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Amber Rayne


Porn Connections: Performer
Date Joined: June 2006
Location: Glendale, ca
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  • 1/23/2011 2:14:50 AM
  • Pornstars who left the business in 2010
    No i did not fully retire...I actually took most of 2010 off from scenes due to the fact that I was terribly sick. At the end of 2009 (august timeframe) I was diagnoised with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. I spent the majority of 2010 in and out of treatment, working only when I felt well enough to do so. It was a secret many of my dear friends kept very quiet at my request as I did not want sympathy or attention due to this. I did back in june, out of absolute frusturation and anger at a check being bounced and me being at my lowest point in the midst of harsh treatment, state that in december I was going to be done performing. I was physically and mentally at a point where i simply didnt have the strength to do it anymore and I considered myself...
  • 10/2/2009 6:09:03 PM
  • Need Help Finding A Lesbian Scene
    Beethoven wrote:Greetings All,Here is what I remember: It was a website scene for a lesbian themed website which starred Sammie Rhodes, Amber Rayne and I think one or two other dames (those are just the names I remember). It started out in the kitchen with the women cutting fruit. I hope that is enough to jog someones memory. Any help would be appreciated. ThanksHello there, I think I can help. It was a scene with myself, Sammie Rhodes (whom I just adore) and Paris Gables and we were cutting up fruit and whatnot to make ice cream sundaes and then it result in a huge threeway with toys and such. anyhow the site was I do hope that helps
  • 8/26/2009 7:32:39 PM
  • Reigning anal queen?
    kylie ireland wrote:Not neccessarily for "Reigning" but here are some of my favs, obviously some are gone. Some I love to fuck, some I love to shoot as a director, some I love to watch. Most fall into all 3 categories :(in no particular order)Sandra RomainAdrianna NicoleJulie Night Moxxxie MaddronTory LaneDebi DiamondTrina MichaelsTrinity PostVenusAmber RayneNicki HunterHarmonyKami AndrewsLorelei LeeAnnette SchwartzI know I am missing some...but that's a good start. Sounds like MY kind of slumber party!aw all girls i adore and love on that list..i do think a slumber party is in order. your place or mine? youve got the dungeon and ive got the ranch...hehe
  • 7/18/2009 11:47:06 PM
  • Amber Rayne In "24" and "The West Wing"
    lol oh main stream joys....I was literally bit/extra parts in 24 and west wing. So if you randomly see me running through the halls of the Oval Office dont be surprised, but its a blink and you'll miss it part (that required 12 hours on set lol). When I did Fast and Furious 3, I'm in the beginning where Lucas Black's character is going through a metal detecor and being screened before walking into the school. And in Kids in America you can see me in the big kissing scene lol. (at 0:50 and sitting in front of the cheerleaders and nicole richie lol)
  • 7/1/2009 6:16:32 AM
  • Dia Zerva
    DiaZerva wrote:killbillvol69 wrote:I just saw a preview for Dia's scene at the new site holy enemas batman! That's some kinky shit! (Um, no pun intended on the word "shit".)ROFL... enemas regardless of your preparation are nature's happy meal or happy liquid. I love enemas, especially the little disposable kits found on that Adrianna Nicole turned me onto. There is a background on the anal stretchers if you check out the behindkink. No I don't take large toys in my butt but love toys, cock, etc. (I'm an anal cadet so to speak) I saw this anal stretcher that made me shy away and after that shoot I have bribed Amber Rayne, Kylie Ireland and others with noodles if they take this plug in th...
  • 7/1/2009 6:13:29 AM
  • Bobbi a Star !
    joachim wrote:Bobbi Starr wrote:But all and all the biggest sport in San Jose is hockey and the San Jose Sharks.So then you and Amber Rayne must be two peas in a pod.hence why I love Bobbi that much more :)
  • 3/5/2009 6:58:43 PM
  • Jay Sin Appreciation Society
    spearmint wrote:Amber Rayne wrote:To be honest, nothing was quite going through my mind while I was watching that because I was slightly stunned speechless. I just sat there gawking at her ass in the pump going "What the hell?!?" Admittedly I just wanted to poke it as I completely forgot anyone was filming (Im pretty damn sure Jay forgot he was filming too as he sat there in awe) and was just transfixed and fascinated by her insides. Needless to say no Mya had never done it before and it was originally Jay's idea to suck out a dildo or butt plug but then we discovered other tricks could be done...Is that something you'll be doing again?I definitely dont mind being the "sucker" of the ass, as really it was a "fascin...
  • 3/5/2009 6:52:52 PM
  • Jay Sin Appreciation Society
    texanbob wrote:What a pleasure it is to actually have my fav porn stars ( Amber Rayne & Lexi Love) chatting on this forum. You are both so damn hot & I can't beleive either that you haven't done a scene together. Pls ask Jay if you can do a lesbian only anal scene with lots of spit swapping (you both seem to like this fetish)....beg Jay to do a special Lesbian edition of 'Pretty Sloppy'. Now that would be the bomb !! well thank you, I promise to try to be around a bit more then I have been. I'm slightly laid up at the moment so the computer is my new buddy for the next week or so... Actually Lexi and I have done scenes together, quite a few, but they are always in a huge group of 3+ girls. Hence the...
  • 3/5/2009 6:43:09 PM
  • Jay Sin Appreciation Society
    Lexi_Love wrote:i still have your toy ;)Oh thats right you do, I was wondering where my big purple one went! (the nights have been so lonely without it!! LMAO) Hmmm well keep it warm for me then ;)[mod edit: snipped quote]Edited by - killbillvol69 on 3/5/2009 6:54:04 PM
  • 3/4/2009 10:25:33 PM
  • Jay Sin Appreciation Society
    axlsfury wrote:Jay,I was thinking of a few hot scene scenarios:Scenario 1: 2 girls figure skating with those cute outfits on.....leading to a hot gape filled popsicle/ice dildo jamming gapefest back in the changeroom! Maybe even a buff hockey player gets thrown into the mix with these "puck-bunnies"..... With gapes big enough for a zamboni to drive through!Scenario 2: A fetish theme with big boobed rubber/latex clad dolls getting it on with lots of oil and lube. This would be a great lesbo scene with deep tongues in pussies and asses. I'm talking bright coloured rubber/latex mixed with black.Hope Europe is going well.oh please dear god can I have the puck bunny scene??!! Art imitating real life.. :)
  • 3/4/2009 10:23:38 PM
  • Jay Sin Appreciation Society
    bargin wrote:Amber Rayne wrote:JAYSIN wrote:All i can say about my trip to Europe is so far Tarra White, Simony Diamond, Jeny Baby, Angelina Crow and Lara Stevens Gaped so big and nice i'm about to cry!Now that makes me wet...but I'm not sure which part; the crying or the gaping? LOLHell I want to see!Amber, how was it to see Mya Nichole ass being pumped out? Whos idea was it? Has Mya done it before?To be honest, nothing was quite going through my mind while I was watching that because I was slightly stunned speechless. I just sat there gawking at her ass in the pump going "What the hell?!?" Admittedly I just wanted to poke it as I completely forgot anyone was filming (Im pretty damn sure Jay forgot he was filming too as he sat th...
  • 3/4/2009 10:16:02 PM
  • Jay Sin Appreciation Society
    Lexi_Love wrote:Webnasty wrote:This is what I like about this Jay Sin Appreciation Society started by PuckerPounder, today SmellsLikeAss.The open and honest discussion about what we like, or don't, in a way to show our sexual desires.And then, the appearance, here and there, from intervening porn stars that tease us, in a hit and run manner.Honourable mention to Lexi Love that almost became a resident here for a while.SmellsLikeAss, you created a cult following here, that I hope will last and last and last ... Jay deserves it!Just saying Hello ;)You know, I just realized you and I have never gone at each other one on one....what a shame! (although what we do for fun is another story LOL...j/k ;) ) Let me know when you swing back through L...
  • 3/1/2009 2:54:25 PM
  • Who is a bright porn star?
    Ibrox wrote:But I'm not sure that a college degree is a very reliable indication of intelligenceIt is not.Back on topic, I second the poster who said that Kylie Ireland and Eli Cross are bright. Just look at their blogs, which are works of art.I would also say Aiden Starr, who is a very impressive conversationalist. (She also studied neuroscience and computer science, neither of which are fields for cerebral lightweights.)Amber Rayne is working towards a graduate degree, IIRC. (She can also do this deliciously evil b-movie bad guy laugh ; I heard it after she won a tag team match.)Chanta-Rose is also bright and deep. And, if I heard right, she is only just starting college.Lorelei Lee is bright. She won an academic scholarship to go to col...
  • 3/1/2009 2:42:18 PM
  • Jay Sin Appreciation Society
    JAYSIN wrote:All i can say about my trip to Europe is so far Tarra White, Simony Diamond, Jeny Baby, Angelina Crow and Lara Stevens Gaped so big and nice i'm about to cry!Now that makes me wet...but I'm not sure which part; the crying or the gaping? LOLHell I want to see!
  • 2/6/2009 2:01:22 AM
  • Adult Doorway site comments
    DukeSkywalker wrote:thedarkknight99 wrote:DukeSkywalker wrote:Ok just to clarify something...and not to rip on anyones taste either, but some of these girls you are posting guys are Rhinos. I mean, skyy black was a big beyatch, but she had something about her. I just want to make it clear that ghetto gaggers aint going down a BBW direction. I'll throw in the occasional porker here and there, but were talking like 2 a year. If you look at that girl kianti on the site, thats the direction I want to go in. Keep em in the 18-24 range, and petite. I love a petite sista.. You start throwing christmas hams on their lower back, and it just gets to be too much. But I respect all of your opinions and I really try to do my best to make things come tog...
  • 10/25/2008 9:49:12 AM
  • "Fuck Slaves 4" - Are you serious? [Tricia D.]
    tricia_devereaux wrote:Amber- Looking good with Annette in the movie!sigh Annette.... :) I do love that girl; milk enemas, stair races, gagging...It all spells love to me. lolThank you Tricia! Its been a while since Ive seen you. I think our next "outing" is going to be a broom ball game, which already promises to be far less sweltering hot then paintball (and maybe less painful). Hahaha
  • 10/24/2008 2:32:43 AM
  • Fans taunt hockey player w dildos & perversions
    jrv wrote:NewRomancer wrote:Like hockey isn't already a big enough waste of money....Better not let Amber Rayne hear that...I thought Philadelphia fans were tough on players, but this group tops that.haha I know, that made me a little sad. Its just not too popular here unfortunately. But Holy shit that article was hilarious. I thought the heckling in the US was bad from time to time, having seen a wide range of stunts done, but That wins!You a Philly fan jrv? did you watch the roller coaster game the other night between the sharks/flyers? Crazy...
  • 10/24/2008 2:19:38 AM
  • "Fuck Slaves 4" - Are you serious? [Tricia D.]
    Nelus wrote:Its a shame Brandon Iron won't be in this flick. nevertheless looking forward to see the upcoming Jake Malone movieYup Brandon is in it!! Who else would put me through my paces like him? :)
  • 10/7/2008 2:23:58 AM
  • Dearest DeArmond..
    centrecourt wrote:axlsfury wrote:DanaDeArmond wrote:yay! Wow....what a gorgeous pic Dana!Indeed! So natural. Quite stunning really. And -- whoa -- check out those beautiful clavicles you have! See -- there is so much of, about, and within Dana to appreciate!BTW Dana, it's off-topic somewhat, and I'm sure you tire of hearing such things (given you probably have little control of it), but I would love to see you and Amber Rayne in a g/g. Together, I think your enthusiasm and (hopefully) chemistry would be explosive. HOT HOT HOT methinks!-- SteveEdited by - centrecourt on 9/27/2008 5:52:31 PMEdited by - centrecourt on 9/27/2008 5:53:22 PMId like to second this movement....Ive wanted Dana for awhile now.
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