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This chat was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on May 24th, 2000, and sponsored by Five Star DVD. For more on Angelica please visit her website at

ADT:  Angelica, welcome to the ADT chat room - thanks for joining us tonight.

Angelica:  thanks for having me it's going to be fun. I really like the site I was looking at it. It's very nicely set up.

Adult DVD Talk:  thank you :)

Adult DVD Talk:  So how did you get started in the adult movie biz?

Angelica:  Well, I was dancing in Ft Lauderdale FL, where we had features come to the club weekly. We had performers like Janine and Jenna Jameson there and I was really interested in what they were doing. Jenna Jameson invited me to come out to LA and I did my first girl-girl scene with her. I met Vince Voyer on the set. I got to find out what it was all about. I went back to FL and packed up my husband. He was a stock broker at the time. We used to swing with other couples in FL. (Now he's in the business too.) I am completely bisexual. And we get to explore our fantasies in front of the camera. Prior to dancing I went to nursing school. Being a nurse I was interested in how the body works. I didn't have a fear of talking about things. When I got into the films I met Sharon Mitchell and Nina Hartley and learned that they were also nurses. There are a lot of nurses in the business.

Adult DVD Talk:  Does your family know what you do?

Angelica:  Yes, my mother is very proud of me. When she was 21 she was a dancer, so were both of my aunts. She was a single, young mother making a living. One night there was a problem with a couple of Marines in the club that she danced at. The bouncers had to take out the marines. My mom nursed one of the bouncer's black eyes and from that day forward he is the person that I remember as my dad. You have to remember that this was in the early 70s, the song Born to Be Wild comes to mind. My dad has long blong hair and is a surfer. Growing up I could talk with my parents abotu anything. I started to learn about Pagan ways and spirituality of sex. Tantric sex and other things like that. I would love to study these things further.

Adult DVD Talk:  Did your husband start out doing movies with you?

Angelica:  Yes, when I first got interested in the industry I did scenes with my husband. I didn't do scenes with other people until we met a few that we could trust and were in stable relationships. He now does scenes with other women and I work with other men. It's like tag team wrestling.

Adult DVD Talk:  What movie is the best example of your work?

Angelica:  Rich's favorite is the one that we did in Europe. It's for Private. He likes to watch it. It was interesting because the other performers didn't even speak English. The title is Sex Club. We got to stay in a castle in Austria. It was all hungarian actors, we were the only americans. The costumes we very erotic. The film was very much on the animal level because we couldn't communicate with words. We enjoy acting because we get to role play. It's like fufilling a fanatasy. You get to be someone that you are not. It's something that I'm sure most married couples enjoy doing.

richjr007:  Do you have any children? What would you do if they told you that they wanted to follow in your footsteps?

Angelica:  I don't have any kids, I just turned 26. I do have two little brothers. They are very handsome young men, and they know what I do. They seem to be very proud of me. They are both gentlemen and know how to treat a woman. They always stick up for girls when someone is picking on them. They are both very intelligent. I just don't want them to get involved in drugs... the 'easy money' aspect of Hollywood. I don't get involved in it... probably because I'm in a stable relationship.

Adult DVD Talk:  Angelica who is your favorite actress to work with?

Angelica:  Well, I really enjoy working with Tina Tyler. She's intelligent and sexy. I love talking with her and being around her. There's something about her voice. She's very erotic and exciting. I'm attracted to the gothic look. I was able to do a movie with her where she was a vampire. There are a lot of girls that I really like working with. Chandler is great... she brings a lot of energy to a scene.

Darkmage:  Angelica, if you were crowned Empress of Porn for a day, what would be the first thing you would change about the adult industry?

Angelica:  Have the men get paid a comparable amount to the women. Their job is sooo stressfull. They actually do most of the work, they have to keep a hard on. I would like to see more women directors as well. I am very happy with the Supreme Court ruling about Playboy TV being able to send their signal unscambled into people's homes. People should be able to make the own decisions on what they want to watch in the privacy of their own home. There are so many other issues that I would love to get involved in for female's rights that we don't need to get into tonight. It could be a long conversation.,

richjr007:  Do you prefer to do the dance circuit or stuff for video?

Angelica:  I enjoy both. I danced first. I decided to do videos to make a name for myself and make better money on the dance circuit. They both help each other out. When I dance as a feature I make new fans. They in turn buy my videos. Hopefully my web site will fit somewhere in that loop too. Also dancing is really draining. I want to be able to give off positive energy and that is easier to do in my videos. There is a nice ebb and flow. I go out and dance for a while and then come home and do videos. That way I never completely deplete my own resources.

Adult DVD Talk:  Can you tell us a little about what's on your website?

Angelica:  There are pictures that I take on the road when I travel. I like to sample the area and maybe play around if I meet someone that seems fun. There are also some things that we can't do on video because they are illegal in some markets... but I can do them on my website. I enjoy being tied up. I get to do more stuff like that. I also am going to be haveing a live feed where I will have friends come over and play. I also will have a store where you can buy my videos. I really want to do my own video series in the near future. I want to do something like "Sex in the City - XXX version" with me as the Sarah Jessica Parker character. I own the domain name for that. A funny story: someone bought the domain name "" and was trying to auction is for $3 million. They didn't buy So I got it. You can't sell a domain name for millions if you don't own all the versions of it.

kinky:  How do you think the Internet has changed the porn world? Has it changed it for the better or for the worse?

Angelica:  it's soo much better. It's not the mafioso boys network that it once was. People aren't buying videos out of the back of Lou's van. Now anyone can go online and find the videos that they like. Now people with different and new ideas can find a way to get their ideas out in the market. * Angelica_Sin says Hi Brad Lee.

Angelica:  Brad is the dentist on GTE yellow pages cmmmercial. He's the one with the really big smile :) I'm lucky that I do adult films. There's so much bullshit that you have to go through for mainstream work. You go to 100s of auditions that you don't get paid for. I'm also proud of Alisha Klass for her mainstream work. She has found acceptance even though she does porn. Mellissa Hill actually did a documentary that will be released at Cannes next year. The lines between mainstream and porn are slowly blurring together.

DPSinPA:  what do you think of piercings and tattoos?

Angelica:  Personally I don't have any, I think they would hurt I don't care for them on myself. They can be attractive but when I see people that get carried away I think of what they will look like when they are 70. I also think of the health issues. I don't think the ink can be very healthy. I think that the tattoos become addictive for some people.

Ron:  Angelica, have you ever worked with Ron Jeremy? if not, would you?

Angelica:  Yes, I actually gave him a blowjob in Mexico on the Metro trip. I enjoyed it. Ron's a very sexual person. I enjoy being around him. Since he's older many people do not find him attractive. I consider him a friend. He knows EXACTLY how to touch a girl.

richjr007:  What is an average day in the life of Angelica Sin like?

Angelica:  I'm pretty boring. I enjoy riding my bike. I work out at the gym. I will meditate and do yoga. I read books about spirituality. When I travel I like to research the history of the areas that I am in. I like to learn about the imaginary strings that connect us all. I am also a vegetarian, so I cook many meals at home. My mind is always open.... so I am always learning, and feeling and touching and experiencing life to the fullest.

Adult DVD Talk:  You mentioned that you just learned how to squirt. I didn't know it was a skill that you could acquire. How did you learn?

Angelica:  A girlfriend of mine is a squirter. I got to see her do it. I was amazed. I wanted to learn how. She taught me. Just inside the vagina there's a spot, the G Spot. You have to rub that real hard and fast. It used to be when that happend I would feel my uterus doing strange things. I would always say "STOP!" But your have to learn how to relax at that point. If you can relax the feeling builds and you have a really intense orgasm. I have squirted in the past but Rich was inside of me. You can't really see it then. For filming you have to do it with a finger. My friend squirts a lot. I just squirt a little at the moment. I recently did a squirt scene for a Michael Zen movie. The lighting was awesome. It should be a great scene. Michael Zen is really into funky colors and costumes. It's what I would think an acid trip is like. (I wouldn't know, never tried acid.) Chandler and I were doing a girl-girl scene. It was an amazing experience. Speaking of squirting....I thought of golden showers. I'm in the current issue of Penthouse in which I shot a golden shower sequence. But they didn't print it. I wonder why. I wonder if guys find women peeing a sexual thing? Or women that are lactating. The one girl on sex in the city on HBO said that she would never pee infront of her boyfriend. It's like the ultimate in intimacy. Going to the bathroom or farting in front of your significant other is the ultimate in comfort and intimacy. (And since I am a vegetarian I do have that problem ;) Tofu !!! And when I do anal scenes I get pumped with air. I don't mind the sounds that come out. Many girls say "make sure you edit that out!" I don't mind... I queef, I fart. But you normally can't hear it because I am so vocal. With my new digital camera I can grab a sound byte when I take a picture. I want to make sure that the 'noises' are there on the site along with the pictures ;) Also, Rich says hello to everyone. He was off watching the Simpsons.

DPSinPA:  do you enjoy facials?

Angelica:  I enjoy facials, it's really strange. If I can taste it I can tell what their diet is like. If they eat to much protien it's very acidic. If they are veggies like me then their cum tastes sweet. I don't like it when it gets in my eye... at home I always swallow.

Adult DVD Talk:  Is your sex life with Rich at home very different than it is in front of the camera?

Angelica:  Yes, in front of the camera we have to angle ourselves for the camera. At home we can be very close. One postions that I like is The Lotus. It's a tantric postion that we can't do on video that we really enjoy at home. At home he cums inside of me, of course, but on video it needs to be an external cumshot. At home he doesn't last as long either :) When we are in front of the camera I think of it like an athletic event, very much like a sport. You put on your game face and go to work.

Adult DVD Talk:  Do either of you miss your old careers?

Angelica:  We really feel like we are using them. Rich graduated with an econimics degree. Instead of investing other people's money he is investing ours, which is much more important. With me being a nurse, I study the body. I really think that I have learned a lot from my work and I have grown spiritually enough that I can bring my experieince into play. My goal is to have a holistic care center. I would like to have a restaraunt with good food, and a yoga center along with educational sessions on holistic preventive medicine.

brad:  is the spearmint rhino appearance confirmed?

Angelica:  Yes it is. Spearmint Rhino in Van Nuys, 8th, 9, 10 of June. Then I go to the Gold Rush in Atlanta, Georgia ... the dates for that are July 10th - 15th ... then July 27th - 29th to the Tampa, FL Gold Rush

And there ended the moderated portion of the Angelica Sin chat. Angelica hung around for hours chatting. Thank you, Angelica and I hope we'll see you in the ADT chat room often. You can contact Angelica through her website at And many thanks to Five Star DVD for sponsoring our DVD giveaway.

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