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This chat with Mason and Julie Night was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on February 19, 2003. Many thanks to Mason and Julie for joining us! Also, check out our interview with Mason from August 2002.

This chat was unmoderated. Mason & Julie did a great job keeping up with the questions and multi-directional conversation. This transcript has been edited for brevity (many hellos, LOLs and side conversations removed.)

Julie Night enters the chat room

bono-ONE:  hey Julie

MLyons:  Hello Julie!

RonK:  Hi Julie

sparcy:  hi julie

astroknight:  welcome Julie_Night

TerriRedor:  Hi Julie

Steph:  Julie_Night Welcome! thanks for joining us!

zero_-boy:  ITs Night

RonK:  Julie baby, We ADTers love ya

zero_-boy:  feel the love lol\

Mason enters the chat room

bono-ONE:  Hey Mason!!!!!

JULIE NIGHT:  hello everybody!!

Emahevul:  Mason!

MLyons:  Hey Mason.

Den:  Hi Everybody.

Mason:  Hi Den!

Steph:  And there she is... Welcome, Mason!

zero_-boy:  hi mason

RonK:  hi Mason

TerriRedor:  Mason

MASON:  Hi MLyons

Den:  Hi Mason

sparcy:  hello mason

RonK:  Go break a leg Mason

zero_-boy:  ive got 10 pm too woohoooo

bono-ONE:  Thanks for cumming Julie and Mason!!!

mrsmlyons:  MASON!!!!! HOW DEE DOO!!

MASON:  Hey everybody

Emahevul:  Mason, just reviewed Dirty Trixxx 2 tonight, AWESOME!

astroknight:  welcome mason!


MASON:  Thanks ema, glad you liked it

tdammit:  Hi everybody!!

MASON:  lol toby

minbari:  Hi Maso Hi Julie

bono-ONE:  Yeah great job on Lady Fellatio 2 Mason, you were right it was better than #1, now what's in store for #3!!!!

tdammit:  I told them you were looking specially foxy tonight

mrsmlyons:  Love the hats ladies.

Steph:  Thank you both for coming! Love the pic: .

MASON:  minibari!!!

MASON:  no idea when #3 will be out

mrsmlyons:  Well, I for one can not wait!!

Emahevul:  Mason, what project are you working on right now?

bono-ONE:  Great and varied setups were used, great job!!

MASON:  not working on anything at the moment, but maybe Julie will let me work on her after the chat!

bono-ONE:  The scene with Savanna blowing Steve Holmes on the street-- that took guts!!!

tdammit:  that i would pay for

MASON:  yes, steve and savannah were great

zero_-boy:  only one car went bye

MASON:  one of my favs

tdammit:  steve and ALEXANDRA were even better

traderhtc:  For the ill-informed (like) me, can someone give a brief background on Mason

MLyons:  traderhtc--you may not want to do it now, but you should look at her website:

tdammit:  there is not enuff space to accurately describe a mason movie

RonK:  Julie, Any updates on what you are doing?

MASON:  Julies answering her phone and eating pizza, hold on

minbari:  Mason, can you tell us about the reception MDT#2 is receiving - are you starting a trend?

bono-ONE:  I have to thank Julie for the great crotch grabbing picture we took in Vegas, it turned out great!!!!!

JULIE NIGHT:  nothing at the moment

RonK:  Ha ha -- Julie is hungy and I thought she shy

astroknight:  welcome william!!!!!

nutsack:  my balls are moist

tdammit:  nutsaq!!!

astroknight:  did you spill something on them??????

marcojayjay:  has julie ever worked for RLD or anabolic ??

MASON:  MD2 is getting amazing reception

nutsack:  yes

lunacy:  ewww

MLyons:  Hey William H!

astroknight:  nutsack - just be careful around the vaccuum this time ;D

mrsmlyons:  Hey William!!

bono-ONE:  Yes Julie did a phenomenal scene in Swallow My Pride 1 for RLD

JULIE NIGHT:  i have worked for both

TerriRedor:  We also call Nutsack "teabags"

MASON:  i'm very excited that it's getting people talking

RonK:  Julie was fantastic in 2 Anal for U and DT2

MASON:  and that's always been my agenda

minbari:  excellent!

MASON:  julie is one of a kind

Emahevul:  Mason, if DT2 doesn't get people talking, nothing will

JULIE NIGHT:  they don't let people like me out much

RonK:  Why Julie? You burn the town red

marcojayjay:  would u work for them again julie? seeing as how hardcore they r ?

JULIE NIGHT:  I would definitely like to work for them again

MLyons:  Mason--I agree Julie Is really something special.

bono-ONE:  I still have that image of Mason leading Julie into the ADT party!!!!!

astroknight:  that was a great entrance :D

mrsmlyons:  Wish I had been there.

Steph:  bono-ONE i wish we had a picture of that

MASON:  i have agreat pic of that. i'll put it up on my site

MASON:  julie was very generous to be my slave in Vegas

RonK:  Lucky you Mason

RonK:  Yippy, JN in DT 3

Carly:  Hey Steph, Mason, and others that I know... first time chatting...

flagil:  Julie, what's your fantasy scene?

JULIE NIGHT:  fantasy scene can't be released in America

nutsack:  toby, I masterbated on your jeans

Steph:  Carly hey! didn't see you sneak in

MASON:  hey Carly

marcojayjay:  how long you been in the biz julie ?

JULIE NIGHT:  been in biz for about eight months

TerriRedor:  Julie, do you have a website yet?

Carly:  I'm quiet like that. ;)

TerriRedor:  Hi Carly

RonK:  Tell about the fantasy scene We will find a way to mail order to the US

MASON:  congrats on Sin Spin

flagil:  Julie, but it can be described in lurid detail :)

lindi:  hi Carly

Carly:  Thanks, Mason!

MLyons:  Julie--maybe you could write about your fantasy scene for Mason's website... :)

JULIE NIGHT:  I don't have a website yet, if there is much interest I will have to get one

Carly:  Yay Lindi!

Emahevul:  Mason, there is a scene involving a bar stool in DT2, why did you pull back?

MASON:  i pulled back because i don't necessarily need to see IT

Stuart:  William-Oy Oy Oy whats up

nutsack:  my penis

Carly:  Mason, I want to know when you're going to have some new pics on your site. ;)

JULIE NIGHT:  I thought foreign object penetrations were a no no here

MASON:  contrary to popular belief there are some things i don't want to see

nutsack:  Mason has big boobs

Carly:  what don't you want to see?

bono-ONE:  no all foreign obects are allowed,lol

tdammit:  I like mason's big boobs

RonK:  Yes definitely interest in Julie's website. As long as it is not an expensive site with no content and lots of pop ups -- the sites from hell. Get a good site with great content

JULIE NIGHT:  I love Mason's boobs!!!

astroknight:  mason - anything other than ron jeremy naked at a buffet????

marcojayjay:  oh my foreign objects ? i'm gonna faint

Stuart:  Mason you need to have some plastic jesus entries used in your next flick

MASON:  i don't really want to see fisting, foreign obejects, scat, piss

RednckRay:  popup's are easy to control.

mrsmlyons:  I love foreign objects

Carly:  The baby jesus butt plug would be good!

tdammit:  there are jesus dildos tht are not foreign objects.

marcojayjay:  me either mason

tdammit:  beat me to it

Stuart:  I would love to see Jesus up one of Masons girls

Steph:  true they're religious artifacts

Carly:  tdammit, great minds...

MASON:  not into explicit forms of blasphemy

tdammit:  exactly

MASON:  just enough to provoke

JULIE NIGHT:  I want Jesus inside of me

Carly:  there's a jesus on the cross dildo too

nutsack:  Mason, can I go to the boys room?

TerriRedor:  I don't think Jesus could get a Visa.

tdammit:  god is dead, and no one cares, it there is a hell I'll see you there.

bono-ONE:  So Mason anyone you are dying to shoot that you haven't yet?

RonK:  Jesus dildos are holy objects lol

Stuart:  Hail Jesus

dick_fittswell:  hey everyone, just wanted to drop in real quick and give a hi to Mason and Julie

zero_-boy:  hmmm i look like jesus does that count lol

MASON:  hey dick!

Carly:  dick!

tdammit:  fitsswell it the house!!

JULIE NIGHT:  heelo dick

MASON:  i would love to shoot Ashley Blue

Carly:  she's cute...

nutsack:  hi mr. fitsswell

MLyons:  I would love to see you shoot Ashley Blue Mason.

zero_-boy:  woohoooo ashley

dick_fittswell:  hey tdammit. how are ya?

tdammit:  you need to shoot dick and alexandra part 2

bono-ONE:  She would be good for one of your scenes, she really likes to let herself go in her scenes

astroknight:  Ashley Blue would seem like a great person for a mason movie

MASON:  Angel Long I must have

mrsmlyons:  My husband would love for you to shoot ashley blue as well.

RonK:  yupper Mason, another submissive slave for you

zero_-boy:  i like when she grabs her feet when give a bj

MASON:  i love this chick

astroknight:  maybe reverse the roles for alexandra & dick part 2. let alexandra rough up dick. :D

tdammit:  I'm good dick

dick_fittswell:  Nutsack how the hell are ya, haven't talked to you in a while

Carly:  Mason, if you could take over the vivid or wicked girls, what would you do to them?

MASON:  saw a scene of hers the other night, SHE"S GAME

marcojayjay:  mason how about amee donavan any plans to shoot her ?

RonK:  Angel Long is a great choice and Melanie Jagger is also good

bono-ONE:  So how would you shoot someone like say Tera Patrick or Jenna Jameson?

tdammit:  what about jake malone?

nutsack:  i am a bedwetter like before

MASON:  i would put them through their paces

MASON:  they need to let loose

RonK:  Ow ow ow

dick_fittswell:  shit astro, I'd do it again if i had the chance. Alexandra could beat me, it would be fun

MASON:  break the feminine stereotype

Carly:  think they'd be up for that?

MASON:  i don't know if amee is ready for something like that

bono-ONE:  I think Jenna could absolutely fucking rock in a hardcore scene if she ever wanted to do one

RonK:  Mason, any sneak updates on your next great flick?

traderhtc:  Where is Amee Donavan anyway?

bono-ONE:  She should be in here later

nutsack:  amee has big boobs

tdammit:  jeanna in the new Hustler... lameo pictorial. I shot of her pissing

MASON:  i have a great scene with julie at the "opera house"

RonK:  Amee will be nice but Amee is trying to rest her poor poor abused bod :(

zero_-boy:  she was here for bit i think she's coming back

marcojayjay:  ready ? how hardcore are u mason ?

MASON:  mjj?

minbari:  Julie can hit the high notes ;-)

dick_fittswell:  I'm so upset that i still haven't got Mason dirty trixxx 2 yet, I need to order it pretty soon, maybe when i get paid

Joe_Million-Air-Head:  Hey Julie & Mason - Want to date a half a Millionare?

RonK:  What is Opera house about Mason?

Carly:  Dirty Trixxx 2 is fucking amazing.

Carly:  I wish I'd have seen all of her other stuff, too (hint, hint)

MASON:  julie finally breaks her slave mold and becomes human ... but, she finds solace in where she came from

tdammit:  Julie is not human, she is a GODDESS

Carly:  Mason, what does it take to seduce you? ;)

tdammit:  Mason is UNSEDUCABLE

bono-ONE:  Julie has the right attitude to make it big in the biz!!!

JULIE NIGHT:  i have a mouthful of SAUSAGE

Carly:  c'mon... ;)

RonK:  so mason will do a special show on a web cam ala Trish?

Carly:  Whoo, Julie!

* bono-ONE says oh that is what that is, Hey Julie :)

RonK:  And Julie, is the sausage vegetarian?

JULIE NIGHT:  100% man meat

* bono-ONE says thanks Julie!!!

MASON:  i am easily seduced by confident men

mrsmlyons:  That is so sexy.

desi:  i am easily seducted by most cheap woman

Carly:  what about confident women? ;)

MASON:  hee hee never really tried it

RonK:  Mason, you need to star in one of your flicks as the ....

mrsmlyons:  Director?

Carly:  I am easily seduced by chocolate.

Porky:  Who's got a scorecard? Can't tell the players without one

bono-ONE:  Yeah well Mason has already starred in one of her flicks getting cum licked off her long black boots in LF#2!!!!

tdammit:  I'm the tight end

Porky:  lol

RonK:  Mason 6 Julie 6 -- deuce

Jake__malone:  Jake-William H has ENORMOUS BALLS!

MASON:  and i get slapped in DT2

tdammit:  and she slapped Julie and Cassie

Stuart:  Jake shaves his balls

bono-ONE:  i can't wait to see that Mason!!! That one is next on my list, BTW Heavy Handfulls 2 was very good i thought

cumcox:  Hi Juilie & Mason!

tdammit:  JAKE in the Hizzous

MASON:  hey cc

JULIE NIGHT:  hi cumcox:)

Jake__malone:  There is so much estrogen in the room you can't get a word in edgewise

Emahevul:  hehe, yeah, Mason gets slapped by Bella-Maria in DT2

Stuart:  Whats up for a Dirty Trixx 3?

Carly:  Anyone who thinks chicks don't dig porn needs to visit this forum. ;)

MASON:  no plans as of yet

cumcox:  You girls rox! :-)

tdammit:  Slavedolls??? When

Jake__malone:  3/14/03

tdammit:  I hear the audio is a little low

MLyons:  Tdammit--I think I read April? Maybe? I'm all over that one.

nutsack:  JAKE MALONE

MASON:  you have to check out carly's site

tdammit:  all over it like a really scratchy rash

MASON:  very pro woman pro porn

RonK:  Angel Long looks so tall and sexy in high heel and high boots, mason

Carly:  Which one, Mason? ;)

Steph: .

astroknight:  carly has a nice site

Carly:  Aw shucks, y'all...

MLyons:  You betcha. :)

bono-ONE:  I like the idea of a movie showing a girl as she progresses through different porn scenes from newbie to experienced performer

MASON: of course

Carly:  Thanks. :) I didn't even come here to pimp my wares.

cumcox:  I luv you guys thanxx for being in the wonderful world of porn we would all e lost with out you n!

Steph:  quick plug for mason's great site too .

MLyons:  Carly--you do have a nice site. MrsMLyons, you should check out Carly's site...

MASON:  i like that too bono

bono-ONE:  yep great site Mason!!!

cumcox:  Girls sorry

RonK:  that site with Julie getting a f**t up her ass. Nice pic Carly

bono-ONE:  Thanks mason, guess you got that long email the other day,lol

tdammit:  yeah.. but what about JAKE MALONE?

MASON:  thanks, i try to be a honest as masonly possible

Carly:  Skeeter sends me great JPGs. ;)

cumcox:  LOL

TerriRedor:  Good idea, Bono

bono-ONE:  ;)

MASON:  yes bono!

bono-ONE:  thanks Terri-- I think Mason could film it well!!

JULIE NIGHT:  where is that picture? I haven't even seen it

cumcox:  Ya Mason you are solid LOL

bono-ONE:  I just want a signed copy when it's ready :)

RonK:  post all of them -- anything with goddess Julie

Carly:  it's on my site, Julie... I think it's archived now.

JULIE NIGHT:  thanks

Jake__malone:  Lets try to guess what color panties Julie has on

MASON:  anything you didn't like in DT2?

RonK:  Skeeter did a good job on Julie

flagil:  invisible

tdammit:  you have more info than we do

astroknight:  better yet, does anybody think julie has panties on?

mrsmlyons:  Wow, Carly, You are one hot woman!!!

* bono-ONE is the Walrus goo goo ga joob!!!

RednckRay:  Julie is wearing panties ?

cumcox:  Any featuring planed?

bono-ONE:  No Astro,lol

Carly:  Mrsmlyons, I can work magic with make-up.

Carly:  Mason, my favorite scenes were Cock Princess, Alexandra's and Julie's.

tdammit:  I think mason and jake should direct a movie together!!!

Carly:  And the $20 whore.

Jake__malone:  Mason took them off earlier and stuffed them in her mouth, she's chewing on them as she types

bono-ONE:  So Mason, what other directors do you like to watch?

Carly:  So basically I liked the whole thing. ;)

MASON:  i didn't like the cock princess that much

Carly:  Really? I thought she rocked! How come?

tdammit:  why no love for the cock princess????

MLyons:  Mason--I didn't either, that was my least favorite scene.

cumcox:  You girls do any Hand Job Hunnies o going too....

desi:  mason, any movies comin with velvet rose?

tdammit:  marc Davis is not that intimidating

mrsmlyons:  Julie was amazing in the way she became so submisive... I have never seen anything so sexxxy.

Jake__malone:  Mason would crush me like a bug under her heel

MASON:  i love PT Anderson

tdammit:  that's what i'm hoping for jake

minbari:  The $20 whore had good atmosphere

tdammit:  Did you see Hard 8?

JULIE NIGHT:  cumcox, I did a hand job scene for Wildlife

bono-ONE:  Thanks Mason for the answer

bono-ONE:  Kimi!!!!

MLyons:  Hey Kimi

* Kimi_Lixx waves hiya to everyone

Carly:  I like the aggressiveness in the scenes... like people are so hot for each other that they want to tear each other apart,

RednckRay:  Kimmi !

cumcox:  which one ?

tdammit:  What about Blaise Mou

TerriRedor:  Hi Kimmi

MASON:  carly YES

Kimi_Lixx:  RAY!

MASON:  loved the first part of Baise Moi

Porky:  A special crowded Wednesday night bip on the nose for Kimi!!

RonK:  Here is the link Julie Hope I typed it right

tdammit:  what bout the second part>

Carly:  That's what's fucking hot to me. I'm tired of performers going-through-the-motions.

TerriRedor:  Hey, is anyone here going to feature anywhere (I need dates for the calendar)?

JULIE NIGHT:  i think it was hand jobs #12 or something like that

MASON:  it went way off course

cumcox:  Hand job # ?

traderhtc:  B1: Re how a girl progresses from rookie to pro is a great idea

cumcox:  Thanxx

MASON:  could have been something phenomenal

traderhtc:  for a film

bono-ONE:  I liked how you talked to both Michelle and Alexandra before their scenes in LF#2, those were way intense!!

tdammit:  julie didn't that hand up the butt hurt>

astroknight:  yep. i've got it sitting here. it's handjobs #12

MASON:  that was patrick's idea, can't take credit

cumcox:  ThanXXX astro

bono-ONE:  Snorting spunk, don't think I had seen that before this scene

mrsmlyons:  That scene rocked

MASON:  but i think it was a great idea in the end, i fought very hard for their exclusion

JULIE NIGHT:  it hurt at first but then it was wonderful and I really want to do it again

bono-ONE:  Well good idea Patrick and thanks to the girls for being so honest

astroknight:  if you like wildlife's stuff julie also has a pretty good scene in pussy playhouse 5

cumcox:  Man My key board is getting all sticky! LOL

bono-ONE:  hmm why?

tdammit:  My hands are all prept and I'm coming over ther!!!

TerriRedor:  I think Queeny Love snorts cum, with some sort of funnel....

RonK:  Well Julie, make sure we can get to see it when you do it again :)

tdammit:  didn't Alex ladd do a mirror scene???

cumcox:  These babes just from Chatting ? LOL

RonK:  Do tell more astro

MASON:  i would love to work with queeny

sparcy:  Do anybody know GAPE oriented website ?

TerriRedor:  Even after her 620-man gangbang?

JULIE NIGHT:  maybe Mason will let me do it on her website :)

desi:  does elegant still do that superfreaks and sugarwalls line?

RonK:  Mason, Queeny is doing a major bukakke or something

bono-ONE:  J Yves lmao

Steph:  Mason, I'm sure Queeny would love to work with you

Carly:  Julie, how did you feel after shooting your scene for DT2?

tdammit:  ask axel aobut the black stuff

astroknight:  ron - just a sec, finding my review...

cumcox:  Ya you go girls!

JULIE NIGHT:  tired and exhilirated

MASON:  yes i've heard of the bukkake, doesn't matter either way

astroknight:  my review of pussy playhouse 5 with julie is here

TerriRedor:  Cool

MLyons:  Julie--it was an amazing scene, and you were beautiful to watch.

RonK:  thanks astro

mrsmlyons:  I agree.

Carly:  was it hard on you?

MASON:  my favorite scene ever - doubt there will be another like it (from me at least)

bono-ONE:  Well then I am glad you had that experience!!!!

JULIE NIGHT:  thank you guys, it just flowed, so no it was not hard just tiring

Carly:  rock on, Julie. I like that. :)

mrsmlyons:  What do you WANT to do next Masson?

tdammit:  how do you feel being one of the few directors ever in porn to transcend the porno cannon fodder? and really make a statement?

Heaven:  i just bought your movie mason, and i love your work!

Carly:  When ya dropping the burqua?

MASON:  i think the burkha has been retired

Carly:  no way!

MASON:  thank you heaven

Carly:  really?

astroknight:  Mason - how did you get into the jiz biz???

MASON:  i used to shoot prostitutes for a hobby

MLyons:  Mason--Burkha--Yaayy!!

cumcox:  LOL

tdammit:  i sa she goes for a surgical mask and scrubs

* Emahevul thinks the one thing separating Mason from MANY other directors is talent

MASON:  then sought out some directors and came across rodney Moore

mrsmlyons:  I like the Burkha.

RonK:  nice hobby, I need to pick up that hobby

MASON:  he gave me a chance and it went from there

tdammit:  do you still talk to rodney?

Carly:  thank god he did

tdammit:  or is he bitter?

RonK:  How do you like working with Partick at Elegant?

cumcox:  Look @ annmarie no blow jobs and now !

Steph:  don't worry, mason - we won't use that bit about shooting hookers for hobby out of context

astroknight:  what was the first movie you worked on?

MASON:  just talked to him 45 minutes ago

tdammit:  what did you learn from him?

MASON:  first movie i shot or directed?

Jake__malone:  Mason will you ever write and shoot a feature with real twisted characters and cool production values and Mason-brand sex?

Carly:  both

MASON:  jake, would love to

astroknight:  both!

MASON:  first directed was lady fellatio 1

Heaven:  is a dirty trixxx 3 coming out anytime soon?

MLyons:  Mason--I would sure love to see something like that.

cumcox:  Juilie ever work with Annmarie or do ya know her?

mrsmlyons:  Me too.

MASON:  first shot, i think an early i swallow

MASON:  no plans for DT3

Carly:  If you were given an unlimited budget, what would you shoot?

JULIE NIGHT:  I've never worked with her but I have talked to her, she is a nice girl:)

tdammit:  is it true that Nutsaq is hung like a hampster

Carly:  And Julie, what would be your ultimate scene?

bono-ONE:  Loved the Bobbi Bliss scene from #2 I think it is, awesome stuff

cumcox:  What up with the no head thing do you know?

astroknight:  Mason - who would be your ideal cast for a movie?

MASON:  i'd shoot a mainstream documentary

bono-ONE:  Tricia!!!

astroknight:  evening TriciaDevereaux

RonK:  about what mason?

Steph:  documentary on what?

RonK:  ho trish

Carly:  Hi Tricia!

TriciaDevereaux:  so sorry I'm late mason, f***ing traffic...

Porky:  A special "better late than never" bip on the nose for Tricia

MASON:  julie night, ashley blue, alex quinn, michele raven, angel long

TriciaDevereaux:  hi everyone!

MASON:  hey Tricia

lindi:  Hi Tricia

minbari:  what a lineup!

JULIE NIGHT:  ultimate scene: penetration with bondage, blindfold, 2 men lots of cum and spit and urine

TriciaDevereaux:  I PROMISE I'll read the transcript when it's ready

Carly:  Wow!

tdammit:  where did you get the idea to show a documentary????

cumcox:  smokin

RonK:  add bella and you wll have a fantastic lineup

astroknight:  mason - which performer has surprised you the most?

mrsmlyons:  Why can't there be bondage??? Why, oh Why??

Heaven:  i was thinking that ashley blue would have been great in dt2


MASON:  she needed to be there Heaven

RonK:  sounds like fun Julie. I like it

JULIE NIGHT:  do you want to be one of the men?

MASON:  i think alex quinn also in Lady Fellatio2, I didn't expectthat at all

* bono-ONE says sure where do I sign up!!!

MASON:  a lot of things just spontaneously erupt on my shoots

Carly:  ha ha ah! I bet!

bono-ONE:  That can be a good thing,lol

MLyons:  Mason--that's part of the magic you bring to your movies...

MASON:  seriously though, shit just happens and it freaks me out

RonK:  me julie -- heck yes, but i cannot perform :(

MASON:  thanks MLyons

mrsmlyons:  Mason I think you allow people to be who they are, and what they want to be.

MASON:  that is what i try to do

MASON:  make them feel as non porn as possible

astroknight:  do you have any difficulty finding men willing to do the rougher sex scenes?

mrsmlyons:  I think that really comes through.

tdammit:  they feel so comfortable on her shoots that they don't even realise what they are doing until it's over and they are usually amazed by themselves

MASON:  astro YES

Steph:  really?

MASON:  i've heard this tdamnit

MLyons:  Mason--Manuel Ferrara in the Alexandra scene in DT2 was.... absolutely astounding.

bono-ONE:  Steve Holmes got into that scene in the bathroom rather nicely

MASON:  it really was

mrsmlyons:  is it because they are uncomfortable with it, or because they don't want to hurt the girls?

cumcox:  Ever work with Peter North? Juilie

Carly:  Mason, do you worry about EA getting in trouble for releasing your stuff?

JULIE NIGHT:  yes in Anal Addicts #9

Heaven:  i still haven't seen that scene yet, probably tonight, can't wait to see it

MASON:  carly NO

bono-ONE:  So you have taken a Northian blast,lol

tdammit:  like the pissing in internally yours?

JULIE NIGHT:  yes! Check out deep throat this #6, I get covered all the while giggling :)

astroknight:  do you normally tell the male talent that you're looking for in the rougher scenes before the shoot?

MASON:  it's consensual, no one is coerced

MASON:  always astro

tdammit:  there are not enuff guys in the business to step up to the plate to be in a Moason movie

MASON:  i talk to everyone extensively way in advance of the shoot

astroknight:  i as just wondering after hearing the bit about the male talent arguing about doing the rough sex scene on the set

Heaven:  mason, i like hearing your voice in the background of dt2, telling them to gag her, etc, turns me on

Carly:  I think that's what I dug about cock princess -- Mason's sass!

TriciaDevereaux:  she has a very sexy voice

MASON:  yes, these guys exist and it sucks

astroknight:  mason's voice and eyes are both great!

JULIE NIGHT:  I think the women like the rough sex more than the men

tdammit:  Cock Princess slapped mason

Carly:  amen, julie

MASON:  women don't need men or anyone for that matter to define us or dictate what is right or wrong

RonK:  Julie, I take it you like rough sex (what a dumb question RonK)

Carly:  YES!

mrsmlyons:  Julie, I think men are afraid of the rough sex. morally.

Carly:  I mean, to what mason said. ;)

TriciaDevereaux:  mason - who are your favorite guys to shoot?

JULIE NIGHT:  i just need rough sex

MASON:  steve holmes and manuel are new favs

astroknight:  Julie_Night - i think it's because most of us are trained from a very young age that you will not so much as lay a finger on a woman

RonK:  WOW Julie -- I need ....

JULIE NIGHT:  you are right astro

RonK:  Can you get Steve and Manuel to work for you as they are starting their own company

Carly:  It's hard to untrain 'em

mrsmlyons:  The Alxandra scene in DT2 was the first time I liked Manuel.

MLyons:  Astro-that is true... and it's hard to break out of that training.

TriciaDevereaux:  Julie - I think the guys just aren't used to the new attitude of the girls in the business about LIKING sex

cumcox:  Ever been on the howard Stern show julie?

tdammit:  Julie, have you ever had a guy go too far?

Carly:  Tricia, they never used to?

JULIE NIGHT:  in a sexual setting though they should let those feelings go as long as the woman really wants it

MASON:  and women are trained from a very early age to not rock the boat'

TriciaDevereaux:  sorry, meant to say ROUGHER sex

astroknight:  Carly - i'm barely even house trained let alone to change programming like that! ;)

Carly:  Hee hee!

RonK:  Howard will abuse you verbally Julie

cumcox:  How bout going on nitecalls or 411?

tdammit:  the girls likeing sex is not new... look at those movies from the seventies

Carly:  Baby steps, astroknight.

JULIE NIGHT:  never been on Howard Stern

astroknight:  hahahaha

MASON:  tricia, good point about women even liking sex at all

Carly:  ;)

astroknight:  Mason - any plans for having Julie sodomize William H with a strapon in one of your next movies????

tdammit:  he's too much of a PUSSY

minbari:  Mason - did you have a chance to see the Anabolic Rough Sex videos - reaction?

MASON:  i don't know toby, i just started embracing NORMAL sex about 2 years ago

astroknight:  Carly - i'm still not past breast feeding, i think the baby steps will be a long ways off :D

JULIE NIGHT:  the guys I've worked with are respectful of limits

Carly:  what's normal!!??!!

bono-ONE:  Ok Julie here is my # for some rough sex 555-BIGDICK

TriciaDevereaux:  tdammit - i was thinking about the 90's. there weren't as many girls who looked forward to rougher sex like there are now

MASON:  i have a copy of rough sex at home, yet to watch it

TriciaDevereaux:  and a lot of the male talent today was here during the 90s.

Carly:  I'm curious for those who have seen both: what are the differences between Rough Sex and things Mason has done?

mrsmlyons:  They look it too :(

MASON:  like just plain old vanilla, i didn't even allow myself to like that a few years ago

MASON:  yes, i want to know that too carly

TriciaDevereaux:  In Mason's movies, it's more obvious that everything is consensual

tdammit:  Debi Diamond... Madison...

Carly:  I'm just curious, not looking to start a pissing match, but I'd like to know the difference. Was it consentual in Rough Sex?

mrsmlyons:  I think Mason allows Women to do what they want, rouhg Sex "abuses" the women

MLyons:  Carly--that attitude behind them are different.... the Rough Sex movies don't take into account any consideration for female pleasure.

Carly:  gotcha

minbari:  I get a sense of female participation from Masons tape the others are more by rote

TriciaDevereaux:  carly - it was, but it was completely portrayed in most of the scenes as NOT

Carly:  Ew. Not cool.

ray:  Julie is sexy

Jake__malone:  I saw Rough Sex last night # 1. It's kind of like a jet SUCKS and it BLOWS! Not anywhere near the caliber of Masons stuff

TriciaDevereaux:  MLyons hit it right on the head

bono-ONE:  hear hear

mrsmlyons:  SORRY - Didn't know we were talking about a movie!!!! My Bad.

Carly:  what you said still counted, though!

MASON:  yes it did

traderhtc:  One question then I'm out of here: If you could only own ONE Mason dvd, which one would it be?

Heaven:  says what her movies are about carly

MASON:  it's amazing that we have 5 women out here that really dig the rough stuff, or at least support it

tdammit:  right now it would be Dirty Trixxx 2

Heaven:  dt2!

MLyons:  My vote--Dirty Trixxx #2.

ray:  Elegant Angel is very lucky to have you Mason

bono-ONE:  Right now I would say Lady Fellatio 2 but I haven't see DT2 yet so that could easily change

Carly:  DT2

MLyons:  Followed cloesly by Lady Fellatio #2

MASON:  who creates the controversy?

tdammit:  but once the next one coems out it will be that one'

mrsmlyons:  DT2

Carly:  Mason, how do you mean controversy?

Carly:  Over rough sex?

Steph:  porn's marketers

mrsmlyons:  People who are afraid to admit they like porn.

astroknight:  mason - do you have a favorite scene that you've shot?

cumcox:  Hey ever work with A lysin Chaines?

astroknight:  julie - do you have a favorite scene you've been in?

Carly:  Bingo, steph.

bono-ONE:  I like the blowjob genre and Mason gives a very interesting take on the act, not just a blowjob by numbers type of flick

ray:  Julie is pretty

MASON:  i mean there is so much talk about how wrong rough sex is, how it's so harmful, stems from emotional issues

traderhtc:  Well, looks like getting a consensus was easy. Thankse, everyone.

JULIE NIGHT:  it's atoss up between the scene for dt2 and the one for skeeter with the anal fisting

Steph:  titles calling women filthy whores aren't intended to garner warm fuzzy feelings

tdammit:  hypothetical question here: would Mason, and her movies, fit in at Evil Angel?

JULIE NIGHT:  ray is sweet!!!

MASON:  astro, Julie Night's airplane scene

traderhtc:  B1: Is that also one of Savanna's scenes outside of Vivid?

TriciaDevereaux:  tdammit - hypothetical?

ray:  Elegant Angel is very lucky to have you Mason

Carly:  Ray is right.

bono-ONE:  I don't know where it was shot,lol but I loved the guts shooting it outside like that

tdammit:  there ain't no spell check on this thang

bono-ONE:  Plus Savannah has one hot body!!!

MASON:  it was shot on a random sidewalk in Chatsworth

tdammit:  exactly

MASON:  i love Savannah, she was so supportive in Vegas for me

TriciaDevereaux:  sorry, wasn't correcting you. just checking on if you meant not for real...

cumcox:  Julie ever work with Alysin Chaines??

tdammit:  yes... not for real potificating, or pontificating

JULIE NIGHT:  no I haven't worked with her, would like to:)

TriciaDevereaux:  :)

MASON:  that was savannah's FIRST SCENE

cumcox:  Savannah was mint!

bono-ONE:  Well it was very good!!

tdammit:  savannah was a hoot in Vegas... and her friend was sexy as well

TriciaDevereaux:  well, to be completely honest, I haven't seen A WHOLE Mason movie yet, but I'm going to correct that very soon

tdammit:  she didn't even charge Elegant

bono-ONE:  I guess I saw her but then again that was a crowd scene on some days,lol

tdammit:  she only wanted to be in another mason movie

RonK:  get dt2 trish, it will blow your mind

MASON:  i know, toby!

Carly:  I hadn't seen one until a week ago... and she made me a convert right away!

cumcox:  Ya she has a great tit job ! Make even hotter ! LOL

tdammit:  so back to my question

bono-ONE:  I have seen 3 so far 1!!!

tdammit:  any takers

MASON:  she donated her time at the Vegas booth

Heaven:  me too! now i want to see more of her stuff

cumcox:  Julie ever do any featuring?

TriciaDevereaux:  I LOVE Mason's attitude of being a porn fan and liking all the performers to be enjoying what they're doing... THOSE things totally fit with Evil Angel's philosophies

Carly:  Rock on.

bono-ONE:  well said Tricia

JULIE NIGHT:  no i haven't, but I work at Deja Vu in North Hollywood

TriciaDevereaux:  OK, I got lost somewhere, which Savannah are we talking about, and which scenes?

MASON:  they are consistent with elegant angel as well, i've been very happy here

tdammit:  savannah storm outside blowjob sccene

bono-ONE:  This Savannah was in LF#2 which recently came out

Carly:  Mason, do you have an ultimate goal to reach in your career?

RonK:  Too bad North Hollywood is too far away or I will run over there in a sec to see Julie

mel:  Julie what was your experience with joey silvera

bono-ONE:  She is nice looking blond with a very heathy chest and a nice ass too!!!!

TriciaDevereaux:  Julie - I'm an ex-DejaVu girl myself. still love them, just too out of shape to dance now

Carly:  Tricia! You so are not!

TriciaDevereaux:  oh, savannah storm, yeah I know, I was just lost for a bit

bono-ONE:  Well blowing some more bubbles with Bella should get you into fine shape :)

TriciaDevereaux:  carly - you haven't seen me naked lately..... ;)

RonK:  Trish, you too -- I impressed

MASON:  carly, just happy right now doing what i do for elegant, would love to do a documentary though

JULIE NIGHT:  Joey is awesome great experience check out service animals 10

Carly:  Well, Tricia, let's remedy that! ;) Get on the webcam!

Heaven:  loved your scene in that julie

JULIE NIGHT:  tricia, to another Vu girl!!

Steph:  Mason, what's the subject for the documentary? (sorry if i missed the answer)

Carly:  Mason, I think you'd do an amazing documentary.

TriciaDevereaux:  julie - thanks. have you seen any of their other clubs?

JULIE NIGHT:  thanks heaven

minbari:  Mason - the industry need someone like you to a doc. & get it right!

bono-ONE:  There was one in Bakersfield where I usedto live

MASON:  i'd love to do a fair doc on the industry'

JULIE NIGHT:  Just one in

TriciaDevereaux:  I thought you were awesome in service animals 10

JULIE NIGHT:  just one in Vegas, got to travel more :)

TriciaDevereaux:  the bakersfield vu has some fabulous dancers.

RonK:  I would love to see Mason's doc on the industry in ABC

Carly:  ha ha ha!

cumcox:  Julie does Joey still have the girls wack him off for the cum shot?

MASON:  that was such a let down

MASON:  so wrong

Steph:  would be great to have a mainstream and hardcore cut for the doc

bono-ONE:  Let her interview Diane Sawyer,lol

JULIE NIGHT:  thanks tricia!!

MASON:  i would be so game for that interview

MLyons:  Hehehe

Carly:  I'd pay to see that.

TriciaDevereaux:  i should come see you dance some night. haven't been to the north hollywood club in awhile

TriciaDevereaux:  mason - you'd eat Diane alive!

JULIE NIGHT:  Joey was very well behaved on the set, wouldn't mind giving him a hummer though

bono-ONE:  So Diane, when was the first time you gagged on two cocks, come on be honest :)

MASON:  she took far more advantage of bella than any one in porn ever could

RonK:  Yes and ABC will have ratings up the Kazoo

minbari:  TheABC thing was a ratings hachet job!

MASON:  pure exploitation

TriciaDevereaux:  that's OK, they'll regret that program ever happened when our lawyers have them in court

Carly:  Yeah, and they say porn exploits

JULIE NIGHT:  yeah sic em

traderhtc:  Thanks, everyone, Mason, Julie. Well, I'll have to check out DT#2. Bye

Steph:  the abc thing may have been negative press, but it introduced people to porn - we got new visitors because of it

Carly:  How's that going, Tricia?

MASON:  no shit, carly

astroknight:  GO TRICIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RonK:  go go trish and sic em

JULIE NIGHT:  bye trader

MASON:  bye trader

MLyons:  Steph--definitely.

Carly:  Steph, I had hundreds and hundreds of people hit my site looking for Bella info.

TriciaDevereaux:  carly - our lawyers beat abc a year or so ago in another copyright infringement suit.

Jake__malone:  Why did anyone ever agree to talk to ABC? You KNOW they are going to spin it seedy and sordid

bono-ONE:  Yeah take the man to court,lol

Carly:  Tricia, why does ABC keep messing with Evil?!

Steph:  Carly and i'm pretty sure these are visitors who wouldn't have even thought to check out porn sites

RonK:  Great question Jake -- any ideas from the insiders?

Steph:  PR, sales, name recognition,...

bono-ONE:  Well we do :)

TriciaDevereaux:  oh, sorry, wasn't clear. this is a law firm we hired especially for this case. They represented another adult (non-video) company in the other suit

Carly:  Steph, absolutely right. And I think it's good that there's some intelligent places out there where people can learn about porn.

tdammit:  no press is bad press

Steph:  people aren't so stupid that they believe everything they see on abc

Carly:  Tricia, gotcha. I still find it odd that an outfit like ABC wouldn't think better.

Kimi-Lixx:  unless it's about michael Jackson

astroknight:  you mean life doesn't really go according to jim????? ;)

Jake__malone:  Mason who have you been most influenced by?

RednckRay:  Steph, You clearly don't live in a trailer park. Everybody around me believes ABC

TriciaDevereaux:  even my mom was like, so if Belladonna's mom was so heartbroken, why was she helping Bella's production company at the end?

Steph:  kimi - that's an unexplainable phenomenon

bono-ONE:  Must be someone from Vivid right,lol

MASON:  one of the first movies i ever saw was Slutwoman with Alex Quinn

cumcox:  Julie & Mason Peace out from ground Zero keep ^UP^ the G@@D works! Got to get up go to work @ 5 am Steph get this chat going once a week maybe I miss this stuff it is like part of Life ! LOL

tdammit:  what about that Slutwoman party?

Carly:  I hear Bella's mom is getting a job with Digital Playground now.

Heaven:  yeah tricia, i thought that was pretty funny

MASON:  my first encounter with rough sex was in Buttwoman is Bella

TriciaDevereaux:  carly - seriously?

minbari:  Mason & Julie - Must leave now - Love & Respect to you both.

MASON:  and that has shaped me very much

Heaven:  which scene mason?

MASON:  thanks for showing up minbari!

JULIE NIGHT:  bye minbari

Carly:  Tricia, yeah. I don't know if it happened, but I know they were talking.

MASON:  I think the opener with her and nacho, when he gets rough with her and spits on her and calls her a bitch . . .

MASON:  and she says, "I know I am" so fucking hot

Heaven:  yeah, i remember, that was a hot scene

ray:  julie is sexy and pretty

TriciaDevereaux:  mason - off camera completely, what is your sexual personality with when you're with a man? (if you don't want to answer, that's cool, just curious)

bono-ONE:  So what do you do to get up for directing a scene Mason?

MASON:  so of course patrick has been a big influence

MASON:  off camera a total submissive

astroknight:  mason - if you had to go in front of the camera, who would you want as a partner?

RonK:  wow -Mason

ray:  julie likes pizza

JULIE NIGHT:  julie likes ray

MLyons:  Mason--mm mm... I can't deny... you're turnin' me on. :)

RonK:  Julie is still on that slice of pizza???

JULIE NIGHT:  i can't get enough

MASON:  nacho is the ultimate sex partner - what he exudes is amazing

Heaven:  bella's a lucky girl

JULIE NIGHT:  mmmmm nacho

RonK:  And I thought Rocco was the stud

astroknight:  julie - are we still talking about the pizza????

ray:  she likes cheese pizza

TriciaDevereaux:  ron - was just going to say that :)

MASON:  manuel has it too

RonK:  Have you worked with nacho julie?

TriciaDevereaux:  mason - I'll have to introduce you to Rocco

TriciaDevereaux:  I do love Nacho and Manuel though

* SueR runs into room, tripping over doorjamb and breathing heavily

JULIE NIGHT:  I would love to work with nacho

astroknight:  manuel was one hell of a nice guy


Porky:  Greetings, Punkin' Puss

MLyons:  Astro--he totally is.

RonK:  I have a bad joke for SueR -- maybe next week

RonK:  Julie, you need to work with Nacho, Rocco, and Teo all at the same time LOL

MASON:  oh boy!

JULIE NIGHT:  that would be the biggest love story EVER!!!

MASON:  mad love

bono-ONE:  So what do you like to do for fun Mason? Movies, concerts, S & M clubs,lol

MASON:  i'm so square it's wrong

RonK:  Mason, get ready to direct the flick of the century with Julie baby Rocco, Teo, and Nacho

JULIE NIGHT:  who is Teo?

MASON:  i like to stay at home alot, very much a recluse

bono-ONE:  Franco Roccaforte I think

MASON:  don't go out much cause i don't like crowds

RonK:  RoccoForte

JULIE NIGHT:  hell yeah!!!

bono-ONE:  I am pretty close to that, although I like working out, seeing flicks, seeing show when I can!!!

Steph:  Mason, what made you choose a burkha as your "disguise"?

bono-ONE:  I really like doing the reviews for the movies, that is a fun gig!!

MASON:  burkha to me is the quintessence of repression

astroknight:  hmmm. something doesn't seem quite kosher with SueR's story. ;)

MASON:  some irony there

Heaven:  very true

RednckRay:  Burkah's are certainly not a friend to the fasion industry.

astroknight:  Mason & Julie_Night - what are your favorite non-porn movies and musicians?

Steph:  some fashion mag just had a layout of Lil Kim in one

MASON:  magnolia, boogie nights, thelma and louise, airplane

MASON:  i'm a huge oasis fan

MASON:  really steph!

astroknight:  now we see the REAL inspiration for Mason's movies - Airplane! :D

JULIE NIGHT:  i LOVE david lynch

MASON:  there is a lot of airplane humor in my movies though!

Steph:  mason yeah - it's a naked thing too - i'll send you a link

tdammit:  stop calling me shirly

astroknight:  roger roger

JULIE NIGHT:  music: I LOVE Ministry

astroknight:  over over

MASON:  looks like i picked the wrong week to stop snorting cum

astroknight:  what's our vector victor?

KY-Jelly:  Hey Mason and Julie, just curious what you two are wearing in front of the computer...sweats and a t-shirt? jammies?

bono-ONE:  So guess that makes Mason the Big Cheese!!!

Voyeur32:  Rofl Mason.

tdammit:  mason really likes Thai food

JULIE NIGHT:  yes love it

MASON:  getting a big thai belly

MLyons:  KY-Kelly--

Emahevul:  speaking of airplanes Mason, what made you think up the helicopter entrance in DT2?

nutsack:  Mason and Julie are naked

JULIE NIGHT:  i am wearing a cow suit

MLyons:  That's what their wearing. :)

tdammit:  did you order Julie some form the GOOD place?

RonK:  Mason, how hot Thai? Burn on the way in, burn while in , and burn on the way out.

KY-Jelly:  awesome

DenverDon:  Wow, HUGE crowd Hi all

RonK:  Moo Moo to you Julie

nutsack:  I have a hard on

tdammit:  one time, she ordered Thai food from the BAd place, and she intentially threw it up so she could go order from the GOOD place

MASON:  helicopter: just wanted to do something hadn't really seen before, wanted cool aerial footage, and kind of looked like i was surveiling the place

JULIE NIGHT:  i like milk

nutsack:  man milk?

JULIE NIGHT:  of course

Jake__malone:  Mason How did you go from shooting camera for Rodney to being where you are now? The fair-haired golden girl of hard-core porn.

RednckRay: that Mason on a Macintosh ?

RonK:  Got milk -- ROTFLMAO

MASON:  i started shooting freelance camera for the dr fellatio series

bono-ONE:  Ok can't believe no one said this Airplane line in regards to Mason, Striker, Striker, Striker,lol

MASON:  elegant had read a review about the "camera lady" and how this reviewer liked her

nutsack:  the fab jorden brothers?

Jake__malone:  You shot camera for Cory Jordan??? Say it ain't so!!

Steph:  who wrote the review?

Carly:  wasit from AVN?

MASON:  around the time Elegant was trying to find the camera lady, i went over to pick up some of the videos i shot

Den:  It was Me

MASON:  it was very cosmic/fateful

MASON:  are you serious den?

Den:  yes

JULIE NIGHT:  hi Den!!!

MASON:  wow, f'ing wierd

Steph:  Den, you make things happen! :)

astroknight:  ALL HAIL DEN!!!!!!!!!!

MASON:  den got me the job!

RonK:  Just noticed something in the pic of Mson -- who is hiding behind you?

Carly:  Mason, I believe everything happens for a reason, and you meet certain people at certain times to continue your life path... not to get all cheesy.

SueR:  my god Carly's here too

astroknight:  geeze, you'd think that'd be worth a thank-you-blowjob or something. ;D

MASON:  but really, i owe so much to patrick collins

bono-ONE:  Mason, the force is strong with this one :)

TriciaDevereaux:  ron - that's Julie in front, Mason is the one in back

MASON:  i am forever grateful to him for giving me a chance

Carly:  Hi Sue. :)

RonK:  okay, Mason is the mystery woman

bono-ONE:  Someone better post some pics of the two of them in the forum!!!!,lol

MASON:  den, i am still in disbelief

RonK:  mason got cute eyes

Den:  Patrick asked me my ideas and I told him to use the gal who talked in the BJ movies.

Steph:  porn's a small world after all...

astroknight:  den - do you remember which movie(s) it was?

Carly:  Great, steph, now the song is stuck in my head.

MASON:  i'm like in tears here, this is so amazing

nutsack:  I have the runs

Voyeur32:  So, it seems like things are going well here tonight considering word is no one is allowed to express freedom of speech and this should be called nazi chat

tdammit:  And you thought Den didn't like you

MASON:  dr fellatio 32-36 i think

Den:  No, but Patrick wanted some amateurs & I was trying to get Wifey for him

SueR:  carly: better than having "It's all in the game of love" stuck in your head

bono-ONE:  lol

Steph:  Voyeur32 shut up before i ban you ;)

SueR:  "a little bit of this, a little bit of that"]

Carly:  Sue!!!

Voyeur32:  lol.

Carly:  Dammit!

DenverDon:  voyeur, yuve been reading too many threads :-)

TriciaDevereaux:  sue - ok, stop that... if she wins a grammy.... (groan)

Voyeur32:  only yours denver you instigator:)

Den:  I like Mason & I love the Commentary track!

Kimi-Lixx:  ooo ooo can i be the chat nazi? i'll keep all the chat for myself and i won't let anyone else have any...

morbidthoughts:  I like michelle

nutsack:  I like cake

RonK:  Yes, but I like the Santana runs. Santana rocks even after all these years

MASON:  you had a lot to do with the commentary track

tdammit:  hey! I'm on that commentary track.. toby tooting his own horn

MASON:  den

RednckRay:  That's more like a chat grinch

ChatNazi:  oh darn

TriciaDevereaux:  toby - what a surprise. ;)

MASON:  lol

MLyons:  Den has come around to understanding Mason's point of view rather nicely... :)

astroknight:  hahahahaha

tdammit:  why is it a suprise... I've very opinionated

SueR:  nutsack *is* cake

Steph:  kimi, does this mean i can change your title from Queen of Chat to Chat Nazi?

nutsack:  yes

tdammit:  yellow cake with chocolate frosting

MASON:  as i too

Den:  Not exactly......................

astroknight:  i thought nutsack always seemed more like brownies :D

Voyeur32:  Den did you get wifey? That would be awesome. I'm sure her working with her hubby would be cool with Patrick considering the loads he blows.

Carly:  What's with all the nazi talk?

TriciaDevereaux:  toby - i meant you tooting your own horn.... !

Steph:  bad peanut butter brownies

bono-ONE:  Yes the famous brownies,lol

nutsack:  I like brownies

astroknight:  we noticed ;P

ChatGrinch:  you better not Steph (although i'd get a kick out of it) someone might not have a sense of humor, and i would hate for anyone to think i was any sort of REAL nazi

TriciaDevereaux:  ah, the good ol' days!

Den:  She was a no show at last year's AVN convention

Steph:  Carly we got called nazis

tdammit:  we had to start the commentary four times, becuase mason was a commentary nazi... just kidding

Den:  Toby You were good on it too

mrsmlyons:  I loved the commentary!! Nice to hear Toby.

nutsack:  julie is farting from the pizza

tdammit:  maosn Hates pizza!!

nutsack:  it's giving me wood

RonK:  Yes but the link in Luke ford made no sense -- not sure what WW is about???????

JULIE NIGHT:  on your face nutsack

tdammit:  I would pay to see that Julie

TriciaDevereaux:  ron - even the people in the business don't know

Jake__malone:  Nutsack-some guys heve all the luck

Carly:  Steph, that's silly. People always get upset if there's moderation, but they get mad when there isn't any either. You can't win.

Steph:  Carly doesn't bother me - i'm acquiring thicker skin

SueR:  you can't win, you can't break even and you can't get out of the game

French_guy:  Just a question Mason, Considering the court decision in favor of Seymore for his Tampa Tushy Fest tape

Voyeur32:  Den, did you get any amateurs? Maybe Dagny?

Den:  Patrick did a Fisting tape

French_guy:  It's still illegal to do fist tapes in the US ?

tdammit:  and then pulled the fisting tape

Kimi-Lixx:  it's not illegal, it's obscene - there's a difference

Den:  Oh, I didn't know that

tdammit:  it's illegal in certain couties

nutsack:  I like beasyality

French_guy:  what's the difference ? U can do it or not ?

Steph:  it's not obscene or illegal until it's been determined as such by a court in a locality

TriciaDevereaux:  frenchie - still not the best idea. too many people could possibly consider it illegal

SueR:  fuck S.L.A.P.

French_guy:  well since Cali said it's not.....

MASON:  you can't even purchase a dildo in oklahoma

TriciaDevereaux:  it's up to the production company if they'd want to take a chance on it

morbidthoughts:  technically that's wrong

SueR:  fg: that don't mean jack. the next judge could rule against a fisting tape

Kimi-Lixx:  yeah, but you can go topless on the beach in Cleveland!

morbidthoughts:  about the obscenity thing

Steph:  sales depend on the risk distributors/retailers are willing to take

TriciaDevereaux:  most production companies are choosing not to

Den:  Julie - Tells us about Girlvert 2 - Behind the Scenes

lindi:  French Guy - a thing is obscene if it violates the standards of the community it's offered in

DenverDon:  really mason, glad I didn't move to oklahoma

RonK:  In NYC, there are bunch of bootlegs with doggy do and I assume it is legal

TriciaDevereaux:  morbid - your thoughts?

tdammit:  the reason Patrick pulled the tape was it was being pirated and sent to counties where it was not legal.

French_guy:  Ok so it's not illegal but stimm producers chickened cause a nut case prosecutor may go after their asses ?

Voyeur32:  For those three days all year it's nice enough to go topless on the north shore beach Kimi?

* Kimi-Lixx boots Voyeur in the seat

morbidthoughts:  a community can establish community standards in the form of an ordinance

Jake__malone:  Mason- are you ever tempted to succumb to the moment and actually participate in one of your scenes, ala early John Stagliano?

tdammit:  and patrick was going to get sued because it was his tape, even though it was a boot

lindi:  french guy - so a thing can be obscene in Utah, and not obscene in Times Square

French_guy:  cause you can see fisting all over Internet

Heaven:  good question jake

TriciaDevereaux:  frenchie - i'll let you mail a fisting tape all around the US, and then you can sit in jail for me, OK? ;)

MASON:  i do have plans to be more involved in the scene

Rev5881:  lol

morbidthoughts:  the court will be reluctant to overturn it on constitutional grounds if that was the case

nutsack:  Julie and Mason are doing naughty stuff

RednckRay:  Lindi, that's the whole "community standards" concept.

lindi:  right

DenverDon:  right lindi

French_guy:  Humm they will send the GMen after my ass in France ??

JULIE NIGHT:  I've got my thumb up my bum!!

Voyeur32:  Kimi, for a sub. you sure seemed to enjoy booting me a little too much.

tdammit:  can I sniff it juliue

MASON:  no, it's my thumb julie

Kimi-Lixx:  yeah :) i do, don't i?

DenverDon:  Julie, you can use my thumb

RonK:  Woo Woo Julie

Voyeur32:  Julie, everyone says I have my head up mine.

Jake__malone:  Nutsack is a cunundrum living inside an enigma

MASON:  what are your limits julie?

SueR:  everyone in this room better pray to god that none of the USC Justices retire (except for maybe Scalia)

JULIE NIGHT:  let's see how many thumbs can fit in my bum

morbidthoughts:  reinquist will be the first one to retire

Steph:  i thought he was a conundrum living inside a scrotum

nutsack:  i can smell pussy

tdammit:  Nutsaq are the rumours true?

RonK:  Thomas is no better but allegedly he was a porn fan

nutsack:  yes

morbidthoughts:  stevens (the most liberal) might die while bush is president, thomas is definitely a porn fan

JULIE NIGHT:  nutsack put your pants back on

Voyeur32:  Yes, you do. I sometimes think you may be a dom. hiding in a subs. body.

RonK:  Can we have web cam on Julie

French_guy:  I've seen Patrick fisting tapes and it's probably less rough than mason works

nutsack:  my pee pee is growing

tdammit:  that you are hung like a hampster?

nutsack:  yes

Den:  His fistiing tape was 'mild'

morbidthoughts:  he's written opinions favouring free speech with obscenity charges

RednckRay:  How many people trust guys that wear black dresses all day at work anyway ?

JULIE NIGHT:  more like a titmouse

RonK:  stevens will not retire if he can help it while Bush is in office

Jake__malone:  Julie have you ever been whipped?

morbidthoughts:  stevens will die before he retires but he's also the oldest and not in that good of health

French_guy:  well it was more like a how to than a fisting tape as we can see here

SueR:  thomas is a fuckin puppet

JULIE NIGHT:  yes many times I love bruises

astroknight:  evening constance_le

constance_le:  hi all

morbidthoughts:  puppet of what, sue?

French_guy:  but seeing Chloe cumming on Patrick hand was a blast

MASON:  would not want to see that, yuck

DenverDon:  welcome Constance

French_guy:  Oh shocked Mason LOL

Den:  Keisha fisting!

constance_le:  haha, i know what yall are talking about, i was on that set

MASON:  never like to see my co-workers privates or them getting into it

nutsack:  Mason has her legs spread open like a whore

constance_le:  my first porno

TriciaDevereaux:  mason - i'm with you on the not seeing coworkers thing

SueR:  did she just say "I love bruises"?

RonK:  Pats fisting tape was shot in blury vision not even good as a how to? Better as a how not to? But I guess that was deliberatae

TriciaDevereaux:  besides, I always thought of patrick as sort of a father figure

French_guy:  look who's talking

JULIE NIGHT:  yes, oddly enough I love bruises

Heaven:  she did say that she like bruises

DenverDon:  Patrick = father????

MASON:  i don't even like seeing other director's privates

French_guy:  Well as long as it's consensual and she enjoys it

TriciaDevereaux:  denverdon - i mean that in the best possible way, seriously

Jake__malone:  Julie- how about welts? Like from a serious caning.

MASON:  oh yes, definitely father figure

Voyeur32:  Tricia doesn't mind seeing Johns' privates.

TriciaDevereaux:  patrick was always awesome to me and made sure that i was always happy

JULIE NIGHT:  welts are good too

DenverDon:  Tricia, I look at Patrick and can't imagine it

TriciaDevereaux:  voyeur - no, i don't ;)

French_guy:  but he can't be a perve LOL

TriciaDevereaux:  mason - what about my privates?

nutsack:  Patrick has a nice penis

MASON:  he's always been poppa

RonK:  Julie any SM videos of you in the market? Going to make any?

bono-ONE:  Those are awesome!!!

SueR:  Pat will be your father figure, put your pussy juice on him

DenverDon:  Tricia, Love your privates :-)

morbidthoughts:  George Michael?

MASON:  i like tricia's privates

JULIE NIGHT:  I did a spanking video and a video for redboard

TriciaDevereaux:  i don't care about you guys, I want a chick to like my privates, dammit!

Voyeur32:  I know. We're all taking beating and bruises and Kimi here has done all the sweet fetish stuff.

nutsack:  i like my privates

TriciaDevereaux:  ok, that's better!

bono-ONE:  lol

RonK:  ouch do tell more Julie

Den:  I like Tricia's privates!

DenverDon:  lol

JULIE NIGHT:  would like to do more s&M stuff

Kimi-Lixx:  i'm a sweet fetish kinda gal

Voyeur32:  I lick er um like Tricias' privates.

French_guy:  Sex is still illegal in S&M tapes ?

astroknight:  nutsack - i think you like your privates a little too much and definitely too often! ;)

morbidthoughts:  no frenchie

Heaven:  julie, would you do more stuff for mason?

JULIE NIGHT:  Kim Wilde dominates me and Gia Regency really cool stuff

nutsack:  yes

RonK:  go over to Europe Julie and they will treat you right LOL

bono-ONE:  I like Tricia's Privates, Captains, Colonels, and those two lovely Generals!!!

AdultMovieFAQ:  evening all -- holy crap is it crowded! must make Mason and Julie feel welcome. :-)

bono-ONE:  yep it is!!


MLyons:  It was more crowded earlier. :)

DenverDon:  Heaven, Julie is Mason's slave

JULIE NIGHT:  i like Mason's privates

TriciaDevereaux:  frenchguy - well, actually, that could be prosecuted too. (sex with s/m)

Voyeur32:  yes, yes you are. Kimi didn't I see you and that girl from Joe Millionaire in a movie together")

astroknight:  i don't think we asked...

French_guy:  it's ok to spank and flog people but not to diddle her clitty. Americans are strange

Kimi-Lixx:  lol

SueR:  Julie, Heaven is a place on Earth

astroknight:  julie - what's your favorite type of pizza????

TriciaDevereaux:  astro - can I ask it?

* Kimi-Lixx wiggles her eyebrows mischeviously

MASON:  is that an invitation, julie?

TriciaDevereaux:  oh, sorry, thought you were going to ask THE question

astroknight:  TriciaDevereaux - sure!

JULIE NIGHT:  sausage

Den:  Julie - Tell us more about Mason's privates

JULIE NIGHT:  oh yeah

astroknight:  i thought about that too, so go ahead!

nutsack:  i saw them

bono-ONE:  good call Den!!!

Voyeur32:  lol. I'm just grinning from ear to ear.

TriciaDevereaux:  Mason - if you were queen of porn for a day, what would you want to do?

TriciaDevereaux:  (astro - did I get the ? right?)

JULIE NIGHT:  she makes me lick her blindfolded

astroknight:  TriciaDevereaux - close enough (normally three things) :D

TriciaDevereaux:  oh, right,

astroknight:  for you i'll let it go. :)

bono-ONE:  Oh come on now, let's see some muff diving!!! Oops did I just type that out loud,lol

Den:  Julie - Try cheating!

TriciaDevereaux:  Mason - if you were queen of porn, what 3 things would you do?

MASON:  i'm still thinking! (great question)

Steph:  The question has morphed over the years - Queen of Porn, Empress, Emperor

French_guy:  She would probably put Jenna J in a bondage attire and make her do a rape scene :-)

bono-ONE:  Grand PooBah!!!

MASON:  yeah, why do i have to be queen? i like grand poobah

Den:  I think Mason is the QUEEN of Porn!

Steph:  then grand poobah it is!

astroknight:  Mason - better you being a Queen than nutsack!

JULIE NIGHT:  damn right

Jake__malone:  I share a house with Mason and I can tell you that finding her soiled panties in the bathroom has provoked many a mastabatory moment

Voyeur32:  grand poonbah.

Max_Booty:  Grand PooBah and you get a Fred Flinstone hat

MASON:  sick fuck jake

tdammit:  would you visit a website dedicated to Napoleon the porn star?

Steph:  tdammit yes

TriciaDevereaux:  steph and astro - i still remember in my chat, for a while, I thought THE question was "do you have a DVD player?"!

nutsack:  Mason is on her period now

Steph:  tricia - that used to be a standard one too

astroknight:  hahahahahahaha. i remember that tricia!

tdammit:  he just called me to ask me to build him a website

TriciaDevereaux:  ok - Mason, do you have a DVD player? :)

Steph:  tdammit as long as the sense of humor is there - could be huge

astroknight:  heck, i was still using the DVD question when i started doing interviews!

tdammit:  I gotta go to the store to stock up on my midget porn...

AdultMovieFAQ:  Steph, no pun intended. :-)

MASON:  1. i would want all of the girls who weren't into porn and were hurting themselves by doing it to get out

Max_Booty:  can never have enough midget porn

RonK:  Bridget Tdammit?

tdammit:  bridget rocks!! I was in a movie with her twice

DenverDon:  I'm surprised that more people haven't switched to DVD, the price difference is so small now days

bono-ONE:  good one Mason!!

mrsmlyons:  Yea Mason!!

DenverDon:  mason, good number 1

bono-ONE:  If you ain't enjoying it then don't do it!!!!

JULIE NIGHT:  bye toby!!! lick you later

bono-ONE:  But watch out for #2,lol

French_guy:  Watch ozzy with a DVD, reason why it's not that popular yet DD

Jake__malone:  Wet dreams Dammit

MASON:  --gosh all that power, don't know what to do with it!--

TriciaDevereaux:  well, you've only got one day as queen, so you have to think really fast

MASON:  2. no limp dicks, no weak loads

Max_Booty:  Queen for a day. PooBah forever

TriciaDevereaux:  ok, that's a good one too

Den:  MLyons - Great Dirty Trixxx 2 Review

bono-ONE:  Great one Mason!!!!

MessyMarvin:  Julie, I think i saw a movie for Evil angel with you in it. it was a Silvera title, maybe service animals? Have you done one of those?

MASON:  3. banish all fake porn for good

MLyons:  Den--thanks. I share the credit equally with MrsMLyons.

JULIE NIGHT:  yes I did service animals #10

bono-ONE:  bye bye Vivid, oops did I type that one out loud too,lol

Den:  Yes, sorry I didn't include her

MASON:  yeah, MLyons goes all out

Jake__malone:  Joey Silvera is a god!

punkass:  mason who r your fav. male performers?

Max_Booty:  Service Animals 10 was my disc of 2002

DenverDon:  mason, tough one deciding what is fake sometimes

MASON:  nacho vidal, manuel ferrara, steve holmes

MessyMarvin:  I think you were actually crying in that scene for a brief time? Was that due to the intensity of the scene or some other reason?

MASON:  DD I know, i've had a lot in mine

Den:  Mason says on the audio commentary that she really likes Manuel!

JULIE NIGHT:  It was the intensity, I wasn't upset, just had to release it

mrsmlyons:  Bye William!!

nutsack:  good night all, It's time to wet the bed. I love you. I love you very much.

JULIE NIGHT:  in DT2 my release was the screaming

DenverDon:  mason, maybe as director you can tell, but as viewer it's tougher, agree with your idea though

MASON:  interesting how you didn't cry in DT2 though

Jake__malone:  Nutsack, I'll see you later at the house. Remember what you promised me!!

MLyons:  By william H. I'm glad you came!

MASON:  not in my room jake!

MessyMarvin:  That is a great sign of how into the scene you are. I didnt know what to think when i first saw the service animals scene.

MASON:  i first saw julie in SA 10 - i knew i had to have her

mrsmlyons:  Well, we are glad you did see her. :)

MASON:  a "gift" from above

MLyons:  My first exposure to Julie was Service Animals 10 as well... her scene along with Ashley Blue's has made that movie an absolute keeper for me.

and the chatting continued on into the night...

Thank you Mason, Julie, and everyone who came to chat!

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