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This Dyanna Lauren chat was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on Jan. 19th, 2000 For more on Dyanna check out her web site at and see Dyanna Lauren's Movies.

Adult DVD Talk - Adult DVD Talk would like to welcome actress, director, singer, dancer, queen of interactive DVD… Dyanna Lauren

Adult DVD Talk - Dyanna, people want to know about your pig that looks like Elvis. You just don't run across an Elvis pig every day. Where did you get him/her and what's the Elvis similarity?

Dyanna Lauren - His name isn't Elvis, it's Vinny. He's a huge black, potbellied pig. One part of his hair is curly and it makes him look like Elvis. Pigs are great pets. They're very intelligent, capable of one syllable words each. One of then says ma - ma - ma. The other was always getting in trouble and says no - no -no. Now when ever I catch him doing something he runs off saying no - no - no.

Adult DVD Talk - Can you tell us a little about your music career? Any albums out there?

Dyanna Lauren - I have a CD coming out on Feb. 8th The name of the band is 'Thousand Year Itch'

Adult DVD Talk - I've read a little bit about your new interactive DVDs - something about 'puzzle technology' -what is it and when will we see the first disc?

Dyanna Lauren - I'm still not quite sure on the technology their talking about. Basically, its first-person sex. I use four cameras at a time. I always try to do what my fans want. I try to do a lot more than what other companies are doing on DVD. I even have a section at the end of my DVDs where I ask the viewer to contact me and tell me what they want to see. I've gotten great feedback from fans as a result.Our multiple angles are a little different too. It's very much like picture-in-picture. We show all the angles at once instead of one at a time. A person can watch all of the angles simultaneously instead of just one at a time onscreen.

Adult DVD Talk - How difficult was it to film the bikini on/off scene in Interactive Sex Splash?

Dyanna Lauren - Its actually a very simple old trick where you stand perfectly still and your wearing something and then someone comes in and takes something off

Adult DVD Talk - What's your involvement in the editing process?

Dyanna Lauren - I don't have too much involvement in the editing process but I do have final approval. I try very hard to shoot from beginning to end the shot that I want. I don't give them 10 different shots to choose from.

Adult DVD Talk - You've become much more than an actress and director for the adult film industry. Many have called you an industry spokesperson. Obviously you have a major influence over the direction of adult films as a whole. What changes would you like to effect?

Dyanna Lauren - I would like people to stop judging. I would like to show people that not everyone in this industry is a drug addict and if you want someone to judge, they should judge themselves. I also try to teach safe sex and responsibility.

Adult DVD Talk - How do you think DVD has changed the industry?

Dyanna Lauren - Its given us much more opportunities and a broader spectrum. DVD allows us to put our finger on what the viewer wants to see. If they want the close up gyno shots they are there. If they prefer a different angle for the action it's there too. When it comes to new technologies the adult industry is the first to utilize them to their greatest potential. Look what the adult industry did for VHS.

Adult DVD Talk - Do you get a lot of valuable fan feedback through your website?

Dyanna Lauren - Yes, I try to give them what they want.

Adult DVD Talk - What aspects of the interactive DVDs has the feedback changed?

Dyanna Lauren - Usually what the action is. Someone has suggested two girls giving head to one guy, something the interactive TV hasn't done before. And other small things like how girls are dressed or locations to use. I use what my fans ask for.

Adult DVD Talk - What advice do you give to women who are seriously considering entering the business?

Dyanna Lauren - Really think about the consequences of your actions before you do it. Not just the adult porn industry but any industry. I'm glad with the decision that I made. I didn't what to be a teacher or a politician. If you're going to be a porn star they're not going to let you be a teacher.

Adult DVD Talk - Do you have any regrets about your decision?

Dyanna Lauren - Absolutely not. I never regret any decision that I make.

Adult DVD Talk - Do your prefer acting, directing, singing, or dancing?

Dyanna Lauren - I don't prefer any one of them over the others. I'm an entertainer and a very creative person so I need a lot of jobs to keep me happy.

Adult DVD Talk - Are you shooting any new films right now?

Dyanna Lauren - I just got finished shooting the interactive DVDs, next month I will be shooting Devon and two features.

Adult DVD Talk - What's your favorite movie that you've performed in?

Dyanna Lauren - Bad Wives.

Adult DVD Talk - Why?

Dyanna Lauren - Its still one of the best, nothing has out sold it. It won a lot of awards, they can't keep it in stores because it consistently sells out- how can I say anything else besides that?

Adult DVD Talk - Dyanna, what do you think about gonzos and other non-feature film projects?

Dyanna Lauren - I don't know…let's see…there's a market for everything. I prefer to see a story with extremely hard core sex and then there are some who would like to skip the story and see the sex, that's what gonzo is there for.

Adult DVD Talk - How long have you been with Vivid?

Dyanna Lauren - Since 1993.

Adult DVD Talk - That's a pretty long career. What do you attribute your long-term success in this industry to?

Dyanna Lauren - Being older when I actually got into it, going in knowing it was a career and not just a fly by night choice I was making. I have actually been in the industry since like 1991.

Adult DVD Talk - How did you get started in adult films?

Dyanna Lauren - Well, I did a lot of nude modeling in magazines. I was married at the time and didn't think it was right to make that decision myself. I also saw some directing from other women that I thought I could do better so I took every job I could. Then I got divorced and decided to get one-on-one with the camera. I didn't know I was going to be so popular with the audiences, not at all.

Adult DVD Talk - Is there a lot of pressure for women who model in magazines to go into hardcore films?

Dyanna Lauren - The women that are doing magazines are very adamant. I was never pressured in being in these movies at all but a lot of people asked.

Adult DVD Talk - So how can we get more women to watch adult movies?

Dyanna Lauren - Make it easier access. Don't make it so they have to go into a setting that's uncomfortable. I don't think there's anything wrong with walking into an adult store.

Adult DVD Talk - Do you still perform on the dance circuit?

Dyanna Lauren - Yes. I don't have anything scheduled right this second because I've been doing so much with this album release. I just haven't had time.

Adult DVD Talk - Which performers do you like working with the most?

Dyanna Lauren - My favorite is Steven St. Croix and I enjoy working with Janine.

Adult DVD Talk - Have you appeared in any mainstream movies or have do you have any aspirations to do that?

Dyanna Lauren - That's the industry I came from, I have been doing mainstream movies since I was two years old. I grew up in Hollywood.

Adult DVD Talk - Really? So what sort of parts did you have?

Dyanna Lauren - When I was young I did a commercial with Bing Crosby. I did a lot of different music videos. I've never had a lack of work, but I hated going on interviews and all of the crap that goes along with them.

Adult DVD Talk - Tell us the biggest change you have seen in the industry in the past 5 years or so--good or bad?

Dyanna Lauren - Good - I would say the acceptance of porn in mainstream and the acceptance that I had. The sense of class that drew me to it wasn't the stereotype that it is now. I find it to have no class like it used to have, and that's bad.

Adult DVD Talk - Do you think the growing acceptance of porn causes filmmakers to show things they wouldn't do five years ago?

Dyanna Lauren - Everyone wants to do something shocking to make them popular. If you do something like have sex with 500 men or blow fire out your ass then they're going to remember that but they won't know what your name is.

Adult DVD Talk - What's in store for your website?

Dyanna Lauren - Well, me of course. As soon as things start calming down I'm going to start keeping a daily journal. I will be starting to do live web cam shows from my own home. I don't think that is what many people in the business actually do.

Adult DVD Talk - So what did you do today, Dyanna? :)

Dyanna Lauren - Today I went through all of my paperwork and went to the pound to adopt a couple of more animals.

Adult DVD Talk - Tell us more about your animals--how many do you have now?

Dyanna Lauren - There's 30 dogs here and 5 pigs. All different sorts of breeds. All of them but 6 are up for adoption.

Adult DVD Talk, Steph - OK - just 'cause I got a new pit bull - what's your favorite breed of dog?

Dyanna Lauren - My favorite breed? I don't really have one. I prefer mutts because they tend to have the best disposition and are very intelligent. NO inbreeding.

Adult DVD Talk - How can everyone here help New Leash on Life?

Dyanna Lauren - There's several ways. 1) having your pets spayed or neutered. 2) get your pets from animal shelters not from pet stores (Steph got Cody, the pit bull pup at the shelter)and 3) they can always make donations at

Adult DVD Talk - Do your parents know about your adult movies?

Dyanna Lauren - Most definitely. I don't hide anything. I even use my real name. I just cut off my last name because it's boring.

Adult DVD Talk - If you were not in the adult film industry, what do you think you would be doing now?

Dyanna Lauren - More than likely I would be teaching music because I have a degree in music. I also went to culinary arts school. Education is a wonderful thing it provides a lot of opportunities.

Adult DVD Talk - Do you watch many mainstream DVDs?

Dyanna Lauren - Yes, I do.

Adult DVD Talk - Any favorites?

Dyanna Lauren - My favorites are....hmmmm...not really any favorites. The Wizard of OZ is great on DVD and Brave Heart was wonderful.

Adult DVD Talk - How do you think adult and mainstream compare in their use of DVD technology?

Dyanna Lauren - I don't think they compare. The directors in the mainstream industry don't want you to see something other than the vision that is their own. Scorscese isn't going to put anything in a movie that isn't the way that he envisioned it.

Adult DVD Talk - Do you pick your own movie themes or scripts? Do you do any writing?

Dyanna Lauren - For the movies that I direct I do all of my own writing. For the movies that I have been in I have had the chance to pick the scripts that I was in but I wasn't able to write them because it was the director's choice.

Adult DVD Talk - How many scripts do you pass over? You know, bad ones?

Dyanna Lauren - Well, I haven't done an actual film in almost three years because I have been passing them all over. I haven't found any thing that was as good as Bad Wives or Kama Sutra. I really want to play a bizzare character that no one has really seen before.

Adult DVD Talk - So do you consider yourself in retirement right now? Or are you just taking a break to do directing and other projects?

Dyanna Lauren - I am never in retirement. I hate it when people 'retire' and then come back 6 months later. I am just doing what I enjoy at the moment. If I find something I'm interested in I will jump on it.

Adult DVD Talk - What do you think about long-time comebacks, like Ginger Lynn, Marilyn Chambers, Randy Spears, or Hershel Savage?

Dyanna Lauren - More power to them. I don't know what the reason behind them retiring was so I can't really have an opinion about them coming back. I'm sure the paychecks don't hurt either. They are the ones that paved the way for the things that we are doing today so we can't exclude them.

Adult DVD Talk - What do you think about exclusive contracts?

Dyanna Lauren - They are great for some people and for others not. There are certain boundaries that you have to stay within that some people just can't work in. There's also a loyalty issue involved that some people don't handle very well either.

Adult DVD Talk - Are there many male performers with exclusive contracts?

Dyanna Lauren - No, there's a few...but actually Steven St. Croix is the first man to even have a contract.

Adult DVD Talk - Dyanna thank you very much for joining us tonight.

Adult DVD Talk - It has truly been a pleasure to have you here

Adult DVD Talk - Any last words Dyanna?

Dyanna Lauren - A few last words: Everyone really needs to do what makes them happy.

Adult DVD Talk - Thanks again Dyanna

Adult DVD Talk - You can see Dyanna regularly at

Adult DVD Talk - Thanks everybody for joining us!

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