-I'll take them off...

Chris_Cramps:  Veronica I just saw you the other night in the Sex O' Clock News

Veronica Hart:  Really, what was I doing?

richjr007:  Alooooooha from Honolulu, Hawaii VERONICA τΏτ

Chris_Cramps:  Boxing - Very Funny Film

Veronica Hart:  Was I boxing with Vanessa Del Rio?

Chris_Cramps:  Yep.. Funny Stuff

DivxLurking:  Vanessa Del Rio? Is she still in the biz?

Chris_Cramps:  Veronica Question, do Club 90 still meet?

Veronica Hart:  We all still keep in touch but we haven't gotten together since Kat Sunlove's 50th birthday.

Veronica Hart:  Have you guys seen Playboy's Dark Justice?

HoustonDon:  is it on dvd?

Chris_Cramps:  Wow! What happened to Sue Nero?

Veronica Hart:  No it plays on the Playboy channel , it's 3d animation and it kicks butt!

astroknight:  veronica - nope

foxy_lady:  cool

Veronica Hart:  I hear Sue is great and still back east.

Chris_Cramps:  I have this cool picture of "Club 90" where you guys are holding the Porn Star/Feminist Cards

Veronica Hart:  It was great fun we did a performance called Deep Inside that played at the Franklin Furnace performance spacd in NY

Chris_Cramps:  Something seemed to be just cooler back then. Although I was only in diapers

Veronica Hart:  How old are you Chris?

Chris_Cramps:  Yeah I just read all about it in Annie Sprinkle's Book. You should write a book

Chris_Cramps:  27

Veronica Hart:  Annie's book is awesome and so is she!

foxy_lady:  who is annie sprinkle?

HoustonDon:  annie is a wild woman

Evil_Rip:  who's annie?

HoustonDon:  I liked her in Satisfiers of Alpha Blue-my first kinky movie...

Chris_Cramps:  Please write a book! You are very interesting!

Waiting for the return of Mischa and the voice of Chanze before we go into moderated mode...

HoustonDon:  she had a show going around the country too

Veronica Hart:  Annie Sprinkle is a former porn star, call girl , performance artist, shaman, wonderful artist, incredible photographer, amazing woman

foxy_lady:  that is an amazing woman

Veronica Hart:  Yes, she certainly is.

Chris_Cramps:  Touching Story: I had a guy e-mail and say his child was concieved on the night he and his wife watched "Amanda By Night"

HoustonDon:  you need to see her show and a few movies before really knowing at least a glimmer of how cool she is

Veronica Hart:  Did you like Roommates? It was the first of its kind to portray real people having sex where the girls weren't running around saying do me, do me!

richjr007:  VERONICA: Roomates was a CLASSIC!

Jim82060:  I love that movie Veronica--and saw it at the Quad in NY!

Chris_Cramps:  Much Much! What ever happened to Chuck Vincent?

HoustonDon:  Roommates, Amanda By Night, 8 to 4

astroknight:  especially 8 to 4

Veronica Hart:  It was so weird, I gave it to a lesbian couple friends of mine and they watched it and got completely depressed.

astroknight:  first porno I ever remember watching

HoustonDon:  fasination

Jim82060:  It really broke the porn mold

Veronica Hart:  That was with Ron Jeremy. We remade it into an r-rated movie later. I think it was called Sex Appeal

HoustonDon:  bordello

Chris_Cramps:  Pandora's Mirror was pretty creative

Veronica Hart:  Wow, it's amazing how slow the pace on Pandora's Mirror is . I watched it about six years ago and it really took its time

Chris_Cramps:  The idea was good though

HoustonDon:  the classic ladies of porn-Veronica, Seka, ...

Jim82060:  Let's face it--Georgina Spelvin and Veronica are the best actresses in porn--ever--and it was so cool you put her in Still Insatiable

Veronica Hart:  Thanks for including me in your list, it means a lot!

astroknight:  veronica - you earned your place on that list!

Veronica Hart:  This is fun. I've never had cybersex or anything!

And Mischa returns

astroknight:  welcome back mischa

mischa:  Eeegads, sorry kids.

Veronica Hart:  Hi Mischa!

Chris_Cramps:  Since you were in Boogie Nights... did you feel the movie can across as far fetched?

Steph:  Mischa - welcome back

mischa:  thanks steph

Steph:  Chanze appears to be here, but she's not :)

mischa:  you're getting nothing from her?

Veronica Hart:  No, I actually liked Boogie Nights. I was upset about all the drug use when I first read the script, but everyone was doing drugs back then, and not just the porn industry.. Plus he portrayed us as functioning people who chose to do what we do.

Jim82060:  Gifted as your are, do you think you got a raw deal from mainstream moviemakers when you crossed over?

ookz:  vhart>>what is ur latest movie ??

Chris_Cramps:  Veronica, do you think more Porn Stars should cross over to performance art? For the sake of art?

Steph:  Chanze - are you here??

Veronica Hart:  No, it's easy to say we got a raw deal. You just keep going and trying things. Look for Ginger Lynn and me in This Life, a pilot for NBC - small part and I have a bigger part in Six Feet Under, episode 5, a new HBO series

chanze:  yes, i am here

Hoorays for Chanze's arrival as we prepare to go into moderated mode.

HoustonDon:  steady?

mischa:  ready!

Go! Moderated mode begins.

Steph:  Veronica, Chanze and Mischa - thanks so much for joining us tonight. It's a pleasure to have you here

mischa:  thanks for having us.

chanze:  glad to be here

Veronica Hart:  It's a pleasure to cyber be here

Steph:  So how did each of you get into the adult movie business?

mischa:  It was a bit of a fluke for me

Veronica Hart:  My story's been told. Go ahead ladies.

mischa:  I was a pre-school teacher and wanted an "office" job

chanze:  by accident

mischa:  and a friend of a friend knew of an opening at VCA

mischa:  and the rest is history...

Veronica Hart:  I believe ther are many openings at VCA!

mischa:  LOL!!!

mischa:  tee hee, don't let out all our secrets!

Steph:  chanze - and your accident?

chanze:  friend of mine brought me in as a PA and worked my way into an office job...

Steph:  If you were crowned Queen of Porn for a day what changes would you make?

Veronica Hart:  I'd make sure that everybody would get laid and have about five hugs a day and I think there would be a lot less mysogyny

mischa:  that's a tough one.. I think I might try and break up the boys club a bit.

chanze:  good idea

Steph:  oh what boys club? ;)

chanze:  its a man's world, face it...

mischa:  It's the same club that exsists in the mainstream world.

Veronica Hart:  Let's face it , adult material is made mostly with male's in mind, I'm trying to make sure female's get their fair share

Adult DVD Talk:  Darkmage says: For those of us who are clueless, could you three please describe your respective roles in your company?

mischa:  I'm the publicist.

chanze:  I am head of prod. & run the editing bay

mischa:  I also help run our duplication facility

Veronica Hart:  I am a director and producer and former porn star

chanze:  a great director in my opinion

mischa:  mine too!

Veronica Hart:  Misch and Chanze, I love you.

Adult DVD Talk:  HoustonDon says: How large is VCA?

Veronica Hart:  It is one of the largest manufacturers of adult material.

chanze:  we have over 100 employees at the office

mischa:  we've been in business for 23 years.

Adult DVD Talk:  Gemini says: Question for Ms. Hart, I noticed on the net that White Lightning really cleaned up at the recent Empire Awards...after being more or less ignored by the AVN awards, was this a pleasant surprise?

chanze:  no big surprize here

Veronica Hart:  Yes, I have a big mouth and am very vocal about things I don't like. I'm sure I will always be ignored by AVN

chanze:  your day is cuming

Adult DVD Talk:  astroknight says: Veronica - what was the biggest challenge in moving from in front of the camera to behind it?

Veronica Hart:  It was pretty natural. I 'm just lucky to have incredible people like Russell Hampshire at VCA who supports women in key positions as you can see here

Veronica Hart:  And look at Mischa and Chanze, both intelligent and sexy ladies who work very hard. Pardon the pun

mischa:  Thanks baby!

Adult DVD Talk:  WrongNumber says: chanze - In a previous chat with Antonio Passolini he mentioned that VCA has to pay close attention to the content in order to 'appease' the larger distributors. Do you know if the distributor's requirements will be more strict because of the new administration?

chanze:  maybe a little, as far i know the laws haven't changed

Veronica Hart:  We've always had trouble with a republican administration.

Steph:  Of all the DVDs you've produced so far, which ones are you most proud of?

mischa:  Fortunately we are blessed with an incredible Interactive prodution department

Veronica Hart:  White Lightning, Being With Juli Ashton, Booby Trap, because they all have extras that were made completely with the dvd in mind.

chanze:  White Lightning & Chasing Stacy

mischa:  We have a couple of new FantaSex DVDs coming out this spring that are going to be amazing as well

Veronica Hart:  Wit Maverick and the guys are amazing and so creative.

Steph:  Can you tell us a little about Being with Juli Ashton and how it's different from other interactive DVDs?

Veronica Hart:  You can have sex in three sex scenes in the movie, two with Juli and one where you're the girl besides two virtual sex scenes at the end. It's a take off on Being John Malkovich.

Adult DVD Talk:  WrongNumber says: mischa or chanze - I saw Steph's pics from Chloe's interactie set. Any idea when the DVD might come out?

Veronica Hart:  Chloe comes out in what , three months?

chanze:  probably this spring

mischa:  I thing the tentative release date is late spring.

Veronica Hart:  And there is another one with Kylie Ireland that kicks major butt!

mischa:  oh yeah!!

Veronica Hart:  We're going to shoot some amazing extras for Marilyn Chamber's new pic, Edgeplay

chanze:  amazing!!!

mischa:  This feature promises to be absolutely incredible!

Steph:  Is Edgeplay the one where Tina Tyler is doing a double V?

mischa:  ooh is it?

Veronica Hart:  Tina was scheduled but at the last minute, her dancing gig became a priority and I couldn't reschedule. She will be making her DV soon in an upcoming VCA feature

Adult DVD Talk:  Jim82060 says: I remember seeing you on Phil Donahue in 82 and your were pregnant--how are your kids and how do they handle Mom's occupation?

Veronica Hart:  Chris is 17 and just got his license, Max is 15. It's tough on them but they're very loved.

mischa:  Veronica is an amazing woman, as you can see by her work, but she's also an amazing woman to know and work with

chanze:  mischa, you rule

mischa:  Her kids could be nothing short of incredible too!

Adult DVD Talk:  astroknight says: If you had to get a job in the 'mainstream' world, what would you want to be doing?

Veronica Hart:  Directing and producing - it's what I do.

mischa:  she loves her BIG JIBB!

chanze:  misch- are we talking of the same same jib?

mischa:  he hehe!

mischa:  Running a non-profit Child Advocacy Center

Veronica Hart:  Standing up for kids or animals - that would be good.

Adult DVD Talk:  HoustonDon says: Veron, how many movies do you direct in a year? Will they be coming to dvd faster?

Veronica Hart:  Depends on the project - sometimes as many as six usually about four.

chanze:  we are trying to release same date as video with dvd, sometimes it doesn't work out

mischa:  They are definitely getting closer.

Veronica Hart:  I've been so lucky to work with the top talent like Ginger Lynn and Marilyn and Juli. Look out for Taken - it's amazing.

Here moderation ends and the free-for-all begins...

mischa:  yikes!

DrewBlackADT:  yep, yikes

Veronica Hart:  wooohooo

mischa:  bring it ON!!

chanze:  hello all

Morrigan:  run for it!

Veronica Hart:  Misch I love it when you talk like that!

Darkmage:  Ladies, allow me to extend my thanks for taking the time to talk to us.

HoustonDon:  Veronica, do you notice a difference between the star/directors from the golden age vs now?

DrewBlackADT:  regarding day and date releases: do you find many people requesting simultaneous DVD and VHS releases?

astroknight:  heh heh heh :)

Veronica Hart:  The pleasure is all ours!

mischa:  Yes definitely.

Jim82060:  And thanks for being so open and honest

chanze:  ummm

HoustonDon:  Ladies, do you read our reviews of your dvd's?

Darkmage:  Mischa & Chanze: were you with VCA before the advent of DVD (you know, the Dark Ages?)

mischa:  I especially notice it from a publicity stand point

Veronica Hart:  There is a big difference from then and now. We're business and we're legal for one.

chanze:  yes

mischa:  yes

HoustonDon:  I like the "good old days" - any chance for a return>

astroknight:  veronica - what's the biggest change you've seen in the adult film world in the time you've been there?

chanze:  violence

Steph:  What would you say are the differences between porn for men and porn for women?

mischa:  A lot of reviewers are now moving to reviewing DVDs

Veronica Hart:  I haven't read all the reviewz but your guys seem to get what I'm doing. I 'm so thankful!

Darkmage:  Veronica, even WE haven't read all the reviews!

mischa:  I think porn for men is more about beautiful women..

mischa:  I think porn for women is more about eroticism and hot sex

Morrigan:  and less about beautiful sex

mischa:  regardless of the players appearance

HoustonDon:  We thank the heavens for people like you that know what you're doing vs the extremely weird bug eating/leper loving directors out there...

Darkmage:  Are there any current trends in the industry that you would like to see reversed? I can think of a couple I would like to see dissapear, myself...

chanze:  too many

Veronica Hart:  We're now an accepted part of society. I speak at a lot of colleges that offer courses on adult material

mischa:  a lot of trends need to at least slow down

chanze:  like girls heads in toilets

Chris_Cramps:  Veronica, If you did a remake of one of the movies you starred in 15 years ago what would it be and who would play you?

Jim82060:  i'm one of the old timers who prefers a good story and thank for keeping that a high priority.

mischa:  I think the violence that is growing is going to set back the opinion

mischa:  that porn doesn't lead to violence against women

chanze:  ditto

Veronica Hart:  A large section of our industry has taken on the aspect of the circus side show. It's not my favorite part.

Steph:  maybe you should do a parody of the porn movies violent towards women

Darkmage:  Other than the "newfound" respectability of your occupations, are there trends that you are looking forward to/encouraging?

Jim82060:  My pleasure--I've followed Veroncia since the early 80's, porn and mainstream, and it's great to see here make the kind of movies she was in 15 to 20 years ago

mischa:  Yeah maybe they can wear those huge boxing gloves by Nerf.

Veronica Hart:  I've been standing up for our business for so many years and it disheartens me sometimes at what's out there.

HoustonDon:  Mischa, how about a parody of Extreme associates stuff? ;0

mischa:  HAHA!

chanze:  why give extreme exposure?

mischa:  That would be good!

HoustonDon:  Veronica, you are the first star that I knew by name when I started watching in the early 80's...

mischa:  but I agree with Chanze, I don't believe in reinforcing bad behavior.

Chris_Cramps:  Vicious Porn Sucks

Veronica Hart:  What I realize is how successful they've been at hype when we talk about them and they produce crap. But you've got to admire their drive even if they haven't got any class.

chanze:  what do you as the public want to see?

mischa:  You rock Chris!

astroknight:  who are your favorite adult performers?

HoustonDon:  Chanze-by ridiculing them and making money you make them look even goofier (if that's possible)

chanze:  okay, maybe

Steph:  Female Orgasms! real ones

Darkmage:  heh. I can see it now: "Ladies, today we're going to make a cinematographic exploration of my vision. A unique blend of eroticism and high drama. I call it 'Cum Splattered Ass Cheeks, vol. 14"

WrongNumber:  I vote for real breasts, lots of 'em

Morrigan:  yeah, real ones..

Steph:  most porn focuses on the male's enjoyment

mischa:  LOL!

Morrigan:  lol

chanze:  i vote for real breasts as well

Veronica Hart:  I just shot Kim Chambers who performed or had the most amazing on screen orgasm I've ever seen. I'm trying to learn the art of squirt control myself.

mischa:  It does, and thats okay

astroknight:  definitely real titties and more heavy plot movies

Darkmage:  Count me in for real mammaries. Silicone belongs in microchips.

Chris_Cramps:  I guess Veronica isn't a Rob Black fan. Ha Ha

mischa:  but I know a LOT of women who are just as sexually active, if not more than most men

astroknight:  oops. i mean funbags. sorry if i offended anybody there :)

HoustonDon:  real breasts are good breasts

Veronica Hart:  Keep watching our movies and you'll be happy!

chanze:  steph, we are making porn for male enjoyment

Darkmage:  Mischa - phone numbers! We want phone numbers! :)

HoustonDon:  mischa-send them over to me for a week... please?!?

mischa:  Dark - LOL!!

Steph:  chanze - i know, but i think there are lots of men who want to watch women enjoying themselves

mischa:  Honies I have a LIST!!!

Darkmage:  Steph - AMEN! Please, if she is just lying there and taking it, I am NOT interested.

astroknight:  it makes it more enjoyable if the women are enjoying it more rather than watching it mostly to please us guys

chanze:  a lot of the female talent does enjoy themselves

Veronica Hart:  We are making adult material hopefully for everyone, Nina Hartley says there are movies to get off on and there are movies that will get you laid if you watch it with the opposite sex. We make those kind

mischa:  Well, let me ask the guys this: is it just the woman enjoying herself, or the feeling that you have created that feeling?

Darkmage:  Yes.

astroknight:  definitely

mischa:  is it the orgasm or your involvement in it?

HoustonDon:  I'm up for both types of movie...

Darkmage:  Yes.

astroknight:  definitely

HoustonDon:  women having fun is really hot

SeXy-Julie:  anyone like golden showers

HoustonDon:  ewwwwwwwww

WrongNumber:  no thanks

Darkmage:  The question is an "or" question. "yes" is a perfectly acceptable answer.

Veronica Hart:  Art is the illusion of truth, not necessarily the truth. But I try and wait for the female to truly climax if she is willing

mischa:  And THAT is what makes your scenes great!

HoustonDon:  Anything great coming from VCA on dvd?

Darkmage:  HoustonDon, is the sky blue?

Darkmage:  Mischa - to further explain my answer, it is not one or the other that is what turns me on. I enjoy watching her have fun, and I enjoy knowing that I caused it. I enjoy watching women masturbate, too. Usually, I have nothing to do with it.

Veronica Hart:  Sex is a prticipant sport. Both parties should be happy and willing. If it's not , you need to make it clear that the people are bad guys, or that the relationship is suffering.

mischa:  Darkmage - very cool, it's the same for most women actually. I was just curious.

HoustonDon:  DM-I was hoping for titles...

chanze:  watch for Edge Play and Chloe Cums First on dvd, they will rock

Darkmage:  HoustonDon - I was hoping for samples!

mischa:  Also An Affair with Kylie Ireland

astroknight:  woohoo!

WrongNumber:  mmmmm, Kylie. yummy.

Chris_Cramps:  Veronica, If you could remake a movie you were in 15 years ago, what would it be and who would play you?

Veronica Hart:  Chris I've never thought about that, but now I will!

Steph:  Chris_Cramps good question

mischa:  Excellent question!

HoustonDon:  8 to 4

mischa:  Kylie is yummy and you should see her in this DVD! She's fantastic

Veronica Hart:  Dark Chambers, Being with Juli Ashton, Taken and Edgeplay are all features I've done that don't have the dvd out yet.

WrongNumber:  how many trophies did VCA bring home from the AVN awards?

mischa:  7 awards

WrongNumber:  wow, that's great

mischa:  We were pleased.

chanze:  very pleased

HoustonDon:  should've won more...

chanze:  i agree

Chris_Cramps:  Veronica, Do you know Katherine Gates?

mischa:  THanks HoustonDon

Veronica Hart:  VCA is in a very tough position, if we win, people say its because we place so many ads. I love winning outside of AVN

HoustonDon:  Mischa-in terms of numbers shipped, how many copies of a title do you generally sell? Is this good compared to other porn companies?

Steph:  our WAD awards will be all decided by people who don't get any money from studios

Veronica Hart:  Who is Katherine? The name sounds familiar.

mischa:  You know HD, I dont' have our exact sales numbers.

Darkmage:  Ladies, just about how long do you spend in post-production before a DVD goes out the door?

HoustonDon:  I'm sure you three know we are having an awards show soon-VCA is well represented too...

mischa:  I do know that Chasing Stacy broke all sorts of records at its release

HoustonDon:  mischa-ballpark? better than Wicked, extreme, evil angel, elegant angel?

WrongNumber:  Chasing Stacy is a phenomenal use of DVD technology

Chris_Cramps:  Publicist and friend of Annie. She just wrote Deviant Desires and published Post Porn Modernist.

mischa:  VCA Interactive is an amazing studio and I am going to risk saying that yes, we sell more than those others

HoustonDon:  Stalking Stacy was pretty good

mischa:  Wicked did REALLY well with Dreamquest however.

chanze:  post production can last between 2 weeks to 2 months depending on the project

Chris_Cramps:  You and Katherine should hook up and do a Veronica Hart Coffie Table Book

Veronica Hart:  Some of our stuff goes out extremely well, like 5,000 copies if its a much awaited release. Genereal numbers are between 1500 to 3000

* SeXy-Julie kisses vhart ever so lightly on the lips:)

chanze:  ohhhh

Veronica Hart:  Oh Julie, I would love to really get a kiss!

Darkmage:  So, how is it that the mainstream DVDs of movies which were almost universally shot on film don't have similar problems?

astroknight:  any chance on dropping the blue screen for a real background on your upcumming interactive DVDs?

chanze:  julie, do we know you?

Darkmage:  Or why did Dream Quest have so many?

Veronica Hart:  I would love to meet Katherine, doesn't she have the gates of hell logo or something?

Chris_Cramps:  Veronica, Yeah that's her... Very cool I interviewed her in the villiage last month

HoustonDon:  (I'm falling in love with Mischa...)

Veronica Hart:  Maybe the transfer to dvd was bad they used a bad house or something, or sometimes when we rank over film, wavers in the image come through. We are limited by our budgets!

mischa:  yeah!!!

chanze:  everyone falls for mischa

bbq:  Veronica, I loved the play that you were in last year called "The porn star and the dyke". Will you be doing any more theater?

astroknight:  i see why

mischa:  ** blushing **

mischa:  stop!!!

Darkmage:  Well, I have to say that I have yet to see a VCA disc that was not razor sharp.

mischa:  ** fluttering eyelashes **

* astroknight drools ;)

mischa:  Thanks DM!

Darkmage:  Yes, indeedy.

HoustonDon:  VCA=consistently good technical qualities, read my reviews...

Veronica Hart:  I would love to do more theatre and acting. It's just tough making time for everything>

mischa:  Our studio works VERY hard to put out only the best quality product

chanze:  thanks houston

mischa:  regardless.

HoustonDon:  Thank You Chanze...

Veronica Hart:  Our guys all have masters degrees. Isn't that amazing. They're seriously trained and talented individuals.

Darkmage:  Degrees in what, if I may ask?

astroknight:  it shows

mischa:  Not to mention funny as hell!

bbq:  Veronica, is their anyway to contact you via the internet?

HoustonDon:  not as talented as their director, publicist, and production manager

Morrigan:  vhart acting?

Veronica Hart:  They have degrees in filmmaking and art and I guess compiuter imagery. One has a master's in directing

mischa:  oh HD.... you DO know the way to a publicists heart!!

chanze:  mischa, stop, flirting

HoustonDon:  I'll stick with Veronica being a master at directing rather than have someone with a masters degree...

Veronica Hart:  You can e-mail me at

DrewBlackADT:  I had the pleasure of spending some time with Wit Maverick at the show in Vegas. He's a very intelligent person that takes great pride in the work he does at VCA. He has to be one of the best, if not the best at putting together a quality DVD.

* astroknight throws salt at HoustonDon

Morrigan:  LOL

mischa:  sorry, you know me... can't help it... it's a disease!!

HoustonDon:  flirt away

* Morrigan gets the mop for HD's drool

chanze:  i agree, wit is amazing

chanze:  misch- i stil love ya

mischa:  He really is. You should hear some of the ideas he comes up with!

mischa:  I know baby ;-)

Steph:  another Wit fan here :)

DrewBlackADT:  any other cool stuff going on at VCA that you would like to share with us? new contract stars, etc?

Darkmage:  I need to move out to the left coast where all the interesting people are...

Veronica Hart:  We're lucky to have Wit . He's talented, funny and amazingly humble. I had to go see a play he directed and read the playbill before I knew how qualified he was. I love him.

mischa:  We just signed the gorgeously hot Julie Meadows!

Chris_Cramps:  Will the Radley Metzger films ever come out on DVD from VCA?

chanze:  he will be thrilled to hear, if he hasn't logged on

astroknight:  woohoo! Julie's great!

HoustonDon:  (Julie! slobber...)

mischa:  yeah she really is!

astroknight:  I was wondering who was going to sign her first

Darkmage:  Are there any particular performers you wish you could get into contracts? Ones you haven't been able to nab yet?

Veronica Hart:  I think we just released Barbara Broadcast and another film of Radley's.

mischa:  I can't wait for the first project where we have Chloe AND Julie in a feature together!!

astroknight:  It's great to see a really great company end up with her rather than somebody like Extreme

Jim82060:  Great question Chris--I lost my VHS copy of "The Private Afternoons Of Pamela Mann" during a move--Is that still available on VHS or will it come out on DVD?

chanze:  Drew, we have signed Chloe and Julie Meadows

astroknight:  chloe and julie together?

Veronica Hart:  Now we have Chloe signed for both directing and starring!!!!!

bbq:  Veronica, can fans meet you in public? Like at conventions like Erotica L.A.

* astroknight drools like HoustonDon

mischa:  We are thrilled to have both of them!

Darkmage:  What is VCA planning with respect to their older films? Any particular plans to flesh out the library (pun intended?)

HoustonDon:  Chloe looked great in the VCA ad I saw recently

DrewBlackADT:  When a studio signs a star to an "exclusive contract" what does that really mean? It the definition of "exclusive" seems to mean different things for each studio.

mischa:  Chloe is on fire!

Veronica Hart:  Absolutely, I'm at the CES show in Las Vegas at the VCA booth every year!

chanze:  it means exclusive

Morrigan:  :)

mischa:  Drew - it means that they are exclusive to our studio for the duration of their contract period.

mischa:  Chloe just signed at 2 year 20 feature contract, directing 8 starring in 12

Veronica Hart:  VCA usually releases a few classics every month along with their current titles. That's where we rock because we have so many great classics.

Steph:  Great to see Chloe with VCA

mischa:  Julie will be with us for one year.

Veronica Hart:  I do know how to spell I'm just going fast.

HoustonDon:  agree with steph

chanze:  i am very, very happy about this

Darkmage:  Veronica, a slight correction: "That's where we [also] rock..."

Jim82060:  i hear you Veronica--same here

Darkmage:  Do you ever sign contracts for more than one year?

mischa:  my brain and enthusiasm override all grammatical ability as well

HoustonDon:  it sounds like VCA is going to break a lot of hearts (competitors hearts) this coming year...

Chris_Cramps:  Veronica are you a Contract Director?

mischa:  DM- Yeah Chloe is with us for 2

Veronica Hart:  Sometimes we do a picture deal, both Marilyn and Ginger were for pictures not for years.

mischa:  HD - I HOPE SO!!!

mischa:  It's really important for me to get the message out that VCA is a force to watch

Darkmage:  Ginger's picture deal... does that fall under "exclusive" as you were describing above?

HoustonDon:  Mischa-just remember this mantra: Steph's your friend, Steph's your friend...

mischa:  we may be "old school" as some have said...

Darkmage:  Steph knows the Porn Fairy. Steph is a good person to keep happy.

Morrigan:  Steph=good

mischa:  but we are ABSOLUTELY still one of the best

HoustonDon:  old school is good compared to the as fast as possible crap that most make

chanze:  vca still rocks

Veronica Hart:  Chris, I would only do adult projects for VCA. There is no contract or no deal but Russell has been so good to me, letting me make the kind of films I want to make, that I would be a fool to go anywhere else!

mischa:  Are you kidding Steph kicks ass! I love her!

Steph:  now i'm blushing

Darkmage:  Cool. Can we watch?

HoustonDon:  hehehehe

mischa:  She and I bonded at the Chloe shoot !

das:  have you ever appeared in any non-adult films?

Steph:  the chloe shoot was a good time

astroknight:  a while ago I heard there were plans for Misty Beethoven to be released. is it coming out on DVD any time soon?

Veronica Hart:  Look at the directors we have - Michael Ninn, Antonio Passolini, Jim Holliday and great director's like Wesley Emmerson, Bud Lee, and F.J. Lincoln. These guys care and they know what they're doing!

Steph:  astroknight Misty Beethoven is on their site as coming soon

Darkmage:  Misty B.? REally? WhenWhenWhenWhenWhenWhen???

Chris_Cramps:  Are movies like "Scent of Heather" too taboo for Veronica Hart to direct?

Darkmage:  Hey Endorphin. Been listening to rap again, have we?:)

Veronica Hart:  Yes, it's coming soon and I think it was narrated by Jamie Gillis and Gloria Leonard!

mischa:  It was! (Misty) It's going to be fantastic!

astroknight:  are there going to be many edits to it?

Darkmage:  But as an added bonus, Veronica brought some friends with her!

HoustonDon:  Mischa's especially well liked ;)

HoustonDon:  (and chanze too)

Veronica Hart:  As a matter of fact, we restored much of the original like the guy getting penetrated which I think rules.

mischa:  HD you are officially the president of my fan club!

chanze:  thanks houston

astroknight:  woohoo!

Morrigan:  Really, vhart? I gotta see this...

HoustonDon:  gee, I almost forgot about the male penetration thing

Darkmage:  Veronica, you have just jumped up four places on my "too cool people" list!

Veronica Hart:  It was the whole point to the last scene. Guys need some good lovin too!

mischa:  yes they do!!

bbq:  Veronica, are you having fun here tonight?

HoustonDon:  Vhart-I remember when it came out... interesting to say the least

joeblow69:  what's this I'm hearing about male penetration??

Steph:  joeblow69 wakes up

Veronica Hart:  Yes, I'm having great fun, but I need to excuse myself, you have all gotten me so hot I need some relief!

Darkmage:  joeblow69 - towards the end of Misty Beethoven, a particular actor gets... um... ravaged by a strap-on.

Morrigan:  Now, I have GOT to see this movie

mischa:  See now you've all got Veronica worked up!

joeblow69:  ReallY? does that sort of thing happen alot in straight porn?

Steph:  joeblow69 only in older stuff

HoustonDon:  joe-not much these days

Veronica Hart:  Love and kisses and thanks for actually watching what we do! Hey guys, see you at work tomorrow!

Morrigan:  you going vhart?

HoustonDon:  Go watch Satisfiers of Alpha Blue with Annie Sprinkle too

Steph:  vhart Thanks so much for coming!

Jim82060:  Thanks Veronica, you are awesome

astroknight:  Veronica - you're not leaving us already???? :(

chanze:  joe- it happens alot in real life

mischa:  Night V. see you tomorrow!

Chris_Cramps:  That's what makes Radley Metzger's films so memorable

joeblow69:  hehe

bbq:  Take care Veronica.

Darkmage:  Misty Beethoven is easily one of the top three adult DVDs. Up there with Behind the Green Door and Insatiable.

astroknight:  have a great night veronica. thanks for joining us tonight

HoustonDon:  chanze-really?

Darkmage:  Goodnight, Veronica. It was a pleasure.

chanze:  i love you vhart

Veronica Hart:  Thanks so much. Hope you all have a great night!

astroknight:  please come back again

Chris_Cramps:  Good Night Veronica!

Morrigan:  come back and see us!

bbq:  Come back again Veronica.

Jim82060:  Good night Veronica--and say hello to Jane too

DivxLurking:  years ago, I never thought I'd end up in a chat with Veronica. :)

Chris_Cramps:  Watching Veronica Box with Vanessa Del Rio in Sex O'Clock news is better than Raw is War

chanze:  misch- time to go, hope you are better

Steph:  chanze - thanks for joining us (sorry it was such a pain to get here :)

mischa:  Me too Chanze. Remember I'm gonna lick your face tomorroew!

Morrigan:  Can I come work with you guys?

chanze:  misch----ohhhhh!!

Morrigan:  It sounds like so much fun

mischa:  hehehehe!!

mischa:  Working with them is the best part of the job, seriously!

We wrap up the evening with a big VCA fan love fest, full of licking, pictures of Sexy Julie and Morrigan, and comments like these:

Darkmage:  Never let it be said that we, the assembled fans of adult film, do not appreciate the hard work and expertise that is VCA.

astroknight:  if only all companies would put out as good of products as VCA

Jim82060:  and were so nice to their fans--this was a great chat!

Endorphin:  "you gals were all great"---Endorphin just started a sexual fantasy with that;)

Pleasant dreams, Endorphin.

A thousand thanks to Mischa, Veronica and Chanze - it's a pleasure to have three articulate women in our chat room as well as producing quality porn for all us fans who would prefer that the toilet seats stay on the toilets.

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