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This chat with Monica Sweetheart and Quasarman was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on February 18th, 2004. Many thanks to Monica and Quasarman for joining us! Also thanks to Zero Tolerance Entertainment for setting up this chat. The big chat announcement was that Monica will be directing her first movie for Zero Tolerance, titled Monica's Sweethearts.

Also see astroknight's interview with Monica Sweetheart and dumblonde's interview with Quasarman.

The Chat
unedited, unadulterated, and unorganized...

<Coil> Hello Monica!
<Steph> Monica_Sweetheart - welcome!
<Arethusa> Hi Monica
Monica_Sweetheart -  hello
<Ultrasiet> Dobry veyecher Monica!
<melissa_lauren> hi
<klixxfan> hi monica
<Kenneth> hey Monica!!!
<Coil> --So, who brought the beer???
<Silent_Jay> hi M Sweetheart
<Keith> h9ya Denver
<duncman> hi monica
Monica_Sweetheart -  hi
<Kenneth> any new movies coming out, Monica?
<Keith> welcome back Monica. :-)
<Ultrasiet> Yo yo Monica's going to build to the announcement, yeah?
Monica_Sweetheart -  grand theft anal 2
<Ultrasiet> A bit of suspense brothers
Monica_Sweetheart -  wet dreams come true
<Keith> klixx I'll go the indians page and get the date, I forget when exactly it is
<Ultrasiet> Quaze!
Quasarman -  wassup
<Deezer> damn this place is packed
<Ultrasiet> My favourite funky-lighting main man
<Keith> Is this going to be moderated now? I'll hush
Monica_Sweetheart -  and a lot more in the works
<Steph> we're not going to go moderated, but everyone please keep it on track
<Keith> <---on the side... :-)
<Kenneth> any new scenes with Lex?
<zero_-boy> phew
Monica_Sweetheart -  it was a hard scene
<Deezer> sorry, trying to catch up--what scene was hard?
Monica_Sweetheart -  i always enjoy scenes with mark
<tsunami> are you still shooting in europe or just in the states now?
<Ultrasiet> Monica, I wanted to ask if you plan to do any scenes with Hungarian stgar Maya Gold?
Monica_Sweetheart -  latest was this summer w/ lex
<dysfirkin> Czech women rule!!! The most beautiful women come from czechia!
Monica_Sweetheart -  maya gold...who?
<klixxfan> monica have you had the chance to work with kimi lixx yet?
<Kenneth> Lex on Blondes?
Monica_Sweetheart -  i do agree czech women are beautiful
<Kenneth> was that your last scene with him?
Monica_Sweetheart -  shooting mostly in the states
<Kenneth> yep, Czech girls r hot
<squinty> exclusive with zero tolerance?
<Kenneth> Nikita Denise is hot
Monica_Sweetheart -  Grand theft anal 2 w/ mark davis was hard
<Harri_Patel> what about Slovak women? Why do we never hear anything about them?
<Deezer> Monica, thanks for down the hatch--don't recall if it was 7 or 8, but WOW. unreal
Monica_Sweetheart -  not exclusive w/ zero tolerance
<Kenneth> hey Quasarman
<dysfirkin> Kyra Cole is from Slovkia. She is hot
Quasarman -  hey
<Kenneth> where's Gauge?
Quasarman -  This isn/t KSEX
<Harri_Patel> I did not know that.
<Kenneth> lol
<flavus> hi all
<Ultrasiet> Monica, do you think you'll go back to your look back when you did MATADOR 5 and other Private work - the long black straight hair?
<MrVC> hi monica, have you been in any private movies recently?
<klixxfan> hi su
Monica_Sweetheart -  no never ever long black hair ever again
<Porky> Hiya, Poopsie
<klixxfan> lol
Monica_Sweetheart -  no private movies not anymore...i've gone public
<flavus> hi monica do you have any plans to do a scene with three or more guys like in black Cravings
<Ultrasiet> you don't like long black hair? Or is it a case of 'been there, done that'
<MrVC> good one lol!
<Steph> heheh
Monica_Sweetheart -  more comfortable with blonde hair
<IR_Videos> A lot of websites spell your name as Monika. Do you have a preference?
<Coil> more beautiful too ;)
Monica_Sweetheart -  no not in bella loves jenna
Monica_Sweetheart -  moni"c"a
<DenverDon> monica it is then :)
<bukkake_summit> monica, whats the most number of loads u have swallowed at once?
Monica_Sweetheart -  thanks deverdon
<DenverDon> :)
Monica_Sweetheart -  2
Monica_Sweetheart -  nothing special
<Ultrasiet> Monica, which of your fellow porn stars are you good friends with?
<Harri_Patel> what about you, bukkake_summit?
Quasarman -  Doesn't anyone want to know the most number of loads I've swallowed?
<bukkake_summit> will u do more?
Quasarman -  I'm kidding of course There haven't been many
Monica_Sweetheart -  misty ran
<Ultrasiet> I predict Quaze has swallowed seven loads, but they were soy-product loads, not the real thing
<dysfirkin> No Quasarman. We could care less about you. Go back to Candada
Quasarman -  they were low carb
Monica_Sweetheart -  sue diamond who is sitting here right now
<Kenneth> My Plaything: Monica Sweetheart is great
<JasonTX> hi everyone
<Steph> hey - i care how many loads Quasarman has swallowed
<su2sexi> me too
Monica_Sweetheart -  yes worked w/ manual ferrara
Quasarman -  thankyou
<zero_-boy> hi sue diamond
<Silent_Jay> lol
<Harri_Patel> Monica, are you prepared to instruct Quasarman to knock off the "film look" crap now?
Quasarman -  leave my shit alone and play nice
Monica_Sweetheart -  sue diamonds says HI
<bukkake_summit> will u do any of those new oral swallowing movies?
<Ultrasiet> aww, I like Quaze's work. It's unique.
<zero_-boy> :)~~
<IR_Videos> Monica, you have alot of good interracial scenes. My favorite is UYA 18 and There's Something About Jack. Do you have a favorite interracial scene?
<Coil> Yes, UYA 18 is the best!
<Coil> Mr Marcus and Lex are perfect with Monica
<Kenneth> do u live in LA, Monica?
<Ultrasiet> Service Animals 1 rocked the shizouse too
<flavus> nad Black Cravings
<bono-ONE> BOOBS!!!!
<flavus> and*
Monica_Sweetheart -  i've done new swallowing movies
<jake> Monica do you have a web page?
<IR_Videos> How can I forget Service Animals. Shame on me
<bukkake_summit> which have u done?
<Ultrasiet> Monica + Justin Slayer + Boz = good scene
Monica_Sweetheart -  still living in czech temp in L.A.
<Silent_Jay> HOOTERS
<Kenneth> i c
Monica_Sweetheart -  no web page shame on my agent
<dysfirkin> Czech women are superior to American Women in IR scenes
<MrVC> most favourite guy you've worked with is ...
<squinty> monica, what are your favorite kind of movies to shoot?
<dvd> haha yes shame on your agent
<JasonTX> hey I like American women :)
Monica_Sweetheart -  fav movies gonzo
<Kenneth> have u ever done a scene with Sean Michaels?
<klixxfan> monica you have any all girl movies?
Quasarman -  gonzo with "filmlook"
<bono-ONE> thanks Steph!
<Ultrasiet> Lol quaze
Monica_Sweetheart -  yes a long time ago w/ Sean Micheals
<zero_-boy> hey bono
<Kenneth> what flick?
<bukkake_summit> whats the best swallowing series?
<dvd> monica are you on a diet?
Monica_Sweetheart -  all girl
<bono-ONE> Hey Monica, it's great to see you here, just got home from work!
Quasarman -  why. Do you think she's fat?
<squinty> not into girls?
<Crucifixio> sorry so late...question: Monica, would you like to work with more female directors, wish there were more or would like to become one yourself?
<klixxfan> wouild you enjoy an all girls, you think?
<dvd> no, i just notice she is a little thinner
<IR_Videos> What is the name of the Sean Michaels flick?
<Harri_Patel> damn . . . getting crowded in here
Monica_Sweetheart -  prefer men
<Kenneth> yep
<Coil> Monica, will you run for mayor of California? ;-)
<zero_-boy> jill kelly mason
Monica_Sweetheart -  Sean Michaels flick was w/ anabolic
Quasarman -  You can't be mayor of a state
<Ultrasiet> Hey hey hey, it's crucifixio. Good question - can we expect a Monica Sweetheart-Mason collaboration?
<dvd> loved monica in perverted point of view #2
<Porky> It was number three, dvd, but who's counting?
<norty> love monica in everything
<dvd> yeah you right
Monica_Sweetheart -  not ready for mason...maybe never
<Harri_Patel> that would be interesting, ultra
<bono-ONE> yeah I have that one, signed by Monica!!
<Kenneth> so r u in Czech now, Monica?
<dysfirkin> I download Zero Tolerance movies from the internet only. I don;t think the quality of ZT movies warrants me paying for them
<bukkake_summit> what would be better to see her in: No Cum Doghing Allowed, or Feeding Frenzy
Monica_Sweetheart -  running....never
<Crucifixio> Btw, Once I get my wife to agree to the whole thing with Quaze, maybe Monica'd be down for some IR action with Crucifixio.
<DenverDon> Monica, what movie have you performed in that YOU liked the most - and why?
<Harri_Patel> hahahaa
<Majic> Monica , just wanted to say hello and that you are an incredible beauty. Thank you for pleasing all of us fans.
<bono-ONE> How much do you like doing g/g stuff Monica?
<klixxfan> hi lindi
<zero_-boy> hey lindi
<bono-ONE> don't think so zero, but I am sure I will!!
<lindi> hi everybody
<Kane``> hi Monica_Sweetheart
<Ultrasiet> Crucifixio, I thought you weren't allowed to be a porn star? Lol
Monica_Sweetheart -  fav movie...My Plaything
<Porky> Greetings, Pot Pie
<bukkake_summit> duz monica have a yahoo group?
<zero_-boy> good one
<bono-ONE> yes that one was very good Monica!!
<Ultrasiet> Monica, I read somewhere that you don'
Monica_Sweetheart -  no yahoo group
<Crucifixio> I'm working on it, Ultra, I'm working on it.
<DenverDon> Monica, any particular reason (That was damn good by the way)
<bukkake_summit> any gangbangs for ya u think?
Monica_Sweetheart -  my plaything b/c it's different and it looks good
<IR_Videos> There are plenty of unofficial Yahoo groups for Monica. I know of 3...
<DenverDon> thank you
<lindi> wow, I knew there'd be a lot of people here tonight - I think this is a record!
<DenverDon> and it does look good
Monica_Sweetheart - not ready yet
<zero_-boy> hey hey noodles
<bono-ONE> I like your sexy accent Monica!!!
<Ultrasiet> tMonica I readsomewhere that you don't really enjoy anal as say other pornstars do. If so, we appreciate the fact you perform anal so well. Have you ever enjoyed it, and is something you feel you'll continue to perform?
Quasarman -  we're negotiating the GB. She's doesn't know it yet
Monica_Sweetheart -  deep throater....practicing at it
<bukkake_summit> bukkake?
<klixxfan> hi nodlegiel
<squinty> how do you get ready for a gangbang?
<noodlegirl> hi all
<bono-ONE> You and Lea should do a big time g/g scene together with no guy!!!
<Crucifixio> Monica, any reason why you choose to do gonzo instead of pursuing more features with the likes of Wicked and Vivid?
Monica_Sweetheart -
<norty> for someone who says they don't like anal, you sure deserve the Oscar
<Crucifixio> I think most would agree that you're certainly just beautiful if not more so than their contract girls.
<Zagor> i offer myself as volunteer for your deep throating training
<bukkake_summit> whats the largest number of guys u would do a scene with right now?
Monica_Sweetheart -  more sex in gonzo
<klixxfan> hi kimi wb
<klixxfan> :)
<toco> monica you have email?
Monica_Sweetheart -  just 2 guys in a scene
<Harri_Patel> Crucifixio, ixnay on the ividvay
<bukkake_summit> u like DP?
<clarence-j-dammit> the ADT page mentioned an announcement...did that happen yet?
<Steph> we're building up to the announcement
<bono-ONE> So any other collaborations with Zero Tolerance coming out soon?
Quasarman -  no announcement yet
<Crucifixio> Sorry, Harri...had no idea that was forbidden. LOL.
<dimmu-borgir> Are you familiar with Jane Darling Monica
Monica_Sweetheart -  DP..yes
<Porky> Yeah, clarence. The Yankees signed A Rod
<Ultrasiet> Yeah Jane Durlink is Czech
<zero_-boy> nooooooooo
<klixxfan> kimi's on her cam :P
Monica_Sweetheart -  Zero Tolerance & I are working on something
<bono-ONE> Wow I would love a scene with Monica and Jane!!!
<noodlegirl> hey zero i jsut came to tell su so mething i got to go now will chat iwth u all later byeeeee bye porky
<bono-ONE> cool, thanks Monica!
<Steph> something?
<bukkake_summit> u think girls would like DP if they tried it?
<su2sexi> she loves me!!
Monica_Sweetheart -  keith van horn?
<Ultrasiet> Monica, what was it like having sex with Rocco Siffredi?
<zero_-boy> ok
<bono-ONE> hard,hehehe!!1
Monica_Sweetheart -  Rocco Siffredi was a good experience
<Keith> no my last name is not van horn, sorry
<clarence-j-dammit> monica, don't you find quasarman to be just dreamy?
<Deezer> what movie did monica do rocco in???
<nietzsche> Have you ever read a single thing by Vaclav Havel?
<zero_-boy> she does s˛
Quasarman -  of course she does. Who wouldn't :)
<Ultrasiet> Rocco's reverse gangbang 1 for one
<su2sexi> sure she does....hehe
<Ultrasiet> Or Milan Kundera?
Monica_Sweetheart -  vaclav
<Kenneth> i wanna go to Czech
Monica_Sweetheart -  Kundera...yes
<zero_-boy> aloha
Quasarman -  Yes she is
<Ultrasiet> Which Kundera is your favourite?
<Keith> wb Kimi
<Crucifixio> Monica, are there any male performers you'd like to work with that you haven't yet?
<klixxfan> you look great
<bono-ONE> hey Kimi!!!
<Deezer> ah, never got into the gangbang stuff much myself
Monica_Sweetheart -  Kundera Unbearable likeness of Being
<Harri_Patel> what's with the literature quiz, guys? You suspect she's really from Chula Vista?
<Porky> Hiya Swee'pea
<bono-ONE> So Monica have you been anywhere else in the US besides LA, NY perhaps?
Monica_Sweetheart -  hi
Quasarman -  Let's focus more on her colon, not her reading ability
<Ultrasiet> She's Czech, and I haven't met a Czech person yet who isn't at least a little in love with their country's fine literature
<bono-ONE> hehe
Monica_Sweetheart -  just went to las vegas and atlanta
<nietzsche> They should make a porn version of "The Unbearable Lightness of Being"
<zero_-boy> jessica dee
Monica_Sweetheart -  why not
<bono-ONE> I love looking at Monica's sweet eyes and her ass, and her beautiful breasts!!!
<Ultrasiet> The Unbearable Hardness of Rimming?
<bono-ONE> I forgot about Vegas, I met you there, hehehe!!!
<JasonTX> the unbearable lightness of being already had a lot of sex in it
<clarence-j-dammit> right on nietzsche - hey, ZT does features, right?
Monica_Sweetheart -  zt no feature
<Tinaka> Monika did u enjoy the scene in Pornutopia (in the castle)?
Quasarman -  We do NOT do features
<clarence-j-dammit> haha
<Deezer> who needs features?
<zero_-boy> whos watchin a monica scene at moment lol
<Deezer> i'll watch a real movie for story
Monica_Sweetheart -
<nietzsche> How about water sports? "the Unbearable Lightness of Peeing"
Quasarman -  LOL
<Tinaka> why not?
<Ultrasiet> Monica, what was it like working with Frank Thring for Private?
<bono-ONE> I thought Ass Cleavage one was, you know each girl had to pass the flag test, roflmao wasn't that a plot element!!!!
<Keith> Quaserman..:-) likewise, I do not splice!
<Coil> Monica: Coca cola or Pepsi ???
<bukkake_summit> do u do ATM?
<dvd> monica, do you have any hobbies?
Monica_Sweetheart -  location was too cold w/ pornutopia
<DenverDon> Monica, you have been to the AEE show in vegas, and the Berlin show - do you go to any other shows as well?
Monica_Sweetheart -  atm yes
Quasarman -  Ass Cleavage closely followed the 3 act structure
<zero_-boy> the girl next door movie coming out
Monica_Sweetheart -  don't drink soda
Monica_Sweetheart -  only water and wine
<Coil> Oh, water and wine ok
<Ultrasiet> Ass Cleavage followed the six-ass structure
<dvd> soda bad for you
<bukkake_summit> so how often do u give yourself an enema?
<Coil> lol and the occasional ejaculator fluid
<Deezer> in all seriousness, what does ass taste like??? i'm sure you do quite the cleansing beforehand, but even so, it can't be like cake
<klixxfan> your sooo hot kimi
<bono-ONE> It was a Quinn Martin production for those of you who remember the 70's!!!!
<clarence-j-dammit> what's that quasarman? anal, gaping, atm?
Monica_Sweetheart -  hobbies...watching movies
Quasarman -  Every day or so...oh you meant Monica
Monica_Sweetheart -  sports
<bono-ONE> John or Paul, Monica,lol
<Harri_Patel> no soda . . . good for you, Monica. That crap is America's curse
<Ultrasiet> Any young Czech girls coming up that you feel we should watch out for Monica?
Quasarman -  It kinda tastes like ass
<dvd> what types of movies? action, tearjerker?
Quasarman -  I'm guessing
<Ultrasiet> I can see a physical resemblance between Sandra Mark and Monica.
<Ultrasiet> Anyone agree?
Monica_Sweetheart -  sue diamond
<bukkake_summit> monica, what size cock do you like?
<Kenneth> where's sue?
<dvd> lol
<IR_Videos> Monica - some stars feel that doing interracial harms their career. Do you feel like your interracial scenes have helped or hurt your career?
Monica_Sweetheart -  movies...mine
Monica_Sweetheart -  bigger is better
<klixxfan> kimi ,you think you'll ever do a seen with that goofy girl, whats her name? i think liontamerr or something?
<zero_-boy> where is that sue d
<dvd> lol!
<bukkake_summit> dam, so six inches isnt good enough?
<Ultrasiet> Bono-ONE, you are a funny guy
Monica_Sweetheart -  IR...neither
<Elimar> hi monica, loved your scene in north pole... do you do movies in europe or do you only work in the US?
Monica_Sweetheart -  right next to me
<nietzsche> Do you smoke? Cigarettes I mean, not cock.
Monica_Sweetheart -  both euro and us
<bono-ONE> It isn't the size it's how you use it.... now if only I knew how to use it I'd be sitting pretty!!
<Kenneth> lol
<bono-ONE> thanks!
Monica_Sweetheart -  i do smoke sometimes
<Crucifixio> Where do you figure you have more fun shooting, Monica...the US or Europe?
<Kenneth> dank?
<su2sexi> practice bono....practice
Monica_Sweetheart -  more fun in the U.S.
<bono-ONE> I practice every day, sometimes 3 times,lol
<Ultrasiet> Monica, do you enjoy the work of Michelle Wild, and do you ever think you'll be in a scene with her?
<Silent_Jay> lol
<bukkake_summit> so how big is ideal?
<vinh> Yes monica smokes
<bono-ONE> opps did I type that out loud!
<Crucifixio> Damn Ultra, you stole my next question.
<zero_-boy> isnt that exercise thou
<vinh> I have a picture of monica yelling at me for interrupting her smoking
<dvd> i thought wild was out of the biz?
<bono-ONE> yes it's fun, fun, fun!!
<Ultrasiet> Crucifixio, maybe this is like Fight Club and we're the same person!
Monica_Sweetheart -  big enough
<Harri_Patel> what the fuck were you thinking, vinh?
<dysfirkin> Sue diamond is a slovak I thought. We asked for Czech girls. Czech Republic and Slovikia are seperate countries now I thought
<vinh> It was a great candid shot
<Coil> Monica, do you enjoy dancing?
<Coil> Smím prosit? ;-)
Monica_Sweetheart -  sue diamond is slovak
Quasarman -  You sure no your geography
<bono-ONE> I would think Monica and Michelle Wild would make for a wild scene, hehe!!
<nietzsche> post the picture, vihn
<bukkake_summit> whats your favorite position?
Monica_Sweetheart -  yes love to dance
<bono-ONE> doggie,!
<Kenneth> do u speak slovak too, Monica?
Monica_Sweetheart -  fav position...misionary
<Ultrasiet> I want to see Monica dance
Monica_Sweetheart -  yes i speak slovak
<bono-ONE> that's right so you don't have to move muchI remember that now!!
<dvd> maybe in the next strip, tease
<bukkake_summit> where do u like the guy to cum
<zero_-boy> i just speak slow
<DenverDon> How many languages do you speak monica?
<Zagor> to few missionary scenes in porn, i wonder why
<bono-ONE> I think you said that in another company's release
<Kenneth> i heard the people from czech can speak czech, slovak, russian, and polish
Quasarman -  in a glass on the nighstand... oh you meant Monica
<bono-ONE> Great scene in Grand Theft Anal 2!!
<bukkake_summit> u like hockey?
<zero_-boy> yeah good stuff
Monica_Sweetheart -  i do like hockey
<Crucifixio> I guess it's about what looks good on camera. I think why my favorite position to watch would be reverse cowgirl, but in life, prolly my least favorite.
<dvd> quasar, lol, i hope your wife lets you do that
<bukkake_summit> who's your favorite player?
Quasarman -  Grand Theft Anal shot with "filmlook"!!!!
Monica_Sweetheart -  i speak 3 languages
<dimmu-borgir> jagr or hasek
Quasarman -  Tie DOmi
<redish> dominik hasek fan ?
<deltron> what music do you listen to Monica? Favorite artists?
Monica_Sweetheart -  both jagr and hasek
<Crucifixio> *prays Monica enjoys hip-hop*
<bukkake_summit> what NHL team do u like?
<Porky> Monica, how much do you hate George Bush?
Monica_Sweetheart -  house and techno
Monica_Sweetheart -  mostly techno
<Harri_Patel> you should release a premium-priced version that has the film-look removed
<bono-ONE> lol
<Ultrasiet> vy gavayrite pa-russki, Monica?
<GuiM> Hey Monika, will you be in Prague for the World Championships ?
<IR_Videos> Good taste in music!
Monica_Sweetheart -  i dont care about bush
<Coil> lol
<redish> ha
<Porky> Then we'll get along, lol
<bono-ONE> you don't like bush, darn thought all girls liked bush!!!!
Quasarman -  Now we be a bad time to mention that I'm a Republican
<bukkake_summit> u like the Vancouver Canucks?
<Saki> quaze - lol
<Silent_Jay> ja laska sebe monica
<DenverDon> different bush B1
Monica_Sweetheart -  i can understand a little russian but i don't speak it
<DenverDon> How many languages do you speak monica?
<bono-ONE> hehe
<Steph> away from politics back to colons please
<bono-ONE> yes
Quasarman -  Agreed
<b_real> Swallowing or creampies?
<vinh> I can't find my picture
<Crucifixio> I think she said three, Don.
<vinh> but it was posted
<Harri_Patel> Do you have a little Russian in you, Monica?
<Keith> funny you guys should bring up bush, someone just emailed me a picture of bush with a partially naked Hillary
<bukkake_summit> monica, what should i have for dinner?
Quasarman -  No he was almost 7 inches
<DenverDon> thanks Crucifixio, I missed it
<vinh> monica has seen the picture
<IR_Videos> A friend who can't join because he's at work asked me to show you this group that is dedicated to you
<Keith> ok
<bono-ONE> Do you want to direct someday Monica?
Quasarman -  Funny you should ask
<bono-ONE> lol
<IR_Videos> user is
<Steph> do we have an announcement? :)
Monica_Sweetheart -  i'll be directing my first movie for zero tolerance
<bono-ONE> Am I psychic!
Monica_Sweetheart -  called monica's sweethearts
<DenverDon> good news Monica
<Ultrasiet> hooray!
<bono-ONE> HEHE!!
<su2sexi> congrats!!
<redish> great
<clarence-j-dammit> congradulations
<Harri_Patel> bono, you shill . . .
<bono-ONE> Way to go Monica!!!
<Silent_Jay> congrats
<Ultrasiet> This is fantabulous news
<bono-ONE> I had no idea I swear!!!
<Zagor> yeah finally get rid of quasarman :P
<fivewheels> cast?
<bukkake_summit> what will the theme be?
<Kenneth> oh shit, i didn't know gary had made a yahoo group for monica
<Coil> Str? prst skrz krk bukkake_summit
<redish> what kind? feature or gonzo
Quasarman -  No dice Zagr. I'm in for the long haul
<dimmu-borgir> concept
<bono-ONE> We need Quaze behind the camera!!!
<Ultrasiet> Krasivy!
<Harri_Patel> Monica's first executive decision: replace Quasarman with JimmyD
Monica_Sweetheart -  theme...all beatiful girls having lots of fun
<squinty> no replacing Quaze!
<redish> good idea
<bukkake_summit> what was that about me?
<DenverDon> sounds good enough for me Monica
Quasarman -  It takes Jimmy too long to bend down to get a shot
<squinty> which beautiful girls?
<redish> movie i mean
<Crucifixio> Okay, Monica, who do you have in mind for the cast of Monica's Sweethearts?
<bono-ONE> Sounds great Monica I'm sure you will do well, you have shot for a lot of great companies and I'm sure you learned a lot!!!
<dimmu-borgir> any chance to have lea de mae in it
<Ultrasiet> Stop dissin' Quaze. Quaze, does this new project of Monica's tie in to your plans to do a 'darker' and more atmospheric gonzo, using different lighting?
<bono-ONE> hey den
<Frigo> good morning Monica and everybody else :)
Monica_Sweetheart -  caech and slovack girls...maybe even russian
<lindi> hi Frigo
Quasarman -  No. Monica is in charge of her movie entirely
<lindi> you made it!
<bukkake_summit> swallowing?
<Ultrasiet> Russian girls are great. Estonian girls rock.
<Harri_Patel> Frigo is awake!
<kris-is-away> geebus
<lizziegoth> will you perform in this movie too?
Monica_Sweetheart -  hi frigo!!!!!!!!!!!!
<kris-is-away> the channel is quit full
<Frigo> hi lindi, yes thank god I heard my alarm clock :)
<kris-is-away> quite ratehr
<kris-is-away> :/
<redish> are u going to be in it i hope : )
<JasonTX> Russian girls are cute, they wear too much makeup, which I like :)
<bono-ONE> Please Rita Faltoyano, Jane Darliing, Simony, Sandra Romain!!!
<DenverDon> he Frigo
Monica_Sweetheart -  yes ill be in the movie
<DenverDon> hi
<aybesea> what bono said!
<Zagor> simony=hu
<joey> Hello monca
<redish> GREAT
<GuiM> What movie (feature not gonzo) you made would you recommand as your best ?
<Harri_Patel> kind of like Texas girls, eh, Jason?
<bono-ONE> yes abc, pretty good cast If I say so!!
<Coil> Monica, do you have plans for after pornography career?
Monica_Sweetheart -  best
<klixxfan> hi jason
<Frigo> so Monica, yre you enjoying the chat so far? is it the first time you do such a chat?
<Ultrasiet> so we're not talking a lesbian line are we? This will be a boy-girl gonzo film yeah?
<redish> good choice
<vinh> frigo is awake
Monica_Sweetheart -  yes first time chatting
Monica_Sweetheart -  b/g
<bono-ONE> you are doing great Monica!!
Monica_Sweetheart -  strong sex
<Frigo> sort of awake vinh :)
Monica_Sweetheart -  real sex
<Ultrasiet> Monica, who are your directing influences at this stage?
<DenverDon> sounds good enough for me Monica
Monica_Sweetheart -  quasarman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<klixxfan> lesbains can have real sex too
Quasarman -  Yes!!!
<hardware> just don't copy his jokes, please }:)
<Ultrasiet> Christoph? Vouyer? Or maybe Jiri Menzel, or Milosz Forman?
<bono-ONE> Use a little Quaze, some Jules, some Mike John, and the energy of Erik Everhard and you got it made!!!
<joey> hellllllllllllo Monica
<nessus> is it true monica that your included in 50 cents adult video "groupie luv"?
<nietzsche> Which alcoholic beverage do you find the most refreshing?
<bukkake_summit> monica u have great legs!
<bono-ONE> Sex On the Beach!!
Monica_Sweetheart -  50 cent...leading star
<RednckRay> Real sex requires semen. Lesbians just have really great forplay.
Monica_Sweetheart -  white wine
<Frigo> when will you start shooting your first movie?
<DenverDon> bukkake_summit, Monica has great everything!
<bukkake_summit> duz 50 have a huge cock?
<Keith> hiya Ray
<Ultrasiet> After 50 cent fucked Monica, he promoted himself to a buck-fifty.
<dvd> i don't think 50 perform in the video that way
Monica_Sweetheart -  shooting w/ 50 cent next month in czech
<nessus> my god! of course 50 has a huge dick
<redish> Who do you like to work with ?
<Tinaka> Do you like Absithe Monika?
<dvd> probably just sings
Monica_Sweetheart -  50 last week in l.a.
Monica_Sweetheart -  movie next month in czech
<Ultrasiet> Crucifixio, you need to get yourself over to Quasarman. Ariana's game, and I bet Monica would be game.
<squinty> when do you start shooting monica's sweethearts?
Monica_Sweetheart -  next month in czech
<joey> Monica what are you wearing
<nessus> when will you do a gangbang? any IR gangbang?
Monica_Sweetheart -  nothing
<bono-ONE> Yeah let's get Ariana and Monica in the same scene, come on Quaze help us out!!
<facialicious> "strippers are i look like dirty stripper?" you were so cute in Julians Seductions
<redish> Rock On
<Ultrasiet> Monica, is your films going to bring the ANAL goods to the table?
<bukkake_summit> i wanna see monica in Feeding Frenzy 4
Monica_Sweetheart -  no gangbangs
<Harri_Patel> Frigo??
<Frigo> yes Harri
Quasarman -  I can vouch for that. I'm wearing a tatsteful evening gown though
<Harri_Patel> oh, it said you were gone
<nessus> why no gangbang?
<GuiM> Monica if you're in Czech for the World Champs of hockey in April, I invite you VIP for the game of your choice !
<aybesea> quaze... the visual is killing me!
<bono-ONE> How about Monica in the next Strip Tease Then Fuck!!
Quasarman -  I apologize
<Frigo> me? no I am still here
<Steph> i don't know, aybesea, i think it's hot
Monica_Sweetheart -  i'm already invited but thanks
<joey> monica what is your fav lingerie?
Quasarman -  Absolutely
<fakeout> monica who is your favorite male performer?
<Harri_Patel> the film-look isn't helping
<aybesea> yeah, but steph, we know you're twisted ;)
<Ultrasiet> I'm pro-film-look
<Steph> the film look makes the scene
<bukkake_summit> your already invited?
Quasarman -  Tough shit Patel
Monica_Sweetheart -  fav performer..mark davis
<DenverDon> lol ayb
Monica_Sweetheart -  yes
<Frigo> do you already know the other girls who you will be shooting ?
<redish> Favorite Woman
<Coil> Do you ever have nightmares about penises, Monica?
<bukkake_summit> Canada is gonna take the world cup of hockey next sept
<Zagor> fatso ur fav?
<fakeout> why marc davis?
<domonic> Good evening kimi how you doing tonight?
<bono-ONE> I'm just looking for some tush!!!
<GuiM> Bukkake: World Champs first, then World Cup !
<Steph> penis nightmares?
<Ultrasiet> Monica, do you see yourself shooting porn in Australia?
<vinh> ahuh... like last time bukkake?
Monica_Sweetheart -  girls...right now....janeta still thinking about others
<bono-ONE> Watch their scene in Ass Cleavage, fucking awesome!!!
<bukkake_summit> well, they never have a good team at the worlds
<DenverDon> Ultrasiet, I thought shooting porn in australia was very difficult
Monica_Sweetheart -  australia....not yet
<facialicious> Does someone like Lex hit your cervix, monica?
<Ultrasiet> Shooting it isn't really. Ordering it can be.
<bono-ONE> hey tricia
<bukkake_summit> like the 2002 olympics vinh
<fakeout> yeah is lex too big?
<GuiM> True, but who's to blame for this? And the USA is even more terrible...
<Coil> good question fac'
<Frigo> as far as i remember shooting is illegal in australia, isnt it?
Monica_Sweetheart -  its never too big
<vinh> gretzky looked like he was having a stroke
<Ultrasiet> Australian women don't have the killer porn mentality like Czech girls
<Ultrasiet> Frigo, only if you tell people
<Tricia> hi everyone, how's the chat going?
<Frigo> right
<Frigo> hi Tricia
<DenverDon> fast tricia
<bono-ONE> So do you prefer longer scenes or shorter ones for you first movie you are to direct?
Monica_Sweetheart -  hi tricia
<joey> monica do you weare any lingerie?
<bono-ONE> it's busy tricia!!
<vinh> I hear a diss on Selena
<bukkake_summit> cuz the good canadian players are still in the nhl playoffs when the wc is on
<Steph> monica is naked and quaze is in a dress
<hardware> hey tricia
<Coil> hahaha
<vinh> umm
Monica_Sweetheart -  no not now i'm naked
<Tricia> is there a picture of that?
<fakeout> monica, who's nastier American women or European?
<flavus> Hi Monica, is there a possiblity of you appearing in the "No Holes Barred" series by Zero Tolearnce?
<bukkake_summit> but back to monica. have u been with any athletes yet?
Monica_Sweetheart -  NHB not yet
<vinh> I seem to remember all the good canadian players losing to the american players in 96
Quasarman -  We'll negotiate
<Ultrasiet> Vinh, Selena is a wonderful exception to the rule
<Tricia> porky - got it. (i'm a fast reader) :)
<Coil> *me streaks
<Porky> hehe
<joey> monica do u have a web cam now?
Monica_Sweetheart -  no web cam
<Keith> hiya tricia nice to see ya again
<Tricia> has it been unmoderated the whole time?
<redish> darn
<facialicious> hey tricia, do you agree that a cock is never too big? surely someone like lex hits the back
Quasarman -  I'm enjoying this combination porn/hockey chat experience
<GuiM> Even those who could come don't. The problem is some good Canadians come because they think they can get a spot for the Olympics or World Cup. But the USA don't care about this and don't select in fonction of your long term commitment to the national team.
<nessus> lex is the man
<Tricia> it can be too wide for my ass or too long for my pussy (I have a shallow pussy)
<su2sexi> join more often...we'll throw in some footieball
<bono-ONE> so how bout them Lakers1!!!
<dimmu-borgir> That Cherry guy suck
<joey> Monica what is your fav. part of your body?
<bukkake_summit> that was 96. the US still has to rely on all those guys, and they are all old. they dont have any new players
<Diceman> What about Napier, still not too big?
<facialicious> what is shallow, tricia?
Monica_Sweetheart -  longer scenes
<Ultrasiet> Aint nothing gets me going better than seeing a hot girl in a Canucks jersey...more pornstars should wear ice hockey gear!
Monica_Sweetheart -  fav body legs
<Tricia> shallow is not deep. it means if the dick is too long, it will be too long for me
<vinh> anything can happen in a three game series bukakke
<Steph> more porn on ice!
<redish> good call monica
<dvd> i agree your lega
<fakeout> what's with all the hockey talk?
<GuiM> Don't agree with you. I immediately think of Tom Poti, and there are plenty of others. Boucher in Philly...
<lizziegoth> <--- wearing red wings jersey
Quasarman -  ultrasiet are you Canadian
<dvd> legs
<nessus> ya the leeegs
<vinh> that canadian advantage in depth isn't going to help
<facialicious> i got that tricia, i was kinda asking for a measurement....9 inches?
Monica_Sweetheart -  what is your fav part on me?
<fakeout> Monica do you like facials
<Ultrasiet> Can we expect to see hot costumes in your film Monica?
<joey> I think you have a Great body, but my fav. part of your body is your face
<deltron> boobs
Monica_Sweetheart -  facials...big fan
<IR_Videos> legs and ass
<Ultrasiet> Quaze - I'm Australian
<facialicious> your tits are the best monica
<Kenneth> ass
<dvd> it is kinda equal with your breats
<Tricia> oh, sorry, thought you weren't so good at english, lol
<DenverDon> all of you Monica
<redish> You are just good all over
<MrVC> aussie aussie aussie ultrasiet
<Coil> --Monica, have you had any "enhancement" surgery?
<vinh> Did you do something to your nose over your career, monica?
<dvd> breasts
<vinh> yes
<Tricia> I don't know, Sean Michaels was a little too long for my pussy
<nessus> ya the tits thier awesome
Quasarman -  You're more preoccupied with Hockey than a canuck
<Ultrasiet> Oi oi oi!
Monica_Sweetheart -  no...all natural
<Coil> au naturelle, tres bien!
<aybesea> Quasarman - the hockey talk is over
<fakeout> Monica Did you do them before you got into porn (facials)
<joey> no no just your face ,
<Ultrasiet> I love Monica's nose! It's the best nose in all of porn!
<Kenneth> keep it that way
<nessus> all natural .... thats why your my favorite
<vinh> her nose seemed bigger before
<joey> were you ever a model
<dvd> no enhancements, please
<facialicious> so tricia, do you have to tell guys like that not to go too deep or do you just have to take it
Monica_Sweetheart -  aw thanks
<Tricia> i even liked Monica the best when her hair was still her natural color too
<dvd> you are perfect the way you are
<Tricia> fac- I would say not TOO deep.
Monica_Sweetheart -  whats your fav movie that i'm in
<Tricia> and if they weren't too thick, then anal was a better choice with them
<Ultrasiet> MATADOR 5
<bono-ONE> I remember Monica in Matador 5 I think was the first time I saw her.
<fakeout> Do you like to swallow cum>
<flavus> black cravings for me
<DenverDon> hmm, so damn many Monica, hard to choose
<squinty> my plaything
Monica_Sweetheart -  anything else?
<Coil> Up Your Ass 18, with Marcus and Lex
<dimmu-borgir> Service animals
<nessus> monica your a real brunnete right?
<b_real> cum drippers
<Zagor> service animals 1
<IR_Videos> I liked the black hair also, but its her hair, so I like it the way she likes it
<bono-ONE> Your My Plaything probably
<tsunami> i agree monica never let the surgeon touch you
<redish> Your My Plaything is pretty good
Monica_Sweetheart -  real brunette
<Zagor> better blonde than black
<dvd> pov 3
<Frigo> your scene in Ass Stretchers with Brandon Iron
<dvd> fav mov
<bono-ONE> The Zero titles, A Perverted Point of View 3, Down the Hatch 7
<Ultrasiet> Actually, ASS STRETCHERS was a nice performance. All that hot leather gear.
Monica_Sweetheart -  what type of movie do you want to see me in next?
<bono-ONE> Wet Dreams Cum True
<nessus> any color of hair will do for me.
<redish> Lex on blondes...i could go on an don ....
Quasarman -  I concur
<Ultrasiet> Skeeter + Monica = red hot scene
<bono-ONE> I think we could go on and on and one!!
<nessus> gang bang
<Diceman> I think Down the Hatch was quite nice. You liked nice and slutty, Monica.
<Coil> Monica + 3 guys = heaven on earth
<flavus> yup
<tsunami> monica, you were in quite a few scenes with daniela rush - do you know how she is?
<squinty> a quaze movie
<fakeout> gangbang or bukkae
<bono-ONE> I think a good 40 minute 2 man scene with lots of dp's and two swallowed pops!!
<IR_Videos> I know it doesn't make a difference to you, but anything interracial. at least 2 guys with anal, A2M, and facials
<joey> Monica Where did you learn to speak english?
<bono-ONE> Lots of RC, Cowgirl, and Piledriver!!!
Monica_Sweetheart -  daniela rush is recovering from car accident
<Elimar> a new pov title would be nice
<b_real> internal cumbustion
<dysfirkin> We want to see Monica in a Romantic scene with a lot of dialogue. Monica accent is sexy!!
<Ultrasiet> Which scenes was she in with Daniella Rush? Besides that wonderful tutorial scene in THE ACADEMY?
<Frigo> i would like to see more g/g/b scenes
<vinh> does daniella use any equipment still?
<nessus> fav scene so far is up your ass 18
<Kenneth> do u speak to Nikita Denise, Monica?
<Steph> with frigo as the b
<Harri_Patel> me too, Frigo
<tsunami> 2 on 1 #12 i think
<lindi> bye everybody
<redish> 2 on 1 vol 12
<Frigo> good idea Steph :)
Monica_Sweetheart -  movies w/ anabolic and daniella rush
<hardware> bye lindi
<DenverDon> ultra, she was with Daniella and Lex in an Anabolic scene, hot
<su2sexi> bye lindi
<Tricia> night lindi
<Harri_Patel> bye lindi
<Diceman> I'ld like to see Monica suck the cum out of another chick's pussy.
<dvd> bye
<fakeout> Monica I haven't seen much of your work. do you do internal cumshots?
<joey> Monica do u like black guys?
<nessus> bye lindi
<redish> bye lindi
<Frigo> bye lindi
Monica_Sweetheart -  yes internal cumshots
<bono-ONE> yes she does!
<Porky> Bye pot pie
<redish> ohhhhhhh
Monica_Sweetheart -  loves black guys
<Ultrasiet> I think MONICA'S SWEETHEARTS needs a director's commentary. Monica's hot accent as she covers the scenes. Yummm!
<nessus> enough with this bye linddi
<Deezer> do any sites of have screencaps or evne back box covers for mayhem's videos???
<fakeout> Do you worry about STD's with internals?
<Ultrasiet> thanks DenverD
<facialicious> hey tricia, are pregnancies common in porn? and what do girls do to combat that for internal stuff?
<Tricia> so what's the confirmation on the big announcement tonight?
<joey> monica have you ever work with a latino guy?
<Steph> how about a masturbating director's commentary
<Tricia> fac - birth control.
<bono-ONE> She will direct her first movie for Zero!
Monica_Sweetheart -  sounds like a good idea
<bono-ONE> hey mason!!
<redish> no steph thats for us fans
<Tricia> not too common for pregnency
<mason> evening bono
<Tricia> cool. good luck Monica!
<Ultrasiet> nice one Steph - I can hear it now 'I uhhhh was wanting to make this scene uhhhh as wet as my pussy is uhhhh now.'
<Frigo> lol
<Silent_Jay> hi mason
<mason> hey SJ
<Keith> hi mason nice to see ya again
<joey> I am latino do u want to work with me?
<joey> lol
<Ultrasiet> Mason, is Feminazis really going to win? I think Fucktopia and Catastrofeminity work better.
<Coil> Monica, what are some of your pet-peeves... things that annoy you greatly
<Kenneth> Bob still passed out?
<Porky> Quaze-----since you left Metro, there have been no more editions of Handjob Hunnies, and I feel that civilization is on a slippery slope toward chaos as a result
<Harri_Patel> did you catch that, Mason. You're going to have some chick director competition now.
<Silent_Jay> monica whats your favorite candy?
<redish> I wish we could hear you talk with this
Quasarman -  I agree. The world needs hamdjobs
Monica_Sweetheart -  fav candy....i rather have a cookie
<Deezer> mason, who's in the new flick??
<Ultrasiet> Monica vs Mason + dildo swords = fight I want to see
<iceman_co> hi monica
<mason> i wish monica was that's for sure
<vinh> hi mason
<Keith> Monica hope Daniela has a speedy recovery
<Diceman> Monica, how long can you remain in the US before you have to return?
<IR_Videos> How do you feel about people having groups and/or websites dedicated to you? Do you appreciate it?
Monica_Sweetheart -  hi iceman_co
<nessus> ya candy is bad for the tooth
<joey> same here
<deltron> Monica how many times have you worked with laura angel?
Monica_Sweetheart -  i love it when fans make websites for me
<Keith> I like to make oatmeal raisin cookies
<bono-ONE> So what's the best Concert you have seen Monica?
Monica_Sweetheart -  laura angel...1
<joey> Wish Daniella my best
<iceman_co> Moni you're soooooooooo gorgeus, nice, sexy, hot and a million of more things
<mason> i remember this beautiful girl way back when i was a PA for Andre Madness
<DenverDon> Monica, fan sites are okay as long as they don't rip off the studios to do it
Monica_Sweetheart -  best concert....moby
<Ultrasiet> That was ANAL SHOW 3, yeah?
<flavus> what do you like to do in your free time monica?
<Coil> moby?
<nessus> monica have you met lauren phoenix
<bono-ONE> cool, I got 18 on cd by him
Monica_Sweetheart -  no
<Tricia> ultra - I think it was Anal SHow 1
<Ultrasiet> monica have you 'met' Lauren Phoenix?
Monica_Sweetheart -  have not met lauren phoenix
<iceman_co> monica are you single right now?
<Ultrasiet> Tricia - I succumb to your wisdom.
Monica_Sweetheart -  still single
<RednckRay> I downloaded all of Moby's cd's. And promptly deleted them. Not even worth stealing.
<deltron> would you have sex with moby
<Ultrasiet> Oh see, we need to do something about that
<b_real> monica, do you have a boyfriend?
Quasarman -  I'm popping the question after the chat
<fakeout> monica, where is the craziest place you fucked off camera
Quasarman -  Oh wiat. I'm already married.
<Tricia> i think moby gives a surprisingly great concert
<Keith> Ray did you see Butslammers 20 ?
<bono-ONE> really getting married in Utah Quaze!!
<tsunami> i wanna see monica + michelle wild + steve holme + manuel in a scene together
Monica_Sweetheart -  no sex with moby i just like his music..isn't he gay?
<nessus> im married too. hehehe
<Ultrasiet> Somebody want to do a porn version of the Bachelerotte? Monica deserves a real man!
<deltron> looks like he is
<vinh> eminem thinks moby is gay
<Tricia> quaze - you're married? :(
<fakeout> no moby isn't gay
<dvd> got to find the right man to settle down, right?
<Coil> Tricia, how do you feel about internet porn trading and DVD ripping?
<Harri_Patel> move to SF, Quaze. They're going to start issuing polygamy licenses as soon as the homo rush slacks off a bit
Quasarman -  Yessum
<Diceman> Moby has herpes, supposedly. He passes them on to groupies without saying anything.
<Tricia> moby isn't gay
<nessus> moby is gay period
<RednckRay> Keith, Not sure. I really only sit down and watch porn with Kimi in it.
Quasarman -  LOL Patel
<Tricia> coil - how do you think I feel about it?
<iceman_co> monica when i will see your official website?
<bono-ONE> I also like the song he did with Gwen Stefani!!
<mason> i like the one he did with the hand puppet
<Kenneth> southside
<Keith> Ray, Kimi is in that one for sure!
Monica_Sweetheart -  official website is hopefully coming soon
<vinh> Triumph the insult comic dog, mason?
<RednckRay> Did I see Buttslammers Kimi ?
<deltron> triumph
<mason> uh huh
<nessus> monica have you ever done internal creampie IR?
Quasarman -  Scumbag in New York stole her domain
<jersyboy18> tell us about your first sexual experience
<bono-ONE> So any hard rock groups you like Monica?
<Ultrasiet> Monica, I have to go now. It's been a pleasure -spasiba. I hope the film is a scorcher!
<redish> iceman took my question
Monica_Sweetheart -  no IR
<iceman_co> with live webcam shows i hope moni, :-)
Monica_Sweetheart -  hard rock groups...not into rock
<nessus> i like cum drippers though
<Deezer> I think the consequences of free downloading of internet porn is overrated
Quasarman -  Slipknot!!!!
<Tricia> wow, now there's something specific... internal creampie interracial.
<Ultrasiet> Mason, you need help with your English accent, I can help. :)
<bono-ONE> to bad,lol
<Keith> goodnight ultrasiet
<Deezer> I know many people who use it as a chief means of previewing possible purchases
<mason> oh really ultra?
<mason> can you help me sound posh?
<Deezer> for many people, simply a small picture of front & back covers just isn't enough to judge smoething by
<Ultrasiet> just being cheeky
<Tricia> deezer - and I know a lot who use it and never have the intention of previewing
<Coil> Monica, do you have a college/university degree?
<Tricia> i mean of buying.
<IR_Videos> That was funny Tricia!
<fakeout> monica, do you like frozen dinners?
<deltron> i'm missing chappelle's show to chat with Monica and couldn't be happier
Monica_Sweetheart -  college degree
<Ultrasiet> I love you mason, in a purely porn-platonic way. (Plorntonic?)
<Deezer> you don't think most of them are minors who couldn't buy anyways?
<Coil> what was your major?
<iceman_co> moni i want see you in a scene with nacho vidal and rocco siffredi, will be amazing
Monica_Sweetheart -  it was great talking to you all
<vinh> wait, I'm missing Dave Chappelle?
<nessus> hey fakeout do you like frozen dinner?
<deltron> i am
<IR_Videos> I like Chappell's show too, but Monica always wins that choice...
<dvd> do you tan alot monica?
<Coil> Thanks for your time Monica
Quasarman -  I'm missing the Simpsons
<Tricia> deezer - no. then what would their excuse be for stealing music online?
<fakeout> i'm eating one now.
<Deezer> or college students who through their particularly large university networks can access almost anything
<nessus> nice talking to you too monica
<deltron> bye monica
<RednckRay> There's a lot to be said for TIVO
<Harri_Patel> could we maybe postpone the downloading debate until another time?
<vinh> I don't think it counts ultra, if you want to spooge all of her face
<fakeout> peace out monica
<Deezer> i think music is different.
<Steph> TIVO people and you won't miss anything
Monica_Sweetheart -  going to masterbate and go to bed ....
<redish> goodbye goddess
<Keith> goodnight Monica, we hope you enjoyed this and will cim back often!
<Kimi_Lixx> i can't remember if you did, Ray - it was the one with Nikita and I doing the double ended dildo
<RednckRay> talk to Monica AND see the CHapel Show
<iceman_co> monica you live permanently in L.A.?
<Steph> thanks, Monica_Sweetheart for joining us!
<bono-ONE> sounds good thanks again!!
<deltron> think of me
Monica_Sweetheart -  thanks for chatting
<Coil> Na shledanou
<dvd> can i join in
<DenverDon> LOL Monica, have a great night :))
<Frigo> enjoy yourself Monica :)
<Deezer> anyone can very easily download free music and burn it onto a cd for use in their car, discman, mp3 players, anywhere at all with great ease and cost
Quasarman -  I'm going to masturbate and go to bed too
Monica_Sweetheart -  not perm in l.a.
<Ultrasiet> Tricia - tell Christoph: MORE MAYA GOLD! Please.
<Steph> thanks, Quasarman, too!
<vinh> bye monica!
<dvd> good night sweet dreams
<Kenneth> what time is it in czech now?
<RednckRay> Yup...I saw Buttslammers :)
<Ultrasiet> Night keith
<Keith> **wavies**
<IR_Videos> Thanks for chatting monica
<nessus> hope to see you soon monica .
<vinh> bye Quase
<Silent_Jay> night monica
<Bender> bye Monica!
<Coil> Dekuju Dekuju Dekuju Monica!
Monica_Sweetheart -  BYE FRIGO!!!!!!!
<fakeout> wait! what's you favorite frozen dinner?
<vinh> I still want a zero tolerance shirt, quase
<Tricia> deezer - i have no problem with mp3s, as long as the person buys the music first.
<OLY> Hello Tricia
<iceman_co> are you in europe right now?
<aybesea> goodnight monica, thanks for dropping in!
<Tricia> hi oly
<DenverDon> There ya go Frigo!
<Frigo> hope to see ya again in Berlin honey :)
Monica_Sweetheart -  good night all
<Steph> woohoo a shout out for frigo
Quasarman -  Ok Bye Film Look Rules!!!!
<nessus> good nigth, monica
<Harri_Patel> good night, MOnica
<Kenneth> nite monica
<deltron> i love monica
<Coil> Good night
<dvd> joint the forums, monica
<mason> she's even hotter in person
<IR_Videos> Monica is the best!
<squinty> parting is such sweet sorrow
<Shnicky> Don't go
<redish> That was cool
<bono-ONE> my Zero shirt is on my bed!!
<Frigo> i feel really honoured for that special shout :)
<DenverDon> This is the largest crowd I've ever seen in chat!

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