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This Asia Carrera chat was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on June 15th, 2000, and sponsored by Adult DVD Now. To get to know Asia better check out her website at

Asia Carrera (aka Lil Dictator) enters the chat room to a chorus of greetings. After the ecstatic hellos we go into moderated mode...

Adult DVD Talk: Asia, welcome to Adult DVD Talk - thanks so much for joining us tonight

Adult DVD Now: On behalf of Adult DVD Now, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to stop by for a chat. Not only are you awesome on-screen, you are a GEM off-screen.

Asia Carrera: thanks

Trent: Asia, do you own all the platform heels you wear during films or photo sessions? And do you feel sexual stimulated wearing those shoes?

Asia Carrera:  Yes i own all my shoes - with a size 10, i can't expect them to have my size layin' around. and yes, i feel sexier with my shoes on.

Mysteria51: Asia are you going to be putting up more art work on your site, how about some of your own music?

Asia Carrera:  I don't have the time to do much artwork lately, but you can hear one of my songs at

Darkmage: If you were suddenly crowned Emporer of Porn (as opposed to Dictator :), what would you change about the industry?

Asia Carrera:  I'd pay the talent more. The stars of the movies only get a tiny fraction of what some guy behind a desk makes as owner of the company, which seems unfair to me.

manholee: with your new welding skills, can you resurrect '64.5 mustangs, Asia?

Asia Carrera: ROFL manholee - even god couldn't save the mustang

xmann: Asia, do you watch any of your own movies?

Asia Carrera: I watch the acting. I don't watch the sex. I'd be way too self-conscious if i knew what stupid faces i was making during my scenes LOL

Steph: At CES there was a disclaimer on the wall next to where you were signing regarding a documentary that was being filmed. Has it been finished?

Asia Carrera: not yet. They followed me around at home for a couple days last month, and they copied pages from my diaries and photo albums and they're still editing it all.

Badger: Asia, have you ever thought of opening your own production company? That way you could call all of the shots, and when you decide to stop working in front of the camera, you could still be in the Biz..

Asia Carrera: AC Productions was co-producer of A is for Asia, and went on to do several more titles before I decided producing isn't worth the aggravation LOL

Steph: Have you seen A is for Asia yet on DVD? thoughts?

Asia Carrera: I'm excited about a is for asia on dvd - it's got some new footage on it, and surround sound and all sorts of neat stuff

JeffG: Asia, What would you consider a good aphrodesiac?

Asia Carrera: hmmmm that's a tough one. I don't know - if you know of any that work, let me know, so I can use them on sets where I have to be horny at 8am in a miserable location.

traal: Asia, I fully understand why you don't put up your email address on the site, but sometimes, for instance when you ask questions on the bulletins page, it's a little irritating not to be able to reply. Plus, catching you in your chat room can be tricky for us people in different time zones... What do you think? How about a mailing list or something?

Asia Carrera:  my email addy isn't THAT hard to find, but I do have to keep it a bit hidden because I can barely manage the flood of emails I get as it is. I wish I could be more accessible to all my fans, but I'm only one person, so I do the best I can. Hopefully I'll figure out how to clone myself soon...

Tyger22: Asia, what is your opinion on the whole US government vs. Microsoft anti-trust suit?

Asia Carrera: I admire Bill Gates for all he has achieved, but it is definitely time to let the little guys have a chance at achieving a similar sort of success.

Poobear: When will your "Man show" appearence air?

Asia Carrera: The man show episode was supposed to air in september, but unfortunately it's been pushed back to december :(

Darkmage: Asia, you mentioned miserable locations... we already know your favorite place to have sex, what was the weirdest/toughest/least enjoyable place that you shot a scene?

Asia Carrera: oy vey, the list goes on and on... uh, in the desert at noon and in the desert at 3am both rank high on the list though.

atmmusic: Asia, do you ever fear that your movies etc will burn you out romantically for later years in life?

Asia Carrera: No. I don't work that much. Doing 1 or 2 movies a month means 3-4 noogie sessions a month. That wouldn't burn too many people out LOL

Smurf: Asia, do you find there is a good camaraderie between the stars of the industry, at all times?

Asia Carrera: yes and no. In general, yes, we band together as an industry, because mainstream society ostracizes us in many ways. But on the other hand, we are competing for all the same jobs, so there is some animosity there.

Taco: Have you ever been scared that the guys are abusing you a little too much during scenes or that have you ever feared for your own safety?

Asia Carrera: No.

Steph: Have you seen any of the virtual sex DVDs or CDs? If so what do you think of them?

Asia Carrera: I think it's some amazingly cool technology. But adult always seems to have all the cool new tech stuff first :)

Steph: Which websites do you frequent?

Asia Carrera: besides LOL - my own site, and luke ford's site, and then the iwon horoscopes, and the latest lottery #s

Tyger22: Asia, as an adult webmistress, how do you feel about the government's attempts to control the internet and it's content?

Asia Carrera: They should keep their noses in their own business and out of ours. The US doesn't have the right to control the internet, and what the rest of the world deems 'appropriate' or not.

Smurf: Asia, forgive my impertinance, is there anything that you would still like to acomplish on a personal or spiritual level, despite all you have achieved thus far?

Asia Carrera: are you kidding? I've barely made a dent in everything i want to do in life. But i'm focused on this career right now, because making a living off my looks lasts only for a very short time period, and then I've got 50 years to do other stuff :)

CaptainSchwing: What do you think of one politicians call for a new domain, such as .sex, or .xxx, to be made especially for sexually-oriented websites?

Asia Carrera: that would suck donkeyballs. We'd all be censored and shut down so fast our heads would spin. And then it could spread from there to gun sites, and 'violent' sites, and who knows where it would end.

Fortis: is there anything you won't do in a porn movie?

Asia Carrera: donkeys lol

Darkmage: But sheep are okay? ;)

traal: There was a little talk in AC chat long ago about circumcision, and I read your opinions on it on your site, but I never really got the hang of why you Americans still keep doing it :-). Can you please enlighten me?

Asia Carrera: I don't know either. Circumcision sucks. All american guys have 'broken' weenies now. And they can't complain about women surgically altering their bodies when they're missing the best bits off theirs! LOL

Darkmage: What's the next big project?

Asia Carrera: I don't know yet. I'm thinking about maybe an 'a is for asia 2'

Fortis: Do you like women romantically at all?

Asia Carrera: Women are great for foreplay, but I need a guy to finish the job :)

Darkmage: What was your favorite movie to make?

Asia Carrera: Take 69. That was the most fun I've ever had on a shoot, and it shows in the movie. Unfortunately it was distributed by a moron, and didn't get the promo it deserved. He won't let me buy back the title so I can sell it right either :(

ObnoxiousBitch: Asia, will you be at any of the adult webmaster (as opposed to video/consumer/porn) conventions this year? If so, which ones? hugs, baby!

Asia Carrera: I'll be at ia2000 in new orleans in september. hugs back atcha!

CaptainSchwing: There was a period when you seemed interested in mainstream roles, even auditioning for a Woody Allen film. Are you still pursuing roles likes this, and did Woody REALLY keep your audition tape?

Asia Carrera: I've never actively pursued mainstream acting. I'll take the roles if they're offered to me, but that's as far as it goes on my part. And yes, woody kept the promo stuff I sent him.

deanie: are you and clarke getting back together?

Asia Carrera: cripeys, i o. My brother kg is staying with me now to try and make sure we stay apart this time, but who knows - nothing else has seemed to work so far LOL

Smurf: What kind of Film/TV/Literature do you like outside of the adult industry?

Asia Carrera: I don't get tv, and I can't go to the movies because i have a bad back. I like science fiction and technology reading, and investment literature.

William: Can we have friday night UT sessions for us geek chatters, and then have a geek trophy?

Asia Carrera: LOL - good idea, I'll talk to me2 about it

Tyger22: What is your favorite weapon on Unreal Tournament (mine personally is the mini-gun)?

Asia Carrera: sniper rifle!!!!! (HEADSHOT!!)

goldy: How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Asia Carrera:  14

Darkmage: Asia, any chance you'll make an Asia Carrera skin for Half Life? Please?

Asia Carrera:  BTW, I have some hot new botskins I'll make available only to geekchatters through me2 soon

Asia Carrera:  I need a full working copy of half-life first (hint hint)

hitmanjr: what science fiction authors do you like?

Asia Carrera: Isaac Asimov and The Foundation series were the best.

Smurf: Whats the most bizarre thing you have ever autographed for a fan?

Asia Carrera: I had to take a polaroid with a life-sized cardboard cutout of captain picard once, and signed that while everyone laughed.

xmann: do you follow any professional sports?

Asia Carrera: nope. I know nothing about sports

F1: have there been any offers by the game manufactures asking you to be their ads, they should if they want an increase in market share.

Asia Carrera: thanks F1 LOL!! Yes, I am in talks with a gaming company to make a game with me as the central character, and I get lots of free perks from hardware companies.

Evil_Rip: Have you ever thought about releasing your Piano songs on CD? I thought it would be interesting if there were an Erotic Opera.

Asia Carrera: I have a DAT tape with the music I performed for appassionata, but I don't plan to release it publically. I don't want any pros picking on my amateur playing LOL

traal: Asia, you've been playing with your gift webcams for years now, it seems... Will they ever be, or are they already, up?

Asia Carrera: because of the slow-assed connection speed on my mountaintop, I can't run the webcam fulltime online. I do turn it on every now and then, for geekchatters to tune into special occasions like my birthday, or a shoot at my house.

Fortis: what happens when a star has her period? do films get rescheduled? i don't mean to be rude...i'm just curious

Asia Carrera: the girls insert a sponge up their boo-boo before the scene, which absorbs any 'mess' during a scene.

Evil_Rip: I recently saw CumBack Pussy 6: Your anal scene was very tastefull and erotic. I know Anal scenes by you are very rare, do you have any plans on doing another one? Or is what's out there all there ever will be.

Asia Carrera:  if I do any more anal it will be for me, probably 'a is for asia 2'

Smurf: Is there anywhere in the world you haven't been yet that you would really like to see?

Asia Carrera: I'd like to visit every island in the caribbean, but other than that, I've already been to europe, asia, south america, canada, central america, and I've seen enough LOL

Curt: What is the maximum number of men you have had sex with in one day?

Asia Carrera: hm, I o. I think I worked with 5 guys in 'wicked sex party', which was just an all day orgy scene

ObnoxiousBitch: Asia, would you give us your thoughts on the net porn market for women? As a woman, what kind of porn site would you like to see?

Asia Carrera: LOL hi OB - whatever site you're running now is what I'd want to see, I'm sure

olddvd: What films that you have made would you strongly suggest for couples?

Asia Carrera: practically all my movies are cable-oriented couples-friendly shows, but appassionata and snow leopard are probably two of the best.

Darkmage: Asia - Auto or Five Speed? Inquiring motorheads want to know.

Asia Carrera: I can't drive a stick. And that means I can't have a viper, which has pissed me off for years :(

Badger: What do you think about this whole Napster Vs the RIAA mess?

Asia Carrera: I think that it's annoying that kids several years younger than me are coming up with cool stuff like napster, and making me feel old and unproductive with my own puny career LOL

tonysee: Asia, fire up the crystal ball... what will the porn business look like in ten years? And will you still be connected to the business in any way?

Asia Carrera: if i knew what stuff would be happening in ten years, I'd be picking winning lottery numbers, and not doing porn anymore LOL

Tyger22: Do you ever find yourself working through HTML code in your head while on the set (just curious how big of a geek your really are LOL)?

Asia Carrera: HTML code is hardly difficult enough to warrant mulling over on my own time LOL - but yes, I do talk about computer geek stuff at work all the time.

Darkmage: Asia, what has you MENSA membership done for you? Other than notoriety? (liked you needed any more)

Asia Carrera: not much LOL! I only got the mensa membership card to have a quick way to say 'not a bimbo' to interviewers who would think otherwise

Evil_Rip: How old were you when you joined MENSA?

Asia Carrera: I didn't actually join until I was out here in LA, for the reason I mentioned above.

brad: Who is the best male actor you have worked with?

Asia Carrera:  actingwise, randy spears and mike horner are great. sexwise, steve hatcher and devon wolf are hot.

Here begins the unmoderated free-for-all, which you can now have the pleasure of reading thanks to the handiwork of traal. To the free-for-all

Many thanks to everyone who participated, to Adult DVD Now for sponsoring the chat, and of course to Asia Carrera.

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