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We held an impromptu chat with director Nic Andrews in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on November 1, 2000. Nic, thanks for joining us - and thanks to Digital Sin for inviting us to the screening of Nic's latest masterwork, Dark Angels.

Nic Andrews enters the chat room to hellos and Dark Angels' praise.

Steph:  Hi Nic - Welcome to Adult DVD Talk!

Emahevul:  Dark Angels looks fantastic, one of these days I will break down and get a dvd player, of course, the PS2 is now out, and Christmas is on the horizen, hmm

in answer to which studio do you work with...

Nic Andrews:  I am the contract director for New Sensations and Digital Sin. Contract Director being that I only make movies for those 2 companies

Nic Andrews:  Mike D. [Dark Angels' special effects guru] says hi to everyone, too

Steph:  Hi Mike D - congrats on a job well done

Nic Andrews:  Mike D - Thanks

Nic Andrews:  I was just supervising the transfer of Dark Angels to DVD.

DrewBlackADT:  Is the transfer done? You guys are doing the DVD authoring in house now, right?

Nic Andrews:  For DVD authoring, we do all the gonzos and video productions in house. For the bigger budget productions and film transfers we use the same company Warner Bros. uses. That's why the quality looks so good.

Nic Andrews:  The regular version is done, they are doing the menus now.

DrewBlackADT:  very cool. I'm sure that the DVD will be amazing. I'm really looking forward to the extras. I bet the behind the scenes stuff will be great.

Nic Andrews:  Well, you all should know, the Dark Angels DVD that is coming out next month has 0 extras. We are doing a DELUXE DIRECTOR'S EDITION in 3-4 months that is LOADED!

Oneloa:  3 to 4 months it is. I must have all the extras

Nic Andrews:  There is such a demand for Dark Angels on DVD, we HAD to put the movie only version out as fast as possible. The SPECIAL version is going to take way too long.

DrewBlackADT:  Nic - are we going to get the full blood/gore/hardcore sex version for the DVD?

Nic Andrews:  The version of the movie that will be on the first DVD will be the same as the version that went out on VHS. The DELUXE EDITION has ALOT more gore/horror FX. The movie is approximately 2-3 minutes longer

DrewBlackADT:  The VHS version was great. I really liked the bat suit on Sydnee

Hey:  Nic_Andrews- did you find any resistence from mainstream authoring companies when approaching them to manufacture adult dvds?

Nic Andrews:  So did I, there was 2 more pages of the script that had to get tossed because we were running out of time with her in the Bat Suit

nc_mary:  when was dark angels released on video?

Nic Andrews:  Dark Angels came out on video this time last week. Shipped very well.

* DrewBlackADT wonders what the original ending for Dark Angels was.....

Emahevul:  ok, that gives us VHS fans something to look for

DrewBlackADT:  Emahevul - definitely pick up a copy. It's unlike any porno I have ever seen

Emahevul:  I will

Nic Andrews:  Drew, there was more action with the Sydnee, Jewel hits her with a board and Sydnee spits fire. We had all the special FX guys there to do it, but like I said, we ran out of time.

Nic Andrews:  We have just started to get the reviews in from Mags and online publication for the movie. They are all very very good and very supportive.

Emahevul:  Nic Andrews, do you know if the movie can be ordered directly from the New Sensations site, on VHS?

Steph: direct link to Dark Angels at New Sensations

* DrewBlackADT pictures Sydnee spewing flames....that would make for an interesting oral scene

Nic Andrews:  I am going to make it up to her by shooting a "smoking blowjob" scene with a laser beam putting patterns in the smoke while she is doing it.

Steph:  Nic_Andrews for the DVD or another movie?

Nic Andrews:  Another movie. Fetish movie

Steph:  what kind of fetish

Nic Andrews:  My next movie is a 9-10 scene fetish movie. All sorts of fetish. Too many to list.

Steph:  Nic_Andrews plot or no plot?

Nic Andrews:  Mike is watching DreamQuest right now.

Darkmage:  Nic - Um... 9-10 ???

Steph:  Mike - comments on Dream Quest?

Darkmage:  How do you cram all that stuff in there?

Nic Andrews:  Steph - Vignette - Fetish Theme - Set up the same way as Intimate Expressions. That was my last movie before Dark Angels. Very pretty

Nic Andrews:  9-10 scene

nc_mary:  dreamquest's behind the scenes sets a new standard

Darkmage:  Too right!

Oneloa:  nc_mary - I agree

Nic Andrews:  Yes, my assistant editor Ezra did that for Wicked. He has cut 2 movies with me, he is very good.

nc_mary:  ezra deserves an award

Nic Andrews:  We were both nominated for editing "Whispers" last year at the AVN Awards show

nc_mary:  who won? (can't recall)

Darkmage:  Last year was Double Feature, wasn't it?

Nic Andrews:  I don't remember who won, but it wasn't us. Bummer

Nic Andrews:  Yes, it was Double Feature, but Ezra didn't edit that one, I think Jonathan Morgan cut that himself

nc_mary:'s an honor to be nominated. congratulations, and good luck this year.

Darkmage:  Nic, you are correct. I only know this because I just finished my review of Double Feature and the commentary track is fresh in my mind.

DrewBlackADT:  Nic - Did you shoot My Plaything: Stacy Valentine?

Nic Andrews:  I shoot all the Playthings, but they are directed and supervised by Scott Taylor, owner of New Sensations and Digital Sin. I am merely a hired gun on the Playthings.

Nic Andrews:  We are shooting Jenna Jameson is a week or so, I am really looking forward to that.

Steph:  Nic_Andrews when does Whispers come out on DVD?

nc_mary:  isn't jenna independant now?

Oneloa:  What movie for Jenna? Another big budget?

Nic Andrews:  Whispers and Intimate Expressions just went into authoring last week. The commentary tracks on both of those are very funny.

Darkmage:  Nic - Who did the commentary?

Steph:  Nic_Andrews Whispers and Intimate Expressions both have phenomenal trailers

Nic Andrews:  On the commentary for Whispers is me, Sydnee Steele and Evan Stone. (sorry, no Jewel). Then for Intimate Expressions is: me, Sydnee Steele, Erik Everhard, April, Jessica Drake, Evan Stone, and Mike Del Rossa (makeup FX guy)

Darkmage:  Nic - Damn! That is quite an ensemble.

Steph:  Nic_Andrews how'd you keep everyone from interrupting each other on the Intimate one?

Nic Andrews:  Yes, we work hard on the trailers. I always hated those trailers that make the movie look great and then the movies stink. I think our trailers sell the movie for what it is.

Darkmage:  He probably passes a dildo around. Whoever has the play toy can talk. :)

Nic Andrews:  Well, I serve as the moderator and some of the people don't really talk unless you push them to talk., so I ask them questions to move it along.

Nic Andrews:  I tell some funny stories on the Intimate one. I listened to it again the other night and I was in tears laughing so hard.

Darkmage:  Do you record commentary tracks in one giant sit-in? Or is it something you can cut like a movie?

Nic Andrews:  When we start the movie, we record straight through to the end, no editing, and no stopping. I think that is best.

Darkmage:  A purist! Goody.

HoustonDon:  cool

Nic Andrews:  Because so many people want to be on the commentary track for Dark Angels, we are going to record 2 or 3 and put that ALL on the disc. Probably 1 with me and the talent, then another with me and the crew, etc.

Darkmage:  You're kidding me! Sweet!

HoustonDon:  yeah!

Nic Andrews:  no kidding here

HoustonDon:  Maybe it'll earn my second 5 for exrtra's!

Darkmage:  Are you shooting your films with the DVD capabilities in mind? Or are things pretty much "shoot the movie and worry about the DVD later"??

Nic Andrews:  Also, because I am so happy with the music score, we are going to include that on a seperate track of the DVD so you can listen to just the music.

HoustonDon:  sounding better all the time

Darkmage:  HD - It sounds like it. Dream Quest didn't quite make it for me. But I just posted my second 5 yesterday.

Darkmage:  More! More! I'm addicted! When's the release date?

Nic Andrews:  We try to keep the DVD in mind. I really don't belive in the multi-angle sex idea for feature movies (not the virtual sex DVD). The reason being is that when I am editing a movie, I am using the absolute best shots. I think if I was to include 2nd angles on the sex in a feature, then it wouldn't be as good, and not what I originally intending. When DVDs first started coming out, there were some companies that used the SOFTCORE version in the second

Steph:  Nic_Andrews tis ok - we hate multiple angles

Darkmage:  Nic - can we clone you and ship you out to some other studios? They need to catch a clue.

Nic Andrews:  Do you need a sperm sample, Dark?

nc_mary:  yes, nic...are you available to other producers?

Darkmage:  Nic - Sure! Drop it off with Morrigan. She'll hold it for me.

Morrigan:  I won't hold it in my mouth

Nic Andrews:  One thing that is very special we are putting on the Dark Angels DELUXE EDITION is an MST3000 silloette at the bottom that is all of us watching the movie. We are experimenting with how to do it now. If it doesn't work properly, we are going to set up a video camera during the taping so you can change angles and see US watching the movie with you.

Steph:  mystery science theater

Morrigan:  mystery porn theater 3000

Steph:  Nic_Andrews like Mallrats?

Nic Andrews:  Yes, like Mall Rats. We are trying to do the same MST 3000 thing they did for the GhostBusters DVD. If that doesn't work, we will do the MallRats way.

Darkmage:  Nic - Really? Please please please do something stupid like a wave, or start licking each other. The version on the Ghostbusters DVD is cool for about three minutes.

Darkmage:  Is there anything you are NOT doing on this DVD? It might be faster to list that. :)

Steph:  never saw ghostbusters dvd - but porn is meant for mystery sceience theater treatment

nc_mary:  nic, judging from some recent posting on the forum here, are you sure, since you're only 3 months away from releasing the "deluxe" dvd, you don't want to hold off on releasing the "no frills" version?

Nic Andrews:  The problem with the Ghostbusters DVD is that they don't really move. We are going to reach up and grab boobies and pick people's noses.

Steph:  excellent!

Darkmage:  Nic - Sweet! I can't wait. When's the release?

Steph:  when do i get to comment and make hand shadows? ;)

Nic Andrews:  When we are done, it will be released. That is the best I can tell you.

Darkmage:  Bring a dildo and a wig. Think of the possibilities.

HoustonDon:  take your time nic

Darkmage:  Bring two dildos! Use them as antenna!

Nic Andrews:  You got it

lunacy:  that's mightymouse for ya..always thinking

Nic Andrews:  There are about 24 people who want to be on the commentary with me. Should be interesting

Darkmage:  Make it 25! I want to play, too!

Steph:  26

lots of nonsense here (nonsense being a good thing) - edited for brevity

Nic Andrews:  Sorry, I had to get the door...Pizza delivery. How porno

HoustonDon:  Hot and Spicy Pizza boys-we deliver!

Darkmage:  It only took you that long? Usually the Pizza Guy scene is a good five minutes...

nc_mary:  obviously y'all don't live in california.....everyone there eats sprouts, right?

Darkmage:  When the sperm hits your eyes like the pizza man's thighs... that's a porno!!

Nic Andrews:  What other questions do you have? I don't have much time.

Darkmage:  What's next after creating your DVD masterpiece?

Darkmage:  Is there anything you won't be able to do on this DVD that you would like to do in the future?

nc_mary:  don't let that pie get cold, nic. thanks for the info.

Darkmage:  Are there any actors/actresses that you would like to get your directoral hands on?

Nic Andrews:  The reason the Dark Angels DELUXE edition is going to take so long is because we are including EVERYTHING.

Darkmage:  How do you pick who pairs up with whom when you cast the movie?

Darkmage:  Wait! OMIGOD, I nearly forgot the traditional question! Has anyone asked it yet?

Morrigan:  no, dm, we were waiting for you

Nic Andrews:  The one thing I wish I had a FULL TIME behind the scenes guy like Wicked did for Dream Quest. There were 5 different Behind that Scene guys for Dark Angels on different days, so the footage isn't really consistant. The Makeup FX guys did the best job because they documented EVERYTHING they did on video.

nc_mary:  live and learn, nic. next production, budget it in.

Darkmage:  Nic - If you were crowned porno emperor for a day, what would you change about the industry and why?

Nic Andrews:  If I was crowned porno emporer, I would have at least 20 of the other adult companies shut down. All the ones that churn out the garbage that give porno the bad rep it sometimes gets.

Steph:  cheers to that

Emahevul:  wanna name names?

* Darkmage raises glass in toast to the mighty emperor.

HoustonDon:  Yay Nic! Nic for President!

Darkmage:  Nic for emperor!

Nic Andrews:  I actually don't mind bad reviews as long as they are constructive reviews. I hate reviewers that say they hated something and then don't explain why. If they go into detail about why they didn't like something, then that is constructive, and I can learn from it.

HoustonDon:  Nic-you'll love me then

Darkmage:  Detail? You want details? I'll see what I can do... :)

HoustonDon:  nooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Darkmage:  How's your speed reading?

HoustonDon:  DM adds more details than a lawyer on a clock

nc_mary:  i don't think reviewer's comments are any surprise to directors and producers.

Emahevul:  I understand your feelings there, love of porno is subjective, if YOU like it, doesn't mean the next person will, so explain your preferences, like/dislikes up front

Nic Andrews:  I liked Steph's criticism about some of my closeups showed razor burns on the girls. I found that very funny. But when I thought about it, if that was her biggest complaint, then I must be a good movie maker because she never mentioned any of the other traditional flaws that usually other movies get nailed for.

Steph:  Nic_Andrews what did i miss? ;)

Darkmage:  Emahevul - That is very true. I personally have a hard time appreciating gonzo. I try to make that clear in each review. That and my bias for Asia Carrera.

nc_mary:  heck, directors are probably MORE critical than any reviewer's, and most of them are saying, "whewwww, they didn't notice that!"

Steph:  Nic_Andrews i wouldn't normally find a bathroom erotic - but the first scene in dark angels is one of my faovrite sex scenes

Darkmage:  NC - I could believe that. Probably very true.

Nic Andrews:  Razor burn is a natural flaw.

HoustonDon:  NC, we try to be nice and only point out a few things per review

Emahevul:  personally, I like gonzo, when all the performers are into the scene, which happens all too rarely, what I DON"T like is abusive gonze, which seek to degrade women

Emahevul:  um, I LIKE Asia

Darkmage:  E - Who doesn't?

Nic Andrews:  The music makes the scene rock. I like the idea of having sex in a somewhat public place, and especially a small space like a bathroom stall, because that sort of thing really happens.

HoustonDon:  Nick, my problem with botched implat jobs and razorburn/ass zits is when the cameraman seeks them out and the editor leaves the zooms in of them

nc_mary:  i understand nice, but you, as reviewers, have a "fiduciary" (wow, what a word) responsibility to your subscribers.

Darkmage:  Nic - Forgive me for not seeing many of your films, but do you prefer long shots, or the vagicam mode?

HoustonDon:  NC-we aren't paid so there's no fiduciary duty ;)

nc_mary:  perhaps not in the legal term, but in the real term.

Nic Andrews:  When we were shooting the rave club scene at the beginning of the movie, we had 50 extras. There was this one chubby girl who was not very appealing, and somehow my camera man seemed to find her in every shot. I have a hell of a time cutting her out.

HoustonDon:  Nic-maybe he made a deal with her

Darkmage:  Maybe he was dating her?

Darkmage:  E - You have my sympathies. That can't have been fun to watch.

Nic Andrews:  maybe....Perhaps he was attracted to her.

nc_mary:  heck, avn reviewers aren't "nice" to anyone, are they?

HoustonDon:  AVN reviewers don't seem to watch the movies they review much...

Nic Andrews:  All the extra were from a casting agency in Los Angeles. They all did a great job, very enthusiastic.

HoustonDon:  ADT reviewers do....

Darkmage:  You do not want to know how many times I watch every DVD I review...

HoustonDon:  DM, would you review for AVN, knowing that you had to give advertisers 3/3.5 regularly, regardless of quality?

Emahevul:  Nic, in terms of credits, do you actively try to make clear who your actors/actresses are? I hate watching movies then have to try to figure out who is who

nc_mary:  that's why an adt review means more

Darkmage:  Hell no! That's too much like a job. ADT is FUN.

Nic Andrews:  Yeah, sometimes I read a review that I say to myself "what movie were they watching???"

nc_mary:  you must be talking about avn, nic.

Steph:  movies look different in fast-forward

HoustonDon:  hahahahhahahahha

nc_mary:  i think they see the producer, the director, and pull out a template review.

Nic Andrews:  When I did Electric Sex, the credits roll right next to a small video image of the person whos credit is on screen. For Intimate Expression, I did something real similar. For Dark Angels, I tried to make the name match their character. There is only 1 doctor in the movie, so he is called, ER Doctor, etc.

Nic Andrews:  No comment, NC

Emahevul:  a good for instance, in Cum & Chaos, the only one I knew for sure was Mark Davis, although there were name actresses in the film, I didn't know any of them at all

Nic Andrews:  There was a cast of 82 in Dark Angels, counting the extras and cameos

HoustonDon:  ouch!

Darkmage:  Nic - thank you for making sure that everyone gets credit for their hard work.

nc_mary:  well, i've seen directors change direction, and it's hard to take a "template" review when you've done something different, right?

Nic Andrews:  I find is you watch enough adult movies, you start to recognize people really easily, I was the same way when I started making adult movies. I didn't know anyone. I would look through a magazine like AVN and say, "Can we get her?"

nc_mary:  and i love the ending credits with performers pics AND names

Darkmage:  Aye. The motion passes. Nic is officially a Cool Dude (TM) and we will watch his movies.

Nic Andrews:  When I was casting for Whispers, we had 52 rejections in 1 day. We would call a girl and she would say, I am not available, I don't do movies anymore, I only do big movies, I am only do a movie if I am a lead, I am in jail, and my favorite: She's dead.

nc_mary:  this is a personal opinion, but the last avn i got, i was really disgusted with some of the full page ads they accepted.

Nic Andrews:  I have been very fortunate to have worked with some of the best talent in the business. Word spread fast and now, EVERYONE want to work for me.

Darkmage:  Nic - You poor man. The curse of popularity.

HoustonDon:  I never read AVN until I picked the last issue up-had Tina in it

Nic Andrews:  I only want to work with pros. Not just girls who want to be in a cool movie. I want to hire girls that are going to work hard and will respect what we are doing. Not just show up for a paycheck

Darkmage:  Nic - How do you tell the paycheck girls from the serious ones?

Nic Andrews:  I only just realized today that Adult DVD Talk doesn't actually SELL DVDs.

HoustonDon:  Actually they sell lots...

HoustonDon:  Nic-if it weren't for ADT, many people wouldn't buy nearly as much as they do - especially with the price search feature

Steph:  Nic_Andrews i get many emails from people who still think we're a store - i've been asked how to 'check out' many times - people ask me where their orders are too

Nic Andrews:  Dark - It has a lot to do with attitude, and reputation. Also, it is the girls who didn't want to work for you before because you were nobody and now want to be your best friend. It is really easy to tell.

Emahevul:  Nic, who do you consider it to be a pleasure to have work for you?

Nic Andrews:  Sydnee Steele will always have a special place in my heart. I will always give her first dibs on any project I am doing. She have been in my past 3 movies in various capacities and has always been a true profession. I am extremely lucky to have a woman (notice I didn't say girl) like her on my team.

nc_mary:  sydnee is great

Darkmage:  Wow! Midnight. I'm turning into a pumpkin. Nic, thank you for joining us here in the ADT madhouse. It was a pleasure meeting you.

Nic Andrews:  No problem...

Steph:  Nic_Andrews I second that thank you - always a pleasure

Nic Andrews:  Any more questions? I have to go in about 4 minutes, been here for 1 hour and 30 minutes

Emahevul:  none from me, but thank you for your time

HoustonDon:  Nic-besides honest and constructive criticism, what can we do to help studios make better porn?

nc_mary:  east-coast syndrome affecting me too. thanks so much for your hospitality, and keep up the EXCELLENT site!!!

Nic Andrews:  Houston - Well, if I gave away all my secrets, then I wouldn't look as good as I do now.

Darkmage:  Goodnight, all. Nic, see if you can't make some room for me in the commentary track crowd. I'll be good, I promise :)

HoustonDon:  hehehehehhehehe

nc_mary:  yes, steph! goodnight all you fine folks!

HoustonDon:  take care Nic, DM, etc

Nic Andrews:  See ya

Nic Andrews:  Ok....I have to go, being rude to my guests who have been waiting patiently.

Steph:  Nic_Andrews thanks again!

Nic Andrews:  Good night all.

Emahevul:  good night

Nic Andrews:  This was fun...I will try to do this again sometime.

Steph:  you're always welcome

Nic Andrews:  Later..........................Gone

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