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This Alexandra Silk and Luc Wylder chat was held in the Adult DVD Talk Chat Room on June 20, 2001, just after Sex Across America: First Stop Las Vegas hit DVD. Thanks to DVD Advantage, our chat sponsor, Adam and Eve, chat facilitator, and of course Luc and Alexandra.

This chat was not moderated. I edited out many of the hellos and love tosses. Alexandra and Luc did a great job answering questions thrown their way. Plus we got some surprise visits from Bud Lee, Ruby, Tina Tyler, Kimi Lixx, and Tricia Devereaux. Thanks, everyone, for a really fun chat. Be sure to check the "What's Going On" section of for a schedule of her live video chats.

Steph:  Alexandra! welcome!

EndorphininXTC:  Woooohhhhooo

Alexandra Silk:  hi everybody!!!

Evil_Rip:  welcome Alexandra

lambchop:  hi alexandra

Evil_Rip:  great to have you!

EndorphininXTC:  Hey Alexandra!!!!!!! Silk!!!!!!!!

Alexandra Silk:  yo Steph

Steph:  Alexandra how ya doing tonight?

andy:  everyone jump on alexandra

Alexandra Silk:  Luc is here with me

EndorphininXTC:  *thud*

howlin_dog:  hi Alexandra

Alexandra Silk:  And so is a very very special person

Steph:  special person besides yourself?

Alexandra Silk:  his name is Bud Lee

DrewBlackADT:  awesome

Alexandra Silk:  the infamous director

Steph:  Hi Bud Lee!

Diville:  Woohoo...hey Bud

Alexandra Silk:  I love him

lambchop:  hey bud

Bud:  hi everyone

Alexandra Silk:  he's my favorite director

lambchop:  tell us about gettin wet ladies first

Steph:  Alexandra are you doing a live web show on your site later tonight?

Alexandra Silk:  yes and I have another special guest.

KimiLixx:  i have a question for Luc, if thats okay?

Alexandra Silk:  go head kimilixx He's here

KimiLixx:  are "Sleaze Brothers" or Christopher Stream still shooting for Fallen Angel?

Bud:  no they are on their own Luc says

KimiLixx:  when did they part ways?

Bud:  about one year ago

KimiLixx:  thank you

baronorca:  ??? Is Luc going to continue with the "Master's Choice" series??

Bud:  Luc says absolutely

Steph:  who's the other special guest?

Alexandra Silk:  the other special guest is Ruby from the Adam & Eve movie "Gettin Wet"

Steph:  Greetings Ruby

Alexandra Silk:  Bud I have a ?

astroknight:  hi ruby

Alexandra Silk:  Ruby says hi back at ya

EndorphininXTC:  Hello Ruby! (Hey! I reviewed that)

Bud:  Hey I made it

handy:  Will Ruby be joining you for your live video chat on your site tonight?

Alexandra Silk:  you betcha

Alexandra Silk:  To Bud: What is your favorite movie?

Bud:  Centerfold

Steph:  Alexandra how about you - what's your fav?

Alexandra Silk:  well I have to say "Gettin Wet"

Alexandra Silk:  It was such a blast to shoot

Alexandra Silk:  specially cause Bud Lee was the director

Steph:  So where's Sex Across America headed next?

Alexandra Silk:  LA LA LAND

Alexandra Silk:  LA

EndorphininXTC:  Alexandra, do you know why I'm in XTC and having a hard time thinking of anything intelligent to say?

Alexandra Silk:  cause the blood has rushed to the other head???

Steph:  Alexandra EndorphininXTC has been awaiting this moment his whole porn life

EndorphininXTC:  Steph, maybe not my whole porn life, but ever since that one 4 finger club

astroknight:  alexandra and luc - which has been your fav from the sex across america series?

Alexandra Silk:  It's not out yet. It's #6 - Hawaii

Alexandra Silk:  NC Mary says it should be out in October sometime

Bud:  Hey I am out of here guys Luc is going to jump in now

astroknight:  later bud

Alexandra Silk:  I caught a 154 lb stripped marlin

Alexandra Silk:  naked

Steph:  bye Bud - hope to see you again sometime!

Steph:  Alexandra now that's impressive

Darkmage:  Alexandra, do you have pictures of you and the... fish?

astroknight:  i will not make the fishy smell comment i will not make the fishy smell comment ;)

Darkmage:  A host of "fish smell" jokes are coming to mind...

MikeSweetser:  I'm sure there's a nude fish comment to make but I ain't touching that one. :)

Darkmage:  Alexandra, when they shoot movies of you catching fish naked, do they pay you "scale"?? :)

Alexandra Silk:  thats goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!

MikeSweetser:  *groan* :)

Steph:  so anyway...

Evil_Rip:  =)

Steph:  let's talk about creampies

Alexandra Silk:  when I caught that fish I was at the pike of my career

Steph:  Alexandra now you're encouraging them ;)

Alexandra Silk:  Has anybody seen the Internal Affairs series

Darkmage:  Ouch! Good one.

KimiLixx:  not many people seem to be making creampie vids

KimiLixx:  is it a demand thing? a director thing? or a talent issue?

Alexandra Silk:  I know, what a beautiful thing, Real couples having real sex!!

Steph:  so it's all real couples?

Alexandra Silk:  yes, but we love to invite new couples to try to shoot a video

Alexandra Silk:  And they are all real couples

howlin_dog:  haven't seen that series, Alexandra

Alexandra Silk:  How bout my Adam & Eve Signature Series. Has anybody seen that?

Alexandra Silk:  It's #3

astroknight:  not yet. it's the only one i have left to watch of the signature series

Alexandra Silk:  You will love it

MikeSweetser:  All I have is Sleepover. :)

Alexandra Silk:  It's one of my favorite

Steph:  Alexandra I LOVED you in mobster's wife - just had to get that off my chest

MikeSweetser:  Which is a heck of a vid, IMO.

Alexandra Silk:  Steph thank you or should I say Dankyo

Steph:  hehe

Tina Tyler joins the fun...

astroknight:  evening tina

EndorphininXTC:  Tina!

Evil_Rip:  tina!

Alexandra Silk:  Hi Tina~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tinatyler:  Just wanted to stop by and say Hi to Alex and Luc

Alexandra Silk:  I love Tina

EndorphininXTC:  Tina, Alexandra, Alexandra, Tina

Evil_Rip:  no.. I love tina

tinatyler:  I love Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darkmage:  Alexandra, this is Tina. Tina, this is Alexandra. No, you may not eat each other without a video crew filming. :)

Evil_Rip:  too many hot women!

Alexandra Silk:  How r u

astroknight:  alex and luc - any favorite performers or directors?

Alexandra Silk:  Mine is Bud LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

tinatyler:  Alex- Great It's been a long time sweetie...

MikeSweetser:  Tina..Alexandra...too much...aaaagh...*head explodes like Tom Servo's*

Luc Wylder come back in...

Evil_Rip:  hi Luc welcome

Steph:  luc - welcome back

astroknight:  evening luc

Alexandra Silk:  Luc's favorite performer is Raquel Darian

Luc:  Hello all

EndorphininXTC:  Racquel!!!!!

Steph:  this is too much for EndorphininXTC

astroknight:  mmmmmmmm alex and racquel. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Alexandra Silk:  My favorite is "All of Them"

Chaddewick:  hey L2U!

EndorphininXTC:  I've got so many images bursting in my head!

tinatyler:  Alex- I'll let you finish up, just wanted to say hi, I'll give you a call in the next few days...

DrewBlackADT:  I'm curious - when's Sex Across America going to be filming in Maine?

Prez:  hi Alex - hi Luc *s*

Luc Wylder:  Not made any firm decisions yet. Still considering it though

Alexandra Silk:  January we'll be munchen on some lobsters

astroknight:  is sex across america going to visit every state?

Darkmage:  Alexandra, if you were to be crowned Porn Empress for a day, what would you change about the Adult Industry and why?

Alexandra Silk:  I would get the whole Porn industry together for one big orgy, if I were Porn Empress for the day

North:  Hi Alex - looking forward to your show later tonight

Darkmage:  Alexandra - Hey, my kind of answer...

Steph:  that'd be one heck of an orgy

Darkmage:  Alexandra, do you own a DVD player? What's your favorite mainstream DVD?

howlin_dog:  Alexandra, who are your favorite performers to work with?

Alexandra Silk:  Ruby

Alexandra Silk:  Ruby

Alexandra Silk:  Ruby

Darkmage:  Hmm... I notice a trend in her answers...

Steph:  Luc - Alexandra ever run into any problems with spectators while filming on location?

BigBoy:  Ruby, don't take your love to town...

Alexandra Silk:  Ruby says which town she's been to all of em

howlin_dog:  wouldn't mind working with Ruby myself, hehe

Alexandra Silk:  oooooooh howlin

astroknight:  howdy ema

Alexandra Silk:  cumon over and play with us

howlin_dog:  if only I could, darlin' ;-)

Alexandra Silk:  Yes Ruby is in da house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alexandra Silk:  Ruby says hello Prez

Emahevul:  Endo, I'm just THAT kinda guy, I guess, hehe

Steph:  So what's Ruby's favorotie movie?

Alexandra Silk:  It would have to be Adam & Eve's Movie "Gettin Wet"

cheeky:  I want a dildo Miss Alex ,,, hehehe =)

Alexandra Silk:  oooooooooh and Ruby says Shane's Worlds

howlin_dog:  shane's worlds are probably the best to watch with a girl

astroknight:  gettin wet is moving a heck of a lot higher on my list of dvds to review

EndorphininXTC:  Alex, how does it feel to be the object of the greatest campaign in Adult DVD Talk history? (next to the Free the Weed campaign of course)?

Alexandra Silk:  what campaign???

EndorphininXTC:  Alexandra, I have spent the past six months or so campaigning for you to be here

EndorphininXTC:  Alexandra, I am your resident 'biggest fan' at ADT

Alexandra Silk:  thank you Endorphin

EndorphininXTC:  Alexandra, your welcome. Actually the biggest accomplishment of the campaign is if you sign up to be a forum member ....and complete my 'For the Women of Adult Entertainmaent series"

astroknight:  it would be great if alexandra would put in some responses to endorphin's For the Women..." series!!!!

CumPumper:  Alexandra, do you like it up the butt

Alexandra Silk:  looooooove the butt!! I Swear

Luc Wylder:  hey Kimi you ever do any fetish videos

KimiLixx:  yes, i've done several

KimiLixx:  some were okay, some sucked <whatcha gonna do, I always did my best>

Luc Wylder:  Didn't I shoot you once Kimi?

KimiLixx:  I'm not sure - thats why I asked about Sleaze Brothers - last year (in October or November) I did a scene with Jason McCain on a motorcycle that I'm still looking for

cheeky:  Alex,,,sweety is your pussy shaved ? I forgot

Alexandra Silk:  Prez when I finally meat you, I will take you shoe shopping with Luc also

Prez:  roflmao alex - ok done deal - lol

cheeky:  Luc is one handsome man for sure

jonny:  so....... what are your guys' thoughts on masturbation???

Emahevul:  hey Kimi, when do you head back for more work?

Steph:  Alexandra which night do you do chats on your site?

Alexandra Silk:  Every Wed nite at 8 pm PST

Luc Wylder:  We will be broadcasting a FREE, live audio/video chat with Alexandra Silk. To join in the fun you must enter her chat room through, Once there go to the "Silk Chat" button, & follow instructions for "Silk TV". You must have "RealPlayerG2" installed on your computer. If you do not there is a link as you enter the session. The Free one is all you need, look under products, keep looking you'll find it. Oh yeah, YOU MUST

Alexandra Silk:  cum play

Alexandra Silk:  you can see and hear me

Alexandra Silk:  and RUBY

Luc Wylder:  So Steph have you seen any of The "Sex Across Americas"

Alexandra Silk:  Sex Across America BTW is now cumming out with DVD's

Steph:  Luc - haven't had a chance YET - but astroknight reviewed first stop las vegas

astroknight:  i reviewed the first volume earlier this week. fun DVD!

Alexandra Silk:  I must say, you have to see the DVD's

Luc Wylder:  Yeah the DVDs are much better

Steph:  I ONLY watch DVD

astroknight:  the behind the scenes was GREAT!!!!

Luc Wylder:  It's a whole new art form

astroknight:  i love the part where you go in to wake up billy!

handy:  I've seen the previews on the A&E sampler DVD. looks damn good

Alexandra Silk:  It has behind the scenes footage that u can ONLY see on the DVD's

Luc Wylder:  Spoiled rotten Steph

astroknight:  i just about fell out of my chair laughing

Alexandra Silk:  this footage is classic stuff!!!!!!!!!!!

Steph:  Luc - never seen porn on VHS (pathetic hunh)

Prez:  hey Alex i got digital tv this week here in my hometown at home = tv guide has YOU LISTED IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!! freaked me out lol

Luc Wylder:  When I was a kid we didn't even have VHS

HoustonDon:  porn on VHS=suck

astroknight:  porn is available on vhs?

EndorphininXTC:  Alexandra, what is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Alexandra Silk:  It's worth buying the whole DVD just for the behind the scenes

Alexandra Silk:  It's even woth buying the whole DVD player

Steph:  :)

cheeky:  Alex got a dildo for me sweety ? hehehe

astroknight:  are the behind the scenes as good on the other volumes?

MikeSweetser:  I didn't have a DVD player till last year, and I now cannot watch VHS tapes at ALL. I've been spoiled. :)

EndorphininXTC:  porn on DVD which looks like porn on VHS+suck

Alexandra Silk:  XTC I love any Ben & Jerrys

Luc Wylder:  Hey we gotta give Jeff Krull credit for being so supportive of our DVD efforts

Sponsor Moment  The DVD is currently only $12.99 at DVD Advantage (our chat sponsor). Pick one up and be entered in a drawing to win a Sex Across America jacket. Pictures on the home page at .

HoustonDon:  Jeff is Da Man

Prez:  "thumbs up" to Jeff Krull

astroknight:  jeff's a great guy

EndorphininXTC:  Ben and Jerry's Rocks

Alexandra Silk:  and the Sex Across America DVD's have an exclusive photo gallery

HoustonDon:  And Mike at Dvd Advantage is Da Other Man ;)

Alexandra Silk:  and Bio's on all the girls

Steph:  and Jeff Krull (Adam and Eve) gets double credit for setting up this chat :)

astroknight:  alexandra and luc - what are your favorite musical groups?

Alexandra Silk:  it's great stuff!!!!!!!!

HoustonDon:  Alexandra-are you going to fulfill Endo's wish and become a regular here?

Alexandra Silk:  I love all music, I must say I also love Pink Floyd

KimiLixx:  Macadamia Aloha - thats my favorite Ben & Jerry's

astroknight:  the bios on the first sex across america are some of my favorite that i've seen so far

Luc Wylder:  With out Adam & Eve's support in the creative areas it would all still suck & Jeff is the man behind it all

Alexandra Silk:  Endo's wish shall be filled

handy:  Floyd rules.

EndorphininXTC:  Good Question HD....

bad2dabone:  I do too...but which one is Pink?

HoustonDon:  Cool!

EndorphininXTC:  wooooooohooooooooooooooooooo!

HoustonDon:  (bows to Endo)

astroknight:  alex & luc - how involved are you with the design of the dvds?

Luc Wylder:  Very involved

Alexandra Silk:  the best DVD is

Alexandra Silk:  Sex Across America #5 Miami

Luc Wylder:  Authoring is done in house

Prez:  see you all in (for the video chat) - take care all :)

EndorphininXTC:  Alex, so what is it like having sex on a Viper?

DrewBlackADT:  Alexandra - will you be signing at Erotica LA again this year? (I loved the Stars and Stripes outfit last year.)

bad2dabone: that the outfit you were at "attention" for?

Alexandra Silk:  I will be at the Adam & Eve booth signing

Alexandra Silk:  cum bye for a hug and kiss

Alexandra Silk:  I might even slip ya the toung

HoustonDon:  Endo just passed out...

MikeSweetser:  Quick! Give him mouth to mouth! :)

EndorphininXTC:  I'm getting slipped the tounge.....*thud*

MikeSweetser:  He's dead, Jim. :)

astroknight:  uh uh

HoustonDon:  heheheh

Luc Wylder:  So how do your reviewers feel about "Internal Affairs"?

HoustonDon:  never seen it

Emahevul:  me either

bad2dabone:  after the tongue comment..I just put in a bid at priceline for tickets to Erotica LA

astroknight:  haven't seen it - i'd be happy to review it though

Luc Wylder:  internal pop shots

HoustonDon:  cream pie dvd?

astroknight:  luc - which of your features are you most proud of?

EndorphininXTC:  Alexandra, did you ever do a long solo scene?

Luc Wylder:  That's right

Alexandra Silk:  the pass to get into Erotica LA is only $15

Alexandra Silk:  whata bargin

Alexandra Silk:  to get free hugs and kisses

MikeSweetser:  When's this taking place? I'm in San Diego and I'd love to go. :)

Luc Wylder:  Jeff will be selling "Internal Affairs #2 " very soon

Steph:  MikeSweetser see .

EndorphininXTC:  Alexandra, a little more expensive if you live on the east coast;)

astroknight:  only $15 to see alexandra? that's a bargain if it weren't for the neccesary plane ticket

bad2dabone:  I'll just make my donation to the Red Cross this year for $15 less - it's for a good cause

Steph:  Luc - tell us about the new Stars At Home series

Luc Wylder:  It's all real couples having real sex.

astroknight:  like real porn stars or amateurs?

Luc Wylder:  Sold tons of em in VHS

MikeSweetser:  Ooooooh, this looks like a LOT of fun. :)

Emahevul:  my specialty, VHS!

bad2dabone:  Emah....VHS is a dirty word around here

Alexandra Silk:  Want to also say that Sex Across America is such a BIG HIT cause of all you guyz

Alexandra Silk:  I love you all I'm overwhelmed

Steph:  Alexandra what's next in the Silk series?

strangebedfellow:  What happens at the live shows on Alexandra's site?

Alexandra Silk:  Steph I wish I could shoot it, but it would be "Silk Bra's"

Alexandra Silk:  focusing on the boobs

Steph:  Excellent! natural boobs?

astroknight:  cool!

EndorphininXTC:  Alexandra, will you help me with the FREE THE WEED campaign?

HoustonDon:  real breasts are better!

bad2dabone:  there goes Steph on her "natural boob" crusade again.....*grin*....gotta love it

Alexandra Silk:  doesn't matter, but prefer natural

Alexandra Silk:  well looks like the survey says natural

Evil_Rip:  hi Jon_DVD_Advantage

astroknight:  woo hoo! DVD Advantage!

Jon_DVD_Advantage:  Hi all

HoustonDon:  Jon! yay!

Steph:  my campaign is the natural boob campaign

Steph:  hi Jon_DVD_Advantage

bad2dabone:  Porn fued....survey says!!! - Natural!

MikeSweetser:  I envision a "Free The Breasts" campaign. :)

KimiLixx:  i don't have a campaign, maybe i should adopt one

Steph:  KimiLixx ya gotta have a campaign

Luc Wylder:  anybody know why I'm green?

Steph:  green?

lunacy:  w/ envy?

astroknight:  you were rolling in the grass?

EndorphininXTC:  Steph, I'll help you with that one. I promise never to get a boob job;)

MikeSweetser:  You had an accident with a paint can? :)

HoustonDon:  green=irish?

lunacy:  you've been in the fridge too long?

Luc Wylder:  Yes on my computer Alex & I are both green fonts

Alexandra Silk:  So who's horny?

lunacy:  whoooo..get's right to the point eh?

astroknight:  isn't that cute ;)

EndorphininXTC:  mmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

astroknight:  almost always

KimiLixx:  i could have a "commuters are fresher" campaign, but i don't think anyone will join

DrewBlackADT:  that's cuz I voiced you guys in case we needed to switch to moderated mode

Luc Wylder:  Just wondering where settings are

bad2dabone:  Luc.......just Alexandra is still "green" on my screen anymore

HoustonDon:  Alexandra-we're all horned up with you here...

Alexandra Silk:  I'm green?

EndorphininXTC:  Alexandra, has anybody not been horny around you?

HoustonDon:  both green now

Alexandra Silk:  hi Jon DVD Advantage

KimiLixx:  nobody is green on my screen :( i feel left out

MikeSweetser:  It ain't easy bein' green. :)

bad2dabone:  yup.......both Soylent Green.....and I'd like to eat one of them

Jon_DVD_Advantage:  Hi Alexandra

Luc Wylder:  Steph what's up with that?

bad2dabone:  (did I just say that?)

EndorphininXTC:  now i want to be green, damn it!

Alexandra Silk:  jolly green

MikeSweetser:  bad: IT'S MADE OF PEOPLE! :)

Steph:  Drew is making people green - not me

MikeSweetser:  "Was being green fun?" - MST3K :)

lunacy:  Zap*Luna turns Endo Green

DrewBlackADT:  Alexandra - did you model the A&E/Sex Across America jacket especially for those pictures on the DVD Advantage home page?

Alexandra Silk:  Yup that's my butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alexandra Silk:  I swear

Alexandra Silk:  to tell the truth

Alexandra Silk:  and nothing BUTT the truth

HoustonDon:  I volunteer to authenticate the jacket-I'll need both the jacket and Alexandra's butt for an hour... ;)

DrewBlackADT:  Alexandra - I heard that you almost gave the photographer a heart attack

Alexandra Silk:  I would have given him mouth to mouth resusitation

Steph:  Alexandra that might have killed him

Alexandra Silk:  Steph , what's you favorite movie

Steph:  Alexandra porn - Insatiable or maybe shane's world - mainstream, probably True Romance

EndorphininXTC:  True Romance Rocks! I can watch that movie over and over again

Luc Wylder:  Steph have you seen any of the Silk Series on DVD?

Steph:  Luc - saw Silk Ties a long time ago - enjoyed it

Luc Wylder:  Silk Panties coming soon

Luc Wylder:  Already replicated

Luc Wylder:  ok you guys we gotta go to do our video streaming now

Alexandra Silk:  oooooooooooh I must gooooooooooo

Luc Wylder:  See ya all soon.

HoustonDon:  sniff

Steph:  Luc Alexandra - thanks so much for joining us!

HoustonDon:  thanks for coming

Alexandra Silk:  I have to turn the camera on now

Emahevul:  cya Alexandra

waynstock:  thanks luc and alexandra

EndorphininXTC:  :(

Steph:  we'll see you on the other side

Alexandra Silk:  I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luc Wylder:  Steph, Thank you very much for letting us come by & hang with you all

astroknight:  later alexandra, thank you for stopping by, thanks for coming by luc

EndorphininXTC:  Thaks for cumming Alexandra

Alexandra Silk:  Big wet sloppy kisses to you Steph

Steph:  Alexandra right back atcha

Alexandra Silk:  wet dreams....

astroknight:  hopefully we'll see both of you again!

Luc Wylder:  Take care all

HoustonDon:  often

Luc Wylder:  night

bad2dabone:  hmmmm....I'm guessing I won't get any big wet sloppy kisses

Evil_Rip:  night

Jon_DVD_Advantage:  Thank you from DVD Advantage

HoustonDon:  Thanks Jon and Mike for advantage!

astroknight:  no, thank you DVD Advantage!

EndorphininXTC:  I think I deserve a sloppy kiss for the whole campaign thing

bad2dabone:  you take care too luc

* Evil_Rip kisses EndorphininXTC

DrewBlackADT:  Be sure to pick up a copy of Sex Across America for $12.99 and a chance to win the jacket modeled by Alexandra on their home page.

EndorphininXTC:  Not from you Rip!!!!!

MikeSweetser:  Can I win Alexandra too? :)

EndorphininXTC:  I meant from Alexandra

bad2dabone:  and a special thanks goes out to Jeff.....who arranged the chat (see...I remember stuff)

Steph:  thanks to for sponsoring this chat!

Steph:  bad2dabone thanks :)

astroknight:  as the one person from Adult DVD Talk who's reviewed sex across america, $13 is a major bargain!!!!!

astroknight:  everybody should have a copy on their shelf for $13

HoustonDon:  I got a copy this afternoon

bad2dabone: problem...I make a good sexretary

HoustonDon:  look for the review soon

astroknight:  endo - did yours arrive yet?

bad2dabone:  was my sexretary pun as good as her "nothing BUTT the truth" pun?

EndorphininXTC:  I'm gonna check out this other Alexandra Chat thing...

Emahevul:  is the dvd really good?

EndorphininXTC:  and whata package it is

EndorphininXTC:  ;)

astroknight:  ema - yep

astroknight:  i'm thinking it might be on it's way to becoming one of my favorite gonzo series

Emahevul:  is that a biased opinion by any chance, astro, lol

astroknight:  it's a lot of fun and the first one really reminded me of the first Shane's World

EndorphininXTC:  CYA, in a bit. I'm gonna check out her site

astroknight:  later endo

And we head over to to check out her live video chat. The video chat is a lot of fun - Alexandra interacts with everyone in the room - she says hi - she takes requests - and if you're lucky you get a kiss goodnight :)

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