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This chat with Tom Byron was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on August 6th, 2003 just as Tom's new company Evolution Erotica started releasing DVDs. Many thanks to Tom Byron for joining us!

The Chat
unedited, unadulterated, and unorganized...

<DenverDon> Tom_Byron
<zero_-boy> amazing lol
<TomFan1> HEY TOM!
<joeyblackwood> lord byron
<tray2002> Hi Tom
<Kimi_Lixx> everyone cheers for Tom!
<Porky> Hey Tom. Two more minutes and the Anal Avenger would have wreaked havoc on you
<su2sexi> LOL :)
<lixxfan> where the ugly bra?
<lixxfan> looks good to me
<lixxfan> is it edible?
<tray2002> Is Tom here?
<Thanos> boobies, distraction....tom who
<Muerte_Man> mmm bra :)
Tom_Byron -  Sorry about the delay-had trouble hooking up
<HoldenMagroin> Mmmmmm, boobies...
Tom_Byron -  I is here
<DenverDon> no probpemo
<Thanos> tea
<tray2002> Cool.
<Steph> Good to have you here
<Muerte_Man> welcome tom
<Thanos> Welcome to the insanity
Tom_Byron -  good to be here
<XRentGuy> had a quick look at the DVD you sent over tom, Good Work. looks like quality stuff
Tom_Byron -  ouch
<Elmo> Ha Tom, I know Ginger Lynn's first scenes where in some GG Loops. Ginger says you where her first and Ron says he was her first. Who did get her screen cheery?
<Thanos> Watch for trout
<tray2002> Tom, you've had a great career, but there's one thing that I admire you for in particular.....
Tom_Byron -  thanks
<DenverDon> evening shaman
<lixxfan> licks kimis bra mmmm could BE edible
Tom_Byron -  what?
Tom_Byron -  tray?
<XRentGuy> have a good evening all. Ciao 4 Now
<Thanos> later rent
<DenverDon> later XRentGuy
<tray2002> ...You're one of the few str8 guys that I've seen let girls fuck you with a strap-on.
<tray2002> I just think that's brave.
<shaman> Hello
<Thanos> mmmmm electrical room flashbacks
<Porky> Su, did you hear that????
Tom_Byron -  yea,so? It feels good
<DenverDon> evening Harri_Patel
Tom_Byron -  i'm not insecure
<su2sexi> i guess i dont remember that
<tray2002> I was saying that I admire you doing it in vids
<TomFan1> Tom, we love seeing you get rimmed, what do you have planned in the future?
<DenverDon> su2sexi, he made a name for himself with that
<Harri_Patel> x
<DenverDon> evening squeaky
<HoldenMagroin> Good for you, Tom. Do what feels good is a good motto to have sex by.
<whatami> Tom, are you dating anyone?
<Shane_Tyler> Tommy .. Hey sweetie! ;-) You're favorite "little miss dangerous" Shane Tyler here, from 'Cumback Pussy 9' (Randy's ex-roomie) Just popped-in to say Hello and tell ya I miss seeing you .. at the shows & stuff.
<DenverDon> oops, toms having connection problems
<Steph> hang on peer reset tom
<Thanos> are people getting booted or what
<zero_-boy> yes number 9 shange great scene
<DenverDon> no, peer reset is ISP reset
<zero_-boy> getting flashbacks
<Steph> wow this is the quietest it's been all night
<SelenaSilver> should i take my top off?
<Steph> yes please
<Porky> Couldn't hurt
<Thanos> zzzzzzzzzzzz (-)(-)
<DenverDon> SelenaSilver, be comvortable
<Thanos> does selena have a cam also?
<SelenaSilver> ok... i did.. is everyone happier now?
<Steph> let's all take our tops off
<eaglespirit> Kimi should take her bra off
<HoldenMagroin> Selena - Yes!! Please make yourself comfortable.
<su2sexi> ;)
<Kimi_Lixx> i just took my shirt off!
<HoldenMagroin> Topless chatting for all!!
<traderhtc> hellloo -- pics, please Selena!!
<DenverDon> done, top is off!
<SelenaSilver> i am going over to kimi's house
<zero_-boy> woooooohoooooooooo double woo
<shaman> Hi Selena
<eaglespirit> LOL Kimi
<SelenaSilver> hi shaman
<shaman> I joined your yahoo group today
<SelenaSilver> yeah!
<zero_-boy> draw a map
<Thanos> turn left at cleveland
<eaglespirit> how are you tonight Su?
<su2sexi> do you supose the AA chased Tom away ;)
<DenverDon> no, it was a peer reset
<Thanos> probably his old company
<zero_-boy> yup yup --
<su2sexi> doing better that DD brought drinks, thanks Eagle
<Porky> I'm not sure the AA intimidates him, lol
<Steph> what's the AA?
<su2sexi> one demirit!!!
<DenverDon> Anal Avenger
<Porky> Su2sexi's hero alter ego
<zero_-boy> gerbils?
<shaman> I admire your zest for life
<DenverDon> That is su2sexi with a Lexington steele strap on
<shaman> lol
<Porky> Don't forget the cape with a gape
<Harri_Patel> did anyone find out if Tom knows how to do IRC chat?
<su2sexi> hahahahah
<Steph> Harri_Patel he's using the web-based chat room
<zero_-boy> maybe he hates us lol
<SelenaSilver> hmm... have to keep the crowd happy while waiting for tom....ok, shaman and zero_boy come have a threesome with me...let everyone watch till tom gets back
<zero_-boy> all the bright litess
<Shane_Tyler> Hey Selena! What's with only inviting the guys?!!
<DenverDon> lol selena, you'll have to lose the bottoms too in that case
<zero_-boy> wooohoo selena im in like
<TomFan1> eagle: u wanna tell me about that rocco scene?
<Porky> zero can't get wood with forty people in the room!
<SelenaSilver> i tried to hit on kimi, but she didn't want me :(
<zero_-boy> im not that shy lol
<Shane_Tyler> What about me? ;_(
<SelenaSilver> i though it was given you and i were hooking up later
<eaglespirit> just a bunch of guys getting their asses licked by a few girls TomFan1
<Shane_Tyler> :-) Woohoo!
<DenverDon> evening Pat-Chloe-Fan
<Thanos> Pat's a SeeHole fan
<Porky> Hey PCF
<Pat-Chloe-Fan> Hi all !
<TomFan1> Eagle: did the girls spit on the holes, finger...what did they do to the guys?
<zero_-boy> hi pat
<shaman> I've gotta check out now.
<Shane_Tyler> HI PCF
<DenverDon> nite shaman
<SelenaSilver> bye shaman
<shaman> My friend's band is playing at bar tonight
<SelenaSilver> hi PCF
<shaman> I gotta go help him out
<shaman> Hope to see you guys back here some time
<shaman> Bye
<DenverDon> selena, you have made some excellent posts, IMO
<Pat-Chloe-Fan> Did Tom leave ?
<zero_-boy> see ya later nite to all my fans out there lol
<Thanos> later zero
<DenverDon> tom is having connection troubles
<Shane_Tyler> Bye Zero
<Steph> Tom's having technical difficulties
<SelenaSilver> thank you denver don
<DenverDon> You're welcome
<Shane_Tyler> Come back Tommy!!!
<Steph> he came and went and will hopefully be back again
<zero_-boy> ive been here for 1 hour 1/2
<Steph> can someone in LA please go help him out ;)
<Muerte_Man> on my way
<su2sexi> I swear I am not guilty ;)
<TomFan1> I would go...maybe he could help me out :)
<traderhtc> tell him to call me on my cell
<Thanos> wonder if he's at his new office
<zero_-boy> its 1030 here in the east
<DenverDon> you're not in LA
<Harri_Patel> tell him to use the alternate chat thing - the main one never works for me
<Porky> Arnold Schwarzennegar to the rescue!
<traderhtc> and I will chat for him
<zero_-boy> im w/ selena at moment waitng lol
<Muerte_Man> i will be soon
<Steph> Harri_Patel he was using the alternate chat - i don't know what's happening now
<SelenaSilver> hee hee
<Porky> Hey Muerte
<Kimi_Lixx> i think i must have missed it Selena - try again :)
<Shane_Tyler> Selena, do u live in Cali?
<Muerte_Man> hey porky
<SelenaSilver> yes.. in LA
<SelenaSilver> new here :(.. big city
<zero_-boy> .
<TomFan1> Eagle???
<traderhtc> besides I can type really fast
<eaglespirit> so how is the yardwork going Kimi?
<Shane_Tyler> Cool, maybe next time I come out that way we'll hook-up .. and have a cock sucking contest! :-)
<Harri_Patel> I must have gotten bounced out just as he logged in or something . . . I never saw him
<SelenaSilver> there is hope... kimi just missed it.. :)
<Kimi_Lixx> sure!
<SelenaSilver> that actually sounds interesting
<eaglespirit> Yes TomFan1?
<Thanos> Can i be one of the cocks
<TomFan1> Gimme some details of Rocco's ass eating adventure. sounds AWESOME
<SelenaSilver> who judges?
<Kimi_Lixx> the yardwork is coming along quite well, since i've been sick i've had oodles of time to do absolutely nothing but putter around the house
<Kimi_Lixx> i FINISHED the deck design!!!
<Shane_Tyler> <- self procliamed "cocksucker"!! LOL
<Porky> Yay Kimi!
<Kimi_Lixx> (now it just has to be built, but that's the easy part)
<eaglespirit> awesome Kimi
<Muerte_Man> congrats kimi
<Thanos> kimi's unleashed her sweater puppies
<Shane_Tyler> I don't know Selena .. I guess whichever lucky guys we can get to participate.
<Harri_Patel> sit up straight, Kimi
<traderhtc> Hopefully his first flick won't be like this chat
<traderhtc> All hype and no follow-through
<Kimi_Lixx> sorry Harri
<HoldenMagroin> Kimi's Boobies!! Yippeeeee!!
<DenverDon> traderhtc, he's had a lot more experience at the flics then in chat
<eaglespirit> TomFan1 just a bunch of guys getting their ass licked by a few girls
<traderhtc> lol, true!
<DenverDon> evening bibetty
<Shane_Tyler> Hi Betty
<traderhtc> and the Allura clip is pretty impressive
<SelenaSilver> shouldn;'t we all be talking about Meat Pushin in the Seat Cushion?
<SelenaSilver> 2 disc DVD, huh?
<traderhtc> mmm, Taylor!
<Muerte_Man> hello kimi :)
<Harri_Patel> snappy title . . .
<DenverDon> Title tells it all
<AmericanVideos> That's a Great it
<SelenaSilver> have i missed alot of 2 disc DVD's or is that mostly new
<Kimi_Lixx> hi Muerte
<Muerte_Man> i like the flick
<Muerte_Man> great cast, hot scenes
<DenverDon> fairly new selena
<Elmo> anyone know where a Danielle Martion is today
<traderhtc> Do NOT get No Limits starring Devon (really Jessica Drake)!
<Pat-Chloe-Fan> I'll be back later...
<eaglespirit> well I gotta go, later all
<SelenaSilver> i thought so... i would pay a little more for a 2 disc porn DVD
<DenverDon> nite eagle
<DenverDon> nite PCF
<eaglespirit> nite Don
<TomFan1> EVERYONE: name your favorite female and male porn stars!
<su2sexi> bye eagle
<DrewBlackADT> tom's on the phone right now
<Thanos> later eagle
<Steph> he's coming
<TomFan1> what is tom saying?
<DenverDon> TomFan1, I said before, too many to name
<DrewBlackADT> should be back in a second
<eaglespirit> bye Su, Thanos and everyone else
<DenverDon> wb Tom_Byron
<TomFan1> Denver: come on, name a few
<HoldenMagroin> when he's done coming, will he join the chat?
<eaglespirit> really Drew?
<Steph> hey TomFan1 welcome back!
<Muerte_Man> damn computer
<lindi> yes, Porky?
<eaglespirit> maybe I can hang for a few more
Tom_Byron -  II'm back!!!
<SelenaSilver> i am excited to see th nadia nyce is in the movie
Tom_Byron -  sorry
<Shane_Tyler> Tommy .. Hey sweetie! ;-) Your favorite "little miss dangerous" Shane Tyler here, from 'Cumback Pussy 9' (Randy's ex-roomie) Just wanted to say Hello and tell ya I miss seeing you .. at the shows and stuff.
<TomFan1> YAY!
<traderhtc> Who performed with Taylor for MPitSC??
<SelenaSilver> welcome back
<DenverDon> Allura Eden, Silvia Saint, Anita Blonde, Daniella Rush, Laure Sinclair, Amee Donavan ... ...
Tom_Byron -  nadia's hot
<SelenaSilver> she SCREAMS sex to me
<lindi> Porky, I haven't read it yet
<TomFan1> Tom: we all love your ass-centric sex adventures. What do u like most about girls rimming you?
<DenverDon> evening RobHammer and Jim_Gunn
Tom_Byron -  my assistant e-mailed Amee she never got back to him
<RobHammer> hi all
<Shane_Tyler> Heya Jim
<lindi> Hi Rob and Jim
<eaglespirit> Hey Jim
<Jim_Gunn> Hi all
<Elmo> Tom where you Ginger Lynns first or was it Ron?
<DenverDon> evening GothicPerv
<Muerte_Man> amee just moved tom
<traderhtc> At least Tom's remained in better shape than Ron!
Tom_Byron -  what DON'T I like about girls rimming me?Fan
<SelenaSilver> Dez performed with Taylor traderhtc
Tom_Byron -  me first ginger
<traderhtc> thansk Selena
<whatami> Tom, are you dating anyone?
<TomFan1> Tom: which male stars are in your Ass Eaters series???
Tom_Byron -  dating my fist
<Porky> Rosey Palm
<traderhtc> Is Dez the guy with short black hair that's in the pics on evolutionerotica website
<Thanos> astro!!!
<DenverDon> evening astro
<lindi> Porky, dinner - brocolli and shiitake mushrooms with carmelized tofu. Last night squash fritters with yogurt tahini dressing. Is my man a keeper, or what?
<AmericanVideos> Tom,are all Evolution Erotic's DVD gonna be 2 disc sets?
<astroknight> evening all. thanks for coming and chatting with us tonight tom!
<Shane_Tyler> Good Evening Astro sweetie
Tom_Byron -  male stars dez, sergio, dick nasty,j.monty
<Porky> Lindi, you have him thoroughly domesticated
<lindi> :-)
<Muerte_Man> tom why cardboard dvd boxes and not the standard plastic ones?
<traderhtc> what??
Tom_Byron -  tomFan is this who I think it is?
<Thanos> nothing like environmental friendly porn
<traderhtc> snappers instead of the hardcases for the dvd's?
<Shane_Tyler> lol Thanos
<thetimexxx> lindi...RobHammer...
<Muerte_Man> yeah trader
<astroknight> snappers????!!!!! :(
<thetimexxx> Tom_Byron
<eaglespirit> hey timexxx
Tom_Byron -  All Evolution DVD 2 discs-yes
<lindi> hi TimeBoy
<Harri_Patel> dick nasty?! ewwww
<thetimexxx> eagle
<SelenaSilver> i think the idea of 2 disc sets rock
Tom_Byron -  timexxx hey
<AmericanVideos> The DVD package for Meat Pushin in the Seat Cushion is GREAT
<astroknight> 2 disc sets rock!
<TomFan1> Tom: any plans of getting Mark Davis in Ass Eaters???
<Shane_Tyler> <- likes 2 dick sets too! lol
<traderhtc> Yes, make sure you change the packaging though!
<DenverDon> 2 discs sound good tom
<SelenaSilver> lol
Tom_Byron -  2 discs a lot of work tho -I don't mind
<TomFan1> Tom: no, i don't think i know you!
<Elmo> Tom did Sandee Johnson ever use her law degree
<Muerte_Man> i hate the snappers
<traderhtc> Why the the package great,American Videos?
<traderhtc> Nobody likes snappers
<GothicPerv> Why not make 2 disc sets that include a DVD and the soundtrack? I love those, but have never seen one for classic 70's porn movies, which would rule.
Tom_Byron -  haven't talked to Sandee in 4 years
<AmericanVideos> Have you send it?trader
<astroknight> going with 2 disc are you going with anamorphic picture and 5.1 sound?
<traderhtc> Not yet AV
<Elmo> she was a hot one
<traderhtc> Please elaborate if you can, AV
<AmericanVideos> Check it out, it pretty cool,trader
Tom_Byron -  Mark Davis Asseaters- will work on it fan!
<Elmo> to much into the S&M STUF
<bibetty> Porn would need better music thou GothicP
Tom_Byron -  what's anamorphic whatever?
<TomFan1> Tom: your pretty good friends w/ Mark. What do u like about working w/ him?
<Shane_Tyler> Tommy .. you're just too funny
Tom_Byron -  mark's cock works
<astroknight> anamorphic widescreen
<Shane_Tyler> lol
<TomFan1> Tom: how long do the girls rim in Ass Eaters?
<traderhtc> Not that my dvd's have excessive wear and tear, but why would cardboard be superior (last time I will address this subject since I don't want to harp on it)
<Shane_Tyler> So does yours Tom .. I know from experience :-)
Tom_Byron -  is this THE Shane tyler?
<GothicPerv> bibetty: Contmeporary porn, yes, but not 70's smut. My GF and I were watching "Aunt Peg" the other day and couldn't stop cracking up at the soundtrack! There are even bands nowadays who make albums that are modelled after 70's porn scores.
<Shane_Tyler> Yes baby, it's me
<Shane_Tyler> 'Cumback Pussy 9'
<astroknight> what if anything can we expect new and different from you now that you have your own company?
<traderhtc> Of Shane's World?
<Harri_Patel> Tom was probably figuring this was going to be like "so, was Lois Ayres a good fuck?" Instead, it's anamorphic this and cardboard snappers that . . .
<SelenaSilver> (now jealous that Shane has left her for Tom)
<DenverDon> evening socar
<bibetty> i'll have to chase that one up Gothic
<DenverDon> oscar
Tom_Byron -  They rim as long as their tongue holds out!
<GothicPerv> *L*@Harri! I know!
<astroknight> howdy oscar
<Shane_Tyler> Trader, no, not THAT Shane
<TomFan1> If you get Mark in a scene, make her MUNCH please, i know many people who would buy to see that!
<GothicPerv> bibetty: I guarantee you'll laugh your ass off.
Tom_Byron -  cardboard looks good and prevents piracy
<AmericanVideos> I just like they way it looks,no really superior it's just different than evryone else's,trader
<traderhtc> okay
Tom_Byron -  CBP 9 -it IS you!!!
<Shane_Tyler> Absolutely baby! Miss ya bunches!
Tom_Byron -  Shane rims GOOD!!!
<Muerte_Man> r2d2 it is you it is you :)
<TomFan1> Tom: do you talk to the guys and girls as they eat asshole?
Tom_Byron -  How's your ASS?
<Shane_Tyler> :-0 Thanks
<GothicPerv> What's everybody's favorite Tom Byron hair-doo here? I have to go with the long hair and the Holmes-like moustache.
<DenverDon> evening joe
<astroknight> howdy Joe
<astroknight> evening RednckRay
<DenverDon> evening RednckRay
<traderhtc> eww
<Thanos> Moonshine for Ray
<Elmo> I read that Angel Kelly and Nikki Charm where the 2 tightest stars of the 80es, ever work with any tighter?
<RednckRay> Howdy folks.
<traderhtc> I think I saw that look in Blondage
Tom_Byron -  talk a little bit- not too much
<Shane_Tyler> Still big, round 'n' firm Tommy .. and always available to ya!
<Joe> hey guys and girls?
<DenverDon> no, short hair
<Kimi_Lixx> RAAAAYYYYY!!!
<astroknight> evening matzoh_balls
<DenverDon> very early Tom or recent tom
<matzoh_balls> hola everyone
<AmericanVideos> Recent Tom
<DenverDon> evening matzoh_balls
Tom_Byron -  Angel and nikki were tight
<TomFan1> Tom: when you get Mark in Ass Eaters, please make him and her talk A LOT in the scene...especially the rim scene....PLEASE!
<astroknight> i watched warm pink the other night and tom looked like he was trying out to be an elvis impersonator :D
<GothicPerv> Elmo: I always suspected melissa melendez too. Often her male co-stars seemed to have trouble penetrating her.
<thetimexxx> matzoh_balls.....I think we know each other
<thetimexxx> lol
<DrewBlackADT> for the geeks in the crowd:
<traderhtc> AV, do you work with Tom (since you seem to know the packaging already)?
<DrewBlackADT> Why Anamorphic?
<DrewBlackADT> If you've looked at the back of a DVD case these days, you've probably seen all the bewildering terminology: 16x9, anamorphic widescreen, enhanced for widescreen TVs… the list goes on and on. They're all referring to the same thing. Simply put, anamorphic widescreen is a special feature of DVD, that means that the video on the disc packs the most resolution possible by the TV standards of today and the near future. Mind you, we're not talking about high-definition television-like resolution.
Tom_Byron -  Talking. rimming-got it fan!
<RednckRay> How the heck are ya Kimi ?
<matzoh_balls> mark- is there goign to be background music in your new movies?
<DenverDon> thanks Drew
<Elmo> ever do an anal with Nikki Charm
<TomFan1> Tom: when will you be in Ass Eaters?
<Kimi_Lixx> still sick, but i have more expensive medicine now, so i'm sure to get better
<astroknight> tom - what performer surprised you the most that you've worked with?
Tom_Byron -  no backround music at least in movies directed by me
<Thanos> Drug Bag, Drug Bag!!!!
Tom_Byron -  no anal nikki :(
<matzoh_balls> evening thetimexxx
<RednckRay> What the heck is more expensive than cipro ?
<Muerte_Man> Tom just wanna say loved meat pushin' and cant wait to see more from you & Evolution :)
<lindi> Porky, it's your turn tonight
Tom_Byron -  I'm retired
<Kimi_Lixx> halobetasol propionate
<Harri_Patel> Cipro is expensive shit . . .
<eaglespirit> well I hope you get better soon Kimi :)
<Shane_Tyler> By the way Tommy, congrats on Evolution! You know I only wish you the very BEST!
<RednckRay> Sounds like something you can get at Taco Bell ;>
<TomFan1> come on tom....ONE ASS EATERS FLICK! your fans DESERVE it!!!
<GothicPerv> Tom -Are you a wrestling fan. I had to rub my eyes and be sure I was seeing you at an ECW event, getting beer poured down your gullet by the Sandman!
Tom_Byron -  I'm an amateur asseater now
<Kimi_Lixx> lol - you're the second person to say it sounded like mexican food
<Elmo> did you see the Traci Lords interview on CNN and what did you think?
Tom_Byron -  Hey fan you wanna be in it?
Tom_Byron -  Traci is a douchbag
<TomFan1> Tom: if you would sit on my face HELL YES
Tom_Byron -  it is you!
<TomFan1> what?
<Muerte_Man> night all
<DenverDon> nite Muerte_Man
<Thanos> later murete
Tom_Byron -  sent you some pics-did you get them?
<astroknight> night Muerte_Man
Tom_Byron -  later dead dude
<Harri_Patel> would you work for free, Fan1?
<GothicPerv> Traci is so good at playing the victim. That's our culture: titilation and denial. If you say you enjoyed it, you're a slut and everybody hates you. If you say it was awful, you're a victim and everybody feels sorry for you.
Tom_Byron -  traci is a aged has been
<DenverDon> I for one don't feel sorry for Traci
Tom_Byron -  I used to like her
<Thanos> :(
<Elmo> she only made 20 videos HA HA HA
<Kimi_Lixx> shut up, before i victimize you some more
<eaglespirit> then you didn't do it right Thanos
<DenverDon> evening noodle
<Thanos> noodle
<noodlegirl> hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
<lindi> hi ng
<astroknight> evening noodlegirl
Tom_Byron -  20 videos a WEEK!
<Porky> Hiya noodle=puss
<Thanos> don't let her hurt me anymore
<SelenaSilver> hi noodle
Tom_Byron -  yo noodle
<traderhtc> forget the hate Tom, where's the looove (Adam Sandler when talking to Sinead)!
<noodlegirl> hi alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
<matzoh_balls> tom- do you think the industry is going to stay like this for the next decade or do you it changing drastically due to tech improvments, advance of the net, etc....?
<DenverDon> evening joe
<GothicPerv> Funny thing is, the first Traci and Tom movie I ever saw was "Lust in the Fast Lane", and I remember my friends and I didn't bat an eyelash at Traci's age but we thought Tom had just gotten out of Little League Practice! *L*
<Joe> Hey don
<Elmo> and she said she only made 40k in 3 years
<Thanos> the way she made me come......i'm so depressed now
<Shane_Tyler> Tom .. I know this might not be the right place to say this, but just wanted to pass along sympathies on the passing of Scott Galin. Michael (hubby) speaks of him a lot, and I know he worked for you for a while.
Tom_Byron -  My name is Quiz kid Donnie Smith - I have LOTS of love to give
<SelenaSilver> LOVE THAT MOVIE!
Tom_Byron -  Magnolia
<Harri_Patel> Respect the cock . . .
<matzoh_balls> raining frogs=not cool
<GothicPerv> Magnolia kicked ass.
<Elmo> Anyone know how Taija Rae is doing
<Thanos> damn french
Tom_Byron -  I think porn will be more interactive matzoh
<RednckRay> Raining frogs ? Sounds french
Tom_Byron -  raining frogs ROCK!!!
<GothicPerv> Elmo: Rumour has it she's a streetwalker or a hostess at a Vegas resaurant. But, as I said, that's *rumour*.
<Harri_Patel> Tommy: Monique the black chick. Your thoughts . . .
<Shane_Tyler> That's South Florida during the winter months .. Raining "Frogs" (french Canadiens)
<thetimexxx> should cast Renee Pornero more.....I like that chick....
Tom_Byron -  Monique=very sexual
<Porky> That's what we need: Interactive Matzoh!
<traderhtc> In ten years, I see more customized dvd's (where viewers can select scenes they want to buy)
<Thanos> wow, it's orange outside
<DenverDon> evening koba
<ICEFLOE5948> thx
<astroknight> evening ICEFLOE5948, kimifan
<Thanos> floe
<AmericanVideos> Tom, I heard this rumor that you are going to re-release all your movies you made with Extreme through your new company? True?
<SelenaSilver> hi ice
<eaglespirit> hey Icefloe
<Joe> DenverDon, you are the official greeter tonight?
<ICEFLOE5948> hi every1
<Shane_Tyler> Heya Ice
<DenverDon> not really Joe, but seems that I have been doing it :)
<astroknight> dd's just a friendly guy :)
<matzoh_balls> hopefully- the interactive movies ive seen only do a tenth of what they could.....theres needs to be a flick where youre in a bar....youve got a choice of girls to sleep with....kind of like's Booty Call games if any of you have seen those.
Tom_Byron -  Renee's in Asseater Unanimous, Black up that white ASS, Sodomy Sandwiches- that enough time?:)
<eaglespirit> well I gotta go, getting ready for a crazy night of sex LOL
<astroknight> just watch his hands ;)
Tom_Byron -  TRUE American
<thetimexxx> need
<lindi> nite eagle
<Joe> You're doing a great job DD
<astroknight> evening vinh
<GothicPerv> Happy nutbusting eagle.
<DenverDon> evening vinh
<Elmo> Tom did I read you did a fisting scene with a big name star in the 80es that got cut out
<vinh> evening
<lindi> hi vinh
<DenverDon> LOL, thanks Joe
<Steph> Tom, will you be adding anything to the extreme re-releases?
<traderhtc> Did you handle the Extreme Teen series then, Tom?
Tom_Byron -  Elmo?
<SelenaSilver> hi vinh
<vinh> hey selena!
<matzoh_balls> lol....hey timexxx.... talk to ya later
<thetimexxx> later matzoh.....
Tom_Byron -  Me no Extreme Teen
<traderhtc> okay, only interested in one scene from there anyway
<kimifan> what name did you put the pictures under, kimi
<AmericanVideos> When areyour re=releases coming out, Tom?
Tom_Byron -  Extreme releases will be DUAL disc collector's editions
Tom_Byron -  Whack 1 and 2 and so on
<kimifan> thats just gorgeous
<astroknight> very cool!
<vinh> mmmmn... inari and roxanne rereleased
<DenverDon> good news Tom, otherwise they will never make it to DVD
<AmericanVideos> That sound great, Tom
Tom_Byron -  Re-releases will come out soon. don't have an exact date. sorry...
<Kimi_Lixx> i haven't put them up yet, kimifan - they're on the other computer and my network isn't hooked up
<astroknight> tom - which of your movies are you most proud of and which do you think you really 'came into your own' with?
<Shane_Tyler> Unfortunately, I gotta get going too :-( Tom sweetie, if you ever come out to Florida you have to let me know .. Dinner is "ON" me! :-) (e-mail: Good night everyone ... Kisses Tommy & Selena, hugs all.
<traderhtc> Very smart having a 90 pic Taylor Rain gallery on your site!!
<DenverDon> nite Shane_Tyler
<astroknight> night Shane_Tyler
<Shane_Tyler> G'night DD .. hugs
<Steph> night Shane
<astroknight> evening klixxfan and bob
<traderhtc> Night Shane
<Thanos> mmmmmmmm nice titties
<Shane_Tyler> G'night Astro .. hugs
<GothicPerv> Later Shane.
Tom_Byron -  Sister dearest Kinky Business Private teacher- actor
<Bob> hey astro
<Thanos> later shane
<SelenaSilver> night shane
Tom_Byron -  later shane
<su2sexi> hi Bob
<Shane_Tyler> See y'all on here another time soon
<Shane_Tyler> Muah!
<Bob> hi su2sexi
<RednckRay> Your network is busticated ? You need to fire your IT department and hire a new one ;>
<thetimexxx> hello Bob....
<DenverDon> ahhh, evening Bob, you snuck in
Tom_Byron -  writing shane's e-mail down...
<Bob> hi thetimexxx, hi lindi
<RobHammer> Bob is not a sneak ;)
<SelenaSilver> hi bob
<Bob> hi DenverDon
<Bob> hi Selena
<Bob> hi RobHammer
Tom_Byron -  Taylor Rain RULES!!!
<SelenaSilver> Taylor Rain is simply amazing. Period.
<su2sexi> heyRob
<AmericanVideos> Taylor's Hot!
<traderhtc> She's probably only one of two porn stars I would seriously consider fucking!
<RobHammer> Su Too Sexi :)))
Tom_Byron -  I going to shoot taylor again
<Bob> traderhtc -- you are much more selective than me!!!
<lindi> Porky, pm is disabled
<DenverDon> traderhtc, I would make that at least two dozen
<lindi> hi bob
<DenverDon> evening Sietel
<traderhtc> There's a lot I like...
<SelenaSilver> traderhtc means 3 porn girls (since I am in the room, right???)
<Bob> hi Kimi
<RobHammer> Hey Sietel
<lindi> hi Sietel
<Bob> hi Sietel
<traderhtc> Yes, exactly Selena!!
<DenverDon> He'd better selens
<DenverDon> :)
<SelenaSilver> thank you for clearing that up mister!
<Sietel> hey there Denver Don. Nice to see you as the voice of reason in some heated threads of late. If I was more 'street', I'd say 'much respect bro'
<Sietel> hey bob, lindi
<GothicPerv> Taylor *is* a cutie, but I and my S/O find a lot of contemporary porn hard to watch these days. Mostly just buying classic 70's, 80's and early 90's stuff these days. Can't get into the really dark, misogynistic stuff.
<astroknight> howdy doodlio
<DenverDon> thanks Sietel
<Bob> Selena, your posts on ADTare great! Glad you've joined!
<traderhtc> Yes, there is a bit more a freak show aspect nowadays GP
<Sietel> how come I'm in past tense
<Harri_Patel> Frigo's alarm clock must not have gone off . . .
<SelenaSilver> thanks bob... i did like that you offered to help out SNP very much!
<Bob> lol
<DenverDon> yeah Harri, I was expecting him
<traderhtc> GP Since you've seen more classic porn, was there as much DPing as there is now!
<oscar> -a
<Sietel> Hey Mr Byron, I'll be getting my first exposure to your films this week, with Whack Attack 6 heading for my mailbox
<DenverDon> evening FrankB
Tom_Byron -  My stuff's not misogynistic
<Harri_Patel> no Trish the Dish either . . . :-(
<AmericanVideos> Tom, tell me more about Evolution Erotica
<klixxfan> hi kimi
<DenverDon> traderhtc, not dp's have escalated
Tom_Byron -  what do you want to know?
Tom_Byron -  Whack 6 is a goody
<astroknight> what separates evolution erotica from the other gonzo studios out there?
<traderhtc> what's the next Taylor scene?
<traderhtc> to begin with!!
<Sietel> Oh good, I find Anastasia Blue's goggle-eyed gagging great comedic porn
<whatami> is evolution just a new face for extreme associates?
<lindi> there was no options box when I logged in
<GothicPerv> Tom: Of that I can be sure. You always projected a positive, woman-loving vibe. Rocco used to as well, but then he changed in a really disturbing way.
<Harri_Patel> there used to be 2 girls at any given time who would do DP's . . . now there's 2 that *won't*
<thetimexxx> Tom....any contract girlz in the future that I can steal for an opinion column? lol...
<lindi> my pm doesn't work
Tom_Byron -  Evolution is not strictly a gonzo studio- diversity is the key
<AmericanVideos> Tell me about what kind of great stuff you are gonna do, the movies you've made in the past are great!
<Sietel> Gothic - when do you think Rocco's attitude changed?
Tom_Byron -  No what- Evolution is not extreme
<astroknight> who else can we expect evolution movies from other than you?
<SelenaSilver> thank you very much for that
<lindi> disabled
<GothicPerv> Sietel: I can't pick a specific point, but it seemed to be after he got circumcised.
<DenverDon> evening cat
<lindi> rob i see it
Tom_Byron -  Charley crow, guy capo, a few others
<GothicPerv> Not that I think that had anything to do with it, mind ya.
<klixxfan> kimi, want to see me on my cam with your panties on my head?
<Sietel> Tom, will you be employing the less-scenes more-players-in-th-scenes approach? This one-on-one sequential approach to setting out gonzo films is becoming dull
<RednckRay> Panties ?
<Bob> I agree with Tom's statement that his videos are not misogynistic -- they are the only videos from Extreme that I ever liked, and I liked them a lot.
<lindi> i am incompetent then
Tom_Byron -  Evolution is going to be good porn
<astroknight> if you could sign any one director and any one performer to a contract with evolution, who would you pick?
<traderhtc> including features??
<whatami> what makes good porn?
<GothicPerv> Rocco always seemed to really love women in his older movies, but then he got into the slapping and the spitting and, well, it just ain't hot.
<Thanos> yes klixx...we all do
<Sietel> Gothic, there are some many ways that observation could go...I meant, roughly about which movie do you think he went beserk?
<lindi> hello to doodlio
<lindi> brb
<Sietel> Everyone's here except for bono1
Tom_Byron -  John Leslie- astro Jenna Jameson anal contract
<GothicPerv> Sietel: I can't name a specific one to save my life right now.
<Sietel> oh, and Tricia, Brandon and Mason
<Steph> bono is at a concert, but he said to say hi to tom
<klixxfan> <kimi's panties in the album
<klixxfan> the webcam is for kimi
<traderhtc> I have yet to see Tom's Dick -- is he circumcised? and is it Hairy!! (inside joke)
<Kimi_Lixx> okay, okay, i'm going to the webcam
<lindi> hmmm
<lindi> brb
Tom_Byron -  circumsised yes
<GothicPerv> trader: Tom is snipped.
<Sietel> Gothic, I admire Rocco's intensity in many of his Animal Trainer videos, especially 2, 4 and 5. I have only seen one or two moments where he goes, in my opinion, too far.
<astroknight> tom - you seem to have done quite a few first time on screen anal scenes with well known girls (such as Asia Carrera and Kylie Ireland). do you they seek you out or do you talk them into it? or both?
<traderhtc> mm, easier to live vicariously (compared to Mark Davis)
<Sietel> Hey RobHammer
<GothicPerv> Oh gawd, my GF is 8 months pregnant right now with our first child, and we know it's a boy, so "to snip or not to snip" is the big debate here right now.
<Elmo> Bed time, if anyone has any old Loni Sanders or Rhonda Jo Petty stuf they are looking for it. If you have something just post a note is the star forum and i will give you a way to get in tuch with them.
<Sietel> didn't see you there
<DenverDon> nite elmo
Tom_Byron -  nite elmo
<SelenaSilver> (i am good...but i don't know how to do that... LOL)
<Kimi_Lixx> what's the webcam address, kristin?
<astroknight> night Elmo
<Harri_Patel> Leave it alone, Perv
<Elmo> nite
<traderhtc> Have you seen Nip/Tuck on FX GothicP?
<Thanos> later elmo
<GothicPerv> Harri - That's what I say, but GF disagrees.
<vinh> heh... that's okay selena
<DenverDon> evening daveguru
<klixxfan> you have yahoo, kimi
<GothicPerv> No trader.
<Thanos> snip it
<daveguru> sup
<Kimi_Lixx> yes, i have yahoo
<traderhtc> First two episodes cover this topc GP
<klixxfan> messenger?
<traderhtc> Funny because the teenage son attempts a self-circumsion
<traderhtc> (not funny ha ha, but funny -- disturbing)
<GothicPerv> trader: Ouch! *crosses legs*
Tom_Byron -  Both astro- i seek them out and they talk me into it:)
<Sietel> I had a Muslim friend who a few months ago, at a poker game where we were all drunk, got very freaked out at his being circumcised and was figuring out a way to switch some elbow skin so he could reattach a foreskin. He was so out of his brains, but we kept him away from the knives.
<DenverDon> traderhtc, hope he wasn't a bleeder
<GothicPerv> *L*@Sietel!
<SelenaSilver> geez
<traderhtc> I think Muslims are supposed to be circumcised (following Jewish tradition)!
<Thanos> bwa ha haaaa
<traderhtc> 99.9% sure
<Kimi_Lixx> no, i don't use messenger
<Sietel> He was circumcised trader, hence his desire to reclaim his foreskin
<traderhtc> aah
<RobHammer> Sietel your tongue just poped through your cheek
<RednckRay> I've got a dremel tool and safety glasses. I'm up for a few circucisions.
<klixxfan> what else can i use?
<Sietel> Rob, both the truth and my tongue find their place in my cheek
<GothicPerv> trader: My GF is a practicing Wiccan but considers herself and ethnic Jew, which is why she wants our son to be snipped.
Tom_Byron -  enough with the circumsion
<traderhtc> lol
<bill> hey kristin I never see you online anymore you stop your cam shows?
<astroknight> evening mdeezy
<DenverDon> evening mdeezy
<vinh> I haven't had enough beer to follow along this line of conversation
<Harri_Patel> Tom, what was the deal with that movie '<Somebody>'s Last Day?'
<astroknight> lol vinh!
Tom_Byron -  let's talk about sex, baby
<whatami> tom - howz sales going for meat pushin?
<GothicPerv> *L*@vinh! Do a shot and it will aaaaaaall makes sense. ;)
<RednckRay> klixxfan ? Are you chatting here through the web ?
Tom_Byron -  Archer's
<SelenaSilver> I would love to know how many lines Evolution will have and what they are?
Tom_Byron -  What deal, Harri?
<Harri_Patel> that's it
Tom_Byron -  Sales are good
<vinh> tom, when are you shooting selena?
<traderhtc> last comment re this topic: Get it done GP, much easier for baby to deal with! and better than it looking like an anteater (never heard of that until I saw Nip/Tuck which is a great show by the way)
<DenverDon> evening Dirty_Bob
<Sietel> Tom, some of us porn fans are waiting for a new wave of nastier younger girls to take over from the stars of the Nineties. Have you got your eyes on any up-and-cummers we should watch for?
<Harri_Patel> seemed like an inside joke, or sometihng
<bill> what does that matter rednckray?
Tom_Byron -  Selena call Kevin my booker (818)678-6464
<Porky> brb
<traderhtc> Tom -- update the shopping cart on your site!! Even when you click on the dvd, it says VHS !!
<astroknight> tom - is there any girl out there that could draw you out of retirement?
<lindi> Porky, just catching up after picking up my dinner downstairs
<vinh> that was nice and simple
Tom_Byron -  who do you suggest astro?
<GothicPerv> trader; We shall so whose will prevails, mine or the GF's.
<vinh> tom is retired as a performer?!
<astroknight> just wondering :)
<SelenaSilver> Tom - if Michael Seffano, Jewel De'Nyle, and Brandon Iron tell me you are cool... you are cool
<SelenaSilver> I will call
<Sietel> Tom, any chance of Kelly Havel appearing in your movies for EE?
Tom_Byron -  they're cool too
<astroknight> just in case jenna decides she wants to do a mind blowing anal scene, so she knows if she should call you up or not :D
<vinh> bwahahaha sietel
Tom_Byron -  who's kelly havel?
<GothicPerv> Shit. Brb. Must reboot. :/
<vinh> andrew blake girl
<vinh> and also ALS
<Bob> A Tom/Selena connection . . . this HAS been a worthwhile chat seesion!
<traderhtc> Which number vinh??
<Sietel> als?
<Sietel> I only know her from her Suze shoots, and she is fine, fine, fine, in those
<vinh> not sure trader
<vinh> not a big fan of her
<vinh> she needs to eat more
<Sietel> that's a bit harsh vinh
<traderhtc> Do you remember if its 20s or 30s or 40s -- I'll take it from there?
Tom_Byron -  jenna SHOULD do anal!!
<thetimexxx> I agree
<traderhtc> You know how they change their name
<Bob> Has Ashley Moore retired?
<klixxfan> i'm signing up fpr image studio
Tom_Byron -  Who's Ashley Moore?
<Sietel> vagina and anus are mere centimetres apart, yet they seem miles away from each other with Jenna
<Sietel> an insurmountable distance
<traderhtc> I've been looking for the the alsscan to porn site (since it's gone) Does anyone know a fresh link for it?
<Harri_Patel> she won't - she probably figures that for her not to do anal is like the 21st Century equivalent of Raquel Welch never going topless
<Bob> she's hot and athletic
<lindi> Time, baby, I am having the BEST dinner
<DenverDon> traderhtc, I don't
<Harri_Patel> if she even knows who Raquel Welch is . . .
<Sietel> Nikki Tyler did anal didn't she? I've always preferred her over Jenna.
<thetimexxx> lindi.....uh huh
<Bob> check her out in Brandon Iron's "I LOVE IT ROUGH"
<Harri_Patel> which is probably doubtful
<whatami> tom -what made you decide to start evolution?
<Sietel> Bob, Jasmine Lynn > Ashley Moore
<thetimexxx> Tom.....a little Sky Lopez action would be nice.....
<Bob> which means that you like her more, Sietel?
Tom_Byron -  Sky's pretty cool...
<traderhtc> I used to loooove Sky -- too many tats now
<Sietel> That's correct Bob, although we're talking both high quality performers. The difference between an A* and an A+
<Sietel> brb
<thetimexxx> fuck ya....She's not with Sineplex anymore....
<vinh> which one is more? * or +
<Sietel> * over +
<Bob> vinh -- I don't think it gets higher than +
<Sietel> A*is the best of the best, A+ is next
<traderhtc> I thought the * meant "blank"
<Sietel> I'm australian, don't forget vinh. We use different rating currency
Tom_Byron -  I started Evolution to get my product in stores also to have my own identity apart from Extreme
<SelenaSilver> sietel is aussie?
<vinh> the only aussie currency I know are swimsuit models
<Sietel> sure am selena
<astroknight> tom - what's the best and worst things that have happened in the time you've been in the adult industry?
<vinh> well and selena
<SelenaSilver> me too:)
<Sietel> how nice selena! You a sydneysider?
<thetimexxx> When is American Gunk hitting the streets?
<SelenaSilver> yes- you ?
<Sietel> You bet.
<SelenaSilver> suburb?
<Sietel> You North Shore, I bet
<Sietel> Yeah, I'm just east of the Blue Mountains
Tom_Byron -  Best thing-getting into the industry Worst thing- give me a minute...
<SelenaSilver> no... lol... inner west
<SelenaSilver> then bondi
<Sietel> oh, so you have two places? Cool. I'm planning a move to caringbah myself.
<vinh> tom, guy capo looks like IceT on your website
<Sietel> brb
Tom_Byron -  American Gunk- 2nd week of Sept, i think
<astroknight> will evolution be a no-condom company or will it give performers the choice?
<thetimexxx> hot damn.....good to hear
Tom_Byron -  Guy capo is cool as fuck!
<thetimexxx> indeed
Tom_Byron -  NO CONDOMS!!!!
<Bob> Tom, how many releases do you plan per month?
<whatami> has guy directed anything in the past?
Tom_Byron -  the choice is to work for vivid or wicked
Tom_Byron -  4 releases maybe 5
Tom_Byron -  Guy comes from music video
<Bob> that's ambitious!
<traderhtc> Is the emphasis going to be quality over quantity (not wanting to start a turf war but I think RLD releases too many dvd's almost indiscriminately)
Tom_Byron -  Porno debut for Evolution
<vinh> following the mtv style of directing you pioneered
Tom_Byron -  QUALITY ALWAYS!!!
<Harri_Patel> Will you allow yourself to be assimilated by the Larry Flynt Empire?
<Dirty_Bob> finally
<DenverDon> evening Diesel
<Dirty_Bob> yo all
Tom_Byron -  If Larry wants to buy me out I'm 4 sale!!
Tom_Byron -  BIG BUCKS!!!!
<Dirty_Bob> Dirty Tom!
<astroknight> howdy Diesel
<vinh> I wonder how many zeros it will take
<traderhtc> Diieesel!!
<Porky> Hi Diesel
Tom_Byron -  Dirty Bob!
<traderhtc> question for ya Diez...
<SelenaSilver> hi dirty bob
Tom_Byron -  many zeros!!!
<Dirty_Bob> Selena!
<Diesel> Hey everyone
<Harri_Patel> that would be pretty funny ... release one video, sell out to Flynt for a boatload of cash, retire to Spain . . .
<lindi> oops
Tom_Byron -  But larry's got em
<DenverDon> maybe not if he's runing for govenor of cali
<vinh> wonder how many zeros larry will be blowing on this race
Tom_Byron -  Ahnuld's running...
<SelenaSilver> but can you imagine how cool it would be IF he won...
<lindi> porky, did you leave and come back?
<bibetty> that would be cool Denver D
Tom_Byron -  what a fuckin joke
<Steph> someone with name recognition needs to run against arnold
<Dirty_Bob> We should start a wager on who gets the most votes: Mary Carey or Larry Flynt (heh heh)
<Bob> this Governor's race is a damn circus, IMHO.
<Harri_Patel> he's running?!
<traderhtc> I agree Bob
Tom_Byron -  i agree Bob
<traderhtc> Maybe we should have a recall of the 2000 presidential election!
Tom_Byron -  YES!!!!!\
Tom_Byron -  Fuck Bush!!!!
<Bob> now there's an idea that makes me smile
<su2sexi> LOL
<Porky> The Chimp in Chief
<Bob> I second that emotion!
<Porky> The Thief in Chief
<Steph> so flynt could run for president?
Tom_Byron -  I HATE that cocksucker!!!
<bibetty> Maybe Larry would hire Jody Moore on his political team *chuckle*
<lindi> i signed some "recall Bush' thing already
<traderhtc> ooh, I'll always remember this chat -- Tom Byron agrees with me!
Tom_Byron -  makes me ashamed of being from Texas
<traderhtc> Diesel do you have a minute!
Tom_Byron -  i'm a dixie chick
<traderhtc> Makes me ashamed to live in Texas
<Diesel> Trader: I have two may have one...
<Diesel> What is it?
<traderhtc> Oh, no we must now start destroying your dvds!
<Harri_Patel> I'm just ashamed of Texas in general
<Bob> makes me ashamed that Texas is still a state
<Steph> makes me ashamed to fly thru texas
<Porky> Don't jaywalk in Texas, trader. That's a death penalty offense
<Sietel> jodi moore couldn't lobby herself out of a strap-on
<traderhtc> lol porky
<Thanos> Ahnnuld for governor
Tom_Byron -  sorry I LOVE BUSH!!!
<Dirty_Bob> I'm surprised that Gene Ross hasn't thrown his hat into the ring...
<Bob> lol, Sietel -- but who'd want her to, she looks so good with one on?
<SelenaSilver> lol
<traderhtc> Diese, Your Taylor Rain article: how is it coming along (curious about if you have any review of Up and Cummers 112)
<Dumas> Hi Kimi
<astroknight> well, it's about time to get going
<curious> hi
<su2sexi> Bob....not as good as I ;)
<SelenaSilver> night astro
<Bob> nite astro
<SelenaSilver> hi curious
<astroknight> have a great night all and thanks so much for chatting with us tom! i hope you stop back! :)
<Sietel> Jodi is a classic example of the girl better seen but not heard, and it pains me to say that as her countrymen.
<Steph> night astro
Tom_Byron -  Thanks astro!
<Sietel> countryman, i mean
<SelenaSilver> wow sietel
<vinh> why's that sietel?
<traderhtc> night astro
<vinh> countrypornstar
<Diesel> traderhtc: The Taylor Rain article won't debut for another month or so...UP and C 112 is on my way to my home for a eview
<curious> someone is amazing if they can answer my question--
<Bob> countryperson
<heyclammy> sorry got here late Tom, great to see you back in the biz
Tom_Byron -  what curious?
<Thanos> later astro
<Kimi_Lixx> hi Dumas
Tom_Byron -  thanks clammy
<vinh> later astro
<gjtsa> Hey all
<Sietel> I just find her performances far from genuine, a bit forced, and her attitude to porn fans from what I gather a little cold. Highly overrated in my opinion. Give me Bobbi Barrington anyday.
<traderhtc> man, how can I get a job like yours Diesel (rhetorical question)
<heyclammy> just wanted to get your opinion facials vs. swallowing... you always had kind of a shotgun blast.. better served for facials
<Diesel> Fail at everything else in life, and you can be a writer at Adult DVD Empire, too...
<SelenaSilver> sietel...make me your new aussie favorite...pick me, pick me!
<Diesel> Just kidding.
Tom_Byron -  I like facials
<Sietel> you in the biz Selena?
<Sietel> am I majorly displaying my ignorance here?
<traderhtc> Feels like I'm halfway there thanks to the economy of the past couple of years!
<RobHammer> Sietel needs to read the forum
<Harri_Patel> she's new, Sietel
<SelenaSilver> i am a new and up and cumming girl, sietel.... no biggie you don't know me
<Bob> sietel, wake up and smell the coffee, dude ;)
<SelenaSilver> only 15 films so far - but about to shoot a ton
<vinh> I did my research last week
<curious> I saw an adult film VHS in the early 90-95 area that opened with a gorgous brunette, long curly hair with a black tight mini with a shoulder lentgh hair guy, SHE kept saying in the scene..."blow me"...I sooo bad want to find this video again
<Harri_Patel> smell the Vegemite
<Sietel> rob, you are my sensei. I shall do as you say
<vinh> even... talked to the woman
<traderhtc> what number Selena and did you do Randy??
<Dirty_Bob> Selena - patience, grasshopper
<Diesel> Question for Tom: Sorry if this has been asked before, but any chance of a reunion with Ginger've done a ton of scenes with her.
<SelenaSilver> hee hee... i said up and and cumming you automatically assumed the series
<Harri_Patel> oh, *please* don't do that, Tom
<SelenaSilver> but yes... randy made me #114
Tom_Byron -  Reunion doubtful
<traderhtc> I'll have to rent it -- saw it at the store
<Sietel> Selena, good to hear. I normally like to grab as many Aussie-star containing films as I can. I'm big on Anton Michaels, Bobbi Barrington and Monica Mayhem.
<SelenaSilver> (but tonight is about Tom Byron NOT me...seriously)
<vinh> will there ever be a 80s porn star mullet reunion?
Tom_Byron -  maybe in private
<Bob> So I guess a Traci Lords reunion is out of the question?
<Thanos> lol
<gjtsa> You feeling better Kimi :)
<Harri_Patel> Ginger already made a "let's get together with all the moldy oldies" movie
<thetimexxx> lol
Tom_Byron -  mullets 4 ever!!!
<Kimi_Lixx> a little bit
<vinh> you had quite a mullet in the 80s, tom
Tom_Byron -  Traci can lick my scrote
<RobHammer> I thought you howled timexxx
<traderhtc> Old standard question for Tom then: If you for the King of Porn for one day, what three things would you change (or make absolutely standard)!
<thetimexxx> not tonight, RobHammer....
<Steph> traderhtc thanks, i almost forgot to ask that
<Sietel> I always thought Traci Lords appearing on Melrose was part of like an NBA trade or something.
<traderhtc> my pleasure Steph
<vinh> hah
<Bob> lol
<AmericanVideos> I heard Tom is the King of Porn!
<Dirty_Bob> Tom: You need to attend the Tampa Show one of these years...
<Sietel> The jizz bizz gets Brooke Langton and Courtney Thorne-Smith for Traci Lords and a third round draft pick
<vinh> oooh
<vinh> thrown in Kristin Davis
<curious> any master of porn movies out there that can narrow down a movie title with limited info?
<SelenaSilver> now that is funny
<Porky> Well, I gotta hit the cloth. Tom, best of luck with your new venture. Good night to all my cyber pals.
<DenverDon> got booted
<lindi> nite Porky
<Bob> I'd love to see Cortney Thorne-Smith do the nasty!!!
<DenverDon> nite porkyh
Tom_Byron -  3 things- I would have as much money as 1. larry flynt 2. steve hirsch and 3. that's enough money....
<lindi> pornky
<RobHammer> bye porky
<su2sexi> nite Porky..... get that slogan
<Harri_Patel> WBDD
<bibetty> good question traderhtc!
<traderhtc> mmm, any Courtney (except love)
<AmericanVideos> What is it, curious?
<Bob> nite porky
<Thanos> yeah, saw that mullet get worked over by honey wilder
Tom_Byron -  nite pork
<Diesel> Tom: do you read the autobios of former actors like Jerry Butler, Christy Canyon, and others who may have written about you in one form or another
<Kimi_Lixx> g'night Porky
<Sietel> Selena, what films of your do I need to get? Are they available from axisshop or am I going to make some underground calls to get the flicks?
<Thanos> later porky
<Dirty_Bob> I'm outta here too - Tom et al
Tom_Byron -  don't read much autobios
<lindi> nite Dirty_Bob
<RobHammer> night Dirty_Bob
<Kimi_Lixx> g'night Dirty Bob
<heyclammy> Tom did you ever work with Juli Ashton? I'd love to see her make a comeback
<Dirty_Bob> ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz...........
Tom_Byron -  later dirty bob
<Bob> hey Kimi, have you been feeling badly?
<vinh> I'm going to go down some more beer
<Sietel> heyclammy, I think you'll find it's spelt 'cumback'
<Kimi_Lixx> yes, i'm sick
<SelenaSilver> night dirty bob
<Bob> sorry to hear that
<vinh> unfortunately alcohol and computers don't go together well for me
<Kimi_Lixx> thanks
Tom_Byron -  juli's cool- haven't seen her in a while
<DenverDon> nite vinh
<Sietel> Kimi! What up to your microbiologist self! I have had the wackiest week looking at candida
<heyclammy> hopefully.. what about Chaisy Lane.. heard she's back
<curious> I saw a VHS between 90-95 with a long haired brunette, curly, hot in a black mini skirt with a shoulder length hair guy in opening scene, she kept saying "blow me"..i want to find this video...possibly vivid?
Tom_Byron -  go puke vinh:)
<Kimi_Lixx> albicans or vulgaris?
<Sietel> albicans sadlt
<vinh> chasey has leather skin
<SelenaSilver> night vinh
<vinh> and vacant eyes
<lindi> curious, have you seen the forum - maybe you can ask over there
<SelenaSilver> sietel...i have only shot with major studios - you can find my films
<curious> thank you lindi
<AmericanVideos> Curious, can't help you
<Sietel> Kimi, if you are allowed, just do me one favour in your next porn film appearance...
<Harri_Patel> don't ask more than once . . .
<bibetty> Read Selena's posts Sietel..(as see says tonight's all Tom)
<thetimexxx> has our friends over at AV-motherfucking-N treated you since your establishment of EE......
<lindi> on Star crossed or general porn talk
<bibetty> she
<Sietel> could you streak an agar plate for me? Please?
<curious> harri is an asshole
<SelenaSilver> has my listings of films and studios
<Kimi_Lixx> sure, Sietel - whatcha want?
<lindi> a lot more people will see it there, curious
<Kimi_Lixx> lol
Tom_Byron -  AVN don't like me
<Kimi_Lixx> i'll have to bring my own, i don't think they'll have any in the props closet
<Thanos> albicans, wasn't that a song by phil collins
<bibetty> why's that Tom?
<Sietel> My technique was crap. I used to send little bits of red agar jelly flying across the room. I once hit my demonstrator in the eye and I was streaking with staph from someone's nostrils too.
<curious> thanks lindi
<thetimexxx> Tom.....two words for you...Don Benn.....fuck those gawd damn bastards at AVN......if you read this later AVN....thanks for nothing....assholes
<Kimi_Lixx> (should i sign my name in germs and send you a growing colony in the mail?)
<Steph> Tom, do they reject your ad dollars?
<Bob> Tom, do you think that Fishbein's "transition" will have any effect on AVN's attitude toward you?
<Sietel> Kimi, that would be fabulous. I even have an incubation cabinet
<lindi> you're welcome - only ask in one place - they'll move it if you guess wrong!
Tom_Byron -  AVN still thinks I'm with rob
<Kimi_Lixx> holy cow!! you don't have to be aggressive!
<Harri_Patel> is lindi an asshole too, curious?
<curious> cool, no, she was nice
<klixxfan> kisses kimi
<klixxfan> all
Tom_Byron -  Don't know what i can do to convince them otherwise
<Sietel> no, no, I was kidding Kimi
<thetimexxx> AVN has had their head up their ass for a long time's time for some other people to take the reigns...
<lindi> time....
<lindi> ahem
Tom_Byron -  I just wanna do business
<thetimexxx> lo siento
<AmericanVideos> I wish there was another industry trade magazine
<lindi> heheh
<Sietel> desculpeh
Tom_Byron -  no time 4 politics
<curious> apologies lol
<Sietel> desolay
<Kimi_Lixx> probably couldn't send an agar plate in the US mail right now anyhow... someone would be sure it was biological terrorism
<Steph> Who needs a magazine? There are plenty of great websites
<Thanos> start one videos
<Bob> I still cannot believe how much AVN fucked up their website. It sucks!!!
Tom_Byron -  websites EXACTLY!!!!
<Sietel> Hmmm - biological terrorism from staph from someone's nostril - sounds like a CSI Miami plot
<Kimi_Lixx> welcome back Xrent
<DenverDon> lol Sietel
<Bob> great sales, Xrent!
<Kimi_Lixx> nostril staph!! i wouldn't send something so mundane!!
<SelenaSilver> i like - you did a good job with it tom
<Sietel> What did you have in mind Kimi?
Tom_Byron -  thanks Selena!
<Kimi_Lixx> i wasn't thinking some high class vaginal mucus - it's full of all sorts of things, you'd get a war on that agar plate
<traderhtc> Whoa, you are hot Selena (just checkd out your Yahoo Group)
<thetimexxx> fucking rocks
<SelenaSilver> lol
Tom_Byron -  thanks time
<heyclammy> Tom my favorite line you had was after the famous three way facial over somebody, Jewel DeNyle.. ending with Jessica Darling...who you got in the eye... your line "Eyes Glued Shut" (obvious reference to Eyes Wide Shut.. always that that would be a good line of videos
<Bob> Tom, who was your favorite gal to fuck on camera?
<Sietel> Just as long as it's not legionella, I'm terrified of that
Tom_Byron -  Nikita denise
<klixxfan> brb
<Steph> and off camera?
<Bob> Cool, she's hot!
<lapin> hi all
<Thanos> yeah selena....nice breasts
<DenverDon> Nikita is great
<Kimi_Lixx> no fair! i already answered Nikita Denise tonight
<Sietel> Nikita denise make-a me weak-at-da-knees
<lindi> hi lapin
<traderhtc> I have a preference for dark hair and natural boobies!
Tom_Byron -  off camera my hand
<Bob> hi lapin
<thetimexxx> lol
<Sietel> Here I was thinking Selena's personality was the best thing about her...
<Steph> Sietel :)
<SelenaSilver> Tom seems very humble about girls....and he is the one guy who can have any girl he wants... hmmm...
<Thanos> we always try to get Nikita to say, "Must Kill Moose and Squirel"
<bibetty> i agree Selena
Tom_Byron -  Can I have YOU Selena?
<traderhtc> Didn't she say that on a Howard Stern appearance?
<DenverDon> Thanos, does she understand it?
<Steph> Thanos that would be a great behind the scenes bit
<RednckRay> I just picked up a Nikita Deniese scene from Chasing the Big Ones #12. She's pretty amazing.
<Thanos> yeah, we told her
<SelenaSilver> did you mean tonight, tom... or tomorrow
<SelenaSilver> lol
Tom_Byron -  *salivating*
<Bob> Steph, I'd love to see her do it on-camera
<Thanos> she just says yes dahling now
<Kimi_Lixx> you know, if porn directors had a brain to split between them (no offense to any/all porn directors in the chat) they'd make a Rocky & Bullwinkle spoof, just for Nikita
Tom_Byron -  DAHLINK!
<lindi> hahah
<Thanos> we've tried and tried and tried kimi
<Bob> I'm with you, Kimi, all the way!
<Thanos> lol
<Steph> kimi :)
<Kimi_Lixx> she doesn't have to understand it!! it would be great!
<traderhtc> Wouldn't Ron Jeremy make a great Boris, though!
<Thanos> to much comedy for some of the writers
<DenverDon> lol
Tom_Byron -  RJ Boris YES
<Bob> Gee, I was thinking me rather than Ron.
<Kimi_Lixx> get a freakin' outside writer!!
<Bob> I'm short and cute.
<Steph> have a contest for the screenplay (without charging people to participate)
<Kimi_Lixx> put an ad or two or three on some of these MARVELOUS websites, like ADT for instance, and ask for a script SPECIFICALLY spoofing Rocky & Bullwinkle
<Bob> but Ron has a bigger dick, so forget me
<thetimexxx> Tom, do you still smoke cigarettes?
Tom_Byron -  who would be bullwinkle?
<Harri_Patel> Dough
Tom_Byron -  smoke yes
<bibetty> that'll kill ya!
<bibetty> lol
<thetimexxx> pass me a cigarette, Tom.....I can't have them...but fuck the docs
Tom_Byron -  smoking now
<Bob> Tom, you gotta stop. I have two friends dying of lung cancer.
<bibetty> poor time!
Tom_Byron -  evil addiction
<Steph> yeah tom, smoke something healthier
<Thanos> yeah, who would be bullwinkle
<thetimexxx> lol
<lindi> heheh
<Bob> Steph :)
<traderhtc> Is Meat Pushin available at Adult DVD empire?
Tom_Byron -  I do steph
Tom_Byron -  Should be available
<Thanos> Lee Stone...bwa haaa
<bibetty> yeah take your greens (did i say that?)
<Kimi_Lixx> someone tall and skinny
<Steph> i couldn;t find meat pushin listed at any online stores when i checked earlier today - will check again...
<Bob> Meat pushin' or pot, Tom?
Tom_Byron -  I think my salesman shipped them
Session Close: Thu Aug 07 00:00:00 2003

Frusturatingly, the chat log was cut off. Sorry folks!

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