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This Jenna Jameson chat was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on September 27th, 2000
Five Star DVD sponsored the chat, providing tons of great giveaways.
Jenna is about to launch a new website at

All day long the chat room was full of people chanting: Jenna! Jenna ! Jenna!

Jenna joined us early and the questions and comments started flying in at warp speed.

Jenna Jameson:  Wazzup!!!

Steph:  Hey Jenna! You're Early :)

Meni:  Jenna!!

Jenna Jameson:  thats me... early!

[many hellos, woohooos, and love yous]

Jenna Jameson:  whats up Meni! HeeHee

Meni:  hi jenna, hee hee

DVDjunkie21:  Jenna is so beautiful.

Hero:  so what you been upto Jenna?

Jenna Jameson:  I'm so crazy

Jenna Jameson:  workin on ClubJenna

FDC:  yo yo yo, what have you been up to today Jenna?

maverick:  Jenna we LOVE you!!!!!!

jdocj:  ooooooooooooooh jenna i love you


FDC:  got a new bulldog, cool!

Jenna Jameson:  Her name is Puff

You can find pictures of Jenna's dog and Meni's question/answer sessions with Jenna at Porn News Daily

jdocj:  jenna you are sooooo gorgeous

Jenna Jameson:  thanx

Curious:  Will your dog be on your new site?

Jenna-RoX-:  Jenna you rocked in indianapolis!!! :)

Stacy_Chasey_Jenna_Fan:  yes you did!!

Jenna Jameson:  thanx

dstankovic:  AND U HAVE REALLY REALLY BIG fun in Serbia! I Think that's something

{farley}:  Jenna: any chance you and nikki will ever live together again :)

Steph:  Jenna welcome to the Adult DVD Talk chat room - it's been hopping all day with people awaiting your arrival :)

Jenna Jameson:  Hey Steph!

Adult DVD Talk:  Curious says: Jenna what is your honest opinion of Luke Ford?

Jenna Jameson:  He's a nice guy, just doin his job... He takes stuff down when I ask him to !

Jenna Jameson:  cool

Adult DVD Talk:  mystic orion says: Which is your favorite movie that you have done and why?

Jenna Jameson:  Wicked One...I loved Greg Steel (director) The sex was pretty awesome too. First threeway with guys.

Adult DVD Talk:  anonymous says: The Jenna Jameson Doggie Style toy claims to be molded from your own body and even has a picture of you being molded. Does it really feel like you? Is it a true modeling of you?

Jenna Jameson:  It is a true model... It doesn't feel anything like me though

Adult DVD Talk:  Faust says: What is one of the funniest blooper you've seen or been a part of?

Jenna Jameson:  There is a pretty cool blooper reel at the end of Blue Movie

Adult DVD Talk:  Emahevul says: Jenna, do you ever watch porn movies, if so, what type/niche do you prefer?

Jenna Jameson:  I love Andrew Blake... A little soft though.

Adult DVD Talk:  My_Playmate_Jenna says: A lot of people say porn exploits women and destroys their self-esteem. What do you say in reply?

Jenna Jameson:  Well, I certainly don't feel very exploited. I run my own company and call all the shots, how is that harmful to your self-esteem?

Adult DVD Talk:  Darkmage says: Jenna, in the behind-the-scenes featurette of Dream Quest (and in the commentary) it appears that Mr. Marcus was supposed to play a role, but was "unavailable". This seems like only part of the story. Could you elaborate?

Jenna Jameson:  He didn't show up.... Maybe because the scene wasn't with me! LOL

Steph:  :)

Steph:  From waynstock: Have you ever dated Kid Rock? What are your favorite bands?

Jenna Jameson:  No... Good friend though! I love Godsmack

Adult DVD Talk:  Curious says: What's the most ridiculous request you've ever received from a fan? Did you honor it?

Jenna Jameson:  Wow, ummmm....A guy from Florida likes me to spit in his mouth when I'm on stage. And, yes, I honored it!

Adult DVD Talk:  Darkmage says: If you were crowned Porn Empress for a day, what would you change about the industry and why?

Jenna Jameson:  I wish people would stop hating me without knowing me.

Adult DVD Talk:  mrxblue says: What do you do when you're not at work? What are some of your interests?

Jenna Jameson:  I shop way too much :) I love to wake board... Love goin to movies. Not the partier everyone think I am..

Steph:  From anonymous: Do you receive royalties from toys that bear your name? How about royalties from movie sales?

Jenna Jameson:  I used to recieve royalties from my toy line.... But, I'm out of that contract now.. A new one is to follow. I recieve royalties from everything I do... Also a contract closure bonus.

Adult DVD Talk:  FDC says: Jenna, do many people recognize you in public when you go out?

Jenna Jameson:  Absolutely.... It's so wierd. People mob me. Kinda scary

Adult DVD Talk:  mpg1 says: what was your best sex? what made it good?

Jenna Jameson:  My best girl- girl sex scene was one I just completed for clubjenna with Sylvia and Sky. The director just let us go off. It was so crazy... Best boy- girl was with TT Boy in Blue Movie... Four cum shots. Yum!

Adult DVD Talk:  Pete says: Do you ever hang out with anyone you make movies with?

Jenna Jameson:  Nikki. Jill. TT Boy Jewel D'nyle... Probably forgetting someone...

Adult DVD Talk:  macleod2 says: Jenna, what would you define as your most attractive qualities as a person.... what makes you beautiful on the inside :)

Jenna Jameson:  Good sense of humor... I really care about people and their feelings...

Adult DVD Talk:  Darkmage says: Many people see you as being at the top of your game right now. Is there anything you haven't gotten around to yet that you are planning on in the near future?

Jenna Jameson:  Internet domination... LOL

Adult DVD Talk:  FDC says: jenna, are you going to vote in the upcoming presidential election?

Jenna Jameson:  Absolutely... Playboy is doing a piece on Porn Star Politics... I'll be shooting for them tomorrow. Vote Gore!!!!

Adult DVD Talk:  Meni says: do you have any bad habits?

Jenna Jameson:  HAHA! Well, I lose my temper easily... I'm Itlaian.

Steph:  <DrewBlackADT> what kinds of special things do you have planned for

Jenna Jameson:  Well, of course I'll have all new movies and photo shoots. But, what will make it different than other adult sites is that it will have.. WORLD NEWS, MOVIE REVIEWS ONLINE DOCTORS, PLASTIC SURGERY VIDEOS AND COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS. JUDGE JENNA, SEX AVICE, SPORTS NEWS, STOCK QUOTES... AND EVEN MORE

Steph:  what's Judge Jenna?

Jenna Jameson:  Open forum for relationship problems... And I'm the judge!

Adult DVD Talk:  FDC says: Jenna, I've always admired your grooming "down there"... do you have any shaving tips I can pass along to my girlfriend? :)

Jenna Jameson:  Shave with Neosporin! No razor bumps at all!!!!

Adult DVD Talk:  _MISTY_ says: whats your newest film??

Jenna Jameson:  Dreamquest.... Next up from clubjenna is Sylvia Loves Jenna

Steph:  You mentioned an interactive disc in our forum - when's that happening?

Jenna Jameson:  I will be shooting it within the next month... Just signed the contract. It will be for New Sensations (Digital Sin) My Plaything

Adult DVD Talk:  demontongue says: So do you have any other mainstreem plans for the future or any specials coming out soon

Jenna Jameson:  Welll.. (jenna says excitedly) I just got cast in a mainstream movie... Can't give a title yet... But it will be in theatres. I will shoot for a month!

Adult DVD Talk:  scud says: when will your jenna's big hits cd come out?

Jenna Jameson:  I had some minor setbacks with GoBig records... It will be out soon though...

Adult DVD Talk:  macleod2 says: Jenna, what positive role do you feel pornography has on society?

Jenna Jameson:  I think it loosens people up... It helps bring women out of their shell...

Adult DVD Talk:  astroknight says: What's your favorite breed of dog?

Jenna Jameson:  Well, I love Cane Corsos

Adult DVD Talk:  FDC says: Jenna, what magazines do you read regularly?

Jenna Jameson:  Club, great mag... I love FHM, Maxim, Penthouse

Adult DVD Talk:  MOON says: Jenna , was there a XXX movie you saw before getting into the business that you really dug? if so what movie was it?

Jenna Jameson:  I saw one with Savannah in it... She was so awseome.... She made me want to do porn

Adult DVD Talk:  Crueton says: Jenna, did you know Motley Crue did a demo version of the song "Pornostar" that mentioned your name in it?

Jenna Jameson:  They tried to get me for the video, but I was booked

Adult DVD Talk:  Pete says: What is you favorite drink?

Jenna Jameson:  Drink a lot of wine... Merlot. Sometimes goldshlager

Adult DVD Talk:  RainFall says: Jenna, Do you go for the bad boy type or the flowers and candy type. Be honest :)

Jenna Jameson:  I like a mixture of the two. I hate Bad Boys that never know when to quite and be nice. But I hate guys that kiss my butt too much

here moderation ends and the free-for-all begins...

Jenna Jameson:  Lets rock

dstankovic:  What and where will be your next tatoo?

Meni:  wohooooo

squire:  Jenna: any plans to dance in the New England area any time soon?

Rukes:  Were you in the Ballad of Chasey Lain video from The Bloodhound Gang? I thought I saw you in it, could be mistaken.

Jenna Jameson:  No No

DVDjunkie21:  Jenna, when are you coming back to Florida?

fred:  HI Jenna: How do you rate your experience with Howard Stern

Jenna Jameson:  I love Howie

Stacy_Chasey_Jenna_Fan:  Hello Jenna!! I think you are awesome!! What is the most negative thing that has happened to you because you are a porn star?

Darkmage:  This is going to be messy. :) Jenna, welcome to ADT. We're honored to have you with us.

MOON:  Whats up Jenna Bayybbee

feihung:  jenna, do you prefer any physical characteristics in a guy. Such as blondes or hazel eyes or their dressing style

dstankovic:  What and where will be your next tatoo?

Scum2k:  jenna, i know you did a promo shoot of some sort for a band called necrophagia, what would it take for you to do a promoshoot for a band?

buffs:  jenna, how likely is it that a fan can take you home?

Jenna Jameson:  not very likely

Irish:  Jenna, about how many movies do you do a year?

Jenna Jameson:  5

FDC:  Jenna what crowd did you hang out with in high school? Were you popular, or nerdy, or what? :)

Jenna Jameson:  I was a cheerleader

digital_sin:  Cheerleader, mmm that gives me a good idea

dstankovic:  What and where will be your next tatoo?

Jamers99:  Do you ever plan on getting married? Having children?

mpg1:  what is the biggest and smallest penis you ever encountered with? do you loose sensitivity after having so much sex? what was the most god aweful sex you ever had and why (off camera)?

peaceman:  hi jenna, just wondering if you believe in God, hope that's not too personal

fred:  How do you like touring and meeting your fans......

DVDjunkie21:  When you coming to Florida again? :)

uWE_Germany:  Jenna, Osty told me, that German TV (VOX) want to make a TV Special with you in Hamburg/Germany ... do you have time therefor ... and will Osty and me get the chance to welcome you in Germany this year ?!

Spasm:  jenna-rox said he got with u...that true?

jdocj:  hhheehhee it was cool i called it jenna inherits

Jenna Jameson:  too fast!!!ugh!

master:  Ilove you

Jenna Jameson:  i love you too

HappyScrappyHeroPup:  What would you be doing right now if you were not in Porn?

Jenna Jameson:  Having babies

Since the questions rolled by at 422 miles per hour, we went back into moderated mode...

Adult DVD Talk:  peaceman says: hi jenna, just wondering if you believe in God, hope that's not too personal

Jenna Jameson:  Yes, I have a lot of faith...

Adult DVD Talk:  Brian says: What was the last good book you've read?

Jenna Jameson:  I read medical journals... I love non-fiction.

Adult DVD Talk:  HappyScrappyHeroPup says: What is off limits for you in porn?

Jenna Jameson:  double anal... and animals... LOL

Meni:  Do you believe in love at first sight?

Jenna Jameson:  Well, not really... I believe in lust at first site

Adult DVD Talk:  dule_serbia says: What and where will be your next tatoo?

Jenna Jameson:  well, I have a new one on my leg from Anil Gupta... It's an angel by Soryama

Adult DVD Talk:  My_Playmate_Jenna says: What's your favorite perfume (gotta know what you smell like)?

Jenna Jameson:  Amarige or Versace white Jeans or MCM

Adult DVD Talk:  DVDjunkie21 says: Was the Up and Cummers video the video that got you noticed or was it something else?

Jenna Jameson:  I think it may have been... not sure though... I think I got myself noticed!

Meni:  Whats your favorite cologne for men? I want to impress you at CES, hee hee

Jenna Jameson:  I love Versace Dreamer or Angel... HeeeHeee

Adult DVD Talk:  Brian says: If you could magically give yourself any role in a famous movie what would it be? (Ex. Scarlett O'Hara, etc.)

Jenna Jameson:  Love to play Marilyn Monroe... Or maybe myself.... HMMMMM

Adult DVD Talk:  SteveD says: How many adult film stars have been in actual catfights? or catfights with each other? not for video either real catfights.

Jenna Jameson:  A lot... I got in a fight with Nikki. Pretty funny! LOL

Adult DVD Talk:  Cockney says: do you plan to go onto directing movies once you stop starring in them?

Jenna Jameson:  Hi Osty!!!! Love you!!!

Jenna Jameson:  No I'll leave that to my incredibly talented man

Adult DVD Talk:  buffs says: is nikki still your "girlfriend"? Who are you dating now?

Jenna Jameson:  Justin Sterling

Jenna Jameson:  No... We went straight ROFLOL

Jenna Jameson:  Justin Sterling is my better half... Or so he says

Adult DVD Talk:  FDC says: Who is Justin Sterling?

Jenna Jameson:  Used to direct for VCA...

Adult DVD Talk:  buffs says: Does Justin get jealous when you're with other men?

Jenna Jameson:  I haven't worked with anyone since I've been with him

Meni:  Does Justin get jealous when I hit on you?

Jenna Jameson:  No, he's laughing right now!

Adult DVD Talk:  ballen says: do you like swedish meatballs?

Jenna Jameson:  I love any kind of balls

Adult DVD Talk:  ballen says: do you enjoy anal sex!!!

Jenna Jameson:  Sure after a couple glasses of wine

Jenna Jameson:  What an alcholic

Adult DVD Talk:  Cockney says: If you had'nt become an adult film star (I hate the pornstar tag) - what do you think you would have got into

Jenna Jameson:  Have you tried our crispy chicken Mcnuggets?

Jenna Jameson:  LOL

Meni:  do you want fries with that

Jenna Jameson:  TRUE... TRue

Adult DVD Talk:  HappyScrappyHeroPup says: What is your favorite TV show?

Jenna Jameson:  I love TLC channels Emergency Room... I love talk shows too.

Adult DVD Talk:  spunky says: are you going to be in vegas for the ces in january?

Jenna Jameson:  Yes, I'm hosting the awards this year... I will probably be signing for Vivid and New Sensations/ Digital Sin

Adult DVD Talk:  FDC says: Jenna do you own a DVD player?

Jenna Jameson:  of course... I love the Arnold Shwartzenegger trilogy

Adult DVD Talk:  osty says: whats your favorite girl in porn you haven't done a scene with ?

Jenna Jameson:  Probably Kobe Tai...

Jenna Jameson:  I might have crushed her though

Adult DVD Talk:  Ionizer says: Can you recommend a vibrator for my girlfriend to get her off?

Jenna Jameson:  The microrabbit... I'm going to sell them on my site... because i love them so much

Adult DVD Talk:  digital_sin says: What is the best way to give you an orgasm?

Jenna Jameson:  Eat me

Adult DVD Talk:  osty says: whats the first website you visit in the moring when you turn on your PC?

Jenna Jameson:  Adultdvdtalk Forum.... Luke Ford... Porn News Daily... Stunning Curves

* Meni coughs pornnewsdaily

Meni:  hee hee

Steph:  woooohooo :)

Adult DVD Talk:  jd says: when is your new site going up?

Jenna Jameson:  hahahahaha

Meni:  i'm cuter than luke

Steph:  yeah but Meni i'm cuter than you ;)

Jenna Jameson:  The site should be up in a couple of weeks... Workin my butt off!

Jenna Jameson:  I also visit jjarchive and ostys site

Adult DVD Talk:  osty says: you can take 3 things to an man, no dog...what do you take with you?

Jenna Jameson:  toilet paper... microrabbit...sunblock

Jenna Jameson:  i'm simple

Jenna Jameson:  and white

Adult DVD Talk:  jd says: what kind of movies are going on your site?

Jenna Jameson:  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooooo

Jenna Jameson:  sorry, I had to do that

Steph:  tis ok :)

Jenna Jameson:  I'm shooting movies that I enjoy... real stuff... real sex... people I want to have sex with... hardcore beautiful stuff!

Adult DVD Talk:  Pete says: do you often cum when making videos

Jenna Jameson:  25% of the time... depends who i'm with, how I feel.

Adult DVD Talk:  Brian says: If you were president for a day, what laws would you pass?

Jenna Jameson:  (trying not to sound like a loser beauty queen) I think America needs to pay more attention to all the shitty stuff going on in our country ... not overseas. I would work on the homeless problem first off!

Adult DVD Talk:  toolfan says: What's the most embarrassing thing sexually that's happened to you (on or off camera)??

Jenna Jameson:  Well, I fell asleep on someone once...

Adult DVD Talk:  ed says: Does the pressure from Peter North's cum actually hurt when it hits your face?

Jenna Jameson:  LOL It is pretty threatening

Adult DVD Talk:  Brian says: If you WERE to run for president who would your running mate be?

Meni:  me

Jenna Jameson:  Ron Jeremy... LOL

Adult DVD Talk:  Pete says: how many times a week do you have sex?

Jenna Jameson:  twice a day... unless I'm on the road... then it's me and my rabbit!

Adult DVD Talk:  Brian says: Do you consider yourself a feminist?

Jenna Jameson:  I don't like labels... except for beautiful. But I understand where they're coming from

Adult DVD Talk:  Whooky says: Do you see your family during the holidays?

Jenna Jameson:  Of course... I love my Dad and Brother so much!

Steph:  For All Asking: Jenna's website is at

Jenna Jameson:  Thanks for the shameless promotion

Steph:  they're really asking :)

Adult DVD Talk:  FDC says: Jenna, do you go out a lot in your free time or are you more of a homebody?

Jenna Jameson:  I really don't have much free time... I went to Lucky Changs in New Orleans... Love the drag queens!

Jenna Jameson:  They thought I was Christina Aguilera

Adult DVD Talk:  FDC says: Are there any other jobs out there that you would like to try besides making movies?

Jenna Jameson:  I'd love to be a doctor.... It's just a lot of schooling...

Adult DVD Talk:  dknu8 says: who is your favorite actor/actress in hollywood?

Jenna Jameson:  I love Charlize Theron.... Brad Pitt

Adult DVD Talk:  FDC says: Jenna, what do you do for exercise? Do you hit the gym, run, play sports?

Jenna Jameson:  I try to work out as much as possible... Most of my exercise is from dancing and sex

Steph:  Jenna thanks for spending so much time with us tonight - we're going to open up the chat room and you are free to go whenever you want :)

Steph:  Thanks again for being such a great guest!

Meni:  Jenna Rocks

Meni:  but so Does Meni

Steph:  Chat with Meni next week ;)

Jenna Jameson:  I'm rockin

Meni:  Steph, what do ya pay?

Meni:  jenna i got new godsmack, 5 songs off napster

Jenna Jameson:  Meni is my boyfriend

Meni:  only when justin is sleeping

opening up chat room again...

dixi:  Jenna. Kiss from Belgrade, Serbia!!!!

Darkmage:  Jenna, on behalf of your IRC friends, thank you for coming to chat with us.

FDC:  Jenna, what are you wearing right now? :)

Jenna Jameson:  board shorts and a tank that says whos your daddy?

Oneloa:  Welcome to Adult DVD Talk!!! So glad you finally made it!

Irish:  Jenna, how should I get my girlfriend in the mood for an adult film?

Gato:  what do you think of Bukkake and would you consider doing one?

HoustonDon:  Jenna-thanks for giving so many of us pleasure by watching your exploits...

Brian:  Good luck with your website.

Morrigan:  Hooray! Jenna...

chilly_willy:  Jenna do you excersise muth to get your body into shape, and what are you then doing

Cockney:  b4 it goes mad I liked to say thanks to you Jenna - your films have been great to watch - and I hope to see more soon

Jenna Jameson:  diet diet diet

digital_sin:  Hey Osty are you there?

Jenna Jameson:  thanx

My_Playmate_Jenna:  Jenna, here's hoping for an autographed Dream Quest!

koss:  jenna what kind of car do you drive?

Jenna Jameson:  wazuuup osty

HoustonDon:  Jenna- I hope to review some of your dvd's real soon...

Jenna_Lover:  Hi Jenna

osty:  Jenna , Greetings from Sparky who allreay lost $$$$$ in Vegas ;)

Dave:  have you done any DP's jenna??

ed:  jenna you're the best, keep up the good work

Meni:  Jenna, we would never work out, I sleep on the left side of the bed too, sorry

dknu8:  Your the best Jenna!! Will we see you on E television anymore?

Jenna Jameson:  cl600 mercedes and a viper

ballen:  Love you Jen!!!!!!

frank:  Hey Jenna whats up from me and Joe i n NY!!!

koss:  viper?! damn girl

HappyScrappyHeroPup:  Have you ever met Traci Lords?

Jenna Jameson:  sure

what:  Hey Jenna!

Scum2k:  jenna, i know you did a promo shoot of some sort for a band called necrophagia, what would it take for you to do a promoshoot for a band?

Jenna Jameson:  yes i love traci

koss:  jenna: how fast have you gone in the viper?

Jenna Jameson:  141

Irish:  Jenna, I just wanted to say thanks for your hard work :)

My_Playmate_Jenna:  Jenna, waddya think of jenteal boob job?

Evil_Rip:  HI Jenna, You should stop by more often. =)

Jenna Jameson:  love my work

koss:  cool! that was YOU driving?


Jenna Jameson:  she got a boob job?

Jenna Jameson:  yeah baby clubjenna rules

Cockney:  What is your fave song of all time?

Jenna_Lover:  I loved ur final scene in Flashpoint with brittney andrews

spunky:  what do you think is the best movie that you've done?

Gato:  what kind of music do you listen to?

Jenna Jameson:  Wicked one

frank:  Are you at the ECVS??

armschlong:  Jenna, are you and Nikki Tyler seeing each other?

Jenna Jameson:  No

Irish:  Jenna, what is the scariest movie you've watched?

ballen:  Will you come and wisit club Ohm i NY when you have time/

Jenna Jameson:  Excorsist

dknu8:  r u going to be in LA anytime soon

mpgg5:  Jenna: i never seen any of your work what movie will turn me on most?

Jenna Jameson:  Friday

Stacy_Chasey_Jenna_Fan:  Jenna your gorgeous you are the only girl i would sleep with!!:)

spunky:  are you still with wicked?

Jenna Jameson:  Dreamquest

Jenna Jameson:  No

whassup_jenna:  any more hit movies like Dream Quest coming out soon?

armschlong:  Jenna how many movies can we expect from you to make this year?

Jenna Jameson:  Yes

vivid_:  oh my, she's getting smoked with questions

Jenna Jameson:  5or6

whassup_jenna:  Kickass!...what should we be expecting?

Meni:  If you could sit down and have dinner with 3 people, alive or dead, who would themy be?????

Jenna Jameson:  Sylvia loves jenna is the first release

spunky:  do you think you'll snag any AVN awards this year?

Meni:  Jenna, whats the release date of Jenna Loves Meni?

Jenna Jameson:  Get it at

whassup_jenna:  Cool..Thanks!

armschlong:  Jenna, who are your favorite stars to work with?

Jenna Jameson:  I'm up for a lot of awards... I hope I win

armschlong:  Jenna, thanks for chatting with us

digital_sin:  IS it with Sylvia Saint?

Bart:  Hi Jenna

Jenna Jameson:  Sylvia Saint and Sky and Jewel and Me!

Steph:  sylvia saint and jenna - the next two my playthings :)

Irish:  Jenna how many more years do you plan to do adult films? If you were to have a great mainstream movie hit would you give the adult scene up?

Steph:  make that three my playthings

Jenna Jameson:  She is fine

HappyScrappyHeroPup:  How many more years do you plan on making adult films?

Jenna Jameson:  a while longer

Jenna Jameson:  It has guys in it tooo

osty:  when do you put your new movies on DVD ?

Meni:  Steph, when is Steph Loves Meni going to be released?

armschlong:  Jenna i have yet to see a sylvia, sky, or jewel movie. but now i'll try to

chilly_willy:  Jenna how do you see yourself over 10 years

HappyScrappyHeroPup:  Would you ever do a movie with Steph?

Jenna Jameson:  sure why not?

dknu8:  ever thought about making a movie with Dennis Rodman

Jenna Jameson:  No way

HappyScrappyHeroPup:  Would Steph ever do a movie with Jenna though for her site?

HoustonDon:  Hey, when's Jenna & Steph & HoustonDon coming out? ;)

master:  how big is justins schlong

Jenna Jameson:  Huge

Irish:  Jenna, what's your favorite pizza topping?

Jenna Jameson:  CHEESE and ranch dressing

shizuka:  Jenna.... Ur the BESSSST

Jenna Jameson:  thanx

Miracle:  Did you ever had sex on a waterbed, and how was it??


digital_sin:  What are you doing for Vivid?

armschlong:  jenna, will you be doing any more films with peter north? he's THE man!

Irish:  Jenna, does anything still surprise you when you do a film?

lucy:  Have you ever refused to perform with an actor/actress and why?

Cockney:  cya Jenna - nice chatting with ya hon :)

Jenna Jameson:  I will be signing for them at CES... thats all I can say right now

Jenna Jameson:  Yes, one girl had a bacterial infection

shizuka:  Jenna will u be performing in NYC?

Darkmage:  Now that we have sucke... er, had you join us in the chat room, could we get you to convince some more of your fellow actors to join us as well (in the future, naturally).

Jenna Jameson:  I will be in Long Island soon

Hedonist98:  Jenna - what single person gets your rocks off the best?

digital_sin:  Jenna it is Scott from New Sensations (Digital Sin) See ya soon!

* Meni raises his hand

Jenna Jameson:  Justin

Meni:  damn

Jenna Jameson:  Hi scott!

Steph:  Jenna a schedule of your dance appearances is in high demand

Hedonist98:  Loved you in Dreamquest!

stout:  nov 3,4,5

Miracle:  Did you ever had sex on a waterbed, and how was it??

Jenna Jameson:  I will give one to you guys to post... and Meni!

ballen:  Where in Long island?

digital_sin:  Tell your man hello too!

Jenna Jameson:  I don't like waterbeds...hard to get a rythym

master:  check out jennas plaything soon

Meni:  Tell Justin I said Hello

armschlong:  Jenna do you have a favorite position?

Jenna Jameson:  yes in las vegas

horny:  Jenna, you definitely are a heart breaker

Meni:  can I see a pic? I wanna size up the competition, hee hee

Jenna Jameson:  I love to be on top

Irish:  Jenna, what would you like your legacy to be?

digital_sin:  Master Whhaaatttssuuuppiieee!

Jenna Jameson:  sure i'll send one

Jenna Jameson:  Most Famous Pornstar ever

chrisri:  jenna - do you get off on anal sex?

shizuka:  are u planning to settle down soon?

spunky:  any guys too big for you?

Jenna Jameson:  I love anal

hSK420:  ya anal rules

ballen:  Wich moovies do you do anal in?

uWE_Germany:  what do you think yourself ?! are you perfect now, or is there still something to change on your body ... btw: I think you look GREAT !!!

Jenna Jameson:  I will being doing them for

armschlong:  Jenna how can a guy get his gf to try anal?

Meni:  Jenna, any truth to the rumor you call me when Justin is in the shower???? hee hee

Irish:  Jenna, I just wanted to say that you've been awesome to put up with us babbling idiots! :)

Jenna Jameson:  I'm happy with my body

spunky:  you should, it's a damn nice one!

Darkmage:  We're happy with it, too.

blammy:  I'm happy with it, too.

stout:  you should be!

Jenna-RoX--:  whats your measurements Jenna?

ballen:  Are you doing any anal movies honey?

Jenna Jameson:  I call you when he falls asleep!

HappyScrappyHeroPup:  What is your favorite Adult DVD movie you have been in?


Jenna Jameson:  32D- 21- 33

armschlong:  Jenna i loved see you in Thailand on E! tv

kornman:  jenna - any new movies coming out soon? any plans for a 600+ guy gangbang?

hSK420:  jenna how can i start out to be a pornstar?

Jenna Jameson:  WazUUp Val

Steph:  kornman yeah that's erotic

aj:  Jenna : why don't you have a special 'thing' you can show us just for us from adt?

Meni:  kornman? hee hee, ARE YOU READY!!!

Jenna Jameson:  No gang bangs... Jenna loves Sylvia

shizuka:  Jenna are u appearing on E! in the future?

kornman:  someone needs to beat the world record

Irish:  Jenna, you may have answered this already but what is your favorite movie that you've done or your favorite performance?

armschlong:  Jenna that must have been weird to have that huge beetle on you in Thailand for E

Jenna Jameson:  it was gross

ValVenis:  Ya know, the big Valboski may not be as great as JENNA, but he's already the BIGGEST.

MM2000MM:  Jenna are you planning to do another cybersex DVD?

ed:  jenna are you a wwf fan

Jenna Jameson:  my plaything

Jenna Jameson:  love wwf

MM2000MM:  when's that coming out

cbear:  I saw jenna on howard and it was for a contest for a woman to win a chance to be with her and another girl and the winner was well...I felt sorry for jenna, but she was sweet about it.

Meni:  Jenna, will the highlight of 2000 be meeting me in Rhode Island in December??????

Emahevul:  Jenna, who is your favorite wrestler?

digital_sin:  My Plaything Jenna will be planned for January release

horny:  JENNA, you shouldn't wear a lot of make up in your movies, you're way prettier without it!!!

MM2000MM:  Jenna have you seen the other Digital Sin Cybersex DVDS

Jenna Jameson:  yeah love em

ValVenis:  Jenna, who do you think is better overall. Peter North or Randy West? be truthful now, I know you and Randy are good pals.

Jenna Jameson:  peter north

once again the questions rolled in too fast for anyone to read them, so back to moderated mode...

Jenna Jameson:  thanx

DrewBlackADT:  Jenna has been very tolerant of all of us this evening.

DrewBlackADT:  Jenna - any other things you would like to touch on tonight before we wrap this up?

Jenna Jameson:  Not really

Jenna Jameson:  enough shameless pugs

Evil_Rip:  Jenna it was a Pleasure having you with us. Hope you can join us again soon.

Jenna Jameson:  thanx

DrewBlackADT:  We really appreciate you taking the time to be with us.

Jenna Jameson:  no problem thanks for having me

five_star:  Thanks for everything Jenna!!

Jenna, you did a fantastic job keeping up with the barrage of questions. Many thanks. I hope we'll continue to see you around the forum. And good luck with Club Jenna!

Many thanks to Five Star DVD for co-hosting this chat and all the fantastic giveaways!

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