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This Jim Steel chat was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on October 11, 2000. Many thanks to Odyssey Group Video for making this chat possible: Odyssey Men Video Website - Odyssey Group Video Website

Steph:  Hey Jim_Steel!! Welcome to Adult DVD Talk

Jim Steel:  Hi Steph

zero:  hi jim!

Jim Steel:  Hey Zero - Hello room

Morrigan:  hi jim

after a series of happy hellos we go into moderated mode.

Jim Steel:  Warning I ama lousy speller who lives on speel check

Steph:  Jim - mind if we jump right into the questions?

Jim Steel:  fire away

Adult DVD Talk:  How did you get into the adult movie business?

Jim Steel:  an ex lover - Casey Klinger owned magazines - started working there in early 80's and from there went into video work - first show I worked on was TOUGH COMPETITION

Adult DVD Talk:  How was that?

Jim Steel:  GR8 - was the first time I realized how cute and sexual some of these guys were

Adult DVD Talk:  Who are your favorite stars to work with?

Jim Steel:  changes when you meet new guys but some of my all time favorites - Ken Ryker - Scott Baldwin - Zak Spears - Tim Barnett - Joey Stephano - and that is just off the top of my head - I'm sure I have left out way too many

Adult DVD Talk:  Which movies are the best examples of your work?


Jim Steel:  MENTOR - can't forget that one

Adult DVD Talk:  Was Ooze your first all-girl movie?

Jim Steel:  Yeah it was - have worked in the straight biz a long time but never as a director - always 1st AD or Production Manager

Adult DVD Talk:  What are the main differences between directing a gay male film and an all-girl one? (aside from the obvious anatomic differences.)

Jim Steel:  Wow - tuff question - The girls are a lot more professional than the guys - not that the guys are bad - just that the girls work so much more so they are more used to the structure - And I love those girls!

Adult DVD Talk:  the guys work a lot less than the girls?

Jim Steel:  Just there are less gay than str8 vids made so yeah they do work less- also where as a girl can do a lot of vids and get a following - guys burn out with the public a lot quicker

ADT:  zengirl says: do you make movies keeping in mind that there are also females who watch porn and try to cater to a more feminine viewpoint?

Jim Steel:  When I shoot a boy boy vid I am trying to take really goodlooking guys and have them have HOT sex - if that interests a female viewer then yeah - but that is what I am going for

Jim Steel:  When its a girl girl ABSOLUTELY - the best was the way these girls responded to me - they were all pros and they came up to me and thanked me for the way I treated them - I gave them respect and shot them like people not sides of beef.

Adult DVD Talk:  Morrigan says: Which mainstream star(s) would you like to work with?

Jim Steel:  Girls - Parker Posey - Gena Davis - Lilly Taylor - Guys - Brad Pitt (big surprise) Owen Marshall(?) guy in Armageddon - Steven Dorff

Adult DVD Talk:  hugh says: In your opinion, why has it taken so long for some of the major gay studios to get on the DVD bandwagon?

Jim Steel:  Good question - give me a sec on that

Jim Steel:  I know in the case of the company I am involved with now - they wanted to give you more than just a VHS tape transferred to DVD - We give you footage from Behind The Scnes - extra sex stuff and interviews - but until we made the decision to go - couldn't release - I love porn on DVD

Adult DVD Talk:  Do you work exclusively for OGV?

Jim Steel:  no - I also do work on Vivid Video productions (luv those Vivid girls) and some free lance here and there

Jim Steel:  OMV keeps me real busy though

Adult DVD Talk:  [The Standard Adult DVD Talk Question] If you were crowned Emperor of Porn for a day, what would you change about the industry?

Jim Steel:  The way that gay and str8 don't get along -

Adult DVD Talk:  are the two antagonistic? (forgive my political ignorance)

Jim Steel:  when casting the Bi vid MASS APPEAL - girls were afraid to do it because it could damage them in the str8 side - STUPID - and I know a lot of the guys in the str8 and they are cool as hell - they aren't the ones who have the problem

Jim Steel:  we are all in the sex biz - lets act like adults

Adult DVD Talk:  what about on the business side?

Jim Steel:  Would run every cheap fuck company that doesn't care about the consumers and only wants to make a quick buck at the expense of the industry out of biz - If I were the king for a day. Sad thing is the consumer doesn't realize that a good box doesn't make a goood product on the inside

Adult DVD Talk:  How do you feel about the use of condoms?

Jim Steel:  I feel there is nothing to discuss - Until they have a cure if you see a cock going in a hole IT SHOULD HAVE A CONDOM ON IT

Adult DVD Talk:  hugh says: Are the top gay performers compensated as well as the top female straight stars? (Everyone knows straight male porn stars don't make much money.)

Jim Steel:  The really big guys do well - but it is an elite few that do -

Jim Steel:  The girls make a lot of bank off dancing though and for guys the only equivalent is hustling

Adult DVD Talk:  What are you working on now?

Jim Steel:  The return of Zak Spears, a vid I co directed with Chi Chi Larue is in post - a new chicken vid starts shooting on Friday - Then the sequel to OOZE - along with a bi sex vid and a dark vid I am still writing

Adult DVD Talk:  excuse my ignorance but what's a chicken vid? and a dark vid?

Jim Steel:  Chicken is term for young 18-20 yr old guys video - dark means that I am writing a vid which the lead is dealing with the conflict of his dom vs. sub side

Adult DVD Talk:  ahhh thanks :)

Adult DVD Talk:  How involved are you in the editing process? How about the DVD extras?

Jim Steel:  Editing I have to sign off on each project and I go over all the raw footage with the editor - on a show like OOZE I actually edited it myself with a guy named Drew. As far as the DVD footage - if it is Gay product from OGV I am the one who shoots it - interviews the guys all of it - Farron and I meet b4 each shoot to decide what he needs themn I get it for him

Adult DVD Talk:  Darkmage says: Jim, one of the things I see in some videos is some looping of content. Do you have any insights on why director's do this? Do you include this technique in your movies?

Jim Steel:  There are two reasons that it happens - 1- the shot is so good that it merits being seen again - 2 - there isn't enuugh good footage so they have to loop - yes I have done it - sometimes its good sometimes its not

Adult DVD Talk:  Jim_Steel we're opening up the chat room so everyone can talk freely

Jim Steel:  Kweell

and the room is now open...

Darkmage:  Jim, let me thank you for coming to talk to us here at ADT. It really means a lot to us that you would take the time to chat with your audience.

Jim Steel:  my pleasure this is fun

everlast:  Jim - what’s the first porn movie you ever saw?

Darkmage:  Now, forgive me if this was asked before I wandered in (sorry, the debates were on) but are there significant differences in the way you shoot a gay vid vs. a straight video?

Jim Steel:  not a huge difference in the way I shoot - just want to see all the action as best we can

Morrigan:  What was the first gay porn you ever saw?

Jim Steel:  Falcon vid starring that cute blond Kurt Marshall - was high at the baths have never forgotten that can't recall the name of the vid though

everlast:  how old were you?

Jim Steel:  when I saw the vid - 21

Steph:  you didn't see a porn movie until 21???

Darkmage:  You were 21 when you saw your first porn movie? Interesting. Much later than I would have suspected.

Darkmage:  If you don't mind me asking (feel free to tell me to piss off), how old are you?

Morrigan:  wow! You're much better than the rest of us

Jim Steel:  there wasn't video back then you guys

cbear:  that makes sense :)

hugh:  Can you recommend any good twinkie DVDs?

Jim Steel:  Something Very Big - or new one American Way

zero:  whats your favorite mainstream movie?

Jim Steel:  Maltese FAlcon - watch it at least once a week

Jim Steel:  also real hot on new DVD realease Shanh Hi Noon

everlast:  Are there a lot of straight guys performing in gay porn? Are they much harder to direct?

Jim Steel:  Yeah alot of guys do it for the $ - some are easier than others - some of my fav guys to work with are "str8"

everlast:  how come?

Jim Steel:  because some of them are just into the sex - don't want to fall in love just like the sex - like that in a guy - and it shows in thier work

Morrigan:  ah, no baggage

everlast:  some guys want to fall in love on the set?

Darkmage:  Are there performers who are attempting to fall in love? Kind of a weird place to do it, IMHO.

Jim Steel:  THANK YOU

Darkmage:  Specifically, are they in the business to find someone to fall in love with?

Jim Steel:  no they just come onto the set with delusions

cbear:  even if they weren't, you could see how it could become a soap opera easily

Jim Steel:  believe me every production is a soap

cbear:  hehe i bet

Morrigan:  must be interesting to stand back and watch

cbear:  there's some extra footage for a dvd :)

Jim Steel:  not really standing back and watching - am trying to get them to do certain things that I think you guys want to see

Steph:  do you get much feedback from fans to know what they want to see?

Jim Steel:  lets say that it can be quite interesting telling a guy to fuck him harder when the btm is a guy who is living with you - many stories along those lines

Jim Steel:  or the couple that will only work together who get into a fight right b4 you start to film

Morrigan:  oh, dear

Darkmage:  Hah! Do you have difficulty separating your private relationships with the performances you are trying to extract?

everlast:  so you date the stars?

cbear:  sounds like fun

Jim Steel:  try to listen to the fans but so many only want to see their fantasies lived out - am trying to appeal to many people in one vid

Jim Steel:  Haven't dated lately - makes for more prob than its worth

cbear:  that's too bad

everlast:  but you used to date guys you worked with?

Jim Steel:  Hard to go out and meet someone when you have what is supposed to be the ideal males in front of you having sex

Darkmage:  Ever have someone try to date you just to get into one of your movies?

Jim Steel:  Oh yeah - it's funnny when a guy who is 21 thinks that they are smarter than you and you won't see through them -

Steph:  but you know they're not the ideal men

Morrigan:  yeah, beauty IS only skin deep

Steph:  biceps and big dick don't make for perfect man

cbear:  they don't? j/king :)

Jim Steel:  Agreed but it does skew how you look at guys when you go out

Steph:  do you like the beefcakey type guy?

Jim Steel:  especially since I know I don't look like a porn star

Jim Steel:  like gdlk guys - don't have a specific type - think as you get older you can appreciate a lot more types of looks

Steph:  what's the funniest thing that ever happened on a set??

Jim Steel:  Been on location for over a week with a cast and crew of 14 people - during the week had endured a fire - an epileptic fit - sinking of a boat and general mutiny by all the people and had not lost my temper - on the last day - this moron who had caused me to get sun poisening - questioned my abilities to a group of guys when he didn't realize that there was a mike with them

Jim Steel:  I flew almost a hundred yards in the air - had my hands around his throat and would have killed him if I hadn't been pulled off - now when I look back it was very funny

Steph:  too bad you don't have that on film ;)

Jim Steel:  Have never gone on extended location shoots since

Darkmage:  The boat sank? What were you doing to it?

Morrigan:  do we want to know? snicker

Jim Steel:  Our experienced captain ran it into rocks on Lake Mead - quite dramtic actually - we all had a good laugh on that one

Morrigan:  I have vacations like that, Jim

Jim Steel:  Was my first like it and knock wood my last

Steph:  but did the movie come out good?

Jim Steel:  A video called The RIVER starring Joey Stefano

Jim Steel:  got good reviews - so I guess that is all that is important

Steph:  is it on DVD?

Jim Steel:  don't know - it was when I worked exclusively with Vivid - don't follow their gay line anymore

joeblow:  I remember The River...

Darkmage:  Joeblow, What did you think?

joeblow:  The first time I ever snuck into an adult section of a video store, that was the only gay video they had. I was too shy to rent it. Don't have that problem anymore :)

Jim Steel:  it's from Vivid so you can probally buy it now for 6.99

zero:  do you think the low prices cheapen your work?

Jim Steel:  Hell yes it does - used to feel like Bette Midler in Ruthless People - I've been marked down

zero:  LOL

Darkmage:  Hah!

Jim Steel:  So what do you guys who watch these vids want to see

Darkmage:  Is there any aspect of DVD production that you are not involved with but wish you were?

joeblow:  Jim, sorry if this has been asked, but when you put out a DVD, do you compare the visual quality with that of other company's DVDs? I know of a certain unnamed company that supposivly has great movies, but really crappy dvd transfers

joeblow:  cough * Centaur * cough

Jim Steel:  No - think that it is an area that requires a full time person to oversee - would rather they tell me what I want and I give it to them

Jim Steel:  I don't compare them no - The work that is currently being transfered is by Farron and I am sure that they are the best that they can be

Jim Steel:  I make videos - I don't claim to know everything that the DVD market wants - so let a person who that is what they do - market DVD and keep their finger on that pulse tell me the additional footage that they think you all want to see

Darkmage:  Oh, you want a list of desired extras? No problem!

Steph:  behind the scenes - interviews - anything candid

Jim Steel:  Centaur - proof that $ doesn't buy quality

everlast:  bios

Jim Steel:  all things that we are offering on the OGV DVD's

hugh:  I would like to see anything that gives insight into who the actors are as people. Candid behind the scenes footage is best

Darkmage:  Commentary tracks, bios, behind the scenes, FMV menus...

joeblow:  My favorite part of porn is the initial insertion shot... I love to see some tight hole getting stretched. Some many times movies go straight from sucking to fucking. I feel cheated if I don't see the insertion!

Darkmage:  Good point. I second joeblow's request.

zero:  i third it

joeblow:  don't forget to include some nice fingering first!

Jim Steel:  I record commentary tracks on all my vids now - as far as insight into the actors - just realize that these guys are creating a illusion for you guys - sometimes you might not want that 4th wall broken

Jim Steel:  LOVE FINGERING - check out - Ivy League from Vivid - Brian Yates hole is OPENED UP

Darkmage:  It doesn't have to be all about the actors. What can you tell us about the location, the production problems/solutions, costumes, music selection...

joeblow:  And how come is it there are a ton of straight films with gaping anuses and you never see that in gay films? if you do it is almost by accident

Jim Steel:  because a lot of guys don't want to be seen like that - that is one reason - in fact years ago Jon Vincent beat the shit out of a director who shot his ass

Darkmage:  Charming.

joeblow:  that's a shame... a man with a nicely used ass is a beauty to see

Jim Steel:  make no mistake he was a gr8 guy - just didn't want his butt shot

everlast:  are you doing any more movies with ken ryker?

Jim Steel:  Have two on the books a gay and a Bi

Jim Steel:  I agree - usually see it in vids where it is the guys first time and doesn't know better - ie Rex Chandler in the vid Cocktales - he was open wide in that

Darkmage:  "doesn't know better" ?!? Care to expand (cough) on that? What are you looking for?

joeblow:  well, next time some one gives you guff about not wanting to show their hole, remind them of all the perverts they will be making happy

Jim Steel:  will do!

everlast:  what are the titles?

Jim Steel:  no title on the Bi yet the gay is called - can't recall right now - script is done on it though

joeblow:  so what's next on your plate, Jim?

Darkmage:  Doogie, we're still going. You missed the moderated part, though.

Jim Steel:  young guy video next with first time director Chad Donovan

joeblow:  make sure you sneak some gaping holes in there ;)

Jim Steel:  Will do my best -

Darkmage:  If Mr. Donovan is doing the directing, what is your role exactly?

Jim Steel:  producing it and showing him the ropes - he has never worked behind the camera before

joeblow:  does porn get you off anymore? or have you see so much that it is like watching sesame street?

lunacy:  joeblow-that's a good question, I have always wondered that too

Darkmage:  (singing) Can you tell me how to get... how to get to Porno Street...

Jim Steel:  Hell yes i still get into it - just that like you guys there are certain things that I like to see

joeblow:  what is it that turns you on the most?

Jim Steel:  good looking All American types - turned into sex pigs because they are so into what is happening - if you look carefully you can tell when it happens and I love to see that

Darkmage:  Do you have problems with talent getting jaded to the business too quickly?

Steph:  Sex Pigs would be a great title

joeblow:  Sex ... Pigs in Space!

Jim Steel:  Has been used

Jim Steel:  In Space - sounds like a Thor Stephens production - YIKES

joeblow:  I was thinking more of a muppets theme

Morrigan:  Pleasure piggies of porn...

Jim Steel:  if they were camping would that make them Pigs in a Blanket?

Morrigan:  lol

Darkmage:  Hah!

lunacy:  paha!

Darkmage:  "This little piggie gave blow jobs..." "This little piggie ate cum..."

Morrigan:  ROFLMAO

joeblow:  Sorry I missed the first hour, but did someone mention how the shaved look is sooo over? We need more naturally hairy guys in porn

Jim Steel:  I agree - you will notice that that is cuming back too

Steph:  i think natural as a whole is coming back

Jim Steel:  Agreed

Jim Steel:  and don't know about all of you but I have had enough of the multiple tatoos - piercings - and multi earrings as well

Morrigan:  oh, we've definitely had enough of that, JIm

joeblow:  sounds great Jim... you just need to pick them up right off the farm ... au natural

Morrigan:  farmboys...YUM

Darkmage:  <sarcasm>What? You don't like stars with so much metal sticking through their skin that when they are at rest, they point north?</sarcasm>

Jim Steel:  no problem with A tat - it is the whole body coverage that is real 90's to me

joeblow:  although... prince alberts do fascinate me

lunacy:  eeesch! i dated a TV once w/ one of those

Morrigan:  what the hell is a prince albert?

lunacy:  M-a penis piercing

joeblow:  would love to see a close up cum shot of a big dick with a prince albert. I was always wondering if the cum goes out both holes or not

Jim Steel:  every one seems to be so gung ho on the Europen vids - They don't have live sound - personally HATE that - if you don't hear them fuck as well as se them it just ain't right

Jim Steel:  check out the vid Naked Hwy joeblow - you will get your anwser

joeblow:  jim, are there any pics of you on the internet ?

Jim Steel:  what did you all think of Tom Chase btm 4 Mike Barnson in California Kings from Falcon?

Steph:  joeblow there's a semblance of one on our homepage

Jim Steel:  there are some around

Darkmage:  Some of them are even taken with his knowledge. :)

Steph:  Jim_Steel i haven't seen a bi vid yet - any recs on where i should start? also has to be on DVD cause i hate VHS

Jim Steel:  Stand by for the release of MASS APPEAL - GR8 DVD coming from OGV starring Ken Ryker

Jim Steel:  lol Darkmage

joeblow:  Does Ken employ the choke and shove technique in that movie?

Steph:  i think i can wait :)

Jim Steel:  nope - was way into it

Darkmage:  "Choke and shove"??

joeblow:  you know ... when you have wood problems, you choke the root and shove it in

Jim Steel:  seems joeblow is fimiliar with the biz-

Morrigan:  rofl

Jim Steel:  hate that when it happens - in this day and age no excuse for it

joeblow:  you mean with viagra?

Jim Steel:  exactly

Darkmage:  Do you think there is an emerging problem in the industry with performers relying on Viagra?

Jim Steel:  oh yeah - now they don't even have to be into it at all and can still perform

Steph:  they don't have trouble cumming on viagra?

Jim Steel:  some do some don't - never taken it myself so don't know about all the side effects

joeblow:  what do you think about movie clips and pictures from your movies being posted on the internet?

Jim Steel:  tricky question with no easy (read short to compose) answer

joeblow:  a know alot of sites charge for pics and mpegs from pornos without sending any of the money to the makers of the movies

Steph:  it will be many years before any video on the internet even comes close to DVD

Jim Steel:  DVD is definitly the way to go Steph

joeblow:  are you single?

Jim Steel:  You all - this has been alot of fun - but need to go and catch a late dinner

Steph:  Jim_Steel Thank you sooo much for hanging out with us so long - you're always welcome here and on our forum!

lunacy:  Thanks for playing Jim..:)

joeblow:  don't forget the gaping HOLES!!! :)

Jim Steel:  Thanx Steph for having me on

Morrigan:  Bye Jim, have fun, great playing with you.

Darkmage:  Jim, thanks for coming out and talking with us. Come back soon!

Jim Steel:  C-ya guys

everlast:  bye jim

Jim Steel:  It's been such a pleasure

Jim Steel:  It got late fast

More goodbyes and thanks as Jim exits the chat room. Many thanks to Jim Steel and Odyssey (especially Faron :) for making this fun, interesting chat possible.

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