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This Peter North (movies and photo) chat was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on Feb. 9th, 2000, and sponsored by Five Star DVD. Many thanks to Digital Sin DVD and Peter North for making this chat possible.

Adult DVD Talk: Everyone please welcome our revered guest, Peter North. Peter, it is an honor and a pleasure to have you here tonight. Thank you for joining us.

Peter North: My pleasure

Adult DVD Talk: Peter, I'm sure you've been asked this a million times, but just how do you do it? The combination of volume and velocity is very impressive.

Peter North: ha ha... I have to admit that a lot of genetics is involved. I thought it was normal when I was younger. As I've gotten older I have taken some supplements. I don't want to give the secret out until I retire. These are healthy products of course.

Adult DVD Talk: If you had to pick one scene that best exemplifies your money shot abilities what would it be?

Peter North: Oh wow, there are so many... I would have to say North Pole #10. I decorated Jewel like frosting on a cake with 4th of July fireworks in the background.

Adult DVD Talk: As one of the few well-known male stars do you ever experience a double-standard in the industry?

Peter North: Yes, but when you are in the industry you realize that it's something that you have to accept. It's the women that sell the movies. It's fine with me. I don't have a problem with it.

Adult DVD Talk: Have there been times when you're working that you're just not into it?

Peter North: There probably has but I always try to find something that gets me into the scene. There is always something about each indivdual women that turns me on and gets me into the scene. The mind has a lot to do with it. I can always find something that attracts me to her.

Adult DVD Talk: Do you always use condoms or just with certain people?

Peter North: Most of the time I do not use condoms due to the condom lube. The choice is made by the girl involved. I always leave the decision up to her.

Adult DVD Talk: Was there much panic in the industry in light of the AIDS scare?

Peter North: I think the industry has got it down to a quick science now... quarantining the individuals and tracking down the people that they have worked with. Any one connected in any which way can be tracked down. There is a quaratine list that is put out an reported. I'm not really involved in the industry as much since I am doing my own series. Those are the only movies I am doing now.

Adult DVD Talk: Do you prefer implants or natural breasts?

Peter North: Ha ha. I prefer natural breast but implants can be good. Sometimes natural ones can be a little flabby and not look good. In most cases I like large, natural breasts.

Adult DVD Talk: What are your thoughts on tatoos and piercings?

Peter North: A small tatoo is fine. I'm not really into pierceing. Never have been.

Adult DVD Talk: Who are your favorite performers to work with?

Peter North: in the past Ginger Lynn, Christy Canyon...recently Jewel... and... PJ Sparxx, also Toni James.

Adult DVD Talk: Over your many years in this industry, what has changed the most? for better? for worse?

Peter North: I think that the quality of product has increased. The performs are much more attractive... both women and men. The movies are becomming more creative. Sometimes they go over the top but I like that. Everyone is trying to do something new and I like it. It's getting closer to mainstream. There was just a special on TV about it.

Adult DVD Talk: Now that you have taken up the mantel of director, what are you attempting to do differently than the majority of porn that is on the market now?

Peter North: I try to focus on the chemistry between the talent and match up the right people. It's the thing that I thought was lacking in a lot of movies - where they were matching up characters instead of performers. They don't always put together couples together that have great physical chemistry. I try to do that in all of my new titles and bring in a lot of hot new talent.

Adult DVD Talk: When you're directing do you tell the performers which positions to get in? Or do you leave it up to them?

Peter North: I actually give them an idea of a few positions. I try to let them be natural and go at it. If that's not working then I step in and give them some direction. Just a general idea of what we are looking for. We try to catch the natural action.

Adult DVD Talk: You've done a lot of work overseas... any differences between foreign and domestic?

Peter North: I haven't done that much overseas. I like the way that they shoot here more than there. Here is is more erotic and sensual. Over there they like to do a lot of group stuff...(like 10 people in bed.) It really depends on what people are looking for. You lose a lot with those kind of scenes. They get a lot more out of the people here and the way that they shoot. I'm just speaking from my own personal experiences. Over there they are more into the kinky, nasty, way over the top stuff. The stranger the better.

Adult DVD Talk: How do you test prospective performers for that chemistry you spoke of?

Peter North: I actually talk with them about the type of person they are attracted to, to get a feel for not only looks but personality. If they have seen someone and want to work with them I try to put them together to get the right chemistry.

Adult DVD Talk: Did you ever considering leaving adult films to head down another career path?

Peter North: Well, I'm also into the retail end of the business. I'm looking into opening a few adult video stores. I'm doing some things with Hustler now since I have a lot of experience in network marketing. It's got to do with membership cards for their web site. I am the spokesperon for them. I will be touring for Hustler promoting for the next 10 days. You don't hear of many major companies like Hustler promoting like this. I think it is going to go real well. I'm not even thinking about retiring because I am having fun doing my own series.

Adult DVD Talk: Peter, can you tell us a little about your book, Penetrating Insights (great title BTW.)

Peter North: It's a book on the do's and dont's of dating. It's a book for guys with a little humor involved... a Tony Robbins version of the Dating Game. I also have a few tips in there about my diet and a few of the things that I take.

Adult DVD Talk: Speaking of diet - what is your diet?

Peter North: Ha ha... there are a few different combinations. Every time a male has a big "O" he loses a lot of Zinc. That's why you always hear that you are supposed to eat oysters. There's also a lot of vitamin E and bee pollen in there.

Adult DVD Talk: Do you have a DVD player and what do you think of DVD?

Peter North: Not yet. I think DVDs are great. I've been traveling so much and haven't situated myself so I haven't had time to get one yet.

Adult DVD Talk: Are you planning on doing an audio commentary for the North Pole series?

Peter North: I've got voice overs on some of the videos that I already have. I'd have to talk with New sensations to see if they'd be into it.

Adult DVD Talk: "As a fellow Maritime Canadian, I've heard Peter is from around Cape Breton and occasionally is rumored to visit Halifax nightclubs whenever he's up North. If this is true, where does Peter like to visit when he's in Atlantic Canada, and how often does he do it?"

Peter North: Actually I'm not from Cape Breton but I am from Halifax and I go back maybe once a year.

Adult DVD Talk: How did you choose this line of work?

Peter North: I actually didn't. I was approached. I never thought of doing it and didn't think I could do it.

Adult DVD Talk: Where do you film the North Pole scenes?

Peter North: I shot all over the place. The location finders get locations for videos and mainstream locations from san diego to florida to hollywood and where every my travels will take me. I plan on going on the road.

Adult DVD Talk: Is there a particular performer that you have not yet had a scene with that you are looking forward to?

Peter North: There are a couple that I would have liked to have a scene with: Nikki Dial and Rachel Darrian. I had an oppurtunity to but something always happened to prevent it.

Adult DVD Talk: Have you been in any mainstream movies? Do you have a desire to?

Peter North: I haven't really thought about it. Thats not what I'm looking to, but if it happens I'd be up to it. In fact I got a call from a mainstream producer the other day who I'm talking to about possibly doing one.

Adult DVD Talk: What advice do you have for people who are looking to get into the adult business as a performer?

Peter North: Basically if its a guy that's looking to get into the business, bring a good looking girl with you. Don't to get easily distracted and enjoy the moment. Think about what's going on and not what's going on around you. If they want to send in any good pictures they should send them to the email addresses on

Peter North: So many people send stuff in who really aren't that interested... perhaps just playing games. A male doesn't have to be well endowed as a prerequisite. Just has to perform and give the ultimate pop shot.

Adult DVD Talk: It's every guys fantasy to be a porn star - is it all it's cracked up to be?

Peter North: Yup. There's probably some negatives in there but it definitely has a lot of advantages which outweigh the negatives.

Adult DVD Talk: Are you married or seeing someone?

Peter North: I'm not married. I am seeing someone at this moment but you never know how long that will last in this business.

Adult DVD Talk: How many movies do you shoot a month?

Peter North: I shoot one movie every 5 weeks.

Adult DVD Talk: Where can people see the Hustler schedule?

Peter North: The Hustler Go thing is going crazy, and I'm looking forward to working with that. You can find out of this at the Huster website at Also I'll be on the Man show on February 17th with Randy West. Fox stopped by and they want me in May or April... I can't recall which show it is. It's the same format as politically incorrect with an adult panel discussing the adult stuff of course. I was invited to go on Politically Incorrect, Bill Maer wanted me but I was going out of town, so they go Randy West to go on it. I also passed up on a Sublime video, they wanted me to be a police officer. Once again I was going out of town so Randy West did that one too. There are a lot of bands which are getting adult stars to be in there videos.

Adult DVD Talk: Peter, thank you very much for joining us. Any last words for your fans?

Peter North: Life is great at the North Pole. Keep watching the series I have some great stuff coming out.

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