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This chat was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on April 14th, 2000.

Adult DVD Talk - Hi everybody, please welcome our revered guest, this year's AVN awarded Best Actress, the queen of the on-screen orgasm, Chloe!

Chloe - Hi everyone.

Adult DVD Talk - Chloe, your name has become almost synonymous with earth shattering orgasm. On average, what percent is real and what percent is just phenomenal acting?

Chloe - They are all real. All of my orgasms are real. I have been quoted in the past as saying "the day that I have to fake an orgasm will be the last day that I work"

Adult DVD Talk - Which performers, male and female, do you enjoy working with the most?

Chloe - I like working with pretty much everyone you have seen me with on screen. My top male performers are Kyle Stone, Ian Daniels, Mark Davis, and any of the guys that have really large penises. I am a size queen, I can't help it. I am little more picky when it comes to girls. I like working with Stephanie Swift, Ruby and basically the girls that I came into the business with. There are some new girls that I am found of. Ava Vincent & Lola are a couple that come to mind.

Adult DVD Talk - Have any guys been too large for you?

Chloe - For anal sex, yes. Vaginal sex, there is no one too big for me. I am well known for my anal scenes. I try to have a "normal" sized penis for my anal scenes however my definition of "normal" may not be the same as the average person's.

Adult DVD Talk - When you say picky in regards to women, what do you mean?

Chloe - I am a condom player. I have protection between me and the guys that I work with. I don't have that layer of protection with the girls that I work with. I need to be sure that the girls I work with are also smart about their partners. I am basically heterosexual. I don't do the girl thing in my regular life. In order to reach the orgasmic level that I get to the girls that I work with have to meet me at least half way. They need to know how to turn me on. I want to go crazy places when I cum and I want them to be there with me.

Adult DVD Talk - How did you get into porn?

Chloe - It's a long story. I'll give you the Reader's Digest version: About 4 years ago I was starting out on drugs. The guy that I was dating at the time was a saxophone player. He had some friends in the business and suggested that I start doing porn. He originally set it up so that I would be doing my first scene with him. He backed out and I ended up doing the scene with Jerry Pike. (I wish Jerry was still around.) I've loved it ever since. As a side note: I have been sober for 3.5 years.

Adult DVD Talk - What's your favorite thing about being an adult film actress?

Chloe - my favorite thing about being an adult actress is that it gives me the excuse to get completely crazy sexually instead of freaking out people in my private life. It's a great excuse to be a sexual deviant.

Adult DVD Talk - What is the most unusual location you've had sex, either on screen or in your personal life?

Chloe - Well, that's kind of a hard one to answer. I had sex once on a rail, on a rail road and each time the train came we had to jump off the track I have had sex in sooo many bathrooms in clubs in LA. So many I can't count them all. I had a really strange sexual experience once at the top of Mulholland Drive tied to a telephone pole and that was before I was in the industry.

Adult DVD Talk - In the average day in the life of Chloe, how many times do you have sex?

Chloe - Does that include the times with myself? If yes, then it's lots. I have a boyfriend, but I only see him once a week and when I do see him it's at least a couple of times that day. On other days it's usually 7 or 8 times on my own. It's a lot of "self love". I just did it before I got on line. :)

Adult DVD Talk - You have a boyfriend? Is he in the industry?

Chloe - No my boyfriend is actually a musician. He's a bass player in a band with C.C. DeVille.

Adult DVD Talk - Does he get jealous?

Chloe - He doesn't get jealous but he doesn't like to know the details of my career he seems to like the fact that I am porn star. He said just the other day "that you are only as big as the porn star you're dating." I try really hard to remain faithful to him off camera.

Adult DVD Talk - Does he watch your movies?

Chloe - He does not (as far as I know). But the six days that he doesn't spend with me he just might be spending more time with me than I know of ;) I do bring him pictures of me when. He keeps them in his day timer and wallet. He does go to the awards shows with me.

Adult DVD Talk - What are you working on right now?

Chloe - I am in pre-production for my next movie with Elegant Angel. It's going to be called Chloe's Cum-tagious. It should be out by the end of next month on VHS, I"m not sure how long the DVD will take. I just finished my second movie with them. It's called Chloe's Catalina Cum-on.

Adult DVD Talk - How did you make the transition from star to director?

Chloe - Well, actually, I don't know. I guess that if you want to have some longevity and not go completely nuts in this industry you have to find some other things to do. VCA originally offered me the chance to direct a gonzo line for them and I did do one movie for them called Chloe's What Makes You Cum? I was ready to shoot the next movie and I got my funding dropped because the company decided to close down for the summer. So I paid for that movie myself. I owned it for a short period of time and then took it to Elegant Angel and they asked me to stay with them. That's basically the way that I got started. That first Elegant Angel movie became Chloe's I Came, Did You?! It was sweet revenge when that movie was #2 on the sales charts.

Adult DVD Talk - In I Came Did You? whose idea was it to censor the fisting? Will we see full fisting in the future?

Chloe - The whole fisting thing is one of my favorite topics. In every scene that I do there is a fisting going on the viewer just doesn't get to see it. The distributors are very paranoid about putting something like this out. They are afraid of getting in trouble for distributing movies that are risky.

Adult DVD Talk - Where do you think the line is between 'shockingly exciting' and 'why the hell is that on film?'

Chloe - I think that as long as it doesn't involve animals or children that it should be okay. As long as it's consensual between the people who are playing, it should be okay. The rough sex series was recently pulled from the shelves. If everyone agreed to it, then I don't have a problem with it but it seemed like some of that was not consensual, and I don't like that. I don't like to see people get hurt (especially my friends).

Adult DVD Talk - What is the most bizarre roll you have played?

Chloe - actually the most bizarre role, was in "Chloe" from Sin City. It was a rather dark role about a drug addict. It's something that is very out of place in porn. That's something that's not portrayed often in the industry. It's something that is avoided.

Adult DVD Talk - Some of your best work has been released by Sin City. Do they have any plans to release them on DVD?

Chloe - I really don't know. It's strange with Sin City. I don't really know when my movies are going to be on DVD. I don't even have a DVD player. I often don't know what studio my movies are going to be coming out from.

Adult DVD Talk - Is there anything you will not do in a film?

Chloe - Animals and children.

Adult DVD Talk - Do you go back and watch your older movies?

Chloe - Nope, I am proud to say that I've never watched any of my movies except the ones that I have to edit because I directed them. A lot of the girls in this industry watch their movies and they are not happy about their bodies and performances. I don't care. I choose not to nitpick by watching my videos and trying to figure out what I can do 'better'.

Adult DVD Talk - How do you cast performers for your movies? Do you interview, test drive, or just go by their past performances?

Chloe - Past performances. The key for me anyway is to have really good performances. If the sex is hot, the movie is going to sell. It doesn't matter where you shoot, in Catalina or in someone's basement. If you have good performers the movie is going to be good.

Adult DVD Talk - Is your sister performing in any more movies? How about her boyfriend?

Chloe - No, my sister still works for me as my production manager. But she doesn't have any aspirations to be a porn actress. She does some softcore work and bondage, but that's it. Her boyfriend is the same way.

Adult DVD Talk - I heard a rumor that you would soon be directing feature films for VCA, is it true? Any projects you can let us in on?

Chloe - The truth is that Russ Hampshire called me into his office a little while ago but I don't want to bite off more than I can chew and I'm thinking on it.

Adult DVD Talk - Have you ever appeared in mainstream movies or TV? Any desire to?

Chloe - I've done a bunch of stuff for MTV and VH-1. I did some Showtime mini-series, the adult-oriented softcore stuff. I got a serious part for "Lady Chatterly's Lover" - I was the lead, but they fired me before it started shooting because of my hardcore background. They wanted to hire me back later, but the experience left a bad taste in my mouth. If the right role came along, I would consider it, but I'm not looking to make the big crossover.

Adult DVD Talk - Whose idea was it to film your enema in The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women?

Chloe - hahaha. That was Ernest Greene's idea. The funny part about that is that in the European version ,where they show the rest of it, John Stagliano has a habit of putting the camera right up in there. He told me to go ahead and let go. I told him that he'd better not be right there, but he insisted. And sure went right onto the camera, with the lens refocusing on the water drops. We had a good laugh about it. That was the only time I've done an expellation on camera.

Adult DVD Talk - Do you have a special meal the night before an anal like an athlete would before an event?

Chloe - I used to watch what I ate, but now that I do so many anal scenes, that got boring, so I don't do that anymore. It basically takes 18 hours for the food to make it all the way through. So now I take a really good enema the morning of my scene. Not a wimpy bottle one, but a serious one.

Adult DVD Talk - What advice do you have for women who haven't had anal sex, but would like to try it?

Chloe - My advice is to go out and buy a book called "Anal Pleasure and Health" by Dr. Jack Morin either that or buy the book "The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women". I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to enjoy anal sex.

Adult DVD Talk - Ever done it with a bald guy's head?

Chloe - I've actually rubbed Ernest Greene's head, but I've never actually put a whole head in, but I'm willing to try.

Adult DVD Talk - How old were you when you first had sex?

Chloe - I was 11. It was with my boyfriend, who was 15.

Adult DVD Talk - If you weren't in porn, any idea what kind of career you'd be pursuing?

Chloe - Something mentally challenging. In fact, I'm thinking of switching to something more mentally challenging after I leave porn. Something that requires mucho brain power and not a lot of movement. Brain surgeon, maybe? :) Maybe a writer. I think I'd like to do writing.

Adult DVD Talk - Any funny moments on the set that stick out in your mind?

Chloe - God, right at the moment, I can't think of anything specific but every time you are on a porno set and the camera isn't on, there are funny things going on. For example, when you're taking a smoke break during a sex scene and the guy is standing in the corner, jacking off, while talking to the crew guys. Another one: I was once masturbating with three dildos, and the camera guy was right there, and I came, shooting out one of the dildos that hit him right in the head! :)

Adult DVD Talk - What are your all-time favorite porn movies?

Chloe - Behind the Green Door is probably my all-time favorite, the first porno I ever saw. The first two Taboo movies are at the top of my list too. The porn that I watch though is gay porn. My own library of porn is entirely gay porn.

Adult DVD Talk - Why is that?

Chloe - I like watching men fuck other men.

Adult DVD Talk - As far as music, where is your "Harder" single available for purchase?

Chloe - You know, that's a really good question. The company that put it out isn't there anymore, it's like they went out of business. I don't even have a copy of the CD single. I only have a copy of the song on the "Porn to Rock" album. I think you can order a copy off their website, . That's basically a CD of porn stars who do music.

Adult DVD Talk - Who else is on it?

Chloe - Madison, Johnny Toxxic, Midori, Ginger Lynn, Suzie Suzuki, Hyapatia Lee, Nina Wett, Mistress Jacqueline. It's an all star cast!

Adult DVD Talk - Do you have any future music plans?

Chloe - They're actually making a "Porn to Rock 2" but I guess they don't want to put people on it that were on the first one. But if they want me to do another song for it, and since I'm dating a musician... But I don't have any desire to be a rock star...if you think we get fucked in this business, let me tell you about the music business.

Adult DVD Talk - Chloe thanks so much for coming by tonight, it was truly a pleasure.

Chloe - Thank you.

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