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Big Baz

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Date Joined: April 2005
Location: Australia
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  • 9/12/2005 5:34 AM
  • Lucy from
    zyathon wrote: Is she? I checked the model directory to L and there is no Lucy listed at all The Siggyless Wonder Was there last night when I looked.. I even checked her video clips, which weren't worth it..
  • 9/10/2005 11:11 PM
  • Top Hungarian girls
    I have the hots for Zafira though her movies have all been pretty shit. Something about her face does it for me.
  • 9/10/2005 10:59 PM
  • Lucy from
    soapfix wrote: I bought a dvd of Lucy from a few years ago and think she looks fantastic. She also did some photoshoots for atkingdom at the time. However since then I've never seen her in any other porn movies. Does anyone know of any? Thanks in advance. Lucy is still on Bubblegirls. Her dvd is here: Cant say I recognise her. Edited by - Big Baz on 9/10/2005 11:01:28 PM
  • 7/28/2005 9:47 AM
  • a great brunette cutie ... but only amateur ????
    marduk wrote: Thank you very much Big Baz for finding this older post of mine ! I had a virus in my computer last november and I have lost these pics , now I will can have them again I reccommend the videos too.. Too big to mail, but she gets right into it and is the real thing.
  • 7/28/2005 7:29 AM
  • a great brunette cutie ... but only amateur ????
    marduk wrote: Hi ! I have just found this gallery with more than 80 pics . I love this brunette , I find she has a great rear and a very cute face . Does someone know if she is in some DVDs ? She is certainly only amateur and she is certainly only on the site where the pics are taken from , but maybe , perchance , fortunately , she is in some DVDs . If not , do you know some great brunette girls like her , with such a great rear and such a cute face ? She is damned hot , and the gallery with all its 80+ pics is hot too !!! Thanks a lot I downloaded the videos from girlxpert and she is very hot, easily the best on the site. Never seen her anywhere else.
  • 7/21/2005 6:40 AM
  • Simony in Assman 26!
    cris wrote: Today is Simony's Birthday and i wish to her the best!She is only 22 years old and i'm sure she has great future in biz! Happy Birthday beautiful,sweet and sexy Simony!! 22? She seems to have been around forever.. From what I heard, she would do a lot more work but has a very jealous bf.
  • 7/21/2005 6:28 AM
  • Which Star has the fleshiest pinkest pussy?
    Everett wrote: Anybody? ...I can't seem to come to a conclusion. Syvette Wimberly has a gorgeous fleshy pink pussy. One of her many desireable attributes!
  • 4/21/2005 6:23 AM
  • Modern Gonzo is Rehashed, Boring and Unimaginative
    sanchez_1960 wrote: The words in the subject are just some of the very few descriptions I find of today¡¯s gonzo market. I use to be a massive porn fan. I still am to some degree but I now find I am constantly wasting my money on poor quality titles. I thought it was just me that was bored with the current crop.. I used to be big on the RLD/Platinum X/Zero Tolerance genre, but seeing some girl getting twisted around, banged hard and jizzed on gets dull after a while... I'm actually pretty keen on what I saw when I briefly subscribed to where girls would be skillfully worked to orgasm and you could see them getting wet and actually climaxing. I'm much more interested in seeing the girl get off than some ...
  • 4/17/2005 1:07 AM
  • Malou signed as Black Widow's Contract Girl
    RLD Fiend wrote: This is Malou, I'm guessing?? Click on beautiful Taylor Rain for great porn reviews! That's her.. I know her from Superglam... I didn't believe she was actually Danish, but apparently so.
  • 4/16/2005 2:41 AM
  • The hottest solo performance ever! Clara G
    David33 wrote: STEMCELL wrote: is there French kissing between the ladies? Yes, as a matter of speaking the kissing is quite hot! I did not see the releasedate of the Superglam Clara G DVD it is for 30 april. I think the DVD is mainly softcore and no fisting at all. In my experience, Superglam dvds aren't worth the expense. Their content and quality are so poor, your will be disappointed no matter who is in them. She did do a bg scene which looks hot. Think it was in
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