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This Tricia Devereaux chat was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on May 3rd, 2000.

Tricia Devereaux enters the chat room… and the crowd cheers with many hellos

Tricia Devereaux: hi Steph and everyone!

Draken: Hello there Tricia!
Amstel2: Hello Tricia
Waynstock: greetings from michigan tricia :)

Tricia Devereaux: be right back :) want to get a pepsi from the fridge...

draken: Pepsi drinker, a girl after my own heart
oly: I am a fan from a ways back loved you in Vouyer6!!

Tricia Devereaux: OK much better now.

ADT_Steph: Tricia, thanks you so much for joining us tonight. It is an honor and a pleasure to have you in the ADT chat room.

Tricia Devereaux: thank you. I've been looking forward to it since you asked me.

ADT_Steph: Tricia, we'd also like to thank you for coming on our forum and asking us for feedback on Evil Angel's DVDs. How are the re-releases of the older DVDs going?

Tricia Devereaux: They're still in production, but they've been switched to a linear transfer, so the picture looks like a DVD picture should now. Plus we added some features. I'm expecting to re-release them in mid May.

Darkmage: What sort of plans do you have for Evil Angel's DVDs? Specific features, type of content, etc.?

Tricia Devereaux: I've asked the producers that on future shoots, they'll take more behind the scenes footage and pictures. But for older releases, we're sticking with our fetish menu, which locates some of the best blowjobs, anal scenes, cumshots, etc in the video. John Stagliano is doing a neat commentary for each of his releases.

waynstock: your bio on ADT moved my wife and I, do you have any plans on a movie possibly?

Tricia Devereaux: I don't have any plans, but have been keeping kind of a journal because I'm horrible at remembering names and dates of people and things. I do interviews a lot, and maybe someday if a real talk show (not Springer) asked me to come on, I'd do it. Of course, I'd love to do some sort of movie, but who knows.

Saki: what are some of the tasks you do on a day-to-day basis at Evil Angel?

Tricia Devereaux: I help pick production pictures for box covers and the magazine, do everyday errands and tasks for John, help with casting, and recently DVD production and sales.

Darkmage: You mention that you're looking at hopping into the director's chair. How much of your first effort is complete? What can you tell us about it?

Tricia Devereaux: I am also learning how to edit and shoot camera because I'd like to start directing. I have written the script. It's about a woman who's bored with a normal life, but doesn't realize it until she figures out that one of her female friends is bisexual. It goes from there, but it'll be heavy both on dialogue and really intense sex. I may even put some S/M into it. John "Buttman" is going to shoot camera for me in June.

harris: do you feel that the industry as a whole has done a poor job protecting the talent, and if so have things improved at all in the last few years?

Tricia Devereaux: I don't know that it's anyone's job to protect the talent. Most of the people who have a difficult time in the business would probably have a difficult time in any aspect of life. As far as safe sex, if a person doesn't want to work without condoms, they don't have to. And if they choose to work without them, then they need to realize that they're taking a very serious risk.

oly: Tricia glad to see you back I have been a fan since your early movies I was just wondering if you answer your own email and if you reply to fans?

Tricia Devereaux: I answer all of my own email but it's been getting pretty hectic lately with all the fans writing to me. But I do my best to personalize everything.

waynstock: Tricia do you like music and if so what are your musical taste?

Tricia Devereaux: I love music. I played percussion for 15 years... My tastes are pretty widespread. Anything from classical to jazz to Nine Inch Nails to Backstreet Boys. There are a lot of talented people out there.

Darkmage: Now that you are in the production side of things and not just the 'talent', do you find that the other members of the industry take you more or less seriously?

Tricia Devereaux: I think they take me more seriously. Not to sound to conceited, I was always one of the more level-headed girls, so I got a lot of respect from the directors and producers even when I was just talent. But I think they're all happy to help me out in my new "position" and want to see me succeed.

oly: you are so beautiful and really look like you enjoy the movies that you were in, is there anyone that you really didn't like working with?

Tricia Devereaux: I learned real quick to be picky about who I worked with. I'm a good actress, but I hate faking it. But sometimes I'd accidentally OK someone and have to do my best. I'd say that happened on 5 - 10% of my shoots. I never worked with Ron Jeremy and wish I could say the same about Paul Cox.

TylerDurden: What performers do you like working with the most?

Tricia Devereaux: The rest of them I had a great time, and that's why I loved being an actress. Jeanna Fine and PJ Sparxx helped me win one of my AVN awards. They're incredible. Stephanie Swift, Marc Davis, TT Boy, Mr. Marcus, Coral Sands. All great performers and great people.

waynstock: Tricia do you use the internet much for business or pleasure?

Tricia Devereaux: I mostly do research for business use. But when I get free time I sometimes just look to see what's there. I'm a big customer on Mostly because I've gotten too busy to make trips to the bookstores or Sam Goody or whatever.

Saki: I understand that you like doing S&M types of movies. Is there anything in particular about them that draws you to that genre?

Tricia Devereaux: I dated a director named Rob Black for a year. He wasn't into S/M but into rougher more intense sex. I figured out about bondage and sex toys on my own. Now in my personal life I'm always pushing myself to try something new... I love getting choked, having my hair pulled. But I love just intense fucking.

many people: What did you study in college?

Tricia Devereaux: As far as college, I was a biology major and chemistry minor. I also studied music and French pretty intensively. I went onto med school after my BS.

richjr007: Tricia, If you were not involved in the adult film industry what do you think you would be doing?

Tricia Devereaux: I never would have been asked to leave med school. So I guess I'd be a doctor. I would have received my MD in May 1999. I wanted to be an obstetrician. (Yes, that's a coincidence. I wanted to deliver babies.) :)

Darkmage: Having put out movies under various studios, can you elaborate on the differences between them?

Tricia Devereaux: Some studios and directors really care about their work. I love Wicked. They really put a lot into their company. Vivid is kind of off and on. Some of the lower-rung companies just put out product to try to make whatever product they can. I love being at Evil Angel because John and the rest of the directors all really care about making good movies. Maybe not perfect production values, but great porn.

harris: Of your movies that are out or coming out soon on DVD, which do you like the best and think included your best performance?

Tricia Devereaux: I've gotten good comments on Bad Wives. I liked myself in Cellar Dwellar. I think Elegant Angel will be putting out Week 1/2 in the Life of A Prostitute sometime. And from Evil Angel, John Leslie will be releasing Voyeur 6 and Dirty Tricks 2, two of my favorites. I'll convince John to put out Buttman's Toy Stories later this year.

ADT_Steph: Do you plan on doing any more performing?

Tricia Devereaux: Due to my HIV status, I'm pretty limited... I always loved performing and still talk to a lot of the talent. I did the scene in Toy Stories with John but don't know if I'll do any more scenes with him. If I find a guy who's positive who wants to do some porn with me and he's nice and cute and a good fuck, I'm up for it. Other than that, I'd love to do some more magazine work. Maybe some masturbation or some more bondage stuff :)

sonic: "what do you think about Anabolic's Rough Sex Series?"

Tricia Devereaux: I was not offended by it, but WAS disturbed. I feel that portraying rape scenes may be more dangerous than anyone could imagine. I get pretty turned on by really physical and "rough" sex, but not the way they portrayed it. I know most of the actors from it, and of course it was consensual, but the entire attitude pretty much turned me off. To top it off, I found out between watching 1 and 2 that the director isn't even a sexual person. That's so true of so many

jatog: Has HIV changed your outlook on the industry, and do you get any criticism for still being involved in the industry?

Tricia Devereaux: I'm sure some people would feel more comfortable if I wasn't still around. (I left for a little while in between). But like I said, most people are pretty happy about me doing the directing and production stuff. And I just tend to be a little more cynical. Maybe a tiny bit bitter. I look at a lot of these people taking their safety for granted. That's what I did, and my trust in them was betrayed by someone. But it makes me work harder, and I probably wouldn't have received some of the opportunities I have now like with John...

ADT_Steph: How did you meet John?

Tricia Devereaux: I met John because we knew who each other were in the first place, just didn't know each other. After I got HIV, he gave me a call to see if I'd want someone with experience with living with HIV to talk to. We went out for a drink, and he kissed me goodnight on the cheek! I felt like a teenager. Anyway, I lived with my family for about a year but John and I saw each other a few times. We realized that we should probably start having sex!... and by then we were

Anonymous: At one time there was a big controversy about the HIV testing in the adult industry. Do you believe any performers falsified test results and do you know of any performer that lied about their HIV status to keep working?

Tricia Devereaux: It has been more than speculated that Marc Wallice knew long before anyone else that he had HIV and was using old tests and changing the date so that he could keep working. All 4 girls who got HIV worked with him about 2 months before their first positive test.

--- here begins the unmoderated chat free-for-all ---

Darkmage: Tricia, first thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us. If you don't mind, what happened to Wallice? Punished? Sued? Assassinated?
Morrigan: drawn and quartered?

Tricia Devereaux: Marc was working as an editor for a little while. Brooke Ashley was going to file a civil suit and sue, but I thought a criminal charge would be better. He's not around the business at all anymore. I still think he should be in jail, but don't have the energy for so much hatred.

Max: he should be behind bars!!!
Morrigan: I agree
Pat-Chloe-Fan: ditto
Oly: if i were to email you what would be the chance of receiving a reply either an autographed picture or an email????

Tricia Devereaux: I almost alway send back emails, but don't send pictures for free... I get too many requests!

richjr007: Hey Tricia How did the AVN convention on Maui go ?

Tricia Devereaux: the AVN conference in Maui was really good. I met a lot of people I had only casually known and I learned a lot more about the business.

Waynstock: this has been a really interesting chat session Tricia, where do you see yourself the next five years?

Tricia Devereaux: In five years, I'd like to be directing, and on my way to maybe becoming a music video director like Greg Dark is or maybe directing suspense movies--something like Sixth Sense or Seven.

Oly: Tricia is there a movie that you wish you didn't do?

Tricia Devereaux: Movie I wish I didn't do, besides the 2 in one week with Marc... Maybe the Ed Powers one. Only because I can't stand Jamie Gillis.

Oly: in the movie Dirty Dirty Debutantes with Ed Powers and Jamie Gillis you looked uncomfortable how was it working with those two?

Tricia Devereaux: Jamie was being his usual piece of trash self and I had thought by miscommunication that I'd be working with Ed and Jake Steed. Now Jake I like.

Darkmage: Tricia... forgive me for prying, but "piece of trash self"?? What, does he think he is the King Dick of Porn Mountain?
Oly: when I saw that movie with ed and jamie I wanted to go there and tell you to get out of that room gillis is a real creepy guy and I hated it when he told you to say hi to Patrick I thought it was very disrespectful
Pat-Chloe-Fan: How 'bout doing something on Krysti Lynn, like a compilation DVD?

Tricia Devereaux: Krysti Lynn. Well, I'm sure that's a possibility. Although on VIDEO. We're not doing any DVD comps for quite a long time, if at all. But as for Krysti, she's John's previous love, so it's hard for me to watch her in sex scenes, especially the ones she did with John-- although she was an incredible performer.

Sonic: Tricia, I just wanted to tell you that your bio was very touching. I had tears running down my cheeks. Also I want to compliment you on your great skils. Truly you are a great human being. :)
Max: in which dirty debutantes were you in?

Tricia Devereaux: Dirty Dirty Debs #2. I'm on the box cover. It was my 6th video.

Max: thank you ill be getting it
Pat-Chloe-Fan:Is there a reason why no Krysti Lynn "Buttman " stuff hasn't come out on dvd yet?

Tricia Devereaux: Yeah she was good, but I'm sure you can understand my uncomfortableness talking about her. She was John's last major love before me, but right after they broke up, she died in a car crash. John is releasing his bigger budget and his favorite stuff, and right now I'm his favorite.
Pat-Chloe-Fan: I understand, forgive me for talking about her!

Tricia Devereaux: No problem. I talk about her with John all the time. She was really beautiful and full of energy and I'm just too insecure sometimes, because she really was great. I didn't know her though.

Max: are any of your s&m videos on DVD?

Tricia Devereaux: I did a few bondage movies for Freddie Lincoln and someone else. Doomsday is out on DVD from Sunshine.

amstel2: Thanks and much love to you, Tricia... Good luck in the director's chair and beyond.
Tricia when I first saw you I thought you were sooo gorgeous I really loved you in Gregory Darks The Shocking Truth did you have fun on that shoot?

Tricia Devereaux: Shocking truth was a lot of fun. Greg Dark was really intimidating, but I liked him right away. He was really into "filmmaking" even on that shoot.

LiLRed: what's Tricia's email?

Tricia Devereaux: anyone can email me at I'll probably be pretty busy over the next couple of days. Taking an editing class. I don't really have a website, but anything really important for me I ask to be posted on

*Note: Tricia now has a website at

LoveBug: will you make a sequel of buttman toy stories??

Tricia Devereaux: I would love to make a sequel to Toy Stories. We'll see...
LoveBug: cool.

LoveBug: what is the next movie for Buttman of Evil Angel?

Tricia Devereaux: Young Lust is the next release (maybe next week I think) Then Nudes A Poppin 9. Both will be on Video. The next DVDs from Buttman will be Buttman's Ultimate Workout, followed by Buttman's Anal Show.

Sonic: Tell Stagliano that he's da-man!!

Pat-Chloe-Fan: I'll have to say, I was shocked at the end of "Buttman Confidential", Can you comment on that?

Tricia Devereaux: Pat, which specific part of B Confidential? It's all pretty shocking.
Pat-Chloe-Fan: That She-male thing!

Tricia Devereaux: Pat, that was something John decided to put in the video. I had known before I saw B Confidential that it was something he had experimented with.
Pat-Chloe-Fan: Is he still into it?

Tricia Devereaux: Pat, well, kind of. He's not gay, but does like some different stuff. I for one love gay porn, and would be happier with a bisexual boyfriend. :)

Tricia Devereaux: John isn't bi, he in no way gets turned on by guys. Someone who looks like a girl may be a different story in the right situation.

sonic: Tricia...have you ever met jewel Valmont?

Tricia Devereaux: Jewel Valmont, met her, not particularly fond of.
Sonic: ohhh :)

Tricia Devereaux: She's even more insecure than I am, and that's pretty difficult
LiLRed: Tricia you have no reason to be
ADT_Steph: Tricia - your honesty is much appreciated
Sonic: are so great tonight!
bad2dabone: Steph...I second that emotion
Pat-Chloe-Fan: ditto

jatog: Tricia, are you bothered by the fact that your scene in Bad Wives was heavily edited for the DVD?

Tricia Devereaux: I haven't seen the Bad Wives DVD, just the video. Isn't the point of DVD to put extra footage, not chop the video??? I'll have to check it out, but it'll probably just frustrate me.
Jatog: Vivid had to edit the movie to make room for all their stupid extras, most of which are the same from disk to disk

Oly: I loved you for a long time Tricia I hope you are happy and doing well I will send and email to you if you don't mind (hopefully my girlfriend wont get too jealous about it though) take care of yourself and good luck with all hope you make lots of $$$$$

Darkmage: Tricia, forgive me if this was asked earlier, but have you done a commentary track yet?

Tricia Devereaux: no commentaries from me yet. I'll talk to John Leslie to see if he'll let me put an interview of me into Voyeur 6 and Dirty Tricks 2. Of course I'll do commentaries if I put one of my directing efforts onto DVD.
LoveBug: oohh yahh Dirty Tricks2 opening scene
Darkmage: Tricia, please drop by the forum and let us know if your efforts at getting the interview inserted are successful.

Tricia Devereaux: Darkmage--will do.

LoveBug: how come Rocco is so hardcore..

Tricia Devereaux: Rocco is incredible, so don't go there. I regret never having worked with him. He makes girls want more, then he succeeds in giving it to them.
Sonic: tricia..Rocco kicks ass!

Tricia Devereaux: here here

Max: tricia which scene are you in in bad wives?
Jatog: max, the 3-way in the office

Tricia Devereaux: Bad Wives-- The scene as a secretary with Tony Tedeschi and the 3 way with him and Missy.
Darkmage: Tricia - You know, I meant to brush up by watching my copy of Bad Wives before the chat. Thanks for the reminder. EXCELLENT scene.

Tricia Devereaux: Darkmage, thanks

Oly: Tricia, if you were on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire how well would you do??

Tricia Devereaux: Really well on Millionaire. I know lots of really useless facts!
Sonic: that your final answer?
Steph: Stop, I hate Regis!
jatog: I think everyone hates Regis, and he went to Notre Dame, too YUCK!
bad2dabone: tricia...feel free to use me as a Call Your Friend lifeline… or for that matter..just feel free to use me

TylerDurden: Tricia, how about Seymore Butts? Any thoughts?

Tricia Devereaux: Seymore, really nice guy. After I got HIV, he actually asked me to come work at his company as a production person and an organizer for his contract girls.

Oly: how about Max Hardcore is he a jerk or WHAT????

Tricia Devereaux: Max Hardcore, not as bad in real life, but sometimes not so cool.

ADT_Steph: Tricia - How about Luke Ford? If we talk about him he puts it on his site ;)

Tricia Devereaux: Luke Ford is an asshole and I don't care if he does read this. He has no business making judgements of people or twisting people's words around. After I got HIV, he accused me of doing heroin, prostituting, etc. I threatened to sue, and he laid off.
LiLRed: There is nothing like a person that speaks their mind, Right on Tricia
Pat-Chloe-Fan: Who's Luke Ford?
Sonic: Luke Ford..let me write that down on my beat and search and kick their ass list! :mad:
bad2dabone: guess is that Luke Ford won't be putting that quote up on his site

NOAH: hi there Tricia have u ever work with tia bella or ansia or jon dough or mr.marcus or cassandra i think she is so fine

Tricia Devereaux: Tia-no, Jon Dough-no, Marcus- Oh yeah. Very Good.

Oly: have you looked into working in mainstream movies?

Tricia Devereaux: Mainstream, I've done a little in it myself, but it's very difficult to break into. Oly: you are so gorgeous and present yourself very well

Darkmage: Tricia, did we hit you up with the standard ADT question?
bad2dabone: mean..does she own a DVD player?

Tricia Devereaux: DVD player, of course. It's my job to produce DVDs for Evil Angel.

Sonic: Tricia..on dvd..what is your favorite mainstream title?

Tricia Devereaux: I've only seen 30-45 or so. Loved the features on Abyss. Just rented Mission Impossible tonight.
Jatog: I think Tricia is the first person to answer in the affirmative to the "standard question"

Darkmage: Tricia, bad2dabone is almost right:"If you were Porn Emperor for a day, what would you change about the industry?"
Darkmage: That question. Although... bad does have a point.

Tricia Devereaux: Boob jobs are almost acceptable, but they have to look REALLY GOOD!!!! Otherwise, I don't want to see it. I'm getting older, and may get myself some in about 10 years!
LiLRed: YES, no more fake tits!!!!!!!!!!!
ADT_Steph: Tricia - NOOOO please don't
Pat-Chloe-Fan: Death to fake tits!!!
Sonic: Tricia..natural is beautiful.
Darkmage: Tricia - resist the urge. Be yourself. Stay away from silicone, you'll go blind.
Jatog: no, Tricia, don't do it!

Tricia Devereaux: In porn, I'd like to see more intelligent women and more better acting. And more people who just plain old love sex.

Jason: Tits, fake or real are sooo yummy :)

Tricia Devereaux: OK OK OK
sonic: Don't fall for the darkside..use the force!
Darkmage: I think we convinced her. :)
ADT_Steph: I love you guys - the no fake boob contingent
lunacy places her vote for natural as well
duganrm: Steph - now we just need to convince them that plot is important in adult movies
Pat-Chloe-Fan: Why are there so many fake tits since most of the people seem not to like them?

Tricia Devereaux: Girls get fake boobs for dancing as a feature. And most of them don't like their boobs.

Tricia Devereaux: I love plot in movies, but most of the people don't know how to act, so sometimes what's the point.
Pat-Chloe-Fan: Yeah ! But people who buy porn don't like fake boobs, is feature dancing more lucrative?

Tricia Devereaux: feature dancing is WAY more lucrative. About 20 times more. Girls don't get paid squat for doing the actual videos. Souvenirs, fan clubs, dancing, that's where the money is.
Darkmage: The point is WE like movies with plot. We'll buy movies with plot. Go Tricia!!
TylerDurden: Plot and real Boobs!!!!
Duganrm: Tricia - bad plot is better than no plot - in my opinion.. you can still laugh at bad acting and bad dialog =)
Darkmage: duganrm, I'm with ya!
ADT_Steph: though purposely bad dialog would be better
Jatog: I like the unrealistic plots that just make you laugh yourself silly

Sonic: Tricia...I know I'm asking you so many questions..will all the Buttman movies will be on dvd..all of them?

Tricia Devereaux: sonic-- Buttman has released a hell of a lot of videos. I know you love them, but we're only releasing one DVD a month from each EVIL angel director. So he's picking the best one.

Tricia Devereaux: sonic, Love your reviews of Evil DVDs. You're probably too nice. The picture wasn't too good, but it is on the redo releases.
Sonic: Tricia… I am too nice..most importantly honest and truthful :)

bad2dabone: the studios ever accept porn scripts on spec?

Tricia Devereaux: I'm sure some directors buy scripts. I would, but it has to remain easy to shoot. No more than 3-8 locations, not too many extras for people in the background, not too expensive to make... And the setups for sex have to be pretty realistic in order to make it worth it.
bad2dabone: much would a spec script go for $$?
TylerDurden: I say this whole chat should be made into a porn film. Real boobs and all!!!
Darkmage: bad2dabone - As payment, you get to be in one of the scenes!

Tricia Devereaux: Spec scripts would probably only fetch $100 -1000 dollars depending on the company buying it.
Darkmage: Not enough to live on. :(
bad2dabone: Tricia...usch........
ADT_Steph: it's not about the money - it's about making great porn!

torris: Tricia: is John a good boss?

Tricia Devereaux: John's a pretty good boss. He's pretty serious at work, but really fair. and really good at running a company.

TylerDurden: Tricia, any thoughts on Peter North?

Tricia Devereaux: Peter North. Fine. I did a blowjob with him in an orgy. We really wanted to fuck, but the director tried to choreograph the orgy (very stupid) and told us there wasn't time.

Darkmage: Tricia, how do the various companies get along with each other? Is there any sort of collaboration, or is it all dog-fuck-dog?

Tricia Devereaux: Companies get along pretty good. We don't collaborate all that much, but we don't "fuck" each other.

Oly: TRICIA you are way awesome when i was a single guy you reminded me of a girl I liked. my last girlfriend was jealous of you because she saw the resemblence anyways just wanted you to know that you were a fantasy of mine for a while until i was happy in my relationship thank you very much

Harris: are there any good insider books about the industry that you are aware of?

Tricia Devereaux: books, one called PORNSTAR. It's on, but it sometimes takes a pretty pessimistic view. True, but pessimistic.

max: Tricia what did you see eyes wide shut and romance? what did you think? will porn ever go mainstream?

Tricia Devereaux: Porn is getting more mainstream all the time. But I don't think it'll ever be "mainstream". People just aren't comfortable enough with it to accept it as an art form.
Jatog: I don't see how anyone can look at that picture of Tricia and not call it an art form
Torris: I don't want it to be an art form, Vivid is already bad enuf and until they're pumping thousands into the scripts and sets, why even make the attempt

Tricia Devereaux: Wicked is good at making features if they spend enough money. I want to make a good feature on about half that budget.

Darkmage: Tricia, what is Evil Angel's typical porno budget?

Tricia Devereaux: Our budget... It varies. $10K to $50K. Usually 20-30K. Rocco spent over $100K on Rocco Never Dies 1 and 2.

Oly: TRICIA what do you think about all the facials and anals, don't you think they are getting a bit cliche'?
Torris: Oly - bite your tongue

Tricia Devereaux: Facials and anal. Love anal sex. But it should be done more erotic. Like Christoph Clark or Buttman does. Buttman always includes insertions.

NOAH: Tricia I have a question is peter north dick really that big or does he has to used a penis pumper?

Tricia Devereaux: Peter North. Really that big, really that much cum.
Oly: Tricia so what movie were you in with Peter North anyways?

Tricia Devereaux: Peter North-- I think it was Eternal Lust 1 or 2. It's an orgy scene. I have a scene with 2 guys too.

TylerDurden: Tricia, were you a porn fan before joining the buisness?

Tricia Devereaux: I was a porn fan before. Loved Nikki Dial.

Jason: Tricia, what "mainstream" actor/actress would you most like to do a sex scene with?

Tricia Devereaux: I would love to work with Julia Roberts, in mainstream or porn!

Sonic: Tricia..what are your thoughts on "Fisting"?

Tricia Devereaux: Fisting. Love it. Have done vaginal myself in two vids. (European version of course :( ..) Have had most of John's fist in my behind a couple of times, but it's pretty tight back there!

Jatog: Tricia, how old were you when you saw your first adult movie?

Tricia Devereaux: 18 when I say my first vid. Lost my virginity that year. Started porn when I was 20. bad2dabone: how much time elapsed between you losing your when you had sex for the 2nd time?

Tricia Devereaux: Lost it to my ex-husband when we got engaged. Been married once. Engaged once since then.
ADT_Steph: wow
bad2dabone: I second that
Pat-Chloe-Fan: ditto
bad2dabone: I second that ditto
Darkmage: Hmmm... from virginity to married to adult film. That must have been quite a change.

torris: Tricia - how are you deciding how many releases to do per month? Elegant and Diabolic seem to be doing at least 4 a month?

Tricia Devereaux: torris, we make 4 - 6 DVDs a month now. One for everyone but Greg Dark and Randy West.

Torris: Tricia, I'm a little slow, but are you and John Stags an item? Does Brandy Alexander send you hate mail?

Tricia Devereaux: John and I are dating. Don't know Brandy. She's OK.

Oly: do you mind facials or would you rather it be somewhere else

Tricia Devereaux: Facials are great in my private life. With someone I like of course

TylerDurden: Tricia, any thoughts on squirting? Personal and in films?

Tricia Devereaux: I squirt by accident in my personal life.

Oly: any suggestions on how to get my girlfriend to do anal sex
ADT_Steph: oly - watch the ultimate guide to anal sex for women

Tricia Devereaux: Anal sex needs to be gradual. Good one Steph.!

Duganrm: Tricia - thank you for coming to #adt to chat with us - please feel free to visit the forum or chatroom at any time =)
NOAH: well i think that u are terrific and i wish u so mush sucess in your life u go girl !!!!
amstel2: Night, Tricia thanks for everything.

Tricia Devereaux: I'll stop by sometime in the future.
TylerDurden: Peace and thanks for the chat Tricia
Jason: Thanks Tricia, take care
Darkmage: Good night, sweet Tricia. And may visions of porn stars sing thee to thy sleep...

Tricia Devereaux: I just want to add a couple last things.
Torris: tricia, good luck and stay healthy

Tricia Devereaux: My email:
sonic: Night tricia!!!! thank you!!
Jatog: thanks for being real
Saki: Good night, Tricia, great chat! You've been a wonderful guest and are a great person :)
Lunacy: Blessed Be Tricia, be well

Tricia Devereaux: Snail mail: EA Productions Attn: Tricia Devereaux 14141 Covello St. #8C Van Nuys, CA 91405

Pat-Chloe-Fan: Thanks a lot Tricia, you've been a great guest! Give my regards to John!

Tricia Devereaux: It was really nice talking to all of you.
Oly: you are awesome!!!!!

Tricia Devereaux: Well, I guess just keep letting me know what you think of Evil Angel's DVDs, especially Drop Sex, I did that one all by myself!
Maverick: thank you later!!!

Tricia Devereaux: Bye all.

--- tricia devereaux exits chat room to a chorus of ADT goodbyes and thank yous ---

Darkmage: Wow. That was refreshing.
Pat-Chloe-Fan I had a great time!
Jatog: that was cool
Saki: fun, yes :)
TylerDurden: A great two hours of my life with my clothes on

and the post-chat reflections continue well into the night...

10,000 thanks to Tricia Devereaux and Evil Angel for making this chat possible.

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