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This chat with Tabitha Stevens was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on April 17, 2002
See for updates on her appearances and movies.

Tabitha enters the chat room...

Steph:  Hey Tabitha - welcome to adult dvd talk!
Rieekan:  Hi Tabby!
joe98:  hello tabitha...
GattMan:  Hi from Australia Tabitha

------ hellos all around -------

Tabitha Stevens:  Hello Joe
joe98:  she said hello to me....WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Tabitha Stevens:  Hello everyone and thanks for coming.

------ and we go into moderated mode ------

Steph:  Tabitha, welcome to Adult DVD Talk - pleasure to have you here!

Tabitha Stevens:  Thank you. Happy to be here

ADT:  theLADIESASSMAN says: QUESTION:So Tabitha,when you gonna be on Howard Stern next?

Tabitha Stevens:  I was on the E! show last night and I should be back on the radio at the end of May.

ADT:  fencer says: did you really challenge jenna jameson to a boxing match, if so why?

Tabitha Stevens:  Yes...Just for the fun of it..

ADT:  justsomeguy says: Does having anal sex disrupt your regular bowel movements?

Tabitha Stevens:  Yes it does, sometimes it stuffs me up even more..... Then I become a human bloatation device..

Steph:  back to the boxing for a sec... Did Jenna take you up on it?

Tabitha Stevens:  I'm Still waiting to here about Jenna..

ADT:  GattMan says: Question on the free dvd is it available to people outside the USA?

Tabitha Stevens:  Sorry..Just for the US and Canada..

ADT:  Rieekan says: When was your first lesbian experience? Do you consider yourself bisexual?

Tabitha Stevens:  I was 18 and I had sex with my girlfriend and her boyfriend.. And that's when I knew I loved women..

ADT:  jon says: how long does it take you to normally do a scene, the normal time if you were to watch a scene?

Tabitha Stevens:  It takes aprox. 45 min to an hour for a hard and soft core scene..

ADT:  astroknight says: will your new series for simon wolf differ at all from your work for JKP and if so, how?

Tabitha Stevens:  Actually now, I'm no longer on contract with Simon Wolf or JKP. I am working on the nastiest girl girl series ever!!!!

Steph:  any more details? who's in it?

Tabitha Stevens:  It's a surprise..

Steph:  any idea when it'll be on dvd?

Tabitha Stevens:  Sometime within the next 6 months...

ADT:  RaySF says: when will you feature dance?

Tabitha Stevens:  I'm getting ready to do that now. I'm just working on last minute costumes...

ADT:  astroknight says: if you were made Queen of All Porn for a day and could change 3 things, what would they be?

Tabitha Stevens:  Get rid of HIV, get rid of all the suckiest scenes ever filmed and have sex with as many people I can in 1 day

ADT:  Rieekan says: Who are your favourite performers to work with? Any performers you'd like to work with but haven't yet?

Tabitha Stevens:  Ron Jeremy is my FAV. Devon, Nikkita Kash and I'd like to work with Amber Lynn

ADT:  astroknight says: which of your scenes do you think is best to masturbate to?

Tabitha Stevens:  That's a good one...
I'd have to say, the scene with Evan Stone from JKP..titled Lipstick

Steph:  did you have a second choice in mind?

Tabitha Stevens:  Well my favorite girl girl scene that comes to mind is when I was with Daisy Chain in Dripping Wet #1

ADT:  Greg says: Who is your favorite director?

Tabitha Stevens:  What are you kidding? Me of course...:)

ADT:  justsomeguy says: Britney, Christina, or Jessica Simpson...which one of them would you like to have sex with and why?

Tabitha Stevens:  For sure Christina cause she seems like a nasty slut..I'd make her suck my pussy for hours..

ADT:  RaySF says: how can we email you? through your website?

Tabitha Stevens: I always check that one personally.

ADT:  Rieekan says: What non-porn films have you appeared in?

Tabitha Stevens:  Denial for Director Adam Rifkin who directed "Detroit Rock City" and "Small Soldiers" and Fast Sofa with Jennifer Tilly and Eric Roberts..

ADT:  astroknight says: if you had to choose between anal sex and vaginal sex, which would you choose?

Tabitha Stevens:  ANAL, mostly in private. I haven't shot an anal scene in over 2 years. But in private I do it all the time.

ADT:  dante says: did you like Eric Roberts?

Tabitha Stevens:  He's pretty cool.. My fantasy guys are Harrison Ford and John Travolta

Steph:  good choices :)

ADT:  dick_fittswell says: Hi Tabitha. just wondering if you got 100% creative control of the movies you directed for JKP, or did jill and others kind of tell you what they want to see in a movie?

Tabitha Stevens:  I didn't have creative control, that's why things didn't work out with JKP and I.

ADT:  justsomeguy says: What do you think is more important for an adult movie star to have, good looks and body or great energy and personality?

Tabitha Stevens:  To be a star, you need everything..

ADT:  slow says: Good evening Tabitha. What's the funniest out take you have experienced?

Tabitha Stevens:  When I ate pizza, still had some in my mouth, and sucked Ron Jeremys dick... there was pizza all over his cock.

Steph:  Tabitha - what's going on this weekend at Deja Vu?

Tabitha Stevens:  I'll be hosting an event with Cypress Hill and Kotton Mouth Kings, Lit and a bunch of other bands. It's a pre 420 party

ADT:  HoustonDon says: Will you be making anymore audio commentaries like you did in F**k Em All 1?

Tabitha Stevens:  I'm not sure, I'll check with Digital Playground.. Hopefully there will be more of them.. It was a blast.

ADT:  Rieekan says: What sort of music do you like? Any songs playing in your head right now?

Tabitha Stevens:  Alternative/Jazz and right now I'm tinking about "Cold" by Static X

Steph:  Tabitha - thanks so much for joining us - we're going to open up the chat room - any last words before the chaos?

Tabitha Stevens:  Sorry if I type real slow..I'm a porn star.. I suck dick, not type for a living...

Steph:  hehe :)

------ the unmoderated craziness begins -------
(edited for brevity)

hgh666:  Tabitha - What is the secret to fellating a man so well that he would forsake all others for you and you alone? You don't have to type too much ;)

astroknight:  were you an anime fan before you started doing voiceovers?

Rieekan:  Will you go back to being blonde? Would you think of dyeing your hair red? (Pretty please?)

Tropez:  if u could estimatte, how many dicks have u sucked in your career?

Tabitha Stevens:  I will stay a brunette

Endorphin:  Tabitha, feeling a bit overwhelmed right now?

HoustonDon:  Tabitha-any new voice overs for anime?

hgh666:  Wasn't tabitha stevens the fuck-me goddess from "Bewitched" ?

Tabitha Stevens:  Yes I'm overwelmed

Tropez:  Do you ever come to Chicago to dance?

RaySF:  Tabitha rocks!!!

Tabitha Stevens:  Working on Blackmail #2 Volmes 1,2, and 3 for Nutech Digital.

theLADIESASSMAN:  Hey Tabitha,ever heard of Sky Lopez?

RaySF:  you gotta dance up here in SF soon, Tabitha

Rieekan:  Who are the most interesting people (porn or non-porn) you've ever met?

justsomeguy:  here's the thing, i've thought that you were quite beautiful...will you ever try and make a jump into mainstream shows or movies?

HoustonDon:  Any plans on dancing in Houston, TX?

Endorphin:  Tabitha, are you going to become a forum member here at ADT?

Tropez:  what's the nastiest (horniest) movie you've done?

dick_fittswell:  Tabitha please come to Houston! Also what are your favorite toys to use when you masturbate?

justsomeguy:  Do you still enjoy sex, I mean really...aren't you just kind of jaded by it now?

Tabitha Stevens:  I love an AC powered Vibe..

slow:  what do you do for fun?

Rieekan:  Are you married Tabitha?

Tabitha Stevens:  No I'm not married, but I'm not single either.

RaySF:  any new tatoos, Tabitha?

Tropez:  let's go in order, alphabetically.starting with astro

Endorphin:  FREE THE WEED!!!

Tabitha Stevens:  Lets smoke some weed....

Kimi_Lixx:  Dandylions RULE! oh wait... you meant the other weed

GattMan:  Kimi *lol*


Endorphin:  TABITHA RULES!!! Wouldn't she make a great forum member?

dick_fittswell:  Tabitha, come to Houston and we'll smoke you out


Rieekan:  I think Tabitha would love the beaches down under.

Tabitha Stevens:  Tabitha Smokes Period.

Rieekan:  Have you ever been to Australia?

GattMan:  RK yeah St Kilda beach

Tabitha Stevens:  There's nothing better then a big bong load

Steph:  Tabitha I think I love you! and I'm not even into chicks

Tabitha Stevens:  thanks steph

theLADIESASSMAN:  Tabitha,I think you've just turned steph...OH YEAH!

itslunacy:  Damn! And I've been working on Steph for almost a year now!

Rieekan:  Tabitha, how will you spend your days when you're rich and retired?

Tabitha Stevens:  I'll will be in toronto on Jume 6th-9th for Deja vu

justsomeguy:  thx for answering all the questions Tabitha, even my one about bowel movements

Tabitha Stevens:  With the man I love on our big boat sailing across the ocean..

Rieekan:  Mmmm. Now "I have a dream" ;)


Tabithax:  I would love to get with sky

HoustonDon:  Tabitha_what are your favorite performances?

Starbuck:  Tabitha, tell minibar, I said hi

justsomeguy:  share the wealth Tabitha, share the wealth

Tabitha Stevens:  Minibar says hello

Rieekan:  Tabitha, when did you lose your virginity? Was it a memorable experience?

HoustonDon:  Tabitha: do you ever read reviews about your movies? (Astro's been very nice to you I hear)

theLADIESASSMAN:  She lost it at 18!

justsomeguy:  yo minibar...whose minibar?

Tabitha Stevens:  Cool.. I work really hard for good reviews..

theLADIESASSMAN:  Tabitha,what do u think of Sky Lopez?

Tabitha Stevens:  I don't know Sky Lopez..

Steph:  Tabitha so what is it about Ron Jeremey????

RaySF:  I'll introduce you to SKy, Tabitha!!!!!

theLADIESASSMAN:  Can I e-mail you a pic of her?

Tropez:  Tabitha: i loved the F U All Series...whats your horniest memory of those flicks?

Tabitha Stevens:  Ron is the coolest man that ever lived.. He's one of my best friends

Rieekan:  Tabitha, have you told your family about your job? How did they react?

dante:  i imagine the best review you could get is a stiff cock-Huh?

justsomeguy:  Ron was really good on "The Weakest Link" even though the main chick tried to keep makin' fun of him cause of his porn gig

Tropez:  he froze on that one question.....bigtime

Steph:  the weakest link NEEDS more porn stars

Tabitha Stevens:  Ron rules

itslunacy:  Tabitha-I may have missed this but what were some of your jobs before becoming a porn star?

Tabitha Stevens:  I managed a tanning salon and a movie theatre and I was a house wife.

Rieekan:  Tabitha, what were your favourite subjects or were you good at in school? Did you go to college?

Tabitha Stevens:  Fav subjects..Creative writing and art.. I went to college for acting

dante:  a housewife i'm trying to picture it

justsomeguy:  well, that payed off

Tropez:  you're a very good actress!!

itslunacy:  Was porn acting your first choice?

HoustonDon:  Tabitha: will you participate in the forums here once in awhile? It'd make us all love you even more (big wide HD eyes)

astroknight:  Tabitha - how'd you first get into adult entertainment?

Steph:  theLADIESASSMAN it's on her site at

Tabitha Stevens:  I'm in "The BLACKMAIL" anime series ..go to

justsomeguy:  Azlea Antistia...what do you think of her Tabitha?

Tabitha Stevens:  I don't even know who she is.

Tabitha Stevens:  I'll check her out


dante:  yeah what's the plot on blackmail vol 1

Tabitha Stevens:

RaySF:  Tabitha, whats your opinion on Lexus, the ex-Vivid girl?

Tabitha Stevens:  Lexus is a cool chick... She's no longer in the biz.

Rieekan:  Tabitha, have you hooked up with Dee to finish what you guys started in Fuck Em All 2 yet? :)

Tropez:  yeah, i loved it, any other recommendations?

Tabitha Stevens:  Yes I hooked up with Dee on Vagina Town from all good video

Rieekan:  Is that out yet?

Steph:  LOVE the title Vagina Town

Rieekan:  God you and Dee were awesome together!

justsomeguy:  Vagina Town = certified future classic

Tabitha Stevens:  Thanks Steph

GattMan:  Steph reminds me of the song Funky Town

theLADIESASSMAN:  OHHHHH...Dee is delicious. My sister-in-law's friend worked with her on Chasing Pink with Chasey Lain

Tabitha Stevens:  What's wrong with funky town?

GattMan:  Tabitha nothing

astroknight:  "Won't you take me to..... Va-gi-na Tooooooooooown" :)

Steph:  Funky Vagina Town wouldn't be so hot

Tropez:  tabitha: have u ever been on the Mancow show in Chicago?

GattMan:  Steph *lol*

Endorphin:  LOL

Rieekan:  Vagina Town not out yet :(

Steph:  Vagina Town is out: price search results

Tabitha Stevens:  Vagina Town has been out for over 2 years now.. I was a blonde in that movie.

Steph:  Tabitha - I like the brunette look

GattMan:  Tabitha any plans on touring Australia in the near future

Tabitha Stevens:  I'd like to go to Australia..

Rieekan:  Please!!!

Steph:  Tabitha Down Under

RaySF:  i'll take you with me to australia!!!

GattMan:  Tabitha if you ever get here ill give you an Aussie kiss

HoustonDon:  Tabitha: Will you become a regular in the forums and come to dance in Houston, TX? Pretty please???

itslunacy:  Is that a "down under" kiss Gatt? lol

dick_fittswell:  I second what HoustonDon just said

Rieekan:  I second what Lunacy said ;)

GattMan:  its lunacy you stepped on my line i was going to say its like a French kiss but down under :)

itslunacy:  that happens when one's mind resides in the gutter...;-)

Tabitha Stevens:  Sorry Guys...Gotta load a bong and unload my man's shlong

astroknight:  thanks for sticking around with us so long Tabitha

Steph:  Thanks Tabitha - you rock!

RaySF:  later Tabitha...keep in touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

justsomeguy:  see ya, thx for doing this

Tabitha Stevens:  Thanks for chatting with me tonight

Starbuck:  Goodnight tabitha!

dick_fittswell:  Thanks Tabitha, I'll think of you later when I load my bong!!

HoustonDon:  come back soon

Tabitha Stevens:  You too steph

theLADIESASSMAN:  Ok,I no longer have a hard-on,bye everyone.Thanx for answering my questions Tabitha.

Rieekan:  Thanks Tabitha!

astroknight:  please visit us in the forums and come back soon tabitha

Tropez:  goodnight tabitha...thanks for chatting

RaySF:  email/call me. Take care, Tabitha.............

Endorphin:  Later Tabitha! thanks

more goodbyes... and the chatting continues on 'till... who knows?

Thanks, Tabitha!! Thanks to all who attended. And thanks to BSG Public Relations for making this chat possible.

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