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This chat with Jewel De'Nyle & Brandon Iron was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on April 30, 2003. Jewel and Brandon came to chat with us about their new company, Platinum X Pictures. Many thanks to Brandon Iron, Jewel De'Nyle and the gang at Platinum X for joining us!

The Whole Chat
unedited, unadulterated, and unorganized...

<aybesea> hiya Brandon_Iron
<bono-ONE> hey brandon
<Steph> Hi Brandon_Iron Welcome!!
<Silent_Jay> hey ironman
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Hi. Sorry it took so long. This would not let me register with Jewel's name.
[changed in the transcript to read both Brandon and Jewel]
<MLyons> Bono--I'm going to pick that up when I have a chance (Ass Cleavage)
<Samurai_Dai> welcome Mr. Irons
<zero_-boy> hi brandon
<MLyons> Hi Brandon--Welcome!
<mangoluvuu2> Ass Cleavage is the BOMB
<Porky> Hey Samurai
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  How is everyone tonight??
<Sietel> Brandon, a shout out from Australia man. Where we haven't received I LOVE IT ROUGH yet. Grrrr.
<Carly> Wait until you guys see Grand Theft Anal
<boricua> HI BRANDON
<noodlegirl> aloha porky
<bono-ONE> It's awesome no if's and's however lots of butts!!!
<Steph> Brandon_Iron it doesn't allow apostrophes
<noodlegirl> good good
<Carly> hi Brandon
<bono-ONE> good Brandon
<Silent_Jay> good
<su2sexi> great
<zero_-boy> welll ya brought out this crowd lol
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  OK. Now I know how to do it. Jewel says hi to everyone, too. Cannot take higher billing over Jewel!
<Porky> Hey Noodle and su2sexi
<brad> hi Brandon_Iron
<noodlegirl> lol
<bono-ONE> hi jewel!
<su2sexi> lol
<brad> hi jewel
<Samurai_Dai> hey lady!
<aybesea> hi there jewel, welcome!
<Sietel> Wow, this is more crowded than Aurora Snow's pussy in SPACE INVADERZ
<Silent_Jay> hey jewel
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel is excited to be here and says hi to everyone. She just blew a big kiss!
<zero_-boy> haaaaaaa
<aybesea> lol
<Carly> Hi Jewel
<noodlegirl> don't faint zero
<Porky> Lol Sietel
<zero_-boy> she sure knows how to use the forum
<noodlegirl> ehehhe
<Steph> Brandon_Iron you can change your nick to Brandon_Jewel by typing / nick without the space
<zero_-boy> haaaa
<bono-ONE> Well congrats on the fine start for Platinum!!!
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  How do I edit my nick??
<Steph> type / nick then the name, but no space
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Platinum X Pictures came out of the gate strong! We are all so happy.
<brad> type /nick nick
<brad> hi grimes
<aybesea> just type '/nick newname' (no quotes)
<Porky> Wtf? Who's Porky Pig?? Get outta here
<grimes> hello
<Sietel> woah
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Manuel is on a plane back to France but says "Au revoir" to everyone!!
<su2sexi> just more bacon for NG
<zero_-boy> they dont use the same couch over and over
<noodlegirl> lol
<noodlegirl> eeheheh
<noodlegirl> yummmmmmmm
<SuperSietel> I've evolved!
<su2sexi> :)
<zero_-boy> super!!
<aybesea> brandon, congrats on platinum!
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Both RLD and Platinum are stading up for high quality releases.
<bono-ONE> I agree
<SuperSietel> Are you going to be working with Lex now that he's an RLD man, Brandon?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Lex is eligible to work for PXP. You will see him in Jewel's next movie!!
<Porky> Hey Kristin
<bono-ONE> cool
<kristin> hi porky
<SuperSietel> Sweeeeeeeet. You can never have too much Lex.
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I don't direct for RLD anymore. I only perform as an actor.
<zero_-boy> you mean 'in"
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  You will see Erik Everhard in PXP product very soon, too.
<Silent_Jay> jewel + lex = hot scene
<bono-ONE> so Brandon are those bloodhounds going along for the trek to jolly ole England!
<zero_-boy> hey kristin
<RLDV_RULES> I see you got Hannah Harper do your "spread em wide" series
<SuperSietel> Jewel + Lex = SCORCHER
<noodlegirl> hey zero i got your deb up alreayd u better check it out
<aybesea> brandon, that's great - erik is the man!
<zero_-boy> ohhhh hannah
<kristin> hi zero
<brad> hi lindi :)
<su2sexi> hi lindi
<noodlegirl> hannah is pretty
<kristin> hi lindi
<Carly> Hi lindi!
<aybesea> hiya linderoo
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  The bloodhounds are swimming across the ocean right now looking for Lea De Mae's feet fo r the next TEN LITTLE PIGGIES.
<lindi> hi everybody
<zero_-boy> ok noodle ooos
<bono-ONE> woo hoo
<Porky> Greetings, Lindi pot pie
<noodlegirl> lol
<lindi> :-)
<Samurai_Dai> hi Lindi Baby
<bono-ONE> lea de Mae is fucking awesome!!!
<MLyons> That'll make Ramsey happy. Heh.
<grimes> Will you ever do another "slapping" series?
<bono-ONE> Let's see her and Jewel have some fun please!!!
<Steph> Jewel - how are the applications coming for Pornstar Idol?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Hannah is a rocking anal girl. Jewel says she loves the taste of her British crumpet,.....whatever part that is.
<noodlegirl> porky wants plenty slap happy
<su2sexi> by you only NG
<zero_-boy> i like hannah in funny boners
<noodlegirl> aaahahah
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  No more slapping for me. It's all about having fun, ruff sex. If the girl is down for it, so be it. But it will not be the primary focus of rough sex. There is so much more to it!
<noodlegirl> hear that porky no so slappy for u
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Pornstar Idol is off to a great start! Over 300 hundred applicants have registered.
<RLDV_RULES> Full Anal Access looks like it will be good
<su2sexi> too bad
<zero_-boy> i have to leave room to check out the site im stuck in frame mode
<zero_-boy> wonder why fox tv hasntpick it up yet
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  TT Boy is very busy, but I will get a hold of him.
<bono-ONE> So might we ever see a Wild On Sex in Phoenix? It might be rough to do since I think XXX movies aren't supposed to shot here,lol
<boricua> TT IS THE BEST
<zero_-boy> i heard they making a 24 hour reality tv network
<UltraSietel> Brandon, I may be the only guy who digs this position, but are we going to see some anal double-piledriver in your flicks like in the Lex/Layla Jade scene in BUTTBANGED HITCHHIKING WHORES?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Are there girls in Phoenix who want to do it?? Jewel asks that girls e-mail her at She is looking for serious women !!!
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  UltraSietel: I may need to hire you as a technical advisor for that shoot...
<kristin> for what?
<bono-ONE> I am sure you might find some at a little college we have here called ASU,lol
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Bono: get on it! You are now the official PXP recruiter!
<bono-ONE> lol
<bono-ONE> !!!
<aybesea> b1 is the man!
<noodlegirl> lol
<bono-ONE> Sorry I'm just a humble reviewer!
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Porky: please post this position once you find it in the Kama Sutra.
<bono-ONE> Love watching beautiful women on film!!
<grimes> When will we start seeing titles from MASON at PXP?
<Porky> Ok, Brandon
<UltraSietel> No really Brandon, the girls are in piledriver position, but they're butts are pushed against each other. I mean, seriously, it's an aesthetically appealling position and, heck, it utilises the visual porn medium effectively like no other position.
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Mason is gearing up to do a vignette-style release soon.
<grimes> cool
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Double pile driver sounds good.
<aybesea> brandon - did i read it right that steve holmes directed the platinum euro release?
<Mattock> <UltraSietel> i know that scene, very good
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Let's compete! I love it!
<Silent_Jay> When Will We See An Interracial Line From PXP?
<UltraSietel> I was trying to plan how you could do a triple piledriver and actually got some friends to try it out, but damn, people were falling all over each other, and dicks got hurt. Best to avoid, but double PD seems safe.
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Steve and Manuel jointly did it. I tell you, it's amazing. Can only compare the tease to Christoph Clark.
<bono-ONE> I am just anxious to see Michelle Wild!!!
<aybesea> i can't wait to see that - steve seems like he's got his shit together - good for him!
<boricua> its true that steve holmes is gay?
<bono-ONE> lol
<MLyons> Hey Astro!!
<astroknight> evening all
<bono-ONE> astro
<Reggie> hello everyone
<lindi> hi astro
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel has a black-whilte line starting in July. It's called INTERRACIAL LUST. Box to be posted next week on
<Porky> Hey Astro
<grimes> Will we ever see an Aurora Snow/Brandon Irons scene??
<kristin> hi lindi
<astroknight> thanks ayb
<Reggie> Is Jewel here tonight?
<Silent_Jay> Sweet (:)
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Steve is not gay, he is very open-minded about sex.
<kristin> hi astro even
<kristin> oops
<aybesea> my pleasure
<kristin> hi aby
<kristin> c
<bono-ONE> How about Rita Faltoyano, think you might shoot her sometime soon?
<aybesea> hiya kristin
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I have never had the pleasure of working with Aurora.
<Steph> Jewel is with Brandon - technical difficulties with adding her name
<bono-ONE> As his piss adventure with Jewel proves!!!!
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Reggie: yes. Had trouble logging in with her name.
<kristin> hi steph
<Paul29> Brandon do you seriously contend that Platinum X can overtake evil angel...if so why?
<Reggie> ok cool
<UltraSietel> Yo Brandon, got any plans for working with twins in any of your coming movies?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Rita is in Budapest. I am in LA.
<Mattock> id like to see Brandon with Peaches, she did only two movies in 2002 (breakinem2 and justover18 3) then she disappeared
<Steph> hi kristin
<astroknight> thanks for joining us in both the forums and chat room jewel :)
<boricua> why you never worked for anabolic?
<kristin> hi jewle
<kristin> jewel
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Paul: Who said that?? You are putting words in our mouths. Don't.
<astroknight> what do you think separates platinum x most from the other studios out there?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I just worked for Anabolic 3 weeks ago for 2 on 1.
<grimes> Aurora has done every kind of scene. Service Animals, Gag Factor, gangbang girl... she seems game..
<Paul29> Brandon I think that you can....I'm putting words in my mouth
<UltraSietel> Aurora hasn't done double piledriver anal...
<Steph> Good porn helps sell more good porn - the good companies aren't in competition
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I think PXP is different because all of us are capable performers who can bring a lot to the table. We are all highly motivated and care a great deal about our product.
<Silent_Jay> a double anal piledriver sounds painful
<bono-ONE> I am just glad there's another studio out there shooting hot sex with people who love to do it, more power to you!!!
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Call Aurora.
<Reggie> Is there anything in the works involving rough sex in water...2 of my fetishes :-)
<kristin> hey wiz
<lindi> hi pornlovr
<pornlovr> hello
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I would never presume to be in the league of Evil Angel, but every empire starts with a single movie. We haev our first movie...
<UltraSietel> Rough sex in water = MERMAIDS LOVE IT ROUGH
<wizardofoh> kristin>hey baby. how u doing hun
<bono-ONE> The Ann Harlow scene was really good especially the ending so please thank Michael for that!!
<Reggie> i havent seen that
<astroknight> welcome zero_-boy
<kristin> good you?
<zero_-boy> 37 ppl!
<pornlovr> Hello Brandon
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  How do you fuck a mermaid?? BJ only??
<zero_-boy> thanks astroo
<Reggie> haha
<zero_-boy> u swim
<grimes> She lays her eggs, you come on them
<noodlegirl> hehehhe
<astroknight> if you guys could bring in any three girls as contract performers for pxp, who would you choose?
<wizardofoh> just relaxing and watching the world go by
<Reggie> hump her fins
<UltraSietel> Titty fuck a mermaid, surely
<aybesea> good question astro!
<grimes> ask any mermaid
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Mike is here, too. He claims he spurted 7 times!! Can anyone confirm this or is he just bragging??!!!
<zero_-boy> got fin?
<pornlovr> do you mean seven times in one pop?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  PXP is not looking for contract girls.
<bono-ONE> How about getting Aria Giovanni to take a break from Mr. Blake and take a ride on Jewel's strap on!!!
<zero_-boy> aria woohoooo
<boricua> brandon we want to see more doble pussy and doble anal
<Reggie> is PXP a new company?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Yep, Mike says it was Peter Northian 7 streams!
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Aria does hardcore??
<astroknight> Reggie - PXP = Platinum X Pictures
<wizardofoh> how was your day kristin
<bono-ONE> Nope he counted them out loud!!!
<Reggie> ohh
<Mattock> nope, she hates men
<UltraSietel> It shouldn't really be 'double piledriver anal' I'm talking about: I mean, simultaneous anal piledriver really. Or SAP. I think I got the former term from a rogreview
<zero_-boy> i saw her in film "aria"
<bono-ONE> Right on target too!!!
<pornlovr> Brandon - i can easily spurt 7 times - just each one would be consecutively smaller i guess
<kristin> orgasmic
<astroknight> jewel - which directors have you learned the most from?
<aybesea> aria is a cutie, but strictly softcore
<astroknight> welcome buster_browneye
<grimes> Now that Mason is at PXP, can I go back to ignoring Elegant Angel??
<zero_-boy> see what u can do lol
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Yes, PXP launched April 1st. Starting in May, we will do simulataneous DVD and VHS releases every Tuesday till eternity.
<wizardofoh> did u talk to
<UltraSietel> Is Cassidy Rae still active?
<DarkDTSes> busy nite
<Paul29> ditto grimes
<bono-ONE> yeah but Jewel could bring her over to the Dark Side of the sex force!!!!
<Steph> Brandon_Iron how do VHS sales compare to DVD?
<Reggie> holy crap..sounds awesome
<DarkDTSes> hiya lindi
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel says she likes every director that hired her!!
<zero_-boy> theres stil life in vhs's
<DarkDTSes> is jewel here yet?
<aybesea> b1 - i'd luv to see her try!!! :P
<pornlovr> why isn't Jewel here today?
<kristin> i dont see her through this crowed, do you?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  PXP has increasing DVD sales vs. VHS.
<Steph> Jewel is here with Brandon
<noodlegirl> she is with Iron
<DarkDTSes> kristin: not i :)
<zero_-boy> she w/ brandon have her wave again
<DarkDTSes> how bout a webcam ?? :)
<bono-ONE> That would be a big coup almost like getting Jenna's first on screen anal with an actual cock!!
<kristin> lol
<Reggie> 40 ppl!!
<zero_-boy> wow
<DarkDTSes> for all we know we could be talking to trailerpark Bob :))
<astroknight> we just see Brandon_Iron talking because jewel's got her mouth full right now ;)
<wizardofoh> not sure. i dont know what she looks
<aybesea> b1 - you need to start a campaign!
<DarkDTSes> hah
<Silent_Jay> when will the adult biz abandon VHS altogether
<zero_-boy> lol
<pornlovr> bono - not vaguely interested. there are so many hotter women than Jenna in porn now
<Reggie> too bad there's not a webcam :-)
<DarkDTSes> astroknight: WEBCAM!! :)
<zero_-boy> and no video camera
<bono-ONE> Jewel is gorgeous, just look for her My Plaything, awesome!!!
<DarkDTSes> Reggie: exactly
<Paul29> Brandon what is your take on the meathole controversy
<astroknight> you don't want me on a webcam! ;)
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  VHS boxes cost more than DVD, so I am happy when it goes away. DVDs are so much better.
<DarkDTSes> we need proof damn it! :)
<astroknight> but it'd be better than porky or aybesea ;P
<DarkDTSes> heh
<UltraSietel> Hasn't everyone wanted to see a guy shoot his load on a porn starlet's belly, then try and spell his name using his dick as a pen and his cum as the 'ink'?
<brad> hi skronker
<MLyons> HEhe
<Silent_Jay> lol ultra
<skronker> howdy
<MLyons> Hey Skronker!
<skronker> Mr. Mike
<zero_-boy> i smell a series
<noodlegirl> oh gosh ultra thats too much
<pornlovr> UltraSietel - i think that would be extremely difficult in the extasy of orgasm
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I worked for Khan Tusion for It's tough stuff, for sure, but the girls I worked with did so of their own volition. In fact, I did it with Crystal Ray, and then I worked with her again for Joey Silvera's SERVICE ANIMALS 13.
<su2sexi> NG, your bacon is back
<MLyons> wb Porky
<Reggie> Ultra: what happens if it's a gangbng
<Porky> thanks
<zero_-boy> my sig on ya belly vol2
<noodlegirl> apparently so lol
<Silent_Jay> i saw the previews man that stuff is rough
<wizardofoh> they have been advertising the louie run kristin. i may have to buy a
<aybesea> i just saw that astro ;)
<Porky> Sports Update: Yankees win!!
<skronker> That Crystal's a pistol, Brandon
<Paul29> you always take good care of the girls in anything I've seen you do
<lindi> hi skronker
<pornlovr> Brandon - i've seen clips on the Web where (I think it's you) deepthroated girls til they puked. is that what you're talking about?
<Silent_Jay> ashley blue passed out
<skronker> Hey Lindi!
<DarkDTSes> webcam!
<zero_-boy> red soxs game is on too
<Reggie> what's this meatholes?
<zero_-boy> poor ashley
<kristin> going without me?
<Silent_Jay> it's a website
<DarkDTSes> oh well.....i'll be back in about an hr :P
<astroknight> DarkDTSes - settle
<skronker> Don't get me started
<lindi> skronker?
<skronker> Yes
<UltraSietel> No no pornlovr, once he's shot a decent, fluid load, he then get his dick and spells his name, or her name, or a word like 'Cum-loving babe.' It wouldnt be too hard, surely.
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  No, the puking was for another company. BTW, there is NO puking in I LOVE IT ROUGH. Just raw energy.
<Reggie> i'll check it out...later
<zero_-boy> hey lindi
<lindi> hi zero
<aybesea> brandon - good decision
<pornlovr> so it was you right?
<Carly> raw energy is a fantastic thing. :)
<skronker> Brandon, I prefer the new ruff style to the puke
<Reggie> i still haven't seen ILIR
<wizardofoh> kristin>never hun. strap your legs across my
<Porky> Damned Red Sox scored three in the ninth to win
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  What other DVD extras do you want to see from PXP??
<kristin> lol
<zero_-boy> woohoooo lol
<UltraSietel> I'm going to try that out this weekend. CUM CALLIGRAPHY. I think it could be a hit!
<bono-ONE> On the g/g series lots of French kissing!!!
<astroknight> several stores seem to be choosing to not sell I LOVE IT ROUGH. were you surprised?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Reggie, e-mail me and I will send you ILIR.
<zero_-boy> behind the scenes
<Reggie> really? wow, thanks a lot
<Silent_Jay> more BTS
<grimes> I'm glad that Multi angle is going away...
<Silent_Jay> More getting To Know The Girls
<astroknight> for those of us who haven't seen a pxp dvd yet, what kind of extras are you normally offering?
<pornlovr> astro - the local porn store here didn't carry I Love It Rough
<aybesea> also in the g/g one - lots of sexy attire - and LEAVE IT ON!
<bono-ONE> Also a striptease segment like Zero Tolerance does on their releases, damn it looked so hot for the Ass Cleavage dvd
<boricua> brandon how you feel ,what you think about DOBLE ANAL?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  ILIR was not taken by movie gallery as well as dvd empire. That's OK, because there are 10 online retailers who carry it at a reasonable price point. Reorders have been HUGE!
<kristin> is kimi comming in tonight?
<samurai_dai> Brandon. I believe that you worked alongside Taylor St.Clair in `the days of whore` and `service animals 7`. Any chance of you doing some more titles with her. She is lovely!!!
<wizardofoh> did u get my email kristin.
<UltraSietel> I LOVE IT ROUGH hasn't showed up in Australia. Any plans to bring it here Brandon?
<Wangsman> did I already miss Jewel?
<kristin> yep
<aybesea> i really like the assturbation sequences on DVSX releases - perhaps something like that
<astroknight> Wangsman - jewel is with brandon due to tech problems
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  PXP is focused on newer girls. I can only speak for myself. Jewel says she hires her girls based on personalilty.
<Silent_Jay> Jewel Is Online With Brandon
<Carly> so what if they're ugly, but really, really funny? ;)
<Reggie> is it mainly euro girls or american?
<jetboy> hey brandon, Just rented ILIR. Great scene with Jewel and the french guy (I think)
<bono-ONE> I can't wait to see her scene with the busty Loni!!
<zero_-boy> woohooo a girl w/ personality
<kristin> counts me out
<pornlovr> Brandon - what would be nice on the extras is if you showed the girls for a longer time after they were done with the scene and cummed on, see them talk, clean up, etc.
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I believe the foreign rights to Austrailia are being negotiated by Cal Vista right now.
<skronker> Loni is intense .. and fun to watch
<astroknight> porn stars have personality????? ;)
<aybesea> kristin :(
<zero_-boy> nah kristin
<Wangsman> so she's coming back or done for the day?
<zero_-boy> go figure
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel did her scene with Steve Holmes. He is german.
<kristin> i m used to bieng counted out
<noodlegirl> she is wtih brandon!!!!!!!!!!
<UltraSietel> I just hope CalVista don't edit the good stuff out.
<Wangsman> sorry, I am new to this
<Wangsman> I don't know what's going on
<wizardofoh> kristin>u have a great personality.
<zero_-boy> for the 100x
<Silent_Jay> Jewel What All Do You Do To Prepare For An Anal Scene?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  No, Cal Vista sends them as is.
<UltraSietel> I thought Steve was Romanian?
<skronker> Wang: NO one else does either!
<UltraSietel> Sweet!
<kristin> 1 out of 10 aint bad
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel does an enema and does some ass play to warm herself up.
<bono-ONE> So what do you both enjoy the most about directing?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Romanian, but lives in Germany.
<boricua> where does steve holmes live
<grimes> Girls licking cum from one another's assholes. There's not enough of that.
<pornlovr> Brandon - including the enema in the extras would be a good idea as well
<UltraSietel> Oh right.
<astroknight> welcome guygood
<pornlovr> i second that grimes
<kristin> has kimi been in?
<guygood> hi astro
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Directing gives you control to make the movie you really want to make. Complete freedom.
<Silent_Jay> Shit = Boner Killer
<astroknight> i don't know about showing the enema. a lot of people were turned off by that in straight to the a
<zero_-boy> nope krist
<Reggie> preparing herself for anal would be a nice extra
<guygood> It's quite a crowd in here tonight
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Enemas as DVD extras! Wow, you guys are kinky!
<pornlovr> astro - that's why it would be in the extras
<kristin> ty zero
<grimes> Chloe and Tricia Devereaux in Gangbang Girl. Nice Semen Analingus.
<astroknight> showing some prep is good though
<zero_-boy> ive been here for 1hour 30mins lol
<RednckRay> Kimi hasn't been in yet
<kristin> she's comming?
<bono-ONE> More cum swapping between the girls in any 2 on 1 scene would be nice
<aybesea> zero_-boy - didja get a good seat? ;)
<UltraSietel> How come spinelicks don't make it in porn films? You know, guy licks all the way down a woman's spine and then finishes by rimming her asshole.
<RednckRay> As far as I know, she's not even breathing hard yet.
<guygood> i'll be back...
<zero_-boy> it started as 8 ppl lol
<pornlovr> Ultra - that sounds awesome
<grimes> Analingus and Cumswapping seem to be popular with the crowd
<noodlegirl> ummmmmmm thats sound good
<astroknight> interviews with the girls are always a great extra. perhaps when ILIR2 comes out having the girls talk about what it is about rough sex that does it for them, or when they first discovered they liked it rougher
<UltraSietel> Maybe the spinelick is a bit too soft?
<aybesea> cum swapping is good... swallowing is better
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Julie Night said she would try to drop in to say hi to everyone. She got sodomized by Manuel Ferrara in the last scene in ILIR>
<Silent_Jay> Document Everything....From When You Hire The Girls to He Cleaning Off The Man Love
<skronker> Astro: probably at the shoot!
<zero_-boy> and have em tell us why they like it ruff lol
<bono-ONE> Jewel did an excellent interview after her I Love It Rough scene
<jetboy> Brandon, I eally liked the scenes you did with Kristina St James in Suitcase Pimps. Maybee you can put her in one of your new films
<UltraSietel> Sodomised - such a nice word
<Silent_Jay> Show Us Everything That Goes Into Making A Movie
<wizardofoh> the question is kristin cumming
<Mattock> if u want to do something very weird on pron movie, then do some missionary position, nobody do it!
<grimes> Will you continue to have bukkakes in the ILIR series??
<noodlegirl> nite zero
<zero_-boy> nite im off for the nite see ye
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I like the idea about the interviews. In ILIR #2, you will see interviews with Rocco Siffredi, John Stagliano, and Trisha Devereaux.
<UltraSietel> Girls don't laugh enough in porn these days...
<pornlovr> seeing the girls clean up after they've taken multiple loads would be a good extra
<skronker> They laugh in Joeys movies
<lindi> i would like to see the interviews, but not between scenes
<zero_-boy> nowthats funny lol
<Reggie> a nice extra would be if the girl's alone in the room with a camera, no cameramen, just herself and the cam telling us what it's really like
<Silent_Jay> the intervies from ILIR were great
<samurai_dai> Brandon, what did you think of Anabolics Rough sex series ?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Yes, I agree that seeing the load clean up would be nice. I always like seeing the REAL reaction.
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I enjoyed Anabolic's work. Big fan of theirs.
<grimes> Girls Wrestling is always Good! Joey has good catfights sometimes.
<boricua> why you never use mark anthony, jon dough ?
<skronker> Catfights rukle
<astroknight> what do you think has held back most rougher sex movies the most?
<UltraSietel> Why don't you get a comedian or something to follow around the actors and actresses like in a mock documentary of the shooting of the film? Like the Larry Sanders show? Now that, ladies and gentlemen, would be a ROCKINGA extra
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Maybe we'll see some GG wrestling in a future ILIR.
<grimes> that would be awesome
<wizardofoh> theres nothing like a good catfight
<bono-ONE> Can you get Torrie Wilson!!!!
<skronker> Loni seems to like to wrestle
<Silent_Jay> Redheads Gets Lots Of Redheads
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Who is Torri Wilson?
<skronker> I'm sorry Lily French bailed on "ILIR2"
<Steph> Redheads Rule! :)
<bono-ONE> She was on the cover of last months Playboy
<pornlovr> here's what else i'd like to see. more kissing between the guy and the girl. it seems like all the guys know how to use are their dicks
<Porky> Brandon, you could showcase the jizzmoppers cleaning up after a scene. You know, a nice "blue collar" touch
<grimes> I'd like to see two girls wrestling while the guy manueuvers around and fucks whatever hole he can find...
<bono-ONE> She is a diva for WWE or the former WWF
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Does everyone like seeing big loads finish off a scene, like the Nacho Vidal scene in ILIR??
<UltraSietel> Or like a panel of porn stars around a table pretending to talk about the scenes like the Fox NFL crew analysing game breakdowns...
<Silent_Jay> Torrie Wilson Is A Wrestler
<Reggie> has ILIR2 already been shot?
<kristin> lmao grimes
<bono-ONE> Ah Yes on the query!!
<boricua> anabolic without lexington its not the same
<kristin> good 1
<grimes> thanks
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Yes, ILIR 2 is already done.
<Silent_Jay> I DO I Do
<wizardofoh> i like some of the sexfights at calfornia wildcats
<skronker> I'm a sucker for wet sloppy facials, yes Brandon
<jetboy> who's in ILIR2?
<Porky> Sietel, that sounds good
<grimes> love big facials Brandon
<bono-ONE> Some internal mouth popshots with the girl showing the load off then swallowing would be nice
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  How many pops do you want to see in a scene??
<astroknight> yeah, a messy end is normally a better end as long as the girl's into it
<bono-ONE> I know that might be tricky though
<Silent_Jay> At Least 7
<astroknight> swallowing is also great!!!!!
<UltraSietel> Brandon, about four or five is good
<aybesea> b1 - sounds perfect!
<MLyons> I love facials too Brandon, for what it's worth. Not so much on the swallowing, but I know alot of others like that.
<grimes> Bukkakes start turning me off when the fat guys start cumming
<samurai_dai> I would like a bukkake style finish to every scene, even though it maybe a 1-1 scene. Just bring in loads of random guys at the end
<Silent_Jay> lol
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  ILIR 2 has Maggie Star, Jasmine Lynn, Lana Coxx, and a girl from Prague. Guys are Manuel Ferrara, Erik Everhard, and me.
<pornlovr> lmao grimes
<Porky> Brandon, get Facian to do a blurb on the cover: "Non-stop Glue from the Guys!"
<UltraSietel> Agree totally on kissing being fantastic, but when girls lick cum off another woman's body - that's hotter!
<skronker> It's not over til the Fat Guy cums!
<bono-ONE> Quality copious shots over quantity weak shots every time
<boricua> brandon why you never use mark anthony,jon dough, franco ?
<astroknight> brandon - which star has impressed you the most so far?
<MLyons> Mmmm... Jasmine Lynn.... :)
<skronker> I think 5-7 is plenty.
<UltraSietel> Can I ask a stupid question? I realise it
<grimes> The worst part of a Rocco video is when the fat guy with tiny dick is trying to be the 30th cumshot
<Reggie> do the girls like it rough? i like watching em have fun when it's rough
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I like giving a fat guy a break once in a while! C'mon, don't be heartless!
<grimes> sorry
<astroknight> welcome Alec_James
<Silent_Jay> yeah fat guys need love too
<Wangsman> I saw the pornstar idol thing
<astroknight> howdy mason
<pornlovr> the facial on the backcover of I Love It Rough with the girl smiling is delightful
<MLyons> Hey Mason!
<UltraSietel> is probably a financial thing, but why is not a single porn tape I can find with two girls/one guy scenes?
<kristin> i like it rough, sometimes
<Wangsman> I want to be a pornstar!!!
<kristin> <girl
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Reggie. Have you seen ILIR?? If you did, you would know that all the girls loved it.
<aybesea> hiya mason
<Steph> hey mason!
<mason> Hi!
<Reggie> same here wangs
<skronker> hey mason!
<Silent_Jay> hey mason
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Hi Mason.
<Porky> Hi mason
<Reggie> i havaen't seen
<bono-ONE> hey mason
<mason> HI!!!!!!
<kristin> hi drew
<Wangsman> ILIR?
<samurai_dai> hi mason
<Reggie> I cant wait to see it though
<wizardofoh> kristin>ever used a strapon on a girl
<MLyons> I had a sneaking suspicion you might come by tonight, mason. :)
<grimes> Who loves Mason? I do, I do
<UltraSietel> Mason, much love for your reputation. We can't seem to get DIRTY TRIXXX in Australia, so if you know someone here selling your work, let me know.
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Mason, inquiring minds want to know if you love it rough, too?!?
<Wolf> MASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<kristin> lmao wiz
<bono-ONE> So will you grab Jewel's boob like you did in one of your earlier films!!
<Wolf> LINDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<mason> go to my website :) I sell it there
<samurai_dai> hey wolf
<pornlovr> sorry for my ignorance but who is mason?
<astroknight> Wangsman - ILIR = I Love It Rough, one of the titles from Platinum X Pictures
<Wolf> sam
<kristin> did yuo think YOU were the only one?? LOL j/k
<mason> Brandon!? You're getting far too fresh with me!
<MLyons> Pornlovr--
<Wolf> porky
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Why I outta....
<mason> WOLF!!!!!!
<jetboy> So Mason, What TV show were you on?
<Wolf> MASON!!!!!!!
<mason> outaa what, huh?!
<boricua> brandon i would like to see you directing a latinas series
<NYC_DOM> Is it mason the myestery director who actually makes stuff almost hard enough to make me hard?
<Porky> Mason played Cousin Itt in "The Addams Family"
<Silent_Jay> me too boricua
<Carly> Hey Mason! I missed your grand entrance. :)
<bono-ONE> lol
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Do you know any latinas who eat cum??
<bono-ONE> I thought she was the hand coming out of the box!!!
<mason> I'm so not witty tonight, I gave up the guinness
<NYC_DOM> Yea, every peurto rican girl in the Bronx!
<kristin> think hard now
<su2sexi> NG r u still there
<Porky> lol Bono
<Silent_Jay> melissa milano, melina, catalina
<astroknight> Brandon_Iron - doesn't Daisy?
<boricua> soy latino come to puerto rico
<UltraSietel> Mason, how about some side-by-side piledriver anal in your films?
<kristin> lol dom
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Tell your girl to call PXP.
<noodlegirl> i am here lol
<mason> sure US I'll take that into consoderation, sounds kinky
<kristin> hi noodle
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Daisy is hot. Wow! See her in RLD's YOUNG TIGHT LATINAS??
<mason> like, dipping into one, then the other and clean off in each?
<Carly> aybesea, I'm hardly anyone important -- you didn't have to do that. :)
<noodlegirl> hi kristin
<astroknight> daisy does a good job, but she's so tattooed that she turns me off
<mason> Yeah, think i'll use it on my upcoming release
<astroknight> howdy XRentGuy. long time no chat
<Silent_Jay> tatts are hot
<Wolf> I beg to differ, Carly
<UltraSietel> Mason check out the Lex/Layla Jade scene in BUTTBANGED HITCHHIKING WHORES. It is the only place I've seen the scene. Yeah, as you described
<XRentGuy> hey there everyone
<noodlegirl> i agree too tattooed up and her eyebrows thank god she draws them in now
<NYC_DOM> I dig the tats and peircings -- goes with the whole really slutty look
<noodlegirl> they were so thin at one point
<XRentGuy> Steph you around
<Porky> Greetings, XRent guy
<mason> gotta check that one out!
<Carly> Wolf, you're just buttering me up so I'll write a column!
<XRentGuy> T- 15 minutes
<grimes> Mason, I love your voice. It really adds a lot to the scene.
<XRentGuy> sorry I didn't give more notice
<pornlovr> mason - is your site a paysite?
<aybesea> hey carly - i know you and that's good enough! ;)
<mason> thanks, grimes!
<mason> so far my site is free
<Reggie> what's the address of the site
<mason> mostly gives an introduction to who i am , etc
<Wangsman> I am so lost, no offense, but I know none of these people
<Wangsman> I guess I need to watch more porn
<UltraSietel> Mason, is your porn big on between-scenes comedy? Why do you think porn directors are afraid of a laugh in between scenes?
<Reggie> thanks
<Silent_Jay> how many enteries are u looking to get before Porn Idol Starts?
<mason> hmmm . . .
<mason> there is a lot of dark humor in my stuff
<Wangsman> what do you think it would take to do well on Porn Idol?
<Reggie> Porn Idol...that would be a hit
<astroknight> mason'
<mason> more of sick chuckles that laugh out loud sides ahce heart will go pitter pat
<pornlovr> Reggie - it's already in production
<astroknight> mason's movies are dark, but there's some definite humor there too
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel wants to wait until American Idol wraps. She is really into that, too! We don't just live porn all the time!
<jetboy> Brandon, Who is the Nastiest girl in porn right now.
<jetboy> Alexandra Quinn has my vote
<Reggie> i watch it too sometimes
<Silent_Jay> lol i've been watching it too
<mason> i second that
<Reggie> i watched it tonight
<Steph> Who's Jewel's favorite american idol contestant?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Belladonna is good-nasty. Others can be just plain nasty. I like good nasty.
<noodlegirl> i like good nasty too
<mason> i like nasty nasty
<noodlegirl> haha
<bono-ONE> bella is awesome!!
<Reggie> Belladonna is phenominal
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Ruben Studdard is Jewel's fav.
<mason> i like wrong nasty
<lindi> bella rules
<UltraSietel> Do a lot of porn stars have suppressed gag reflexes? I have a friend who's a sword swallower that got rid of his gag reflex, just wondering if it's an asset in porn to ditch it.
<bono-ONE> lol
<Porky> Brandon, how's about ten minutes of rubbing Belladonna's bald head? Yum
<Silent_Jay> mine too i think he's gonna take it
<jetboy> Debbi Diamond nasty
<Reggie> were you surprised he was in the bottom 2
<pornlovr> bella's bald?
<grimes> In Lady Fellatio 2, when Claire spilled the bubbles, Oh my god.
<Mattock> any chace to see Peaches in PXP? i mean this chick
<jetboy> Michelle Raven Nasty
<Porky> Pornlovr, yeah
<pornlovr> I remember Amber Ways was quite nasty in Throat Gaggers #1
<mason> love that part grimes
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I would love to rub any part of Bella that she would let me rub.
<samurai_dai> i truly love youre work Brandon, Jewel and Mason. But I need to sleep now. 3:34 here in London. Goodnight all.
<grimes> "I'm sorry Mason. It's only bubbles"
<MLyons> Night Samarai!
<pornlovr> good night samurai
<Reggie> seconds that
<lindi> nite samurai
<Porky> See ya, Samurai
<bono-ONE> Those British babes like Ashley or Angel Long seem to like being nasty!!
<Silent_Jay> later dai
<noodlegirl> nite samurai
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Peaches lives in Colorado. Maybe she will come back to LA soon.
<Reggie> i noticed that bono
<mason> nite geezer
<astroknight> yeah, claire really knows how to play it!
<UltraSietel> How about Cherry Rain? Does she do hardcore?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel, Mike, and me leave for London this weekend.
<Wangsman> what's in London?
<skronker> Anglo Girls Never Say No?
<brad> mason: is your next movie going to be rough?
<MLyons> Yeah, the Claire scene made me laugh... so did the Aurora Fiona Cheeks seen in Internally Yours 3. Damn funny stuff. At least to me. :)
<samurai_dai> samurai dai
<noodlegirl> the last i saw her was on a digital sin title
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  There is an erotic convention in Brighton later in May. I want to go there to meet people.
<bono-ONE> So will you see Big Ben while you're there,lmao
<astroknight> cherry rain does plenty of hardcore! very yummy!
<mason> i think i can PM, just no naughty stuff
<samurai_dai> Brighton is the gay capital of the U.K and also has the best nightlife
<mason> absolutely
<astroknight> i don't care much for fiona, but yeah, there was some humor there too
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Mason: come spank these British tarts!
<bono-ONE> I would love to get my picture taken in the walkway used for the Abbey Road album cover!!
<mason> slags more like it!
<NYC_DOM> Question for Mason: my sense is that alot of the male talent is just not rough, kinky or dare I say, mean enough, to pull off what youre trying to portray. Do you agree or disagree?
<UltraSietel> Mike, astro, what was funny about the Fiona/Aurora scene?
<astroknight> mmmmmmmmm twins!
<lindi> bald belladonna
<skronker> Bitchy cat fight
<samurai_dai> im quite impressed with your english slang Mason
<Reggie> What city has the best nightlife, or best red light district?
<grimes> Mason, Brandon: Please do some scenes with lots of Baby Oil. Who's with me?
<mason> Manuel Ferrara, Brandon, Steve . . .they are out there
<astroknight> the chemistry and banter between them
<UltraSietel> I'm with you
<Reggie> i'm with you grimes
<mason> cheers, mate
<skronker> Intensity and personality
<UltraSietel> Like what sort of stuff astro?
<Carly> ooh, baby oil!
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Baby oil....I love the smell.
<MLyons> The interaction between the actors and the directors... it was ... breaking the fourth wall, within the vignette... and playing on Mason's type of porn. It was quite funny.
<pornlovr> baby oil and rough sex would be a good combo
<noodlegirl> i like almond oil yummy
<UltraSietel> Baby oil....and vegemite!
<astroknight> i don't remember any specifics. i think that was something like 100 reviews ago
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Anyone remember Bruce Seven's baby oil tricks with mulitiple, glove-wearing girls??
<astroknight> yeah, MLyons summed it up pretty good from what i recall
<bono-ONE> lol
<grimes> Oil makes bodies look better. All slippery
<skronker> Welcome the Olsen Twins~!
<Reggie> i wanna see rough sex in a pool
<pornlovr> i think the oil scene in Ass Collector was incredible
<mason> how can you make contact with a oiled up face though?
<grimes> Bruce Seven is the reason I have an OIL fetish
<NYC_DOM> I guess Im from a different planet. My idea of rough requires a ceratin sadistic attitude I rarely see in any porn
<mason> have you seen the airplane scene?
<skronker> Dom: Like old Jamie Gillis?
<UltraSietel> Not near enough lycra in porn
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Oil makes is hard to hold on to your partner, though.
<mason> Jamie is quite the sadist
<bono-ONE> airplane,lol
<astroknight> just watched a pretty good oil scene in Wicked at Heart last week with Chasey Lain spraying down Jill Kelly and Sindee Coxx so it looked like she was pissing on them. very nice!
<UltraSietel> All this latex, but where's the lycra? Even spandex gets relegated.
<NYC_DOM> And I dont mean crossing any lines like bondage and penetration. Its more about attitude
<mason> ofcourse NYC
<pornlovr> brandon - can you please tell me what is the theme behind the upcoming release Spit Shine?
<mason> i'm with you on that, it comes from within
<grimes> Rocco has done a few great Oily scenes
<skronker> Mason: Maybe you could bring Jamie back for an encore
<NYC_DOM> jamie Gillis was pretty good, Ill admit
<astroknight> oh yeah, sadism is always hot! huh???
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  NYC: Who are good dominant men, in your opinion??
<UltraSietel> I gotta go. Sweet talking to everyone, Brandon, Mason.
<mason> nite, US thanks for stopping by!
<Porky> Bye Sietel
<Silent_Jay> nite ultra
<pornlovr> grimes - you mean like the one by the pool
<grimes> Rocco, Nacho, Brandon
<mason> love to get in touch with Jamie, he did one of my all time favorite scenes
<Reggie> pornlovr: what movie is that?
<skronker> Which one?
<grimes> Yeah, Lovr animal trainer 7 i think
<bono-ONE> Angela Crystal i would love to see in a Platinum pictures filick
<pornlovr> don't know the movie - just the scene
<NYC_DOM> Im not sure that anyone other than Rocco comes to mind. nd when I say Domination I dont mean BDSM stuff. I just mean sheer animalistic aggression.
<astroknight> yeah, it would be great to see Jamie in a mason movie!!!!!
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel loved working with Rocco in an upcoming ANIMAL TRAINER.
<mason> what about Manuel?
<bono-ONE> nice
<skronker> BONO: Yes to Angela!
<astroknight> manuel is SO cool!!!!
<kristin> hi divx
<DivxGuy> hi all
<astroknight> and a great performer too!
<DivxGuy> hi kristin
<DivxGuy> hi lindi and Porky
<Reggie> nice...i'll have to check that out
<mason> Manuel has that raw passion i think you speak of
<Porky> Hey Divx
<Steph> Manuel has it all
<lindi> hi divx
<NYC_DOM> Ill admit Mason;s dirtry Trixx 2 had a good scene with Julie Knight -- but I still think the guys could have been a little more savage about it
<aybesea> hiya divx
<DivxGuy> dood
<pornlovr> Rocco definitely has that raw passion
<mason> just look at the intensity in his eyes, it's frightening
<DivxGuy> Lawd tunderin' Jesus!
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel says she loves Manuel a lot. Watch for his I'M YOUR SLUT from PXP soon.
<NYC_DOM> He did show it in two scenes in Trixx 2 -- the airport hanger and at the end with Alexandra
<su2sexi> hi DD
<aybesea> DD!
<lindi> hi DD
<Porky> It's like a NYC subway in here. Watch your elbows, dammit
<astroknight> evening dd
<grimes> when will we see Brandon fuck Jewel in a PXP?
<skronker> Hi DD'
<kristin> hi denverdon
<mason> i was comfortable with the level of intensity, anymore would have unnerved me
<MLyons> Hi DD
<Mattock> best rough scenes are old Rocco and Sandy
<mason> it was already at my limits anyway
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I think TEN LITTLE PIGGIES #2 will have Jewel taking on the Iron piglet.
<pornlovr> Brandon - can you please explain briefly what Spit Shine is about? it sounds very interesting
<bono-ONE> woo hoo!!
<skronker> It's about shoes
<Reggie> I'm taking notes on all these
<skronker> and hoes
<bono-ONE> this little piggie knocks on jewel's backdoor!!!
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Spit Shined is all about women being on their knees, seducing the men...and shining shoes!
<mason> hee hee Wolf
<NYC_DOM> That would be VERY hot -- I think anything that unnerves you would strike the right note with me!
<pornlovr> are you serious?
<Silent_Jay> Jewel Do You Have A Nickname?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Spit Shined 1 is being editied as we speak.
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel's nickname is BigButt.
<bono-ONE> you mean as we spank right!!!
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Big butt Jamoke, I stand corrected.
<Silent_Jay> (:)
<mason> make me!
<Porky> Brandon, can I have a guest role in TEN LITTLE PIGGIES #3? I'd be a natural
<astroknight> are you mixing up the types of shoes?
<pornlovr> so it's not a movie about spitting?
<Reggie> I'd love to be a guest camera man on a porn set
<astroknight> are there any plans for a lesbian series from PXP?
<kristin> ???
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel wants to know what you would like to see on her site,, or We are just startng pxp site, so your input is valuable.
<Wangsman> yeah no shit, being a camera man would rule
<NYC_DOM> Hey Jewel will always have my utmost admiration for her line in one theead to the ffect of loving to see a big black cock ram out a little white ass
<Carly> her beautiful ass
<aybesea> astro - i posted a date for one in the release thread
<grimes> Can there ever be too much girl/girl Analingus?? I'm asking.
<mason> i've been a bad girl
<NYC_DOM> Now THATS how ALL good looking babes should think!!
<Steph> i want to see pictures and bios of the pornstar idol contestants
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Reggie: e-mail me at and you can come do Behind the Scenes camera for a scene.
<bono-ONE> A diary would be nice, her thoughts on various topics she's interested in
<grimes> Mason, You've been such a good girl
<astroknight> ooh! cool!
<Silent_Jay> BTS Pictures....Vid Clips.....
<astroknight> set reports on each upcoming movie would be really cool
<Reggie> yeah i'll email you...
<mason> if you only knew
<pornlovr> Brandon - how about being able to buy the movies directly from the site?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel says no problem re: bios. All will be revealed on
<kristin> brb
<jesus_saves> Is this the room for discussion of Gensis?
<lindi> wb wolfie
<noodlegirl> time for me to go home from work whoohoo aloha!
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Buying movies will come soon. For now, we just want to inform everyone about our releases.
<aybesea> astro - looks like it's called "dirty girlz"
<Reggie> Gensis?
<su2sexi> nite ng
<grimes> There should be more Girl/Girl Analingus in videos, in life.
<skronker> Bye Noodles!
<Porky> See ya noodle
<Steph> this room is all about the original sin
<astroknight> very cool!
<Porky> lol, Steph
<bono-ONE> yep girls rimming girls, very hot!!
<Reggie> thumbnails where we could view larger pictures of scenes
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel says Dirty Girlz is amazing. Her fav scene is with Loni. Jewel gives her ass a whoppin'.
<astroknight> mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
<grimes> girls rimming guys doesn't do much for me. girl girl is the hottest thing in the world
<NYC_DOM> I would LOVE to do the pronstar idol thing and put my money where my mouth is -- but I would have to kiss my sons goodbye along with about 2/3s of my assets
<Silent_Jay> nice
<aybesea> cool!
<Wangsman> there should be a porn star idol cameraman next....because I want to be a cameraman
<aybesea> wb mason
<bono-ONE> I still say lots of french kissing and breast play along with the great pussy licking and the series should kick ass
<Wangsman> well, would rather be a star, but I dobut I could make it
<mason> thanks, now i can PM
<NYC_DOM> I LOVE nasty girl girl in real life but on screen I find it boring. Anyone know what I mean?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel says it's a girl-girl buffet.
<astroknight> more girls rimming guys would also be cool
<skronker> Gotta roll for a while .... back later I hope
<pornlovr> i would love to see more deep rimming - instead of just the light tongue flickering the surface thing
<Wolf> getting kicked out of chat
<lindi> bye skronker
<mason> by skronks
<aybesea> be careful if i come to the buffet... i can eat a lot!
<skronker> Bye fr now
<aybesea> :)
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel says that rimming Steve Holmes in ILIR was....interesting....yeah, that's 'it.
<mason> jewel has a cute butt
<skronker> Wolf: Coming soon, I swear!
<Silent_Jay> is there strap on use in Dirty Girlz?
<mason> i saw it in the office the other day
<Wolf> SKRONKER...col
<skronker> Jewel has an awesome ass!
<Wolf> cool
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Mason: thank you. Please spank it.
<bono-ONE> But she got him back nicely at the end making him clean his spunk off her cute face!!!
<mason> <---blushing
<Mattock> Jewel is Miss Roundness
<Reggie> I'm fairly new to porn, so I still haven't seen Jewel, but I'm so looking forward to ILIR
<astroknight> how about something with the girls dominating the guys, since so much of it is the guys dominating the girls
<Wangsman> I'm with Reggie
<lindi> i second that
<Silent_Jay> reggie she's one of the best
<mason> theres a great scene in I love it rough
<bono-ONE> The bigger the cushion the better the pushing!!!!
<Reggie> cool!
<NYC_DOM> Thats where you LOSE me Astro
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  To see Platinum X Pictures directors and box girls, come to the Hustler Hollywood store on Thursday, June 26th.
<Wangsman> more cushion for the pushin' heh
<Wangsman> more rumpage for the pumpage
<Steph> That where you GAIN me astro :)
<mason> i'm going to attempt to do a girl degrading a guy scene
<lindi> that's where you gain me too, astro
<kristin> back ,hi kimi
<Silent_Jay> is there strap on use in Dirty Girlz?
<lindi> hi luna
<kristin> just incase
<bono-ONE> loose lips sink ships!!!
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel is down for the guy-degradation thing, too. Guys, watch out!!
<NYC_DOM> Femme Dommes make me laugh -- I cant take it seriously
<astroknight> right now it's a fairly wide open area, plus it's nice to have a balance!
<astroknight> evening luna
<Steph> Go Jewel!
<lunacy> Hi :-) Full house
<Wangsman> I'm old fashion, love the facial
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel says yes, there is a huge strap on.
<Carly> Go Jewel Go! You gonna let her degrade you, Brandon?
<astroknight> WooHoo!!!!!
<aybesea> hiya luna!
<mason> about now?
<Silent_Jay> nice
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Loni takes a strap-on in the ass.
<lindi> hi sportster
<bono-ONE> wouldn't you if Jewel was fucking you!!!!
<NYC_DOM> If Brandon says yes Ill never watch a another of his vids I swear
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Why not?? I can take it ....sometiimes.
<jetboy> That scene with Jewel in ILIR was great. What was that cutaway to the web site about ( implied peeing thing) or was that in a different version of ILIR
<grimes> Internally Yours 3. The Femdom turns sub. That was awesome!
<astroknight> NYC_DOM - a little less rudeness would be nice
<Silent_Jay> a girl put her finger in my ass once and i was sore for days
<grimes> I love to see the tables turned on the femdom halfway through the scene.
<Dirty_Bob> yo pervs
<mason> you're freakin me out grimes!
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Our web guy says we should not put up the pee clip yet because it is a public access site. Don't want kids to go there by mistake.
<jetboy> Tell Jewel that scene "woke my dick up"
<NYC_DOM> WHAT? In what manner have I been rude?
<kristin> hi bob
<mason> you're quoting my scenes and shit!
<Dirty_Bob> kristin
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Wait till there is a member's site, then the pee will flow like manna from heaven.
<grimes> Am I too knowledgeable of the Mason Oeurve?
<Silent_Jay> don't charge to much im broke
<lindi> silent jay - i put my finger in a guy's ass once, and he asked me to do it again
<jetboy> That was the best line in the scene
<Reggie> that's one site i'll probably pay for..haha
<grimes> you rock my world Mason. what can I say?
<MLyons> I'd love to see the male degredation theme... :) But it no secret that I'd like to see that. I'm kinda particular about who I'd like the girl to be... but who isn't particular. :)
<bono-ONE> Any ladies Jewel wants to get her fingers on that she hasn't yet?
<mason> is this you bill?
<Silent_Jay> lindi - it was ok at first but then she went alittle crazy
<kristin> too bad your not interested in me lindi lind
<grimes> no ma'am.
<Dirty_Bob> Dirty Brandon...heh heh
<lindi> hi kristin - sorry
<grimes> just a lowly fan.
<kristin> lol
<aybesea> wb saki
<Saki> hi
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  MLyons: You call the shots. Who do you want to see degraded and by whom??
<Carly> On top of Mason, where I've always wanted to be...
<mason> highly regarded fan
<grimes> <-blushing
<mason> yikes!
<Dirty_Bob> I think we should bring Mason to the Tampa Show in September...
<lunacy> should have been Saki at dinner ;-)
<mason> well, good luck, i don't fly
<Silent_Jay> will pxp be doing a she-male line
<Steph> how about mason and jewel degrading the men of platinum x
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel says she is itching to get with Julie Night. More reason for people to come to Hustler Hollywood on June 26th to meet them both.
<jesus_saves> Can you baptise someone with jizz?
<mason> but maybe we can work something out, like horse tranquilizers and boddingtons
<bono-ONE> oooh good choice
<Wangsman> just my opinion though
<Dirty_Bob> Jewel has been to the Tampa Show 3-4 times so far, Mason
<astroknight> mmmmmmmmmmmm boddingtons
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  No plans for a shemale line. No one is into it.
<grimes> Did you guys watch the 'On the Edge' series at all??
<Reggie> any possibility of the PXP girls coming to Chicago...maybe Admiral Theater?
<bono-ONE> Julie is a real enthusiastic performer!!
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I mean at PXP, no one is into shemales.
<DenverDon> I love goddingtons
<mason> guinness has animal bones, had to give it up
<XRentGuy> if that is going to happen steph I'm going to get a job over there
<mason> knock that off!
<Porky> Brandon, what about Jewel using strap-=ons on the Arizona Diamondbacks?
<lunacy> I like she-males, they intrige me
<jiggywitdit> werent you in a helicopter in one of your flicks mason?
<lindi> wb pornlovr
<mason> smack you upside your head
<MLyons> Brandon-- Well... if it were me calling the shots, I would be most interested in a scene where the small petite young (looking) girl totally turns the tables on the big man stud... meaning, she treats him as he would treat her in a totally dominant sex scene. There would have to be some... stimulous that makest he man submissive though. It wouldn't be believable if the girl tried to overpower him physically... perhaps some kind of blackmail.
<bono-ONE> ok porky,lol
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel loves Chicago.
<MLyons> I don't know... Just ... throwing out ideas. :)
<mason> yes, with a huge open space
<Porky> heheh
<mason> hanging outside
<Silent_Jay> Jay Love Chicago Style Pizza (:)
<Dirty_Bob> Jewel's dad called me last week (heh heh)...
<Reggie> sweet, you can stay at my place anytime :-)
<grimes> claustrophobia?
<mason> oh yes
<mason> bad
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  MLyons: Cool. I hear you.
<aybesea> if it were up to me, some pre-pubescent (looking) school girl type in slutty clothes would sodomize a porn director in a cowboy hat... but that's just my opinion! ;)
<MLyons> Brandon--have you seen the first scene of Dirty Little Sex Brats #1.
<mason> i was petrified up there though, but kept chanting, "i have to get this shot, i have to get this shot"
<grimes> Mason, Is that why you put girls in boxes on occassion?
<lindi> I'm with ayb on that
<mason> probably stems from that, yes
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  What do you want to see a girl do to a man that a man cannot do to a woman?
<MLyons> That would be a good one too, Ayb. :)
<Reggie> who's that new girl in Barely Legal 34 in the "doctor's scene"?
<grimes> Leather hoods would also be claustrophobic?
<Carly> Mason, what's your first title with PX?
<Reggie> anyone know?
<astroknight> hmmmm. ayb might be onto something. maybe the young schoolgirl looking type (ie Claire) bending the dirty old man (Kyle Stone comes to mind) to her will and makes him her bitch
<lindi> You could do bondage with penetration if it was the man bound
<mason> yeah, that was uncomfortable too, maybe a bit masochistic
<Steph> aybesea brilliant idea
<mason> car: no title yet, any ideas everyone?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Mason: Jewel wants to know the title of our opus.
<MLyons> Brandon--well.. I like the idea of the girl making the man cum on his own face. I've seen that once before... I found it very cool. I can imagine that might have only a very limited appeal though.
<mason> i'm still procrastinating!
<grimes> Brandon, Mason: More schoolgirls please?
<Carly> What have you got planned for it? that'll help inspire a title
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  How about FILTHY FUXXX??? Everyone like it?
<Carly> (without giving away all the good stuff, of course.)
<Reggie> i like that
<grimes> How about CLASS HOLES?
<Silent_Jay> sounds good
<astroknight> MLyons - where was that?????
<mason> yeah, i don't want to say too much
<mason> but, it's very twisted
<Silent_Jay> i like class holes
<MLyons> Astro... hold on. :)
<DenverDon> astro, sounds like a Mickey G thing
<Carly> twisted is good
<Steph> Mason's Twisted Mind ?
<Steph> :)
<mason> and has a running theme and explains my absence from porn
<astroknight> yeah, i could see mickey doing it
<mason> :)
<Carly> Okay, this I can't wait to see
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Has anyone been to Do you like the box designs? What do you think needs improving?
<mason> MTM Empty M
<pornlovr> Brandon the box designs are excellent
<grimes> Mason Tyler Moore?
<jetboy> How about a movie about an alcoholic porn director. You could call it "liquor wrecked him"
<Carly> agreed
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  We like the boxes, too. Very direct and they stand out. Not too crowded.
<Saki> brandon - sounds too much like christy lake's Fan Fuxxx
<bono-ONE> Yes you have very good covers although it would be hard to top the Blow Me Sandwich one from Zero Tolerance, that one is a classic
<Carly> Mike Quasar? ;)
<Mattock> oh, im watching now the site, Nautica is greeeaat
<mason> lol grimes, she's gonna make it after all
<Mattock> hope to see more black nice girls
<pornlovr> the explicit detail on the back cover of I Love it Rough makes me want to run out and buy it
<Steph> Carly that's what i was thinking
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Mike Stefano will be shooting an all-black girl series soon.
<mason> you should, the julie manuel scene is worth the price alone
<MLyons> Astro--Babes Ballin Boys #2. It's such terrible quality.. with not great performers, but there's some things about that scene that I liked.
<Silent_Jay> sweet brandon
<DenverDon> nite porky
<su2sexi> nite porky
<mason> goodnite porky
<aybesea> nite porkmeister
<Reggie> nice site! i was just checking it out
<Silent_Jay> has he picked any girls yet brandon?
<astroknight> yikes! yeah, i saw babes ballin boys 3. it wouldn't have been quite so bad if all the guys weren't so fruity
<Carly> I'm heading out too... gotta make dinner. Have a good night, all!
<bono-ONE> I would try to get Candace Jackson, lovely large breasts
<astroknight> night Carly
<Silent_Jay> nite carly
<Wolf> Night Carly
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Michael says he hasn't started casting, but he will be looking for big butted nubian goddesses. He will start in London, for sure.
<aybesea> nite carly
<mason> see ya you minx you
<MLyons> Astro--I know.. that's one of the problems with this genre. Fruity guys... ugly girls. :) Not always.. but most of the time.
<DenverDon> nite carly
<astroknight> very true!!!!!!
<Reggie> I gotta run...nice chatting with everyone
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  MLons. Don't you think that ultra sub guys are a little fruity by nature? I think so.
<Silent_Jay> cya reggie
<Reggie> bye
<DenverDon> cya Reggie
<astroknight> night Reggie. thanks for stopping in
<mason> thanks for coming, Reg
<lunacy> "big butted nubian goddesses"...that works for me!
<mason> i need a title guys!
<bono-ONE> I would recommend using the floor view looking up a lot more, it was used to great effect in Ass Clevage
<Steph> Mason's Madness
<bono-ONE> especially in reverse cowgirl
<DenverDon> mason, difficult without knowing a theme or what's in it
<pornlovr> watching guys get sodomized is a turn-off. it seems "sexy" when done to girls, but "drity" when done to guys
<astroknight> yeah, i think ultra-subs can be. perhaps that's one of the biggest problems
<grimes> Mason Dicks 'Em
<astroknight> and dirty can be good!
<aybesea> i don't know why no one ever uses a glass floor... y'know like the glass table scenes, but upskirt
<Silent_Jay> mason's visions
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Mason Dicks Em. Very funny!
<bono-ONE> The Mason Jar has a nice ring to it
<grimes> thanks
<MLyons> Brandon--perhaps... and that is the tricky aspect of it. I don't know how you'd do it... that would make it work really well. It's a real challenge. The first step, I think though is to find the right girl. A girl who can really do it well, and isn't afraid of it. Crystal Ray comes to mind. :)
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Have all the guys put in giant jars...
<mason> that is cute, grimes
<astroknight> mason's dirty visions
<DenverDon> Mason's New XXX Tricks
<Wolf> Mason's Decandent Delights
<astroknight> it could start out with mason in the rubber room looking out the window
<grimes> Mason's Dirty Treats
<Steph> Mason's Up to New Tricks ;)
<mason> astro!
<Silent_Jay> Mason's Animal Nature
<mason> that's the biline steph
<bono-ONE> Mason's In Your Dreams!!!
<astroknight> it'd explain the absence nicely!
<grimes> Come What Mason
<mason> lol
<pornlovr> Mason's Revenge?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Hey, I will let Crystal do whatever she wants. I swear to you, man, that Joey just asked if she could pee all over me, and I said cool. She did. I liked it. She liked it. All I asked was that I get to lick her butt. That is what you saw in SA13
<astroknight> and then mason could reverse the roles on the guards...
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Can't teach a Mason New Trixxx.
<astroknight> making sure they get disciplined properly
<grimes> Free Mason!
<bono-ONE> lol
<bono-ONE> Mason lets you Lick It Up!!!!
<mason> this grimes is a character alright
<DenverDon> Mason - In Your Face
<Steph> Mason Unleashed
<kristin> kimi must have forgotten to det her clocks ahead
<astroknight> which could lead to mason's dirty visions 2: mason unbound
<MLyons> Brandon--I totally believe you! I do. I don't want there to be any hard feelings there.
<bono-ONE> Mason Unplugged
<astroknight> bono-ONE - i think more people would like to see mason get plugged :D
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  No worries. I just like to keep preaching so everyone hears the choir.
<Silent_Jay> i think if someone pissed on me i'd be pissed off
<grimes> Dirty Treeets
<mason> i still like the bound and burkha'd myself
<DenverDon> Silent_Jay, would you climb back on?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Silent Jay, Jewel says her piss tastes sweet. What are you afraid of, Toilet Boy??
<astroknight> mason in the rubber room, bound in a straightjacket over the burkah!
<NYC_DOM> For BRANDON: What girl or girls would you most like to work with that you hevent had a chance to yet? Any girls you are dying to get your hands on?
<Silent_Jay> lol
<grimes> Mason: Laying more than bricks
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I would like to get a hold of Michelle Wild!
<bono-ONE> Mason: Breakin the Chains
<Mattock> he, talking about dominant and toilet, how to forget the Rocco & Sandy scene, when he put Sandy head on the toilet
<Silent_Jay> Mason's Dark Desires
<bono-ONE> I had my arm around Michelle a couple of times!!
<mason> always wanted to see that one
<NYC_DOM> Thanks Brandon. I can see why -- shes a hottie
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel says back off ot Sandy...she has some toilet footage with Rocco that cannot be flushed! It's too damn big!
<MLyons> mason have you started shooting anything yet? (Sorry if this question has been asked already)
<Steph> MLyons we're titling it right now
<NYC_DOM> Pretty heads in toilets? UMMMM, my idea of romance!
<mason> just in pre-production so far
<grimes> Still hoping someone uses the title "LUBRICUNTS"
<Silent_Jay> How Exacty Do You Guys Come Up With Titles For Your Movies?
<MLyons> IC. So... besides man degredation, do you have other ideas?
<mason> wrote the "script" still casting, locations scouting
<Mattock> Rocco and Jewel?? which movie?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Did anyone NOT like the head in toilet finish to Claire Ryder's scene in I LOVE IT ROUGH?
<grimes> best scene in the video I thought
<Silent_Jay> that scene was great
<grimes> not just because of the toilet btw
<mason> nothing i should talk about right now
<jojo> why is tailor such a glutton for punishment
<Silent_Jay> i've had my head flushed in a toilet it sucks (:(
<MLyons> Mason--Fair enough. :)
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Rocco went medieval on Jewel in a yet-to-be-released ROCCO: ANIMAL TRAINER. I shot the camera, by the way, and can say it was very hardcore. Rocco on top of his game and Jewel on top of hers.
<mason> but, it'll be over the top
<MLyons> Oh I have no doubt. Hehehe.
<bono-ONE> Jewel on top, I'd like that!!!
<Mattock> jeeezz, i cant miss it
<mason> lots of pent up aggression that needs to be released
<grimes> Mason Also Rises !!!!!
<NYC_DOM> Thats something to look forward to. Since Roocos developed his onw little empire he rarelry shoots with any American girls anymore
<Steph> The Subversive Mind
<Mattock> btw im a Rocco paisa'
<bono-ONE> With Mason: U Just Got lucky!!
<mason> is that steinbeck?
<grimes> Thank you Mason.
<Silent_Jay> Would PXP Ever Be Making Feature Flicks
<grimes> I thought I was being too literary
<Steph> sun also rises is hemmingway
<mason> i swear i meant hemmingway
<Mattock> is Rocco english improved?
<grimes> always gets them mixed up
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel says it was an honour to work with the Italian Stallion. He told her she was one of the best performers he has ever worked with.
<mason> have for whom the bell tolls on nightstans
<NYC_DOM> Im gald someone caught that. I wasnt sure myself for a sec
<Mattock> i agree with Rocco
<Silent_Jay> any idea when it will be released?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I remember Rocco just kept saying, "Nasty...nasty!!!"
<bono-ONE> I can just hear Rocco saying that,lol
<grimes> See, most people wouldn't think that the mind that produces Dirty Trixx would read Hemmingway. Or even read.
<astroknight> jewel & brandon - is there anybody you would still love to work with but haven't been able to yet?
<Mattock> i laugh my ass off when i heard rocco statements
<lindi> we are calling our dog Nasti now, in honor of Rocco
<Steph> hemmingway and porn really do go hand in hand
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Evi l Angel will know release dates for Rocco.
<mason> so, DT is void of intellect?
<DarkDTSes> has jewel left? or have i missed her webcam appearance? :)
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel says she would like to work with Jean Yves Le Castel.
<DarkDTSes> or is it not going to hapen? :)
<NYC_DOM> Is the assumption that if your a hardcore operve like me you must be ignorant as well?
<DarkDTSes> happen even
<bono-ONE> BEEM!!!
<grimes> No, I mean most people would assume that anything that perverse would be the product of a subliterate mind
<Mattock> sometime Rocco speak in italian in movies, u cant believe what u miss lol
<grimes> We know better Mason. that why we wuv u.
<NYC_DOM> I tend to think TRULY PERVERSE thoughts often come from brilliant and creative minds
<mason> or an enlightened one, perhaps?
<grimes> exactly
<Steph> perverse > subversive > revolutionary
<mason> i wuv you too
<DenverDon> thanks
<NYC_DOM> Im neither a revolutionary nor subverssive. im just a fucking depraved pervert!
<lunacy> *luna opens her mouth so su and ddon can toss in some popcorn
<su2sexi> you're welcome
<grimes> remember, I said 'most people'. (trying hard not to alienate porn director)
<DenverDon> I'm the depraved one!
<lindi> hi Gunth
<gunth> Hello
<DarkDTSes> lindi
<DarkDTSes> hah
<lunacy> crunch crunch...mmm, salty
<su2sexi> oh, i knew you wouldnt forget the almonds, Wolf!!
<DarkDTSes> and yet lindi can still type
<astroknight> chopped nuts??? YIPE!!!!!!!!!!
<DenverDon> Her keyboard is sticky though
<Wolf> lol
<Mattock> Luna the pornstarlett is the perfect teen slut
<DarkDTSes> DenverDon: prolly
<NYC_DOM> Brandon: Will you be doing anything with strictly or mostly American girls?
<su2sexi> sticky and sweet :o)
<DarkDTSes> but not "juicy"? :)
<su2sexi> that depends
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I hope to shoot lots of stuff in europe next month. It's my wish to bring new faces to viewers.
<DenverDon> that comes laater DarkDTSes
<DarkDTSes> heh
<lunacy> hey! we could roll lindi in the popcorn and have kettle corn! Yum
<DarkDTSes> DenverDon: ok
<DarkDTSes> DenverDon: just checkin
<su2sexi> kettle corn.... Yummy!!
<mason> I love the foot on the head thing
<DenverDon> lol DarkDTSes
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I want to go to Paris to meet up with Manuel. He will try to hook something up with some girls.
<DarkDTSes> oh well, guess i missed Jewel's webcam appearance :P
<NYC_DOM> The euro babes are NASTEE but its just not the same for me to see even gorgeous Hungarian babes get theri asses reamed out
<Mattock> Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  you shoot most in east europe, right?
<vinh> yo
<lunacy> Lindi
<DenverDon> Hi vinh
<astroknight> evening vinh
<lindi> hi vinh
<vinh> just came in from dallas
<vinh> dallas sucks
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I have shot in Budapest, Prague, Brussels, and Hamburg.
<mason> shoot
<DarkDTSes> no "shot"
<mason> referring to wolf
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I will be going to London with Jewel and Mike. Then it's on to Paris, Madrid, maybe Slovenia, and Romania.
<grimes> I remember seeing the foot on the head on the box cover of Sandy Insatiable. Then it wasn't on the tape. US anyway
<DarkDTSes> o
<mason> i saw foot on the head fist from Brandon
<mason> first
<DarkDTSes> oh well, gtg....later ppl
<kristin> well, i dont think kim iis making it tonight
<vinh> where's jewel?
<mason> nite DDT
<Mattock> damn, the whole europe but italy
<bono-ONE> she's with Brandon
<NYC_DOM> Rocco was doing the foot on the head thing years ago
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel is right here topless.
<Silent_Jay> hey now
<vinh> Hi, topless Jewel
<DenverDon> Jewel and Brandon are the one and the same - one keyboards
<NYC_DOM> Give her nipples a twist for all of us!
<vinh> is Michael around also?
<mason> lol
<kristin> where is yuor webcam jewel?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  We are at the home of Mike and Jewel in a suburb on Los Angeles.
<mason> can i swing by later?
<grimes> take a camera
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel doesn't have a webcam. She does have a polaroid, however ,that she let me use to take naked pics of her for fans.
<kristin> cool
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Mason, get over here now! And bring that little slut Cassie Young from DT2.
<bono-ONE> I am glad to have gotten two with Jewel in Vegas, she was quite fetching both days!!!
<mason> how naughty will you be with me?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Fetching or felching. Jewel denies sucking cum out of anyone's ass...lately.
<astroknight> i didn't have much of a chance to talk with jewel in vegas, but the short time i did she was VERY nice (both looking and personality)
<grimes> Mason, you directed Aurora Snow in Internally 3 right? think you'll get her again at PXP?
<NYC_DOM> So does anyone actually know if Mason is hot?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Don't make Jewel tell you to get over here again! She means it.
<DenverDon> mason does
<Steph> we don't have to see her face to know mason is hot
<NYC_DOM> Felching? As romantic as the head in the toilet!!!
<astroknight> yeah. she's right around 98.6 F ;)
<mason> hot for manuel and brandon
<Wolf> Mason is mouthwatering
<mason> at the same time
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Aurora Snow is under contract with Sin City, soon (Jewel says)
<grimes> Oh
<mason> grimes too of course
<grimes> heeheh
<NYC_DOM> How muc better would porn be without contract starlets? At least from a fans perspective!
<mason> mwah!
<bono-ONE> I really don't watch many of the contract type studios except for Wicked
<grimes> Mason's voice is hotter than Georgia asphalt.
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Any special requests for girls for Jewel and Mason's first flick??
<bono-ONE> Karen Kam
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Speak up or forever hold your "piece."
<MLyons> I'm sure I'm embarrassing her, but for what it's worth--I've seen her face... and I know that mason is hot. :)
<bono-ONE> Brooke Ballentyne
<NYC_DOM> Krystal Steel -- pay her wahetver the fuck she wants and turn her inside out!!!!
<astroknight> julie robbins!
<bono-ONE> Angela Crystal
<vinh> Autumn Haze, Brandon
<bono-ONE> Yeah Julie !!!!!
<mason> ok now i'm embarrassed
<grimes> Felix Vicious
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Brook will be in FULL ANAL ACCESS from Michael Stefano.
<astroknight> autumn would also be good!
<bono-ONE> taylor hill
<brad> i like taylor st. clair
<mason> I've got to get Mandy Bright
<grimes> Lily French, oh God please, Lily French
<astroknight> that's right. mason was on those Christmas cards MLyons sent out....
<bono-ONE> awesome!!!
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Taylor is back in Ohio.
<Silent_Jay> Melissa Milano, Belladonna
<mason> !!!!!!!!!!!
<grimes> the nip
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Mandy Bright is the box cover girl for FULL ANAL ACCESS. Go to
<astroknight> hahahahahahahahaha
<bono-ONE> Anna Belle, I'd like to see what Mason could get her to do
<astroknight> maybe those were speelie's christmas cards...
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Anna Belle is in Vegas.
<mason> !!!!!!!!!!!!!
<bono-ONE> Amee Donavan if she comes back
<NYC_DOM> Get HOT LOOKING girls -- meaning NOT the girl next door -- to do things they have NEVER doen before on camera
<Mattock> Luna, but better to see her in a b/g scene
<bono-ONE> Ander page too
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Michael Stefano has a new girl line coming up called FRESH NEW FACES. He wants people to check it out.
<lord_of_lick> Yeah, I love Ander
<gunth> mmmmm.....Ander Page
<Silent_Jay> get this girl named felony she's hot
<mason> Felony, felony?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I love Ander Page! I know she worked for RLD>
<mason> like from a while back?
<lord_of_lick> Gunth: Ander RAGE!
<bono-ONE> How about Judy Star, love watching her work.
<grimes> blast from the past
<lord_of_lick> Felony's kind of over
<astroknight> judy starr is darn hot!
<lord_of_lick> Than ran her thru the grinder at Extreme
<grimes> Melanie Jagger
<lord_of_lick> Overexposed
<bono-ONE> Cameron
<Silent_Jay> yeah melanie jagger is great
<grimes> Taylor Rain
<lord_of_lick> Love Mel tho
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I love Cameron, too! Now we're getting somewhere.
<mason> i love Angel Long
<bono-ONE> You gotta love the southern belles!!
<lord_of_lick> She's right narsty she is
<Mattock> Cameron is awesome
<Mattock> tennesee
<mason> she's my kind o slag
<DenverDon> Hi bob
<lord_of_lick> Do a redneck theme
<lindi> hi Bob
<Bob> hi DD
<Bob> hi lindi
<lord_of_lick> W/all Southern girls
<NYC_DOM> Ander, Judy, melanie, cameron? Ive seen them all before. I like new meat -- or meat that hasnt been used fully yet
<astroknight> evening Bob
<grimes> Boo ??
<lord_of_lick> And silly incest themes
<mason> hey bob
<Bob> hi astro
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel says WILD ON SEX streets May 6th. Please rent it or post comments and criticisms when it's out.
<lord_of_lick> Boo!!!!
<Bob> hi mason
<Mattock> cameron interracial
<Bob> hey Brandon
<mason> like, not jerkified
<Silent_Jay> im gonna pick it up jewel
<jojo> what has incest themes?
<grimes> Boo Dilicious, a great screenname
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Hey Bob.
<astroknight> which current or upcoming pxp dvd are you most proud of?
<lord_of_lick> I think it's Boo D. Licious
<grimes> I've seen Dilicious
<lord_of_lick> I'm sure she tastes great no mater what
<lord_of_lick> And is less filling
<grimes> I like Felix Vicious. cute face
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I worked with Boo . Go to She gets an iron blast.
<lord_of_lick> Unless we're talking cream pie
<astroknight> flick shagwell can also be great
<lord_of_lick> Felix is yummy
<mason> i love flick
<bono-ONE> So have you named your oral series yet Brandon or still taking names,lol
<lord_of_lick> Flick is one of the best
<lord_of_lick> she always smiles!
<Mattock> a bit overexposed (flig)
<grimes> Olivia Saint is a Mason vet. always hot.
<lord_of_lick> Not for me she's not
<lord_of_lick> O!
<grimes> Maybe you can get Jenna Haze to return to the rough side.
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  The oral/swallowing series shall be called.... A GOOD SOURCE OF IRON.
<lord_of_lick> XLNT
<astroknight> great name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<bono-ONE> not to bad!
<mason> really cute
<grimes> it's IRONic
<grimes> sorry
<SUPER_FROG> Oooooh, the IRONy!
<Snoop> Holaaaaaaaaaaa
<grimes> too many Irons in the fire, I guess
<SUPER_FROG> Pumping Iron
<mason> buenas noches
<Snoop> buenas noches
<mason> que tal?
<SUPER_FROG> love ya!
<Silent_Jay> hasta manyana
<bono-ONE> well IRON to buy it when it cums out!!
<Snoop> hola
<Snoop> de donde eres
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I am shooting a scene for A GOOD SOURCE OF IRON at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. Got some real glue guns booked.
<Snoop> mason
<jojo> who?
<SUPER_FROG> Glue gun? Is that the insider term?
<Silent_Jay> who
<mason> que?
<Snoop> de donde eres?
<mason> soy de los angeles, y tu?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Glue gun refers to a guy who can shoot good loads.
<SUPER_FROG> viva la revolucion
<Snoop> ohh muy cool!
<Snoop> de Mexico
<SUPER_FROG> I like tha
<mason> oh si, si sr.
<jojo> whats considered a good load brandon?
<mason> eres de mexico? verdad?
<Snoop> sip
<Mattock> with who u shoot the scene?
<Snoop> por que lo dudas?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Will update on adt. Must wait to see how many guns show up!
<jojo> and who are usually good glue guns?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  A good load is one that looks like vanilla yogurt.
<besullivan> besullivan here; where's de'nyle
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Any guy willing to work for me...
<jojo> i like vanilla yogurt
<Tamale_Boy> "South of the border, down Mexico way..."
<DenverDon> hiding behind brandons' keyboard
<Steph> Brandon_Iron bring a digital camera to the set and bring us pictures!
<jojo> hehe
<astroknight> who's the most dependable stud and starlet out there?
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  DeNyle is right here...
<jojo> hi jewel
<mason> no se
<Mattock> do u know how gays simulate an orgasm? they throw a pot of yogurt on your back
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I will have a digital camera there. Steph, if you promise to help me post, I will have something up on adt within 24 hours.
<XRentGuy> Jewel I have to say I LOVE the PornStarIdol Idea
<Silent_Jay> i have to say swingers is a great movie
<besullivan> i wanna fuck JD's ass
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  JoJo: Jewel says hi.
<astroknight> evening Ynot
<Steph> Brandon_Iron be happy to help you post them
<jojo> :)
<astroknight> evening Tricia!
<XRentGuy> Everyone I tell about it can't wait for the DVD
<bono-ONE> hey tricia
<Ynot> hello room
<besullivan> trixia who
<Snoop> como que no sabes??
<astroknight> THE Tricia
<Silent_Jay> take some pics of jewel for us brandon :)
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel is eating Malt-o-Meal right now for dinner. Anyone want to spoon feed her?
<Ynot> hello astro
<mason> most dependable for me has been Michele Raven
<astroknight> (there's only room for one around here!)
<jojo> hi tricia, is that tricia dev?
<Tricia> hi guys. just wanted to stop by and say hi to the Platinum people
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Hi Tricia.
<Steph> hey tricia
<Silent_Jay> hey tricia d
<mason> hey there
<Tamale_Boy> Hi Trish!!
<Tricia> (I'm going incognito though...)
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  What's going on at the empire tonight??
<besullivan> where's john fagliano
<gunth> Helo Tricia
<Snoop> vaya ese mi Brandon_Iron
<Steph> evil is afoot
<Tricia> brandon- not tons.
<astroknight> hehehehehe. who wants to spoon jewel????
<Snoop> como va?
<bono-ONE> we didn't recognize you at all Tricia,lol
<astroknight> besullivan - BEHAVE!!!!!!!!!!
<grimes> Mason, would you do more vignettes where you play babysitter?
<Snoop> vaya carnalito!
<Snoop> hehehe
<Tamale_Boy> She can be my babysitter
<mason> uh, i think it was a one time thing really
<XRentGuy> On that note I
<besullivan> NO! tkae it or leave it
<Tricia> Drew - you blew my cover.
<XRentGuy> I'm going home for some much needed sleep
<grimes> color me disappointed
<Snoop> Hi Tricia
<DenverDon> nite XRentGuy
<Snoop> Hi Tamale
<Bob> hi Tricia
<Snoop> ho Tamal
<Snoop> o Tamal
<Snoop> jajaja
<XRentGuy> Ciao, Drew, Steph, Tricia and anyone else I know that I didn't recognize
<Tamale_Boy> Yo, yo
<Snoop> Tamale = Tamal de Elote
<Snoop> :D
<Silent_Jay> jewel, tricia whats your fave song to makeout to?
<grimes> Tricia, your gangbang scene with Chloe is one of the all time greatest moments in porn.
<DenverDon> me
<mason> tamal de chicharon
<Snoop> jajaja
<Snoop> si mason
<Tricia> brandon and mason - sorry I was late. i didn't want to miss your chat altogether though
<besullivan> where's JD; bitches, fags and weasels
<astroknight> evening steveo
<Tamale_Boy> tamal janowitz
<Snoop> Tamal
<kristin> hi tricai
<kristin> tricai
<mason> tamalindo
<kristin> tricia
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Tricia: Jewel wants to take on Belladonna in an all-out, no-holes barred, girlfest in DIRTY GIRZ. Can she do it? Th is one is a title match, of course.
<Snoop> jejeje TAMARINDO
<Snoop> con chilito y limon
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Loser has to shave her head.
<bono-ONE> make it a cage match!!
<Tricia> jay - most of Tool's stuff.
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Or her pussy...
<Tamale_Boy> tama wynette
<Tricia> brandon- the head's already shaved...! haha
<mason> tamal de rayas
<lunacy> *luna gives Tricia a squeeze
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Does that mean Bella forfeits??
<lunacy> hey hun bun
<Tricia> brandon- Jewel will have to ask her herself. bella's just exclusive with us for directing. not performing
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Will you take her place then??
<Mattock> there is any pics of Belladonna shaved head?
<Tricia> luna - hi!!!!
<lunacy> I gots to get..nite all (sorry Tricia, lol)
<Wolf> hi Tricia!!!!!
<astroknight> night lunacy
<Tricia> mattock - i heard axel braun has a couple. but she wouldn't let me take any pics of her without her makeup on
<mason> que rico papito
<Tamale_Boy> Si, correctimudno
<lunacy> Big smootch!
<aybesea> nite luna
<Steph> nigh lunacy
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I am just teasing. Jewel was just thinking of kidnapping your girl....and keeping her in the Platinum X closet for the next year or so.
<Snoop> buuuuuuuuuuu
<Tricia> as long as you deliver us some DVs for her movies, that's cool! ;)
<Steph> kidnapping belladonna would make a great title
<Tamale_Boy> Con salsa picante y mas mas tequila, ole!
<Snoop> Ya quiero que llegue Jewel!
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I think Bella would look great bald. She is so pretty naturally.
<aybesea> ripppppppie!
<Evil_Rip> hi
<Steph> hey rip
<Snoop> ORALE!
<bono-ONE> so then Bella could come out of the closet so to speak!!
<mason> arale puto
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I will be right over....
<jojo> bella has one awesome natural body
<Snoop> chale chale
<Snoop> que pedo
<Evil_Rip> sorry one handed tonight
<Snoop> si entendio :(
<mason> juele mal
<Tricia> brandon - sorry I missed the ? about taking her place. I'd hang out with jewel in a vid any time it was a possibility :)
<Evil_Rip> how is everyone
<Tamale_Boy> ay pendejo
<lindi> hi Rippy
<Snoop> Tamale your suck
<Evil_Rip> hey steph, how is everything?
<Steph> evil, you're missing a hand?
<astroknight> howdy rip
<Tamale_Boy> Everything I know about Spanish I learned from TT BOy vidoes
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Why don't you come by the set of DIRTY GIRZ and bring your electo shock thingee from FASIONISTAS??
<Snoop> WOW
<Evil_Rip> one habnd typing... one is eating
<mason> chupa, chupa!
<Tricia> brandon - that was rented from that older lady Lee who was on set that day.
<Snoop> hehhehe
<Snoop> chdio
<Snoop> chido
<jojo> "eating" huh
<Tamale_Boy> chihuahua
<mason> papi
<astroknight> sorry, couldn't resist :D
<Tamale_Boy> yip!yip!
<Snoop> ya me aburrí de esperar
<Silent_Jay> goodbye april.....hello may
<bono-ONE> lol
<Snoop> :p
<Snoop> :p
<Snoop> :p
<astroknight> not for another hour
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Hmmmmm. Got any other toys...preferably double-headed ones for Jewel to use on Bella. or vice versa..
<bono-ONE> James T Astroknight!!!
<Bob> see y'all in a bit!!!!!!!!!!!
<Tricia> tamale boy - i haven't seen any TT videos in a while. does he speak spanish with the girls....?
<Bob> nite for now
<jojo> but april leaves with a pear necklace
<mason> nite
<jojo> pearl lol
<grimes> I listened to the commentary on Fashionistas. Why did it go silent during Kate Frost's scene with Rocco?
<Silent_Jay> lol'
<Tricia> you need to go on a shopping spree with me at New Beginnings.
<mason> chupa la pinga
<Evil_Rip> so whats new in porn?
<Tamale_Boy> Trish: Yeah, in those Hot Latin Sex Adventure ones he does
<Tricia> grimes - us saying "goodbye for now" got edited out by mistake.
<MessyMarvin> Mason, you have a penis?
<grimes> oh
<Tamale_Boy> Latin Pussy Countdown
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Tricia: Please drop by PXP at 21018 Osborne Street #5, Canoga Park, CA, and we will go shopping.
<Snoop> chale mason
<mason> in my butt
<MessyMarvin> Good call:-)
<Tamale_Boy> Something like that
<brad> khan: are you khan tusion?
<Tricia> brandon - i'd love to stop by sometime.
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel says Mason is beautiful...and Jewel's property.
<mason> ohhh
<jojo> no kimi tonight...
<Tricia> hmmm, i'm not so sure mason is anyone's property... :) she's got a pretty strong personality there.
<Tamale_Boy> I don't think it's Tusion
<Tamale_Boy> Cafe Tacuba
<Snoop> ARRIBA!!!!!!!!!!
<Tamale_Boy> Mexican rock is the best
<Snoop> YEAH
<mason> i wouldn't mind being her piece of meat for the day
<Tamale_Boy> Mason: Pork, veal or (spring) chicken?
<jojo> i had steak tonight
<jojo> it was pretty good
<mason> wheat meat (i'm a veg)
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel says she will never reveal Mason...NEVER!
<khan> yep, im khan tusion
<Tamale_Boy> DOH! Of course
<Tamale_Boy> Tofurkey
<mason> tofu even
<Silent_Jay> is it illegal to use handcuffs in a porn flick?
<Tamale_Boy> I ate tofu tonite
<mason> tofurkey!
<vinh> no silent
<besullivan> white devils
<Tamale_Boy> I love sex + bondage
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Any last thoughts on I LOVE IT ROUGH, DIRTY GIRLZ, WILD ON SEX, PORNSTAR IDOL, or FRESH NEW FACES??
<jojo> lol
<vinh> white devils?
<grimes> I first heard about tofurkey on Felicity. Go ahead pornhounds, judge me for watching Felicity.
<Tamale_Boy> Brandon: Keep experimenting with the rough
<jojo> why was he kicked?
<Tamale_Boy> Make it FUN
<Steph> vinh - he was previously kicked for being a jackass
<MessyMarvin> Tricia, will Joeys' Fashion series get to DVD? Are you in one of those or am I wrong?
<jojo> ok
<mason> I loved itwhen Julie got dragged down the steps
<vinh> that came out of nowhere
<bono-ONE> well i need to get some shut eye, thanks Jewel and Brandon!!! Be safe and happy fucking over there in England and your other destinations!!!
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Be prepared to see a LOT of cum swallowing in I LOVE IT ROUGH 2.
<Tamale_Boy> Grimes: That chick was cute
<Tricia> jay - no, but it could potentially be deemed "obscene" in an obscenity case if there is portrayed rape and stuff like that
<bono-ONE> we will
<bono-ONE> !!!
<Tricia> marvin - #7
<DenverDon> nite bono
<jojo> thats a great thing brandon
<Steph> Thanks to the PXP gang for coming tonight!
<Tamale_Boy> Bono: I loved your last album, dude!
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  Jewel, Michael, and I promise to post updates on adt from jolly ole England.
<astroknight> thanks for coming in brandon and jewel!!!!!
<grimes> I love 'I love it rough'
<bono-ONE> thanks!! ;)
<Tamale_Boy> Brandon" Don;t eat the "black pudding"!
<vinh> night, brandon & jewel
<Silent_Jay> thanks all for the chat
<mason> i'm taking off too
<grimes> baby oil
<Steph> Any company that posts updates on adt is sure to succeed ;)
<DenverDon> nite mason
<kristin> night btrabndon n jewels
<mason> thanks everyone
<MLyons> Brandon and Jewel it was GREAT having you both. Thanks for coming to chat with us!!
<Tamale_Boy> BYe Masey!
<Silent_Jay> have a great day and a better tomorrow
Brandon Iron & Jewel De'Nyle -  I love that you loved I LOVE IT ROUGH! Good nite!!!
<Tamale_Boy> Vaya con dildos
<grimes> good night sweet Mason
<lindi> nite brandon
<brad> khan: will any of that meathole footage be available on dvd?
<MessyMarvin> See ya Mason
<DenverDon> nite brandon and jewel
<mason> parting is such sweet sorrow
<astroknight> yeah, thank you mason also. nice "seeing" you again. :D
<Mattock> i miss the solution of 80 pounds +55 loads=??
<Wolf> bye Mason
<mason> "see" you later
<grimes> baby oil
<mason> BABY OIL!
<Mattock> nite Brandon
<Tricia> bye guys. hope to see you both in the near future
<lindi> bye mason
<grimes> yes!!!!
<MLyons> Bye mason! Great seeing you here!
<Tamale_Boy> ojos diablos
<Silent_Jay> bye all
<khan> tough to get a distribtor
<grimes> It was great getting to talk to you guys

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