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This chat with Shayla LaVeaux was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on July 11, 2001 - just after Shayla Productions and Jill Kelly Productions announced that they would be joining forces. Stay tuned for updates regarding the new coming this fall to a screen near you!

Some of the pre-chat Shayla talk...
Drake:  i'm a huge shayla fan, this is great! she's been my fav for a while now
Brandon:  so whats you guys favorite movie starring shayla
Diville:  I give my Shayla's Web my unreserved reccomendation.
Brandon:  i saw that one - it was really good
Brandon:  i love her scenes in the car wash angels movies too
Emahevul:  yeah, the "Car Wash Angel" movies are fun
Brad639:  Wasn't she in Shock? I thought that was pretty good
Brandon:  yeah she was in the scene with the two stone gargoyles
Emahevul:  Shock was great
techno:  Starbangers 11 --- desperately in need of a DVD release
Brandon:  i also have to say i liked her earlier work too in sorority sex kittens
Brandon:  has anyone seen the fifth one yet?
Emahevul:  Sorority Sex Kitten's was another fun movie - the first one, haven't seen the rest

----- Shayla LaVeaux arrives! -----

Evil_Rip:  oh my!

Steph:  Everyone please welcome our revered guest, Shayla LaVeaux!

Drake:  hi shayla!

Evil_Rip:  welcome Shayla_LaVeaux

after a chorus of hellos, we go into moderated mode...

Shayla LaVeaux:   Hello everyone, sorry I'm late

Steph:  Shayla, thank you so much for joining us tonight.

Shayla LaVeaux:  thanks for having me and joining me here.

Steph:  Let's start with the freshnest news first... What were you shooting today?

Shayla LaVeaux:  I was shooting a movie for Jill Kelly Productions, not sure what the title is.... I just finished an orgy with 8 people. Unfortunately I don't know their names yet.

Shayla LaVeaux:  I also got finished up on Shayla's Fantasies 3 a few days ago for Jill Kelly Productions as well.... That's a working title, it might change, you never know.

Steph:  <Evil_Rip> what type of movie were you filming today? plot? gonzo?

Shayla LaVeaux:  somewhat of a plot with a gameshow twist to it. It was a great idea that Jill came up with. I think it will be very cool. Unfortunately I wasn't there when they were filming yesterday to see how it all transpires.

Adult DVD Talk:  just_listening says: Am I correct that you used to be a contract girl for Ashton View and have you now changed over to Jill Kelly Productions?

Shayla LaVeaux:  yes, that it correct. My company, Shayla Productions, and Jill's company merged recently. She's shooting movies for me and I am shooting for her.

Shayla LaVeaux:  It helps us keep the flow of products moving. Plenty of hot fuck flix for all of those horny guys and girls.

Adult DVD Talk:  just_listening says: Thanks for including 'girls' in your comment about enjoying your movies... I'm a girl and I love them!

Adult DVD Talk:  Brandon says: Shayla, its really nice to meet you. I was wondering what is your favorite movie you've done with Jim Holliday and with who?

Shayla LaVeaux:  oh no, that's a hard one....he's someone that I just finished shooting with the day before yesterday. It's called Midnight Librarian. My favorite Jim Holliday movie and series is Sorority Sex Kitten because I was in #1 through #5. The series spans my whole career.

Shayla LaVeaux:  Longevity!!!!

Adult DVD Talk:  Diesel says: Shayla --- you looked great in that stewardess' uniform in your STARBANGERS appearance from a few years back...any more gang bangs in your future?

Shayla LaVeaux:  um, not as of yet, no. Maybe but there's none in my future yet. I'll leave it at that.

Adult DVD Talk:  astroknight says: standard Adult DVD Talk question - if you were made empress of porn for a day, what would you change?

Shayla LaVeaux:  oh, good grief.... I would give the companies more money so they could spend more time making their movies and so they could pay the talent more money and treat them as they should be treated. I say that because I have been shooting a lot more lately and it seems as though the budgets have been whacked apart for the past two years.

Adult DVD Talk:  jzz says: what is your favorite position?

Shayla LaVeaux:  it depends on how many people I'm with and who I am doing, give me a scenario.

Adult DVD Talk:  Rick says: Shayla, you are such a hotie. How often do you masturbate?

Shayla LaVeaux:  it depends on how much sex I am getting a day. It depends on how much time I have on my hands, but usually two or three times a day.

Adult DVD Talk:  astroknight says: you've been in the adult business for quite a while now, what are the best and worst changes you've seen over the years?

Shayla LaVeaux:  um...I would have to say the best changes on the level of talent... they are starting to take more control and have more power. Stronger, more independent people are coming into the business. The bad thing is that there are more people taking a slice of the pie from the profits.

Adult DVD Talk:  Brandon says: Shayla if you had one piece of advice to give a person starting out in adult entertainment, what would it be?

Shayla LaVeaux:  do your homework, research it, find the right companies and people to work with. A lot of people just jump into this and fly by the seat of their pants. You really have to approach this as a business. It's easy to dwindle your money away if you don't pay attention to these things. You can do very well if you approach it as a business.

Adult DVD Talk:  Tyyyy says: Shayla are there any men with whom you would never have sex with on film?

Shayla LaVeaux:  haven't met anyone yet ;) If there is someone that I did turn down it would be because of their respect level for women and the way that they have treated women in the past.

Tina Tyler: Shayla, just wanted to stop by and say hi!

Shayla LaVeaux:  Hi Tina, congrats on your fabulous bi movie (Goosed 3) that I have heard som much about.

Adult DVD Talk:  Diesel says: one of your hottest scenes was with Julia Ann in ELEMENTS OF DESIRES, did you enjoy working with Cameron Grant?

Shayla LaVeaux:  ABSOLUTELY! that is such a memorable scene for me. That was right after I won best new starlet. I really look back on that scene very fondly. Cameron Grant is in the upper echelon of talent. He's up there with Ninn and Blake... always a blessing to work with spectacular directors. You don't always get the chance to work with great directors in our business.

Steph:  <Evil_Rip> what is your fantasy movie to shoot? your ideal Porno film?

Shayla LaVeaux:  I actually am shooting them now with my production company. I'm shooting different cultures and different environments. I am really enjoying it.

Adult DVD Talk:  Drake says: what was it like for you the first time you had sex in front of the camera?

Shayla LaVeaux:  exciting, embarrasing, scary but very fulfulling... in more ways than one.

Adult DVD Talk:  sirsassy says: what the best adult movie u have seen and not been in?

Shayla LaVeaux:  I would have to say that I loved Devil in Miss Jones with Juli Ashton. I like Greg Dark's stuff, it appeals to me

Adult DVD Talk:  Diville says: You've done so many agressively intense scenes, how does such a petite girl like you keep from getting hurt? You really don't hold anything back.

Shayla LaVeaux:  it's all about performing. I may look little but I can take a lot. I love every minute of it. Don't let size fool you.

Adult DVD Talk:  just_listening says: I have really enjoyed watching you with Keri Windsor in films... do you have current plans to film with her in the future? (I hope so)

Shayla LaVeaux:  not as of yet. But I am actually talking to her about traveling to a country to host one of my features. Keri's a good friend - it will happen, we just don't know when yet.

Adult DVD Talk:  Brandon says: Shayla how long are you planning on staying with the adult industry and what are your plans when you quit?

Shayla LaVeaux:  I plan being in front of the camera for a couple more years. I am pursuing my own productions and I have a few other businesses lined up.

Adult DVD Talk:  sirsassy says: what was your worst experience in shooting a movie?

Shayla LaVeaux:  I won't say which movie or the director....I was on a set for 10 hours one time before they shot me. You get that a lot. It's very much a hurry up and wait type of business. But the payoffs are great in the end (sexually speaking.)

Adult DVD Talk:  Drake says: when i first got the net 3 yrs ago your name was the first thing i typed into a search engine. i didnt find a lot then, but what does the future hold for

Shayla LaVeaux:  I have actually had a lot of headaches over the past five years with respect to the internet. I am hiring on my own team and will take control of the site this fall and provide a more comprehensive free section of the site.

Shayla LaVeaux:  I have literally had nightmares in dealing with my site the past.

Adult DVD Talk:  Tyyyy says: Shayla is there anything you do at home, that you won't do on camera?

Shayla LaVeaux:  not really, nothing specific. I share a deep love for my husband and that's all I need.

Adult DVD Talk:  just_listening says: What was your most embarassing moment in filming (do I dare ask that ?)

Shayla LaVeaux:  hahah....actually it just happened. It was while doing a DP and things were a little backed up and, well, things got a little messy. Shit happens, let's leave it at that. One of the cool things about this business is that bodily functions happen. The type of thing that you might not even talk with your family about is not a problem on a set. We are all so close that we can do or talk about anything.

Adult DVD Talk:  Rick says: Do you ever mutually masturbate with other woman? I remember you with Juli Ashton in one of her series

Shayla LaVeaux:  I really never have in a sexual situation. It's been in more of a group sex situation. I've never really sat back in a dueling masturbation kind of thing. It's more of a group event. Juli masturbates all the time. She was actually got caught masturbating by a maid in a hotel in Switzerland... She was in a hotel that had an A frame structure. The bed was in the top and she had her feet on the ceiling in the peak when the maid walked in. Try explaining yourself out of that one ;)

Adult DVD Talk:  Brandon says: Shayla you look extremely beatuiful and you have an awesome figure. do you work out a lot?

Shayla LaVeaux:  I have very good genes and I dance a lot. Thank you very much for the compliment.

Adult DVD Talk:  astroknight says: if you were a dog, what breed would you be?

Shayla LaVeaux:  hmm, a rottweiler.

Adult DVD Talk:  Tyyyy says: What is your take on the recent number of bukkake type adult videos?

Shayla LaVeaux:  bukkake? (Drew explains bukkake to Shayla.) oh my god. I think I just saw a picture of it for the first time. Not the kind of thing that I want to do but I lobby for the freedom of expression and speech. If it's your thing then more power to you.

Adult DVD Talk:  wink says: i apologize if this was asked before, but if you had never gotten in the industry what career path would you have chosen?

Shayla LaVeaux:  you know, I don't know. Every since I was little I wanted to be an actress, a model and to be able to help people. What better business to be in and be able to do all three?

Adult DVD Talk:  Rick says: Thanks Shalya for you answer. Is there other adult stars you can name that masturbate more than "the average" adult star

Shayla LaVeaux:  I don't know, honestly. I don't know their personal masturbation schedules. If I did then they wouldn't be masturbating that much, I would be there to help them out ;)

Adult DVD Talk:  astroknight says: how did you come up with your stage name?

Shayla LaVeaux:  my first name Shayla is from my best friend in high school, she got pregnant and named her baby Shayla. I always loved the name Shayla. LaVeaux was dreamed up by my first manager. It was part of a country song, Marie LaVeaux the Voodo Queen from New Orleans. (No I'm not into voodoo.)

Adult DVD Talk:  Diville says: Have you ever been arrested or threatened with legal action because of the business you're in?

Shayla LaVeaux:  no, thankfully not. I came in at a time when a lot of those battles had already been won.

Adult DVD Talk:  Brandon says: Shayla who has been your favorite male performer and female performer to work with?

Shayla LaVeaux:  marc davis, evan stone and of course peter north and tom byron from the 'old timer' list

Shayla LaVeaux:  the female list: debbie diamond, keri windsor, Julie Ashton and Felecia, I really do like all of the girls though ... back in the day I would climb debbie diamond like a jungle gym.

Adult DVD Talk:  Tyyyy says: Have you ever done a scene with Ron Jeremy and what is he like?

Shayla LaVeaux:  hahahah that's got to be one of the most frequently asked questions. He was a friend of mine before I worked with him. He is an AWESOME GUY. He did a speaking part in the recent Jim Holliday movie and he totally stole the show. He's lost about 40 pounds recently. Maybe in a few more months he'll be able to suck his own dick again.

Adult DVD Talk:  just_listening says: Do you personally read all of your email that is sent in from your web site?

Shayla LaVeaux:  not at this point. For a while I was, but it's all fallen apart. I've been on the road for the past 6 out of 8 weeks. That's why I am waiting until August to get things in order on my site. Then I will be able to answer all of my own stuff.

Adult DVD Talk:  Drake says: where is the most exotic location you have ever done a shoot?

Shayla LaVeaux:  Jamaica, Hedonism 2.

Adult DVD Talk:  sirsassy says: did u enjoy your gang bang movie?

Shayla LaVeaux:  yes I did, actually my first video I shot through my production company was called Shayla's Gang. It was a lot of fun. I like to be in control in a scene like that. Shayla's Gang is like my baby.

Steph:  will Shayla's Gang be on DVD soon?

Shayla LaVeaux:  Absolutely, I am starting our DVD releases through Jill Kelly Productions - first my Australia movie, and then Barcelona, and after that will be Shayla's Gang. All of my DVDs will be released over the next few months through Jill Kelly Productions.

Steph:  are you doing commentaries on them?

Shayla LaVeaux:  Yes, I will be doing commentaries. I will do anything and everything that I can. I would love to have a live feed at some point when I'm out on the road so you can seem what I'm up to on a day by day level when I'm filming.

Adult DVD Talk:  sirsassy says: who do most want to have sex with outside adult industry?

Shayla LaVeaux:  hmm....never really thought about that. A question I have been asked that I have an answer for is "what couple would you want to be with?" and that would be Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, but I guess that's out of the question now. I never really think people I want to have sex with outside of the adult industry.

Adult DVD Talk:  Chewy says: What's the wildest thing that has happened on an outdoor shoot?

Shayla LaVeaux:  oh my's so hard to think of just one thing. I have all of these things going though my mind. I'm sure I'll remember a great story later tonight. Do splinters in my butt count? Most outdoor sets are generally uncomfortable. It's a standard in the industry.

Adult DVD Talk:  just_listening says: I hate to ask this, but I am curious... do you and your husband have a pet snake? I read this somewhere... I hate to ask it because I don't like them myself.

Shayla LaVeaux:  yes, my husband has a pet snake. It's my pet from afar. His snake's name is Slick. He was just taking it for a walk about 30 minites ago.

Adult DVD Talk:  Diville says: When did you first realize you were so sexy you could make a successful career out of turning people on?

Shayla LaVeaux:  about 4 or five years ago. I really got comfortable and realized the power that I had as a sexual woman. When I first got into the business it was all about sucking and fucking and getting laid. It was never about my power as sexual person.

Adult DVD Talk:  Tyyyy says: Are you a day trader/stock picker, and do you have any hot stocks for me

Shayla LaVeaux:  haha, um I do trade some but I have someone doing it for me. Go check out PMEX. That's all the information I can give.

Adult DVD Talk:  sirsassy says: whose your favourite mainstream actor and actress

Shayla LaVeaux:  it always changes. It's Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and the moment. He's one of my all time favorites. Angelina's lipps are so fluffy, I just love them.

Adult DVD Talk:  sirsassy says: which country would u live in other than the states

Shayla LaVeaux:  I love Switzerland. I recently just returned from Canada, I realize it's not very far but it would be one of my top choices. I will be shooting my next production up there at the end of August. I'm really exciting about it.

Adult DVD Talk:  sirsassy says: how mant brothers and sistewrs do u have?

Shayla LaVeaux:  4 sisters, all younger. no brothers.

Adult DVD Talk:  Drake says: where will you be shooting in canada?

Shayla LaVeaux:  I plan on shooting in Vancover and Calgary for the moment. I would like to make my way east to Toronto and Montreal or somewhere in Quebec.

Adult DVD Talk:  Brandon says: Shayla I know a lot of stars in the adult industry go on shane's world movies it seems like a fun type gonzo movie where they do what they want. with your bubbly personality you would be great, have you considered to go on there?

Shayla LaVeaux:  I actually have, but our timing has always been off. I would love to, but at the moment I am under contract. I really enjoy watching her stuff. She's a fun girl. Always fun to be around her.

Adult DVD Talk:  sirsassy says: are any of your sisters in the adult industry?

Shayla LaVeaux:  no, they are not. I have a sister that works at the Paradise Club in Vegas. She's currently at UNLV majoring in Marketing. She will not be coming into the adult business.

Adult DVD Talk:  sirsassy says: what do your sisters think of your adult career?

Shayla LaVeaux:  they think it's pretty cool. in the beginning they weren't real happy about it but after a while they really began to appreciate the amount of sexual advice I could give them It really opened a lot of doors for them ;) One of them is going to fashion school. She hopes to be able to design constumes for feature movies some day.

Steph:  Shayla, it's about time to wrap things up here - any last words for your fans?

Shayla LaVeaux:  stay tuned for more great stuff from Shayla Productions and Jill Kelly Productions. There's a lot of great stuff to cum. Be sure to check into at the end of August for some new, exciting developments. The site will be great.

Steph:  Thank you so much for joining us tonight - you've been a fantastic guest! We'll be sure to keep everyone posted when the new is launched.

Shayla LaVeaux:  Thank you guys very much. Next time we go on I will brush up on my typing and be able to hook up and participate directly. Thanks everyone!

Evil_Rip:  thanks for coming shayla

----- Shayla signs off to hordes of goodbyes, thankses, and much good will -----

Emahevul:  well, that was fun

Brandon:  that was great

KimiLixx:  nifty

Drake:  cool

astroknight:  she was really nice

Evil_Rip:  sweet

Christie:  she was so down to earth

Tyyyy:  awesome

sirsassy:  yep that was pretty cool

and the chatting continues on 'till... who knows?

Thanks, Shayla!! Thanks to all who attended. And thanks to BSG Public Relations for making this chat possible.

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