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Interview with Abby Winters

Jayo Interviews Abby Winters    [Abby Winters DVDs]

AbbyWinters is rapdily becoming the go-to studio for quality solo-girl and girl/girl DVDs. The AbbyWinters philosophy of "real" "natural" and "true" are fresh and accurate in an industry where those terms are used, misused and abused far and wide. The AbbyWinters portfolio show that you can successfully marry "amateur" models with quality production values and get an outstanding result. On their 7th anniversary, Abby Winters and Garion Hall were kind enough to share some of their techniques for success. read the interview

Interview with porn director Brandon Iron

Jallen Interviews Porn Director Brandon Iron    [Brandon Iron's Movies]

With his series Baker's Dozen, now eight episodes old with a ninth shoot recently wrapped, Brandon Iron has shaken up the seemingly staid world of gangbang-and-facial porn. Whether it's the energy of the women Brandon finds; the unrestrained sucking-and-fucking they engage in before they even kneel for their cumshots; or the sheer sticky cum-worship of the finale, there's something about Brandon's work that sets it apart. Combine that with the most generous DVD extras in the industry, and the result is a classic series for facial-cumshot fans. read the interview

Ariana Jollee Pornstar Interview

Skronker Interviews Ariana Jollee    [Ariana Jollee's Movies]

It took a few days, but eventually I caught up with Ariana Jollee this summer, during a week-long visit to Los Angeles. I can't remember exactly the first skinflick I saw her in, but it was probably something from Anabolic, upon whose webpage she made many memorable appearances during her first few months in the adult business. In person, she generates a kind of charisma that would probably make her successful in anything she chose to do. read the interview

Michelle Lay Porn Star Interview

Astroknight Interviews Michelle Lay    [Michelle Lay's Movies]

Who gets to be the lucky guy for your first anal?

Mike Stefano! I like him! So Mike, if you're hearing this, I can't wait! I'm gonna go home and practice and moan your name. He's hot! read the interview

Astroknight Interviews Monica Sweetheart    [Monica Sweetheart's Movies]

Are there any other big differences between working in America and working in Europe?

Yeah, we don't have so much, you know, good actors. (laughs) We need some male actors in Europe. You have them all here. read the interview

Dumblonde Interviews Quasarman    [Quasarman's Movies]

Ever had an 'anal dilemma'?

It wouldn't be a porn movie without at least one. I've seen so many over the years I'm feel like the County Coroner; nothing shocks me anymore. I just yell "clean up aisle 7" and come back to my camera when it's safe. read the interview

Astroknight Interviews Keri Windsor    [Keri Windsor's Movies]

I'm just Keri. I've always been Keri. When I'm having sex I'm in my most vulnerable state. I'm naked, and I just don't see how I can be anybody else other than who I am. So when it comes to sex, I have sex with them how I would have sex with them at home, as long as the person I'm with, which is very important, to pick somebody whom you have a sexual attraction to or that you have a personality attraction to like their sense of humor, somebody who makes you laugh, who you flirt with. read the interview

Astroknight Interviews Jonathan Morgan    [Jonathan Morgan's Movies]

I remember we were having a party, me and my roommate, and we happened to have a Vivid movie on... Tom Byron was doing a scene with Ginger Lynn, and we were laughing saying "God, look! You don't have to be this big, buff guy. You could be like a normal guy, like Tom Byron.". He goes "I can probably get in an adult movie if I wanted to.", and I said "Riiiiiiiiiiight.". And he says "Oh? I bet I can get in before you!". So a dare was made, and off of that dare, we both tried to see which one of us could get into adult films. read the interview

Astroknight Interviews Violet Blue    [Violet Blue's Movies]

Have you been approached with many contracts since [winning AVN Best New Starlet]?
I have never been approached with a contract except for one, and that was Extreme. And, uh, no! (Laughs) I don't want to be a contract girl for Extreme! They would kill me! I would die! I'm so tiny. They would like totally destroy my poor little body. Can't do it! read the interview

Dick Fittswell Interviews Julie Meadows    [Julie Meadows' Movies]

What do you think of the titles of some of the movies, esp. comps released lately with names such as "Julie Meadows" AKA filthy Whore?
Well, that title is really rude. When that was presented to me to approve that was not the title they gave me. It was something like The Best of Julie Meadows, so I approved that. I didn't even know Legend changed the name until I was a signing at a store and someone brought the cover for me to sign. read the interview

Lee Carver Interviews Stormy    [Stormy Daniels' Movies]

You had your breasts enlarged to 36DD. What were they before and have you regretted going so large?
There is actually a funny story about that. I was a 36B certainly not flat there was nothing wrong with them. I just have always been a breast person and I just wanted them. At that point in time I had no idea I was going to enter this business I got them strictly because I wanted to wear a bikini and look like Pamela Anderson, though I didn't ask to be this large... read the interview

Bono-ONE Interviews Julie Robbins    [Julie Robbins' Movies]

What is it that you most enjoy about making love to a woman?
Kissing is my favorite thing to do, not enough of that in porn. I also like to rub my boobs against another womens boobs.
read the interview

Astroknight Interviews Bud Lee    [Bud Lee's Movies]

When you were growing up, what were you planning on being?
this is probably going to shock you at first, but the first thing I wanted to be in for a long, long time was, well I guess the best way to put it is I wanted to be a Disciples of Christ minister.
read the interview

Adult DVD Talk Interviews Mason    [Mason's Movies]

What made you decide to get into directing porn?
I decided to get into porn because I didn't want to join the rat race, I wanted to dispel the myth that women in porn are victims, and I wanted to promote the notion that being a nasty slut is a positive thing.
read the interview

Lee Carver Interviews the Wicked Team at Erotica LA 2002

Julia Ann Interview    [Julia Ann's Movies]
Stephanie Swift Interview    [Stephanie Swift's Movies]
Devinn Lane Interview    [Devinn Lane's Movies]
Sydnee Steele Interview    [Sydnee Steele's Movies]
David Crawford (Wicked DVD Producer) Interview

Astroknight Interviews Julia Ann    [Julia Ann's Movies]

If you could be a man for a day, what would you do?
Oh my God, I'd be Brad Armstrong. (Laughs) ... the man gets use out of that thing and he's got good taste. He picks Kira Keener and Jenna...
read the interview

Astroknight Interviews Michael Raven    [Michael Raven's Movies]

Interview Part One
Interview Part Two
Interview Part Three

Adult DVD Talk Interviews Queeny Love    [Queeny Love's Movies]

What is it that you like so much on cum?
Hard to explain... I like the warm but also degrading feeling. It's really a turn on kneeling before a man and wating for him to shoot all his creamy cum all over my face and into my mouth! :) And facial cumshots are some kind of art for me as every facial is unique. So I can only say "I love cum"! :) read the interview

Adult DVD Talk Interviews Seymore Butts    [Seymore Butts' Movies]

If you win the lawsuit, will the fisting intact versions of Tampa Tushy Fest and Tushy Girl Lost be issued on DVD?
If I win, yes, I will make XXX versions of the movies available on DVD. Plus I have some unreleased scenes that would be issued as well. read the interview

Adult DVD Talk Interviews Alisha Klass    [Alisha Klass' Movies]

If you could change three things about the adult industry what would they be and why?
I would change the spirit in general, the interaction between the different actors and companies because no body treats each other that well. I think that every girl has something different to offer as well as every company. I just don't know what all the competition is all about. read the interview

Adult DVD Talk Interviews Director Stuart Canterbury    [Stuart Canterbury's Movies]

Out of all the movies you've directed, which are your favorites?
We always hope that our most recent titles are the best ones. Midsummer Night's Cream was a project that I wanted to do for a long time, and no-one wanted to finance something so expensive which was Shakespearean. Of course, Adam and Eve loved the idea... read the interview

Adult DVD Talk Interviews New Starlet, Zana    [Zana's Movies]

What made you decide to get into adult movies?
I am a total and complete nymphomaniac. I love sex, everything about it, all of it, and I want it 24 hours-a-day. I cannot be "satisfied," because the better it is, the more I want. If it were humanly possible I would be naked and masturbating or having sex every minute of every day until I die. read the interview

Vince Vouyer Adult DVD Talk Interviews Vince Vouyer    [Vince Vouyer's Movies]

If you were crowned Adult Film Emperor for a day, what would you change about the industry?
I would not allow Porn girls with Implants to work in the industry! I would also remove all losers like CHUCK MARTINO from the industry, I would also not allow girls to be under contract for any companies!! read the interview

James Bonn Adult DVD Talk Interviews James Bonn    [James Bonn's Movies]

Have you been in any mainstream movies? Any desire to?
Yes. Sure I'd like to be in more. I can cum and cry on cue and everything in between, which mainstream actor can do that? ...Can you imagine the publicity if Ally did a love scene with me in "Ally McBeal"? read the interview

Tera Patrick in My Plaything Adult DVD Talk Interviews The Makers of My Plaything    [My Plaything DVDs]

Why are most of the cum shots digitally edited in?
We haven't been able to build the multi-orgasmic man who can cum 18 different times in a 24hr period. We thought we had someone, but by the 10th pop only air came out and he looked like a California raisin... read the interview


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