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This chat with Tina Tyler was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on Feb. 23rd, 2000

Adult DVD Talk: Everyone, please welcome actress, director, producer, woman of many talents, Tina Tyler!

Tina Tyler: Thank you--I feel very welcome!

Adult DVD Talk: Tina, thank you for joining us tonight. We certainly appreciate your interaction with web fans both here and on RAME. You're setting a great example for the industry as a whole.

Tina Tyler: Well, I don't know about all of that...but I wanted to talk with some of my fans and see what they wanted to say.

Adult DVD Talk: On that note, do you think that the communication that the Internet makes possible between the industry and the consumer will change the production of adult movies? For instance, many people on our site have voiced their dislike of fake boobs, will this change the ratio of fake to real?

Tina Tyler: I don't know about that...but for me, I really pay attention to suggestions from fans via e-mail and try to incorporate them as much as possible and within reason in my movies.

Tina Tyler: As far as the boobs, I think most women will get implants because of their low opinion of themselves. I'd like to see less of that but I don't think that will happen.

Adult DVD Talk: Do adult films have the potential to work against the Barbie look propagated by women's magazine, TV and the like? Or will they continue to proliferate that notion of plastic beauty?

Tina Tyler: Wow...I don't know if I'm the one to answer that. I know myself, I like to hire women who are natural because that's what I like to see. But I think the media has a big effect on what the public likes to see. It's a it's swinging back toward more natural beauty. Look at Pamela Anderson, she took out her implants. But I still think the trend will continue, unfortunately.

Adult DVD Talk: You started making movies a lot later than many women do. Do you think that your previous experience in the adult entertainment industry and your maturity helped you make better decisions than other women going directly into porn at a young age?

Tina Tyler: Absolutely! I really think that the legal age to perform in adult should be much higher. I would like to see the legal age raised to 25...for emotional reasons. I don't think women right out of high school are ready for what the sex industry is going to throw at them. I know that my years of experience as a feature dancer helped prepare me to deal with the adult industry...dealing with club owners, etc. It helped much more than high school ever could. I decided going in that I would do only what I decided to do and I've maintained that attitude to this day.

Adult DVD Talk: It is no secret that you have been involved while working in the adult industry. Can you comment on the positives and negatives of having a personal relationship while in the biz?

Tina Tyler: I've had several personal relationships while in the biz. But the past two years I've had a mongamous relationship (outside of the business). In fact, I just got married on October 3. It takes a special man to be able to deal with being involved with a porn star. They often can't tell the difference between sex and love. Most guys who have relationships with porn stars only want to be with them for two reasons: First, they want the say to their friends that they are dating a porn star. Second, they want to try to save you. They aren't looking at you as a person. I think the men in porn have a MUCH more difficult time sustaining personal relationships. How many women out there say "I want a husband who's a porn star"? It's really tough for them, especially since the business doesn't treat them with a lot of respect. I have a lot of empathy for them.

Adult DVD Talk: Tina - what are you working on right now?

Tina Tyler: I'm doing a very large project for VCA at the end of March. It is a movie for Antonio Passolini. I'm also doing a parody of the show "Friends" called "More than Friends." I'm playing Monica. I'm also shooting two episodes of my series. A blowjob video and a female masturbation video. March is going to be a very busy month. Belle DeJour, a new Kris Kramski movie from Sin City, is also coming out. I'm not the title character but I have a great role in it. Kris Kramski is an amazing director!

Adult DVD Talk: Who else is in the Friends paraody cast?

Tina Tyler: TJ Hart plays Phoebe. I'm not sure of the others yet. The "Friends" parody will be for Passion Pictures.

Adult DVD Talk: Do you mind playing 'second fiddle' to other actresses in some of your movies?

Tina Tyler: I get hired to play second fiddle a lot. I don't mind--and I understand for the most part the reason why. They hire me to carry a lot of the dialog in place of the contract girls who have their fan bases and do the sex scenes. It allows me to get a nice juicy role! I've always liked the acting roles.

Adult DVD Talk: Which movies, adult or mainstream, have most influenced your career?

Tina Tyler: Wow, um, I don't know. I used to watch a lot of adult movies before I got into adult.

Tina Tyler: There were certain performers, like Vanessa del Rio, Seka, and Gloria Leonard who were big influences. They were very sexual and very sensual. They never seemed to be faking it. As far as mainstream, I did a lot of little mainstream parts when I was living in Vancouver (that's where I grew up.) Acting has always been a passion. I appreciate good performances, whether they are in a movie, play, or adult movies. Actors are great thieves... I steal from everywhere!!!

Adult DVD Talk: What's the first adult movie you ever saw? Under what circumstances?

Tina Tyler: Hahahaha Candy Stripers... I was about 13 I found my dad's porn stash. I popped it into the VCR and that was the first adult movie I ever saw. I think DMJ 3 was another early one. That's the movie I've masturbated to the most over the years... the Vanessa del Rio gangbang scene was hot.

Adult DVD Talk: Of the movies you've been in which are your favorites?

Tina Tyler: I have a lot of different favorite for a lot of different reasons Sexually, Gangbang Girl #10 was great, but I don't think the finished product showed the chemistry the way I would have liked. DMJ6 is another favorite--it's the first time I had the priviledge to work with Antonio Passolini. The role of the devil was written expressly for me--it was so easy to perform because it was so fun. I'm looking forward to the finished product of Belle DeJour. There are certain experiences with performers too. "Wide Open Spaces" with Jeanna Fine was one of those. It's rare to have an experience with an enthusastic and passionate person.

Adult DVD Talk: Why 13 Productions?? What is the story behind the name?

Tina Tyler: Well, I started 13 Productions with three friends - men.

Tina Tyler: So One Woman, Three Men...nothing occult about it. And it looks good on a business card! :)

Adult DVD Talk: And Lesbian Lick-A-Thon? great title by the way!

Tina Tyler: That was actually something I came up with; it was the one all-girl movie that 13 Productions put out. I came up with the title "Lesbian Lickathon" because it sounded funny :)

Adult DVD Talk: As an actress who is often brought in for dialog, it is interesting that as a director you are focusing on gonzo. Do you look at this experience as an opportunity to fulfill some of your sexual fantasies?

Tina Tyler: That's an interesting question... I don't think I've ever thought that much into it. I picked gonzo for two reasons...
1. To get my feet wet in the director's chair
2. I'm paying for this out of my own pocket, so it's cheaper!
I will be doing some feature stuff in the future, because that's where I want to be. I have to go the cheaper route since I'm paying for this myself, and dialogue is expensive.

Adult DVD Talk: Have you ever written an adult feature script or do you plan to write in the future?

Tina Tyler: I've sold 3 adult feature scripts to the adult business over the past 8 years. Two of them were not produced but they bought them, so that's all I care about ;) One of them, "Love in an Elevator", was produced. That was the working title--I don't know what it was finally called. I also wrote three feature scripts that are about to be put into production entitled: "Semen Demon," "Pleasure Before Business," and "Trickle Down Deviant". I think titles should be fun! :)

Adult DVD Talk: If you could shoot a movie in any location in the world (costs aside) where would it be?

Tina Tyler: I would shoot in the south of France. That's where I'd like to retire, but shooting a movie there would be rockin'! The best scenery in the world...

Adult DVD Talk: If you were queen of porn for a day and got to make any rules you want, what would they be?

Tina Tyler: Hehehehe Only a day? I'd need a month!
1. I'd change the legal age to 25.
2. I'd make it a law that Max Hardcore had to submit all of his ideas to Andrea Dworkin FIRST. :)
3. I'd make an AVN award for myself! I've been in the business for eight years and I haven't won a single piece of plastic!
4. All high budget feature movies would have to star me! hehehehe
5. Everyone's rates would have to be at least triple.
6. No one would have to do something if they didn't want to do it.

Adult DVD Talk: When some stranger in an elevator asks you what you do for a living, what's your response?

Tina Tyler: "I'm an adult film actress." That's what I usually tell them.

Adult DVD Talk: What do you do outside of work? hobbies?

Tina Tyler: I read alot... I do that to calm down. I go to movies a lot too... Again, I like thievery :). I'm just a normal chick. I stay at home a lot, like a normal person... Like to talk, that sort of thing. Oh, and going to restaurants is another passion!

Adult DVD Talk: What kind of music do you listen to?

Tina Tyler: Everything! I have very ecclectic tastes. I really do like a little bit of everything...from Chopin to Nine Inch Nails. :) Whatever catches my ear. Yesterday, I had a song in my head and realized it was by Brittany Spears. I was asking myself, "why is that bothering me? I don't like Brittany Spears!" :)

Adult DVD Talk: If you never got into porn, what do you think you'd be doing now?

Tina Tyler: Probably bashing my head against the wall trying to get auditions. I'd definitely be pursuing a mainstream acting career. In the adult industry, you have an opportunity to act in a wide variety of roles -- without having to audition! I'm lazy that way! Actually, I'm going to be in a mainstream film role, with a working title of "Blood Angel" where I'm playing the female lead!

Adult DVD Talk: Aside from Adult DVD Talk ;) which websites do you frequent?

Tina Tyler: Well, let's see... I read rec.arts.movies.erotica every day. So don't think you can say something behind my back ;) I also read Gene Ross' site and Luke Ford's site because I like gossip. I visit to make my own South Park movies :) I love South Park (Law and Order too.) I also go to adult search engines for business reasons. I read my hotmail account a lot, trying to keep up with my glut of e-mail.

Adult DVD Talk: Do you think that porn is targeted only at male viewers and some couples? If so, what are your thoughts on making porn more appealing and acceptable to heterosexual women?

Tina Tyler: Oh god... all these political questions! :) I think porn is targeted toward male viewers for obvious reasons. They are the ones who purchase the most... it's the guys out there by themselves that really keep us going. I don't think the female market is lucrative enough to say, "I'll make porn for women" and still make a living. For myself, I like to make porn that looks beautiful but is still hot and nasty. Lighting and making the woman look good are essential. Maybe that's my woman's perspective coming out. Porn is a visual medium - it's all about aesthetics.

Adult DVD Talk: What are your thoughts on the trend by established adult studios to show more extreme and explicit sex in porn, such as anal gapes, rough sex, fisting, and golden showers?

Tina Tyler: Well, it's bound to happen... The more porn becomes mainstream, the more the hardcore fans will want to see things that are more bizzare. I see the business splitting into two parts... companies like Vivid who will compete for the mainstream market, and companies like Extreme who will go for the hardcore audiences. My only fear about the extreme sex is that there will be girls who will be in it for the money not because they want to. I'm not a believer in the John Waters saying "Eat shit and I'll make you a star!"

Adult DVD Talk: What do you look for when selecting a performer for your movies? Do you select by couples or by individuals? Do you interview?

Tina Tyler: I don't interview... I select my women first--usually women I've worked with or seen perform and who I'm impressed with.

Tina Tyler: Then I ask them who their favorite male (or in lesbian movies female) stars are, because chemistry is very important. And then I bend over backward to make sure they get one of their top three. There are so many new girls in the business today that it's hard to keep track. That's why you see so many established performers in my movies.

Adult DVD Talk: You mean there are men who say no ;)

Tina Tyler: Well, there are men who are not available for filming--they have something else booked. Men tend to work more frequently than women.

Adult DVD Talk: How do you keep your performances fresh and enthusiastic? Isn't it hard not to become jaded and sexually mechanical after so many movies?

Tina Tyler: Well, I haven't done that many movies compared to some who have done 200 movies in their first year. I've done only about 180 movies over eight years. Again, I do what I like to do. And a lot of times, I working with people who are supportive of that attitude, whether it's the director or my co-stars.

Adult DVD Talk: As a director, do you prefer to tell your performers what acts, positions, etc you want them in - or do you prefer to let the scenes progress naturally?

Tina Tyler: It's a combination of the two... I usually sit down for 5 min beforehand and talk about what works with the couple. I ask the guy, "What turns you on about this woman?" I try to get them excited. I let them shoot for a couple of minutes, and if it doesn't work, we stop and try something different.

Adult DVD Talk: Is there anyone you are just itching to get in front of a camera so you can see what you can do with their talent?

Tina Tyler: Yes, as a matter of fact, I'm about to shoot Nina Hartley and Angelica Sin in my next production. I'm *very* much looking forward to working with Nina because I've seen her in so many wonderful performances. Without sounding arrogant I think I can bring something great and scorching out of both of them. There are a couple other people--Vanessa Del Rio and Seka--that I'd love to get my hands on, but they're not performing any more. Inari Vachs is another one...she's got a beautiful body. There's something to be said about a natural body. I tell people they should go see a therapist instead of spending money on plastic surgery.

Adult DVD Talk: How many days does it take to complete a movie?

Tina Tyler: Depends on the movie - anywhere from one to seven, eight, nine days. You'll have to be more specific on that question. I shoot mine in two days.

Adult DVD Talk: A lot of people on our forum have asked which are the best interracial scenes out there. Any suggestions?

Tina Tyler: Oh, I saw that thread in the forum... I haven't done that much interracial, unfortunately. I've not done as many of those films as I would have liked to. I like the stuff that Sean Michaels is putting out. Video Team's Afrocentric line is also quite good. United Colors of Ass is interesting. They use not only black and white but asian and latin as well. I like to see the whole "rainbow coalition" get together, you know?

Adult DVD Talk: Do you audition or do producers request you for their movies?

Tina Tyler: Well, the directors call me up, but no, I don't audition. The very first time I ever auditioned was for Face of the first movies that people really recognized me in. The only other time I had to audition was for Kris Kramski in "Models"

Adult DVD Talk: Do you have a DVD player?

Tina Tyler: No (embarassed)... I'd like to have a DVD player, though... Is there anyone out there that will give me one? :)

Adult DVD Talk: Why do you think so many stars from the 70s and 80s have been able to make successful comebacks today--is it just fan nostalgia or has the industry opened up to older performers?

Tina Tyler: I'd LOVE to think it was the latter, I really would, but I think it's a lot of nostalgia. Ginger Lynn is still as incredible as she ever was. I hear a lot of complaints that she doesn't do facials and uses condoms, but why complain about something that they are doing to protect themselves. I'd like to see more older women in porn...there's nothing sexier than seeing an older woman seduce someone.

Adult DVD Talk: As someone who is pro-condom, do you think the main motivation for practicing safe sex on camera is for the personal protection of the actors or to influence safe sex behaviors of viewers?

Tina Tyler: Absolutely neither I'll be villified for saying this, but... A lot of companies took the advice of their lawyers and make it mandatory for fear of getting sued. But that *just* my opinion.

Adult DVD Talk: Why did you decide to perform in bisexual films?

Tina Tyler: Because it's a kink that I love to do! There's nothing quite like being with two men who are into you and into each other. I just love sharing a dick with a guy! :)

Adult DVD Talk: The French film "Romance" recently made headlines as an arthouse drama with some explicit sex in it. Do you think we'll ever see a film that bridges the gap between porn and mainstream, for example, a good Hollywood love story with explicit sex (but where hardcore sex is not the primary focus of the movie)?

Tina Tyler: I think that WILL happen, but you'll have to wait 15-20 years. I've not seen "Romance" yet but want to. I think that sexual mores are loosing up, but I don't think that it will happen anytime soon. Until the press coverage dies down, it won't happen.

Adult DVD Talk: What's the story behind your stage name and Aerosmith?

Tina Tyler: Although I hate to give him credit, Bill Margold helped me find my stage name. He asked me what movie star I fantasize about being. I love Tina Louise (Ginger) from Gilligan's Island - she did such a great Marilyn Monroe. And then he asked who I'd love to fuck, and that was Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. So if Tina Louise and Steven Tyler had a baby, it would be Tina Tyler! It's easy to spell and remember.

Adult DVD Talk: Do you have a fan club?

Tina Tyler: Yes, I do! If you would like to join just drop a postcard snailmail to Tina Tyler Fan Club c/o E.O.M. Corp PO Box 9786 Marina del Rey, CA 90295 You get personal letters from me, you can order custom video and audio tapes, photos--things you can't get anywhere else. And, um "personal items" :) No bodily fluids, they're all washed :)

Adult DVD Talk: Have you ever had actors walk off the set?

Tina Tyler: On my movies, no. On other director's movies, yes, from time to time. But I've never been one of them. It's more men than women. It's a "two alpha male" kind of thing.

Adult DVD Talk: Do you think bi-sexual films will be more mainstream in years to come?

Tina Tyler: I would love to see that. Yes. I think people are becoming more acceptive of different lifestlyes. Look at "Will and Grace" -- the lead character is gay and they are openly talking about it. It's becoming less of a big deal. I'm really crossing my fingers that Vermont will allow same sex marriages this month. And please vote no on California Prop 22! I will also be presenting awards at GayVN Awards this year... again. I'm just a live and let live kind of person. Going back to the question...Movies like "Bound" have really brought same sex themes to the mainstream Also, independent mainstream movies are great because they can put out movies that mainstream Hollywood would never allow.

Adult DVD Talk: Is there much drug use in the industry?

Tina Tyler: Is there much drug use ANYWHERE? I'd say no more than any other segments of the entertainment industry. The most widely used drug is pot, which (IMHO) is much less dangerous than alcohol or cigarettes.

Adult DVD Talk: When will you launch your website? Will it be a pay site?

Tina Tyler: Everyone asks me that! I've been wanting to launch my website for the last year and a half. But I've been stuggling with website designers, hosting providers, and so forth. There are some technical issues that need to be resolved to offer the type of stuff on my website that I want to give It will be 80% free and 20% pay... I think it's important for a star's site to be free and accessible.

Adult DVD Talk: What was it like working with Veronica Hart?

Tina Tyler: Well, I never had sex with Veronica Hart - DAMN IT!!!!! :) But working with her as a director was fantastic. She's just wonderful. I like working with women directors from time to time, because they are more nurturing of the sexual process. ...more passionate as well. It's a more laid back set for the most part. I also just worked for and with Nina of her "How to" series "How to Make Love to a Woman"

Adult DVD Talk: What's your favorite sexual position to be in? and to watch?

Tina Tyler: It changes - depends on the mood I'm in. Spoon is one of my favorites, I don't know why? It depends on who I'm with and how his penis curves. I love to watch reverse cowgirls--it's one of the best positions for the get to see EVERYTHING!

Adult DVD Talk: Do you believe size matters?

Tina Tyler: YES!!! Both girth and length I like 'em big, I like 'em fat. That's not universal for all women, though. I'm pretty big, it just depends on the woman. But for myself, I like a big hunk a dick! :)

Adult DVD Talk: Tina, thank you very much for joining us tonight. It's truely been a pleasure. Any last words for your Internet fans?

Tina Tyler: Well, first thanks for CUMMING :) Without you on the other end of the screen, I wouldn't have a career. It's very flattering to see so many of you here. Thank you Adult DVD Talk for giving me this forum.

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