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This Jill Kelly chat was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on January 17th, 2001 and sponsored by Adult DVD Now.
Jill is about to launch a new personal website at
Also check out for info on the company and bios of their stars.

Steph:  Hi Jill, welcome to adult dvd talk

SeXy-Julie:  the woman of the golden night is here

cgeers:  hey Jill

Steph:  Everyone please welcome our acclaimed guest, Jill Kelly!

ParadiseNC:  Hiya Jill!!!

HoustonDon:  welcome oh great looking one, oh one of much talent

[many hellos and expressions of love]

Jill Kelly:  hi everyone

Jillslover:  i love you jill

[after all the greetings we go into moderated mode]

Steph:  Jill, thank you for joining us tonight and congratulations on the new company.

Jill Kelly:  thanks steph its a lot of work

Steph:  How has the response been to your first video/DVD releases from Jill Kelly Productions?

Jill Kelly:  good not as i expected

Jill Kelly:  I thought we'd sell a lot more DVD than VHS

Adult DVD Talk:  Jillslover says: are you starring in any new movies?

Jill Kelly:  Yes, next release I do one scene in is Beautiful and Coming of Age

Adult DVD Talk:  cgeers says: How much more production time is involved shooting for DVD?

Jill Kelly:  Well it depends on how elaborate you get - like behind the scenes and different camera angles

Adult DVD Talk:  ParadiseNC says: what's the major difference with running your own company than working for someone else?

Jill Kelly:  I think all of our people care more because they're in control and it's a team effort; plus they make residuals

Adult DVD Talk:  Mike says: Jill are you married?

Jill Kelly:  Yes 2 Julian

Adult DVD Talk:  Diville says: What's in store for contract performers? Is Devon an official "Jill Kelly Girl?"

Jill Kelly:  No she's is under contract with Vivid - maybe someday hopefully

Adult DVD Talk:  cgeers says: do you see a swing in the industry toward better treatment of talant? Besides your company of course.

Jill Kelly:  Yes I believe the girls are getting wiser

Adult DVD Talk:  HoustonDon says: will you and Tabitha stevens have any scenes together soon?

Jill Kelly:  you never know

Adult DVD Talk:  SquirtJr says: when is your site going to be open?

Jill Kelly:  hopefully next month, we're working real hard to do it right

Adult DVD Talk:  Is 100% Silvia the last movie she made before retiring?

Jill Kelly:  no, but close to it

Adult DVD Talk:  ParadiseNC says: do you have a favorite movie so far for Jill Kelly Productions that you recommend over the rest?

Jill Kelly:  4 girl /girl When the Boys are Away the Girls Will Play and boy/girl Beautiful because of Haven, she's my fav

Adult DVD Talk:  Ptasek says: Jill...what type of education did you attain, and do you have any educational aspirations? Thanks, Jill

Jill Kelly:  I was a mental health couselor but my new company is all i want to do

Adult DVD Talk:  Zilla says: if a mainstream actress suddenly decided to do an adult movie, how would that effect the industry?

Jill Kelly:  I would only hope that she'd work 4 me

Adult DVD Talk:  If you were crowned Queen of Porn for a day what changes would you make?

Jill Kelly:  resids for everyone talent

Adult DVD Talk:  Evil_Rip Jill I have watched two volumes of your Skin series and thorughly enjoyed them. How do you feel about the use relgious icons in pornography? Have you had any backlash for the relgious about the use of these icons in these movies. In particular there's a scene in volume 14 where a crusified Jesus is painted around the vagina of one lady.

Jill Kelly:  I think it's ok if it's done artisticly

Adult DVD Talk:  Emahevul says: Ms. Kelly, a hypothetical here, but if you could have a mainstream actress come do a movie for you, which actress would it be?

Jill Kelly:  Julia Roberts - cause she can act lol

Adult DVD Talk:  Frank says: why do you think most of the industry has been reluctant to pay residuals to their performers?

Jill Kelly:  because they never had too

Adult DVD Talk:  Emahevul says: Ms. Kelly, other than the obvious, no kiddie porn, no bestiality, is there anything in porn that you personally won't do?

Jill Kelly:  gangbangs - only with girls

Adult DVD Talk:  cgeers says: I was thinking on the way back from Vegas..(long ass drive) that it would be cool to see you do a Film Noir styled movie filmed in B+W. Any plans for really out there artsy stuuff?

Jill Kelly:  I would love to but that's a small market

Adult DVD Talk:  Mike says: Jill, what kind of music do you like?

Jill Kelly:  everything, but my fav is country

Adult DVD Talk:  Zilla says: is the ability to act a very high criteria for chosing who you want in your films, or would say...being sexy and attractive...overcome any lack of acting talent?

Jill Kelly:  sexy and attractive rule

Adult DVD Talk:  HoustonDon says: You have been in several hundred movies, what are you favorite five on dvd?

Jill Kelly:  any jill kelly production ones

Adult DVD Talk:  astroknight says: with starting your own studio, can we still expect Jim and Jill movies, or is it Jill and Jim?

Jill Kelly:  yes , but its definately jill and jim lol

Adult DVD Talk:  ParadiseNC says: the business you are in is obviously not for everyone..what's rougher,,the schedule, or the public criticism?

Jill Kelly:  you can't believe everything you hear or read

Adult DVD Talk:  Diville says: What made you more nervous, being in your first adult movie or producing your first adult movie?

Jill Kelly:  being talent, acting

Adult DVD Talk:  cgeers says: What was the weirdest thing you were asked to do at the expo by a fan?

Jill Kelly:  sign his cock

Adult DVD Talk:  Mike says: Jill, what kind of advise would you give to someone who would like to get into the adult entertainment industry?

Jill Kelly:  for men its really hard, the best thing to do is do an amateur line yourself and try to sell it

Adult DVD Talk:  ParadiseNC says: which female do you enjoy sharing scenes with the most?

Jill Kelly:  janine

Adult DVD Talk:  ParadiseNC says: what would you say is the most misunderstood thing about porn stars today?

Jill Kelly:  that they don't think constantly about sex lol

Adult DVD Talk:  DXW says: Hi Jill, I met and talked to you briefly at the AVN EXPO last week, you and the girls looked great! My question is, how with your new company are you planning to stand out from the crowd, like Vivid or Wicked Pictures?

Jill Kelly:  I believe there is room for everyone so I'll just be myself

Adult DVD Talk:  kelly says: are you going to do more fetish (foot) in your productions

Jill Kelly:  yes feet feet feet feet yaaaa

Adult DVD Talk:  biggestcock says: jill you have so much talent. What would you say your favorite part about doing porn is?

Jill Kelly:  the girls and sex

Steph:  Jill we'd like to open up the chat room so that everyone can ask you questions directly - OK?

Jill Kelly:  cool thanks

We opened up the chat room and the questions flew in at a rate of at least 4 per second. Jill amazingly answered most of the questions, even the ones in spanish.

Jill, thank you very much for chatting with us and dealing so well with the barrage of questions. I hope we'll see you around the forum or in the chat room. And good luck with Jill Kelly Productions!

Many thanks to Adult DVD Now for sponsoring this chat.

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