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This chat with Sharon Mitchell was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on August 23rd, 2000. Globalflix made a donation to AIM, the Adult Industry Medical HealthCare Foundation founded by Sharon, in honor of the chat. If you'd like to help AIM please visit their website for donation details. Many thanks to Sharon and Globalflix!

DrewBlackADT:  hi sharon

Steph:  hey Sharon!

Steph:  Everyone please welcome our revered guest, Sharon Mitchell!

Sharon Mitchell:  hi everybody!

Evil_Rip:  hi sharon, welcome

* Morrigan Yea!

Steph:  Sharon, thank you for taking the time to join us tonight. It is an honor and a pleasure to have you in our chat room.

Sharon Mitchell:  THANKS it is great to be here

Sharon Mitchell:  hi steph, it is an honor and a privelige

Steph:  From Diville: How do you feel when you think about the person you were in the documentary Kamikaze Hearts? Or, if you have seen it recently, what thoughts come to mind? I'm aware that's the past, but Kamikaze Hearts made somewhat of an impact on me, and an epilogue would be nice.

Sharon Mitchell:  when i think back on those blackout years, the first thing that comes to mind is gratitude. I'm glad to be alive and pass on my experience , strenght and hope to others

ADT:  MG says: Do you think the adult video business can do more so stop AIDS

Sharon Mitchell:  yes, as you know i am the founder of the aim health care foundation and we serve over 400people per month with hiv, std, testing and counseling services. i believe that not only should talent be regularly monitored but he choice to use condoms should be shared by all participants.

Steph:  Morrigan: Why aren't more adult companies using condoms and dental dams for oral sex? If the industry is so concerned about safe sex, shouldn't they " go all the way"?

Sharon Mitchell:  morrigan,thatts a great question, the answer is not so simple. many companies believe that no one willbuy asafe sex product. they always tellthe talent that they cannot get a distribution deal in europe or the us.if condoms are used. I feel that this is the perfect education platform to teaach the world about safe sex. statisstics show tha most everyone learns about sex from one form of porn or another so lets make it a safe and lasting first impression.

Steph:  Can you suggest some films where condoms are used erotically (rather than as something to hide)?

Sharon Mitchell:  any thing directed by my friends veronica heart, or candida royalle.

Steph:  Are there any government regulations related to healthcare in the adult industry? or is it self-regulation?

Sharon Mitchell:  unfortunately, it is self regulated. because of the status of independent contractors, talent is not entited to health benefits. there is no mandatory law.

ADT:  Dev says: would you like to see a watchdog organzation to monitor the talent or some legistation or something in the states.

Sharon Mitchell:  yes!

ADT:  richjr007 says: Sharon, If you were not part of the adult film industry where do you think you would be and what do you think you would be doing ?

Sharon Mitchell:  well if i had started with some self esteem i would probably have become a great broadway actress,

ADT:  MG says: Did Bill Amerson help you get out those blackout years?

Sharon Mitchell:  yes, and i am eternally greatful to mylife long pal,bill,

ADT:  MG says: In your interview for the WAD story you talk about having sex with John Holmes at some party. Do you think he had AIDS at that time? He did know he had AIDS when he worked with Amber Lynn.

Sharon Mitchell:  i don't know i was not doing aids research work at that time.

ADT:  dude says: Are the performers bound by contracts to use testing services such as AIM?

Sharon Mitchell:  no , the talent comes here because one of their own has moved on to further their education, and has come back to form a foundation that cares about them.

Steph:  From what I've read VCA and Adam and Eve have been very helpful to AIM, have any studios tried to hamper AIM's efforts?

Sharon Mitchell:  yes many have tried but none succeed, there is love here, andlove conquers all,

ADT:  HoustonDon says: ? What advances have you liked in the industry over your career?

Sharon Mitchell:  my single favorite advance, is ofcourse hiv testing, however, video tape, vcrs. and the internet run a second close because the public can have freedom of choice in the privacy of their own home.

ADT:  JRWolfe says: Will we get to see Sharon in another adult video as a sex performer?

Sharon Mitchell:  no, i have hung up my g-string and gone out to pasture 25years has been long enough, and i am in love.

ADT:  Pete says: were you ever a cheerleader? I liked your part as the mother in the Debbie Does Dallas movie from Vivid.

Steph:  also congrats on being in love

Sharon Mitchell:  thank you. yes i was a cheerleader in 7and8th grade, i got kiked off the team for wearing lace panties and doing lots of cartweels!

Steph:  :)

ADT:  JRWolfe says: Will we see you on screen in non sex roles? You are a good actress.

Sharon Mitchell:  i doubt it i am hot on pursuing my new carrer in healthcare, andat this time imust give freely of what ihave learned in my life so that others my benefitfrom my esperience.

Steph:  Do you think 18 is old enough to make the decision to perform in adult movies?

Sharon Mitchell:  yes it is the law, and i agree with thelaw.

ADT:  JRWolfe says: How does someone outside of california,get tested by AIM,I'm in denver

Sharon Mitchell:  find a faciliy that is licensed to draw blood, ask if they can draw blood for another clinic. if they are ableto, callthe aim foundation and give us the name of the facility we will check it out , fas them our chain of custody policy and they will overnight the sample to us with ourpolidy signed by all parties.

ADT:  MG says: Back in the 70es you could see just about anything in an adult video, then in the 80es with Regan it got kind of tame. Today I am starting to see more of the wild stuf like Fist Fuck back in adult videos with Keisha and Chloe leading the way. Are we heading back to the 70es where anything goes?

Sharon Mitchell:  maybe, there is no-telling where the future of porn is headed, short of driving a train up someone's anus who knows?

ADT:  Pete says: how does the average guy help AIM?

Sharon Mitchell:  click to our website and send donations, lots ofthem, and large ones, they are all tax deductible by 100%.

Steph:  AIMs website is

Steph:  Adult DVD Talk standard question: If you were queen of porn for a day and got to make any rules you want, what would they be?

Sharon Mitchell:  mandatory hiv and std testing, gyn services, daycare, pension plans and a fund for life afterporn education programs and ageneral rule no gossip or slander allowed anywhere anytime.

DrewBlackADT:  Sharon - are you ready to go to unmoderated mode? (People can ask the questions directly then.)

Sharon Mitchell:  iguess so, fire away!

Steph:  let the games begin!

Evil_Rip:  let the patry begin

MG:  Was Carter Stevens the one that got you started in the adult business?

Sharon Mitchell:  ;yes he was, and he had me give him a blow job for the job (something we stress is not necessary in our Porn 101 tape)

Crazynick:  Sharon I think your doing a great thing with AIM

HoustonDon:  ? Do you get residuals or did you take lump sum payments?

Sharon Mitchell:  thanks crazynick!

Steph:  Sharon - what do you think of plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons?

Sharon Mitchell:  houston, no one in the industry gets residuals

HoustonDon:  what were the blackout years?

HoustonDon:  no resid's=bummer

MG:  Was JOY your first big movie

Sharon Mitchell:  cosmetic surgery is wonderful - God bless it (but know when to stop!)

Crazynick:  I need my nose fixed

JRWolfe:  Mitch,has your golf game improved?

Sharon Mitchell:  the blackout years were a 16 year period of herion addiction, i could have been defined then as a functional addict.

HoustonDon:  oh-sorry

Sharon Mitchell:  mg, yes, JOY was my first BIG movie

HoustonDon:  did you like the S&M stuff or was that part of the "take any job" situation?

Sharon Mitchell:  no JR, but i still like to look at foxes! ; )

Crazynick:  If I had to pick one adult movie star to act with......It would have to be you Sharon....:)

MG:  Cass said to say Hi also.

JRWolfe:  lol

Sharon Mitchell:  houston, i liked the s&m stuff, it was all part of the miss sharon mitchell personae

HoustonDon:  aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

Sharon Mitchell:  thanks crazynick!

dude:  wow - 16 years of herion. I would have never guessed. (I'm new to porn.)

Steph:  how different is that personae from the at home you?

Sharon Mitchell:  HI CASS!

Perseus:  What advance in AIDS prevention do you find most significant Sharon?

HoustonDon:  I watched porn mostly in the 80's, then I went to grad school in an area that only allowed censored stuff

Sharon Mitchell:  thank you MG! i'm sorry we didn't get a chance to work together, but you can always find me by pressing "play"!

HoustonDon:  what did you like about the 80's?

Steph:  MG - for those of us in the dark - who are you please?

Sharon Mitchell:  the miss sharon mitchell personae differs greatly from "mitch"

Steph:  You mentioned in an interview a couple years ago that male performers were sharing needles to inject their penises with erection drugs until Viagra came about. Are erection drugs commonly used either in the past or today?

Sharon Mitchell:  "mitch" doesn't have to portray anyone else's fantasy... i get to live out my own and be happy with myself

Crazynick:  Its all about happiness.....:)

HoustonDon:  how did the Meese Commission effect you personally?

MG:  There was some gossip that Rocco may have AIDS, do you know anything about that

HoustonDon:  she hates gossip

Kinch:  Kinch says, Wich Actor/actress did you like working with the most.

Sharon Mitchell:  perseus, advances in AIDS prevention - the #1 one advance is prevention is prevention education and testing. with that we can put an end to ignorance and take the shame out of the game of HIV.

Crazynick:  Is there any supplements you can take to make your penis bigger?

HoustonDon:  yeah-pretty women

Steph:  :)

HoustonDon:  like Steph

HoustonDon:  (G)

Crazynick:  LOL

HoustonDon:  (or sharon)

Pete:  I read an interview recently where you mentioned something about prophylactic medications. What are they?

Sharon Mitchell:  what i liked most about the 80's was the fashions and it was the golden age of porn. i made more money and portrayed more wonderful characters and travelled to places that i would have otherwise only dreamed of. i'm thankful to the porn industry for giving me those wonderful opportunities.

HoustonDon:  and now you give back-cool!

Steph:  woohoo for leg warmers

Tigger:  Hi Steph.. (hugs) ... long time... am I too late?>

Morrigan:  and big hair

HoustonDon:  just in time

Dev:  and head bands... letz get physical..

Tigger:  looks like I am :(

Steph:  hi Tigger - no, sharon is still here

Tigger:  Hi Sharon... *bouncing over*... you were in the first movie I have seen in this genre :)

Sharon Mitchell:  the use of viagra is grossly overblown in the porn business. i personally feel that if you need to take anything body or mind altering, you're probably in the wrong business, but this is an individual choice, whatever floats your boat - just don't mix it with drugs and alcohol.

JRWolfe:  re condoms becoming stronger and less poreous than they used to be ? whats the best condom on the market

Tigger:  Howya been Steph :)

Crazynick:  Sharon by far is the queen of porn!

Darkmage:  I miss the 80s. Back when everyone looked like they did aerobics, but nobody actually did aerobics.

Morrigan:  LOL

Perseus:  as long as big hair is responsibly big

Tigger:  I remember being in awe because you spoke about the first time you had an orgasim...

Sharon Mitchell:  the Meese Commission investigated many movie titles that i acted in and i went to jail at least once during those years in los angeles to win a case regarding pandering in pornography.

HoustonDon:  I remember the Tracy Lords thing most

Darkmage:  At least once? I think I would remember every time I went to jail...

Morrigan:  whoa

HoustonDon:  but I recalled you were under fire too

Sharon Mitchell:  I don't know whether or not Rocco has AIDS, if he does, I hope he calls, I'll give him all the help he needs. He's one of the loves of my career, I loved working with him.

dude:  do you think this November's election spells doom for some segments of the adult entertainment business>

Sharon Mitchell:  I loved working most with Jamie Gillis, he was the perverted father I always wanted and never had.

HoustonDon:  porn is big business=never gone

Crazynick:  Peter North said he takes pills that make his dick bigger.....WHAT ARE THEY!??

dude:  I want some

MG:  Is it true that the first time you had sex with John Holmes you where so "HI" you didn't even fel

Crazynick:  Sharon what are they?

Crazynick:  PLEASE!

Tigger:  If I could bottle Jamie's spirit into you Sharon.... I think i'd want you for the perverted mother I've always wanted... still hoping Kay Parker calls me back *wink*

Steph:  Crazynick he said he takes zinc for maximum cumage

Sharon Mitchell:  regarding supplements to make your penis bigger, but AIM is about to begin distributing herbal mixtures, one of which is called the "Woodsman", a safe and natural blend that works well for those in the industry who do not use Viagra...

Steph:  so how common is viagra usage?

Tigger:  Peter is the fire hose.... that guy is insane...

Crazynick:  ZINC?

Crazynick:  thats it

Steph:  Crazynick read the peter north chat transcript

Sharon Mitchell:  prophylactic medications are a precautionary dose of antibiotics used during a gang bang by the star and the fluffers to keep them from contracting or giving any STD's because we only test for HIV and various cultures of STD may live in the throat and be passed on. it is a one-time precautionary measure that has worked in over four gang bangs successfully.

Crazynick:  he didnt say?

Tigger:  ... how accepted is these medications?... are others more worried about it? or is the overall majority accepting?

dude:  I've never seen a gangbang video. Where to they recruit the 'fluffers'?

Azriel:  Hey sharon , I met you at L.A. erotica, just as your booth got closed down. what ever happend with that?

Sharon Mitchell:  the condom preferred most by those in the porn biz is the crown condom. it is pink and not dectectible on video tape on the light skinned guys. it is thin and strong, like me!

Steph:  :)

Tigger:  .... hmmm.. gonna have to go get me some of those... :)

Azriel:  did you and tony ever get things worked out?

Tigger:  anything thin and strong..

Crazynick:  I need some Zinc


Sharon Mitchell:  I don't know what Peter North does, but I do know that he had a big dick to start with, so i'm not sure that he needs anything...

Perseus:  what about Polyurethane condoms? are they effective against STDs?

Steph:  MR - try .

Tigger:  he works out near where I go to work :)

MR:  thank u

Steph:  bad2dabone it's about time you arrived

Tigger:  only thing Peter needs is you right Sharon? :)

bad2dabone:  had to watch the Survivor finale

Morrigan:  Hey bad.

Crazynick:  Sharon are you AOL Instant Messenger?

DrewBlackADT:  sharon - Are there any special things you would like to talk about tonight that we haven't covered?

bad2dabone:  hiya M

Tigger:  dont' say anything Bad2..... still 8pm pacific here

MR:  any chance of you making an appearance in omaha, nebraska? anytime soon?

Sharon Mitchell:  regarding this election, yes i do think it will make a difference. regardless of who is in office, health care is an issue which will inevitable be addressed and we will hope that AIM HealthCare will have a part in this as we are offering gov't agencies to work with the protocols that we have founded within our industry.

bad2dabone:  Tigger......okie dokie..I won't give it away...tonight was actually my first time to really watch

Sharon Mitchell:  now i'd like to take some time to promote our upcoming fund raisers!

Darkmage:  Sharon - does that mean that you are inviting government regulation of the porn industry?

Tigger:  cool.... thanks bad2bone... glad your here....

Azriel:  Being a legend in the BIz.. do you find it harder to get and keep respect, when the "newbies" in the Biz keep making fools of themselves in public?

Steph:  sharon please do

bad2dabone:  looks like Sharon is answering some serious I'll sorta chaddup

MR:  any appearances in omaha nebraska soon?

JRWolfe:  after 25 yrs in the biz,Mitch won Survior

Tigger:  Auctions always make a good fund raiser :)

bad2dabone:  JRW...uh..did you NOT see what Tigger asked for?

Sharon Mitchell:  first: September 21, DejaVu Showgirls, North Hollywood, Your favorite stars will dance for charity. You can match funds and be part of this wonderful cause, visit our web site and e-me your pledges at url

JRWolfe:  nope

bad2dabone:  I'll buy anything for a dollar

Tigger:  .. cool... only an hour away from me :)

Tigger:  will you be there Sharon?

MR:  we want you to visit nebraska

Perseus:  "I'll buy that for a dollar!" -- random guy on TV, _Robocop_

Steph:  Tigger i'll see you there

Tigger:  ... wanna go together Steph? :)

bad2dabone:  Steph...need me to donate any of my uh...private wear?

bad2dabone:  sheeesh..and I said I was gonna chaddup

Steph:  bad2dabone we know that shutting up is hard for you ;)

MR:  steph 4 pres.....................maybe?

Kinch:  Kinch says, Bye,Bye, Sharon.

Steph:  Tigger i'll post details on the fundraier in the forum

Tigger:  great .... I can't wait

Azriel:  ?

Steph:  MR that's who i'm voting for ;)

MR:  you bet

bad2dabone:  okay...I'm putting my quiet time up on the auction block...who will bid money for Sharon's order to get me to shut up?

Sharon Mitchell:  also: SEXATHON - RJB will donate PayPerView time for a six hour period to observe top industry talent make "OUR AIM" a feature film to be distributed by AIM HealthCare, featuring over 40 actors and actresses that love the AIM HealthCare Foundaiton so much they are will to donate their trade to their AIM. On October 7th at TheSexxxHouse.Com

MG:  I talked to Bunny Bleu the other day and she said she is going to get back into the video business. Are the older girls still as hot as they where at 18

bad2dabone:  I'm still talking until I see some bids

Tigger:  wow.... thats one I will definatly log on to see

MR:  nebraska has your back....................

Steph:  sharon will we see the film on DVD?

Sharon Mitchell:  the older women as hot now as they ever were, and if you liked them at 18, go back and rent the old movies!

Sharon Mitchell:  sure, steph, can you get us a deal?

Steph:  maybe we could get a studio to help out on that one

Azriel:  AS one of the major players in the adult field, it great to see someone doing so much to try and take care of the people in it.

JRWolfe:  will you be doing your 40th bday in vegas again,as a fund raiser/

Tigger:  ... I think the women I saw when I was first experiencing this industry are hotter now.. more fo a connection.. and I think older women get hotter and hotter... who they are

Sharon Mitchell:  ok steph, call me.

HoustonDon:  Sharon, you might try Houston as a fund raiser spot: it's the 4th largest city and has one of the largest amounts of strip clubs/book stores in the country

bad2dabone:  I think that saying that 41 actors and actresses were involved...would look better on the cover...I'll leave my phone number with Steph..just in case you need another stud

Sharon Mitchell:  JR - we will be doing Another 40th Birthday in Las Vegas during the CES show.

Darkmage:  I can back HoustonDon up. I was there for three days and bumped into more strippers...

MR:  i wanna be there

Sharon Mitchell:  Houston - we will be doing a DejaVu fund raiser in houston soon.

Perseus:  My boss tried to organize me into a strip club expedition in Houston & Austin once :)

Steph:  sharon - excellent - can't go wrong with a party in vegas

Morrigan:  DM-bumped?

HoustonDon:  we also have too many cases of AIDS

Sharon Mitchell:  ok bad2dabone

Darkmage:  Can't go wrong with a party...

MR:  <<<<<<<<<<<-------------party at my house

Darkmage:  Morrigan: I was doing card tricks for a stripper at a beer festival. And another one walked up, and I tripped over one on the way out.

bad2dabone:  yahoo!!!..I just became a stud....courtesy of Sharon

HoustonDon:  cool Sharon-feel free to let me know when you're around

JRWolfe:  will you be doing anything during the Gentlemans club Expo in vegas next week?

HoustonDon:  ;)

HoustonDon:  (I have some influence at times...)

HoustonDon:  ;)

Morrigan:  knee-deep in 'em? LOL

Sharon Mitchell:  Azriel, thank you, i appreciate you appreciating me! : )

Darkmage:  HD - Some influence or under the influence? :)

bad2dabone:  HoustonDon..yeah..when you aren't under it

bad2dabone:  *cough cough*

MR:  goodnite and god bless you sharon, i love you, cya

HoustonDon:  I'm not a drinker

HoustonDon:  usually the designated driver

Sharon Mitchell:  good night mr, i love ya too.

Darkmage:  Have the members of ADT asked The Standard Barrage of Questions to Mrs. Mitchell?

bad2dabone:  HoustonDon..I was just kidding..but you can still bid to shut me up

Tigger:  ... i'm not called Tigger for nothing.... I love to bounce

Steph:  Darkmage we got the queen of porn question in

HoustonDon:  we tried to ask some intelligent ones too

HoustonDon:  bid?

bad2dabone:  nevermind

HoustonDon:  ;)

* Perseus rummages for his Question-resistant Body Armor

Steph:  who will donate to AIM in order to shut bad2dabone up?

HoustonDon:  (I don't want your soiled undies bad)

bad2dabone:  cha-ching

Darkmage:  What about the DVD player one?

Steph:  nope

Sharon Mitchell:  Oh, I almost forgot - we have stuff for auction on go there and bid!

bad2dabone:  the money will go to a good cause and I assume it is tax deductible

Darkmage:  No? I'm dissapointed!

Sharon Mitchell:  it's tax deductible!

Darkmage:  Sharon - Do you own a DVD player?

Steph:  sharon - i'll be sure to post the fund raisers tomorrow

Sharon Mitchell:  thank you steph, thank you everyone, i love you all, it's been a pleasure - good night!

Steph:  thank you!

Tigger:  Anything of yours there Sharon?.... be nice to get bid on something for the AdultDvdtalkers this evening.... maybe a pair of your panties your wearing now as we speak... be a good auction for AIM :)

HoustonDon:  hugs

Morrigan:  'night

Perseus:  have fun Sharon!

Darkmage:  Thanks! It's been a pleasure!

bad2dabone:  Sharon....nice seeing you....too bad I was late...grrrrr

Tigger:  Thanks for everything Sharon :)

Tigger:  your forever a part of my memories

Kinch:  Good Night.

Tigger:  and my future :0

Tigger:  :)

******Sharon exists the chat room******

bad2dabone:  there she goes

Darkmage:  Now that was interesting...

Tigger:  *sniff*

MG:  Do you think the adult business was to blame for letting young girls like Traci Lords(16) or even Kandi Barbour(14) for getting into the business or should most of the blame go on the girls?

Tigger:  first woman who ever got me hard *Sniff*

HoustonDon:  the blame should be shared

bad2dabone: was?..I missed most of it..I guess I'll have to take a peek at the transcript

HoustonDon:  but the businesses have a responsibility

Darkmage:  Parts of it were very philosophical, and I saw some hints of opinions that I haven't seen in porn actresses before.

Darkmage:  I'll have to check the transcript, too, but I think this one was unique.

bad2dabone:  I'm on an emotional high right now.....everyone loves me talking so much..that nobody bid to shut me up

Tigger:  I think this was one of the best ones I have been a part of.. Sharon was very open

HoustonDon:  we always loved you bad

HoustonDon:  ;)

bad2dabone:  "hints of opinions"?...hmmmm...interesting

HoustonDon:  The questions we asked were far better than in most of the chats I've been on here...

HoustonDon:  which is a good thing

Darkmage:  I found it interesting when the questions turned to the upcomming presidential election. She mentioned she's trying to work with the health care administration...

and the post chat chatting continued well into the night...

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