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This Ginger Lynn chat was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on September 20th, 2000.
For more Ginger Lynn visit her website at and see Ginger Lynn's Movies.

For hours people stopped in the chat room asking when Ginger Lynn would arrive. The anticipation grew as the clock neared 7:00... Ginger Lynn enters the chat room.

Darkmage:  GINGER!!! Welcome!

Steph:  Ginger, welcome to Adult DVD Talk!

tinatyler:  Hi Ginger

Morrigan:  hey ginger

Hazy:  Hello Ginger :)

bbq:  Hi Ginger.

RogTPipe:  Good evening Ginger

AlexanderX:  Whazzup Ginger!!!

Diesel:  Marry me, Ginger!

the hellos and welcomes continued as we switched into moderated mode.

Ginger Lynn:  Hi, everyone, sorry I'm late. I'm getting ready to leave for New Orleans in the morning for the IA2000.

Adult DVD Talk:  Darkmage says: Hot damn! Time to get started: "Ginger, fair one, if you were crowned Porn Emperor for a day, what would be the first thing you would change about the adult industry?"

Ginger Lynn:  All of the actors and actors would really enjoy sex, not just "assume the position. All orgasms would be well as all tits.

Steph:  woohoo :)

Adult DVD Talk:  tinatyler says: We just had a chat with Antonio Passolini, and you worked on New Wave Hookers 6 with him. What was that experience like?

Ginger Lynn:  Tony is AWESOME!!! Working with him was one of the best on film experiences I have ever had. He gave me a lot of room to play, and I took full advantage. New Wave Hookers 6 contains scenes in which I do things I have never done on film before or in my private life.

Adult DVD Talk:  AlexanderX says: What would you describe as the wildest on-screen scene you've ever done?

Ginger Lynn:  I don't know about "wildest", but a few scenes that I found to be personally exciting would be the last scene in New Wave with Voodoo, the scene with John Holmes in The Graffenberg Spot, the hot oil scene in Gentlemen Prefer Ginger and the bathroom scene with Barbara Dare in Blame It On Ginger.

Adult DVD Talk:  Decker says: Ginger, I know this is non-adult related, but you had an acting role in two Wing Commander games. How did you get the part?

Ginger Lynn:  I auditioned just like everyone else. The director had no idea who I before he hired me. When he did find out he said he really didn't care. I was hired for my talent as an actress. I play Rachel Coriolis in Wing Commander 3 and in part 5.e

Adult DVD Talk:  Diesel says: Do you have any influence or interest (personal or financial) in your older, classic movie titles like TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, TRASHY LADY, PRETTY AS YOU FEEL and so forth which are not available on DVD yet? A lot of fans would love to see them again, but some of the titles are way out of print.

Ginger Lynn:  I would have to say that some of my work from the earlier part of my career is my best. Trashy Lady is one of my all time favorties.

Adult DVD Talk:  RogTPipe says: Ginger, your scene with Sean Michaels in NWH6 was your first with a black man in a decade. How do you think it turned out?

Ginger Lynn:  Sean turned me on like no other man has ever done before. I did receive some flack from a few of my southern fans, and I'm sorry they weren't as turned on as I was.

Adult DVD Talk:  AlexanderX says: Hi Ginger - your comeback has been quite a success in the adult industry. How has Hollywood reacted to your new movies?

Ginger Lynn:  One of the reasons I made my comeback was to prove a point to myself as well as to Hollywood. Yes, an actress can fuck on film and still be a good actress. If anything my comeback has revived my mainstream career as well as my adult career. I have two mainstream films in the can, The Independant with Jeanine Garafalo and Jerry Stiller, and another film call The Last Late Night. The later is a dark comedy.

Adult DVD Talk:  bbq says: Ginger, what is the latest news on your cyber-squatter problem?

Ginger Lynn:  He's still a dick and I'm not!

Adult DVD Talk:  AlexanderX says: For your website - do you do all the HTML/page coding, or do you keep your focus more on the site content?

Ginger Lynn:  I'm involved with the creative aspect of my web site as well as interacting personally with as many fans/friends as I can. I do personally answer many of the e-mails I receive. A little note for those of you who do email me, no matter what I do I'm always a lady, so please speak to me as one.

Adult DVD Talk:  Diesel says: I enjoyed seeing you dance at clubs whenever you tour (in fact, I placed a winning bid on a pair of your personalized panties a few years back at the New Century Theater in San Francisco). Do you plan to tour again?

Ginger Lynn:  I love touring! I've taken some time off for now. I was on the road 1-3 weeks a month for the last 12 years, and I definately needed a break. That's not to say I won't be back touring, I'm just not sure when. For more info check out my tour dates on my web

DrewBlackADT:  GingerLynn - we have a ton of questions from people...we won't be able to get through all of them. Why don't we switch to unmoderated mode so you can chat directly with your fans?

Ginger Lynn:  Let's go!

Steph:  the chat room is now open

allsfair:  Ginger, I heard you say there are 5 musts in someone you'd marry. What are they and are you serious with anyone?

Darkmage:  Ginger, let me welcome to you to Adult DVD Talk. Thanks for joining us.

jaco:  Is it true you are from Rockford, IL (my hometown) and went to east high school?

Gato:  Hi Ginger. What do you think of Bukkake and would you consider doing one?

Ginger Lynn:  #1...You must be my best friend. #2...No cheating on me unless I bring the girl home. #3...You must be fabulous in bed, and I don't have 2 years to train you like I did Charlie Sheen. #4... You have to love children, I have one and I want 4 more...#5...I never want to have to work again.

Poonies:  Ginger - I beg you most humbly to do dance tour of Australia - please, please

RockerJon:  Ginger - any memories of the wrestling video you did with Bunny Bleu early in your career?

Morrigan:  Ginger, when you find that guy, will you send me his brother?

RogTPipe:  Ginger, any chance you would want to re-do our interview, in person say for my birthday :-)

Diesel:  Ginger, do you still collect Troll Dolls...and do have they ever given you the creeps?

GingerGroupie:  The first video i've ever seen was with u and Amber Lynn...I can't get that schene out of my was so u still keep up with her and what is she up too?

Ginger Lynn:  If I were invited to dance in Australia I would be there in a heartbeat. I was lucky enough to do a press tour there around ten year ago , and I'm dying to go back.

Elmo:  When will we see your Book ? Bill Amerson and Cass Pasley said to say hi.

netfather:  Are you having fun sorting through the BS? :)

Ginger Lynn:  I hope to have my book out by the spring of 2001.

Poonies:  You're invited, you can stay at my house :-)

taser:  Have you had anymore offers to work in videogames?

JRWolfe:  Ginger,whats the best part of being a mom

kinky:  What is your advice to the newcomers to the industry ??? Do you think the industry exploits these young women ???

Ginger Lynn:  I do still keep up with Amber. She is one of my all time favorites. We most recently shot a segment for the Man Show on Comedy Central. I think it's going to air sometime in October.

GingerGroupie:  Wow ...Do u still have sex with Amber in ur personal life?

Elmo:  I was told you had said you had been with someone bigger than John Holmes, who was that and how much bigger? What did you think of THE WAD STORY?

Ginger Lynn:  My advice to new comers in the business is wait until your at least 25 years old. A lot of changes come into effect when you put your pussy on the big screen, or the little one for that matter. Always use condoms, and don't do it unless you really like it.

Poonies:  One of the videos listed on your videography is called Suze Centerfolds 8 made in 1982 - can you give me any details please

Ginger Lynn:  I rarely kiss and tell when it comes to my personal life. Wait for my book entitled "I did it, I like it, SO WHAT!

Steph:  great title :)

Ginger Lynn:  Thanks

AlexanderX:  Has anybody yet unseated Barbara Dare as your favorite adult star to work with?

Ginger Lynn:  Not yet.

bbq:  Will you do a book tour?

Elmo:  Ginger back in the mid-80es you where the first good looking girl to push the limits and do Anal, DP, and DPP but today all the girls do that. Do you think you may push the imits again and try doing a fisting video like Chloe or Keisha.

GingerGroupie:  I'll take that as a lucky u, Ginger

Ginger Lynn:  Absolutely.

RockerJon:  Ginger - you were great in the Metallica video Did you enjoy working on that?

Diesel:  Ginger, just want to say that you are the greatest, and your fans wish you continued success. Thanks for signing those panties I won years ago...Have a good night!

allsfair:  Ginger, Is there a special guy in your life?

Darkmage:  Ginger, any hints for the other ladies of adult cinema? Could you give a workshop on hip action? :)

HoustonDon:  Ginger, any plans to make more videogames like the Wing Commander stuff?

Gato:  Have you done a scene after which you felt ashamed?

taser:  Do you watch your own movies, and how do you feel your recent ones compare to your '80's films?

madguy:  I would just like to say that you are hotter than ever

GingerGroupie:  do u reallt get off during ur schenes or is it just an act?

maverick:  Ginger just wanted to say it is great to have you back. You were my first film star crush and still one of my favorites.

Poonies:  Ginger - I hear you are making another video for VCA - any details, and can you do a RC anal for me in it

RogTPipe:  If I may Ginger interview is at

Steph: Yes, Rog, you may plug - especially since it's a relevant plug :)

Ginger Lynn:  I've never been ashamed of any of my work/play in adults films. I do what I do because I like it, and I don't do anything I don't feel comfortable with in the first place. Well, I did work with Ron Jeremy. Lets just say he's not on my top ten list.

bbq:  Is their a special man in your life Ginger?

Gato:  hehehh. Hedgehog

Decker:  lol

Ginger Lynn:  Yes, there is. It's very new, though so I don't want to jinx it by talking too much about it.

Elmo:  Was you Golden Girl loop with Ron you first adult scene?

Gato:  You'd probably feel ashamed if you were in the Wing Commander movie. d'oh!

Darkmage:  There's a question... did you see the Wing Commander movie?

Ginger Lynn:  My golden girl loop with Ron Jeremy was shot on my first day of filming in the adult film industry, but Tom Byron was my first. I shot two loops that same day.

Elmo:  Does anyone have a copy of that loop

Ginger Lynn:  I did not see the Wing Commander movie. I was a bit resentful that non of the original cast were in the film.

madguy:  Ginger, do you speak to Traci Lords?

taser:  the wc movie sucked - you're lucky you weren't in it!

Darkmage:  Ginger, you made a wise decision. I can't believe I spent money on that crap...

RogTPipe:  Ginger, now that you have both come back, who is a bigger star, you or Marilyn Chambers?

Ginger Lynn:  NO! I do not speak to Tracy Lords. What's the point? She's an evil person, but she is in my prayers.\

Gato:  I LOVED that scene with you, Traci Lords and Peter North in Might of Loving Dangerously

Darkmage:  Evil? Care to expand on that?

AlexanderX:  Speaking of Marilyn Chambers - any plans to collaborate with her in the future?

Ginger Lynn:  Often any type of emotion that is strong can come across as "hot". Tracy and I did good scens together simply because our dislike for each other was so strong.

Elmo:  There was talk that you did the DPP scene for Traci in The G Spot, is that true?

Gato:  How did you like working with Peter North?

RockerJon:  On Rebecca Lord's web site, she mentions that she is gonna be working with you true?

Ginger Lynn:  No, I did not do the DPP scene for Tracy. Her pussy was much bigger than mine and therefore better to do the scene.

madguy:  So you and Traci didn't get along before she caused all that commotion?

Poonies:  Good answer Ginger :-)

Ginger Lynn:  MEOW.

DrewBlackADT:  haha

madguy:  Ginger you much better than her anyway

Ginger Lynn:  Peter North is one of my all time favorite guys to fuck.

Gato:  Do you still talk to Peter?

madguy:  and you are definately more honest!

GingerGroupie:  Do u enjoy anal sex in real life or do u just do it for the camera?

taser:  I've read that there was some dispute about what appears to be a dpp in between the cheeks - looks like it, but I read somewhere you said it's not...

allsfair:  Ginger, have you ever had sex with a guy you met while dancing in a club?

Ginger Lynn:  Rebecca Lord and I just shot our first scene together the week before last. She's the bomb. She's sweet and so is her pussy.

Poonies:  Ginger - how many more movies are you planning on making? (Say lots please!)

RogTPipe:  Good night all, thanks for joining us Ginger. NWH6 was great, highly reviewed and loved.

Ginger Lynn:  My first DPP was in New Wave Hookers 6, unless they used a stunt cunt.

Gato:  Hahha. Stunt Cunt. That's a good Pron movie title

Ginger Lynn:  Good night RogTPipe. Love you!

Elmo:  In I DREAM OF GINGER who was the stunt dick in that video?

GingerGroupie:  Does it turn u on thats there must have been literally tens of thousands of horny guys who have masturbated to u?

DrewBlackADT:  only 10s of thousands

Darkmage:  She was being modest.

RockerJon:  any truth to the rumors that you and Amber did a fisting scene in "The Grafenberg Spot" that never made it into the movie?

Ginger Lynn:  I oringinally signed a 3 picture deal with VCA. The first 3 films are Torn, White Lightning and New Wave Hookers 6. We also have an option to do 3 more of which I have shot one. As long as I'm having fun and my fans/friends enjoy my work as well, I'll be around.

Darkmage:  Ginger, is there anything you haven't tried that you are keen to in your next movie?

Ginger Lynn:  The film with Rebecca Lords is called Taken

madguy:  Variety Magazine used to list movies in production and movies that were going into production, I remember seeing your name in the cast for several but they never, to my knowledge, were released. Did they get made and not get released or never get made? I think some of them were for New Horizons.

Emahevul:  Ginger, you will probably be well into your 80's before we get tired of you

Poonies:  Well I am having fun watching you - so keep going

Ginger Lynn:  Raw oysters sound nummy.

allsfair:  Ginger, have you ever had sex with a guy that you met while on tour dancing in a club?

Elmo:  Did John Holmes ever have sex with Traci Lords or Loni Sanders?

Ginger Lynn:  Yes, I have had sex with a man or two that I met while on tour dancing.

GingerGroupie:  wow...theres hope for all of us

DrewBlackADT:  Have you ever had sex with someone that you met in a chat room?

HoustonDon:  how about a guy you chatted with on a popular website?

HoustonDon:  ;)

Ginger Lynn:  I'm not sure who John Holmes had sex with, I'm not him and sadly he's not here to tell us himself.

GingerGroupie:  imagine going to a club and walking out with Ginger

HoustonDon:  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

madguy:  Ginger, what kind of music do you listen to?

taser:  what was he like, personality-wise?

allsfair:  Lucky guys.

Ginger Lynn:  I have not had sex with a man I met on a popular web site. Or then agian maybe I did.

HoustonDon:  I volunteer!

GingerGroupie:  The only person who wouldn't like that would be my wife

Elmo:  Did you like the WAD STORY i sent you

Saki:  hehehe

Ginger Lynn:  John Holmes was one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to know.

RockerJon:  Ginger you were great in the Metallica video did you enjoy working on that?

bbq:  Are you a happy person these days Ginger? Are things going good for you?

Ginger Lynn:  I had a blast working on the Metallica video..

moe:  I think it is great you haven't had a boob job

GingerGroupie:  Ginger...I'm trying to get my wife to have sex with a u have any advice on how i can do that?

Poonies:  Ginger - the photo shoot with 5 guys in a gym - was there a video of it and when was it done?

Emahevul:  Ginger, considering the original version of "Turn the Page" what do you think of Metallica's rendition?

RockerJon:  I've heard there is an uncensored version of the Metallica vid do you know where its available?

taser:  How's your son? I've got two myself...

Ginger Lynn:  You know, I am so happy right now that I feel as though if I'm not careful I may just fall off of the pink cloud I'm floating on. And my floating on that pink cloud is because of my good friend Bill W.

GingerGroupie:  Ginger....thanks for spending time with us

GingerGroupie:  how old is ur son?

Steph:  Ginger - who's Bill W?

bbq:  Thank you for your time Ginger.

madguy:  Ginger, I love the Vice Academy films. How was it working on them?

Ginger Lynn:  There is an uncensored version of the Metallica video, I have a copy, but I don't know where anyone else might get one.

RockerJon:  I've looked everywhere for it :)

allsfair:  Ginger, I will be in New Orleans this weekend. Heard you were going to the convention. Where will you be?

Ginger Lynn:  If you don't know Bill then I can't explain it.

Ginger Lynn:  I will be at the convention this weekend in New Orleans, I'm leaving in the morning.

Elmo:  Is Roger still running you fan club

moe:  Who is the director of your new film Taken

GingerGroupie:  Ginger, what do u tell ur son when he asks u what u do for a living...or what will u tell him?

Emahevul:  Ginger, what do you think of the "gonzo" movies that have become so prevalent since you originally left the biz?

Ginger Lynn:  No, Roger decided to invade my private email by finding out my pass word from y grandmother. I find it best that he and I no longer communicate.

GingerGroupie:  i mean its a great thing but how do u explain it to a child

Aussie:  Ginger - do you look at all the websites about you out there and have you a favourite?

Ginger Lynn:  I think there is a place for all kinds of porn and porn for all kinds of people. Gonzo is not my personal favorite, but it serves it's purpose.

DPSinPA:  Do you enjoy facials?

Emahevul:  thanks Ginger, was just curious

Ginger Lynn:  My favorite web site about me would be

GingerGroupie:  I mean how do u tell ur child especially when hes old enough to understand that u fuck for a living

Aussie:  Thanks, but what about fan sites?

Ginger Lynn:  With the right man, I enjoy just about everything, including but not limited to facials.

Elmo:  Have you seen this new Black star Jack Naper

GingerGroupie:  i don't mean it in a negetive way..

Ginger Lynn:  I do not fuck for a living. If my parents hadn't fucked I wouldn't be here.

allsfair:  Good answer.

madguy:  Right on Ginger!

GingerGroupie:  but theres a difference

GingerGroupie:  u fck as part of a reationship

Steph:  GingerGroupie try she ACTS for a living

DPSinPA:  how much longer fo you think you can stay in the business (in front of the camera / on stage)

MrGoodCock:  I guess we're all glad your prents fucked (I know I'm glad mine did).

allsfair:  Ginger, what are you doing in New Orleans tomorrow night. If you're there I might go a day early.

GingerGroupie:  but how do u explain doing it for the general public

allsfair:  By the way, I can meet all 5.

HoustonDon:  GG, are you always a jerk or are you trying extra hard tonight?

Ginger Lynn:  I don't make babies when I have sex on film. I save that for someone I love. My son will be raised in a loving, honest, happy, fair, healthy, educational environment. He will be respected and hopefully he will learn to respect those who have earned it. I hope to be on his list of those he respects.

moe:  I've heard alot about women orgasms and squirting. Does this really happen or is it pee

GingerGroupie:  i'm glad mine did too...and i'm glad u do ,Ginger because i enjoy watching u...but its still a tough thing to explain to a child ur trying to bring up

Emahevul:  HEAR HEAR Ginger, VERY well put

Poonies:  Ginger - did you squirt in NWH6 - because it looks like it at the end of the Sean Michaels scene

Ginger Lynn:  I just recently had my first squirting orgasm. It's not pee. It's great.

Poonies:  Yeah - I knew it!

allsfair:  What are you doing on Thurdsay in New Orleans? If you're there I might go a day earlier.

HoustonDon:  Ginger, it may not mean much but I've watched you movies from the beginning and I respect you...

AlexanderX:  How were you set up to appear to squirt in the film "Grafenberg Spot"?

Elmo:  Did you ever have an orgasm on screen, with who

Ginger Lynn:  Yes, I did squirt in the scene with Sean Michaels. I had planned on saving that only for my personal sex life, but Sean took me right where I needed to be.

MrGoodCock:  Hi GInger.

DPSinPA:  what do you think of piercings and tattos?

RockerJon:  Ginger - any plans to work again with some of the guys from the 80s - Tom Byron, Jamie Gillis etc?

Ginger Lynn:  I'll be in New Orleans Thursday night with the man I'm in love with.

MrGoodCock:  Who do you find sexy ?

MrGoodCock:  And why ?

Poonies:  The camera angle could have been better I thought, you really have to look hard (which I don't mind doing)

Emahevul:  Ginger, not including your child, what bit of work are you most proud of, and why?

Ginger Lynn:  Thanks, Houston Don, it means a lot to me that I have brought you pleasure over the years. I hope I can continue to do so in the furture.

Weavie:  Is the upcoming DVD really interactive?

Ginger Lynn:  The camera man didn't know I was going to squirt. I didn't know for that matter either.

madguy:  Ginger, which of your mainstream films and adult films are your favorites?

HoustonDon:  I'm sure you'll be bringing me pleasure for a long, hard time in the future Thanks again

Poonies:  Fair enough, must have felt good! Do you plan on having anal with Sean in the future?

DPSinPA:  whats your record for most number of orgasms in 1 day

Elmo:  I have been trying to get hold of the tapes John Holmes made from his death bed, I am told he talkes about a lot.

Ginger Lynn:  Yes, the upcoming DVD from White Lightning is really interactive. I hope you enjoy it, because I doubt if I'll be doing it again. Too much starting and stopping. I have sex because I like it, and the interactive stops the spontinaety.

astroknight:  Ginger - Is there anybody that you'd like to work with but haven't had a chance to?

Elmo:  How about Rocco

allsfair:  Ginger, curious, who is the sexiest man and woman alive?

Ginger Lynn:  My favorite mainstream film that I have appeared in is "Bound & Gagged, A Love Story", and my favortie adult film I've appeared in is New Wave Hookers 6. I especially like the last scene.

AlexanderX:  Ginger, one thing that you haven't yet done that I (for one) would love to see is an interracial girl/girl scene. Do you have any interest in doing this with somebody like say Midori?

RockerJon:  the scene with the guy in the car garage right?

madguy:  Did you have fun making the Vice Academy movies?

Poonies:  Ginger - in that last scene of NWH6 you seemed primed for an anal with the guy - would have made the scene even hotter!

allsfair:  Ginger, who in mainstream films would you like to have sex with?

HoustonDon:  Time to go-long day ahead, Thanks for coming Ginger, I'll read the transcript for the rest. (_I_) Smmmoooocccchhhhh Ginger (and Ms Fluffy-butt too) ;)

Ginger Lynn:  Rocco doesn't do much for me. Midori on the other hand does, although I've heard she doesn't like to do scenes with women.

HoustonDon:  hehehehehheeh

DrewBlackADT:  Ginger - thanks for joining us tonight. It's been great having you here. Feel free to hang out and chat all night if you have time. We understand that you have a real life and might need to get back to it.

Gato:  How bout Rodney Moore, heh

Ginger Lynn:  In mainstream films I'd like to have sex with Johnny Depp.

Ginger Lynn:  Bye Houston Don. Stay happy and hard.

Emahevul:  Ginger, anymore mainstream work coming out that we should be looking for?

Elmo:  I hear you name some names in you book

Ginger Lynn:  I would love to stay longer, but I do have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. The pleasure has been all mine. I thank you!

madguy:  Goodnight

astroknight:  Thanks for chatting tonight Ginger!

allsfair:  Thank you for taking the time to join us. You're awesome.

RockerJon:  nite Ginger thanks for the chat

Poonies:  Thanks for staying so long - you are a goddess

Emahevul:  Good night Ginger, MANY thanks for stopping by

dkong:  Thank-you Ginger ! Hope to see you on tour again

DrewBlackADT:  thanks for being here with us

Ginger Lynn:  If you would like to stay in touch with me my email address is Good night all and God Bless.

AlexanderX:  Ginger, thank you! I just want to quickly say that as one of the very first porn stars I got the pleasure to see, you'll always be one of my faves!!

Steph:  thank you Ginger - truly a pleasure!

Evil_Rip:  It was great having you Ginger

Evil_Rip:  please come again

Steph:  Ginger - come chat anytime - wednesdays are always a good night

Ginger Lynn:  Thanks Steph. I had a blast.

allsfair:  Awesome.

Poonies:  Fuck that was good!

Ginger Lynn exits the chat room and Poonies sums it up quite well :)

Many thanks to Ginger

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