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This chat with Jules Jordan was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on June 12, 2002 and sponsored by XRentDVD. Stay up-to-date on Jules' work at Many thanks to Jules Jordan, Tricia Devereaux, and XRentDVD!

This chat was unmoderated. Jules did a great job keeping up with the questions.
This transcript has been edited for brevity.

some of the pre-chat banter
snowden_porn:  hi all - anyone know what time it is in USA and how long till Jules gets here???
Gattman2:  snowden im guessing around an hour and 1/2, where are you logged in from
snowden_porn:  London Uk - its almost 2am here!!! I'm tired!
Gattman2:  its 10.35am Thursday in Melbourne Australia - it should start around 3.30am your time
snowden_porn:  well lucky i'm not doing anything tomorrow then!
lonewolf:  so this's the JJ chat huh?? where's the man at?
GattMan:  lonewolf around another hour yet
lonewolf:  aw shucks
XRentGuy:  Everyone waiting for Mr. Jordan??
lonewolf:  yea
Ron:  So when is JJ coming around together with Trish?
Steph:  Jules will be here around 7pm, Tricia will be about 10 minutes later
GattMan:  got to try and not to say Here Comes Mr Jordan
Ron:  Got a question or comment for JJ. Use Gauge in Space Invaderz 2 with lots of circus acts.
bono-ONE:  Gauge kicks ass!!!! Can't wait to see her in Flesh Hunter 3
Ron:  Me 3
snowden_porn:  i want FH3 bad too - i wanna see Alexa Rae again! and Jenna, and Guage, and Aurora, and...i forget the other girls name
bono-ONE:  Yeah Jenna H had a really good scene at the beginning of Flesh Hunter 2
Ron:  I wanna see more Aurora and Gauge dap and dpp. GBG 33 and 32 left me very unsatisfied emotionally
Muerte:  what is everyones favorite jules jordan flick
Ron:  Space Invaderz
snowden_porn:  Lex The Impaler 2 - then Ass Worship 2
Muerte:  lex 2 was good
bono-ONE:  I thought Lex 2 was ok - Monica Sweetheart looked awesome as usual
snowden_porn:  "Bet on Shyla or bet on the Impaler? Always bet on Black!"

Jules Jordan enters the chat room

Jules Jordan:  Whats up guys?

[Many hellos, welcomes, thanks for comings]

Jules Jordan:  I can type fast so don't worry - One Big thing i learned in high school

Augustwest:  glad you gave Everhard a chance

Jules Jordan:  ha

bono-ONE:  Saw Space Invaderz yesterday, a very good flick!!!! Aurora looked great

Jules Jordan:  yes space invaderz was a fun movie

Jules Jordan:  Tricia will be a little late tonight

bono-ONE:  Have you used Monica Sweetheart yet

Augustwest:  gina in New Breed was my fave

Jules Jordan:  yes gina lynn is probably my favorite - the best ass i have ever seen in my life

pornstarbets:  how was working with Luna?

Jules Jordan:  Luna is the perfect teen slut

Muerte:  Jules Are You A.....Breast, Leg or Ass man?

Jules Jordan:  ASS, no question

pornstarbets:  going to work with Luna anytime soon?

Ron:  Hey Jules, How was Gauge in FH 3? Any plans to use her in Space Invaderz 2?

Jules Jordan:  Gauge was great, she gained a little weight, esp. in the ass, it looked great

bono-ONE:  Lets have a Gauge and Monica Sweetheart two on one scene in Space Invaderz 2, sounds good to me!!!!!!

Jules Jordan:  Gauge will be in a lot of my new movies coming out this fall

goo:  Jules, what perfomer haven't you worked with that you want to?

Jules Jordan:  there are girls that come and go that i wished i had shot, but they leave too quickly

pornstarbets:  how many videos are you releasing this year

Jules Jordan:  12 movies/year maybe a few more

Ron:  Are you shooting Space Invaderz 2 or 3? Any inside scoop?

Jules Jordan:  hopefully start shooting Space Invaderz 3

Jules Jordan:  its hard getting the right girls and guys at the same time

Jules Jordan:  took over 6 months to make

Ron:  Shoot more of Shyla -- too bad she had that bad boob job

bono-ONE:  How about Michelle Wild, would you like to work with her if it was possible?

Jules Jordan:  michelle wild=hot, in europe though

justaguy:  Is there anything you'd like to see in one of your movies that you haven't been able to get a girl to do?

Jules Jordan:  shyla is no longer doing anal, but is currently doing movies. if she decides to do anal again i will shoot it - she is amazing

Ron:  Is Space Invaderz 2 and 3 a 3-on-1 with lots of dpp and dap. If so, when can I stand in line to buy the dvd?

bono-ONE:  I remember she did a Rocco movie and that was a pretty good scene

Ron:  Waaaaa Shyla no longer does anal and she was one of my fav dap girl

Muerte:  Jules.....Who Is Your Favorite Starlet?

Jules Jordan:  Jenna Haze was my fav. for awhile

Augustwest:  Krystal Steel... in anals from her

pornstarbets:  Kacey is one you should grab

Muerte:  kacey is the best

Jules Jordan:  krystal steal, maybe

Ron:  Yes Kacey can now deepthoat. Just saw her in the latest gangland and Joey's EA release

pornstarbets:  Kacey and Luna

Jules Jordan:  I have shot kacey before, hope to again soon

bono-ONE:  How about Rita Faltoyano is she exclusively in Europe

Jules Jordan:  yes rita hasn't hit U.S. soil yet

masterblaster:  how about making a trip to europe to tap those asses?

pornstarbets:  hannah harper is hot

Jules Jordan:  a lot of those girls have visa problems

Speelie:  You probably already said this, but will there be "Jules does Budapest" at some point?

Jules Jordan:  probably no Budapest, unless Budapest comes to LA

pornstarbets:  LA is the best

Ron:  That will be amazing -- JJ does all the babes in Booty Best

Jules Jordan:  I don't care for travelling to europe too much

Augustwest:  East coast baby I loved your East cost vids JJ

Jules Jordan:  yes my east coast movies were my very first ones - very hard to find talent there

Snowden_porn:  JULES - what are the chances of getting April Flowers to give you an anal scene???

Jules Jordan:  I have tried april flowers, believe me when she is ready you will see it from me first

Jules Jordan:  close anal in new breed #3 mr marcus kept trying to stick it in... she almost let him

Muerte:  i tried to stick it in my girlfriend and she punched me

Jules Jordan:  try lube

goo:  what was your first movie?

Jules Jordan:  LiveBait 1 - amateur movie

Jules Jordan:  odyssey group has my very first amateur scenes though

pornstarbets:  Which video of yours has sold the most units?

Warpig:  any scoop on Assworship 3

bono-ONE:  How about Lea de Mae, she always seems to do a good scene

Jules Jordan:  Lea de mae is great she comes to the US a lot

Ron:  How about Kimberly, the French Canadian?

pornstarbets:  Are you happy with Evil Angel?

Jules Jordan:  Evil Angel is the best company ever

Jules Jordan:  I would have never thought i would be shooting for my fav. company

bono-ONE:  Have you shot Judy Star yet, love that little French Canadian

Snowden_porn:  JULES - have you considered pairing Lex up with another brother for the Impaler series???

Jules Jordan:  no, I only want to see lex 1on1 scenes usually, they end up much more amazing, plus you usually see lex paired up with other people in anabolic movies

Ron:  Jules, you do an excellent job shooting and editing. If only Anabolic/Diabolic can learn from you. You need to start giving them lessons and charging

Muerte:  i agree

pornstarbets:  Anabolic is doing fine

Augustwest:  Hey ana and dia are ok

Jules Jordan:  Mike John is the best camera man in the business. Anabolic is a close favorite to evil angel

bono-ONE:  I would agree with that if you like POV stuff he is awesome

Snowden_porn:  JULES - I'm in love with Shyla - please tell me that you have her in your future plans???

Jules Jordan:  I have a blow job scene with shyla coming out next month for "Feeding Frenzy"

Ron:  Erik is learning to be a better cameraman -- goody

Augustwest:  Jules gave Erik one of his first roles

Jules Jordan:  Erik is an amazing director, his first movie had very solid camera work, with him operating camera

bono-ONE:  Hey Tricia !!!!!!

Steph:  Tricia!

Muerte:  hey tricia

Jules Jordan:  Hey tricia!

bono-ONE:  Great interview with John by Rog, a very interesting read

Speelie:  Hi Tricia!

Warpig:  Hi tricia

Jules Jordan:  yes rog's interview was great with john stagliano

Augustwest:  with Erik also 4 shots in 15 mins. wow

Tricia Devereaux:  Hey everyone sorry I was late... I'm just going to sit and catch up.

Muerte:  JULES.....what starlet have you had problems with on a set

Jules Jordan:  I have really not had too many problems with starlets on the set

Jules Jordan:  I usually cater to them, and get better scenes

Muerte:  smart jules

pornstarbets:  Do you get any from the starlets?

Jules Jordan:  The first night i met Devon we had sex in my car in front of her apartment

Muerte:  damn

pornstarbets:  cool

Jules Jordan:  if thats what you mean, "do i get any" haha

HoustonDon:  Jules: Do you ever read your reviews (it should help that most of them are so positive)?

Speelie:  Along with what HoustonDon just asked, are you surprised by your immediate Evil Angel success, or did you expect it?

Jules Jordan:  Well, Evil Angel allowed me to put much more into my product

Jules Jordan:  I had no more budget restrictions, I have to make a living

Ron:  Good ole EA -- letting JJ do his thang

Jules Jordan:  Although i'm just happy making porno and getting by doing it

pornstarbets:  You are the best director in the evil angel empire

Ron:  Pornstarbets -- SHHHH Mrs. JS is here and ...

Snowden_porn:  JULES - I liked the bit in Ass W2 where Eric is in Shyla's ass rocking her back and forth, then he holds her up in mid air for Lex to invade her ass. Please repeat that move in your future works!!

Jules Jordan:  Snowden- I discovered that "position" in Ass Worship 1 by accident, it is very hard but very interesting to watch

nickelodeon:  jules, how much does each of your movies actually cost to make?

Jules Jordan:  I dont keep track of how much i spend on a movie, when I feel it is ready it comes out - I dont care how much i spend

Warpig:  he deserves it, his stuff is great

Jules Jordan:  believe me because of time restrictions I cannot "overdo" it too bad

Muerte:  JULES.....does having the name jules jordan get you a lot of ass?

nickelodeon:  hey, he works in porn, of course he gets lots of ass

Jules Jordan:  muerte-not yet haha!

bono-ONE:  I really hate when the guy is climaxing and he totally misses the girl, does that bother you if that happens in a scene - Or if he does get it on her face he keeps jerking off and it misses her mouthat really bugs me

Jules Jordan:  u mean bad aim bono? yes bothers me maybe more than anything

pornstarbets:  fire them .lol

Jules Jordan:  that's the one truly unpredictable thing in porno

bono-ONE:  Yep but really what gets me is once the guy is climaxing he should just let the cum flow out into her mouth or face but stop jerking off,lol

Jules Jordan:  try aiming yourself one time bono, very hard, haha

bono-ONE:  That's why I like Down the Hatch so much you know right where the cum is going to go lol

Warpig:  any black actresses you'd like to get in your films?

pornstarbets:  Have you hung out with Randy West,acquaintance

Jules Jordan:  randy is great, he is more of an

Ron:  Hi Trish -- anything new and exciting coming out of EA other than JJ's stuff (which we already know)

Tricia Devereaux:  two major features in September

Ron:  how was the shoot?

Tricia Devereaux:  I'll tell you more after Jules says goodbye later

Jules Jordan:  I've seen pictures from Fashionistas, looks incredible!!!

Jules Jordan:  John Stagliano is the master and my main influence

Muerte:  jules what music are you into right now

Jules Jordan:  Muerte-metal/hip hop, i've shot music video stuff also, thats how i learned to operate a camera

Snowden_porn:  JULES - what would you say is your single best movie you've directed???

Jules Jordan:  snowden, I think its a tie between Flesh Hunter 1,2 and Ass Worship 1,2

pornstarbets:  Fleash Hunter 2 was my fav

Ron:  I preferred FH1 but maybe because I had problems with 2

nickelodeon:  jules, do you ever watch the really nasty pornos from Extreme like Cocktails?

Jules Jordan:  I watch tons of porn, probably $1500/year

pornstarbets:  good homework

Jules Jordan:  I watch every thing that appeals to me, which is usually the cast of girls

YogaGrrl:  Jules, how did you meet John?

Jules Jordan:  I have sent john tapes sporadically over the past 5 yrs

Ron:  JJ try to shoot Paris. She is young and will do anything

bono-ONE:  Any starlets retired you would have liked to shoot like say a Nikki Dial

Muerte:  i want raylene to come back

Jules Jordan:  bono-tiffany mynx

bono-ONE:  cool

Ron:  Tiff_M is cute - Saw her twice a while back

astroknight:  if you could bring any of the girls you previously shot who have now retired back for another scene, who would it be?

Jules Jordan:  astro- prob. leanni or brittney baer

bono-ONE:  What kind of scene would you put together for say a Jenna Jameson or Tera Patrick if they would work for you

Jules Jordan:  bono-something that they have never done before - I like to shoot girls in unique situations, for them anyway, like the Lex/Alexa Rae scene

astroknight:  do you have a personal favorite of your movies?

Jules Jordan:  astro-maybe Flesh Hunter 2

pornstarbets:  I love your Luna shot in FH

Ron:  Jules, who is the easier girl to work with -- nice and sweet? Kacey seems real nice.

Jules Jordan:  yes Luna is very playful

Jules Jordan:  kacey is very cool

goo:  what was yer favorite porno before you were making porn?

astroknight:  what other directors do you pay the most attention to?

Ron:  Kacey can now deep throat. I am very impressed. Get more of Kacey, Jules

Rieekan:  How was Jeanie Rivers in Flesh Hunter 2?

Jules Jordan:  Jeanie Rivers is amazing - I caught her on her "comeback"

Jules Jordan:  I shot her fist anal that will probably be in Ass Worship 3

bono-ONE:  The Jenna Haze scene in #2 was awesome, is the scene in #3 as good

DrewBlackADT:  Is Jenna Haze as fucked up of a person as Quasarman makes her out to be?

astroknight:  a fist anal! that's even better than a first anal! ;)

lunacy:  maybe it was a freudian slip

Jules Jordan:  haha first anal, fist anal would be cool to

Jules Jordan:  Jenna Haze scene in Flesh Hunter 2 may be my fav. scene I've ever shot

Jules Jordan:  Jenna is a teenager - she is a cool person, but goes through lots of stuff that young girls in this biz go through

pornstarbets:  Hope she does a gang bang soon

Warpig:  what do young girls in the biz go through?

Speelie:  She's an American teenager too, and Americans of many ages are sometimes less mature than Europeans of the same age.

Snowden_porn:  JULES - hint...Jenna Haze + Lex in Impaler 3

Jules Jordan:  Gangbang? Jenna ? no chance with JKP - she is condom only now

bono-ONE:  to bad Jenna is under contract to JKP

Jules Jordan:  barely doing boy/girl

Ron:  so sad to see Jenna go to JKP but good for her

Jules Jordan:  I wish LEx the impaler for Jenna but, NO CHANCE

HoustonDon:  so Jules, ever think of doing audio commentaries on your dvds?

astroknight:  any chance of a Tricia Devereaux solo scene in a future jj film????

Ron:  Yes, Jules, you should shoot a Mr and Mrs John Stagliano scene

Jules Jordan:  only if tricia does the cream pie swallow. HAHA just kidding

Jules Jordan:  kind of an inside joke

(Tricia is out grabbing a soda.)

Ron:  Hey, Tricia is running away just when we are discussing her cumback

TommyHill:  Hey Jules there was this cool snippit in Live Bait #03 or New Breed #03 where Britt Baer almost has a heart attack in this hotel room.. what happened PLEASE

Jules Jordan:  in live bait #3 we were shooting in inner harbor in baltimore against a window, and we noticed everyone below was staring up to the window we were fucking against

astroknight:  what's the funniest thing that's happened to you during a shoot?

Jules Jordan:  astro-projectiles hitting the camera during an anal scene

bono-ONE:  What celebrity would you like to do a scene with?

Jules Jordan:  Jennifer Lopez

bono-ONE:  YUCK

Jules Jordan:  Iff i could just shoot her ass!

Tricia Devereaux:  ok, i'm back

Muerte:  kirsten dunst

Porky:  butt missiles

Speelie:  Shh, Tricia's back...

pornstarbets:  How mant people are on a set?

Jules Jordan:  very small sets for me, I usually do everything if i am not performing, now thats quality control

pornstarbets:  good for you

astroknight:  how long does your average scene take to film?

Jules Jordan:  in and out with makeup about 4-5 hours

pornstarbets:  Do you ever want to jump in a scene when filming

Jules Jordan:  pornstarbets-usually i am in a different mind set when filming than when performing

pornstarbets:  true artist

oly:  are all the bugs worked out of flesh hunter 2 ?? i am looking to purchase it if it will play in my sony dvd player


oly:  will it work in sony dvd players

Jules Jordan:  I have a sony dvd player and they have always worked fine in a sony

oly:  thanks JULes i plan to order tonite you the man

YogaGrrl:  Jules, what are your favorite and least favorite aspects of production?

Jules Jordan:  Favorite-shooting scenes that come together great / least-deadlines

Ron:  Jules, any new titles with double anals? I am the double anal fan

Jules Jordan:  Double anal is a special thing, and is reserved for special series such as Space Invaderz

astroknight:  are there any of your scenes out there that you wish you could take back?

Jules Jordan:  No I stand behind all my scenes since Live Bait

oly:  MR> JULES do you plan to use MEllisa milano in any scenes soon??

Jules Jordan:  I have tried to shoot melissa milano, hopefully soon

Tricia Devereaux:  Jules - sorry, just saw your creampie comment.

Steph:  tricia :)

Jules Jordan:  haha, knew you'd like that

Tricia Devereaux:  I'd take a facial from you any day Jules! I'd just let you have your way with me and pull my hair and stuff

astroknight:  ooooooooh. stuff!!!!!! ;)

Jules Jordan:  I'll let brandon iron take care of that for you

Ron:  Wee Can I buy that dvd with Trish and Jules? Pretty please?

Tricia Devereaux:  Ok, that's cool too!!!!!!

pornstarbets:  How old are you Jules

Jules Jordan:  I am 30 as of a few weeks ago

Jules Jordan:  what is everyones favorite scene that i have shot and why?

oly:  your scene with Jenna haze

Ron:  Space Invaderz with Aurora

oly:  in flesh hunter 2

Tricia Devereaux:  the scene with you and Bella in Ass Worship 1

Speelie:  Jenna Haze is my favorite too.

bono-ONE1:  Jenna in Flesh Hunter 2 because she takes three loads and then swallows, plus anal, very good!!!!!

astroknight:  tough call, but probably one of the leanni lei scenes

Muerte:  the jenna scene

pornstarbets:  I love Luna scene, maybe her outfit does it for me. Do Videos with girls in ohot outfits

Jules Jordan:  Belladonna is the queen of anal and should win performer of the year this year

astroknight:  she has such a great spirit of fun about her

Speelie:  Tommy Rose with Lex was good.

Tricia Devereaux:  Belladonna is the queen of everything, IMO

Ron:  Is Bella coming back to porn or has she run away for good with Nacho?

astroknight:  belladonna is amazing!

oly:  yeah the bottom feeders with leanna lei where she is dpd

Tricia Devereaux:  She's back!!!!

Warpig:  Belladonna in AW2, never seen anything like it

Snowden_porn:  Shyla in Impaler 2. The new look of hers is great, nice hair color, nice style, looked fit, nice new babylons, great anal scene. I loved the bit where Lex is fucking her so hard she almost falls off the bed.

Jules Jordan:  It's funny there is more thought with costuming than you think, these girls do not show up with these outfits usally

bono-ONE1:  But aren't those awards slanted towards companies like Wicked and Vivid who do more couples stuff - Bella is quite the performer I have enjoyed all the senes I have watched her in

pornstarbets:  Turn on to see hot outfits before they fuck

oly:  say Jules to you answer email from fans

Jules Jordan:  yes i answer all emails

Tricia Devereaux:  it seems like Jules is on the internet more than I am!

Jules Jordan:  Flesh Hunter 3 is coming out in a few weeks and stars Austin O'Reilly, Gauge, Alexa Rae,Jenna Haze, Aurora Snow and Jessica

Muerte:  thats a hot cast

pornstarbets:  hoe is Gauge in FH3?

Tricia Devereaux:  Lucky Jules - he got to fuck Jenna and Aurora in the same scene! Very hot!

bono-ONE1:  Great looking cast for #3

Speelie:  Is Jessica a Czech girl, or is this an American one?

Ron:  Any previews of FH3? It looks great but the dvd is delayed by a week or two (sigh)

Jules Jordan:  Feeding Frenzy is coming in July and features all blowjobs, most with multiple guys, and lots of swallowing

Tricia Devereaux:  same Jessica as in Space Invaderz

Jules Jordan:  jessica czech

bono-ONE1:  That sounds great how about a cast list for Feeding Frenzy

Ron:  Czech Jess -- cool

Speelie:  I thought so, she did some LeCastel movies about 18 months ago.

Jules Jordan:  Feeding Frenzy, kind of an all star cast from all my movies=jenna haze, shyla, judy star, aurora, alexa rae...

Ron:  Is this the reboobed or original Shyla?

bono-ONE1:  Great I see Judy Star in there, love to watch her on screen

Jules Jordan:  original shyla ron

Ron:  Oh goodie. Original Shyla -- I have to get that dvd

Snowden_porn:  I think her new boobs look brill

Diesel:  Sorry if this has been discussed, but Jules directed DEVON: THE LOST FOOTAGE?

Jules Jordan:  Devon the lost footage was some of my very first scenes - very amateur

astroknight:  they definitely have your feel to them

Diesel:  It was one of her better videos...Did Vivid just keep it in the vaults until she got popular?

Steph:  jules, filmed in the back of your car? ;)

Rieekan:  lol

Jules Jordan:  no i just had sex with devon in the back of my car a few times

Jules Jordan:  yes vivid has had the footage since 97 - I discovered devon and gave her to vivid

astroknight:  i can't believe that vivid didn't even give you a directors credit on that!

Diesel:  I don't believe you are in the credits! It would probably sell even more copies with your director's credit!

Jules Jordan:  Vivid or Devon never gave me credit, they made up a story that I was her boyfriend and sent the tape to vivid

goo:  i guess vivid doesn't know how popular you are

Diesel:  Yes, I reviewed LOST FOOTAGE and they make it look like it was given to them anonymously

HoustonDon:  Jules: How many movies have you made so far?

Jules Jordan:  Houston, not sure maybe 30 or 40

HoustonDon:  How many are on dvd?

Tricia Devereaux:  6 or 7 of those are for Evil Angel - All of his VHS for EA have been released on DVD

HoustonDon:  the best are from Evil, I'm sure

Jules Jordan:  Rosebud is coming out with a slew of my old titles soon

astroknight:  Rosebud seems to be giving them a decent treatment from the one I've seen

Speelie:  Cashing in on your new, even higher popularity.

Tricia Devereaux:  My favorite titles of him from Rosebud were the Bottom Feeders ones.

Diesel:  Rosebud has good transfers, but mediocre extras and sloppily produced DVDs

HoustonDon:  cashing in is what porn is best known for

Jules Jordan:  yes my best are from evil angel

astroknight:  with jj's popularity rosebud and pleasure would be stupid to not try to cash in on it!

Necrosys:  Whats the deal with Bottom Feeders being rereleased in better quality?

Ron:  EA is an exception to the porn company sleeze

Jules Jordan:  there were many issues with production at rosebud/pleasure, we had a few creative differnces

HoustonDon:  Ron-true

Snowden_porn:  JULES - is Alexa Rae dead set against doing anal???

pornstarbets:  Jassie is hot

Jules Jordan:  Bottom feeders has been released in dvd9 format instead of 5, better quality

Necrosys:  is there a way to tell which is which or are the DVD5 no longer available?

Jules Jordan:  Alexa has done anal for max and a few other people, just can't convince her these days, if she decides you will see it here first

Jules Jordan:  well not first but you know...

goo:  yeah fist

Warpig:  Jules-is there a secret to the gape, or is it a some can some can't kinda thing?

Ron:  If she did anal with Max, why is she worried? Max pisses on all his girls

Ron:  literally

pornstarbets:  lol

bono-ONE1:  She has got a great body , the Lex 2 dvd was the first scene of hers I have seen

Jules Jordan:  gaping i think is all muscle control, some girls do it some don't

Tricia Devereaux:  Yeah, the girls love Jules. He's one of those directors who gets the best from them.

astroknight:  does alexa have as much attitude as comes off on screen?

Snowden_porn:  she looked great in Impaler2

Diesel:  Again, sorry if this question has been asked, but what directors mainstream or otherwise do you respect

Jules Jordan:  I would love to shoot a lot of these "contract" girls my way

Jules Jordan:  that is what i did with alexa

Snowden_porn:  so would we!

Speelie:  I do hope some more Euro girls come to LaLa land.

Jules Jordan:  Alexa is a good friend of mine, no attitude at all, just has kind of an intense persona

Porky:  How was Monica Sweetheart to work with?

Snowden_porn:  I liked the bit in the extra footage where you say to her "OK Alexa - ready for anal?"

Ron:  Monica seems nice

Jules Jordan:  I love all directors at evil angel

pornstarbets:  did you consider working with Anabolic before EA

Jules Jordan:  I am very good friends with everyone at anabolic

Tricia Devereaux:  I can say that John Stagliano loved Jules' stuff for a long time...

Tricia Devereaux:  We used to have sex watching his stuff for Pleasure and Rosebud...

Steph:  tricia that's a heck of a compliment!

astroknight:  wow!

Diesel:  Ever interested in making movies on film, like WILD GOOSE CHASE or FACE DANCE?

Jules Jordan:  I am too impatient for film i think

bono-ONE1:  There is a girl who was in 110% Natural 2 called Trixi, she needs to work for JJ and Evil Angel

pornstarbets:  and Peaches from breaking em in 2

Warpig:  Jules, if you could bring any starlet out of retirement to shoot, who would it be?

Tricia Devereaux:  John's very selective, and knew that Jules would be a great addition

Jules Jordan:  haha! the one good thing about porn is there are so many girls all across the world

Diesel:  I can't think of a single director or studio who hasn't been influenced by Stagliano

Ron:  Get Paris Jules. She is real cute and loud

Muerte:  JULES....which do you like more Blondes, redheads or brunetts? i like redheads

Speelie:  Is Rebekah Jordan, aka Kinky, doing any work in the USA? She would be great with Jules.

pornstarbets:  Hannah Harper looks like Anna Koruakova get her

bono-ONE1:  How about coaxin Aria Giovanni into doing a b/g scene, then I would really be a huge fan!!!!

masterblaster:  Paris is hot, she did a great scene in service animal

Jules Jordan:  I truly have no preference usually and look at bodies before hair color

Ron:  Rebekah Jordan aka Kinky is in Gangbang Gilr 33

Tricia Devereaux:  Hey Jules - I'm all hot about Feeding Frenzy now. You've got mail for after the chat.

Diesel:  That would be cool, Bono...but Blake says she probably will never do guy girl

pornstarbets:  Kimberly from Gang bang 32 is hot

Jules Jordan:  If aria had considered doing b/g i would have been first in line, I think what maybe sealed that fate was her getting popular so fast and becoming a penthouse pet

astroknight:  if you could have "your way" with any one girl currently under contract with another company, who would you pick?

Ron:  Kimberly from GBG 32 is hotter in Lewd Conduct 13 and GBA 8. Get Kimberly Jules

Diesel:  Aria became an "elite" Studio A girl real fast. Not that I'm complaining...

Tricia Devereaux:  isn't hannah harper still with Legend?

Jules Jordan:  astro-tera patrick, jenna, gina lynn

bono-ONE1:  Yeah Kimberly is a good performer

Speelie:  Tricia, i think so.

Jules Jordan:  I just missed kimberly about 6 mo. ago

pornstarbets:  just signed wityh Legend, too bad

Ron:  Is Aria the previous Marie Silva or a different Aria?

Jules Jordan:  different aria

Tricia Devereaux:  Aria from Andrew Blake's movies

Ron:  Has Kimberly retired -- soo sad

Jules Jordan:  any last questions or comments?

Speelie:  Thanks for the chat Jules.

goo:  thanks for chatting with us!

astroknight:  just thanks for chatting with us so long!!!!

bono-ONE1:  Keep up the great work!!!!

Rieekan:  thanks jules

Warpig:  Jules, keep up the good work, and add some black chicks

Ron:  more dap Jules

Steph:  Jules, great chat! thank you!

pornstarbets:  yeah jules

masterblaster:  thank you Jules

Porky:  Thanks, Jules

Rieekan:  More Jeanie Rivers ;)

Tricia Devereaux:  after Jules heads out, I'll stick around a little...

Ron:  see ya jules

Muerte:  JULES....I Think You A Great director And I Look Forward To Seeing You Stuff In The Future

Tricia Devereaux:  and answer some questions about Evil Angel in general

YogaGrrl:  Thanks, Jules!

Jules Jordan:  I would definately like to thank ADT and all the great reviewers, you guys have made my dvd's a huge success

HoustonDon:  Jules, don't be a stranger here - the forums are open 7days a week, 24 hours a day

Ron:  and please post updates

Diesel:  Thanks to Steph, Drew and Trish for letting your fans chat with you.

Kimi_Lixx:  have a good evening Mr Jordan

Tricia Devereaux:  Thanks Jules!!!!!!

Snowden_porn:  JULES - Keep them extra footage bonus thingys coming!!!!!

Steph:  Jules - the succes is all due to the product you make

HoustonDon:  Yay Jules!

astroknight:  Thanks for making movies good enough we can give the great reviews to!

necromedia:  Thanks Jules!!!!

lonewolf:  hey Jules ya rock man!!

pornstarbets:  see you the the SF valley

Jules Jordan:  yes and please do not read TOO MUCH into what you see on extra behind the scenes features

Ron:  Keep it up Jules Two thumbs up

lonewolf:  how bout some more scenes w/ Alexa??

Snowden_porn:  That was wicked - i haven't had a good chat session for ages - and its now 4:15am my time!!!

Jules Jordan:  There are more scenes with alexa coming

HoustonDon:  Alexa-Yum!

Ron:  I have to play FH 2 with Alexa. Mhy old player would never play the scene

lonewolf:  awesome!

Muerte:  jules.....tell alexa i'll see her in my dreams

Steph:  Jules - keep us posted in the forum

Jules Jordan:  thanks to for sponsoring this chat

lonewolf:  oh oh and Belladonna .......we love Bella Jules :)

Jules Jordan:  look for my website coming soon, will feature pics and videos from upcoming movies - - thanks guys!!!!

HoustonDon:  It's Tricia Time!

astroknight:  okay, he's gone. now we can really talk about him ;)

Tricia Devereaux:  seriously, Jules is my favorite director (other than John) to work on his DVDs, because he loves DVDs so much

Ron:  Hi Trish, now all the fans gather around Trish :)

lonewolf:  tricia!!!

YogaGrrl:  It shows :)

Tricia Devereaux:  and is so into giving us cool stuff for extra footage

Snowden_porn:  feeding frenzy sounds good! cant wait for that and FH3

astroknight:  now we just need a tricia scene in a jj movie....

Speelie:  Tricia, is Beautiful Girls 5 still due June 25 on DVD as far as you know?

lonewolf:  i've only seen trish in "bad wives"!! what else do i need ta check out??

bono-ONE1:  Yep Feeding Frenzy sounds like it will be awesome

Tricia Devereaux:  BG5 - so far, yes

Muerte:  jules was cool

astroknight:  jules was a GREAT chat. thanks to steph, tricia, and xrent for setting it up!

bono-ONE1:  Gangbang Girl 17 is awesome look for that one

Snowden_porn:  he done well to answer all teh questions! hes a top man

Muerte:  learned he's an ass man - cares more about body than hair color

Ron:  Yup, more feedin' fancy around Trish

Tricia Devereaux:  I just emailed Jules and said I'd love for Brandon to jackoff on me!!!!

Tricia Devereaux:  Jules is the only guy I know who can type as fast as me!

Muerte:  {:)

Tricia Devereaux:  Sorry again that I was late...

Ron:  Can we see that scene of Brandon jerking off on you Trish, Pretty please? :)

Tricia Devereaux:  Well, I just hope it gets a chance to get shot by someone!

HoustonDon:  Tricia, we like whatever time you can spare for us

Tricia Devereaux:  It was a longer rehearsal than expected for John Stagliano's film - We're in the middle of shooting Fashionistas, a 35mm film

Ron:  Yes, Trish. What is the inside scoop on the shoot?

Tricia Devereaux:  Starring Rocco Siffredi, Belladonna, Taylor St. Claire, Sharon Wild, Chelsea Blue, Manuel Ferrara, Kate Frost, Caroline Pierce

Darkmage:  Wow... a porn rehearsal. That sounds so much like... foreplay!

astroknight:  DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!! when does fashionist come out???!!!

Ron:  Is this a wild and crazy film?

Tricia Devereaux:  Well, we have 20 pages of dialogue tomorrow, and it's going to be a minimum of a 15 hour day.

bono-ONE1:  Tricia please try and get Michelle Wild again if possible when you guys do another film in Europe or is she under contract

Tricia Devereaux:  We're shooting for 15 days total, plus about 5 or 6 rehearsal days

Darkmage:  Ouch. Don't they ever have like normal hour days when they make a movie? Does it have to be 15 hours a day, in the snow, during a monsoon?

Kimi_Lixx:  uphill... both ways...

Tricia Devereaux:  the movie is awesome so far, Bella is the best ever

Speelie:  Michelle Wild is under contract to Kovi's company, Kovi then sells his movies to Private.

Tricia Devereaux:  Well, locations can cost a fortune, plus the film camera and camera equipment cost us $18,000 to rent...

Tricia Devereaux:  just for the 25 days that we rented it as it is.

Tricia Devereaux:  We definitely didn't want to go even more days. Plus the big crew we have is expensive too.

Darkmage:  Ah. For some odd reason, I figured the production company would actually own the equipment, not rent them.

Tricia Devereaux:  the hours aren't bad. The movie world is used to long days

Speelie:  I remember getting Whitrock's Real Golden Showers Video 2 about 3 years ago. I wondered who this Belladonna was, who pissed on Wild Bill in the shower. - She was a blonde back then.

Tricia Devereaux:  Even mainstream companies often don't own their equipment. They rent, and then they can write off the full amount.

Darkmage:  Do the companies they rent from do this as a living? "Bob's movie camera rentals, Inc.?"

HoustonDon:  Plus, if they own the equipment, it gives the fed s more to take

Tricia Devereaux:  Besides, Evil Angel hasn't shot on 35mm in 10 years. It wouldn't make sense to own that equpment

astroknight:  bella was hot as a blonde

YogaGrrl:  Tricia, 25 days seems pretty amazing. Is that your longest shoot, or have you done one longer?

GattMan:  lone could be but im in Australia so.....

Darkmage:  Tricia - good point!

Ron:  So Trish, what was the interesting update from 1 hour ago? Inquiring minds want to know

Tricia Devereaux:  darkmage- there are TONS of places in the LA/hollywood area that rent camera/sound/lighting equipment as their only thing they do.

Tricia Devereaux:  Different places for each type of equipment

Tricia Devereaux:  Ron- sorry, I'm confused

Speelie:  I'm glad john Stagliano is keeping himself challenged. It is easy to get jaded after making porn year after year.

Ron:  I too don't remember but it was something about new releases?

Tricia Devereaux:  astro - exactly. I'm so excited for him! This is way bigger than Wild Goose Chase and Face Dance put together!

Speelie:  Rocco has seemed bored lately, The Ass Collector hopefully rejuvenated him.

astroknight:  ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Tricia Devereaux:  Oh, Ron - this is the stuff. About The Fashionistas and Ass Collector. Our big September releases

astroknight:  is wild goose chase still on schedule for this month?

Ron:  What is the ass collectors about?

Steph:  tricia any updates on your solo flick? release date?

* astroknight counting the days until he can see Wild Goose Chase on DVD

Tricia Devereaux:  Steph - I've been devoting all my time to the movies for the other directors. I'll get back to mine in a month or so

Speelie:  So based on what John said in Rog's interview, we weren't imagining things when we saw a male on male BJ in Ass Collector.

Ron:  Trish, Is this the all male title?

Tricia Devereaux:  Ron - yes

Tricia Devereaux:  Speelie - what?!

Ron:  okay, I will pass on it if you don't mind Trish. I would normally get anything with you but I will pass this time

Speelie:  John said there would be a bi moment in a September released EA movie from a leading director. And the trailer for Ass Colelctor shows a guy getting spooged on his face. - Den wrote about it on CAVR too.

Ron:  What is that speelie? A bi shot in which title (I want to know what not to get)

Speelie:  Ass Collector, in the trailer, has a moment of a guy getting his face jizzed on by another guy.

Steph:  aww comeon Ron, you like DAP, why not bi? :p

Ron:  Sort of weird ain't it Steph?

Speelie:  John S. talks about a bi moment in an upcoming movie in his interview with Rog.

Ron:  I will have to check out Rog's site

Speelie:  I'm not complaining, I think it is interesting. I'll still watch the movie, though I might FF a bit.

Ron:  In DVD, one can press the next track

* Thanos gives a big hug to tricia also

Tricia Devereaux:  aw, thanks

lonewolf:  hey um.....i might be a lil' late here but whas JJordan doin after Flesh Hunter 3?? anyone..Trish??

Thanos:  I've "Slept" with tricia ;)

Tricia Devereaux:  a blowjob movie called Feeding Frenzy

lee:  thanos - wow!!

Tricia Devereaux:  hey, now... don't get people all excited

Ron:  What is going on for us outsiders? :)

lonewolf:  Thanos uv slept w/ Trish??? Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

GattMan:  tricia you havent gotten me excited yet

Muerte: you like width or length

Tricia Devereaux:  width for pussy, length for anal

Tricia Devereaux:  OK guys, gotta go...

lee:  nite tricia.

Ron:  Night Trish

DivxGuy:  Nite, Tricia

Tricia Devereaux:  the film has a 7:30am call time

Porky:  See ya Tricia

bono-ONE1:  Have a good night Tricia and hope your daughter is doing well

Steph:  tricia - thanks for everything!

YogaGrrl:  nite, Tricia

lonewolf:  hey is Nacho doin anything hteese dayz??

Speelie:  by tricia

Muerte:  later tricia

Kimi_Lixx:  g'night tricia

Tricia Devereaux:  Love ya, all

lonewolf:  oh well......g'night Tricia

lonewolf:  i'mma go 2

GattMan:  tricia even me?

Muerte:  yes i am gatt {:)

Tricia Devereaux:  Bye Kimi, thanos, speelie, everyone!!!!

Rieekan:  later tricia

Thanos:  bye tricia

astroknight:  bye tricia!

Tricia Devereaux:  One more plug for xrentdvd... anyone who likes Jules' Evil Angel movies should look into their sale

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