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This Kylie Ireland chat was held in the Chat Room on Jan. 12th, 2000, and sponsored by Five Star DVD. We spoke with Kylie for a little while prior to the chat. She's got some great things going on on her web site. Be sure to check it out.

Adult DVD Talk - Hello everyone, please welcome our guest who needs no introduction, Kylie Ireland. Let's get right to the questions.

Adult DVD Talk - Kylie, what's your favorite movie?

Kylie Ireland - Cashmere is definitely one of my favorites, I have the greatest memories of it. It was shot on my birthday but out of 150 movies it's hard to pick my favorite one.

Adult DVD Talk - Do you have a big say in what goes on your web site? Or do others do it for you?

Kylie Ireland - I don't do the HTML, but other than that it's all mine. I own the company, so they have to listen to me. We're doing a complete redesign at the end of the month. You can see pictures of me before my boob job on the web site. I shot sex scenes with Chloe that you'll never see elsewhere either.

Adult DVD Talk - Do you own a DVD player? Do you like all the new technology that's available to us now?

Kylie Ireland - Yes, on one of my computers at work. If a DVD is done right it can really be cool with an audio commentary. The virtual sex technology is really cool too.

Adult DVD Talk - Are you planning on doing a DVD commentary track soon?

Kylie Ireland - We did one on Cashmere and we'll be doing one on my next movie, which is called Raw. The release is in May, but don't quote me.

Adult DVD Talk - Kylie, why do most adult movie stars get boob jobs?

Kylie Ireland - I think most adult movie stars have to get them. I got mine because my boobs were little and crooked. A lot of girls get them because they want to go on the road and dance. I don't think they have to get them, they think they have to get them.

Adult DVD Talk - What is the significance of your dog's name - "Nakina"?

Kylie Ireland - He's a Siberian husky but there are no town names in Alaska with cool names.

Adult DVD Talk - What do you like to outside of work?

Kylie Ireland - I cook, I read and go roller blading with Nakina.

Adult DVD Talk - Kylie, how do you handle your fans? It must be crazy not to have privacy...

Kylie Ireland - Believe it or not I get recognized in places but they're too afraid to talk to me. Its not like I'm Meg Ryan or someone.

Adult DVD Talk - What do you enjoy more: Starring in a feature or running a company?

Kylie Ireland - Oh that's a tough one. In features I get to have sex, but I get to have sex running my company.

Adult DVD Talk - Is there anything in the adult industry that you want to do or accomplish?

Kylie Ireland - I've already accomplished everything I set out to do. That's why I went into publicity.

Adult DVD Talk - What do you do in between takes on the set? Is it hard to get back into the things once you have stopped?

Kylie Ireland - Well you should see a scene from beginning to end. It takes about two hours to film a whole scene. The last one I was in was an anal scene with three guys involved and I was wearing a wedding dress.

Adult DVD Talk - Kylie, we've seen a lot of girls lately who have had long careers. This is a lot different than the past when only guys could perform for many years. Why do you think women have been having longer careers?

Kylie Ireland - The women who have long careers are more responsible women who have a brain. They treat this like a business. So they can be around a long time and be successful. (But just because its a business doesn't mean we don't have fun. I just had to throw that out there.)

Adult DVD Talk - How many scenes do you shoot in a typical day of filming?

Kylie Ireland - Five years ago you could do as many as 3 or 4. We used to shoot movies in one day, which were five scenes. Now only one or two scenes are filmed per day. I'd do it if I were the star. A whole production only shoots three scenes per day.

Adult DVD Talk - Are there more women running the businesses now? Or is it still controlled by men?

Kylie Ireland - There's actually a ton of women that work at VCA. There aren't that many women that are the figureheads. But there are plenty in other positions acting and directing.

Adult DVD Talk - How long does it take from shooting to when the movie is released?

Kylie Ireland - We shot in raw in September, which will be released in February. The DVD is going to be like two months after that.

Adult DVD Talk - What are your thoughts on the "multiple angles" aspect of DVDs?

Kylie Ireland - I think it' cool. Someone asked me if it was harder to shoot but its not. Sometimes there are 3 or 4 cameras on me. I don't normally notice the camera guys unless I kick them.

Adult DVD Talk - If you could magically change one aspect of the adult industry, what would it be and why?

Kylie Ireland - HIV! If it wasn't for that we won't have to worry about testing and condoms. Every month we have to get a PCR DNA test.

Adult DVD Talk - I've heard that several of the contract girls at VCA are going to leave once their contracts are up? Can you confirm or deny these rumors?

Kylie Ireland - Yes, and it says in the paper I'm included in that list. I'm not leaving, I'm staying. You want the story here it is:

Kylie Ireland - Vicca, Nikita and Juli Ashton had conflicts between their management and the owner of VCA. Stacy Valentine has decided to take a break. However, she has four new movies she just shot coming out in the near future. She just shot Chasing Stacey which was her first virtual sex movie.

Adult DVD Talk - Who are your favorite performers to work with?

Kylie Ireland - ok, Kyle Stone, Jonathan Morgan, Steve Hatcher, Steven St. Croix, that's just a few of them. As far as girls go I like any girl who likes being with girls. I don't like working with the ones that think they have to do it or are just in it for the money.

Adult DVD Talk - How did you pick your stage name?

Kylie Ireland - Do you have time for a book? Kylie is from Kylie Minogue, a singer in Australia and I just liked the name Ireland. We picked Ireland when we were drinking. It wasn't until I had already done a movie that we realized it sounded like Kathy Ireland. I wonder if she gets my fan mail?

Adult DVD Talk - Are you married or have a boyfriend?

Kylie Ireland - I am married. I don't hide it. I have been married for 8 years. Obviously, I have an unusual relationship since I do porn.

Adult DVD Talk - What does your husband think?

Kylie Ireland - He's always been supportive, he knows he's loved and I'm not going to run off with a porn stud, would you? He's not in the business.

Adult DVD Talk - Are you a natural redhead?

Kylie Ireland - Yes, I am. I dyed my hair blond for the first couple of years. When I was a kid I had red hair, glasses, freckles and braces. Wouldn't you change something?

Adult DVD Talk - Do you still perform at gentlemen's clubs?

Kylie Ireland - I will occasionally do a local Los Angeles gig, other than that I don't because I have to work a regular 9:00 to 5:00+ desk job.

Adult DVD Talk - How long are you planning to stay in the porn business?

Kylie Ireland - In movies maybe a couple of more years beyond that I can't say for sure. It depends on what HIV does. I will stay in it as long as it's safe and I'm enjoying it. I won't stay too long. I won't be an old, fat broad.

Adult DVD Talk - Tell us the biggest change you have seen in the industry in the past 5 years or so...good or bad.

Kylie Ireland - That's a long one too. When I came in I did one-day wonders. One movie a day. I did 80 movies in my first 10 months. Now I do four movies per year. The business has split into two sections for the most part, gonzo and high-end videos. I do the high-end videos. One-day wonders are gone. Most of the companies want better quality. Gonzos are really flooding the market with a lot of crap. Porno is bad enough on it's own. Why make crap on purpose?

Adult DVD Talk - Kylie, do you pick your own movie themes or scripts? Do you write any of them?

Kylie Ireland - Yes. Yes and yes. When you are a contract girl you have a lot more control. I can write my own scripts if I want to. I can direct them too if I want to, I just don't want to. I co-wrote, co-produced and co-directed Twist of Fate, which was also my first anal movie.

Adult DVD Talk - Do you think it will ever be possible for a porn star to cross over into mainstream films? Not small parts, but as a major character.

Kylie Ireland - No, unfortunately when you are a porn star you carry that stigma with you, which makes mainstream recoil. Many people have tried and failed even though they were excellent actresses.

Adult DVD Talk - Michael Ninn has brought your label a lot of critical success. Does he have anything else in the works at VCA?

Kylie Ireland - Yes. Shayla's Web, starring Shayla LeVeaux was shot last month release date of this summer sometime. It's a computer story if you couldn't guess. Shayla is a good friend of mine. You can see the two of us together all over my web site... and she tastes good too.

Adult DVD Talk - Kylie, would you want to do any mainstream films or TV roles?

Kylie Ireland - I would do mainstream movies or TV if it fell in my lap. I don't pursue them because I know that in the casting room there are going to be 50 girls that are better actresses and prettier than me.

Adult DVD Talk - Would you change your name if you did mainstream?

Kylie Ireland - No, the mainstream stuff I did was as Kylie Ireland.

Adult DVD Talk - Is your personal sex life different from what we see on film?

Kylie Ireland - Absolutely! Hello? I don't have to cheat for the camera so you guys can see it. It's much better and there aren't ten people in the room watching, well sometimes there are. My husband knows what I like there is a connection.

Adult DVD Talk - Which movie of yours should I pick up that best exhibits your talent?

Kylie Ireland - Timeless, Cashmere, Twist of Fate and Raw when it comes out. Those are my favorites. I had to sing and dance for Cashmere. Do you know I can't sing and dance? I'm as white as they come. I'm so white I glow. Ahhh, the miracles of editing.

Adult DVD Talk - Is VCA going to put Twist of Fate on DVD?

Kylie Ireland - I don't think so but Wicked might. It's their movie.

Adult DVD Talk - Kylie, what are your thoughts on porn stars that have been out of the business for a while making comebacks? Example: Ginger Lynn

Kylie Ireland - If you've still got it and you still look good like Ginger does then make a comeback. She's getting a fabulous response and the movies are selling like crazy.

Adult DVD Talk - Tell us more about what your job as publicist at VCA is like?

Kylie Ireland - It's challenging. It's nice to use my brain. Dancing on the road doesn't require much of a brain. I love it. Nobody really thought I could do it. I am proving them all wrong.

Adult DVD Talk - Many thanks to Kylie for joining us tonight. We are going to switch the room into unmoderated mode so you can chat with Kylie directly.

Many thanks to Saki for helping us moderate the chat, Kylie, VCA and Five Star DVD.

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