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This Marilyn Chambers chat was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on Feb. 3rd, 2000. Marilyn Chambers Movies

Adult DVD Talk - Everyone, please welcome our revered guest, Marilyn Chambers!

Adult DVD Talk - Marilyn, I have to say it is quite an honor to have you here in our Adult DVD Talk chat room. Thank you for taking the time to chat with your fans. As many of you know Insatiable is my favorite adult DVD of all-time. And Marilyn's recent comeback film, Still Insatiable, has been a huge success. Congratulations, Marilyn and welcome.

Marilyn Chambers - Thank you, thank you very much. Its a real honour to be here this evening. I'm really glad you liked Insatiable. Its also my favorite DVD. My favorite scene is the ultimate pool table scene. That scene to me was very sexy because the guy I was performing with, his name was David Morse, he and I just met the day before and I thought he was really sexy but I was kept away from him. I was 26 and my hormones were raging So the next day we got together. I couldn't contain myself. We really didn't rehearse too much we just really kind of improvised the whole thing. So when we actually had sex I got into so much we got a standing ovation from the crew, which was unheard of. I also like the Artie Goldberg scene he was so cute and so innocent, so was I.

Adult DVD Talk - Many of us newcomers to adult films are very curious about the differences between Then (the theater days) and Now (the video/ DVD days.) What were the biggest differences between shooting a film like Insatiable and your recent Still Insatiable?

Marilyn Chambers - Well back then it was obviously shot on film and that makes a huge difference. Back then there really weren't that many porno stars there were a handful of us, literally. When we released a new film I would have 1000 people lined up at the movie and wanting my autograph. It was sheik. And of course the element of time and space - that dreaminess is certainly lacking on tape. There really wasn't that much competition. Today the story is being shot on video tape. It could have been shot 10 minutes ago or 10 years ago hence your lacking the different dimension that film has. The good part about it is that you can basically shoot what you want and as much as you want and in a much shorter time. Also there's a lot more actors and actresses in the industry today. - so it was a little overwhelming doing Still Instiable to say the least.

Adult DVD Talk - How much time was spent filming a movie like Up N Coming?

Marilyn Chambers - I would say probably about a month. Still instatiable took about five days.

Adult DVD Talk - What is the reason that you started doing explicit films again? When you "retired", you mentioned that it was the right time to do so.

Marilyn Chambers - It was the right time to do films again. I wanted to first of all work with Veronica Hart. I missed doing explicit films, to tell you the truth, since I hadn't done that many and I felt that being an older woman was something that was not being explored in erotica today.

Adult DVD Talk - After seeing the interviews at the end of Still Insatiable it was quite obvious how flattered the male performers were to be chosen. At what point in your career were you able to start choosing your co-stars?

Marilyn Chambers - Oh, always. When I did Insatiable, Up n Coming and Still Insatiable I owned half the company that did the films. Now its like being a kid in the candy store , it's overwhelming.

Adult DVD Talk - How would you compare the stars of today with the stars of the 70s and 80s?

Marilyn Chambers - (laughter) They have bigger dicks today and they're coming out of the wood work. Back then anal sex was a BIG deal. Taking John Holmes was unheard of. Now it's nothing. I think that today a lot of the stars are getting jaded because they do so many of them. It's not a big sexual experience it's just a job.

Adult DVD Talk - In many of your early adult films you shocked audiences with interracial and anal sex - do you think there is anything left that's still taboo?

Marilyn Chambers - (Laughter) I think that interacial sex is a big taboo in society today but there's something exciting about it because its a no-no. Basically just about everything has been done which is legal, appealing and on the edge.

Adult DVD Talk - I saw the documentary WADD:THE LIFE & TIMES OF JOHN HOLMES at the Toronto International film festival, and saw that you were in attendance. What did you think about the film's treatment of his life?

Marilyn Chambers - I thought it was very well done. Too many cops and robbers and too much of his ex-wife but I thought it portrayed him pretty acturately. I didn't want to participate in it. I didn't want to do him an injustice. There's not a lot to say about John Holmes, he was who he was, he didn't claim to be an great actor. He only claimed to have a big dick.

Adult DVD Talk - What was John Holmes like on/off the set?

Marilyn Chambers - He was pretty introspective guy I'd have to say. He really never talked about his personal life. He always wanted you to believe he was a big gigolo. On the set he was very thoughtful and gentle and when he could give it really hard he definitely knew how to use it.

Adult DVD Talk - At 19 you made a decision that truly affected your whole life, the decision to be in Behind the Green Door. What helped you make that decision? Any regrets?

Marilyn Chambers - Good question. Well, back then in my naieve brain i was thinking that something like Behind the Green Door had never been done before and the way our sexual revolution was traveling I really thought it was going to be a stepping stone which would further my acting career. There will always be a stigma on people who do adult films. It's unfortunate that that's the way society has made it.

Adult DVD Talk - I'm a huge fan of your work in the David Cronenberg erotic horror film RABID. I'm wondering what it was like working on that type of project, and with David Cronenberg?

Marilyn Chambers - well, it was very intersting to say the least. It wasn't sexy at all. The only reason why my nipples got hard was because it was 50 below zero. David Cronenberg was soft spoken. He gave all of himself as director. He made me feel very comfortable and taught me a lot.

Adult DVD Talk - Has "being in the business" always been a pleasurable experience for you? Or are there projects and/or people you wish you never got involved with?

Marilyn Chambers - more laughter :) Nothing is always a pleasure, otherwise you're lying. Since I haven't done that many erotic films, I've done more r-rated stuff, I have to say that the adult films have been a total pleasure. They were like gettiong paid to live out my greatest fantasies. The rest of the stuff - danced for years in canada - made bookooo bucks, lots of tours sometimes got to be a real grind. I was living out of a suitcase at 18 years old. About 10 years ago - when i stopped touring - I was able to relax a lot more.

Adult DVD Talk - I was wondering if you've seen the new Mitchell bros movie, you were portrayed in it, what were they like and where's Johnny Keyes?

Marilyn Chambers - I don't believe that's it out yet. It's called Rated X. Johnny Keyes played the black, primitve man in Behind the Green Door. I was not consulted with for this film but I was hired as a consultant to do another movie. The first movie they were going to do was going to be on film about ten years ago. We interviewed everyone from Robert DeNiro to Sean Penn. But at that time Jim Mitchell was in prison and wouldn't talk to filmmakers about his life. I'm kind of afraid to see how I am portrayed in this movie.

Adult DVD Talk - Are you shooting another film now? Can you tell us a little about it?

Marilyn Chambers - Actually, I'm going to be shooting my next film the 2nd week of March. There's no definite title yet.

Adult DVD Talk - Is this with VCA?

Marilyn Chambers - Yes it's with VCA. Veronica will be directing it. We're trying to get Hershel Savage for the lead guy. I definitely want Sean Michaels in it and another gal named Erika Boyer. Hopefully she'll be involved along with a variety of young beauties with perfect tits. After that I have one more to do with VCA and then I think I'm done.

Adult DVD Talk - I heard you had a new CD coming out. Can you tell us anything about it?

Marilyn Chambers - Yes, I have a CD coming out with the title song to Still Insatiable. It was recorded before i had throat surgery. I also did a whole bio with pictures on the CD sleeve, it's kind of neat. You can get it at or call 800-266-8742. I think people will really enjoy it - especially if you're a fan of mine. When I did Up n Coming I had an pneumonia. It was a bad time in my life. I was going through a divorce. I wanted to redo the singing on that. After we did Up n Coming we did a tape with about 12 songs on it. I'm very proud of those. The band was Haywire. It was a great time in my life.

Adult DVD Talk - Marilyn do you chat or surf the web very often?

Marilyn Chambers - Of couse I do. I'm on my computer about 6:00 every morning. It's become a habbit. I don't chat much - did that about 5 years ago. I like to buy books online and get recipes. I love to cook. You can find anything you want online.

I did talk to a guy from Australia last night. It got to be pretty sexy. To tell the truth, he didn't know who I was - incognito all the way. I wanted him to look at me for me not my name and on-screen personality. It's difficult to get a date with my name. To many perceptions of who I am. When a guy finds out it changes everything - not in a bad way but in a superficial way. He doesn't think I'm a slut or anything but he gets intimidated, like he can't live up to John Holmes.

Adult DVD Talk - Onto DVD - have you seen any of your movies on DVD?

Marilyn Chambers - I'm embarrassed to say no. I hear they're great though. It's hard to look back at yourself at 28. On one hand it's great to be an older woman but on the other hand youth is a great commodity.

Adult DVD Talk - Do you think the DVD format has changed the way films are shot?

Marilyn Chambers - I think it's beginning to. It's no longer the wave of the future - it's the present. Video tapes are going to become obsolete in the next five years. So thanks a lot! :)

Adult DVD Talk - Many of us really want a Marilyn Chambers audio commentary on DVD. Any desire to do one?

Marilyn Chambers - I did one for Still Insatiable. It was unusual for me. We did it but i never got the chance to listen to my yacking.

Adult DVD Talk - Is there any directing for you in future? And as director what would you do differently?

Marilyn Chambers - Well, at this point i don't know. The market is so overcrowded with product and directors. I feel I have a lot to offer as a director because i would change things in the way of trying to rehearse the sex scenes so the dialog is easier on the ears. One of my favorite films is Night Trips, an Andrew Blake film with Tori Welles. One of the hottest scenes is when they went from color to black and white - the music was great - no talking - so sexy - like a great wet dream. Some of that is lacking in the films today because they're shot so quickly. There are so many of them out there. I talked to an actress today and she shot 80 films in her first year. That's inconceivable to me. Talk about overexposing yourself. :)

Adult DVD Talk - Which of all of your films (explicit or mainstream) is your favorite?

Marilyn Chambers - hmmmm. Insatiable - it was fun and a very fun time in my life. I glowed. To this day if I want to masturbate I just close my eyes and put myself back in the film. It was very erotic for me. Of course, I also love Still Insatiable but i was nervous because it had been so long. I was hoping everything still worked properly.

Adult DVD Talk - What is the funniest thing that ever happened on the set while filming?

Marilyn Chambers - I'm going to have to think about that one. We'll save it for the next chat ;) While these films are special - it's my profession. I'm an actress. Sex films are like a documentary if you think about it. When the cock goes in it's something you can't act. What makes a great person in adult films is the ability to let your personality come through. So people think they really know you.

Adult DVD Talk - I have seen Still Insatiable. How do you keep yourself looking so good?

Marilyn Chambers - Well, i'm still working on it :) As you get older it's a fact that things aren't quite as tight as they used to be and i'm not talking about my orifices. I have to work on it and will continue to. I do it for me but my bod's not as good as it used to be, let's face it, but my exhuberance and horniness is coming out there and I appreciate the compliment. I think after a certain perdiod of time you have to say "thank you and good night". I have a 9 year old daughter. She's starting to quiz me. I'm saving up for her therapy ;) Another reason why i didn't want to get back into this was the AIDs thing. John Holmes' death was scary. VCA is condoms only and does serious testing. I felt pretty safe.

Adult DVD Talk - Do you get burned out on people telling you that they grew up with your films?

Marilyn Chambers - No, never. - laughter - It's music to my ears. I've been very fortunate. "Gee, I saw you on my parent's video tape." I'm spanning generations.

Adult DVD Talk - Did people question if you would be able to make a comeback?

Marilyn Chambers - I questioned it myself but of course there's always predictions and skeptics. They've always been there.

Adult DVD Talk - Do you have a fan club site?

Marilyn Chambers - Yes, I do. at - please come by. There are a lot of people on the web ripping people off with no regard for being above board. It really pisses me off. I had but got ripped off. Pease don't go there - rip-off artists.

Adult DVD Talk - Is the baby on the Ivory Snow box really Brooke Shields or is that just an urban legend?

Marilyn Chambers - I'd be ancient if it was. She was the baby in one of the commercials - but not on the box. The baby was Dr. John the Nighttripper. We did a picture for People Magazine one time. I was sitting on his lap. Dr. John the blues guy for those who don't know.

Adult DVD Talk - Recently, there has been a lot of controversy over the Anabolic "Rough Sex" series - any opinions on this kind of video?

Marilyn Chambers - I like rough sex - I think it's a turn on. All that mushy stuff gets old. I like good, hard sex. That's a woman's greatest fantasy whether she says it or not. Not a rape fantasy but rather being ravished like in Behind the Green door when i was fucked like never before.

Adult DVD Talk - Do you stay in contact with the other legends of porn, like Vanessa del Rio? Do you guys do reunions?

Marilyn Chambers - we exchange recipes ;) Actually, I spoke with her 3 or 4 months ago, she's quite a lady - very bright, spiritual, truly a legend. It's difficult to keep track of everyone.

Adult DVD Talk - Will you be at any more conventions this year?

Marilyn Chambers - I will be at the VSDA show. It's in Las Vegas this year. I'm also making appearances at two video stores in Oregon on February 18th - Taboo Video in Salem and Portland. Then on that Saturday I'll be judging the Miss Nude Oregon pageant - that should be fun.

Adult DVD Talk - What do you think of industry gossip sites like Luke Ford?

Marilyn Chambers - I've never seen his stuff so i don't know. I've talked to him. We need controversy though, especially since the religious groups have backed off.

Adult DVD Talk - Have you ever been stalked?

Marilyn Chambers - I've had my problems. I try to keep it low-key. I can't go out and have fun sometimes. Poor me, waaahh waaahh. :)

Adult DVD Talk - Marilyn, it has been an honor and a pleasure. Any last words for your Internet fans?

Marilyn Chambers - Keep it up. I'd love to take more questions and do this again sometime - very enlightening - and now that i have my vibrator all warmed up I have something I need to do.....

Adult DVD Talk - Once again, many thanks to Marilyn, VCA Pictures, and iCandy Entertainment for making this great chat possible.

Adult DVD Talk - Thanks to everyone who was here to participate.

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