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This chat with Brandon Iron and Ashley Moore was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on December 18, 2002. Many thanks to Brandon and Ashley for hanging out with us so long.

This chat was unmoderated. Brandon & Ashley did a great job keeping up with the questions.
This transcript has been edited for brevity (some LOLs, hellos and side conversations removed.)

[Brandon Iron and Ashley Moore enter chat room]

creamcup:  is everybody going to back me when i say that he is the most underappreciated actor in porn!

creamcup:  i really did say that on a message board!

bono-ONE:  hey Brandon!!!!!! Hey Ashley

aybesea:  hiya brandon, ashley

Steph:  Welcome Brandon_Iron_and_Ashley_Moore! Thanks for joining us!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Hi! Be patient! This is our first time!

Steph:  Are you two typing together? :)

bono-ONE:  no problem, thanks for cumming!!!!

superfly:  what else r u doing together..sorry:)

MLyons:  Welcome Brandon and Ashley--it's great to have you here!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  No, I am typing (Brandon). Ashley is sitting next to me looking sexy.

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Has anyone seen SWALLOW MY PRIDE #1 OR #2?

bono-ONE:  So Brandon how about doing a scene in Swallow 3 where the guy does a close mouth pop and let the girl show it off or did you do that in #2 I haven't seen it yet sorry

luvcanadians:  not yet

bono-ONE:  i got #1 Brandon, great first effort

Brandon Iron:  I GUARANTEE that SMP #2 will blow #1 away. There are 48 popshots caught and swallowed.

creamcup:  brandon, are you behind the camera or in front of the camera in those 2?

aybesea:  48!

bono-ONE:  Julia Night was my favorite scene in #1 along with the gorgeous covergirl Cameron

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I filmed most of them, but I did POV sex with Jasmine Lynn, for example.

eric:  is there any cuts in between cumshots in smp 2?


creamcup:  that makes me sad! i do NOT want to lose you to "behind the camera!"

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I love Julie Knight, too! (We misspelled her name on the box.)

* SueR jumps on Brandon

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  NO CUTS BETWEEN CUMSHOTS IN VOLUME 2!!!!

bono-ONE:  She really got into the scene big time

kobieta:  Ashley Moore great job on BDIWC 4! any other titles on the burner?

bono-ONE:  How about doing some Euro girls when you go back next time, Rita Faltoyano and Michelle Wild to be exact!!!!

SueR:  Rita and Michelle are goddesses

aybesea:  i'll second that motion

bono-ONE:  and oh yeah Monica Sweetheart needs to be in Swallow #3 as well

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley says she has fucked TOO MANY guys lately to remember!! Seriously!!

creamcup:  i am serious! i have always found you soooo very attractive! you are such a handsome man!

Den:  Ashley Good job in Gangland #38

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Monica Sweetheart lives in Prague, but will be in Las Vegas in January.

bono-ONE:  yep can't wait to see this hottie!!!!

creamcup:  i'll be there too, baby!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley says she had a lot of fun choking on black dicks in Gangland 38

Den:  Brandon Congrats on AVN Nomination for Best Male of the Year

eric:  euro girls are simply not into sex, please use american girls..

kobieta:  yeah use american women

creamcup:  it will be a SIN if you don't win that award

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I love ALL girls who swallow, euro or american!

bono-ONE:  I don't know XXX Road Trip #1 was pretty hot

superfly:  use KACEY

aybesea:  i agree - road trip 1 was good

bono-ONE:  Trixie is another hottie I want to see more of in RLD flicks

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Check out XXX ROAD TRIP #2. There is a scene in it that is nominated for an AVN award.

SueR:  Brandon: have you ever worked with Bisexual Britni?

creamcup:  brandon, if you don't mind me asking, how big is your dick! seriously! it is one of the best in the business!

bono-ONE:  yes Service Animals 5

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I have worked with Bisexual Britni. She is amazing! Check out SERVICE ANIMALS #8 from Evil Angel.

SueR:  saw that...loved it

[Kimi Lixx, Queen of Chat, enters]

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Hi Kimi!!! Good to "see" you.

Den:  Brandon Please have Ashley describe herself

Kimi_Lixx:  hiya Brandon, i'm surprised you remember me

Misfit:  Brandon, what do you think of UK girls like layla jade, sabrina johnson etc that work in the industry (i'm from the UK and i'm curious to know)

bono-ONE:  Any girls you would like to work with that you haven't yet?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley is 5 feet, 11 inches. Blonde. Blue eyes. Eats cum... You can see her photo at She is under BRAND NEW MODELS. She also did a trading card.

Den:  Nipple rings?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I LOVE UK girls! Have worked with Sabrina Johnson and Layla Jade. Also, I love Kinky...she is so kinky!

superfly:  yay rebeckah jordan RULES!!!!

bono-ONE:  I like Kinky too seen her in a couple of releases

Misfit:  and don't forget rocco's fave, kelly

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Yes, Ashley has nipple rings...2 of them.

Den:  YES!

bono-ONE:  RLD is doing respectably in the Rog's Polls congrats Brandon on a great first year or is it a bit longer than that? Anyway keep up the great releases

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley loves her nipples to get bitten! Hard! (Is she crazy or what??)

SueR:  brandon: Did you ever try your Brandon Irons persona on a woman before you got into the biz?

* bono-ONE says ok Ashley I volunteer to do just that :)

creamcup:  brandon, i ws just curious how big your dick was... the actual measurement!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Red Light District is fast-becoming an 800 pound gorilla in the industry! I love being part of a winning team!

kobieta:  When you go to hockey games, do people recognize you?

SueR:  ooo cream...that's like asking a woman her age

eric:  how do you feel about the anabolic vs. rld "fued"?

bono-ONE:  Hey Brandon how do you feel about g/g scenes?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  RE: dick size. It is sadly normal in size.. I am just short and it looks bigger.

creamcup:  he is naked on screen in porn, the camera is focused on his dick!! how is that the same?

SueR:  Brandon: RLD could use better boxes. New Sensations-level photography. Any thoughts?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  GG scenes are cool, but they are not my favourite. I liked the Rosebud GG stuff from 5-7 years ago, though. Nasty!

creamcup:  i DO NOT beleive the size is normal!! i have taken your height into account! it is a massive beautiful cock! you are too cute and modest!

bono-ONE:  I am still hoping RLD will do a g/g series and that they will take a different approach than most other companies

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I love the boxes for RLD. They stand out.....more importantly, the product inside lives up to the hype.

Den:  What RLD/Anabolic fued?

creamcup:  and, by the way, i do not find you very short! lots of the guys are short in the biz!

bono-ONE:  Yep 110 % Natural 3 with Rita Faltoyano and Young Ripe Mellons 1 are two of my favorite ones. Straight to the A #1 with the lucious Bella is also very hot

kobieta:  Would you consider doing a video in South America?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I am a big fan of Anabolic. They do great stuff! Erik Everhard is world-class. I saw him work for John Leslie recently, and he is stronger than ever!

SueR:  Brandon: are you related to anyone else in the biz?

eric:  I have noticed talk in the forums between dion and cal that suggests some tension between the companys

Den:  Ashley - Will you be at Vegas convention?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  RE: South America. I am trying to make good contacts there. Dion would send us there during carnival in Feb.

creamcup:  i guess i am never getting this answer! i was thrilled that i would have a chance to "speak" to brandon, but NO INFO!!!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I am not related to anyone in the biz. I did it all on my own.

kobieta:  Brandon how about the Caribbean islands, especially the French ones!

SueR:  brandon: I wasn't suggesting nepotism. it's just that you and Mark Wood kinda look related

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I will definately be in Vegas, so will Ashley. Hopefully, you will find her on her knees in front of me.

Steph:  Brandon_Iron_and_Ashley_Moore you both are welcome to come to our party Friday night in Vegas

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Anyone with contacts can e-mail me directly at

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  No, Mark Wood and I are not related.

bono-ONE:  yep that would be great Steph!!!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Party in Vegas!! We are there!!

creamcup:  is a penthouse suite at the bellagio a contact?

kobieta:  So how long does the editing process take once you come back from your trips

SueR:  Bran: before you got in the biz, did you ever try the Brandon Iron dominance persona on a woman?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  By contacts, I meant foreign agents in exotic places where RLD can film XXX ROAD TRIPS and such. WE had a great time in Montreal in Oct filiming HARDCORE TRAINING, now available on DVD and VHS.

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Editing takes 4-5 days.

kobieta:  wow, that's short - how much of your input goes directly into the DVD process?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  RE: persona. I have always been the Ironman!

creamcup:  well, brandon i truly hope that one day, i have an ACTUAL oppurtunity to fingd out how big your dick is! it is gorgeous! but, i am out of here!

eric:  brandon, i have noticed you work alot for evil angel, the masters, how come we never see you in any of jules' movies?

SueR:  Bran: in your personal life, has a woman ever reacted negatively to the Brandon Iron persona?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I sit with the editor. We decide what to include. We choose DVD extras and behind the scenes footage.

kobieta:  what do you think about your extras? any ways to improve? let's say if you had 100% control of the extras, what would you put in and what would you put out?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Women have reacted negatively to me MY WHOLE LIFE!!! Now they get paid to react negatively. Ahh, capitalism!

SueR:  hahahah!

aybesea:  lol

Steph:  ashley doesn't sound negative

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I love RLD extras. Bonus footage is always a plus. It also gets me blown a lot!

Den:  Ashley-Any new movies coming out?

SueR:  Bran: ever worked with Mason of Elegant?

bono-ONE:  Have you gotten to work with Anna Belle yet, she is a hot newcummer

kobieta:  Brandon, would you change anything with your extras? and would you think that commentary track would ne negligible at best

bono-ONE:  I would love to see her do Swallow #3

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley and I have worked together several times. We will be on the site when it is launched in the new year. You know, rules....lots of nasty stuff you don't normally see.

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Both Ashley and I have worked for Mason. She is very talented.

SueR:  Ashley, when did you work with Mason?

Den:  What Mason movie?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I am working with Anna Belle on Friday for Vince Vouyer. Have a little bit of nerves...she is so fucking hot.

bono-ONE:  Cool have fun!!!!

luvcanadians:  you still get nervous?

SueR:  even the IronMan gets nervous?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley just worked for Mason on Monday with Jay Ashley. He steamrolled her!

bono-ONE:  Love her attitude

SueR:  Ashley: what will the title of that vid be?

luvcanadians:  Ashley, what movie?

bono-ONE:  Do you know the series you will be doing the scene with Anna will be in

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Mason' s movie was called DIRTY TRIXXX. I did the scene with Kinky. Ashley's movie for Mason is not out yet.

bono-ONE:  What series I mean,lol

SueR:  remind us what happened in that scene with Kinky, Bran

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Not sure re: Vince's title he is shooting Anna Belle for on Friday. Will check for you. Follow up at

Den:  Ashley-Please NO BOOB JOB!

bono-ONE:  Anna needs to do Seven the Hard Way as well!!!!

MLyons:  Brandon--what do you look for in a sex scene... as a performer and director. What is it specifically that interests you, and that you believe will interest others?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  RE: Kinky. She was a pony girl. Mason and I trained her. She sucked a horse-tail butt plug out of her rear end.

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley says NEVER to a boob job!

SueR:  NOW I remember

Den:  YES!

kobieta:  right on sista! amen! have mercy! good lord. yes to not having implants!

MLyons:  Ashley--just what most of us like to hear. :)

bono-ONE:  Does Ashley like doing g/g scenes, sorry if this has already been asked

SueR:  bran: standard question: does your family know you're in the biz and do they support you?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I like women who are submissive by nature, or can act the part. Dominant personalities (like Michelle Raven's) are great if they understand where you are coming from. She likes to please a man....just like Ashley!

kobieta:  does ashley have southern roots?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley likes GG scenes very much. She likes Chloe Dior and Melanie Jagger. Mel likes it rough, too.

SueR:  OHMAHGAWD he talked about Michele and I didn't even prompt him

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley does not have southern roots, unless you consider Orange County (South of LA) as southern!

bono-ONE:  That would have been a great name for your US big breasted series Bodacious Ta Ta's,lol

kobieta:  lol i would consider that southern! go o c!

bono-ONE:  Any other girls Ashley would like to get busy with?

SueR:  Bran: do actresses ever get mad at you during a scene because your sex was stronger than they anticipated?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  What ways would people like to see girls eat cum in the next SWALLOW MY PRIDE?

bono-ONE:  Closed mouth pops in one scene just to see how much a girl can really take in

kobieta:  Brandon do you get down partying with your women in house parties? outside of the business?

bono-ONE:  A pop from the skull fucking position would be nice

Chillin:  or spooning it out of a pussy

MLyons:  For Ashley--did you enjoy shooting the scene you did with Mason and Jay Ashley? Is it what you expected?

SueR:  bran: I love it when they lick cum off each others' faces

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Girls getting mad: The only way you can please these girls is to have them meet give them a blank check...then say goodbye. Most girls want to work 12 to 1 with a lunch hour in between! (Ashley Moore exempted, of course.)

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley would like to work with Jasmine Lynn and Belladonna.

kobieta:  so you never party with them then?

bono-ONE:  yeah lots of french kissing between two ladies after plastering them yes!!!!!

SueR:  Bran: is that true or is that just The IronMan talking?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I would also like to work with Jasmine Lynn and Belladonna!

bono-ONE:  cool with Bella's all girl series she might get that chance

luvcanadians:  how long has Ashley been in porn?

Kimi_Lixx:  aww c'mon now - I even went with you to the library, Brandon...

Steph:  library?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I am dying to see Bella's GG series from Sineplex. Saw Nacho's NO LIMITS and was very impressed.

Kimi_Lixx:  he had internet questions :)

Steph:  Kimi - did you two do a scene together? what movie?

* bono-ONE got to see that pretty pussy of Bella's up close and personal, hopefully Ashley will get even closer!!!!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley has been in the business for 4 long months. She is represented by Top Models. Go to to see photos.

Kimi_Lixx:  Brandon bruised my tongue in one of the Slap Happys - but other than that, no, not really (nothing that actually hit the shelves) he taped Mark Wood and I for All About Ass 6

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I shot Ashley with Jamie Woods and a BUNCH of guys for SWALLOW MY PRIDE #2.

bono-ONE:  I can't wait to see this title Brandon, you have a very worthy edition to the swallowing genre

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  You should see what Kimi did to ME!! She is vicious!

bono-ONE:  lol Not our Kimi!!!!

Steph:  i didn't know tongues could bruise

SueR:  with that fat cock,'s easy to imagine

bono-ONE:  So Brandon any scene really stick out in your mind, if so why?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  RE: opinion of girls in the biz. I love them all, really. I just think it is funny at times the ways girls will turn down jobs that pay $1,000 for no good reason.

SueR:  kimi: is brandon's generalization valid?

Kimi_Lixx:  i didn't know tongues could bruise either - but one whole side of my tongue was black and purple!

psycumcision:  Brandon. Congrats on SMP2. I trust it is your best work as you said. What did you mean by "some magic" happened at the shoot? Also I would really like to see Faith, with the black hair and blue eyes in SMP 3. Especially the glass scene.

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I loved working with Belladonna in RAMPAGE #4.

kobieta:  brandon are they expecting more than 1000?

bono-ONE:  so you also got an up close view of her cookie!!!!

MLyons:  Brandon--So from what you're saying, it sounds like you believe that if you pay a girl enough you'll be able to get a good rough scene out of her? Does it not matter to you that they aren't in some way sexually aroused by rough sex?

bono-ONE:  I haven't seen any of the Rampages either :(

kobieta:  Ashley Moore looks like the pretty lady that gets enough courage to enter a dance cage in a club? Am I correct Ashley?

* bono-ONE has led a sheltered life,lol

Kimi_Lixx:  i'm not sure if the generalization is correct or not, since i don't really get to hang out with people when i'm in LA i don't really have any friendships in the industry that are close enough to talk money and business and work ethics with

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  RE: girls expect LOTS of money. They deserve every bit of it, too!

bono-ONE:  Yep these hotties are performing our fantasies every time so thanks to Kimi!!! and to Ashley!!!!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Yes, she dances in lots of cages.

SueR:  Bran: who would win in a contest of Taking a Scene to the Limit: You or Mason?

bono-ONE:  I hope she can come dance here in Phoenix!!!!!

bono-ONE:  I will take the points and Brandon on the query,lol

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  RE: paying girls hoping they like it rough. You can never pay a girl to do something she doesn't want to do already.

kobieta:  So Brandon and ashley what kind of music do you listen to to get into the mood?

luvcanadians:  do you ask her what she wants before a scene?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I am a big fan of Mason's. It is not a contest. We are just interpreting rough sex in different styles. I will note, however, that I get more heat because I am a man.

bono-ONE:  Any girls from the past like Nikki Dial or say a Ginger lynn you would have liked to work with? or did you get to work with Ginger on her comback?

SueR:  "get more heat"? explain

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley likes all kinds of music, especially classic rock.

Den:  Brandon-More Heat?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I would have loved to work with Ginger Lynn circa-1986. She was my inspiration!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I get more heat because I am a man. I don't hear nearly the criticism of Mason's rough sex...and I believe it is because she is a woman.

SueR:  ah! I see

Steph:  oh brandon mason got plenty of criticism / controversy

SueR:  Bran: frankly, you're more well known as well

Den:  Brandon-You are probably right.

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Let's spread the criticism around a bit!! Don't heap it all on the Ironman!

SueR:  brandon: where do you catch the most heat for your Dom persona?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Everyone should know that the sex in porn in consensual.

kobieta:  there shouldn't be a criticism on Mason because her scenes are spectacle

bono-ONE:  How about doing a college girls series? ASU here in Phoenix has a bevy of beauties to choose from,lol

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Bring me to Phoenix

Steph:  i don't think ASU wants any more porn filmed there

bono-ONE:  lol

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  C'mon....just one more! Phoenix will love it!

bono-ONE:  I see awesome looking babes everytime I go and work out!!!!

kobieta:  Brandon do you remember your scene with Gwen summers in i think Kelly the coed. your scene with her rocked! get Gwen Summers back Brandon!

bono-ONE:  Just don't film it on the campus and you are alright :)

Steph:  Brandon, go for it! the lawsuits have given shanes world tons of PR

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  So back to SWALLOW MY PRIDE #2....

psycumcision:  Brandon, since your new movie is hitting the street now, anything more to say about SMP2 that you didn't say in the Forum?

bono-ONE:  yes please go on about this hot title!!!

SueR:  Bran: do you ever get recognized by *female* fans?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I remember Gwen very well.. She haunts my dreams nightly.!

kobieta:  that scene was most memorable, man!

luvcanadians:  What's the best moment in SWP 2?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  SMP #2 is the best I have ever done...possible will ever do! I had so much fun making it, and I hope it is the next step in my quest for global domination.

psycumcision:  Yeah what was the magic you said happened in SmP2

luvcanadians:  you want to take over the world with your penis?

bono-ONE:  so it is the BWO or Brandon World Order to borrow a wrestling reference,lol

SueR:  fetish: an item endowed with magical qualities

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Best moment in SMP #2 has to be when I stuck my dick in Jasmine Lynn's ass. We had to do it 3 times because I nearly came the first two. Her ass is smooth as velvet...velvet!!!!

bono-ONE:  such dedication to your craft :) Guess I don't have to say keep it up do I,lol

SueR:  Bran: have you ever got stuck in an orifice?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Remember that I am just a fan who pursued his passion to its logical end. (Living in LA waiting for the phone to ring to go have sex with hot girls.)

Den:  Brandon-Any 'insider' info on Gene Ross? Tera Patrick?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Never got stuck. Ashley says she hasn't either.

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Gene Ross. No comment. Tera Patrick. Hot chick!

SueR:  Bran: do you ever get recognized by *female* fans?

bono-ONE:  Yes Tera needs to get the Seven the Hard Way treatment badly,lol

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Never get recognized at all! Female or male.

luvcanadians:  how about extreme associates? what's happening there?

* bono-ONE then wakes up,lol

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Tera is not down for 7HW, but Ashley just might be!!! I will ask her!

SueR:  oh my god that would be so fuckin hot...Brandon: Pay Tera however much she wants

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  No comment on Extreme Associates.

bono-ONE:  lol great go Ashley!!!!!!!!

SueR:  then, as Mason would say, Teach her a Fuckin Lesson

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Isn't Tera Patrick under exclusive contract with Digital Playground?

SueR:  I find it so surprising that you don't get recognized. If I saw you I'd treat you like a rock star

eric:  SueR, are you mason?

SueR:  Brandon: beg Joone to let you work for him. whatever it takes. Teach Tera A Fuckin Lesson

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Who is Joone?

bono-ONE:  One of their directors

kobieta:  Brandon do you ever get looks by LA valets who recognize you but are too embarrassed to confirm who you are.

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Tera would probably teach ME a lesson.

bono-ONE:  What do you think of the Virtual titles like My Plaything or Virtual Sex?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  My car is so shitty that I don't valet it anywhere. I park on the street and walk!

Steph:  So Brandon, whats your next big movie?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I have not seen the My Plaything titles. Heard they are good.

bono-ONE:  RLD could do a great Virtual line I bet.

kobieta:  no cannot be the ironman having a shitty car! :)

SueR:  Bran: you mean you don't drive around in a pornstar mobile like they do in Hot Bods and Tailpipe?

bono-ONE:  Yes Gauge, Tera, Jewel De'Nyle, Stacey Valentine, and Monica Sweethearts all kick major ass

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  My next movie is XXX ROAD TRIP #3. Filmed in Prague. Released by RLD in January.

bono-ONE:  cool Brandon will look forward to that one

eric:  working for a powerhouse like RLD you'd think you'd be living the high live brandon

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Although Stony Curtis let me drive a hot car in HBandTP, he made me give it back at the end of the shoot! I drive a piece of crap!

kobieta:  Brandon have you been invited to Hollywood stars' parties?

SueR:  Bran: what kinda porn do *you* love to watch?

bono-ONE:  Throat Gaggers #2 is another hot RLD title love Jenna in that one

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I am saving my money so I can buy the internet and kick off all my critics!

aybesea:  lol

luvcanadians:  why not just buy off all your critics

Den:  Brandon-Have you ever 'dated' any of the stars?


luvcanadians:  should we be scared?

SueR:  Bran: have you ever made a performer cry with your strong cock?

bono-ONE:  Any plans to use Michelle Wild again that you know of?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I dated Amber Michaels for a short time. Got addicted to her hot body. Dick would not work with any other girl. Still friends with her now.

SueR:  you lucky fuck

kobieta:  yeah amber michaels is hot

Den:  Wow!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I have made girls cry. You all know that, c'mon.

kobieta:  those eyes, dude. . oh those eyes, dude, you had Amber!

Den:  Ashley-Have you dated any of the porn guys?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Michelle Wild lives in Budapest. I live in LA. If I go to Budapest, I will definately hire her.

luvcanadians:  Any porn guys Ashley wants to date? or screw?

bono-ONE:  cool, hope it happens someday

SueR:  Bran: do a whole disc of just you and her....and Steve Holmes, who is required by law to be in every movie Michelle is in

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley has not dated the pond scum known as male talent. She fucks them one at a time and uses them for thier sperm.

kobieta:  Brandon did you like the Buda or the pesht part im Ungarn?

Den:  Funny

bono-ONE:  I can see it now an all Euro 7 the Hard Way starring Michelle, Rita, and Monica!!!!! an instant best seller if there ever was one

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley says she liked working with Mandigo. She CLAIMS she nearly throated him.

bono-ONE:  But who gets the cover from that fine trio?

Den:  Oh My God!

Den:  Ashley got Boxcover on Gangland #38

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  SWALLOW MY PRIDE #2. Ashley throated a bunch of strangers she never met before. She says her thoat was SORE! Gee, wonder why!

SueR:  Bran: do you use any special lubes to make it easier for women to throat you?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Also, Ashley claims she ate more cum than Jamie Woods.

luvcanadians:  you should have a cum eating contest (coupled with a pie eating contest)

eric:  brandon, you definately have an obsession for cum, have you ever licked it off one of the girls?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  The best lube on the planet is Eros. Also, Frixxxion. All natural stuff. No chemicals. My dick is really sensitive to chemicals.

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  No, I don't eat cum. I enjoy watching a woman do it, though. It is fascinating to me.

SueR:  Bran: can tell us...we won't tell anybody...fess up... when the camera's off, you're a cumdrinker =)

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Listen, I DON'T EAT CUM..!!! I film girls eating cum. Get it straight!

Den:  Brandon-Do you just work for RLD now?

kobieta:  see, give him a break dude

SueR:  listen to him...get it "straight"...closet case! Bran I'm just kidding

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Yes, I work for RLD now.

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  SueR, you are now on my "list"

SueR:  no! but I love you...:(

Den:  No more scenes for other companies?

[Tricia Devereaux, of Evil Angel, enters]

TriciaDevereaux:  hey everyone

Kimi_Lixx:  hiya Tricia

SueR:  Tricia! my god! too many pornstars not enough mikes

TriciaDevereaux:  Hi Brandon!

MLyons:  Brandon--if you were offered a substantial sum of money, would you consider being submissive to the girl for part of a scene, and then turning the tables on her?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley gargles over 10 loads in SMP#2. It is the most she has ever had to eat.

TriciaDevereaux:  brandon - sorry I'm late - had to stop at Art Attack

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Both ashley and I work for any company that pay our hooker rates.

eric:  brandon, you seem to work for everyone at evil angel, will you be in any jules movies?

SueR:  Tricia: putting the finishing touches on the Fash cover?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Hi Tricia! Long time no see.

TriciaDevereaux:  sue - yes. it's done and ready to print starting tomorrow

TriciaDevereaux:  brandon - seems like deja vu

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  RE: being submissive. Check out the number Boo does on my face in Joey Silvera's SERVICE ANIMALS #12 (EVIL ANGEL).

bono-ONE:  Great job Tricia!!!

SueR:  the best subs are doms

MLyons:  Brandon--I'll be on the look out for it.

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Looking forward to FASHIONISTAS DVD. Heard there are interesting extras.

kobieta:  Brandon, do you have a college degree like Lexington Steele who graduated from Syracuse University

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  And the best doms are subs...

TriciaDevereaux:  did you see any of it when you were at the offices? (the DVD I mean?)

bono-ONE:  And Bella is in it so there you go, nuff said!!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley is majoring in Liberal Studies. I have an English degree. Ashley wants to teach someday.

SueR:  wow Brandon Iron just finished my sentence...I can die now

Kimi_Lixx:  teach? after being a porn performer? she wouldn't make the morals clause here in the midwest...

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Tricia, I did not see FASIONISTAS DVD. Just heard that John filmed DVD extras with Belladonna and Taylor St. Claire.

kobieta:  when you were in college, did you ever imagine that you would be in porn?

SueR:  KIMI: anything can happen

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Fuck moral clauses! Can't she just change her name, get plastic surgery, and work for $20K a year?

* Kimi_Lixx shrugs

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I knew I had to get into porn when I HAD to jerk off in the campus bathroom. English classes can be really boring, especially 17th Century Lit classes.

kobieta:  all she has to do is to cut her hair short

TriciaDevereaux:  Brandon - yeah, lots of extras. If you stop in tomorrow or Friday, I'll show you a little bit

kobieta:  lol very funny

aybesea:  that's funny!

kobieta:  what were the lit authors in the 1600s

TriciaDevereaux:  Kimi - I think you're overestimating the mental leap that people would have to make to link a former porn star with someone who's become a teacher...

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Her hair is short enough already. I pulled most of it out dragging her to the chat room.

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Tricia, yeah, I want to see how it looks.

SueR:  tricia: are there any expornstars that are now allowed to work with children, that you know of?

TriciaDevereaux:  instead of saying, Oh Mrs. Smith is some porn star called Ashley Moore, some person might say, oh, Mrs. Smith looks kinda like that porn star Ashley that I used to jerk off to

Thanos:  hey tricia delicia

TriciaDevereaux:  sue - yes, there's a few

SueR:  good

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  John Donne was the poet we were reading in class when I had to go j.o. in the bathroom. We were reading "The Flea."

Kimi_Lixx:  we've had so much scandal out here with pedophiles teaching and teachers boffing middle school students that they go over people with a fine tooth comb - i'm sure you could just conveniently leave out your work history for those several porn years - but i wouldn't give odds on them not finding you out

Den:  Tricia-Congrats on Best Movie ever! Any comments of MLyons great review?

TriciaDevereaux:  den and bono - thanks

SueR:  Brandon: do more forehead/hair cumshots in the next volume

TriciaDevereaux:  den - there's a quote from MLyons on the inside portion of the DVD packaging

MLyons:  ::rolling eyes::

Emahevul:  Kimi_Lixx, making movies again?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Roger that, Sue. More forehead shots.

Kimi_Lixx:  starting again in January, Em

TriciaDevereaux:  Mike - didn't see you there. Hi!

Emahevul:  cool

MLyons:  I'm blushing. Truly.

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  "The Flea" is a poem about 2 lovers in bed. The man is watchign a flea bite his woman and he wished he could be as close to her as teh flea.

SueR:  Brandon: ever worked with Queeny Love?

bono-ONE:  Has Judy Star done anything for RLD she is one hot little mama!!!

kobieta:  ah. .. that's interesting

Den:  A great review for a great movie! Inside cover=WOW!

MLyons:  Tricia--been meaning to email you. Work's been out of control lately though and haven't had the chance.

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Never worked with Queeny Love. Does she swallow...lots?!?

luvcanadians:  she sniffs cum

kobieta:  Brandon, what did you think of the English teachings in college?

bono-ONE:  yes she does

SueR:  bran: queeny is the queen of cum

bono-ONE:  Rodney has used her a few times

MLyons:  For fans of the rougher stuff, Judy has a fucking rockin seen in Internally Yours #3.

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Judy Star did everything for Anabolic, then switched to "nice" stuff a la Shyla Styles.

SueR:  Mike: I just saw that last night

bono-ONE:  hmm she also did awesome stuff for the Evil Empire

SueR:  IY 3 is not nice. it's the hottest I've ever seen her

bono-ONE:  Love hearing Judy say cock in her accent, priceless,lol

kobieta:  Brandon did you pay a lot for your liberal arts education?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I love French accents, too! Check out Kristina Young's accent in RLD's HARDCORE TRAINING.

SueR:  Bran: is there a certain thing that brings you so close to cumming that you have to stop it?

Den:  Tricia&John make a great couple!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  My B.A. degree was done 1986-1990. Tuition was dirt cheap.

* bono-ONE is still paying off his student loan,lol

kobieta:  damn. that's good ba degree without filling out FAFSa forms!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Listening to Ashley gag on my cock, as she is doing right now, always brings me close to cumming.

TriciaDevereaux:  me too, bono

Steph:  bono - so am i

bono-ONE:  lol

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Never had a student loan. I worked part-time in the reserves.

kobieta:  smart man

* bono-ONE says only 15 more years to go roflmao

SueR:  bran: is she really gaggin on it now?

Emahevul:  Brandon_Iron_and_Ashley_Moore, I have your "Hardcore Training" here to review, I'm not familiar with your stuff, are you one of the performers?

kobieta:  did you ship out in 1991 to the Perisan gulf

bono-ONE:  I still have my card i sent in for the draft

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Yes, I am the guy who works with Caprice (DP scene with Brian Pumper) and Gabriella (DP scene with Mr. Pete).

kobieta:  Brandon, so you were in the reserves, did you serve the country in the persian gulf war?

Emahevul:  another, question, Kristina on the cover looks VERY young, did you, from a legal aspect, think twice about using that pic on your cover?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I am serving my country now by fucking all these hot women.

kobieta:  lol i take that as a yes

SueR:  right on Bran...make fuck not fight

TriciaDevereaux:  kobieta - did Canada go to the gulf war?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Kristina is 19...really.

Emahevul:  I believe it she is 19, I'm not questioning that at all, lol

kobieta:  canada did go. not in the numbers as the us or england

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Canada sent a peace-keeping force in support of coalition forces in the Gulf. Canada has sent such a force every year to conflict areas somewhere in the world.

kobieta:  damn Brandon you are on the ball

SueR:  Bran: do you have a female body type preference?

kobieta:  bono-one that's not bad

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I love cheerleader body-types a la the girl that John Stagliano put me with in ANAL SHOW #3.

TriciaDevereaux:  Brandon - Tina?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley likes girls that have small breasts and dark skin.

bono-ONE:  no grad school for me

kobieta:  smart man bono smart man

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley wants everyone to check out her brutality in THE VIOLATION OF JASMINE LYNN.

SueR:  Ashley I love that series

TriciaDevereaux:  Ashley - how many girls in the scene?

SueR:  Brandon Tina? Brandon Teena?

TriciaDevereaux:  sue - :D

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley says there were 5 girls. She also worked one on one with Chloe Dior. Lots of ass-licking. Baseball bats were involved, too.

SueR:  wow I got a smile from Tricia Devereaux! ADT is soo cool

TriciaDevereaux:  ouch!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ha Ha, SueR

Den:  Louisville Slugger?

SueR:  Bran: do you ever escort?

bono-ONE:  I know you need to get that hot chick on the jury on the latest Survivor to do porn,lol

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Not sure the type of bat.

bono-ONE:  Wow is she stacked!!!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  SueR, no I do not escort. I am convinced you are an idiot.

Kimi_Lixx:  Brandon, shame on you - Sue is cool

TriciaDevereaux:  Brandon - you'd have to cover the logo on the bat anyway. You know, trandemarks and all.

SueR:  bran: it's a real question. I talked to a male pornstar yesterday who said he had escorted

TriciaDevereaux:  yeah, a lot of us girls are horny!

TriciaDevereaux:  ;)

MLyons:  lol

* Kimi_Lixx giggles girlishly

SueR:  brandon: please don't hate me for asking the risky questions. I truly adore you as a fan

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I am too busy abusing women on video to get abused myself by female johns. Are there any women out there who would pay to slap me around?? Kimi??

TriciaDevereaux:  Brandon - i'll slap you around anytime you want

Kimi_Lixx:  pay? like 10$ - sure...

bono-ONE:  I loved how Stacey said it in Allure, the caper-- the plot of the film, made her hot, horny, and wet!!!! a great combo

TriciaDevereaux:  but you'd have to pay me.....

Kimi_Lixx:  although, you'd have to really want me to - cuz i'm not into abusing people and stuff, and i kinda like you as a person and all

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Kimi, I am holding out for $15. Then you can do ANYTHING you want to me..

DrewBlackADT:  Kimi - I suggest a DAP

aybesea:  lol

Kimi_Lixx:  Sue asked me if i escorted, and i didn't think it was offensive or insulting

TriciaDevereaux:  drew - I knew I liked you!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I can take it as well as give it. I did smothering videos for Diamond International where girls would suffocated me with their pussies and assess. I am still traumatized.

Kimi_Lixx:  Drew, you always know the perfect thing to say

TriciaDevereaux:  yeah, brandon's awesome as both a dom or a sub

SueR:  Brandon: this is not a facetious question because we're discussing it in the ADT message boards: would you ever be a BOB? Bend Over Boyfriend?

TriciaDevereaux:  lol!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley wants to personally autograph a DVD copy of SWALLOW MY PRIDE #2 and give it to a fan who suggests the most creative way to eat cum.

Thanos:  Battery Operated Boyfriend

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  What is a BOB?

TriciaDevereaux:  bend over boyfriend. Would you let a girl use a toy on you?

SueR:  ok ok ok um...rubbed into a scalp like shampoo then sucked off. do I win?

kobieta:  idea 1: cum in a fondue bowl, and then scoop it onto what fondue thingie it may be, then ashley can eat the cum covered fondue of bananas or something like that

SueR:  yes...a strap-on

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  My sphicter is TOO tight. That is why I cannot take a dump. I only drink liquids. No solid food.

bono-ONE:  How about as a cumsicle!!!!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Fondue?? That is the best you can do??

TriciaDevereaux:  cumsicle - been done

SueR:  Bran: ejaculate while skydiving...catch cum in air with mouth

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Cumsicle! We can freeze the cum! Brilliant!

bono-ONE:  Do I win!!!,lol

DrewBlackADT:  does ashley like sushi? I can think of some creative sauces for mushrooms and unagi using man goo

SueR:  cumsicle's been done no fair

kobieta:  give me a break man, i am trying to ultras 60s kitschy

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley loves sushi. Loves dynamite (avocado, mayo, scallops).

bono-ONE:  Do cum like popcorn chicken,lol

SueR:  cum on a live wire, lick it off while grounded

TriciaDevereaux:  hey everyone - Brandon's working on pre-production of another Evil Angel DVD, Euro Hardball 10

bono-ONE:  Popcum!!!

Den:  What is pre-production?

TriciaDevereaux:  popcum - too funny. Don't know what it is, but too funny!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  HARDBALL 10 is a winner. Everyone bow down to Christof Clark.

TriciaDevereaux:  den - the chaptering of the disc, doing the fetish menu, picking the photo galleries

SueR:  a gang cums onto a body, then another performer licks the cum into the form of the body's name

DrewBlackADT:  jizzum should be eaten one swimmer at a time, tail first

bono-ONE:  How about Cumtarts!!!!

TriciaDevereaux:  everything between a finshed movie edit and when it gets handed over to the authorer

Steph:  bono - great title

bono-ONE:  :)

Den:  Tricia-Your DVDs are the Best in the Business. Thanks & keep up the great work!

SueR:  bran: cum on a DVD then send it to a fan

TriciaDevereaux:  den - thanks

bono-ONE:  Instead of Red Vines you can have Cum Vines!!!!

TriciaDevereaux:  bono - getting hot!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley Moore;s first anal scene was in GUTTER MOUTHS. Anyone seen it?

SueR:  which guttermouths?

kobieta:  oh she does anal now, i did not know that, she didn't seem to be the type to do anal. . .oh well

Den:  Tricia-Who will be at Evils' booth?

TriciaDevereaux:  den - Taylor St. Claire, Belladonna, Kaylynn, Caroline Pierce, me and ALL of our directors

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley is not sure which volume of GUTTERMOUTHS. She did it with Jay Ashley.

Den:  TS Vanity?

TriciaDevereaux:  don't know.

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  At the time we filmed SWALLOW MY PRIDE #2, Ashley didn't do anal. That is why we hired Jamie Woods. 19 year old English anal tart!

kobieta:  Brandon have you been to any of your friends' bachelor parties?

bono-ONE:  No one else has any creative ways for Ashley to eat cum, I am racking my little brain for funny ways,lol

SueR:  I'm givin out pearls here

Den:  Brandon-Who will be at RLD's booth?

bono-ONE:  Monica, Anna Belle and I forget who else

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Have not been to bachelor parties. Curious to experience one. Mark Wood got married. So did MIchael Stefano. No bachelor parties.

SueR:  cum on a real pearl necklace, then make her lick it up. Then return the necklace to the jewelry store and tell them you want a replacement

kobieta:  Since you are in your 30s, do you feel pressured to get married by your family and friends?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I know that Monica Sweetheart will sign for RLD. Not sure who else. Possibly Anna Belle

Steph:  What about Ashley?

bono-ONE:  Instead of the choclate balls have cumballs-- that one seemed weak,lol

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley has done 2 titles for RLD: SWALLOW MY PRIDE #2 and BLACK DICKS IN WHITE CHICKS #3 OR #4 (she is not sure).

kobieta:  it's 4!

SueR:  carve a hole into a watermelon. fuck it. cum in it. eat it.

bono-ONE:  yep looking at it right now!!!

kobieta:  and I am sure 'bout that, cannot miss hearing her sultry voice. Brandon tell Ashley she has a sultry voice!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Guys who want to be in SWALLOW MY PRIDE can e-mail me at No faces shown. Shot from waist and below. Must get HIV test and have valid ID. 18 and over.

SueR:  no..pour it out of the watermelon into the mouth

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Ashley (in a sultry voice) says, "Thanks!"

Steph:  Brandon - really? you should post that in the forum too.

kobieta:  de nada, Ashley, de nada!

bono-ONE:  Hey if you guys ever come to Phoenix then I am in!!!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I am totally serious! SWALLOW MY PRIDE #3 begins in January. Need thirsty girls and cum-filled guys. All scenes will be shot in LA.

bono-ONE:  We can have an all ADT volume,lol

Steph:  ADT Cum Shooting Studs

SueR:  can i volunteer to swallow my pride?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  SueR: Yes! Can you squirt into a girl's open mouth?

SueR:  bran: no =(

xxxJustine:  Hello Brandon.

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  SueR, sorry, you're out. Would definately put a girl who can squirt in the next SMP.

SueR:  de-nied

TriciaDevereaux:  brandon - can I swallow your pride? ;)

bono-ONE:  Ok here's one how about Swedish meatballs with that little bit of extra sauce!!!

SueR:  oh trish please don't tease us

Den:  Mrs Lyons-Give us the lowdown on Mason.

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Tricia. Meet me on the set of the next SMP. There will be LOTS of pride to swallow!

TriciaDevereaux:  seriously, brandon's got a nice dick

Mrs_MLyons:  She is very nice, and gives me great sex to watch!!

kobieta:  put the cum in one of these pop cancy that fizzles in you mouth, those fizzy thingies

Mrs_MLyons:  pop rocks?

kobieta:  pop rocks that's it, pop rocks and cum combined!

bono-ONE:  Ok how about candy cum rings , you put them on your finger and suck them till they melt in your mouth .

SueR:  Bran: make them mousse their hair with cum

TriciaDevereaux:  no, I think cum is best savored by itself, with a champagne chaser

Kimi_Lixx:  how much of a time investment is there in this cum thing? like you could pour chocolate forms ahead of time and then make cum filler and top the chocolates real quick - the way you make peanut butter cups, only they'd be "nut butter" instead

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  What girls do you want to see in SWALLOW MY PRIDE #3? Anyone special? There is no budget for this series (Thank you, Dion Giarrusso!)

TriciaDevereaux:  don't want to dilute the taste of good cum with any other tastes

TriciaDevereaux:  Aurora

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  No mousse. It is about SWALLOWING...get it?? Swallowing.

kobieta:  Julia Crow

SueR:  Bran: Bisexual Britni, Michele Raven

kobieta:  Amber Michaels

bono-ONE:  Monica, Rita, Michelle, Aria Giovanni, Monica Mendez

SueR:  does August still perform?

bono-ONE:  Cherry Mirage

Den:  Tricia Devereaux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Amber Michaels only works with her boyfriend, Frank Fortuna.

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Who has Aria's phone number?? I just want to call her 100 times and breathe heavily...

bono-ONE:  Jessica Darlin!!!!!!

TriciaDevereaux:  brandon - is that a problem about Amber? Thought they were hot together in FH

Emahevul:  Amber Michaels, a beautiful woman!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Jessica Darlin would be great, I agree.!

kobieta:  Tawny Roberts

SueR:  Tawny Kitaen

bono-ONE:  Anna belle easily

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Girls in SMP eat tons of cum....not just one load! Amber needs to be swimming in it.

Den:  Jessica & TS Vanity were hot!

xxxJustine:  The beautiful long hair Aria?

TriciaDevereaux:  gotcha

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Tawny Roberts is a contract girl, isn't she?

MLyons:  Den--really? I'm curious to see that one.

kobieta:  Gwen Summers!

luvcanadians:  there you go - a bathtub full of cum

TriciaDevereaux:  I'm out then. I like overwhelming one guy at a time.

SueR:  bran: dannaca and sara jay

kobieta:  Dominica Leoni!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Amber was incredible in Jules Jordan's FLESH HUNTER. That popshot was amazing!

Mrs_MLyons:  Will someone give them a bath in the cum, that would be great!!

bono-ONE:  lea de mae is another Euro hottie I would love to see Swallow some pride

aybesea:  lea would work nicely

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Domica Leoni does not want to work with me. She turned down a scene with me, so I think I will pass.

kobieta:  Inari Vachs?

aybesea:  we need an SMP-Euro Edition

xxxJustine:  Inari Vachs is awesome.

TriciaDevereaux:  brandon - she just doesn't know any better. Remember who else turned down a scene with you...

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  We all agree, then, that Lea De Mae needs to swallow lots of pride. How many loads do you want to see her swallow?

SueR:  50 drown her

Den:  In a DVD Behind the Scenes Lea de Mae said she was getting married & retiring.

bono-ONE:  I don't care a whole lot, she is just fabulous to watch on screen!!!!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Married? Tell me the address of the church so I can object!

bono-ONE:  Kimi Lixx can't believe no one suggested her yet!!!!! :)

TriciaDevereaux:  Kimi!

Kimi_Lixx:  nonononono

MLyons:  lol

Kimi_Lixx:  that's okay

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Seriously, who else?? As I said before, Dion Giarrusso has said there is no budget for this series. It is the most expensive series that RLD has! The small tastte of power has went to my head! Money is no object...really!

Den:  Brandon-Any good news on Daniella Rush?

TriciaDevereaux:  then you have to get Belladonna

kobieta:  In that case, Monica Sweetheart

SueR:  oh! I thought you meant the budget was nonexistent

kobieta:  Michelle Wild


aybesea:  lynn stone

astroknight:  bella doing monica!!!!!!!

bono-ONE:  Chasey Lain!!!!

Den:  Taylor St. Claire


aybesea:  claudia ricci

Kimi_Lixx:  i don't mind swallowing a little spunk here and there, but i'm not into this 'biggest nastiest woop-dee-doo' thing

Kimi_Lixx:  i'll pass on this stuff

Mrs_MLyons:  Bella doing anyone!!

SueR:  Christina Ricci

bono-ONE:  Christina ricci

Emahevul:  Shania Twain!!

SueR:  jinx bono

MLyons:  I'm kinda with ya Kimi.

Emahevul:  man, would I EVER love to see Shania get worked over

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Belladonna marries Nacho Vidal in July. She is the one girl I would let work one on one. Nacho can do the work of 10 men!

SueR:  Judy Star

TriciaDevereaux:  Kimi - I'll take a huge facial, but need to have chemistry with the guy first, and can't imagine that happening with like, a dozen strangers.

* Kimi_Lixx nods to Tricia

kobieta:  Brandon, I think Michelle wild is in the bag as she has done that in Animal Trainer 5 taking like 10 loads from strangers

bono-ONE:  Gauge!!!!!

SueR:  Chloe Vevrier

TriciaDevereaux:  Chloe Dior

Kimi_Lixx:  i don't do the gang thing - not bang or cum or otherwise

MLyons:  Chloe Dior and Judy Star are both good suggestions.

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Chloe is a great suggestion. Anyone see her scene in Joey Silvera's SERVICE ANIMALS #10?

bono-ONE:  Devinn Lane

SueR:  Mustang Sally Layd

TriciaDevereaux:  Den - nah, Taylor would kick Brandon's ass! :)

bono-ONE:  Chloe Jones

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Devinn is a Wicked girl, right?

SueR:  Devon

bono-ONE:  yep

kobieta:  Jenna Haze?

aiden:  Brandon; you PIMP!

TriciaDevereaux:  aiden!

bono-ONE:  she just did her first onscreen b/g

Den:  Tricia-Your Right!

aiden:  Hi Tricia!!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Taylor can definately kick my ass! And I will pay her a lot for the priviledge!

SueR:  hahahahahahahahah AIDEN! SHE RECOGNIZED YOU IN 2 SECONDS!

bono-ONE:  bunny luv would be great

MLyons:  Brandon--I loved Chloe in SA 10.

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Jenna is a contract girl for Jill Kelly.

aiden:  SueR; you win :)

kobieta:  oh okay

TriciaDevereaux:  sue - aiden's the macDaddy!

MLyons:  Out of control dirty talk... I've never heard anything like it

* aiden does a little dance

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Bunny Luv is GG only, I think.

Den:  Jenna Haze only does girl/girl now.

SueR:  Brandon: Dave Hardman's mom =)

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  How can we make these girls swallow? New, creative ways welcome.

TriciaDevereaux:  Davina!

bono-ONE:  Bring Stacy Valentine out of retirement

SueR:  Bran: baby doll

TriciaDevereaux:  Den - are you serious about jenna Haze?

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Davina Hardman is booked solid through 2004. Sorry.

SueR:  Bran: cricket

bono-ONE:  nikita denise!!!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Cricket is out of the business, right?


Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Nikita...brilliant!

TriciaDevereaux:  Nikita!

Den:  Yes, I talked to her in person last week in Cincinnati OH

astroknight:  TriciaDevereaux - i heard that about jenna too. she got a suitcase pimp now i think

TriciaDevereaux:  shit. I heard about the boyfriend, but not about the g/g thing

bono-ONE:  kristina black

MLyons:  It's ok--Jenna left us with some fucking fantastic scenes. I can be happy with those. :)

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Jenna did hot scenes. I miss her already! Jill Kelly, call me!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  Jules Jordan was smart enough to hire Jenna mulitple times. Anyone see her FIRST scene for Joey Silvera?

Den:  Jenna was at Evil's booth last year.

aiden:  Tricia; I have wigs.

MLyons:  Brandon--yes. Service Animals 4. It's one of my favorites.

TriciaDevereaux:  yeah, I adored Jenna haze

kobieta:  Paris?

TriciaDevereaux:  Vanity!!!!!

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  I repeat: Jill Kelly, call me!

aiden:  ooooh vanity

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  At last year's convention in Vegas, Vanity kissed me on the cheek. I still have not washed it.

The suggestions keep rollin' in...

Brandon Iron & Ashley Moore:  What could Ashley Moore do in SWALLOW MY PRIDE, the next one? I am thinking of making her swap the cum with some hot girl who doesn't swallow. good idea??

and the chatting goes on for hours...

Thanks to Brandon Iron, Ashley Moore, and everyone who came to chat!

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