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This Tina Tyler's Favorites chat was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on Feb. 14th, 2001, Valentine's Day, and the first day of Tina Week. Tina Tyler and Faron, Head of DVD Production at Odyssey Group Video were our guests of honor.

Tina, Faron, and many Talkers all enter chat room - lots of greetings, exchanges of love and fish, and many !!!!'s

Steph:  tinatyler!!!!

tinatyler:  WOW!!! It's busy!!

HoustonDon:  Tina! double yay!

Emahevul:  hello Tina

HoustonDon:  we're all here for you Tina ;)

tinatyler:  all I can say is OH>>>MY>>>GAWD>>>> the love in this room

Voyeur32:  Tina(sweetie), Happy VD(Valentines' Day)

Faron:  Ain't it grand! Hi Sweetie!

tinatyler:  Hi Voyeur

tinatyler:  Yay... Faron

Voyeur32:  The one person that can make me miss my South park.

tinatyler:  okay, now i'm pissed... WHERE THE HELL IS EVIL-RIP?

astroknight:  probably working

Steph:  tinatyler we're still a bit early

tinatyler:  hey astro

astroknight:  hey tina!

tinatyler:  steph- and i thought i could sneak in early and greet people...

waynstock:  Happy Valentine's Day Everybody

DrewBlackADT:  what's the topic tonight?

DrewBlackADT:  JK ;)

tinatyler:  drew is funny

Steph:  somebody slap drew please

Faron:  lol

tinatyler:  maybe with a large trout

Voyeur32:  Must be tough having to give up some of your favorite toys Tina. But it's all for charity. Hope hubby replaced some for the holiday.

honeynipple:  will you slap me around Tina?.

tinatyler:  voyeur- i did receive some new ones recently, so it's not as bad as it might be

tinatyler:  honeynipple- you've been listening to abba haven't you?

Voyeur32:  Start with face dance part 1 BigD and become hooked.

tinatyler:  I'm blushing!

Emahevul:  Face Dance is a GREAT movie, Stagliano was truly at his all time best

HoustonDon:  any bids on the toys yet?

blake_fan:  Was Tyffany Minx in FD#1 ?

astroknight:  blake_fan - yep

Steph:  dumblonde was the first toy bidder

tinatyler:  hey faron, have you been in this chat room before?

astroknight:  facedance 1 is one of my all time favorite movies

Faron:  Yes

tinatyler:  faron- fun isn't it?

Faron:  I was here for the Jim Steel chat

HoustonDon:  what do you guys expect the toys to go for?

tinatyler:  of course

Faron:  Very much so

Steph:  HoustonDon we're all new auctioneers

tinatyler:  houston- we have no idea

Voyeur32:  I saw one. I'm being stealthy and waiting for a certain one I want towards the end.

DrewBlackADT:  should we do this in moderated mode tonight?

tinatyler:  nah

DrewBlackADT:  okeedokey

blake_fan:  [Drew is all business.]

DrewBlackADT:  yeppers

tinatyler:  we love drew

Faron:  Someone has to do it

DrewBlackADT:  drew is no fun

Steph:  blake_fan he's a programmer - what do you expect? ;)

Emahevul:  Steph, ready for the move?

Steph:  Emahevul sort of

Faron:  Moving Steph?

HoustonDon:  coastal move

Emahevul:  mentally prepared?

Steph:  Faron - to Maine on 2/27 - i'll send you my new address

HoustonDon:  2/27... so soon

Faron:  Wow!! That's gonna be a big change.

Steph:  craziness!!!

blake_fan:  Oh, I thought you were moving the server. (?)

Steph:  blake_fan that too

HoustonDon:  drew is her server... ;)

tinatyler:  heehee

astroknight:  lol HD

Steph:  drew is my backend ;)

Steph:  so without trying too hard to get on topic...

Steph:  Faron / Tina - what's on the DVDs?!!

tinatyler:  wow a topic question ;)

Faron:  Each of the three parts has a Director Commentary with our very Tina,

tinatyler:  lots of great stuff including some juicy behind the scenes stories on the director's commentary

Faron:  A wildly interesting chat from some web site called (thanks steph!)

Steph:  wow that does sound interesting :)

Voyeur32:  Tina please tell me you plan to do more dancing and it's not out of your system yet.

tinatyler:  faron can answer better what else you may find

Faron:  All of the usual stuff you find on our DVD's Scene Access, Photo Gallery, Previews

tinatyler:  voyeur- yes i plan to continue... no iron clad dates yet, though

Faron:  Web info, Cast bio (Bigger than most our other discs, Tina put a lot of hard work into these)

tinatyler:  thnak you for that, faron

astroknight:  wow. sounds like a great DVD.

Faron:  NO! Thank You!

tinatyler:  you're the best

Faron:  Anything for my favorite star!

Faron:  Look everyone it's a love in!

tinatyler:  can you tell we love eachother in a very profound way?

Steph:  well it is V day and all :)

Faron:  Also, part three starts each scene with a little striptease by the girl.

Faron:  The DVD will give you the entire strip sequence unedited.

tinatyler:  YES! You found the footage!

Faron:  Yep, found the footage and it's there!

tinatyler:  yay

Steph:  great idea - too many scenes go right to the sex

Voyeur32:  Did I read right on the section on buying favorites something that said about future releases?Does that mean new stuff being shot or already shot stuff going to DVd?

Steph:  Voyeur32 that means Lesbian Lick-A-Thon

Emahevul:  I agree with you on that aspect Steph, sometimes a little build up is nice

Voyeur32:  Gotcha steph.

Faron:  Three Tina Tylers Favorites were made, the first two will be available on Tuesday of next week.

Faron:  The third will be out on DVD next month.

tinatyler:  steph- originally they strip portions were supposed to be included but a communcations error to the editor took them away... at least you get them on dvd

Voyeur32:  We need a fourth to be made.

Steph:  so the strips are dvd exclusive! very nice

tinatyler:  and a 79th ;)

Voyeur32:  At least so Tina can finally do her DV scene.

tinatyler:  Hi 5star - thanks for agreeing to sponsor the week

Faron:  Also, anyone who pre-orders either 1 or 2 on will have a chance to receive an autographed copy AND get part 3 free two weeks prior to the regular release date.

Steph:  tinatyler please don't take any series to the 79th power ;)

HoustonDon:  "chance"?

tinatyler:  steph- that should read the 79th ed powers ;)

HoustonDon:  heheheh

astroknight:  AAAARGH! NO!!! NOT ED!!!!!! must purge image of Ed.....

HoustonDon:  astro likes ed enough to label him with randy

Steph:  how does Ed always find his way in here?

Faron:  Five Star will take all the preorder and pick certain ones at random to send the autographed copies.

Emahevul:  what? you don't recognize Ed's genius astro? ;-)

HoustonDon:  steph-ed's a good kicking horse

tinatyler:  steph- did you get the last auction items up?

Faron:  Hi Five Star!

Steph:  tinatyler everything is posted

tinatyler:  yay

HoustonDon:  Faron-I hate chance, I like making my own luck.. ;)

Steph:  HoustonDon just have all your friends order them too ;)

Faron:  LOL

HoustonDon:  my friends are all here... ;)

tinatyler:  In case you don't know there are 6 additional toys for auction from my personal toy chest... only one has been used on video

HoustonDon:  tina toys...

Steph:  tinatyler love the 'this toy is my fluffer' :)

Faron:  Hey! Tina Toys. That sounds like something Doc Johnson should consider!

tinatyler:  steph- well it is... er ummm i mean was

HoustonDon:  maybe if they came in a display case, with an autographed, notarized statement...

tinatyler:  faron- let's call them and see ;0

Faron:  Yippee!

tinatyler:  they'll cum with an autographed polaroid of me using it

Faron:  That would have to be a best seller!

tinatyler:  steph is the best

HoustonDon:  OGV-odyssey video group, right? home of shane's world?

Faron:  Correct

joeblow69:  and Ken Ryker?

Faron:  Yep!

Faron:  Loving Ken Ryker

tinatyler:  YES!!!! Ken Ryker... yum

HoustonDon:  we need more shane's world dvd's on the market-everyone here loved vol 19

joeblow69:  what ever happened to Ken's next movie? Someone was on gaydvdreview a long time ago and was talking about the next Ryker DVD

HoustonDon:  maybe shane can meet tina

astroknight:  does OGV have the rights to the early shane's worlds or just recent ones?

Faron:  Looooong story.

tinatyler:  HD- not a bad idea

Faron:  We have the rights to all of them

blake_fan:  I want to see Steph in a Shane's World. ;)

tinatyler:  who doesn't?

astroknight:  any plans for releasing any of the early shane's worlds?

Faron:  Well, Shane OWNS 1-18, Jennie owns 19 and up and we have the contract to distribute all of them

Steph:  Steph acts like a dork when the camera is rolling

Steph:  tinatyler do anything special for V Day (other than be here of course :)

tinatyler:  steph- i saw the first pic of the day and was wondering who else you ahve in store for us

tinatyler:  steph- nope just hangin' here

Steph:  tinatyler i figured a new pic of you and a new pic of another star each day

Faron:  We are working very hard to get the early Shane's to you. I don't know if you've kept up with the issue in AVN but there's some controversy at the moment. If that gets resolved all the Shane titles will be out ASAP

Steph:  Faron sent me a great batch of pics

tinatyler:  steph- names, sweetie, names

Emahevul:  is that THE Brandy?

HoustonDon:  Faron, most of us don't read AVN

blake_fan:  Steph, that "Tina pic of the day" was from yesterday, wasn't it? We didn't get one today?

BrandyAlexandre:  Depends on how you mean that. ;)

Steph:  tinatyler Stephanie Swift, Rebecca Lord... Taylor Moore

Faron:  Yeah, I thought you guys might not be aware of it.

tinatyler:  thanks steph

Emahevul:  well, you are either Brandy Alexandre former porn star extraordinaire, or you're not

HoustonDon:  Faron-too many errors in AVN, too much hype

Steph:  i can't post some of the x-rated ones

Faron:  That is so very true

tinatyler:  i know

BrandyAlexandre:  I mean if you really hate her and want to beat her up I deny it. ;) But yeah. THE Brandy Alexandre.

HoustonDon:  we don't hate at ADT

tinatyler:  hey brandy... nice to fianlly meet you... sort of

BigDick:  AVN's website sucks.. takes forever to load and poorly organized

BrandyAlexandre:  That's why I recommended you in RAME

BigDick:  RAME is great

Steph:  the AVN popup REALLY bugs me

Emahevul:  hi Brandy, how's things going, haven't been to your site in a few weeks

HoustonDon:  recommended?

Faron:  Yeah, I can never find anything on the AVN site.

BrandyAlexandre:  I don't want to intrude on Tina's chat too much...

tinatyler:  you're welcome here

Faron:  Although!! At the moment I love them cause I got five DVD noms for the gayvn awards coming up !

blake_fan:  Tina, do you have any close friends who are also in the business?

tinatyler:  faron- i just found out that i'll be presenting that night

Steph:  Faron I hope you get some wins too!

HoustonDon:  Faron-aren't you up for a WAD too

Steph:  tinatyler presenting which award?

Faron:  YEAH!

joeblow69:  Hey Tina! I noticed you got a small mention in the latest issue of Unzipped... Must be nice hanging out with all those hunky gay men! :)~~

tinatyler:  blake- quite a few, some of my closest pals are Chloe, Veronica Hart, Sharon mitchell and Nina Hartley

BigDick:  Tinatyler: do you know serenity?

tinatyler:  joe- as much fun as you think it is... i haven't seen the issue, but will have to check it out now... thanks

Faron:  Yes Houston! Thank you guys so much for noticing the work that went into Shane's World 19

blake_fan:  Tina, are you in So Cal where you can be close?

tinatyler:  BD- never had the pleasure

tinatyler:  blake- yes

Faron:  I was TOTALLY bummed that AVN overlooked us. But it didn't really surprise me.

Steph:  Faron i'm sure you read my thoughts on their nominations

HoustonDon:  Faron, unlike many other places-we're appreciative of hard work here (and our reviews show it)

blake_fan:  Tina, when you dance, do you charge different prices for polaroids, laps, etc., according to where you are dancing?

BigDick:  The reviews here are very good.

Steph:  the WADs are a pretty good representation of what fans think

Faron:  They never cease to amaze me.

tinatyler:  blake- yes

blake_fan:  Can you give me some examples?

tinatyler:  blake- just keep watching you local club ads and come see for yourself

Faron:  They overlooked SW19 at the straight awards, and to be totally honest here, they nominated one of my DVD's for a gay award that just doesn't deserve to be there.

joeblow69:  Faron... which gay dvd?

tinatyler:  blake- i'd rather not discuss $$ tonight

BigDick:  I also like how most reviewers here list their preferences

Faron:  I mean it's not bad at all, it's just a small movie and the DVD is good but not spectacular. Black Justice is the name of it.

Steph:  blake_fan Tina usually posts her dance schedule in the Star Crossed forum

blake_fan:  Okay. the reason I asked is that we were talking about in on one of the thread on ADT, and noticed there seem to be some discrepancy as to what stars charged for what, and where.

HoustonDon:  Faron-that's okay, we still like you more than AVN (even after watching 100% amateur 4)

Faron:  Oh God!

Faron:  I know!

tinatyler:  blake- it all depends on the going rate at each club, and/or what each star thinks she's worth... personally I go with the former

Steph:  Faron i think you handle the politics quite well (somehow you manage to steer clear of it :)

Voyeur32:  Ahh, can't believe I got booted.

tinatyler:  Faron is made of teflon ;)

Faron:  Thanks Steph!

Faron:  LOL

tinatyler:  voyeur is back

Faron:  I think we sometimes get overlooked because we don't piss anyone off!

Steph:  Faron that may be true - i think the same is true of Tina

Voyeur32:  Well then I hope Faron doesn't mind if I ask Tina if she's heard back from David at Wicked yet.

tinatyler:  i was just thinking that, steph

Faron:  Yeah. She doesn't do anything dumb or illegal so she doesn't get as much press.

tinatyler:  voyeur- yes we've spoken a couple of times

BigDick:  Since everyone here seems to be a fan of Tyna Tyler, how about listing your favorite dvd featuring her

Steph:  tinatyler i could start spreading some rumors if you want ;)

Faron:  lol

astroknight:  DMJ6!

HoustonDon:  DMJ6 is probably her best

tinatyler:  I asked Luke Ford, once, why he never writes anything bad about me... he told me it was cause I don't do anything stupid.

Steph:  to date mine is DMJ6 or Bliss - though I am quite lookign forward to Tina Tyler's Favorites and Ooze

Faron:  See!

Elmo:  What was the first Adult Movie you saw

Voyeur32:  I'm getting a dvd player next month. What should be my first Tina DVD. DMJ6?

Faron:  Ooze is gonna be damn good if I do say so myself.

HoustonDon:  yup

astroknight:  bliss is great too, but she was sooooooo great as Satan in DMJ6

BigDick:  I've seen the trailer for Bliss. hmmm

tinatyler:  NWH6 too

Steph:  Voyeur32 no it should be Tina Tyler's Favorites :)

tinatyler:  oh yeah... the reason we're here ;)

Steph:  tinatyler NWH6 just came out

tinatyler:  yes

BigDick:  NWH: new wave hookers. But what does dmj stand for?

Steph:  devil in miss jones

BigDick:  Sorry, semi-newbie

astroknight:  no problem BD

BigDick:  thanks

blake_fan:  Is VCA doing NWH#6?

Steph:  blake_fan yeah - see our On Set section

tinatyler:  hi lanik

LaNIK:  hello tina

blake_fan:  Who is directing it?

Voyeur32:  Part four in the series should be Tina's favorite gangbangs. That way we get to see Tina finally do another gang bang. One that's shot right this time by the way. Also, throw in her DV for good measure:)

tinatyler:  blake- antonio passolini

blake_fan:  good.

Elmo:  Did Ginger Lynn do a DPP in NWH6

tinatyler:  voyeur- you KNOW what i like

Steph:  tinatyler whatever happened with your first DV?

blake_fan:  [The Director is as important to me as the female stars.]

tinatyler:  elmo- yes

Steph:  blake_fan director is often more important to me

tinatyler:  steph- unfortunatley, i couldn't do the movie due to a dance gig

LaNIK:  tina how is it working with Vicca

astroknight:  the best star in the world (aka Tina) can look really lousy if the director doesn't know what he / she's doing

tinatyler:  however, i'll be making that up in March (most likely) for Veronica

LaNIK:  that was a high powered cast in DMJ6

Faron:  So true Astro

tinatyler:  lanik- Vicca AND nikita are both total sweehearts, unfortunately, i never got to find out HOW they are

LaNIK:  i see

Voyeur32:  Tina, you get my E-mail Valentine?

tinatyler:  voyeur- was it the south park one?

joeblow69:  faron... is there anything new coming up with the odyssey twins?

Faron:  Unfortunatly no.

tinatyler:  joe has great taste... yummy twins

joeblow69:  did they retire?

Voyeur32:  Veronica is great. She makes good movies with hardcore sex but not gross ala max or extreme stuff.

Faron:  Come to find out they were not legal to work in the US. OOPS!

joeblow69:  damn!

BrandyAlexandre:  Anyone think Max is on his way out with the new administration?

Steph:  I hope Max chokes on his cock

Voyeur32:  Tina, yes it was. Of course you know it had to be a South Park one coming from me.

BrandyAlexandre:  lol

tinatyler:  i think max should be packed up and sent to andrea dworkin's house

joeblow69:  do you know if the twins ever got it on together in real life?? inquiring minds want to know...

Faron:  Joe, if you happen to be in LA you can book a private "performance"

joeblow69:  cool! I'm not sure i could afford them both, though

tinatyler:  voyeur- you rock

Emahevul:  I don't understand the misogynistic appeal to the Max Hardcore stuff

Voyeur32:  No Tina, you rock. LOL.

Elmo:  Tina did you say Candy Stripers was the first adult video you saw?

LaNIK:  they should ban MAX videos

tinatyler:  hey saki

lee:  hi tina, unfortunately max is probably here to stay. his stuff just sells to well.

LaNIK:  they are tasteless

Saki:  hi everyone--hi tina - sorry about being late...valentine's and all...

Faron:  Hi Saki

HoustonDon:  never seen a Max video

Saki:  hi faron

tinatyler:  howz luna?

Saki:  hd - you're not missing much

HoustonDon:  heheheh

Voyeur32:  I think Max should have to star in a slap happy scene where all the girls he's done his nastiness to gets to beat the shit out of him.

Saki:  tina - she's doing great!

Steph:  maybe Max's stuff won't sell well when he has to distribute it himself and charge more money

tinatyler:  yay

astroknight:  hmmmmmm. how about Max meets Ed???

Emahevul:  Brandy, just saw your polaroid, you are still highly attractive (that is not meant to be a slap on your age)

BrandyAlexandre:  Yeah, I'm not sure where the woman-hating porn came from. I always thought that porn reflected the attitudes of the people who produced it.

joeblow69:  speaking of extreme sex, I just saw the penis piercing scene in Fallen Angel 2. It wasn't nearly as bloody as I imagined it would be

Saki:  BrandyAlexandre - it often does

BrandyAlexandre:  What this seems like is that the porn producers are so jaded that nothing gets them off and they need to turn to sick amusements rather than romance and eroticism

blake_fan:  I think this fear of the new administration is all overblown.

BrandyAlexandre:  Thanks. :)

tinatyler:  blake- i agree

Emahevul:  welcome :-)

HoustonDon:  Brandy-women hating porn=suck

astroknight:  blake - i agree

lee:  Brandy - did you see Max's statements on the A&E piece?

Steph:  blake_fan I agree for video - but not for subscription websites

Elmo:  Was there a fist fucking scene in the first Candy Stripers?

Faron:  The jury's still out on the admin with me.

blake_fan:  I can agree with you there, Steph.

Steph:  i think the new admin will investigate ways to stop/segregate online porn

BrandyAlexandre:  Since I don't get AVN, or go in stores or anything, I don't know if it's just the rough sex that gets talked about or it is really as prevailent as it appears to be by discussion

blake_fan:  Elmo - yes.

Faron:  Big time.

Steph:  in the 80s video was new - now the internet is new

BrandyAlexandre:  No lee, I didn't

tinatyler:  that wouldn't surprize me, steph

Emahevul:  Brandy, ever thought about doing another site, hardcore with some of your old stuff?

Faron:  Brandy, it became prevalent in the last couple of years.

tinatyler:  hey sonic

Steph:  BrandyAlexandre depends what arena

sonic:  hey Tina!!!

sonic:  Happy valentine tina and every chic here today! tonight.

tinatyler:  awe

blake_fan:  I like what Cyberotica suggested years ago -- give all the adult sites *.*.adult suffixes, and them build the browsers to not go there without a key.

Saki:  BrandyAlexandre - it's not that prevalent, but it's definitely more prevalent than it used to be

Voyeur32:  Then again you also have major stars like Kylie Ireland doing anal fisting so it's hard to take out the edgier stuff when the more mainstream stars are doing this.

BrandyAlexandre:  No, I don't want another site. I could make a lot of money, but I don't own the rights, and I don't want to be the last stop for prosecution from wherever it may come.

lee:  Brandy - he basically said all porn girls were trash and that he just doesn't care. He was in the AIM office at the time and I thought Sharon was going to kill him.

DivxLurking:  anal fisting? ouch!

Emahevul:  Lee, I saw that piece on A&E

tinatyler:  divx- indeed

BrandyAlexandre:  lee, unfortunately I sort of agree with the statement. Most porn girls today do not seem to have the untouchable mystique they used to.

LaNIK:  that is nasty - anal fisting - shiver me timbers

joeblow69:  hey, do chicks use crisco when they get anally fisted, or is that just a gay thing?

five_star:  sonic- i've never seen you in the chat room before:)

sonic:  well today is a special moment. it's tina week. :D

Saki:  i don't think i've seen sonic here before either!

sonic:  plus..I'm in a very great mood.:D

tinatyler:  brandy- good call... I've been feeling the same way for the past 3 years

BrandyAlexandre:  We used to whisper about girls were had been or were also hookers during "my day." Now it's assumed that anyone can have a porn girl for a price. I hate when I am lumped into that group

Voyeur32:  Tina, sorry to bring it up but any word on your website.(hiding in fear of a shoe about to be thrown at me)

Emahevul:  very few do Brandy, everyone once in a while though, one comes along, that to me, has a little something "special", I think Haven is one of those right now

tinatyler:  brand- anal sex was something only low end girls did when I started... i know the feeling

lee:  Brandy - True but it seems to me that they are much more business savy on average than they were 7 years ago.

BrandyAlexandre:  Exactly, Tina

Elmo:  Anyone see the Man Show last week, Ron, Ginger, Amber where all on

Steph:  Voyeur32 we were thinking of running a contest to design Tina's site (just didn't tell Tina yet :)

tinatyler:  Tina throws a shoe at Voyeur

Voyeur32:  Well, when they advertise so openly about being at the bunny ranch...

Voyeur32:  Ouch, I deserved that.

tinatyler:  steph- really?

BrandyAlexandre:  Now it seems to have to do anal or you just aren't useful. Sort of like when I wouldn't do girl/girl. That's what limited my career.

Steph:  tinatyler Drew's idea - good one too :)

sonic:  how late am i? did I miss the good stuff?

tinatyler:  very good one steph

astroknight:  sonic - really late ;)

tinatyler:  brandy- i started only doing BG as well, until I HAD to do GG in order to work frequently

lee:  Tina and Brandy - I am not sure where the anal sex thing is coming from but now you have girls trying to see how many chop sticks they can put up there. Why?

Emahevul:  I don't understand the overall appeal of anal sex, granted a good anal scene can be hot, but it isn't the be all/end all of sex

tinatyler:  lee- i only wish i knew

Voyeur32:  Hell, When I got to meet Tina at last years CES I also saw Sunset Thomas and she was telling anyone who wanted to hear that she was also at the bunny ranch all week.

astroknight:  Em - it is kind of the end all of sex (pun intended)

Faron:  I think stuff like that comes from trying to be different and get noticed.

BrandyAlexandre:  I wasn't concerned with quantity. As long as I got a couple of movies a month I was happy, and then I was working behind the scenes at Evil Angel, so it wasn't important.

Saki:  Anal by itself is not that bad; it's the Mila-esque stuff or that anal gape trend that gets me

tinatyler:  voyeur- it was so nice to finally hug you...

tinatyler:  faron- reminds me John Waters telling Divine "eat shit and I'll make you a star"

Voyeur32:  Awww, I'm blushing and melting at the same time. So ditto you don't even know.

BrandyAlexandre:  Yeah, what's with the gape thing? Is that really a turn on?

Steph:  If there were more professional agents, getting noticed wouldn't require chopsticks

Faron:  Exactly.

Oneloa:  Hi Tina!!!!

tinatyler:  steph- nail onthe head

tinatyler:  hi oneloa!!!

Emahevul:  it isn't a turn on for me Brandy

Voyeur32:  I wonder after she did the chopsticks thing if she had the urge to do it again a half hour later.

Faron:  do anything the public hasn't seen very often and people notice.

tinatyler:  heehee

joeblow69:  I LOVE gapes! a nicely used ass is a beautiful sight

Steph:  Voyeur32 :)

Saki:  brandy - apparently, it is, since there are series devoted to the practice (The Matador, Action Sports Sex) now. Doesn't do anything but make me ill ;)

sonic:  joeblow..amen

Emahevul:  all I ask in a sex scene is that it be "hot" that the performers, whomever they may be, are into the scene, give me that, and I will review it well

sonic:  I like gape on a hot euro chic...or gorgeous teen.

lee:  Brandy - I think the gape thing started with that Liza Harper scene under the Eiffel tower that won at the AVN Awards. Most of the low producers figured that must have been why the scene won.

BrandyAlexandre:  You know why people remember my ass more than anything? It's because I didn't flood the market with it. I doled out a handful of anal scenes and became ass queen. Supply and demand. I got a lot of money whenever *I* did anal over anyone else. ;)

BrandyAlexandre:  There is no business acumen in this industry.

Voyeur32:  Gapes make me sick. I want to see erotic sex, not a freak show.

blake_fan:  Sounds like everyone is saying they want more romance, etc. in porn, and not the hard/rough stuff. Then how come they are so hard to come by? Why isn't the industry producing more of it?

astroknight:  gape is a lot of why i don't care for Bridgett Kerkove

LaNIK:  I wish porn music was better

Faron:  Those are the magic words Voyeur.

tinatyler:  what ever happened to hot sex=sex by people who are INTO EACH OTHER?

LaNIK:  something like Dido's No Angel

Steph:  blake_fan because the couples are quieter than the raincoaters

LaNIK:  the music sets the mood

BrandyAlexandre:  The industry has never produced what the fans want, and the fans do it to themselves. If they keep buying crap and that's what the producers like to make, why change?

tinatyler:  hi luna

Faron:  For a lot of product, they aren't selling erotica anymore. They make and market freak shows,

blake_fan:  My wife and I have been driven to renting and purchasing Golden Age classics.

lunacy:  Hi! :) Happy Hearts Day all!

Voyeur32:  Used to enjoy Seymore till Shane left and he started with the gape thing. Ugh!

Faron:  Unfortunatly, a lot of people buy it.

Saki:  Voyeur32 - "100000000% anal"

BrandyAlexandre:  Okay gape guys, WHY do you like to see an ass so abused it gapes. I guarantee you the girls are not comfortable, so why would anyone want something that people are not enjoying.

BrandyAlexandre:  I agree Faron

tinatyler:  You won't see any of that in TINA TYLER'S FAVORITES available on DVD on Feb. 20th ;)

Saki:  AMEN!

Oneloa:  nice plug

BrandyAlexandre:  lol

lunacy:  ick..anal is O.K, gaping is just nasty, IMHO

joeblow69:  Because without the gape shot, you don't really have proof that someone really got fucked hard

Faron:  Love that TINA!

Emahevul:  I think because of the "freak" aspect of it Brandy

Voyeur32:  Is it the chicken or the egg though. Are they buying it cause there is so much of it out there that there is nothing else to but or is the demand really that great for it?

BrandyAlexandre:  Joe, don't you understand that fucking an ass hard hurts the girl?

lunacy:  hee hee, nice one Ms. Tina

HoustonDon:  Wow! It's almost Feb 20th, what would be a good dvd to buy? Any suggestions Tina?

Saki:  joeblow69 - i thought the look of pain was indication enough ;-)

Voyeur32:  Lol. Sweet plug Tina

tinatyler:  I was just thinking, why are we talking about gape to someone who's NEVER done anal

joeblow69:  I'm talking about male asses gaping, sweetie ;)

BrandyAlexandre:  Do people like rough sex because they feel like every girl does it but theirs and they're missing out on something?

blake_fan:  hehe.

tinatyler:  HD-ROFLOLWMP

LaNIK:  i never quite understood how women can take 8 + inch dicks in their ass

Steph:  tinatyler NEVER???

BrandyAlexandre:  LOL Tina

lunacy:  carefully LaNIK

LaNIK:  while having another monster dick in their puss

lee:  Tina - sorry I got in late. any word on your dance tour dates?

tinatyler:  joe- that ALWAYS works for me... at least men have prostates

tinatyler:  steph- on camera

Oneloa:  tinatyler - when's the DV?

Steph:  tinatyler reason?? something to save for home?

joeblow69:  tina ... there isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank the lord above for my prostate :)

Emahevul:  LaNik I was watching a scene a couple days ago, where a girl does a DP scene with Mark Anthony and Lex Steele, GEEZ, that's gotta hurt!

tinatyler:  lee- nothing scheduled at the moment, bu i'll post them to the star crossed forum as soon as i have some

BrandyAlexandre:  Any guy who wants or expects me to do anal had better be prepared to show me how it feels good and doesn't hurt by stucking something or equal size up his own as with intensity equal to what he wishes to practice on me.

tinatyler:  joe- i thank him/her for your prostate too

LaNIK:  ema that must hurt

lunacy:  good point BrandyAlexandre

joeblow69:  hehe

Saki:  BrandyAlexandre - LOL

HoustonDon:  Brandy-are you aware that Tina has a word named after her-"tylering"

BrandyAlexandre:  All asses are created equal. They are exits only.

tinatyler:  steph- long story

joeblow69:  Brandy, that's blashpamy!

BrandyAlexandre:  What is TYlering?

tinatyler:  HD- REALLY?

Voyeur32:  Tina speaking of that. What's that comment about the black dildo for sale mean? Lead to believe it's been in the back door.

sonic:  I love asses..juicy plumpy bodacious cheeky.. bouncy..celulite-abit..buts.

tinatyler:  voyeur- yes it has

HoustonDon:  Tina-ask Dumbblonde about your foot in someones butt

LaNIK:  assfucking is not the end all be all of porn

Voyeur32:  I thought your no anal included toys too.

BrandyAlexandre:  No, Joe, that's fair. In fact, anal penetration should feel BETTER to the guy.

Steph:  Voyeur32 she said no anal on camera

tinatyler:  HD- cool

Voyeur32:  Gotcha.

blake_fan:  Tina, you would only do GG scenes because you had to, in order to get the roles?

joeblow69:  that's true, but if done right, it should never hurt, no matter if you are plowing a female anus or a male one

Voyeur32:  Tina what video was your footing scene in?

tinatyler:  it's called Boss Bitches directed by Henri Pachard and it should be out in about a month

BrandyAlexandre:  Then you will show the girl that before you ask her to do it

Elmo:  Tina have you worked with any black men?

joeblow69:  I have no plans of asking any girl to do that! ;)

tinatyler:  blake- yes, at first

Oneloa:  Steph - have you already asked about the release of Ooze?

blake_fan:  Tina, then what about when you are dancing -- will you give a lady a lap dance?

tinatyler:  elmo- yes... my very frist scene was with Sean Michaels and Jake Steed and I've worked with Marcus and Julian etc

Steph:  Oneloa - don't get Faron started on that :) - no definite date yet

BrandyAlexandre:  I never got a chance to work with Sean Michaels. We just kept missing each other

tinatyler:  blake- absolutely

Oneloa:  What the???? I'm dying to see it!

Faron:  LOL Steph

tinatyler:  brandy- you definately missed a good time

BrandyAlexandre:  Tina, didn't we meet a few times in Jim's office? I know we never landed on a set together.

Steph:  Faron - as I said - people want Ooze :)

Elmo:  Ever work with Jack Naper

Voyeur32:  Why is footing allowed but not fisting? Is it because no one thought about footing so it's not banned?

tinatyler:  brandy- i was never with Jim

Oneloa:  Faron - I hope the DVD extras are worth the wait

joeblow69:  Tina, have you ever worked with Peter North?

lee:  Tina, any plans on being at the July show? I haven't taken any pictures of you in over a year.

Faron:  The good news is: Ooze is going have about an hour and a half of suplemental footage. The bad news is: My editor is STILL working on it.

blake_fan:  Steph, what is "ooze?" Does it equal "creampie?" There is DEFINATELY not enough creampies in porn today.

Steph:  blake_fan all girl takeoff on Oz - see On Set

tinatyler:  lee- now i know who you are... sweetie good to see you here

LaNIK:  creampies were the thing of the late 70s and early 80s porn - i believe

Oneloa:  Faron - Too bad Steph and I didn't get a cameo on it

Faron:  Yeah, they shoulda worked that in!

BrandyAlexandre:  Well, kids. I have to watch Seven Days (yes, I'm a geek)

Faron:  LOL brandy

tinatyler:  i think i missed a few ??s it's moving fast

lee:  tina, just happened to be doing a little search on the web when I happened across the chat.

Faron:  Isn't it though!

Elmo:  LEE, Do you work at west cost video

tinatyler:  bye brandy- thanks for being here

Steph:  lee where'd you find it???

BrandyAlexandre:  I'll stop scrolling the screen for Tina. ;)

astroknight:  night brandy thanks for joining us again

HoustonDon:  come back often and visit the forums Brandy

BrandyAlexandre:  See ya sweetie. Bye all! Happy V-day

lee:  Elmo, no strickly a free lancer.

Voyeur32:  I think you were about to tell us about something that's happenng on Feb. 20th. Can't remember what it is though.

Steph:  hmmm february 20...

HoustonDon:  A great event

Steph:  something to do with Favorites

Faron:  Whose?

HoustonDon:  a dvd like no other will be released...

blake_fan:  Duhhh...

lee:  Steph, doing a search for adult dvd's

HoustonDon:  with ....TINA!

Faron:  LOL!

Voyeur32:  have a happy valentines evening brande

tinatyler:  two dvds like no other...

Steph:  lee what site (just curious)

HoustonDon:  (you get the idea...)

Oneloa:  tinatyler - I like the cover with Rebecca Lord

blake_fan:  [Luke Ford, Gene Ross Extreme, and Stunning Curves all mentioned the chat tonight]

HoustonDon:  The mighty Faron is releasing the Mightier Tina on dvd....

Steph:  You have to PRE-ORDER tina tyler's favorites at to get the chance at a signed copy or a free Lick-A-Thon

Voyeur32:  I saw the banner on rame the other day advertising it.

tinatyler:  oneloa- everyone was shocked that i didn't put myself on the cover of the first one, but i figured my name's there... might as well give someone else the box

Oneloa:  tinatyler - such a giver :)

Elmo:  What was the talk about a footing video

lee:  Steph, started out with MSN which kicked me to some waste of time adult search engine that lists the same thing no matter what you ask. I believe it was Talking Blue that finally mentioned AdultDVDTalk not the chat specifically.

Steph:  lee - cool - thanks - i like to know where people come from :)

Oneloa:  tinatyler - I just like the tongue thing

astroknight:  and we like givers :)

tinatyler:  don't hate me cause i give

Voyeur32:  Steph signed copy OR a free lick a thon. I'd like the lick a thon please.

tinatyler:  heehee

Faron:  voyeur - both

Steph:  Voyeur32 it's all random :)

lee:  tina - any plans on being in your hometown later this year?

Voyeur32:  I meant a real lickathon not the dvd. But I guess that will have to do.

tinatyler:  lee- i haven't been therein years and don't plan on going back

Steph:  Voyeur32 i don't think we can give that away :)

Voyeur32:  Hey, can you really blame a guy for asking:)

lee:  tina, too bad looks like I will be up there in July. Really enjoyed it the first time.

Voyeur32:  I have to get up for work in 5 hours. Ugh!

tinatyler:  lee- it IS lovely... but it's filled with family

HoustonDon:  Tina needs to visit Houston, TX to promote her goods in the Lone Star State

Elmo:  Tina who was the biggest man"Dick" you have worked with

astroknight:  Tina's doing the cold states and Canada

Voyeur32:  Only after she cums to South Carolina.

Steph:  I just hope Tina goes to the east coast video show next October

tinatyler:  elmo- hands down BYRON LONG!

astroknight:  hopefully Minnesota's somewhere on that list

tinatyler:  steph- you never know

lee:  tina, I can understand that.

tinatyler:  lee- thanks

Steph:  tinatyler i'll wear some bizzare costume if you go :)

Voyeur32:  I think Tina and Steph need to star in a pro-am tape.

tinatyler:  steph- now i have to go!

joeblow69:  Don't forget Tina, we're going to shoot a porno when you get to Minnesota...

Pat-Chloe-Fan:  Tina, wait

astroknight:  evening Pat

tinatyler:  joe= i sense that you and i like the same stuff ;)

tinatyler:  Pat- hi

Elmo:  Tina have you seen Jack Napier, he is bigger than Byron

Pat-Chloe-Fan:  So, coming to Montreal soon ?

tinatyler:  elmo- i haven't had the pleasure

tinatyler:  pat- the quebec gig fell through... so maybe

Emahevul:  is Byron Long bigger than Lex Steele or Mark Anthony?

Voyeur32:  Tina with Byron are you talking length or girth?

Pat-Chloe-Fan:  Which club you had in mind?

Steph:  funny how guys are more obssessed with dick size than women

tinatyler:  voyeur- both

Voyeur32:  Ouch!

Oneloa:  it's a sign of our manhood

Emahevul:  obsessed? nope, not me

tinatyler:  pat- can you reccomend some?

Oneloa:  or at least we think it is

Faron:  steph- you are SO right.

tinatyler:  steph- speak for yurself

Steph:  :)

tinatyler:  I'm such a size queen

Pat-Chloe-Fan:  Yes, Super Sex, Chez Pare, Solid Gold are all very well respected places!

Oneloa:  size queen?

tinatyler:  faron- you take that one

Voyeur32:  Steph. I don't think that's true. Women just talk about it in private. We know you talk about sex more than guys do. Just don't want us to know.

Elmo:  Tina Would you like to work with Jack? I have a friend who can set it up.

Faron:  size queen is someone whose primary attribute in a mate is dick size.

Faron:  Used mostly to describe gay men

lee:  Tina, when looking at possible dates in LA try "Paradise Showgirls" not the biggest or fanciest but I spent two days there with Jessica Drake and they appeared to treat her really well. Want me to have her e-mail you?

tinatyler:  elmo- email me personally...

tinatyler:  lee- please

tinatyler:  Shouldn't we be focusing on some dvds that are cumming out on 2-20-2001?

astroknight:  :)

dug-is-away:  what are dvds?

Emahevul:  sure tina, know of any coming out on that day?

Voyeur32:  Tina if you could be commisioner of porn what are some rules you would make?

tinatyler:  dug!!!!

astroknight:  isn't there a new Ed Powers inspired DVD series cumming out on 2 / 20?

Oneloa:  he's back!!!

tinatyler:  voyeur- i answered that one in my last chat

dug-is-away:  hi tina

HoustonDon:  Tina's Favorite's...

Steph:  Voyeur32 didn't you read our first Tina chat????

lee:  tina, any plans on making more in that series?

Voyeur32:  oops. Sorry.

Faron:  Astro!

dug-is-away:  only here for a second - taking Jess out to the auto show

tinatyler:  lee- good question... anybody want to invest $$ so I can?

Oneloa:  I hear a banjo

Faron:  lol

Voyeur32:  dvds Does that mean double vagina double speculum. Sounds like a max scene.

lee:  Tina, what I thought you girls got paid the big bucks, ha ha.

Pat-Chloe-Fan:  Tina - Are you planning on coming with Chloe ?

tinatyler:  lee- lol

Voyeur32:  I think faron does Tina.

Oneloa:  tinatyler - any news on your future DV?

tinatyler:  voyeur- sure THAT'S what it means

astroknight:  I hear those DVDs coming out 2/20 use new music - all Celine Dion ;)

Steph:  I've been waiting for Tina Tyler's Favorites since.... when was our first chat?

lee:  tina, what if any extras are going to be on the DVD releases?

tinatyler:  Pat- Chloe is now under contract to VCA ... so unfortunately no

Pat-Chloe-Fan:  Damn!!!!

HoustonDon:  Tina can't work at VCA too?

Oneloa:  tinatyler - once again... lovin' the tongue thing on the back of the DVD

Voyeur32:  Are you a free agent Tina?

tinatyler:  oneloa- yes for vca (veronica hart) in march... probably)

Emahevul:  and THAT would have been a good scene, but then any scene with Tina is a good one

Steph:  lee director's commentary, full bios (and lots more - i'll post it all tomorrow)

lee:  Tina, I am not sure Chloe's contract is exclusive hang on a second.

Oneloa:  tinatyler - need an extra hand on the set???

tinatyler:  I am not under any contracts and have never been... probably why I'm not so famous ;)

tinatyler:  lee- it is

Elmo:  Anyone know if Veronica Hart worked with John Holmes

Voyeur32:  steph only 45 minutes till midnight here on the east coast so I hope your ready to post the next Tina pic.

tinatyler:  oneloa- do you have 3 hands... i only noticed the two

blake_fan:  There is another over-rated star -- john Holmes.

HoustonDon:  Tina-you're famous to us...

tinatyler:  awe

Steph:  Voyeur32 you may have to wait until morning :)

Emahevul:  I am not sure, but I don't think she did Elmo

Oneloa:  tinatyler - hehehe

Voyeur32:  I want to see Tina and Serenity work together.

Faron:  Gotta say good night everyone. It's time to take my sweetie pooh out for Valentines dinner.

lee:  tina, can't say you are missing much. Only a few of the girls I know are really happy with them. And you are so famous.

HoustonDon:  take care Faron

Oneloa:  night faron!

Steph:  Faron - thanks so much for coming!!

Faron:  thanks so much for hosting Steph!

tinatyler:  night Faron... love to you and sweetie

blake_fan:  Faron, thanks for coming.

Pat-Chloe-Fan:  nite faron

Faron:  Thanks so much everyone!!!!

lee:  nite faron

Faron:  I'll try to be back on the forums more!

HoustonDon:  cool

joeblow69:  night faron!

Faron:  Night!

Voyeur32:  Tina is one of the first three ladies of adult I got to see on a regular basis.. She looks even better than the day she started

tinatyler:  voyeur- i'm blushing

tinatyler:  ... not bad for an old braod

Oneloa:  hehe

Steph:  tinatyler when did you get old?

HoustonDon:  "old broad"?!? NOT!Y

lee:  Tina, he is not kidding you are very beautiful

tinatyler:  steph- when i turned 35

Voyeur32:  I prefer the term mature woman.

tinatyler:  i prefer hottie

HoustonDon:  "seasoned is a better term

Pat-Chloe-Fan:  tina - The quebec gig fell thru, how come?

tinatyler:  pat- long story... too long to go into

HoustonDon:  ie: Tina is a seasoned hottie with 2 great dvd's coming out on 2/20/01"

Pat-Chloe-Fan:  tina - maybe some other time then...

lee:  Tina, don't give me that old broad stuff you are more beautiful and sexy then you were when I first meet you and we won't discuss how long ago that was.

tinatyler:  HD- you always cum full circle

Steph:  a good balance of experience and youthfulness is what matters

Elmo:  There was talk going around at the CES that Ginger had Cancer

blake_fan:  I heard the rumor about Ginger and Cancer on Luke ford, so take it with a grain of salt.

Voyeur32:  That goes without saying Tina. I just meant you weren't one of those 18 year old two videos never see them again girls who are way too young to be making that decision.

tinatyler:  voyeur- you just spoke my mind

tinatyler:  pat- sure

Steph:  blake_fan you don't beleive everything you read on lukeford?

blake_fan:  Steph, not at all!...

Pat-Chloe-Fan:  lol

astroknight:  i thought he had a direct line to the burning bush?

Steph:  i like luke's site - entertaining

lee:  Steph - what is it with Luke? It seems some of the girls actually like him which I can't figure out,

Emahevul:  Luke Ford, unfortunately, repeats EVERYTHING he hears, without checking out the validity of any statements/claims that are made

Steph:  luke posted our press release about tina week - so he gets points

Voyeur32:  Tina, great minds think alike... and so do we:)

blake_fan:  Emahevul - EXACTLY.

astroknight:  okay. luke gets some points for that

Pat-Chloe-Fan:  Received "Buttman and Rocco go to Montreal" today, anybody saw it?

tinatyler:  voyeur- fools never differ

Emahevul:  he lost a lawsuit to Christi Lake because of it

lee:  tina - what do you think of Jill Kelly's new company giving the girls residuals?

tinatyler:  luke let me whip him on camera... no problem with luke

Steph:  tinatyler we need a shot of that!

tinatyler:  lee- i think it's an idea who's time has definately cum

Voyeur32:  who wouldn't let you whip them?

blake_fan:  Luke is entertaining, but since he just repeats what everyone tells him without checking the facts, you just have to take all of that into consideration.

tinatyler:  steph- he posted the pix and i can email you some

Steph:  cool

Steph:  there's just something sexy about a born again Jew (kidding :)

tinatyler:  lol

astroknight:  haha

tinatyler:  joe- cut or uncut?

joeblow69:  me?

tinatyler:  I mean your prefernce

joeblow69:  hmmmmmmm....

Steph:  tina and yours?

tinatyler:  depends on my mood, but usually UNCUT

joeblow69:  I've only been with cut. It would be fun to play the extra skin, but I don't think I could deal with the cockcheese

tinatyler:  joe- baby wipes!

Emahevul:  yuck

joeblow69:  hehe

Voyeur32:  Tina, any plans on any nipple tongue or whoohaaa piercings?

lee:  tina, would't baby wipes leave an after taste?

Voyeur32:  uncut. Must be a canadian thing:)

Steph:  whooohaaa :)

Emahevul:  hey, the room is finally slowing down to a manageable pace, just noticed it

tinatyler:  voyeur- no piercings thanks... tried a nostril one for a while then got a cold and threw it out

joeblow69:  Tina, can you really tell the difference between cut and uncut when it's thrusted deep inside your body?

tinatyler:  lee- not the unscented ones... huggies are the best

astroknight:  i hate the nostril piercings

lee:  Tina, have you tried directing movies for another company?

Steph:  tina - please don't pierce - enough piercings around

astroknight:  nip, tongue, and clit can be sexy though

tinatyler:  joe- no, but oral is very important to me... giving

HoustonDon:  nostril piercings are so...80's

Pat-Chloe-Fan:  and no tattoos, please!

astroknight:  the piercings wouldn't be bad if they'd stay in control

Voyeur32:  As good as Tina is at oral I wouldn't object to a tongue piercing.

HoustonDon:  yeah-no implants, piercings, or tattoo's

astroknight:  it seems like the girls now need everything pierced

tinatyler:  lee- no OGV has been very good to me and so there's no need

lee:  anyone, what is the deal with piercing your cheek or chin?

Evil_Rip:  good evening Tina

astroknight:  evening Rip!

joeblow69:  Evil!

Evil_Rip:  blowJoe hello

tinatyler:  evil- my love!!! YAY

Pat-Chloe-Fan:  natural is THE way!

Voyeur32:  testify pat

tinatyler:  pat- i agree

Emahevul:  I am easy to please, I don't care about an actress being the youngest, or the prettiest, or have the biggest boobs, or be tattooed from head to toe, just be "into" the scene, that is all I ask

Pat-Chloe-Fan:  big or small...but natural!

blake_fan:  My wife has navel and labia piercings. And they are beautiful! :-p

tinatyler:  and not covered with tatoos

Pat-Chloe-Fan:  that's why i like CHloe!

lee:  speaking of tattoo's anyone see Janine's arm sleeve? I actually liked it.

tinatyler:  blake- i'm not eschewing them for everyone... just not me

Evil_Rip:  tina: what is your favorite genre of porn?

Pat-Chloe-Fan:  Janine's tattoos are getting way otta hand!

blake_fan:  Asia Carrera was the one that coached her through it.

tinatyler:  evil- man on man... as if you didn't know

Evil_Rip:  lol anything you'd recomend?

Voyeur32:  absolutely. Ema. I mean no offense but you ever have to sit through a chasey Lain or Savannah scene? Watching paint dry got me hotter.


blake_fan:  now there is an UNDER-rated actress -- Asia Carrera.

joeblow69:  So tina, hairy or smooth? Hunky or twinkie?

Pat-Chloe-Fan:  g'nite everyone!

tinatyler:  bye pat

tinatyler:  joe- smooth over hairy... unless it's on his chest and hunky over twinkie every time... twinkies make me feel too old

Steph:  i like twinks!!!

Emahevul:  I have seen Chasey and Savannah in scenes, ugh, although, Chasey was pretty good in NWH 4, which is an AMAZING movie

Evil_Rip:  creme filled twinkies? or the chocolate filled ones?

joeblow69:  I have a thing for mature hairy hunky daddy types :)

Voyeur32:  Tina, any of your bi vids where you share a facial with another guy?

tinatyler:  joe- after seeing you picture, you've just given me a GREAT visual... thanks

joeblow69:  no prob ;)

tinatyler:  voyeur- not that i can recall at the moment

tinatyler:  any Melissa Hill fans?

astroknight:  tina - yep

Voyeur32:  I enjoy melissa quite a bit.

HoustonDon:  Tina-I like Melissa

lee:  Tina, I am not sure I am a "fan" but she did good work and seemed nice.

tinatyler:  i got her to do a scene... NEW scene for TTF blow jobs 2... the one with Shanna on the box

HoustonDon:  I have been reviewing a lot of Melissa's stuff lately

Voyeur32:  I saw her at an awards show and she seemed real shy and quiet.

tinatyler:  it was quite the coup at the time since she was in retirement

astroknight:  cool!

astroknight:  way to go tina!

Emahevul:  I have seen Melissa in a few things, but not recently

tinatyler:  she did a truly volcanic scene

HoustonDon:  I liked Melissa in Palce of Pleasure and Blaze a lot

Voyeur32:  Is that the one where you get the guy to cum and then suck him till he cums a second time?

tinatyler:  voyeur- no that was the first one.... i take it you liked that scene

Voyeur32:  Tina, when directing is it all technical for you or do you get turned on watching it?

Voyeur32:  Phenomenal scene. First time I ever saw that done. I slept good that night:)

tinatyler:  voyeur- actually it wasn't planned for me to be in the final scene of the lesbian-lick-a-thon, but i couldn't help myself

Steph:  tinatyler that director privelege hunh? :)

tinatyler:  steph- exactly!

Voyeur32:  The true directors cut.

tinatyler:  heehee

ookz:  nice to see you here tinatyler

tinatyler:  thanks ookz I can say the same for you

ookz:  :))

max:  is there or going to be a dvd of just tina tyler scenes?

tinatyler:  max- not anything planned yet

HoustonDon:  Tina-max has a point

Voyeur32:  Heck, the last thing I saw you in was Uninhibited Girl and the scene where the therapist went down on you. Holy shit!

Evil_Rip:  Tina Tyler's Greatest hits - now thats a plan

HoustonDon:  I bought everything on Vivid Wave with you in it during a recent sale (under $5 @) just for your scenes...

Steph:  Voyeur32 how's uninhibited girl as a whole?

lee:  Everyone see Tina's scene with Ginger in New Wave Hookers 6. It was fantastic

tinatyler:  HD- the wave movies are from 1994, but they're good ones

tinatyler:  lee- thanks sweetie

Steph:  lee - it just hit DVD - hasn't reached stores yet

blake_fan:  Mmmmm... Tina and Ginger. <drool>

HoustonDon:  Tina-some are better than others but the Steelheart ones have been hit or miss

ookz:  tinatyler>>about your Fav. BJ #1.. it that a compilation ??

tinatyler:  I may be doing a Deep Inside for VCA... nothing in stone though

Voyeur32:  I liked it more than I thought I would. I usually go in thinking all movies that are remakes of mainstream movies aren't very good but this one was.

HoustonDon:  Good news for Tina fans...yay!

tinatyler:  ookz- none of the 3 are comp tapes... or dvds as of 2-20-2001

lee:  Tina, if you do DI for VCA will it be mostly GG?

blake_fan:  DEEP INSIDES are totally cool! I like them better than any other compilation set I have seen.

max:  that would be great tina

tinatyler:  lee- all BG

astroknight:  a DI would be awesome!

tinatyler:  blake- plus you do get one new scene

blake_fan:  DEEP INSIDE NIKKI DIAL is one of my "never give up" tapes.

Voyeur32:  What did you think Steph. Usually it's just scenes thrown together working off the title alone but this one had alot of good dialogue and story.

Steph:  Voyeur32 briefly went to the set - didn't see the movie yet

tinatyler:  voyeur- which one? I think i missed it

blake_fan:  Tina - you are right! I forgot that -- you get an ew scene too.

Steph:  uninhibited girl

lee:  Tina, aw come on now your GG scenes are outstanding. Just look at Chole's "I came did you?"

Steph:  tinatyler you and chloe should do a scene alone together

tinatyler:  lee- it's not my forte

Voyeur32:  Uninhibited girl

tinatyler:  steph- i agree

Emahevul:  that would be a great scene, Chloe is awesome and Tina is awesomer

tinatyler:  voyeur- wow you liked the plot???? I hated that script, but the cast and the sex were great

Steph:  Tina and Friends - the next series?

blake_fan:  Well folks, I am going to go wake the wife, pour her a bloody mary, and we are going to watch BARBARA BROADCAST and celebrate ST. V. night. Hasta everyone.

HoustonDon:  I'd like to see a dvd of Tina by herself with her toys...

tinatyler:  HD- Tina's Toy Box ;0

tinatyler:  bye blake thanks for being here

HoustonDon:  Tina-yum

Voyeur32:  Really? But like I said the scene with the therapist going down on you smoked. You REALLY looked into it.

lee:  Tina, GG may not be your forte but that seems to be what I have been seeing you in lately.

tinatyler:  well guys and dolls... I just got the call... hubby's on his way and we're going to dinner... so it's time for me to go. I'll be back in the chat room on Friday night at 7pm PST.

astroknight:  night tina. thanks for the chat tonight :)

Steph:  tinatyler thanks so much for tonight - and for being our mistress :)

Emahevul:  cya Tina

lee:  night tina nice talking to you again

tinatyler:  g'night all and thanks so much for sharing your Valentine's Day with me... love 'n wet kisses

HoustonDon:  Night Tina

Evil_Rip:  night tinatyler

Emahevul:  you've been great as usual

Evil_Rip:  do cum again

Voyeur32:  Nite sweetie. Happy valentines Day again. Hope hubby gives you the high hard one tonight:)

max:  night all, kiss kiss tina

Evil_Rip:  she'll be back friday?

HoustonDon:  be there or be square

Evil_Rip:  yippie!

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