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This chat with Layla Jade (movies and photos) was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on May 1, 2002
See for pics, Layla's bio, and even info on how to get into the UK porn scene for men. During the chat we gave away Elegant Angel prize packs with DVDs, t-shirts, hats, and Smokin' Blues CDs.

This chat was unmoderated. Layla does live web cam chats on her site (very capable multi-tasker.)
This transcript has been edited for brevity (many hellos and exclamations of glee edited)

Layla Jade enters the chat room... (she's even early at 3am London time)

Steph:  Layla-Jade - welcome! you're even early :)

Layla Jade:  hey there Layla here do i have to use mirc or is the java ok ?

Steph:  you can use whichever you want

GattMan1:  Layla either or

Layla Jade:  ok thats kewl I will stick with what i have

Steph:  Layla-Jade thanks so much for getting up at 3am to chat with us

greenbarofsoap:  Hi Layla!!

GattMan1:  Greetings from Australia Layla

Layla Jade:  no mirc im not used to it im happy with the java as long as you can get me and i can get you

Layla Jade:  Hi there Guys

spanky:  wow, cool, show's on

porky:  greetings from new york

OHLA:  Layla U are so hot ! You are da bomb LOL!

Layla Jade:  hi to all my friends in usa - thanks Ohla

Steph:  Layla, Congratulations on your new title. How's it feel to be Buttwoman?

bigdick:  Hello LJ! It's the first time for me so i'm excited to chat with you. Are you in England ?

Layla Jade:  Its fantastic and im very excited about the whole thing

Layla Jade:  Yes Bigdick i am in the UK

bigdick:  Now that you're elegant angel's new butt woman when will your first film be out?

Layla Jade:  We are shooting next month and the film should be out by sept.

OHLA:  Layla are you going to do anymore Handjob hunnies?

Layla Jade:  no more handjob honeys as i have some other news that you may not be aware off

bigdick:  LJ! why don't you cum and live in the USA.

Layla Jade:  cos of visa issues bd

greenbarofsoap:  Layla - what's the news?

Layla Jade:  Well green, looks like elegant angel have got a new contract girl ;_0

[congrats around the room]

Dan-Jerous:  might i add, layla your a very beautiful women

Layla Jade:  ;-)

Layla Jade:  thanks steph, dan, astro...

Layla Jade:  Its fantastic about the contract and i know that myself and Elegant will do great things

OHLA:  Layla have ya ever been on the Howard Stern show?

Layla Jade:  not yet but i would love to go on howard s

OHLA:  I would luv to see you on there!

* waynstock wonders what kind of music you listen too Layla? Was is fun doing www.totalrock ?

Layla Jade:  yes wyn it was, i love rock

bigdick:  I love your anal flicks, will u be doing more with Elegent?

Layla Jade:  plenty more and hotter then ever before bdick

astroknight:  layla - who are your favorite bands?

greenbarofsoap:  Layla, did you watch porn before you were in porn?

Dan-Jerous:  and thanks a million for being up so damn late for us

Layla Jade:  yes i certainly did green

OHLA:  Elegant ROX Now it is going to ROLL with you in there vids LOL!

bigdick:  so you're going to be working your butt off?

astroknight:  what was the first porno you watched?

Layla Jade:  Im also going to be directing for Elegant


Steph:  cool! what kind of movies will you be directing?

Layla Jade:  Thats why i accepted the contract

astroknight:  what should set the movies you direct apart from other performer / directors?

Layla Jade:  I have so many great ideas for my movies - ive wanted to get behind the camera for so long. I'm such a horny bitch and i know that what I find horny will look great on camera.

zippy:  you have a great website, layla

Layla Jade:  thanks zippy

OHLA:  Have you done any other directing!

Layla Jade:  Ohla this will be my first chance to direct, and elegant angel have got it exclusively - my first ever productions

bigdick:  personal Q! do u get off from doing anal?

Layla Jade:  I fucking love it

GattMan1:  Layla what part of the UK are you from

Layla Jade:  I'm from devon gratt

bigdick:  please do some anal creampie for us and when u direct. I love that.

Layla Jade:  of course i will bigdick

greenbarofsoap:  who do you want to be in your movies?

OHLA:  Ever work with Savage?

Konerko:  Layla is hot as hell!!!

Layla Jade:  I want horny talent with genuine chemistry. i like internal pops ;-)_

Layla Jade:  anyone who knows how horny i am....

GattMan1:  Layla umm is the answer very

OHLA:  How Horny are YA???

bigdick:  tell us now please

Layla Jade:  already knows that my own production will be great

GattMan1:  so horny she is chatting to us at 3am *lol*

greenbarofsoap:  Now I'm Horny!

porky:  Layla, I enjoy that nasty talk delivered with that English accent

Konerko:  what are u wearing right now?

Layla Jade:  a nice two piece underwear set

Konerko:  wow :-)


GattMan1:  what colour Layla

Layla Jade:  So anyway, the buttwoman movie is going to be shot in europe

greenbarofsoap:  who else is in it?

Layla Jade:  i cant wait to get my hands on all that horny oppertunitie

Konerko:  i can't wait to watch it

dick_fittswell:  Hello all, Welcome Layla. I for one am very excited for a new Buttwoman movie. Thanks for stayin up so late with us tonight

Layla Jade:  me too. i cant wait to make it

sandman:  will you be using all european actors?

Layla Jade:  no, a nice mix

dick_fittswell:  When does shooting on the movie begin? I assume Patrick Collins will be directing it. He's a great guy

Layla Jade:  Patrick is amazing

PornBoy:  Layla-Jade>what is your latest movie ?

Layla Jade:  I have a lot of respect for him and he knows that bringing me to the company can only do us both good

zippy:  Layla - very true!

astroknight:  what attracted you to elegant angel?

Layla Jade:  They are a great company and are giving me the chance to really show what i can do

sandman:  What is your favorite movie?

dick_fittswell:  I too have so much respect for him. I was a fan of his for years and was suppose to meet him inb Los Angeles in 2000, but he had to go out of town, and I finally got to meet him back in Jan. I agree Elegant is a great comapny. Without them I would never have got to live out my dream

bigdick:  what your favorite position during sex?

Layla Jade:  doggy woof

bigdick:  bad girl

OHLA:  Layla did ya ever work with Asia C.???

Layla Jade:  no, not yet ;-)

Konerko:  what about juli ashton?

Layla Jade:  no.... but..... i would like 2

OHLA:  Did ya go to the AVN's??

Layla Jade:  yes i did olha

Konerko:  i'd LOVE to see you and Juli do a scene!

Layla Jade:  it was great

bigdick:  which male star turn u on the most?

Layla Jade:  i worked with eric everhard recently - he's good

Voyeur32:  How long you been in the biz. and how long you see yourself staying Layla?

Layla Jade:  been in 3 half years - in for next few

OHLA:  I have ta go one year when I get some time maybe U will win BEST DIRECTOR LOL!

Layla Jade:  i hope so ohla

zippy:  do you ever regret using your real name?

Layla Jade:  not at all im not ashamed of my occupation

dick_fittswell:  Layla, does your family know about your occupation and do they approve?

Layla Jade:  dick they do know and r fine

waynstock:  how many websites do you have Layla ? There all cool !

Layla Jade:  i have many sites - ALL FREE

bigdick:  I'm ready to see that. how jessie doing? are u lovers

Layla Jade:  jessie is no more

greenbarofsoap:  Out of all your movies, which scene did you have the most fun filming?

Layla Jade:  I have fun filming everything i do as long as its horny

OHLA:  What do ya do for other fun?

Layla Jade:  go out, go to gym, that sort of thing... I like cruising and checking out chicks lol

bigdick:  is you pussy really wet right now?

Layla Jade:  yes bigdick it is

Konerko:  what type of music do you listen to?

greenbarofsoap:  you prefer chicks to guys?

Layla Jade:  no im bi sexual

Konerko:  thanks ADT...this is very cool

dick_fittswell:  Woohoo to Mitzi at Elegant for helping set this up

Steph:  Mitzi rocks!

Layla Jade:  Mitzi is great

astroknight:  Layla-Jade - when did you first try anal and did you like it your first time?

bigdick:  By the way! ilove the new breast you got. they make u look more sensual and complete

Layla Jade:  thanks i love them too - only one though ?

astroknight:  new breast??? only one???? ;)

Layla Jade:  beat you

Konerko: i agree bigdick. what type of filming style do you have? anything unique?

Layla Jade:  unique filming style....
no im going to do something original....
thats never been done before...
that will change the world !!!

Layla Jade:  NOT !

Konerko:  I'm not into the movies that forget about faces and just show who's fucking who

Layla Jade:  Im gonna be shooting real sex, real orgasms from really horny people

bigdick:  i'm sure u'll make a good director, but always remember not to waste the good shots

Layla Jade:  My turn to ask a question...what do you wanna see from me in buttwoman?

GattMan1:  Layla you in spandex

Voyeur32:  Layla what won't you do on film would be a good guide to answer that?

Layla Jade:  animals and kids.... i have to leave something 4 when my carear starts to fade... :-)

OHLA:  Win the CROWN as Best buttwomen LOL!!

greenbarofsoap:  foreplay!!!!

GattMan1:  actually a film with a plot would be good

astroknight:  if you can keep the heat even half as hot as the scene you had with jessie and lex in lex the impaler, i'll be happy!

bigdick:  and please make sure that the movie u make get release on DVD same time as VHS. I hate VHs. oh! and please don't forget the extras on DVD.

Konerko:  I wanna see you get nasty..foreplay...

dick_fittswell:  Glad you asked Layla. I'd like something not even in the movie. But come to the States and do a promotional tour to promote it, hitting all the major cities, inlcuding Houston and meet the fans

waynstock:  Detroit too!

astroknight:  a behind the scenes featurette and interviews for the dvd would also be great!

Steph:  Layla, you should definitely do an audio commentary

bigdick:  LJ! do u remember who fucked u the hardest

Layla Jade:  Ok quick vote... Film with plot... Yes /No

Konerko:  Yes


GattMan1:  and easter eggs on the dvd

waynstock:  Yes

GattMan1:  YES

Steph:  depends on the plot

dick_fittswell:  Yes Layla you and Patrick Collins should do some behind the scenes commentary

astroknight:  depends on my mood. if you can do it well, then yes

waynstock:  lol Steph

astroknight:  commentary between layla and patrick would be great!

OHLA:  NO, gonzo

Steph:  no point in typical porn plots

GattMan1:  Steph how about Run Buttwoman Run

Layla Jade:  fair enough

Voyeur32:  Reenact scenes from great past Buttwomen and try to top them. yes to plot but not always. Some gonzo also good.

bigdick:  no! just fuck real hard

Layla Jade:  no no reenact

Layla Jade:  past is past done is done

GattMan1:  Layla you can wear a red wig and buy some Doc martins

Steph:  no wigs

Layla Jade:  I layla Jade

Layla Jade:  am the new buttwoman

Layla Jade:  lol

bigdick:  no! just real hard fucking will do. if i want plot I'll get hollywood crap

GattMan1:  Layla do you wear like a costume or something

Voyeur32:  How long is your contract for?

dick_fittswell:  I forgot but Congratulations on being named Buttwoman!!!

Layla Jade:  Seriously ... this is your chance for input

Konerko:  pool scenes are always good...have an orgy scene playing pool basketball and getting physical

Layla Jade:  Lets hear it from the people who buy the movies for a change

GattMan1:  Layla id like to see more x rated movies with a valid plot and say 2 or 3 sex scenes

waynstock:  make a revolutionary classic like behind the green door

Layla Jade:  what kind of plot do you consider valied ?

Konerko:  i agree with gatt...but make the scenes really HOT

OHLA:  My 200 disc dvd playerm is full of XXX DVD'S!!

GattMan1:  Layla something that isnt oh hey wanna fuck and then get into it

greenbarofsoap:  anticipation, build it, hover, more anticipation, then fuck!!

bigdick:  are u getting wetter still?

Layla Jade:  so what would be your ideal ?

GattMan1:  something kinda like the French film Romance had a story and a few sex scenes but that was a tad self indulgent

Konerko:  i have a plot....

Layla Jade:  ok

Konerko:  2 couples go on a honeymoon on an exotic island.... decide to swing... meet the other couple out in the water on jetskis...and girls switch jetskis

GattMan1:  Layla do you know the film Romance

Layla Jade:  no i dont but i can watch it gatt

Steph:  how about some attractive men? seems a simple thing...

waynstock:  How about UK porn/stripper rocks the USA as a reality plot

Layla Jade:  thats good

GattMan1:  Layla sure its very anti feminist even though it was directed by a woman

Voyeur32:  What about some pro-am? Kind of like Sky's Day off but go all the way instead of just hand and oral.

OHLA:  If Edward is in your vids have him be Quiet !! let us here plenty of MOANING from the women!!

greenbarofsoap:  pro-am is good! the experienced and the innocent!

dick_fittswell:  pro am is real good. I had the pleasure of losing my virginity to a "pro"

Layla Jade:  If a film was shot in the Uk....what kinda thing would you wanna see from the uk

greenbarofsoap:  the london underground, whatever that is

bigdick:  making movie with plot for elegant is a bad idea, give us the raw deal. butt slaming hot sex


dick_fittswell:  I want to see a scene filmed on the rooftop of the apple studios

Konerko:  make a dvd with 2 plot OR

Layla Jade:  lol

Layla Jade:  would you want subtitles over the english voices lol

GattMan1:  Layla how about An English ButtWoman In New York :)

Layla Jade:  should i dubb it in american ???

greenbarofsoap:  layla, find guys on the streets, literally, and screw them!!

Konerko:  no..i like english accents

Voyeur32:  Layla need to do her last scene from there like the Beatles last concert.

Layla Jade:  hmmmm

Steph:  hehe - yes, dub on a separate sound track :)

GattMan1:  Layla yeah like some of Mike Leigh's films have had to have subtitles for the US

Voyeur32:  Especially if they have that Miachael Caine cockney accent.

Layla Jade:  I could get totaly scottish talent and make them talk dirty lol

waynstock:  lol

Layla Jade:  starring phycotically into the camera

Steph:  scottish men in kilts! yes!

bigdick:  LJ! i want to see more of u like in bunghole harlot


Layla Jade:  you dont wanna see me in that

GattMan1:  Layla fancy a pint luv

Layla Jade:  you wanna see me in elegant material - they are the bomb

zippy:  how was filming lady fellatio?

Layla Jade:  very dirty - lady fellation is hot

zippy:  is mason hot?

* waynstock can't wait until Sept to see the Elegant Angel DVD now...

Voyeur32:  Ahhh yes, Lady Fellatio. Who else is in it?

Layla Jade:  oh yes she's hot

dick_fittswell:  I can't wait for the DVD release of Lady Fellatio.

Layla Jade:  Flick shagwell was in it

Voyeur32:  Flick is a dirty girl. Just a fact.

dirtysouth:  does she really be getting off

zippy:  hot directors make better pornos

Konerko:  very true

astroknight:  like zupko ;)

Layla Jade:  thats exsactly why im gonna be so good

greenbarofsoap:  so, zippy, then Layla's should be smokin

bigdick:  do u like to do interracial?

Layla Jade:  i love inter

bigdick:  you're beautiful

Layla Jade:  thanks

zippy:  are you still running the modeling agency?

Layla Jade:  to an extent yes

bigdick:  what are u currrent wearing now! i hope it's croutchless

Layla Jade:  im wearing a two piece set

Slow_Hands:  croutch? lol

Voyeur32:  Croutchless panties hidden penis. Just a porno name that came to me.

dick_fittswell:  Layla, just wondering if you heard Patrick Collins' CD and what did you think of it?

Konerko:  who's patrick collins?

Layla Jade:  Patrick collins is the person who has made this all possible underneath it all

dick_fittswell:  Konerko, Patrick Collins owns Elegant angel

GattMan1:  Layla are you about to buy videos/dvd's from your site and if not maybe thats something you can think about

Layla Jade:  I intend to sell vids in the future

Steph:  Layla - our standard question... If you were crowned Queen of Porn what would you change about the industry?

Layla Jade:  I would change the crowning of queen of porn

Layla Jade:  lol

Konerko:  hehe

Steph:  :) that's a first for that answer

Layla Jade:  lol steph

Steph:  So Layla, did you take a nap before this? or stay up half the night?

Layla Jade:  I've just finished a dancing gig

Konerko:  have you ever been to chicago to dance?

Layla Jade:  no not chic

Voyeur32:  Layla standard question. What famous male and female would be on the top of your to do list?

Layla Jade:  Id love to fuck nikki sterling

bigdick:  Please come to montreal. Rocco was here and if you do i would go and see you

Konerko:  they've got a cool place here called Admiral Theater...where i met jeanna fine


Voyeur32:  I mean not in the industry.Is she still in by the way?

Layla Jade:  so do I

Layla Jade:  im not sure

Layla Jade:  I think shes retired now

Layla Jade:  Not in the industry....

greenbarofsoap:  have you fucked Rocco? do you want to?

Layla Jade:  silent bob as in jay and silent bob the movie lol

Voyeur32:  Kevin Smith is bigger than Ron Jeremy now though.

Steph:  silent bob?

Layla Jade:  yes silent bob

Steph:  silent bob over jay?! but jay is so cute

dick_fittswell:  big guys=good lovers

Layla Jade:  not the actor who plays him but the character

Steph:  cause he's mute? :)

Layla Jade:  no i like bob lol

Voyeur32:  They both weigh the same though.

Layla Jade:  see its not all about these well hung porn studs

Layla Jade:  that has a certain appeal yes steph lol

Steph:  are you a kevin smith fan? clerks? mallrats? chasing amy?

astroknight:  jay & silent bob are a riot!

Voyeur32:  Jay couldn't get it up since he's alweays stoned plus underlying theme that he's actually gay.

astroknight:  let's not forget dogma!

Steph:  weed does not prevent erection

GattMan:  and the Clerks cartoon

Layla Jade:  lol

Layla Jade:  I dont want jay i want bob

astroknight:  Layla-Jade - are you in favor of freeing the weed?

dick_fittswell:  Silent Bob is great!!

Layla Jade:  For medical purposes yes

dick_fittswell:  what about just for fun

astroknight:  like a headache or sore throat??? ;)

Layla Jade:  no like MS or parkinsons

zippy:  what's your favorite mainstream movie, Layla?

Layla Jade:  deuce bigalow male gigalo

Konerko:  do you have a favorite band?

Layla Jade:  Anyway away from ganga whats your favorite scene to watch - what makes you cum

Layla Jade:  no preference for sexual acts?

GattMan:  Layla please tell me you werent serious re Deuce Bigalow

greenbarofsoap:  the couple next door with the big bay window

Konerko:  threesomes or 4somes or moresomes

Voyeur32:  Layla. Oasis. Great band Beatles ripoff or petulant arses?

Layla Jade:  hey come on people stop tangenting off

bigdick:  do u have a boyfriend/Lover

Konerko:  i answered layla..

Layla Jade:  I didn't stay up till 4 am to talk about dope !!!

waynstock:  ffm: threesomes when all three are into all three

GattMan:  Layla ok what makes me cum having sex with my ex gf

OHLA:  Get jerked off in the girls mouth and face !!

Voyeur32:  Oral facial scenes here with lots of eye contact.

Konerko:  right on layla

greenbarofsoap:  a scene that ends without the guy jerking himself off

Kimi_Lixx:  what did you stay up to talk about?

Layla Jade:  lol green

Layla Jade:  you guys n girls kimi and what you wanna see from me

greenbarofsoap:  facials get old. we need variety

Konerko:  ....a scene with a lot of different camera angles..instead of same 3 minutes of continuous closeups

Layla Jade:  kewl

greenbarofsoap:  more full body shots

GattMan:  Layla what really turns me on is a actual plot in a x rated movie

bigdick:  LJ! How many time a week do you have sex?

GattMan:  I think Insatiable is about the best x rated film i saw

greenbarofsoap:  Layla, what porn movies do you like?

Layla Jade:  So what about the big gapes ?

dick_fittswell:  Layla, I'd like to see a scene with you and 1 guy. I want to see the guy undress you all the way, from unbuttoning your pants until the last piece of clothing is off of you, then you undress him, and proceed to get anal from him with a cumshot on your butt

OHLA:  I luv the camera shot while you are getting fucked from behind between your legs while you suck another guys cock !!

Voyeur32:  No gapes for me.

Layla Jade:  I love gaping but does it really make you all so hot ?

bigdick:  I love your gapes. Give us more

Layla Jade:  And what about gaping pussys

bigdick:  yes yes yes yes yes. yes

Konerko:  yes

Mikeipecac:  gapes aren't much.

Layla Jade:  What about cum shots ? someting different...

bigdick:  that too, usuall both and creampies

OHLA:  Gapping DRIPS DRIPS !!!!

greenbarofsoap:  cum near the pussy would be nice.

Konerko:  i like facials..

GattMan:  Layla yeah CGI cum shots :O)

dick_fittswell:  cumshots- Layla please get the guy off all the way, I know I'm not alone in saying I'd like to NOT see the guy jerk himself off to cum

bigdick:  multiple anal cream pie and the squeeze out after. load blowers

Layla Jade:  Personaly i would like to see cum on the pussy and then a girl feeding it to herself via dildo

Voyeur32:  If different. Try more snowballing. Agree on not let the guy finish himself off. Better when girl does it.

Thanos:  Layla fucked at My bar a few weeks back, for Jerry T


Layla Jade:  what about guys eating there cum off the girls ?

Mikeipecac:  nice visual L-J

zippy:  I don't know about guys eating their own cum

Layla Jade:  do you like it does it make you hot ?

bigdick:  no! hate that. eating a wet pussy is fine and tongue fucking her ass is faovrite

Konerko:  i think we've all tasted our own at least once in our lives

Layla Jade:  Kewl

dick_fittswell:  I saw a movie where the guy licked his cum off the girl, i think it was Anna Malle I forget the movie

Layla Jade:  I love it when a girl gets really wet and squirts

cy:  do you squirt layla

greenbarofsoap:  I just want to see the girls enjoy themselves

Konerko:  me too green

bigdick:  who's with you now layla?

Layla Jade:  What about tit wanks with small breasted girls ?

cy:  where are you at layla

greenbarofsoap:  what's a tit wank?

Layla Jade:  Im alone

bigdick:  that;'s ashame!

Konerko:  i'm ordering 4 dvds (with my bonus from work) this week...any recommendations?

Layla Jade:  tit wank ?

greenbarofsoap:  I love small breasted girls

dick_fittswell:  I like women with small NATURAL brests.

porky:  He just likes saying tit wank

Layla Jade:  when the guy jacks him self off by rubbing on the girls boobs


Voyeur32:  I like that Layla. Like Forrest Gump would say. I like it alot.

porky:  Tit wank

greenbarofsoap:  Layla, YES!

Mikeipecac:  As long as the girl is pretty and loving it... Breast size doesn't matter!


Layla Jade:  Thanks i like them too

OHLA:  Really there is not a thing about you that I dislike !!

bigdick:  me too!

cy:  layla where can i see a picture of you

Layla Jade:

Layla Jade:  there is going to be something about me that you will dislike soon....
im gonna have to go...

Mikeipecac:  can't blame you for being tired!

Layla Jade:  Im gonna have to go guys

GattMan:  see ya Layla

Mikeipecac:  Thank you Layla!

HoustonDon:  Take care Layla

bigdick:  ok! wish u nothing but success

Layla Jade:  Im sorry but its late and i am tired,

Voyeur32:  :( Thanks for stopping. Don't be a stranger here.

astroknight:  thanks so much for staying up so late for us layla

Konerko:  thanks for chatting with us layla

astroknight:  please stop into the adultdvdtalk forums when you have a chance

Steph:  Layla-Jade thank you so much - great to chat with you!

Thanos:  by layla

Mikeipecac:  Look forward to seeing you in the future!

Layla Jade:  see you all again no doubt

cy:  good night layla

Thanos:  bye layla

Layla Jade:  Night

Steph:  Layla hope to see you in our forum - you're welcome anytime!!

Layla Jade:  sweet dreams and stay horny

dick_fittswell:  good night layla, thanks so much, Tell Mr Collins, his first virgin says hello when you see him

Layla Jade:  Bye and thanks for cumming.....

porky:  G'night Layla

zippy:  love you Layla

astroknight:  thanos - cool!

greenbarofsoap:  Layla, great chat, thanks!

more goodbyes... and the chatting continues on...

Thanks, Layla!! Thanks to all who attended. And thanks to Elegant Angel for making this chat possible.

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 Tricia Devereaux
 Angelica Sin
 Asia Carrera
 Antonio Passolini
 Ginger Lynn
 Jenna Jameson
 Jim Steel
 Nic Andrews
 Tristan Taormino
 Jill Kelly
 Women of VCA
 Tina Tyler's Favorites
 Gina Lynn
 Alexandra Silk & Luc Wylder
 Shayla LaVeaux
 Tabitha Stevens
 Layla Jade
 Jules Jordan
 Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore
 Mason & Julie Night
 Jewel De'Nyle & Brandon Iron
 Thomas Zupko
 Tom Byron
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